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Apr 15 What if maps-- What if gold bases on maps had one rich geyser (8 gas per trip) instead of two regular geysers? Since the gold bases are typically in the most vulnerable places then why not have this? OR What if there are Rich Geyser locations, similarly placed like Rich Mineral locations but with regular minerals and exposed Rich Geysers? I'm just curious about the idea of adding maps that have rich geyser locations instead of rich mineral locations to change things up a bit to promote a bit more in gas units.Zephyn6 Apr 15
Apr 15 I'm a Liberal Traitor to the United States. Some guy called me this after we lost in 3v3.LittleFella1 Apr 15
Apr 14 How To Really Reduce Adept Play By making the Zealot a viable substitute. Currently there is very little reason to build a Zealot over an adept. There better in almost over situation, also with such a heavy drop off in utility until charge is purchased (Also being requiring 200/200 upgrade compared to a 100/100) it's no wonder so many builds favour adepts) and I doubt nerfs to the adepts will changed the amount they are used. Now the problem is only due to the weakness of the Zealot early/midgame. Once they have charge they actually become quite the vicious and threatening unit. So you can't really buff the stats of the zealot, nor can make them to much stronger earlier on for threat of them being used in a variety of cheeses. Instead there should be two upgrades for the Zealot. One to increase their usefulness in the early-mid to mid game to help the transition of strength so we go from a bad unit, to a capable unit to a core unit. As well as reducing the initial investment (Purchasing two 100/100 upgrades from a single 200/200) So I propose splitting charge into two separate upgrades. 1. Zealot Speed- Increases Zealot movement from 3.15 to 4.13, costs 100/100, build time 220s and researched on the cyber core (Mind you gateway tech also take 114s to research) 2. Zealot Charge- Temporarily increases the movement speed by 4.62, allowing Zealots to intercept nearby enemies, dealing 8 damage to the charged target, and guaranteeing the Zealot will strike the enemy. costs 100/100, build time 100s, researched on the twilight council. (With a possible pre-requisite of having zealot speed.) Allowing Zealots to have increased mobility earlier in the game will promote a major shift in the meta as well as response and builds a Protoss player can choose between. With better zealots, adepts will not be such an obviously better choice. Without the guaranteed hit and plus 8 damage from charge micro becomes a very important factor when dealing with Zealots are utilizing them in effective ways as such one of the reasons why charge was given the guaranteed hit was because Zealots were no where near as efficient at hitting targets stutter stepping. Also I'm sure that with the improved utility of the Zealots, people would gladly accept a few adept nerfs.ASConviction59 Apr 14
Apr 14 First impression from SC2 ... after playing a few weeks SC:BW only: - The units move so smooth literally gliding by the most optimal path - The view is much wider - I can see much more - Units don't get stuck, when I give an attack command - it doesn't cancel their current attack and they keep attacking - Adding units to control groups is reliable. I don't have to check whether unit was actually added - I can use The Core layout having the same hotkeys for camera and control groupsToster7 Apr 14
Apr 14 HotS stomps on the Overmind lore First and foremost I would like to point out that I did enjoy HotS thoroughly, and I believe the lore fit rather well with Kerrigan's developing character; however I'm rather upset Blizzard stomped all over the Overmind, and by proxy, zerg lore in general just to carry one character. First and foremost the primal zerg seem to contradict the origins of the Ovemind, unless you except the fact that this is a loosely tied in prequel, which is acceptable because it supports Kerrigan's development. But what I can't except is the fact that the Overmind nearly wiped out a race of "godlike" Xel'Naga and yet it only took one to corrupt and take control of the Overmind. This is by far the largest paradox in SC2. Unless of course Aman is significantly stronger than the average Xel'Naga, even then so, wouldn't they have been aware of his presence; and that of the Overmind? I believe this deserves a significant answer as it is partially paramount to LotV. RIP Overmind, you will forever remain a cosmic mystery.....AdjutantXIII14 Apr 14
Apr 14 C0-OP at custom for 1vs1 fun or teams Can we get the option to have the commanders from Co-op us the other option at custom to play 1vs1 2vs2 3vs3 ffa, what you guys think?Finaldash3 Apr 14
Apr 14 Help with setting bit depth to 16 Hi so I have a not so good computer and sometimes I get 200-400 ping. I'm trying to set my bit depth to 16 by either editing the txt file in my documents or going to game settings and adding additional line command arguments bitdepth=16. Either way I do that everytime I log in to battle net, when I log out I notice the txt file says bitdepth=32 and I think I can tell that my graphics are too crisp in game. Can anyone help getting the bit depth to stay 16? The txt file stays at bitdepth=16 until I log into battle net.Luis6 Apr 14
Apr 14 Starcraft is a hard game Ok, so it's the start of the game, simple enough, just make a worker ... and don't forget to have add a supply structure, you need to add those periodically so you can keep producing, that seems important. Ok, now you have to nail down your opener, if you mess up your opener, you will die to virtually any early aggression. Oh by the way, your opponent can attack you at any time, so now that you've opened up, you need to scout. Also don't forget to keep producing while you are looking at your scouting unit. Nice, now your queens have popped, for the rest of the game, you need to go to each base inject every 40 seconds on top of the supply. Also every 40 seconds you need to lay down creep tumors and spread creep, that way you can see where the opponent might attack you ... WAIT ooooh ... look at your main, yep, they can attack you anywhere they want with the right tech, there are widow mines in your main, and they killed 8 workers, dang it, now you need to make a spore or they are going to do it again. Did you forget to scout? The opponent has an army on your creep, quickly, attack it! Oh, his army was twice your size because you accidentally made 10 more workers then you were supposed to, it's ok if you pull back. Dude, did you forget your spore? you just lost another 8 workers to the widow mines. Wow, you're floating a lot of money, I thought told you to inject every 40 seconds, how can you !@#$ up such a simple task?! Dude, just gg out, he killed like 6 overlords, and now you're supply blocked. Remember to be kind, starcraft is a hard gameLigerMaNN11 Apr 14
Apr 14 provisional mmr is back in team games WTF -when you have a 2v2 team and you have 4.5k mmr with 10 wins/0loses... and are still in t3 diamond because of provisional mmr. even though you are far above the top end of t3 diamond your still stuck there. for about the last month provisional mmr was gone and now its back... lame. it was nice being in the league of the players that my teams were going againstRandle1 Apr 14
Apr 14 Of adept nerf and David Kim Hello, I've been away from the game for a little while, mainly for finishing my thesis. But I've seen that since David Kim left the balance team things have come a bit crazy, first of it all "phoenix adept" is too good in PvT, I've always struguled on that matchup (beacuse of the supremacy on terran production over protoss'), and the first thing I can think of is that nerfing the adepts may not be the best for now. We can consider that the strategy isn't "old enough" to be considered as for a nerf, so given that whenever like this ever emerged David Kim used to say, let's give it time and let the pro's figure it out. We all now how much the comunity "loved" (sacarsm for hated) him on DK his balance desitions, so the new balance team may have in mind -uhh, let's do the opposite of what DK used to do- and rushed into making a nerf out of it. We all have faith in the new balance team and that's why I make this post, to let them know that they don't have to do the opposite of what DK used to do only to please a bunch of crybabys that always want to win with a 1-2 base(s) timing and cheap all in's, I mean, let's try find a new solution to the problem, maybe we should give it time and let the pro's figure it out, or we can make different maps or minor changes, I also want this to be a place for coments and solutions from the comunity of SC2, so guys let's try help the new guys and try to judge the problem with an openmind.Eärnur1 Apr 14
Apr 14 So pigs are flying apparently? A long time ago i once said that pigs would fly before hydras saw use against terran bio. Well.... lately ever since the 10hp buff I've been seeing them here and there, not a lot but enough to say its not just a random phenomenon... seriously though, da!@#$ is going on here? Why are hydras being used vs bio, my brain is exploding over here.Hydralisk7 Apr 14
Apr 14 I'm on a winning streak! Finally! Terran is balanced!BlizzRuinedT3 Apr 14
Apr 14 Adepts-_- I first have to Ask, Back in Patch 1, We Got Nerf'd on my attack ( Because of 2 Shot'ing Scv's ) But i have to Ask Why can i Still 2 Shot Probes and Drones .. Then you Nerf'd My Shade So bad where a Burrowed Ling Can See More then mE ( but im Mobile) ... So Now i have to ASk ( how can my Shade Go Threw a Force Field But i can not Shade past a Shade... ) So if i have to Protoss can "Block" verse me and so Can Terran ( But Zerg is Still Blind to my Power) Roaches are best,if i can "kite" and Focus But How Can you Win if i go for your Drones...!!KiiiA13 Apr 14
Apr 14 PvT nearly at 60% winrate for protoss Remember when aliguliac had protoss at a 43% winrate and they were going nuts? Apr 14
Apr 14 I am returning - hide! Hello Players from Starcraft II. I am returning to the battlefields. For all of you our there that have flamed me, made my quit the game and not give me a chance to rank up - I am back! I will launch my Blizzard App and start Starcraft II. Once I am in the menu I will click on Multiplayer, click on ranked, pick Zerg and start the match and find YOU. I have given all of you a chance. A chance on to get better in Starcraft while I was not playing anymore - but now your time is up guys. Today is the day I will search for matches and search for you. I am going to get you. You can not hide. Do not even try. Run. (This Post is for every player ranked bronz to plat, can't reach higher guys yet. Once I am up there you can start running to! Bye.)Ovian2 Apr 14
Apr 14 Massively Multiplayer Campaign Version? Enjoying SC2 a lot. Still just learning the ropes (Terran only, trying not to let the resources pile up because I produce/build things too slowly after the second expansion) but I see something I want added. Not sure how to search for this in case it has already been discussed so I'll post. Basically I wish there were some way to keep things going. A campaign version of the game that is not scripted. Pick your race, pick your alliances (I want an exhaustive set of alliance options so you can play with or against any set of races). Some sort of galaxy map with hot spots to fight over (and preferably something that doesn't just reset but can show real changes). And then you try to grow/keep your forces as big as you can (perhaps better to use existing limits per player) and take as much territory for your forces and your allies as you can. Since the basic game mechanics are already well developed the extra effort would be in designing large scale maps and systems for tracking and allowing massively multiplayer interaction in a persistent system. I think it would be popular because it has the same basic game we love but adds an option to benefit from your victories and explore a more complex system. I am curious what other people think. It's a rich idea space but no point exploring further unless there is some interest. I still have a lot to do in SC2 but something about the way you build great forces, trounce the opponent and then start over leaves me wanting more. At my level I suppose I am more interested in the mechanics of restarting after you troops get obliterated and how you calibrate your challenge with relatively protected zones (it would be cool to create progressive advantages/handicaps as you get pushed closer to your base so no one gets completely wiped) but I like the idea anyway. I have some ideas for playing around in the editor to at least head in that direction. 8 players, raised bases, no ramps, lots of turrets, lots of minerals, etc.. Something hard to loose and hard to win but you can skirmish over expansions and eventually prevail. Not sure this would work and it's hardly the same thing. Plus I'm having too much fun to mess with it now but something to do if I want a change of pace. Comments?BlueScreen0 Apr 14
Apr 14 Terran are imba and if you think otherwise pull a damiya.Critkeeper6 Apr 14
Apr 13 Starcraft HD remastered why is everyone so stuck on only controlling 12 units at a time? pros had still managed to move entire armies in unison (it would still be balanced). why keep all the bad and ugly from brood war and toss out all of the good aspects of sc2? however still keeping all the units and abilities from Brood War exactly the same is good, just with even better graphics than sc2 and a new game engine. it was a pain in the !@# and turned me off to control 12 units at a time. as well as needing to move workers after each and every one spawned. unit/building macro management and shift commands were HUGE improvements that created game fluidity and polish. i dont understand WHY blizzard should get rid of it? let see how many dislikes this can get because everyone on the forums seem to get jelly over any game design discussion because their self righteous ego maniacs with delusions of grandeur who think that their own opinion is flawless.nova95 Apr 13
Apr 13 King of 2v2 I will be online this Friday all day. My name is TwoPeas. I am the king of 2v2. It will be foolish of you to try and que this Friday, knowing that you might run into the King. I put noobs to shame. They hop into a game with me, they know right away that this isn't going to be fun. I put too much pressure on you. It breaks your concentration. You will probably think, " is this guy GM? Wtf". My micro is on another level. Even GMs think I'm GM. I am the King. You are a peasant. This Friday, I will prove it.TwoPeasJr10 Apr 13
Apr 13 microsoft creators update problems Hi there Since installing the new patch starcraft 2 no longer works.. anyone else seen this issue?Riley1 Apr 13
Apr 13 Question??? How do i change the "Void Multi (Mod)" to normal gameplay. Thanks in advanceMeatMarket6 Apr 13
Apr 13 SC2 animated wallpaper Hello, I recently bought Steam's Wallpaper Engine to use animated backgrounds for my computer. I think the SC2 backgrounds are really cool, but they don't currently exist on the wallpaper engine, so I wanted to make them. Basically all I need to do is record the animation from the game, and then upload that to the engine so it can be my background. Unfortunately, I don't know how to record the animation of the sc2 wallpapers without the clutter of the UI. Any help on removing the UI so I can record the animation for my desktop would be greatly appreciated :DFrost0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Should Dayvie come back? It seems like the rest of the balance team cares even less about the game. I think Dayvie would of given us an update a week after March 30th, but it's now been two weeks since the update. They did a thing where they reverted the resources back to hots, maybe that was Davyie testing out one more thing before he left.Candy8 Apr 13
Apr 13 New Changes needed Zerg: Queens are way to allround reduce AA Range drasticly OR change the 1 x9 dmg to 3 x 3 dmg. Hydras : Drain 10HP of them to give them back to the glass cannon state Infestors : Buff Infested Terrans to scale with 70% of the old Upgrade value from WoL. Remove Burrow Fungal Swarmhost - removed from the Game Broodlords : Have now 11,5 range. Corruptors : Latest buffs removed. ________________________________________-- Protoss: Removes Adept Psyonic Transfer. Adepts get a Speedboost now from Zealot Legs. Attack now 30% Faster but do 25% less dmg. Upgrade Removed. Upgrade now gives adepts 20% more Shields and is unlocked at twighlight level. Stalker: Remove DT Blink and add an upgrade that adds 2 armor to stalker shields when fully charged at DT level. Warpprism now has 1 Pickup Range but fast warpin. Warpin is limited to 6 Units to punish out of position players but not win the game with 1 warpprism. Pickup range can be braught back with an Upgrade to 4. Tempest is now 5 supply nothing else changed. Pylon overcharge removed. Added a Mothershipcore ability to cast an guardian shield effect onto a target area when in 20 spaces of a Nexus to prevent abuses. Voidray slowed down to pre buff. ________________________________________________________ Terran: Buffed the Helion to 135 Hp. Tank HP changed to 160 and unsiege is slightly faster than siege mode. Liberator removed. Viking now has 190Hp. Transform time can be upgraded to only 1 second. Added the beta Herc to testing something else than MMM since WoL. Cyclone changed to: Can only attack anti air. 8 anti air range 2 x 4 dmg per 0,1 second. Can be deployed for: 11 anti air range with 3 x 4 dmg per 0.1. Siege upgrade applies to this Cyclone aswell. Cost changed to 100/75 but can no longer be reactored. Thor changed: Removed random attack delay. ( Since i dont know where the problem with the bc lies : for its price its pretty balanced tho even when its trash in normal battles its abilitys make up for it) This is what needs to be changed asap some other changes like oracel rebalance and raven rebalance arent that important atm.Learning25 Apr 13
Apr 13 Gaming tablet for Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone Im looking for a 4g tablet that can I can play Hearthstone and Starcraft 2 on. Im okey with a 2 in 1 option (max 13 inch). I've been searching everywhere, but can't seem to find a decent fit. 60 fps in Starcraft on low settings are fine. The lower the price, the better. This is for travel only. I've got a gaming laptop (heavy as hell) and a awesome desktop at home.WHINE13 Apr 13
Apr 13 Battlecruiser slight rework No fluff, just meat+potatoes. Make Yamato+Warp share a cooldown+allow the Battlecruiser to attack while moving. Simple idea that I feel would help balance Warp micro and improve BC general utility while encouraging a little more non-ability focused micro. Plus it fits with the theme of the unit...flying brick of hate that hoses everything down with suppressive fire but has to choose between Yamato or Warp. Yamato means they are vulnerable to being killed, Warp means no Yamato spam but the BC gets to fight another day.DankTemplar26 Apr 13
Apr 13 Let us choose which matchup to play I'm only playing TvT at the moment but the problem is my opponents are getting way too low level from the mmr I lose when I leave the other matchups.PatchRandom6 Apr 13
Apr 13 What happened to Husky?? His channel is dead for an year... Anyone knows what happened to him??Terran23 Apr 13
Apr 13 Question on How Damage is Applied (Answered) Hi everyone! So I had a question on how damage is applied vs higher armor. So I don't really play regular SC2 much, I play more of Arcade. So I was wondering, how do I calculate how much damage is dealt versus a unit with higher armor than the damage? For example, if a gauss rifle that did 1 damage was fired against a unit that had 2 armor, or 3 armor, how would damage be applied since it is not a simple subtraction problem?FlameArrow5 Apr 13
Apr 13 Have to make Ladder Discussion now. And it have to limit writing topics and replies, 1v1 league placement completed & leaving the 1v1 leagues & 50+ ladder games for access. I am very uncomfortable with peeps who discussing ladder game without any ladder-histories. what am I? I have completed 12000+ games in Korean realm account and got all the Ladder achieves portraits except Nova.Yatagaras1 Apr 13
Apr 13 Faction Skins I see there are a lot of skins coming out for every races, but I think it would be cool if we got skins for every race. So maybe Zerg could get a Primal skin for all units. Terrans could get a infested skin. Protoss can get a Dark Protoss skin. Maybe you could sell each skin for $20. I think that would be awesome and I would definitely get one.Bruen2 Apr 13
Apr 13 Archon production My first post ever. maybe it's been discussed but hey just throwing this out there. For archon mode there should be a production tab in the top left that shows what you and your ally are building. Just a thought. Seems a little tedious mid battle to go select every morphing unit to see what the ally is doing or vice versaHalose2 Apr 13
Apr 13 Whats the counter to mass cyclones? Now that the cooldown is so low, whats the counter? I just got destroyed because with kiting you cant kill the suckers... How do you beat cyclone hellion?JaWa16 Apr 13
Apr 13 Does Warcraft's reviews mean no SC movie? The recent release of Warcraft and it's dreaded reviews has me wondering, what and if there could be implications for a possible SC movie. With as much time, money, and expectation put into that movie and yet little positives, is SC's chance of a movie in trouble? If and when, at all, could we possibly see a SC movie? Do you think Warcrafts lack of success and bad reviews has any effect on any other possible Blizzard movies?Commander100 Apr 13
Apr 13 Chatting on the go Dear blizzard I have a problem I have heaps of friends on my sc2 account and I enjoy chatting with them but often I have other things to do if you could make a program for phones wich allows me to talk to them using my phone that would be nice because I don't have a laptop (also watching live matches would be cool)DeadlyKitten0 Apr 13
Apr 12 anyone want to archon V A.I. with me can't find anyone to play archon v a.i. with me please add me if you want to play this mode with me.jumpylion0 Apr 12
Apr 12 Disruptors are terrible If I had to rely on this unit to climb the ladder I think I would've swapped races or quit the game by now. It can not be fun watching your disruptors charge a liberation zone like they are magnetically attracted to it while trying to micro the 50 other spells going on in the Protoss army. I very rarely see this unit used well, and it's not the Protoss players fault I know they are competent players being in diamond carries the assumption that you can at least use all the units the way they are intended. I don't even see the pros using this unit well I'm constantly amazed at how this suicidal ball works its way up to the front of an army to instantly get destroyed while under the control of the best players in the world. Blizzard if you had to seriously reconsider one unit in the game I think the disruptor makes a very strong case.FajitaEata13 Apr 12
Apr 12 Revert WM nerf Reverting the WM nerf won't affect any match up except TvP and it will address the clear imbalance of phoenix/adept. Phoenix/adept may still be too strong after the revert, but at least it won't be so one sided as it is now. The liberator is still nerfed and the match up does not need a few months to see that this will not go away any time soon.Dreadlord23 Apr 12
Apr 12 Correlation between Solo and Ranked MMR? Hi, I'm new to the game and I'm currently getting ranked for the first time. What is the relation between Solo and Ranked MMR. In my profile, I see what seems to be a number that looks like an MMR (1485 atm). Does that number go to ranked, or how does it work?Nickssaa5 Apr 12
Apr 12 Mass adepts so balanced So this game is confirmed garbage after watching Hero vs AliveDreadlord80 Apr 12
Apr 12 Thoughts on parasitic bomb? Too strong or too easy to cast? I think it is vastly easier to cast than to split flying units because of clumping. Could it not be instacast?Tura8 Apr 12
Apr 12 MMR Update? League imbalance? What happened to the league MMR rankings? After today's update 4/11/2017 it used to be ~ 3080 points to be gold league and now they changed it to ~5000 points ??? Is this something blizzard does on a regular basis, changes all the point reqs whenever they want?DeltaLight8 Apr 12
Apr 12 Can you help me guys? It's Simple survey plz help my assignment =) It will take less than 1minute!kairens2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Sunken defense Does anyone know of or have a remake of the ol' sunken defense map? ThanksComputer3 Apr 12
Apr 12 Balance team did it again..... So now what happens after so much nerfs Terran is weakest race. I think the last propose changes are not in the right direction because the Terran problem in general is the late game units and specially air. Currently they nerf the middle tier units and look what happen results speak for them self. Just example is that you can go late game against zerg - Air because BC and Vikings are trashed against recently buffed corruptors or muttas... Mech is kind of OK but the cheap Swarmhost spamming free units beats it. Against Protoss Mech doesn't work at all in general and you're forced to go bio Any way i'm not whining I just that the recent proposed changes are not in the right direction. Because will not fix terran mech again P or terran air against Z.Juggernaut22 Apr 12
Apr 12 Community Update - Season 2 Maps Season 2 Maps Update Hello everyone, we wanted to give a quick update on the season 2 map selection process. We have been reading the feedback from the Blizzard forums, Reddit, and Team Liquid and have decided to make a change to our plans for next season’s map pool. We agree that Paladino and Defender’s Landing share some similarities, and since map diversity is an important goal for us we have decided to cut Paladino from next season’s map pool. In replacing it, we didn’t want to put back any of the maps that we had planned on cutting, so instead we decided to pick a 5th map from the Team Liquid map making contest. We agree with the community that the map formerly known as Windwaker (which has been renamed Odyssey by the map maker) would make a solid addition. With that substitution, next season’s map pool would look like this: Ascension to Aiur Sequencer Blood Boil Defender’s Landing Odyssey (previously known as Windwaker) Abyssal Reef Proxima Station As always, your feedback is appreciated so let us know what you think.Balance Team36 Apr 12
Apr 12 Nerf the Liberator I'm tired of losing games to terrans who just Spam liberators and make it so you can't even move a ground army into them you have to go SkyToss otherwise it's GG. Its a really stale meta having to kill the Terran before mass Libs come out.Pep9 Apr 12
Apr 12 There is no alternative Only way to balance the match up is to remove adept blizzKimchi9 Apr 12
Apr 12 Burrow Fungal Growth Dear Mr David Kim, as I already quit playing this game because it is not fun to play for me, please keep it at least fun to watch: - either remove burrow fungal growth or remove its damage (not needed any more even vs mutalisks or phoenixes due to the existence of parasitic bomb and not needed at all vs marines due to the buffed baneling); - reduce the area of the widow mine splash damage. Also why do you speed up the game so much? During the last year you buffed the movement speed of: - banshee (speed upgrade); - medivac (boost upgrade); - zealot (charge upgrade); - void ray; - hydralisk (speed upgrade affects on creep too); - swarm host. I just cannot understand this...BlackDeath64 Apr 12
Apr 12 Need advice on PvT matchup I have no idea how to focus on worker production and macro when i am constantly being harassed by the terran player widow mine drops and more.DankDoctor3 Apr 12