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Jun 21 This is why Terran vs Psystorms is NO GOOD! I've been out of SC2 for a while but one can clearly see what mistake terran did on this replay; he didn't harass nearly enough, besides not getting enough ghosts to EMP the protoss shields. This is from a YouTube series we are doing called Noobs Casting Fools. If you want us to cast your replay, send us one at KmartKomandr (Zealot Feathers on YouTube)KmartKomandr1 Jun 21
Jun 20 WCS: DREAMHACK Jonkoping - FINALS LIVE! Live now! Serral vs PtitDrogo Really excited to see the results! And for those of you who love the Korean scene: SSL Fast Lane, Live now! Classic vs DearMiro61 Jun 20
Jun 20 Just saw WCS qualifier games I am really worried about balance of the Zerg race. Terran players losing games thanks to invulnerable nydus worms becuase they cant do anything about it lolz. Zerg players making come backs thanks to making only ravagers, which counter even air units. Guys isnt that dumb? Hopefully QXC qualified ...MiloViper32 Jun 20
Jun 20 Maintenance Love the timing on the maintenance! LOL@East Coast for trying to play during the afternoon!bingrop5 Jun 20
Jun 20 No gas in your main base You guys heard it. How could games turn out if your main base had no gas?daboss14 Jun 20
Jun 20 Can we have a male adept skin ? First off, I don't want you to think it's just a "I don't want a female unit" thing, it just has to do with the voice actor here. I like all the other female voiced units such as the medivac, but the adept is really annoying to hear to me, much like Sindragosa in WoW. They made a female ghost, so I thought we could have a male adept too, as I know they wouldn't bother hiring a new voice actor just for an already voiced female unit. Or maybe that's just me. I know some of you will come with the "just remove voices" option, but I like every one of them for every race except the adept, so it just doesn't feel worth, a male skin would fix that issue quite nicely though, more money for Blizz, and more choice for the players.Feitan4 Jun 20
Jun 20 Gameheart Overlay WatchingReplays HOW TO GET? I found this brilliant overlay called "Gameheart Overlay", and no matter where i look, whether its the videos from its developer or on the site or the team liquid site it DOES NOT GIVEA LINK FOR THE DOWNLOAD. It just says the features and how to use it lol, it really baffles me how this is possible? There is one of the first links from google, details its features and all its awesomeness. But does anyone know how I would get it? Have a look at the site / vid for me? I have been looking for it for many hours bbut never downloaded an overlay before so perhaps im missing something lolDarK9 Jun 20
Jun 20 Panda Marine FTW Oh yesh, it feels so good to be rewarded for being average!! Silverwing14 Jun 20
Jun 20 Question about viewers As all of you scrubs know, sc2 isnt what it used to be. We had 25k viewers in wcs finals when neeb abused adepts.. Anyway.. Do any of you remember how many viewers sc2 used to bring like 3-4 years ago at its prime at finals?JohnRambo4 Jun 20
Jun 20 If your unlocked content becomes locked again I looked in my collection (At the time of posting this: 2:14am, 6/20/2017) and my Judicator skin as well as a lot of my other skins and portraits were locked once more Even my Collector's Edition Adept and Colossus skins were locked, as well as the portraits I got for owning Overwatch's Origins Edition (meaning if I swapped off of Tracer's portrait, I couldn't go back to using it) Other portraits include portraits I had earned through achievements (and I have 5000 achievement score so far) from Campaign, Arcade, etc. If anyone has this problem What I've Done To Try and Fix This: -Exit StarCraft II, re-open StarCraft II -Log in once more after the above step.SpectreSix1 Jun 20
Jun 20 Neeb switchd from t to p Remember when neeb played terran and was no name. After he switched to toss and win everything? Liquipedia - Neeb switched from Terran to Protoss around April 2015. Toss good unit.JohnRambo14 Jun 20
Jun 19 Avilo won in the ro16 Yesterday avilo won against snute in the wcs jok ro16 playing mech.. Yet he still complained 3 hours later on his stream mech is unvaible stratJohnRambo17 Jun 19
Jun 19 Computer Help My current setup is a Dell all-in-one with the following. Intel Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4GHz 4 GB RAM 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 I can run the game, but only on the lowest graphical settings and will always have lag late game when supplies are high, or in any large battle. I'm assuming my graphics card is the issue but was wondering if I'm falling short anywhere else. ThanksRyan8 Jun 19
Jun 19 minor glitch? This is so insignificant I wasn't even sure if it warranted a thread, but I wanted too get a clarification on wether other people experience this, At the gold base on odyssey. If you transfer workers to the minerals from the direction off your base, a worker will always get stuck on the closest mineral patch, and kind off just derp out with the minerals In It's possession. Untill you notice it and move command it around the mineral patch. Does anyone else experience this glitch? I'm just curious.Hydralisk6 Jun 19
Jun 19 Disruptor Aura Instead of making the disruptor "just another AoE option" and an unreliable one at that, how about taking away disruption nova and giving the disruptor an aura effect? So the disruptor sieges up like a tank, and creates a huge 10+ range aura effect that does minor damage and prevents all healing in the area. Units affected are marked by a relatively subtle burning effect. This makes it a great unit against bio, and zergs abusing transfuse, but the minor damage can also make it helpful against mass ling. Because the unit has to siege up, it provides counter play opportunities as well. This is also an incentive to go into mech and other expensive units while the current disruptor does the opposite. The disruptor's stats may have to be adjusted, and Colossi might need a small buff since it will once again be the main source of standard AoE.Krotux81 Jun 19
Jun 19 Collection Portraits Ordering 'recent' Hi, At the beginning of new Collection Portraits interface, the ordering of portraits was by date, most recent up, oldest down. Some time after, the sorting was changed and it's now ordered by name. I would want to get a new filter option / ordering way to get this sorting by date / most recent up, for exemple I just won a new portrait I want to find it up instead of trying to remember its name. Thank you.Danicela2 Jun 19
Jun 19 What is the average age of sc2 players? How old are you guys?Orion500 Jun 19
Jun 19 Extension Mod: Linked Battlecruiser Abilities Rather than simply theorycraft, I have put together an extension mod named "Extension Mod - Linked Battlecruiser Abilities" that modifies the Terran Battlecruiser so the cooldowns of its two abilities are linked. If you use one ability, it resets the cooldown on the other as well. There are no other changes. Other options such as Tactical Jump requiring research and not being able to use the abilities right out of the gate were considered, but decided against. Now let's see how it plays in a game!Kit8 Jun 19
Jun 19 Neeb vs sortof Did anyone see this? Zerg needs nerfs across the board asap! - queens too good at defense! - lings too good at chasing down adepts. - why do archons even exist in the game? - why is protoss SO dependant on the mothership core? Why are Protoss FORCED to get it every game? - hydras are just way too powerful especially how tanky they are against chargelots. - hydra bane is just impossible to stop without storm such GIMMICKY DESIGN! NERF BANELINGS! - why is protoss so hyper-dependant on splash like the disruptor and colossi? - oracles are never able to do enough damage to justify their cost! This series made it clear that something needs to be done. Should we buff Protoss or nerf zerg?IIIIIIIIIIII37 Jun 19
Jun 19 How to report real life threat? How do I report a player and give Blizzard the screenshots of a real life threat? I had a guy threaten to kill me several times in a game and try to ask for my personal info to come after me. He also tried to add me after game to try and trick me into giving him said info. I took screenshots but there appears to be no way to report this level of threat aside from reporting player for general harassment. With the way the world is these days, its hard to laugh it off and wonder... even if its not a threat on my life, whose to say he won't go after me digitally?Strike17 Jun 19
Jun 19 Is balance really in a good spot? I keep seeing people on reddit and sometimes on here say "The game is the best its ever been, balance is fine." Now, I understand that reddit seems to want to always have things seem positive but I just don't see it. I personally have felt this game's balance is possibly the worst its been in a long time, so I disagree with them, anyone else?Mattao24 Jun 19
Jun 19 Every game vs zerg im tired of this Im master 2 terran on europe server. I play everyday after work about 4 hours +- .. Its unbeliveable how many zerg players are on the ladder at the moment. Like. 7 Zergs 2 terran 1 protoss out of 10 games... Seriously i have 3 friends zerg players that ACTUALLY jump league into masters 3 since the queen/hydra/bane buff... There are so many problems in this patch.. The map pool BENEFIT ZERG! All the random BUFFs they gave zerg Bane hp buff Hydra hp and range buff Curropter buff Queen range buff - do you realize queen IS NOT COMBAT UNIT!!! Its for creep and early def. But its now counter marines and every flying unit.. Just spam 6 queen some super cheap linfs and drone up to 80 drones then when overlords spot army movement spam million units.. Larva - LARVA IS BEOKEN!!! Stop post that larva got nerfd.. Its lotv u start with more worker and expand faster so u get more inject in multiple hatch faster. Do u know howmany times i 5k mmr master 2 terran lost after being on the drone line with my army after killng whole zerg army and he just keep spamming units withng seconds???? It would take t or p 5 ROUNDS of production TO DO IT. Not only that they can remax or build up from begging soquick.. They also have super mobile army and free god mode all over the map with creep... Zerg is the broken race speically in lotv and in the current patch Its A MOVE FRIENDLY. its easy. Its broken. Can switch tech easily... U cant know what to build becuz he can do whatever he want...JohnRambo21 Jun 19
Jun 19 Just finished StarCraft Uprising book... The Old Lore from StarCraft was SOOO good! That book along with Liberty's Crusade are SO good! Feels like the Old SC vibe..TheOvermind1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Anyone feel WoL was the best of SC2? I remember when the game launched and I was standing outside of an EB-Games with my brother, 2 best friends, and my brother's friends. The line wrapped around the block, and I'm not in some major city either. We played the ever-loving hell out of this game. I heard someone say, "easy to play, difficult to master" - god was that accurate. Everyone could have fun AND be at the wrong side of a massive learning curve. Then HoTS, and worse yet, LoTV. The game felt like it was complicating itself for the sake of being complicated ; like they had to add an extra layer of stress just to keep it interesting. I want to ask and discuss 3 questions: 1) Do you personally feel like SC2 vanilla (WoL) was a more enjoyable game? 2) Do you think there is any path to recovery for SC2-LoTV? What do you think should be done? 3) Do you have any confidence in the RTS genre being sustainable at all?shifT38 Jun 19
Jun 19 Please fix team game carriers There are still many people who play team games, not as much as 1v1 or coop, but still in the same order of magnitude, about as much as the arcade. However, it is very unfun when people rush for carriers, or do an early push and tech straight to carriers. There is generally no counter to carriers unless you have not been harrassed all game and teched straight to the counter of carriers. Once carriers get a critical mass (5+), if you do not have the same ammount of carriers or more, your team is sure to lose. The carrier making guy can just rally all his stargates to his fleet, and shift-a-click his fleet across every base on the map while spamming carriers and researching upgrade and building cannons. It is very frustrating to have a very back and forth game, where people team up to defend or push, multitask their hearts out to defend their allies whily harrassing the enemies, only to see all that effort be wasted when a critical mass of carriers appear. I have posted a more detailed thread opener about a week ago but it was rapidly buried by the general balance whine traffic. Hopefully we can bring more awareness to this topic by discussing it regularly. Blizzard, you killed the custom maps making scene by not having lobbies until 3.0. Don't let the team games die out the same way just because of 1 unit.Kriegdonasu30 Jun 19
Jun 19 Upcoming Balance Update Balance Update Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the proposed changes. We really appreciated all of the thoughtful discussion! After reading over the feedback, we are preparing to implement the balance changes that have been on the testing matchmaking queue. Terran Thor Thor armor was increased from 1 to 2. Thor morph times reduced from 2.5 to 1.79. Thor morph random delay durations reduced from 0.36 to 0.18. Raven Auto-Turret damage reduced from 24 to 18. Auto-Turret duration increased from 7.14 to 10. Protoss Tempest Kinetic Overload damage increased from 30 (+14 massive) to 30 (+22 massive). Void Ray Prismatic Alignment slows the Void Ray by 40% while active. Zealot Charge upgrade cost lowered from 200/200 to 100/100. Zerg Roach & Infestor Undetected burrow move visual effects should be more visible. Currently, we are planning for these changes to go live next week in the upcoming 3.14 patch. As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback!Balance Team123 Jun 19
Jun 19 Mouse Left-click-drag trigger hotkey 'C' I saw a similar post on Jan 3, 2016 which another player named FreeSpeedVic posted as topic "Annoying control problem". Perhaps this problem is rare thus no one fix it. 1) here is a control problem that troubles me: when I select 2 (or more) high templars at the same time, they automatically merge into an archon. It's quite annoying when units do something even before you ask them to do so. 2) My mouse's left-click-drag will automatically activate hotkey "C". for instance when I left-click-drag my mouse to control a sentry, , that sentry activates its hallucination menu !! It's just like when i left-click-drag to select 2 high templars and they automatically merge --- in both cases, my left-click-drag activates the unit 1st magic(skill) , which is merge/hallucination menu and they are bound under hotkey "C" 3) As far as I can recall, during the past several days I've experienced left-click-drag and automatically activate hotkey C for: High templar merge, sentry hallucination, Swarm host spawn locusts, Queen spawn creep tumor, etc and all of them have default hotkey "C". 4) After I change these "C" to "V", my mouse left-click-drag on ground no longer activates any skill. Solution found but it shouldn't be like that. Appreciate anyone help to fix it thank you so much.Showtime2 Jun 19
Jun 19 So many pros mentioning Protoss is OP So many pros talking about how OP protoss is both zerg and terran................ So ?Overmind11 Jun 19
Jun 19 Avilo - a well played role Guys, I wanna tell you something for the fools who still doest realized: The dude "avilo" is just a role! His actor David J.C. Blowe plays it very convincingly. "avilo" is as polarizing as you can get. This is his key to succsess. His name is dropping in every starcraft related stream. Either in a bad or good way this gives him attention. This gives him his viewers/donators/subscribers. The real fool is not "avilo". The real fools are the people talking about him and giving him the attetion he wants so badly. Despite these facts: Do you really think a guy playing starcraft since the beginning constantly would make such dumb balance ideas? Also David J.C. Blowe has completed college and received his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. This guy doesnt sound as autistic as in his streams isnt he? So wake up and just stop talking about this FAKE personality! ByeMaru23 Jun 19
Jun 19 The Viper WOW ***************************** WOW the Parasitic Bomb is way to freaking powerful when you can make 10 15 consume what ever you consume you at a cheap !@# rate and there cheap $%^ hell to make and 60 damage realllllllllllllllly and is its -*!@ing cloud so not one or two or 3 but of the units 90% of what the clouds land on. 60*10= 600 damage OP much. Just wow blizzard this unit needs another look there are a lot of other units that need a look at toowArLoRd0 Jun 19
Jun 19 How early should you upgrade I've been wondering, and I know this is different for 3 races and different for each type of build, but I don't know when it's a good time to get upgrades. Things I know you must get asap: zergling speed, stimpak and warp gates. But I don't know which others should I take. Are shield in protoss better than armor or damage? When do i pick the upgrades to armor and when to damage? When should I take tier 1 when tier 2 and when tier 3 upgrades? If the question it's too broad and will lend to huge answers please let me know so I put them in races forums separetly.Fakus5 Jun 19
Jun 19 This is pretty disgusting Some facts: - Protoss has worse upgrades. - Zerg had more valuable army. - Zerg had drastically more income and had been trading against Protoss each battle with similar results. - Protoss had received constant economic damage throughout the game. - Protoss wins battle with 20 supply dent; entire Zerg army demolished. How on Earth is Zerg supposed to deal with this?IIIIIIIIIIII214 Jun 19
Jun 18 Interested in obtaining an audio file. Hello anyone. I've been dying to get my hands on Arcturus' speech from the WoL opening cinematic for the purpose putting over the plain soundtrack audio. Basically, I'm trying to eliminate the background noise of the armor being built, the adjutant speaking, etc. I don't know if Blizzard would be interested in doing this, because I'd gladly pay some money for it, if it suddenly appeared on iTunes. Thoughts?carpaltunnel0 Jun 18
Jun 18 Random Announcer I thought it would be awesome if we could have random announcer as an option. Either something like make a playlist and then it'll choose from those for each race or have something like it'll play any of them randomly from all the ones you have. I'd like to change up announcers each game but I don't want to have to choose each one, I like the surprise of not knowing who will be my announcer for next game.Tassadar0 Jun 18
Jun 18 Mech Having watched Stephano v Lillekanin and Special v Bly in WCS Jonkoping have to say they were two of the best games of the whole tournament. Mech really can be great to watch and not this boring turtle style that many claim it is, however the matches highlighted how completely nuts Vipers and Ravens really are. Mass seekers v mass parabomb instantly blowing each armies up, unlimited abducts yanking everything. Its a shame cause up to the lategame the games were fantastic then it just became a battle of the gimmicks. Really wish this would be addressedoldpainless1 Jun 18
Jun 18 tastosis announcer without bg noise plz the laughter and background noise ruing it so much. plz blizzard save tastosis save the worldKira0 Jun 18
Jun 18 zerg is OP and I have a replay to prove it I have played zvt against a tier 2 diamond zerg who offraced as terran and I won and I played horribly. I don't even think I should have won with all the mistakes I made and all the advantages he had. The terran player had like 4 advantages which were - upgrades - micro - unit comp - timing attacks - having a build order - harassing yet i still win and the only advantage I had was more units and remaxing every 5 seconds. i only had speedling upgrades and won. Not to mention i barely even practiced or studied zerg. My main race is terran and i offrace as protoss. I made sh*tons of micro mistakes and macro mistakes and know almost nothing about zerg and win against a much better player. Jun 18
Jun 18 Why are Protoss complaining about BC's I use a Nathanias BattleCruiser Build for TvP and I honestly cannot see why Protoss can complain about BC's Im not being sarcastic I just cant understand why Tempests, Stalker timings, archons deal with them pretty well. I can understand the "Critical Mass" of BC's but isnt that a Dont Let them Get There deal? I mean for much of LOTV TvP revolved Dont Let Them Get There principle because Tempest/Ht/Oracle/Carrier was incredibly hard to defeat and nearly impossible to break So i dont understand when BC's reach a critical mass which is extremely hard to achieve mind you, protoss can just say its unfair. Seems a bit hypocritical....Turtle48 Jun 18
Jun 18 Discoverability & Map Extensions I love Map Extensions. I think the idea of applying a game mode to any map you like is brilliant. But there's a problem: Absolutely nobody ever joins a Map Extension lobby. For someone from the general public to discover a such a lobby, it has to be put into the chat. It's really difficult to fish for players this way. Worse yet, there actually is no "Join mod" button. Extension mods need some way for players to discover open lobbies. There are a variety of solutions for this need; my personal preference would be to treat them as Arcade lobbies. But whatever happens, these (totally awesome) modded map lobbies need more discoverability.Buswolley0 Jun 18
Jun 18 BLIZZARD: Please revert LOTV chronoboost I think this would benefit Protoss a lot more than the current always-on chronoboost that LOTV introduced. By allowing players to have control over what buildings take priority, I think we would see more interesting games.GliTcH8 Jun 18
Jun 18 Warcraft 3 HD? Now that Broodwar remastered is coming out, can I expect Warcraft 3 remastered? Blizz please do it! I would love to ladder in that game!Hannibal20 Jun 18
Jun 18 Changes this game needs Reaper- Grenades now only knock back light units Liberator- Defender mode now requires research from techlab 100/100 Battlecruiser- Teleport removed. Battlecruisers can now move and shoot. Build time reduced by 20%. Raven- Recalibrated explosives upgrade removed. Auto turrets now cost 75 energy. Medivac- Speed Boost now requires research from techlab Widow Mine - Damage changed to 125 (+35 splash) and no shield bonus. HP reduced to 80. Cyclone- Reverted to old cyclone but without lock on gimmick. Can still be reactored. Cost reduced to 100/75 Ravager- Now requires Lair tech. Bile cooldown increased from 7 to 10 Mutalisk- Regeration rate slowed down by 50% Swarm Host- Swarm Host hp reduced from 160 to 120 Swarm Host movement speed reduced by 40% off creep Locust swoop range reduced from 6 to 4 Swarm Hosts given light tag Flying locusts a 150/150 upgrade at infestation pit Overlord Drops reverted to HOTS status. Viper- Consume removed. Vipers start with 75 energy. Infestor- Burrowed Fungal removed. Pathogen Glands given to infestor for free. Queen range reduced to 7 Mothership Core- photon overcharge removed Adept- shade cooldown increased from 11 to 14 Carrier- Carrier range reduced from 14 to 8 - Interceptor hp changed from 40/40 to 35/35 - Build time reduced by 25% - Carriers now start with 8 interceptors Phoenix- Graviton beam energy cost increased to 75 from 50 Disruptor-Purification Nova radius reduced by 25%. Cooldown lowered from 21 to 14 Dark Templar- Blink removed Oracle - Pulsar beam now drains 3 energy per second instead of 2. Warp Prism pickup range reduced by 2oldpainless9 Jun 18
Jun 18 we want steam. Let's start with Sc2, maybe the most interesting RTS in the world. So where are all the [removed] players? Sc2 has one of the smallest communities of all the blizzard games. Starcraft 2 is indeed a big investment game and Blizzard, I get that you want your money back. But where did all the players go? First of all the insane high prices. A couple of years back I fell in love with Sc2 through friends and commentators but i got shocked when i saw the price tag. And yes, it turned me off the game instantly. But after a couple of months I finally received my first copy as a birthday present. I think its the most ridiculous thing in the world that you now expect us to purchase three of these things 60 USD each? HOTS definately rocked my world, and i'm so happy you've spend so much time and resources on it, but on my computer i still play Wings of Liberty. You can see similar economic structure of the highly successfull World of Warcraft, but Sc2 needs a different arrangement. If SC2 WOL was a free to play Steam game everyone I know would jump on the chance. Then if you want access to the Champaign and the Ladder around 25 USD is fair. Bring sc2 into the "gaming night". Losen your iron fist and let people LAN it as much as they want for free. You would see less money pr player, but i think it will easily be twice as many Sc2 players out there in a short period time. The same story goes for WC3, and yes i played this everyday for many years. Its such a headache for me that there are more people leaving the community than joining in. Everybody is talking about making WC3 a free to play steam game. The lobbys doesn't have to take 20 minutes to fill. There are obviously alot of entertainment options out there, the gaming world is heading in a "free to play" direction. I see a tough rusty iron pole that is refusing to cave in to the wind. You don't even have to make it a "free to play". You can charge exactly the same prices you do through steam. I really want to see both these games with a steady increase of players, can we please find a way to stop this heavy decline. Post edited for language. - Moderator teamHjoe39 Jun 18
Jun 18 (*Arcade game*) SC2: Terran, Protoss, Zerg WC3: Human, Night Elf, Orc, Undead Diablo 3: Demonic, Holy All in one single game. Thumbs up for Yes Thumbs Down for No. Thanks.GoodDaytoDie4 Jun 18
Jun 18 Appealing Overwatch Silence I want to appeal my overwatch silence, where can I do this. I'd post this on the OW forums but I'm banned from there.Grummet13 Jun 18
Jun 18 Party keeps disbanding Anyone having problems when partied with a friend after game the party gets cancelled?SneakySquid6 Jun 18
Jun 18 FIX YOUR MATCH MAKING!!! Every time my friend and I try and play a RANKED match, notice how I said ranked. My friend and I are not even bronze level and we have to go against platinum level teams. FIX YOUR MATCH MAKING NOW!!!Diezombiedie7 Jun 18
Jun 18 Lag since the patch Been noticing lag since the last patch. So have people I play with (both with and without me). Anyone else seeing this? It's a noticeable snag.cuehara1 Jun 18
Jun 18 Amount of Zerg is too damn high (again) There are only 5 Protoss and 8 Terrans in BO32 in comparison to 19 Zergs (this is not a typo). There are so many Zergs that there are multiple groups full of Zergs (so 4 Zergs per group). Luckily they don't broadcast all those ZvZ's. Where did I see this before? Ah yes .... pretty much the same like the other foreign tournaments. Zerg is so balanced on the foreign scene.Timothy34 Jun 18