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Jun 18 How to FIX StarCraft once and for all I've truly tried to be as fair as possible to all 3 races in this list, for the sake of balance, diversity and fun. I hope someone gives credit to this list as I did a hard work looking for all specific points in which the vast majority of the community agrees. - Redesign Raven into a support unit or nerf his huge offensive power when massed; - Redesign or nerf Swarm Hosts; - Redesign Reaper to be a viable unit throughout all game duration instead of early game scout and cheese only; - Make Nydus Worm behave like a burrowed unit that can be attacked with detection before unburrowing (that was a brilliant community suggestion as it makes perfect sense with Zerg burrow mechanic); - Remove or redesign Medivac Boost upgrade and NeoSteel Frame upgrade because they are 100% useless and no one will ever use them the way they are; - Increase Tempest damage to massive Air (This was done by Blizzard); - Remove Liberator range upgrade. This upgrade alone completely shuts down Factory play and promotes abusive gameplay early against Zerg and Protoss. Yet I recognize this upgrade is needed right now because of Disruptors, that's why I touch it below for a change as well; - Reduce a bit Siege Tank +armored damage to 60 to indirectly nerf bio and lessen the oppressive ground power of mech. As a trade off, buff slightly Cyclone AA to help mech where it really needs while also giving Cyclone any utility in mid and late game, because Cyclone is just a cheesy unit now; - Increase Interceptor cost or change target priority to Carriers instead of Interceptors (another brilliant community suggestion); - Revert burrowed fungals (this is straight up BROKEN) and rework Infested Terrans to be stronger keeping in mind they are free units for energy. So this needs to be done carefully and right; - Revert Adept shade vision nerf and increase the cooldown instead; - Redesign the Disruptor into a unit that promotes diverse PvP and ground mech TvP games again. Worth noting that the Disruptor kills in one shot beefy and slow units that cannot even micro against it like Hellbats, Roaches and Ravagers. Also, I'm 100% sure it's a consensus in the community the fact no one likes to play with or against Disruptors, not even Protoss players like to rely on gamble gameplay to win with this unit. Starcraft gameplay was turned a bit into gamble/coin flip with LotV and Disruptor takes a HUGE part in that; - Look at mech again because it is still much more weaker than Bio and completely unviable against Protoss since Wings. See, this is ALL Blizzard needs to do to fix StarCraft once and for all and bring FUN and diversity for the game once again! It is not that hard. Maybe we could increase stuff or remove in this list but I think I covered everything. Edited for typos and clarification.Seizon45 Jun 18
Jun 18 ProtoSs players have stopped playing? I'm playing double the amount of terran than protoss? As well as double the amount of zerg than protoss? And the protoss that I face are WEAK? What is going on? 605 1v1s is not a small [sample] amount!Kriegdonasu12 Jun 18
Jun 18 Recover campaign progress? I recently had to replace my hard drive, and all my progress in the Heart of the Swarm campaign is gone. My Wings of Liberty progress is intact, but everything from my HotS save is gone. Anyone know anything that could be done?Phlynch3 Jun 18
Jun 18 A couple ideas I had a couple of ideas that I think could improve starcraft 2: Hold position for a time command Due to the heavy multitasking required during frantic gameplay, often a choice of how to move units with efficient commands is to tell them to go somewhere then move your screen to go do something else and then come back to the units first mentioned and move them again after they have stood idle while the player's attention was elsewhere. Here's an example: your main army is attacking the opponent's main army but your mineral line is being harrased. A good move would be to send the units coming out of your production area to deal with the harrasment and move your workers away with an a-move while your attention is on the main armies battle. Often the harassment is cleaned up while the main armies are still clashing then the workers have to wait until the main army battle breaks up to give the player a chance to grab those workers and tell them to go back to mining. An experienced player often knows (or can estimate) how long it will take the units rallying out of their production buildings to deal with the harassment and thus if there was a way to have workers retreat to a safe location then wait a set time then go back to working it would be useful. What I propose for the form of this player ability through interface to be is: box workers, hold shift, right-click to a safe location, right-click the same location x times where x is a multiplier for the time they would stay there, then right-click a mineral patch, release shift. This command sequence would obviate the need for the player to return to the group of idle workers to tell them to go work again, often at an inconvenient time. Repeatedly using the move command on the same location while holding shift could increment the time the units stay at that location after moving there by maybe half a second or a second; some length of time that is intuitive. Formation hotkeys Starcraft 2 has taken ideas (or independently come up with them) from other games such as the viper pull being similar to blitzcrank pull and pudge pull or cyclone being similar to the shattered galaxy unit manticore or liberator air siege mode being similar to the shattered galaxy unit that sieges up while flying etc. Another good idea that exists in shattered galaxy is that of saveable unit formations, similar to saveable map locations that exist in starcraft 2. Battle conditions change so quickly that some form of "macro-micro" could be helpful. In other words: moving units in a pattern with one keypress and one mouse click to achieve the same action as a keypress and mouseclick for each unit or unit subgroup. Example 1: a circular unit formation is saved to a unit formation hotkey then by pressing the unit formation hotkey and right-clicking, the units selected spread into a circular formation to, say, avoid a seeker missile. ...o.o.o o.........o o.........o o.........o ...o.o.o Example 2: To minimize damage from siege tank fire, the player presses a spread out formation hotkey and gives the move command. o..o..o..o..o ..o..o..o..o o..o..o..o..o ..o..o..o..o o..o..o..o..o Example 3: The player finds themself out of position and wants to reorganize their ranks. The weak units suddenly in the front want to fall behind the beefier units who are suddenly in the back. Using a saved formation, the beefy units are able to use a split formation to overtake the slow moving weak units (say, high templars) without colliding in the middle. BB --> BB --> <-- ww (front) <-- ww BB --> BB --> What I propose to save a formation to a hotkey is: the player chooses a group a units in the formation they desire and presses ctrl+(formation hotkey) to save that formation to the hotkey just like pressing ctrl+(command group hotkey) to save that group of units to a hotkey. After a formation is saved to a hotkey, pressing that hotkey would show the outline of the formation of the screen that the player could position with mouse movement and then once the player clicks the mouse, the units would move into the positions of that formation.Morath1 Jun 18
Jun 18 How to Beat an AI With Your EYES CLOSED I would embed the video but it won't let me. So here's the link. Jun 18
Jun 18 Ryzen CPU Hi. Are there some Ryzen 7 CPU players? Could You share to us some tests ? low/avg fps for example on test unit map with huge amount of units. We will be very much appreciated. Cheers!yomaan19 Jun 18
Jun 18 WCS Jong Day 1 VOD Since it took a little while to find this, thought I would share the link.Dreadlord0 Jun 18
Jun 17 I'd say this sums things up nicely :)Traxan3 Jun 17
Jun 17 Creating our own Communityupdate. Hello everyone, after this huge disappointment in yesterdays update I would like to create our own Community Update, to prove or show two things in the first place: a) even if the winrates are okay or going in an okay-ish direction, there is still a lot of stuff in a game like SC2 you can change or test. b) Following the first point, I'd like to see way more stuff tested out; thats why we got a testmod for. I know this didn't get played/used a lot recently. But ask yourself this: how exciting is it to play on a testmod on which the Thor gets +1 Armor – and thats it? I’m gonna be honest, I played the map one or two times. Granted, I am not the kind of guy who plays 500 games a season, but thats the point. I’d argue the majority of SC2-Players don’t, so create exciting struff; make it so people actually want to test something, because it brings a new and fresh dynamic into the game. Therefore, I would like to see the testmod being used way more often, qualitatively (making bigger and crazier design/balance-changes) as well as quantitatively. Even if it turns out something specific is very bad in whatever regard, so what? Firstly, this could be changed very fast on the mod and secondly, the more important thing here, it is still an outcome. Saying 'XY is very bad for the game because ABC' is a result. It's not optimized, but it is a startingpoint, something which we discovered during that. This sort of outcome is good - espacially way better than doing or saying nothing (...even after a month...). I'd like to encourage everyone to discuss potential changes. Not only stuff you think is too strong, but also (and actually espacially) the design of certain things. Why something is frustrating. And what do you think would be fun, even if it is not perfectly balanced? (Please don't comment if you are not able to give constructive feedback. There are some guys who come to my mind immediately.) In the following, I'd like to present some things I am not happy with in the current game. Now I am a Terranplayer, so this, as well as my gamestyle and many different other factors, lead to my view and preference. To put it in other words: of course you will disagree with me on some points, but thats fine; thats what a discussion and a potential testmod is for. To actually try things out. Terran - Doomdrops are a problem in TvT in my opinion. They are easy to do, with no strategy involved, very frustrating to play against. They are the cause of a lose in many even games if you aren't positioned perfectly. The Tanks are the problem in this obviously. Therefore, my proposed change would be changing the space a Tank occupies in the Medivac. Make it so a Tank fills up a Medivac completely. I highly doubt this will affect the other Matchups, so I don't really see the point of not doing this. - Nerf (or remove) Liberatorrange. - Regarding Mech: Combine the Mechupgrades again, just like they were in Heart of the Swarm. This would help a lot. - Regarding Mech: I miss the old Cyclone. It was a microable unit and way more fun to use. This is just my opinion, but I've seen many people agreeing with me on that. It would also make it so you got more strategic options, opening- as well as compwise. Furthermore, its anti-air would actually be usefull, and as we all know, this is a huge problem for Mech. If you don't agree on the old Cyclone with me, I'd still like to buff the anti-air of the current Cyclone. This wouldn't neglect the other advantages I just said. "Buffing" doesn't mean it should be able to kill every airunit, but it should make it at least somewhat useful. Zerg - Remove the Infestors ability to cast while being burrowed, at least (or espacially) fungal. - Swarmhosts. Do something about Swarmhorsts. This is an issue for such a long time, extremely frustrating. Nerf its movementspeed. In addition to that, make it way higher in cost or give it the light armortag. - Buff Lurkers in a way so they are used more against Bio. + Damage against Light? - ZvZ earlygame. I am not able to say anything about the details, but the state it currently is in doesn't seem to be okay. - Protoss struggle a lot against a Hydracomposition. Nerfing (or reverting) their HP-Buff might be an option. Protoss - Increase the cost of Interceptors - Nerf the Oracle: I think it kills workers too quickly. However, I think if the Cyclone antiair would be buffed, this wouldn't be necessary anymore. Hoping a mine catches it seems too luckbased, in my opinion. - Again the Oracle: Something I'm extremely frustrated with is the amount of time Revelation lasts. It gives you constant vision about whatever you want, if you don't lose them. The amount of time you can get vision on whatever you want seems too long in my opinion, but I think this is very controversial. - Buff Stalkers. ____ Thats the stuff that is on top of my head. What do you think? Not only about my proposed changes - what are your own thoughts? And what about the current Mappool?Piwo15 Jun 17
Jun 17 Efficient farm Kerri/Artanis coop achieves?? The two commander-specific achievements I'm missing are Kerrigan's "In the Name of Love" (stun 5000 enemy units) and Artanis's Warp in 5000 units. Is there some efficient way to farm these? For Kerrigan, I go to the train level where you can rack up some decent amount of hits on brutal; I can usually get about 200-300 hits throughout one run. Is that the best it gets? For Artanis, I guess I could just take it slow and run brutals to get the brutal win achievements and just keep warping in stuff; like zealots to take up spare minerals and rush them to their death and just be patient since it's going to take a lot of brutal wins anyway to hit 150.Damastes8 Jun 17
Jun 17 apmcraft joke. Why did starcraft become such a popular e-"sport"? . . . . . . . Answer: because it forgot to put the S in RTS.FatherNurgle2 Jun 17
Jun 17 Proof this forum is being ignored by Blizz When was the last time a blue responded to a thread? Why do Blues respond to threads in other Blizz forums(overwatch,hots, diablo) but not this one? Blog post: In this blog, under "Where to discuss": ... Blizz not only ignoring forums but also discouraging discussion in their own official forum confirmed. Will this thread be quietly deleted? Or will it be simply ignored? We shall see.Spawn11 Jun 17
Jun 17 State an obvious problem Zerg has no effective answer to late game skytoss. Hydra bane timings are really strong and easy to execute. Warp prisms are a bit too strong in all matchups. Being able to create an army wherever you want it and giving every unit in your army blink with good micro is too strong. Mass raven turtle mech is easy to play and tedious boring and difficult to play against. What other issues are self evident? No whining intended just statement of facts. Something that even players of the other race would probably agree with.CerpinTaxt49 Jun 17
Jun 17 Turrets - toggle air/ground mode? If anyone plays clash of clans, there are some defensive buildings like the watch tower or the X-Bow that can toggle between air attack and ground attack. Rate of fire and distance are impacted depending on which mode you choose. This is just brainstorming, but what if the Terran missle turret did the same thing?IronManSC4 Jun 17
Jun 17 I offer coach for terrans. Hello im eli, master 2 on eu. I offer coach on all servers.JohnRambo0 Jun 17
Jun 17 some race/league distribution stats EDIT: slightly nicer presentation of stats -all these stats are based off i wanted to see what % of each race was in each league, and also see how the medians player for each race compared in terms of there postion in each league to this end i produced this sorry its not very pleasing on the eye, there isn't much better i can do in a sc2 forum post.. i could link the excel worksheet this is based off league zerg protoss terran gm 0.51% 0.47% 0.41% master 5.78% 4.38% 5.41% diamond 29.45% 19.87% 25.15% platinum 25.12% 20.68% 20.67% gold 19.33% 23.21% 20.63% silver 15.78% 24.68% 21.13% bronze 4.03% 6.71% 6.60% from this we can say the median zerg player is 10.86% of the way into platinum league, or 43.2% of the way through platinum league. ( not sure which is the best way to say that) for protoss it is 18.61% of way into gold league, or 80.81% of way through. and for terran it is 1.64% of way into platinum, or 7.9% of way through platinum league. quick edit: by that i mean the median zerg player is 10.86%/25.12% of way into platinum league, and 10.86 is 43.% of 25.12 some other interesting stats is we can see is that amusing players are distributed evenly within leagues(there not but this number will still be really close) 63.49% of protoss are lower mmr than the median zerg player, as do 57.46% of terrans. something that really stands out for me among these stats is how many less zerg there really are at lower ratings. while 4.03% and 6.71% may seem close only 2% apart, you must remember that 6.71% is over 50% larger than 4.03%. as stuff stands over 30% of protoss are in bronze or silver league, while less than 20% of zerg find them self in these leagues. while balance may be excellent at the very highest levels of play, i do think this indicates that if you want to try and make it out of silver, or gold league then zerg is the race for you.ilkbailk25 Jun 17
Jun 17 How to Beat an AI EYES CLOSED. LITERALLY. I would embed the video, but I can't. So here's the link. Jun 17
Jun 17 [Extension Mod] Protoss Revamped So as hinted at in my Shield Battery mod, here is my full "Protoss Revamped" mod. This seeks to make Protoss more fun to play, while addressing some of their shortcomings whilst trying to avoid obvious band-aids. Probe Can now build the Shield Battery. Costs 100 minerals and requires Gateway. Building has 150 HP and shields and heals nearby units for 15 shields/sec Adept Shade vision increased from 2 to 5 Psionic Transfer cooldown increased from 16 to 20 Mothership Core Photon Overcharge removed Now has Recharge Shields - in effect, a mobile Shield Battery Warp Prism HP increased from 80 to 100 Pick-up range reduced from 6 to 3 Immortal Barrier duration increased from 2.1 to 2.8 seconds (3 to 4 Blizzard seconds) - damage absorption is still 100 maximum Carrier HP increased from 250 to 300 Build time decreased from 120 to 105 Interceptor cost increased from 10 to 25 Mothership Photon Overcharge removed Now has Recharge Shields - in effect, a mobile Shield Battery New ability: Wormhole Transit - teleports all friendly units from target area to Mothership's location (classic Recall). Costs 125 energy Cybernetics Core New upgrade: Khaydarin Matrix. Sentries start with +25 energy. Costs 150m 150g, takes 120 seconds to research. Requires Robotics Facility Robotics Bay New upgrade: Phase Attunement. Increases Warp Prism pick-up range by +3. Costs 150m 150g, takes 100 seconds to research Fleet Beacon New upgrade: Argus Jewel. Oracles start with +25 energy. Costs 100m 100g, takes 80 seconds to research. New upgrade: Khaydarin Core. Increases Mothership and Mothership Core's energy regeneration rate by 100%. Costs 200m 200g, takes 120 seconds to research Bug reports and feedback welcomed.Kit67 Jun 17
Jun 17 How to Beat an AI EYES CLOSED. LITERALLY. I would embed the video, but I can't. So here's the link. Jun 17
Jun 17 how to deal with/spot widow mine drops? how do you deal with these? as i find them extremely frustrating as protoss. almost all other forms of harrass are very easy to see coming due to the audio ques, and red ! on your minimap. meaning i can often only lose 1-2 probes if i fast photo overcharge then run my army in if its a medivac drop/oracle/any other form of harrass. vs widow mines unless im very lucky, i rarely spot them, which means i dont overcharge to kill them before the burrow, and dont get to move my probes, and often lose half my minerals line. i find it very frustrating, and i wondered if there is any tricks to making them easier to spot? i know technically im assuming your just meant to be really good at looking at mini map if your a pro, but for someone who is not a pro i find widow mine drops extremely frustrating.ilkbailk28 Jun 17
Jun 17 Coach me so I can be Byun I want to have masters icon around mah portret. Can anyone coach me? Im terran dia3 EU WFWDayOrk#2568 Thanks in advance! (I can't pay thought)HellGoesON2 Jun 17
Jun 16 sc2 ranked Try ranked D3, over there each season you need to start over and beat the game just to play ranked matches LOL. SC2 you dont need to start over to do something before playing ladder again.Candy0 Jun 16
Jun 16 Which race is strongest in the late game T or P or Z?Luffy41 Jun 16
Jun 16 Crank Announcer Tastosis was a cool idea, nathanias is kinda lame in my opinion. Nut i would really like to see a crank announcer pack. He has PLENTY of hilarious quotes that would fit quite nicely imo.Swayze3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Diamond Zerg beating best Terran in the world Zerg and Protoss are so OP. How can a Diamond Zerg and Protoss beat Avilo, the greatest Terran ever lived? I mean, the super Terran Avilo clearly explained that those Diamond noobs don't know what the hell they are doing while kicking the a** of the best Terran player of all time. Protoss and Zerg too OP.Timothy15 Jun 16
Jun 16 Just Came Back =) It has been 2 years and man I'm glad I still have the moves. Finally got to gold in multiplayer 1v1 and the best part is CO-OP! I cannot stress it enough how insanely fun it is to play this game in a relax like mode =) So far Tanis is my fave and Kerri coming in second. Guys you gotta help me decide between Nova and Stukov, they both look soo cool.CrimsonKing9 Jun 16
Jun 16 PiG's opinion on PvZ and current map pool TL;DW: The current map pool has too many open areas, not enough choke points and dead space, some gold bases are bad and this coupled with the adept nerf and the older hydra buff will make Protoss under powered on ladder and in WCS especially in BO5s and BO7s where they cannot veto enough maps. Do you guys agree?BroodMother30 Jun 16
Jun 16 Thors too good against marauders Then again, what isn't?BerryPuncH6 Jun 16
Jun 16 Opinion on Dont let them get there It doesn't exist. If you believe that it exist, you are probably using fidget spinner. If you use this !@#$, it means you aren't sure whether you exist or not, you just spin piece of plastic. If you are spinning piece of plastic, you don't actually paying attention to game. If you aren't paying attention to the game, you don't care about the game. If you don't care about competentive game, you don't play it. If you don't play it, you can't judge it. Bam. Proved. Actually, its just a rule of war: you either get ahead of your opponent by any means or he sends nuclear missles at your stone age warriors with clubs. Stop saying it doesn't make sense, when its actually pretty decent balance choice.HellGoesON24 Jun 16
Jun 16 Playing as Protoss and liking it I am a long time Terran player, played Terran since 2010 and played a lot with Zerg in HotS before SH nerf (why, Blizzard why?), but I rarely played as Protoss (only Tempests were good, being a siege unit), they had a boring and gimmicky gameplay in these recent years, but just for fun I've tried to play with them a bit, but despite what everyone says, Protoss is very fun to play and with a solid gameplay Lets start: -They have the best Lore and voice/Sound effects -You can Produce a solid army from gateways, strong and very cost effective units -Their early game is good, you have a strong defender advantage with Shield Batteries, which increase survavibility of your units -Robotic Units have a strong support, a 100 damage scarab can give you a great advantage -Corsairs are a great AA splash damage dealers and Have Disruption Web, much better than a Viper -Arbiters are awesome, my favorite unit in game, Stasis Field that is a good and well designed spell, Recall is good for bypass defenses and give great mobility to army -Besides Arbiters, their spellcasters are good, HT and Dark Archons are great units Well despite what everyone says, i am having lots of fun as Protoss, hope they don't change Protoss to have: weak gateways units but that can be produced everywhere, Pylons that can shoot, Shuttles that have pylon field, Gimmicky Robotic units and a Giant and lonely ArbiterlIlIlIlIlIlI2 Jun 16
Jun 16 I think it's about.. damn.. time for... Hello fans and creators of this great franchise. I've loved the books I've read in the universe of James Raynor so far, 'Heaven's Devils' and 'Devil's Due'. I think we're about 'due' for a Starcraft movie, aren't we? I know the question has been rolling around for a number of years... maybe even a decade or more? Let's put the pen and paper down and pick up the video camera and give the fans and community what it wants! Love ya work, keep doing what you're doing Blizzard!Oxhart0 Jun 16
Jun 16 Starcraft ghost whens it coming outGrummet5 Jun 16
Jun 16 Control Groups Hi, I'm a Terran player and I just want everyone's thoughts on my group layout. I get that it's preference for the most part, but I still want other people's opinions and possibly any improvements to it that could be made. 1 - Main army 2 - Secondary army (usually medivacs when going for a drop or) 3 - Production 4 - CCs 0 (hotkey set to `) - E-BayDom3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Blizzard has given up on SC2 Basically this game is in its final state for them and that is sad with so much wrong with it. They are more focused on releasing co-ops they can charge for instead of fixing multiplayer. If you look at HOTS, WOW, Hearthstone, those games get tons of patches, updates, new heros or cards etc. SC2 gets none of that, sadly this game will be in this state with maybe one minor patch in the next year or so, and that is a big maybe. There have been no more developer updates, and I am guessing in the next year or 2 at the most WCS will be cancelled indefinitely. So if you don't like the state of multiplayer just accept this is how it is going to stay.Dreadlord27 Jun 16
Jun 15 What happened with the Swarm Host? I haven't played since the end of HotS, do you mind filling me in? Did he stay in Tier 3 with expensive gas price making him a redundant Broodlord? Or is he just not usable in LotV? I hear that all the old zerg strategies are hard countered like ling/muta?SillySixPin35 Jun 15
Jun 15 Disgusting to play LotV Not only did the strategy part go invisible and it feels totally random what to expect from an opponent (it just brings better results to learn cheeses), and I encounter opponents who tell me extractly the same. But also 66% of opponents are angry, insult, hate, or explain how they deserve to win. This was never as bad as this! I mean, angry people are everywhere, but I have never seen as many as in LotV. HotS had fewer, WoL even fewer and BW even fewer. Dota, which is also competitive, also a LOT fewer. What is making the playerbase so angry in LotV????? I gave this game another try, and it was the last. Apart from the gameplay I don't like, another seriously offputting factor are the constantly angry players.iLLuSia29 Jun 15
Jun 15 Promoted to gold league after losing 9 games Lol I was doing my calibrations for the first time and, unsurprisingly, I lose almost all my games. The only game I won was one where the guy forfeited at the very start. Is this normal? I don't really think I belong in this tier.Coatl7 Jun 15
Jun 15 Real problem with LotV... The real problem is that we didnt have even a single good mappool. Always the "creative maps" bs or just zerg favoured maps like this season. Blizzard please stop trying these "creative" things if not tested enough. Please go back to really standard and balanced like in the majority of HotS! Thanks!Maru0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Buff toss gateway nerf warp ins Well how about alow nexus create the power and pylon just extend the power. Plus warp prism don't produce power it repairs instead. Plus if you crono boost to none power pylon or building it gives it power.lonedog10 Jun 15
Jun 15 DevTeam If you care about the Comp Scene Alright look, blatant community regards for your design issues aside. How do you expect us to watch 9Zergs, 3 Terrans & 3 Protoss's on the Foreign scene side of things? It's just not happening, I'm not doing it. Majority of the Hardcore SC2 fans go "ResidentSleeper" in the twitch chat. A lot of people stop watching (Me included) and you hurt the really good pro-players & up and coming prospects to the game. It should not be a revelation to you, to see this. It is only one thing you can do. Another Major Revamp You definately need to do this. After Blizzcon It's essential, not to the survival of the game. But, so that those of us who actually love watching the game, can get some diversity. Only ZVZ in the foreign scene is just not, acceptable. It's just not. Balance wise, sure. It might be decent. Player distrubution wise, foreign scene wise, it's not. And that's on your end. In the end, I'd like to end of with a paraphrasing quote. You have failed, this community.SuperJoule46 Jun 15
Jun 15 describe the character of each race i'm curious what most people think makes each race unqiue, and what they should each be like, and if people think they still have there character. for me the easiest to define is zerg: which is really the unrelenting swarm, it can produce weaker units faster than anyone else, and reach 200 supply the fastest. it can also get the most out of control if you leave it alone expanding extremely quickly. to counter this strength one of its weaknesses is in theorey a 200 supply zerg army often wont stand toe to toe with a 200 supply protoss or terran army, but that doesnt often matter as with a stock of larva stored if the first army doesnt break them, the second one surely will. protoss is the next easist to define for me: which is the race with the best tech, and the least most powerful units, that really pack the most punch. they take longer to get to that top supply/tech, but if you let them get there you'll have a real fight on your hands. the 200supply protoss deathball is the most deadly of the 3 races terran is the hardest for my to put my finger on, but i'd say there really meant to be the jack of all trades with the most versatility, and that really felt true in wings of liberty. also i used to associate them with the best worker harrass ( this was before oracles, adepts, and fast prisms were in the game) im curious what other people think defines each race, and if they think its still true anymore in legacy of the void. i personally think in wings of liberty it was very clear to the differences in each race, but i feel there has been significant erosion since then. with things like zerg having one of the scariest late game armies before ultralisk changes, and protoss tech becoming a lot weaker, but them having a lot more harass ect. my other question is this postive for negative for the game? a price worth paying for better balance, or something that takes away from the charecter of each race/the game.. in my opinion right now zerg feels the most unqiue whiles its charecter has been eroded in my mind a lot about it still holds true.ilkbailk8 Jun 15
Jun 15 When Will SC2 Get Global Leaderboard As SC:R? Instead of a useless division leaderboard, they get a global, searchable, useful leaderboard. When will we get one too? Ideally, it would also include percentiles and be filterable by active players.Eigenscape0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Why always nerf protoss As we know, the protoss has been the most difficult race for our general player, while the professional players still regard protoss as a ATM to beat to win. And after the last patch, PVZ became very hard in later period because the air force has lost its deterrent. And how about the tempest? I don't think that is a buff for tempest. Ground to air for protoss is still a problem and I hope you can buff protoss ground to air attack. Thank you very much!Luffy18 Jun 15
Jun 15 "Recently Played Tab" not functioning I have noticed that my "Recently Played Tab" is not keeping track of any game I have played in the last 6 to 8 weeks (it started with the early Aug 2016 update). I had hoped it would correct itself over time, but I guess not. Does anyone else have this issue, know how to fix this issue and/or know if it is a reported issue? SCArcherSCArcher3 Jun 15
Jun 15 Is Gumiho the best Terran? Been watching his games lately. Perhaps he doesnt have the killer rep like Maru used to have, Byun has now, or Innovation has had for years, but his play looks really solidMietoen27 Jun 15
Jun 15 Im looking for a clan to join Dia+ Like the Title suggests im looking for a clan Prefreably diamond and up, active, does clan wars, peepmode and 1v1 obs Anyone know of such a clan?Turtle3 Jun 15
Jun 15 Sc:R minimap question Hi, I'm super excited for starcraft remastered and I just had one question regarding the minimap. I always tried to get into brood war but one of the most frustrating things for me was that the minimap was all black, so if I played against someone, I'd need to memorize the map beforehand and there are a lot of maps in the pool in a season. I was just wondering if the minimap in sc:r will be like sc2's where you can see the map but have to explore to see your enemy. If it is like sc2's minimap however, it will negate the fact that workers can mineral walk before scouting minerals. Since brood war's unexplored map was all black, you couldn't use your worker to mineral walk unless you first explored those minerals. This would occassionally make situations where the opponent will block the ramp to the main base with 2 workers so that you couldn't send in a worker to scout. How would this work if sc:r minimap/map works like sc2's?JohnScottMVP1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Community Update - Thor, Tempest, & esports Hello everyone! We have some small updates planned for next week’s update to the Balance Testing Matchmaking queue. As always these are subject to change prior to a patch going live, so let us know your thoughts and feedback! Thor We would like to try out a different path with changes to the Thor for the next update. Changing its anti-air weapon to flat damage does make the Thor very powerful in sweeping air units, but we feel it also reduced counter play vs the Thor a bit too much. So instead of flatly increasing its air attack we would like to try a buff to the Thor’s survivability and a minor usability improvement. To this end we will be trying the following: Reverting Thor anti air attack to its prior values. Bringing back High Impact Payload Increasing base armor from 1 to 2 Decreasing transformation time between anti air forms This increase in armor should quite noticeably improve the Thor’s durability against quick attacking units like Zerglings thus improving its role in absorbing damage while dealing heavy damage in return during combat. Tempest We like the current direction of the Tempest having more damage against massive air units but would like to tone its damage back very slightly. Reduce Tempest +massive damage from 25 to 22 #WCS Austin & GSL We would like to thank all the players, casters, organizers and viewers who made WCS Austin such a great tournament this past weekend and shout out to Neeb for his victory! We also wish good luck to those currently battling it out in GSL, it’s been a very exciting season and we look forward to more games!Balance Team116 Jun 15
Jun 15 Protoss feels weak There's a lot of weak terran threads, a few weak zerg threads so I figured I'd start up the weak protoss thread. I think LotV is fun and is headed in a good direction. That being said, Protoss feels like a gimmicky race at the moment that leads me to feel it is weak. it doesn't feel like a stable race right now. Some games you might dominate, some games won't even be close. I have mixed feelings about Protoss and surely each player, including myself can always play better. But there are glaring issues that just feel gimmicky and broken units that hopefully get resolved. When I lose a game, I want to watch the replay and learn something--not just say Protoss is gimmicky and I didn't get the "money shot," or the "gg freeze," or whatever else. Probably the most talked about: Pylon overcharge--Basically this translates to your race can't defend itself early game and is the least mobile of all the races. I'd rather see this ability removed and gateway compensated. It doesn't take skill to use either. That being said, without it Protoss would die to Zerg early game all day. They'd probably be fine against Terran without it with the exception of the liberator rush. Units that need redesigns in my opinion: Void ray--This unit is very expensive and doesn't do much damage for its cost. It's rarely used and typically only wins fights in which the enemy can't shoot back at it. That being said I find this unit much too slow to actually combat anything effectively. I feel like this unit, at the very least, needs an increase in its movespeed. I rarely make the unit, but sometimes I'll get one to defend mass roach attacks. They can't keep up with roaches off creep and if they morph to ravager then I've found the void ray to be so slow it can't dodge corrosive bile. Carrier--Extremely expensive/long build time/requires further research/separate upgrades from ground. Carriers need something to be useful again. There's almost never a time to go carriers that can't be accomplished better by another unit whether it's tempest for half the price and build time or simply more gate units. Just feels like slow moving, dead supply. Colossus--Long build time/very expensive/low DPS/able to be countered by air/low durability/requires further research. This unit needs its dps increased or its cost drastically reduced. I feel like the colossus nerf was to force players to use the disruptor. Speaking of which.. Disruptor--I feel like this unit is gimmicky and either does a lot of damage or no damage at all. It has limited viability in PvT due to terran mobility and medivac pickup and with the colossus being in such a bad state--this forces Protoss to go templar tech all game every game. At the very least, if I fire, I want the ability to MOVE this unit not let it stand around for 2 seconds acting retarded. Why? Because if it dies, the shot magically disappears like that makes any sense at all. if it's going to spazz out and be retarded every time you shoot, increase its range so that it doesn't need to be IN THE FRONT of your army where it's THE MOST VULNERABLE. #unstable #gimmick #hope he doesn't attack me cause I can't move it. Oracle--Another seemingly gimmicky unit at times. Don't get me wrong, I like the oracle. It's just unstable. Sometimes you'll get tons of damage done, and sometimes it does nothing whether it gets hit by a widow mine/cyclone or just takes one too many shots from a queen. Pulsar beam has almost no purpose in this game outside of worker harassment. It should just be renamed to worker beam. Since the oracle is such a glass cannon with minimal range on its beam, it can't be used in combat for much of anything else unless you attack something that can't shoot back, which is basically only zerg. The stasis trap is another example, sometimes you'll get the "gg freeze," and sometimes you'll hit a single unit. The only stable ability feels like revelation, which I like. You don't need to worry about revelation letting you down or backfiring or not getting the "money revelation shot". I dislike the mothership too but I consider that unit so bad, I just write it off as a casual unit for fun. Basically you get it when there's nothing left to get and have money to burn. Note: If the colossus t3 is bad, the disruptor t3 is gimmicky/unreliable and the carrier t3 is a mess, it seems logical games end in templar tech. This seems to be the pattern in a lot of ladder and tournaments I've been watching. Whether you think Protoss is weak or the strongest, I think we can all agree some units like the colossus need changes and from there you can branch out and see what else needs fixing. Protoss is not complete--not by a longshot. Matchups: PvP: There are options and this matchup feels like it's working. I know a lot of people think PvP is disruptor wars but on other servers, you'll find many pvp games where disruptors aren't even made. PvT: My view on Protoss: PvT--Strong early Equal midgame Weak lategame PvZ--Equal early(I personally feel they're weak early but I put equal because adepts can punish greedy zergs) Equal midgame Weak lategame Judging from the above this obviously will show at which point in the game the Protoss has the best chance to win/end the game. Protoss will be forced to do more all ins and try to end the game before it gets too long. I feel like the longer the game goes on the worse chance Protoss has to win. At the very least, it's on Protoss to do enough damage to allow them to seize a big advantage going into the late game. More detail about the matchups PvT: I mainly want to touch on adepts. Early game adepts are strong against workers, but they require a lot of micro to use, in contrast to the liberator rush which 1 shots workers. While I don't use many adepts PvT in worker harass( I prefer other forms of harass) I feel that 2 shotting a marine was fine. The adept serves no other purpose--the marine is the only unit it attacks efficiently with the exception of the siege tank and that's only because it can shade into it. Stimmed marines destroy the adept and I feel that will only get worse with the adept nerf. I believe the adept will be phased out of all midgame/late game compositions in favor of immortal chargelot archon, and HT storm. It won't replace blink stalker because of liberators. And it won't replace zealots because they tank better. Additionally, chargelots will kill marines more efficiently than the adept. I guess I really don't care what happens to the adept, it's just the matchup feels like WoL to me with making 0 new units against MMM and sometimes liberator. Oh and no colossus. Also, if terran gets like 6+ liberators, the Protoss army just melts. Protoss are forced into tempest late game which is another lackluster unit that has one goal: Kill the liberator so I can use my army. If not for the tempest range, it would just be another void ray. PvZ: Apparently Zerg is struggling PvZ. I have to get in contact with those Zergs and have them tell me what the secret is because I try everything. Just when you find a seemingly standard, solid build--a different zerg build will end the game before it gets to the mid game. Between the numerous zerg cheeses that will eventually put you behind or the roach ravager composition that, if they wanted to can sit back and spam their energyless corrosive biles that outrange the gimped pylon overcharge on their 7 second cooldown, it seems like PvZ is the matchup you need to destroy zerg's economy just to break even. If you last to the late game you'll face tech switches that, even if scouted, rely on long Protoss build times for them to switch. I feel like most of my wins PvZ are all gimmick based--hoping DT rushes do damage or force fielding the ramp and warping in the main or a 2 base immortal sentry stalker all in. The "late game" comp is basically just immortal archon chargelot with stargates in the background ready for a muta switch or broodlord switch from their roach hydra lurker out of nowhere. What's bad about PvZ is that even if you're doing everything perfectly, a Zerg can just kill you in the midgame out of nowhere and it feels like you never have enough, even with pylons. The Zerg army trades too efficiently--especially with the ability to destroy force fields. Corrosive biles don't require energy, force fields do. I suppose the top two danger units PvZ are the ravager and lurker. Ravager needs an armored tag in my opinion(at the very least). Also I think lurkers have too much health, 200 just doesn't feel like a Zerg unit. I mean that's more hp than the liberator, right? Map pool: Prion terrace Lerilak Crest Ulrena Ruins of Seras These maps generally do not favor the Protoss. Gold bases, wide ramps, open areas, two ways to enter your natural. Builds: I feel like Zerg has a ton of viable builds in LotV. I feel like Terran and Protoss are limited. Every matchup Protoss plays somehow turns into immortal archon chargelot. I'd like to believe this will change as the game gets older but, I really don't think so. Protoss in general feels like the almighty micro race. Almost every unit requires superb control to trade efficiently/not instantly die. While I welcome a good micro challenge, it's almost beaten to death while controlling an army and I have 4 hotkeys of units I need to simulataneously micro whether it's phoenix graviton beams, sentry force fields, good blink micro, psi storms, disruptor shots, etc.. it's just getting to be too much. Because sometimes the army you're attacking is not being controlled to the same degree of micro, and you're not sweeping the battle in your favor either. The units that don't require micro for Protoss are the zealot and the archon. That's about it. Protoss units have so many abilities built into them and even units that don't have one, such as the tempest, also require a good amount of control or you'll suffer from sick overkill on a single marine. While it isn't as big of a deal, Protoss' only way to be aggressive/move on the map relies on the warp prism. This forces robotics tech. Either that or proxy a gateway(which I and other players do) and that just guessed it, gimmicky. tl;dr While Protoss has gotten harder, it does not feel strong. In fact, it feels gimmicky and weak.Archon88 Jun 15
Jun 15 Touchscreen/Tablet and SC2 I received my lenovo Yoga 13 (with i7 and 8gb of ram) recently and decided to see how well SC2 runs on it. To my surprise, on low settings the game runs great! Even more to my surprise, upon switching to tablet mode, I can fully play the game with touch only! It took a few minutes to figure out the touch controls and get used to not using hotkeys, but overall it works very well. There are a few things that are missing. To my knowledge you cannot make control groups or attack/build/move queus. There are some other features missing but these are the main two. Also, it would be great to have a better way to scroll other than the map area. I completely understand the game was not built for touchscreens and I obviously do not place fault on anyone for these features not working properly. I am just curious as to whether or not Blizzard will go about making the game more touch friendly. The tablet market is really taking off and I would imagine quite a few SC2 gamers have full OS tablet of some kind. Some of you will say touch is irrelevant in this game (a similar argument applies to noobsticks and fps), however I enjoy playing recreationally occasionally. I understand that I might have a disadvantage while using it, however I would still be playing with a keyboard and mouse at times as well.ProgrmerMike23 Jun 15