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Oct 7 is 969 APM explainable? I have a screenshot of this. It was in a Risk game, either Legacy or WWI (I believe it was legacy). Can't figure out how to post it. For metrics purposes, that's 16 actions per second - the entire game. The players name is <RiskT> Ether. Thanks.Hannibal8 Oct 7
Oct 7 there is some justice in the universe I played zerg on tournament and i was massively winning and than he got to ultras. I spent next 10 minutes resiegeing 20 mines and liberators and he went and killed 3 of my expands before i even resiege all that stuff and that i got caught on map, one fungle killed my whole 200/200 army. And than i rebuilded because i had a lot of money and production and i was winning so game kicked him out of the game and i was victorious, rofl. he literally got wat he deserved after a moving ultras around and i have to always resiege all my <removed expletive> and posotion it again which takes 100x more work than one press a move ultras. LOl this is so good. Finaly one thing i can commend blizzard for, gj bros. [Edited for language by Moderator - please review the Forums Code of Conduct]BalanceMater34 Oct 7
Oct 7 mothership I want to talk about balance test mothership. 1. The recall - don't really see the purpose when you have nexuses around map. 2. time warp - ok ability but the mothershipp seems a bit: "we give you a powerful unit that has two abilities that seem a little underwhelming" With black hole, you could see how powerful mothership is. Now its just an - make your things invisible. It seems a bit - not enough? And the ghost change makes no sence, it only gives you ghost rushes. Nothing else really.TitanCrusade11 Oct 7
Oct 7 dont like this gamed anymore multiplayer is a waste of time and coop is gone down the drain and my favorite arcade games are not getting updates I want ppls opinion as to what might make game more fun and any suggestions on what I can do to get more out of the game as it currently isgilthunder11 Oct 7
Oct 7 Blizzcon - new DLC campaigns? I really hope that we will be getting another new DLC campaign news like Nova campaign in Blizzcon. *still waiting for ENSLAVERS III campaign*Kilometer13 Oct 7
Oct 7 Why can mothership be abducted? Seriously this makes no sense. What's the point of building this epic unit, just to have it be countered by cheapy caster units. Infestor and Viper should not be able to affect it, currently it's great injustice.Chris11 Oct 7
Oct 7 Incredibly Disappointed with LotV Campaign In all honesty, it feels like a cash grabbing cop-out of a campaign. I started playing SC2 when it first came out and loved the original WoL, then played and really liked the of the HotS. Then I took some time out and went to University, lived life, etc. I saw that SC2 had a new expansion and was pumped... Until I beat it in around 3 hours. Not only were there no real plot twists or anything interesting in general, but the campaign consisted of about 5 missions in total. The memory Protoss "hold out 30 mins until Uther arrives" mission from the original WoL was better than this expansion's entire campaign. In all honesty I feel bad for anyone who bought this when it first came out, especially if they bought the deluxe edition. I've honestly never been this disappointed with something created by Blizzard, who are usually top-notch when it comes to their games. Then I also look at the micro-transactions and extra nonsense in the game's hub and I'm disappointed...Blizzard really sold out. I guess with the original SC remaster we can always hope for the old Warcrafts to be remastered, especially WC3. Sigh.FrankTheStud14 Oct 7
Oct 7 Blizcord Release Trailer! Go watch the Blizcord trailer! Oct 7
Oct 7 this community is canc3r0us People talk about gameplay, or balance and they get downvoted. Everyone is so delusional, f2ck skins, noone cares. We want game to be fun and balance to be decent and fair. No coinflipp, we want macro game like in hots, no allincraft 2.dosaj13 Oct 7
Oct 7 The 10 Most Un-fun Units to 1v1 In LOTV I've been having less and less fun playing LOTV over the past few months, so I thought I'd pull together a Top 10 list of units that make this game so aggravating and frustrating to play. This is obviously my opinion as a T3 Diamond Terran, which will undoubtedly be different than your opinion. Nonetheless, I feel like venting, so here goes. THE 10 MOST UN-FUN UNITS TO 1v1 IN LOTV AS TERRAN: 1. Mother Ship Core - thank god Bizzard is considering removing this atrocious unit in the next multi-player patch. Pylons that shoot is awful game design. It looks stupid, plays stupid, and it only gets worse in the mid and late game when multiple pylons and a few cannons can wipe out 100 army supply in less than 10 seconds. The MSC is basically Blizzard telling Terran "you are not allowed to engage against the Protoss' buildings". To me, that's plain stupid. 2. High Templar (Storm) - Storm has long been the most OP spell in the game. It has a 1.5 radius, lasts three seconds, and deals 80 damage. That's four Siege Tanks worth of damage vs light units, per shot! Storm is basically Blizzard telling Terran "you are not allowed to engage against the Protoss' army." Ok, don't fight buildings, and don't fight army. Got it. 3*. Oracle - You know what, the Oracle might just be the single stupidest unit in the entire game. I'm too lazy to re-arrange my list so I'll keep it at #3 with a huge asterisk. You have to be kidding me with this unit. Terran starts every game 225 minerals behind Protoss, simply because it needs to build an engineering bay and a missile turret "just in case" of an Oracle. But that's not all. Even if you shut down the Oracle's wickedly unfair pulsar beam, it's spells will have you reaching for the F10-n key in no time. Revelation has 9 range and grants 60 seconds of vision, 10x longer than a Terran scan. 60 freaking seconds! Any four year old can spam Revelation and maintain vision for literally the entire match. I can't bring myself to even talk about it's other aggro inducing spell, Statis Ward. Yes, the Oracle is easily the dumbest unit in the game. I hate this unit. 4. Dark Templar - For all the whining that goes on about widow mines being permanently invisible, and hard to deal with in the early game, here we have Dark Templar; a highly mobile, permanently cloaked buzz-saw that can single-handedly turn the tide of a game faster than any other unit in the game. If it's beginning to sound like I hate Protoss, it's because I do. What a miserable, un-fun match-up this is for Terran. 5. Carriers - I'm honestly trying to remember if I've ever won a game where Protoss had three or more Carriers on the map. That's how sick and OP this unit is. It's basically a flying Ultralisk with range, that also interferes with Terran's AI so that you must manually target the, you know, actual threat instead of the stupid inceptors. How great would it be if your opponent's auto-target was each bullet from a marine, instead of the marine itself? Fun stuff indeed. 6. Mass reaper - I guess these got a nerf because this has been less of a problem lately, but mass reaper in TvT is about as un-fun to play against as it gets. The mere possibility of mass reapers means Terran cannot fast expand, nor move across the map with an early army. Worst of all, it takes no skill to go mass-reaper, and it transitions very well economically. I've refused to use this strat a single time in LOTV out of respect for my Terran brethren, but it's hardly been reciprocated. 7. Early Cyclone All-In with Repair - If it's not mass reapers keeping you locked in your base in TvT, it's an early Cyclone push. Cyclones can shred through marines, marauders, bunkers, SCVs, you name it. Unless you have a tank on high ground you are going to lose to this brain dead strategy. I don't bother expanding in TvT because this match-up is purely about who deals damage first. It's a shame; I used to actually like this match-up the best. 8. Ultralisks - Every time I see Ultra's it reminds me that Zerg has the best of everything. The best economy. The best mobility. The best vision. The best T3. Well, okay, not better T3 than Protoss but it ain't bad. Ultralisks may be clumsy and bulky, but if you've committed to bio as Terran you're as good as dead. Have fun kiting these guys all the way back to your base, only to see that you didn't kill off a single one. I'd gladly trade Thor's AA if it could be this good on the ground. 9. Swarm Hosts - Free units, great damage, great range, and requires detection. When un-burrowed they run as fast as Usain Bolt. Seriously, what's to like about playing against this unit? 10. Lurkers - I'm probably in the minority but I think the game needs less cloaked and burrowed units. Terran has three cloaked units; widow mines, banshee, and ghosts, the last of which almost nobody builds. You could say widow mines are high DPS but they also are "off" more than they are "on", and can be very situational. Banshees have low DPS to counter the fact that they are cloaked. For some reason, Protoss and Zerg have permanent cloak and burrowed units that absolutely shred with DPS. Lurkers fall into this category and therefore make my my Top 10. They are completely un-fun to play against. Sorry for the rant, but I do feel a tiny bit better making this top 10 list. I'm losing interest in LOTV pretty fast, not because I'm bored with the game, but because it's wildly frustrating and un-fun to play.Hadrian17 Oct 7
Oct 6 My Factual Reason why Neeb is not in top 15 Alright so.. I'm gonna just stay factual. if you disagree, please use actual facts against my facts. So some fanboys say Neeb is the best protoss or near the top because he won many small 'regional' tourneys or because he won Kespa. Alright so for Kespa, 1. It happened in 2016 which was such a long time ago in Starcraft timeframe. 2. Lots of top tier players didn't even participate in that tourney. 3. Prize money is a lot smaller than GSL or SSL and also much lower prestige than GSL or SSL. Because of those three reasons, I can conclude that Neeb's GSL season3(which ended literally like a month ago) results can override Kespa and everything else. Neeb played on regular GSL season3(not GSL vs the world. ) and he couldn't make it past the qualifier because he lost to Hurricane(protoss). Considering that PvP is Neeb's best matchup AND Hurricane is nowhere near the top level, I can conclude that Neeb is not close to toptier Korean players. He's definitely not top15 in the world. maybe in top30 in the world in my opinion. Any thoughts on this?SmrtAsianGuy13 Oct 6
Oct 6 10 of us vs one crackling who would win? since poor zergling only use claws and teeth, thats all we can use tooHuskyTusky19 Oct 6
Oct 6 We finally found a way to make mech viable! Just nerf bio into oblivion and buff counters such as banelings. Next month: HT buff and colossi buff to make bio useless in TvP as well. Congratulations to the balance team on this astounding sucess.MCBiel10 Oct 6
Oct 6 Slow Servers LOAD TIMES I've been playing for over 10 years. Something changed with SCII recently and I am very dissatisfied. It now takes OVER five minutes, sometimes more than ten to find a game. Every aspect of SCII is ridiculously slower. If I want to pull up my play history, it takes 15 seconds to load or more. I heard that Blizzard "updated" their servers. If this is the type of "service" you guys plan to deliver, I can safely say I won't be purchasing any more Blizzard games. Fix your !@#$ or we're done. And obviously I don't care about any "code of conduct." If you can't handle my saying, "fix your %^-*" then you don't need my money.SoulReaver1 Oct 6
Oct 6 Can someone explain what energy is for? How is energy gained and how is it used?Toughnut17 Oct 6
Oct 6 I need more control groups I'm finding 10 to not be enough... I don't even know how terrans manage it, they have so many more buildings to manage. There really should be a select all barracks hotkey, it's only fair. Ok so, 1 group for nexus, 1 for robo, 1 for stargate, and 1 for upgrade buildings (I just put all of them in one group, forges, cyber, robo bay, things with researches) and that leaves you with 6 for army. Well ok. 1 for zealots and sentries, 1 for stalkers, and then this is where it gets hard. It really depends on how I teched. If I went collosus I do put them in their own group. and a group for air units/ warp prism. and you need a group for observer. But you actually need multiple groups for observers because you have more than one observer (or you should). And then if I'm fighting mass drops and I'm leaving some units at each base I'd like to group each individual mini army. And what If I want to split my zealots into 2 groups to do a kind of a flank thing? I like, super customized all my hotkeys to get all the control groups on the left hand side, and at first it felt great, it's really improved my micro, and really helped my effort to split my units into separate control groups instead of just entire army in 1. But NOW I just feel like, I want the control groups I have set to letters in ADDITION to all the numbers. I just think it would be so cool if the hotkey customizer just had like, 5 extra control groups 11-15 that you could just set to anything, so you can just keep all 10 numbered groups, and then set 5 more to whatever you want. Also, just wanted to say, PROPS to blizzard for the hotkey customization kit. Holy god it's so good. Messing around with it has revolutionized my play.Carbonthief43 Oct 6
Oct 6 Does your unlock carry over from SP to MP? Quick question. Does your unlock carry over from SP campaign to MP? Or does MP allow all?Moose3 Oct 6
Oct 6 sc2 hypnotic frame flashes coded in WARNING ok i can play other RTS games age of empires or C&C or starcraft 1 at high level play competitively and when i win or lose i dont get the massive adrenal dump that i do with sc2 when i win or lose in sc2 i can feel my whole body surge with what i can clearly tell is a dopamine adrenal dump. its almost similar to when i have had to come off pain pills after surgury on my teeth anyway ive researched alot about the new world order and the illuminati and some of the stuff ive researched shows that lots of game and tv companies are putting hypnotic frame flashes into their product to induce small effects in the viewers. starcraft 2 definitely has some of this coded in because i do not have this happening to me when i play other RTS games. i dont know why blizz did this but whatever they probably have their reasons i went to the doctor after 3 days of playing lots of starcraft 2 and he said i was low on potassium in my bloodstream and i had really low cholesterol levels (too low. its unhealthy to have it too low in bloodstream) and vitamin a levels. all 3 of those things are used up when the body does a adrenal dump so im just warning you all. if you play lots of starcraft 2 you should a few bananas every week to get your potassium up and eat 1-2 eggs every few days for cholesterol since eggs are a good source of cholesterol they have some vitamin a tootaketobreak7 Oct 6
Oct 6 How to share replays What is the best way to share replays with others on this forum? I assume there are dedicated websites for uploading SC2 replays. Is there a way to watch replays outside of SC2? Is that allowed with regards to eula and stuff? @Blue-Blizzard-People: 1. Since links to non-bnet websites will not be displayed as clickable links, it would be more convenient if we could upload replays directly on these forums. 2. It would be great if we had a standalone replay viewer that is much smaller and faster than SC2. Ideally as a lightweight browser plugin in an activeX container, so we can watch replays directly in the browser. 3. Alternatively introduce live-links for replays, which when clicked in the browser, send the replay url to the running SC2 client, which then automatically loads and runs the replay. Copying a link from a post, pasting in adress bar, downloading the file, copying into replay folder, then switching into SC2 to watch a replay... this is just not verry user friendly nowadays. Please dear blizz... feel my pain and send some relief :)Zhadoom1 Oct 6
Oct 6 When will the zerg buff mania end? Zerg is dominating live, and will dominate harder once the patch comes out in a month or so. MSC removed, disruptors nerfed, mines nerfed, carriers nerfed, and huge buffs to infestor and vipers. Every protoss player already quit the game, i guess they're trying to make terrans leave too.MCBiel52 Oct 6
Oct 8 Does this patch help terran? What buff are we getting? So far it is the slightly faster transforming, but it is too expensive and not as good as any other mech upgrade you can get. Lib nerfed Widow mine nerfed Raven is not better and it is nerfed in terms of lategame, where terran struggles the most. Shedder is still never worth using. PDD >> repair drone. Ghost, no real buff since it has far less energy starting, even i like this change it is not a buff. So what did we get? Where is the thing that is going to make mech viable? We have no answer still for carriers, swarm hosts, and not marauders are going to wreck mech without pdd. I fail to see what there is to look forward to as Terran in this patch. And now bio will be way worse with the wm nerf. So no thanks Blizz, school will gladly keep me occupied over this dumpster fire of a game. Though I know zergs will continue to be buffed needlessly. This is the first time I would rather study then play this horrific game.Dreadlord21 Oct 8
Oct 6 Foreign top 8 vs Korean 8-16 Is there anyone in the foreign top 8 that could reasonably win bo5 matches against the majority of the koreans?Redinferno3 Oct 6
Oct 6 terran grandmasters and tvz winrate Let me list for you all gm terran and their statistics: Well i will list players only with more games, for example 5 player keen has only 30 games, doesnt count. Korean server: 1.some barcode - 51 vs protoss, 75 vs terran, 49 vs zerg 2. barcode aswell - 68 vs protoss, 71 vs terran, 66 vs zerg 8. Gumiho - vs protos 66%, vs teraran 66, vs zerg 50 11. some barcode, vs protoss 71, vs terran 67, vs zerg 57 15. JJakji - vs p 63, vs t 69, vs zerg 60 18. barcode - vs p 62, vs t 59, vs z 55 19. avlie - 67vs p, 70v t, 44 vs z It needless to continue, same if you check terran on eu and na Btw i hate protoss, protoss is op vs terran and always was, because after you kill colossus you have useless vikings and even one storm your lose them all and than he can rebuild collosi and p deathball is 2x easier to control. But protoss is currently heavily underepresented in masters league and even in gm, because terran was always good vs zerg, zerg vs protoss and terran vs zerg, so terran isnt suffering that much vs zerg as protoss. I hate protoss how is imba and everything, but currently protoss is even more !@#$ed up, than terran vs zerg. Revert banneling, hydra buff please ! You woudnt randomly buff zealots and colossi, or marines and siege tank, would you. So how it is fari to buff hydra and banne, same even after tank buff, tanks suck vs ling, u never build that. And hydra is strong and ravagers can pick off tank since tankivac is gone and than u get vipers, which if you don't emp all perfectly terran insta lose...dosaj20 Oct 6
Oct 6 Can't load older replays? I have replay packs from earlier in 2017 that I occasionally watch, but recently I've been getting error codes every time I attempt to load one up. Loading replays from this current patch, however, still works fine. Am I just going to have to accept that these older replays are no longer able to be viewed? Or can this somehow be remedied? Any feedback would be appreciated.Justice2 Oct 6
Oct 6 [Suggestion] Three-way Nerf Okay, so this one is pretty risky. Currently, Protoss has a lot of difficulty when dealing with Hydralisk-heavy compositions, especially since their HP buff, while Widow Mines with their bonus damage versus shields stops a lot of Twilight-based builds as well as being a bit of a fundamental flaw in regards to the Protoss design of "strong but expensive" in general, when it can be circumvented with a simple damage bonus, but are needed to help defend against an Oracle rush if Terran wishes to have the option of a fast Factory. And of course, not many people like facing Oracles when Pulsar Beam is concerned, and is particularly unpleasant at lower leagues. So here are my proposals: Terran Widow Mine Sentinel Missile direct damage reduced from 125 (+35 vs. Shields) to 125, and splash damage from 40 (+25 vs. Shields) to 40. Zerg Hydralisk HP reduced from 90 to 80. Protoss Oracle loses Pulsar Beam, but gains Time Warp (for 100 energy, while removing it from the Mothership). In order to be a bit fairer, here are some possible counter-buffs (based on the test map): Widow Mines remain concealed after firing. Hydralisk Den contains a new upgrade, Ancillary Carapace. For 150m 150g, Hydralisks gain +10 HP; requires Hive Fleet Beacon contains a new upgrade; Argus Jewel. For 100m 100g, Oracles start with +25 energy (allows new Oracles to use Time Warp sooner) I personally think this will allow for fairer games across all leagues. True, you might ask "how do I harass early on then as Protoss?" - well, you can either get Phoenixes to pick off Overlords sooner, for example, or use the Stasis Ward to trap enemy workers or mark (and hence delay) expansions, while Time Warp (with the charge-up delay and a possible reduction in its radius) help against later engagements in chokepoints. I would argue that the Mothership could also something akin to the "Disruption Field" that was tried on the Tempest once, in order to replace the loss of Time Warp and give it something it can use for army support in actual combat (rather than just teleporting the army to its location), but that's for another topic. ---- Just to clarify some figures with the Widow Mine: The damage change won't affect any match-up outside of TvP, and generally Terran and Zerg don't have as many problems with detection when dealing with them (Scan and Spore Crawlers), so them remaining concealed is not an unmanageable challenge, if mildly annoying. For Protoss, if the Widow Mine can be baited to hit a Zealot, Adept or Stalker during a fast mine drop, it will survive (although it will be critically damaged), so there is more time to get detection out if you're caught off-guard and risking worker losses. It takes 3 Widow Mine shots to kill an Archon - this doesn't change - while it takes a Sentinel Missile hit and splash from a 2nd to kill a Zealot, Adept or Stalker. Sentries, High Templars and Dark Templars (when detected) still die in 1 hit. With the HP reduction, a pair of Widow Mines hitting a group of Hydralisks simultaneously will kill a fair few, but often the mines will trigger on Zerglings and Banelings first - nevertheless, the Hive-tech HP upgrade would mitigate this. ---- A final point to make, although I'm not sure if a double nerf is justified... split the Hydralisk upgrades into two again (Muscular Augments for speed, Grooved Spines for range), especially now that the Lurker Den is a separate structure and won't cause it to compete with Hydralisk upgrades outside of resource costs.Kit19 Oct 6
Oct 6 Suggestion to entering lobby bug Since no one cares to fix it, i'm suggesting a leave game option. that way we arnt hung up on joining a game forcing us to reboot.Pegasus0 Oct 6
Oct 6 Swapping Main Race Hello friends :) Have you swapped your main race before? What were your experiences? i.e. what league were you in, which two races, how long did it take before your new race was above your old race, what were your biggest challenges, et cetera thanks =}Nub29 Oct 6
Oct 6 Disabling E-Sports Start-up Video? All week, whenever I load up SC2, it starts shouting at me and making noises like I'm at some kind of sporting event, like it's trying to hype me for something, so I'm guessing there some kind of e-sports thing going on? It'd be fine if it only did it once, but every time I start the game up? Seems kind of excessive and more then a little annoying that I can't find an obvious way to disable it. Besides, isn't that what the "news" section of the Blizzard Launcher App is for?Tochimo0 Oct 6
Oct 5 It seems y'all need learn mod making I don't like to talk about balance issues normally just like I don't like to talk about politics, but I've been looking at this forum and been noticing a common trend. Something in the game changes that some people don't like and then they come to complain about it on the forums. So lets be honest. Many of you so called pros would be too busy gaming to be whining about the game if you really were pros so I have solution. You guys need to get into mod making. If something gets changed and you don't like it then you have you're mod exactly how you like it to play with people. Now I am going to point out a few things as I know these rebuttals are coming: 1. Lobby Times Q: How can this ever work? It won't possible be able get people to play it in any reasonable time. A: If the mod is done right, people will come and you just need to send invites to people to get lobbies filled faster at first. Popular mods like Allied Commanders fill up very quickly. A trick to getting lobbies filled faster is to name them something similar to a mod like Big Game Hunters or combine it with that. 2. Items Q: Its not worth because you can't earn anything special from it. A: Not true as it is possible to create customizable achievements, portraits and have a fully functioning leaderboard in mods. These achievements can be displayed like other achievements can. And ultimately if you are not going pro to the extent of earning money, then all you are gaining from it is vanity points and pleasure. 3. Bugs/Balance Q: What about balance and stability? Extension mods are awful cause they are doomed to be filled with bugs and balance issues. A: The more complicated the mod is to make then more likely it is to create imbalances and new bugs. If I wanted to to simply change the stats of a few units with everything exactly the current way it is then it would be possible to do this within just a few 30 minutes and have the mod published and function with no bugs. If you wanted 15 factions though, that would be a whole other story and much harder to balance, but definitely possible as mods like Allied Commanders have shown. 4. Time Q: Why should I bother? It would take too much time to do. A: Refer to point 3. They more complex the mod is that you want to make the more time consuming it will be of course, but most of the people on this forum are complain about things that are so easy to change in the editor that can be done within an hour at most. Quick example. Terran players I've seen on this forum don't seem to like it that widow mines are getting nerfed. All you have to do to change this back after the changes go live in the editor is go to the behaviors section>widow mine reveal behavior>behavior stat flags>and simply set the widow mine behavior to visible. _________________________________________ Now of course there many a 5% of you gifted individuals who are likely way too busy gaming to posting complaints about the game is and actually adapting to it that intend become world renowned pros. For those of you who are reading this. Get back to gaming! So for everyone else, start learning to make some awesome mods rather than coming on here and whining about the way the game is! Blizzard is busy enough as is I can bet.RayoftheSun0 Oct 5
Oct 5 I had a dream of avilo He was playing on some grassy map near a ramp. He got all-ined by mass adepts, dotts (druid of the talon) and wisps. But he lost... Then his face wrinkled in frustration and he started slamming his keyboard or something around it, ofc all was on his stream. This is a real dream that I had this morning, the recreation of the video is at least 80% accuracy of what was in the dream with the game. I decided to see if I could post on his stream but I couldn't. Oh well.ImbaCtr6 Oct 5
Oct 5 Looking for friend to play 2v2 or Archon Hi, I've been playing some 2vs2 and I got placed in Diamond 3 after winning three of five games. I'm normally a Gold 3/Silver 1 player though. I found that playing together goes better if you play with someone that knows how to communicate. I like to do double rushes and play Zerg and Protoss. I can do a zergling rush, roach rush, zealot stalker rush, blink stalker rush that sort of things. With Zerg, my main race, I can also go long game with three bases and Ultralisk Corruptor. Im looking for a buddy to do double rushes together. I also record replays and upload them to youtube. If you want to take a look to see what my playstyle is here is the link: Oct 5
Oct 5 Will it be against the rules... ...if I use AutoHotkey to hotkey emotes, such as (glhf), (gg) and etc? I don't think it will ruin the game for anybody if I can instantly type emotes.HellGoesON4 Oct 5
Oct 5 want to have a good mod I like bgh as its better to have limitless recourses and I like having spawn what you want so I can edit both teams units vs. ai I can edit how much hp a unit has right out of production like a flametank with 500 hp 7 range vs. an ai with thors with 1.2k hp and other fun combinations sadly getting an updated form of spawn what you want and bgh that has 999999 mineral and gas nodes is hard to come bygilthunder2 Oct 5
Oct 5 Swarm Host Counter? let's discuss. Swarm Host : Locust : Point to review : 100 mineral 75 gas faster movement speed than brood lord even after MS nerf on new balance changes. as tanky as siege tank. no energy. can attack while NOT trading hit at all. Especially with other unit cover it. (Hydra and Viper) How to counter?Deruziel28 Oct 5
Oct 5 temporary problem with request "there was a temporary problem with your request, please try again" keps coming up when I try to play ladder matches. Anyone know why or how to fix?lilchawty8 Oct 5
Oct 5 n ForHannibal0 Oct 5
Oct 5 In Defense of Entangle Awhile ago Blizzard introduced the ability Entangle to the infestor. Then they removed it and brought back infested terrans. Adding Entangle to the game gives Zerg a solid ground based AA option, an answer to mass air and rounds out the infestors spells. Entangle does some things zerg desperately need. 1. It removed a free unit from the game. With entangle in the game, it gets rid of a free unit in the infested Terran. This is a good thing. Free units have always been a hot topic, and there have been many discussions about how to remove them. If Entangle remains, then it removed one of the free units in the game. This is a good thing. 2. It gives Zerg a reliable ground-based AA option. Ground based anti-air has always been lacking in sc2. This has lead to late game air armies being immensely strong and hard to counter unless going air yourself. Since Air units are not affected by Terrans, they are viewed as boring engagements. In many views, air units should be support units and not a massive game-ending composition. Leaving Entangle in allows zerg to have a solid anti-are option to go to in addition to hydras. 3. It gives zerg a counter to mass air. This goes hand in hand to the previous. Before the only two solid options were mass hydra or vipers. You could mix corruptors in or infestors but against most late game comps corruptors are not actually that good. If Infested Terrans are left in the anti-air still isn’t solid. They are slow, and air units can easily run away. Entangle gives zerg an option to shut down mass air. Terran’s have strong anti-air options (Marine, Mines, Cyclone. Thor) so why can’t zerg (and protoss). 4. It prevents scenarios where if you don’t mass the right units you lose. By leaving entangle in it creates less of a chance that zerg will just die because they didn’t get vipers out or they didn’t mass up enough corruptors. Against late game, protoss Hydras and corruptors are not always effective leading to situations. With entangle in the game perhaps carriers can be buffed because there will be better options than Hydras or corruptors trying to muscle though and zerg simply dumping their bank. If entangle can pull units to the ground and shut them down it creates more options for zerg to survive the mega late game. 5. It pushes air units to support. This was one of the reasons blizzard reverted to infested terrans. It shut down air too easily. But this is exactly what people want. Most people don’t enjoy seeing mass raven liberator crawling across the map or Carrier void ray ripping through zerg armies. With entangle in the game then air units will need to be supported by ground. Simply going mass air will not be as effective. That is a good thing. A stalker, adept, immortal army supported by a group of carriers is far more interesting to engage than a mass carrier/void ray army. Allowing players to punish opponents easier if they opt for mass air will lead to more interesting engagements. Terrain and how you engage is important, and air eliminates that. 6. It removes a spell no one really wants. Infested Terrans have not seen use since WOL really. Entangle is a fresh spell that could open up new strategies which is what blizzard is going for. Infested terrains with a stronger AA attack isn’t that interesting. It is a free unit and buffing it is dangerous. They were nerfed in WOL because they were too strong. Simply buffing them again could lead to them being too strong and being nerfed again. On the other hand, Entangle isn’t a free unit. Its effectiveness is limited. If the enemy ops for mass air it is super effective, but if the enemy properly balances ground and air, it will be less effective. This leads to transitions and balancing. 7. It allows zerg to be more aggressive. Right now, zerg has two options when it comes to big air play. Either do a timing and try and win before the transition is complete or try and eat the map and out bank the enemy. By leaving entangle in it gives zerg a middle ground to fight. For these reasons, Entangle deserves more of a chance than blizzard gave us. It is an interesting spell that will create new strategies. It will give zerg more options without being overly powerful. Infested Terran had its time, and it didn’t add much to the game. This is supposed to be a big game-changing patch and Entangle does just this. With the buff to neural (Range and burrow) and fungal always being good, infested Terran was the weak link.Valon7 Oct 5
Oct 5 [IDEA]: New Way of Earning Loot With the warchest recently coming out, I love the concept of 'Players having to play & earn their loot/rewards.' I also believe this concept can be a stepping stone into a much bigger topic. We can build off of this, get creative & potentially expand this theme to a community-based level. Being an active player myself, I thought, "Why not reward those who are even more active? Listed below, I have three sub categories explaining my thoughts & ideas. Rewarding Those Who Earn It- With a good chunk of the Starcraft community being active, the reward of playing a few games to unlock a portrait isn't "that rewarding" if everyone earns it in the end. Use the war chest for an example; you must play 1-2 games a day to unlock each phase. This will temporarily keep players active, but isn’t very consistent. Starcraft ll is a competitive game at nature, and I think deserves hard-to-earn loot, and will allow hard-working players to shine a little bit brighter. Some examples include: -100 wins/season reward -500 games/season reward -New MMR threshold reward (Grandmaster MMR= Grandmaster-only reward) I feel majority of rewards should be portraits, as it’s the best way to display the player’s work. In-Game Balance- Currently, you can only unlock the newest features by paying for them. Instead of playing a few games to unlock a reward, why not let players play more games & earn coins? After each game, the player will be granted a certain amount of coins. Once a player has a certain amount of coins, they can unlock certain rewards. I feel this style will keep players a bit more competitive, and work a little bit harder for their rewards. This will mean playing more games, at a free cost of unlocking rewards. I feel this is a fair trade-off; Blizzard isn’t making a few dollars, but people who want to unlock these unique features will have to play more. Getting More Involved- Wrapping everything up, I believe this will truly drive players to play a few more games, and will allow them to have fun unlocking these unique features! With the help of you guys, we can make this idea come true & be recognized. Giving feedback is very much appreciated, as I believe we can really build on this idea. Thanks for reading! Marshall,Maplez9 Oct 5
Oct 5 Early aggression So with the new patch coming in - do you think early aggression is going to make a come back. I've been watching replay after replay as a toss main. And as much as I love macro games. Terran has a multitude of options to harass their opponent. Zerg doesn't need to because it is in the races characteristics. But Protoss really doesn't have anything. I think months into the game we can say most of the player base is used to oracle openers. Other then the casual zealot drop we really don't have much. Do you think the drago- I mean new stalker changes will improve things?Tránstoss0 Oct 5
Oct 5 Can't decide... I'm relatively new to 1v1 (working on beating hard A.I.) and I can't decide whether to play Protoss or Zerg. I love the Zerg more design wise but I manage to play Protoss much easier (It's playing Protoss how i got to Hard A.I.) because of things such as workers not being sacrificed for buildings and one worker building multiple buildings at once. but in the end I can't decide and i'm torn.Shadow21 Oct 5
Oct 5 Match making me and my diamond 2 ( in solos) buddy who are diamond 1 in 2's just got a lovely back to back to back game vs a GM and Master in solo and Masters in 2's ... Good algorithm! Daed game. I'm glad you nerds reading this are upset when someone says that. LOL. After I got done crying about those games and made this post. (while I was waiting for them to queue and get somoen else) We get a duo who were double grand master! LMAO [Title edited for language by Moderator - please review the Forums Code of Conduct]Noxious8 Oct 5
Oct 5 New portraits? I’ve noticed a handful of portraits popping up that I didn’t know existed. For example, some participants on this forum have the Purifier insignia, I’ve seen a few Angel Marines (a crossover thing with Diablo, of course) and a few others that aren’t visible to me in the Collection, locked or otherwise. I would like to know how these mysterious, unlisted portraits are being unlocked. It may be worth noting that I’ve been unable to play the game over the past week due to an unreliable internet connection that should be resolved by tomorrow, so I may have missed an update to the Collection in that time; it’s during this time that I first saw the Purifier portrait on this forum. The others I’ve been seeing for weeks even when my connection was stable, however.Akamia14 Oct 5
Oct 5 this is a happy thread itt you will be happy and positive and i will begin SC2 is such a fun and engaging game that losses make me want to keep playing which is something that is a rare trait in games now you will be happy and positive warning: it doesnt even need to be about general pro-sc2 sentiments, you can also be happy about winning streaks or awesome games or your cat or anything you want in this threadNub24 Oct 5
Oct 5 Widow Mines.............and the Ghost Everyone it's noticing that bio will probally die after the big patch against Z, and that mostly because the widow mine will be reveal after fires.... and blizzard wants to do that to minimize end game tatics against protoss (like 2 mine drop) so we have: Pros: Less game ending tatics against Protoss Cons: Bio style it's almost dead against Zerg because mech it's just way better(Blizzard don't want that) Let's think about some change that might solve the cons of this problem and still reduce the end game tatics... 1º : Lets stars making the point that the mine needs to stay the same(about not being reveiling after shoots) so bio still almost untouched after the big patch against Zerg. but if the mine stay the same(about dmg) then the end game tatics remain the same.... but what if.....we remove the splash bonus against shield ? what would that change ? Ok first, it would take 2 to mines to kill at least 2 probes, but if they focus fire that would garanty + or - 5 probes (with decent micro). So now we have: Pros: Less game ending tatics against protoss Mine will not be reveal after fires... Sounds good right....... NOPE, the mine not having the splash dmg makes what to strong against bio?.... if you guess Archon/Zealot you are right... Cons: Archon/Zealot to strong against bio. So finding out why zealot/archon would be to strong it's easy: Mass mass mass Zealot and Archon can it's a problem to bio because it would need splash that (that would be nerf)..... so how to fix that ? buff... the mine (yes, again).....and the ghost!: if you buff the reload time of the mine and the EMP of the ghost would really help bio to deal with zealot/archon.(Becarfull with the time reduction so mine don't turn out to be OP against Z) this would also make it so player that don't allow their mines to die in a double mine drop to "reattack" sooner (more dmg, but with micro needed) ok so now we have: Pro: Less game ending tatics against Protoss Stronger Ghost against protoss (underused unit, so it's good) A different mine (it might even help bio a bit against Z, but as longs as the zerg did not clear out the mines) Cons: none? (if blizzard make the right number changes i really thing that there wouldn't be any cons) To sum up, i'm proposing: -Make mine's cloacked again after fires -Remove mine's splash bonus against shield -Slightly Reduce mine's reaload time -Increase Ghost's EPM "dmg" What do you guys think? sounds good? or my ideia it's just terrible? maybe something in there can be use but not all of it ? (Btw english ins't my main language, sorry for my bad gramar)Draft20 Oct 5
Oct 5 PvZ: It doesn't take a Masters player to know that this MU still needs massive improvement compared to the other MUs. As a Protoss player, the mass oracle shenanigans (which is being done as a necessary build) makes me sick.Uniden25 Oct 5
Oct 5 Blizzcon Winner Predictions Oct 5
Oct 5 beastyqt and cheddar BeastyQt made grandmasters on his stream playing Random only one basing cheddar. He's a funny dude too! Shows me how terrible I am at the game, I should just potato. 100% zvz wins 100% pvp wins 100% tvp tvt tvz etc you can find the links if you are interested.BilboBagins0 Oct 5
Oct 5 Listening to.. All races except zerg are being constantly nerfed since 2010 because of the zerg tears on the forum... and the tears still don't stop... Maybe instead of listening to majority (80%+ zerg players on the forum) they should just really try to balance the game to bring the old players back? EDIT: The thread name was changed by the forum moderators. Looks like it was against the forum rules. However it doesn't even have any meaning sense now so I'm going to change it a little: New thread name: "Balance team - listening to mostly a zerg players is just a bad idea..."DukeNukem35 Oct 5
Oct 4 Did hydra really need those arbitrary buffs ? I feel like there's no space for roaches in PvZ now, only hydra banes and this happened because hydra is too tanky, has too much DPS and moves really fast now, so now I'm asking you guys do you think hydras were over buffed ? If I remember right the buffs were made to help vs skytoss which still doesn't help with it, if they TRULLY wanted to buff hydras vs air they'd split damage and make a change and they didn't so they don't want to fix it.KyunG53 Oct 4
Oct 4 starcraft vs warhammer. Yes ,another one of these threads, i didn't even realize this was a popular subject until today. Anyway, I was playing through starcraft 2 for the first time in a long time, and it occured to me as i was playing."Starcraft is far more interesting than warhammer." I keep hearing about starcraft being a ripoff of warhammer, but even if it is maybe thats a good thing. Warhammer has a lot going for it, interesting aliens, massive battles ect. The problem is it's been around for what, almost 30 years now? It's a cluster of nonsense when it comes to the lore. Races get removes, new races come along, no one can agree what the theme of an army is, the lore just starts to make no sense, it's just a mess. Then you have starcraft, Starcraft is this nice little neat package, with a simple enough backstory that you can follow the whole thing without having to figure out which generation of the game you are talking about. Not only that but there are actual characters in starcraft, can you believe it! Space marines in warhammer are just these bland robots but a terran marine has personality, has a soul, he's not just some superman in a powersuit , he's a human being. Maybe it's just me, what do you think?HansKecht22 Oct 4