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Sep 9 Mule me to death You must nerf Protoss! Muled me to death with 6K mule income! That game is getting pathetic...Avalon1 Sep 9
Sep 9 Why the hell does Alarak Have a giant metal spike blocking his bane blade? It just blocks the way.VoidRay11 Sep 9
Sep 9 Challenging maps in 1v1 How about make two ladders, one ladder with the standard maps and one "fun" ladder with challenging maps with features such as: - Burning Minerals: Individual Mineralfields start burning (like 3-4 mineralpatches) and once they start burning (announced timer) each mineral brought back will make you lose the amount of minerals gained by that patch instead of gained. - Bridges: Middle of the map bridges (big bridges) that turn/spin every 30 seconds by 90° to different locations - Neutral "camps": That can be captured through attacking and defeating them. All units that have been killed are yours and don't add to supply (only race specific) for example a Zerg can only attack camps with "Z" and Protoss only "P" and Terran only "T" Camps. A camp example for Zerg - 10 Lings, 10 Banes, 5 Hydra, 3 Roaches, 3 Infestors and 3 Ultralisks. Ultralisks have doubled HP @ camp, but once captured "normal" amount of HP. The camps can be deffed by your opponent, like if your Protoss the Zerg units won't attack you and you can't attack them (only with attack move you could attack, but why help your opponent?) or the Zerg could def the camp that has 5 Carriers and so on. - Explosive Mineralfields: 50% of the mineralfields on the whole map will explode, instant killing every unit near. After 10 seconds all mineralfields that exploded grow back. - Rogue Wave: both players will get attacked at X minutemark by 4 dark templars, 4 Ghosts, 2 burrowed infesters, 4 burrowed roaches and 2 cloaked banshee's and an observer. The observer scouts for your ENEMY in this case. The rogue wave arrives 1 1/2 minutes after announcement. Rogue Wave can get announced at the fourth minute mark, not earlier. Edit: This is a mix of missions with 1v1 kind of thing, not supposed to be competetive but under competetive MMR to find "fair" matches. More ideas: - Whitera's Curse: All drones, probes and scv's collect 50% ressources for 2 Minutes. - Flash's Flask: Gamespeed increased by 20% for the next two minutes. - Micro Arena: As soon as "Micro Arena" pops up you have one minute to bring 8 units into a circle in your main. 8 of your units will now fight 8 of your opponents units in an arena in the middle of the map, the game is frozen in that time. The winner gets all the units back that have fallen and your opponent loses them. Example: I got 4 roaches and 4 banes, lose vs my enemy cause he had a voidray in it. Well, in that case I couldnt win... Enemy lost nothing. - Meteor shower: After announcement, fields will be marked where meteors will land in the next 30 seconds. Dodge them. Whole map is covered, especially Minerallines. Please, just for the lols. I'd enjoy it :DOvian1 Sep 9
Sep 9 I can't watch old replays 84174A04-5B93-4C4C-951D-142F8540B972 It crashes as soon as the other sc2 client loads up.Shaneman0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Please return that something sounds to SC1 I think that SC2 something sounds is poor than SC1 I want this sounds to change in SC1 1. Stim Pack Use Sound 2. Archon attack sound 3. Zergling attack sound 4. Mutalisk attack sound 5. Ultralisk attack sound 6. Interceptor sally sounddfsdfae5 Sep 9
Sep 9 Having Trouble Enjoying Starcraft 2 I recently bought StarCraft 2 and was a StarCraft 1 player growing up. I have a few things I'd like to bring up and maybe someone can give me an answer other than memorize the meta. - I cannot click opposing units to see upgrades, health and type of attacks they do. Is there some way I can? - I cannot organize a skirmish game with computers players in a free for all, how do I do that? - Units are just no strong anymore. I've played some games against A.I. and they just absolutely wreak overpriced battle cruisers. I've tried Carriers but they aren't as OP as they were in the old game. Neither are Siege Tanks. If I'm going to invest in units in StarCraft 2, which ones are powerful jacks of all trades for Terran and Protoss? I really enjoyed StarCraft 1 and how you could jump into a game with a general knowledge and learn as you play. I've been attacked by weird protoss disc ships, dragoon looking things, and various types of bugs and have no !@#$ing clue how powerful they are or slow the pace of the game down so I can explore the tech tree. Can anyone who used to casually enjoy StarCraft 1 fill me in? Right now I get this feeling that I'm going to have to invest hours playing the different races, learning all the %^-* they do and then try various builds to overcome a 1v1 computer which I don't have the time for. Thanks to all responses.Cal4 Sep 9
Sep 9 Sending/Receiving messages after a game. It's honestly annoying, I have the "only allow friends to send me messages" off, because I honestly sometimes like to talk to people after a game, in 2v2 and if we have a nice conversation in game and stuff. What is extraordinary annoying, is when people in 2v2, start to trash talk you when you lose, and they have this put off. People who have "only allow friends to send me messages" on, should only be able to send private messages to friends in return. The sheer amount of BM people you're forced to block, and not be allowed to reciprocate is mind blowing. It's utterly astonishing that you as a company have failed to predict this behavior from one of the most stressfull and competetive games in the world today.AntiJoule23 Sep 9
Sep 9 Hitting feeling must be raised. It is one of the biggest problems of Star 2. People like the mechanics of Terran. This is because the mech unit has the best feeling of hitting. The lower the tier, the more terran users there are. If you play a game on an asia server you will know. Terran users are the highest. The reason is that hitting feeling has a great influence. The hitting feeling of zerg is really serious. I have been doing starcraft2 for 6 years. The zerg did not play 100 games. I originally played Zerg the most in StarCraft 1. However, I changed to terran because of disappointing hitting feeling. But the hitting feeling of the terran is not satisfactory either. Fun in the game is the most important factor. In the game Hitting feeling is an important fun factor. It means more important than balance. People do not complain if they have fun. People are full of complaints and complaints from the community. The reason is that only victory can feel fun soon. After all, they are dissatisfied with the balance because of the victory. The reason they always focus on balance It is because it is to find the fun by the victory. If you increase your hitting feeling can relax people's complaints a bit. It is important to make it feel like you have done something. If the player is defeated but catches the opponent's unit That feeling will also make you feel satisfied with the defeated player. This game must increase hitting feeling. If you increase the hitting feel People will feel a bit of joy even though they are defeated.KorMonster3 Sep 9
Sep 9 Basetradetv at it again For those unaware the colony cup changed rules mid tournament from top 4 invited to finals to top 2 and they will vote on who they want. this caused a big up roar in the ANZ and America's scene. evidence: Response: and today Bttv decides to take away money won from the players in the team and punish them all instead of actually fixing the situations. for those aware bttv as made it a habit to punish and treat na and anz scene like nothing. happening more and more only the top pro's get a look at now. Edit: several reddit thread around the issue. Sep 9
Sep 9 nerf to marime and baneling change i probably understand why blizzard wont just nerf the OC and remove the scan, change mule to have a global cooldown and remove supply drop. if they do that theyll have no buff compared to bw, all races got use from their main buildings so i get it. i still think that a nerf is the best solution but ok but if they want to do it they can then do another thing and nerf marines. chamge their basic health from 45 to 35, and shields can still give them +hp to prevent banelings doing to the terran the same thing wm does to the zerg (and thats some imba bad design, wm also needs a nerf but i dont want baneling to be op like wm, i want a fair game for everyone), you will need to change the baneling the baneling can have their damage reduced from 35 to 20, but have their radius doubles to compensate for that. the baneling will still be useful in all matchups that way with both these changes the game shoukd be better for allDemocracy28 Sep 9
Sep 8 Team games are completely useless I don't know how much longer I can take getting matched with players well below my level only to have them rage at me when they were obviously the worst player in the game. Out of my last 6 games this has happened 5 times. It's amazing how these morons can play so badly and be so convinced that they're superior to everybody. In one game of 2v2 I was holding off one guy from attacking my base while helping my teammate defend against the other player on his side at the same time. This went on for 5-10 minutes with us eventually losing and him blaming me because I couldn't beat both guys by myself. In a game I played today this genius went skytoss and got mad at me because I didn't want him to take the two gold bases. I was going mass marine and he was going pure air so anybody with common sense knows that I would need the gold minerals much more than him, but since common sense isn't common in this community he left and raged at me afterwards. I know everyone will say just play 1v1 but team games exist for a reason and blizzard needs to fix the terrible matchmaking system that is ruining team games.Shahzad31 Sep 8
Sep 8 Stuck entering lobby bug Really makes me want to beat the !@#$ out of blizzard programers who still havent fixed the issue after 5 yearsKrotux0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Cerebrates should be in the game. Those things were just too cool. Blizzard has no problem with retcons, they should bring back the Cerebrates for us loyal Overmind slaves! Perhaps a building functioning similar to a sensor tower?Erchamion17 Sep 8
Sep 8 Question on t/z/p statistics... My question is , Which players playing the game who only play certain races spend the most time playing starcraft ? is a terran more likely to spend more countless hours than a protoss or zerg ? just because they might possibly be a more dynamic gameplay which races have the most cumulative hours ? what makes starcraft fun for some and not others could it be the balance/gameplay systemThaiHooker2 Sep 8
Sep 8 Remove Larval Inject from Queens Since blizzard is addressing re-balancing the game i would like to revisit a serious topic. Can we please remove larval inject from queens and move it to hatcheries. No other race has a MANDATORY economic micro ability that requires: -Constant vigilance -Supply -target-able suppression. Before we start lets get me get this point across: This is not a qq post about larval inject not being autocast -- this is post regarding the ridiculous requirements of larval inject, versus the other two races economic macro abilities. Both the protoss and terran have set it and forget it macro abilities -- auto mule dumps and cronoboost - set it and forget it (current setup pending balance changes.) Zerg's macro ability requires constant micro all game long, which like it or not artificially hampers zerg's micro for the duration of the entire game -- this is not a QQ post, it is a simple matter of fact. *I larval inject every-time all game long; qued casting helps but it is not the same as instant cast. -- And like it or not, it always cost me time to micro, something unlike the other two races, if i miss larval injects it costs me production time, economy, delays and the like. It is absolutely mandatory i larval inject on-time, everytime (LI) the entire game. (I cannot dump like mules or, re-target like cronoboost to make up for lost time). But all that is minor to the real detriment of larval inject; it requires supply. A required production unit (Queen) is a detriment unlike any of the other two races, it requires the cost of the queen and the cost of additional overlords to compensate for supply, and the cost of time to make both. *Queens are also a tangible weakness to zerg's economic micro, they can be target and killed ~ unlike both protoss and terran whos economic micro can only be hampered if their nexus is killed (or com station). **Supply being the worse of the ladder because it actually cuts into the zerg's army cap when the race is supposed to be the swarmy race. My proposal -- remove larval inject from the queen and put it on the hatchery, accessible after spawning pool. Make it cost energy and make it instant cast (not auto cast) -- instant cast meaning it activates instantly -- (this does not mean not spawn larva instantly). Queens can be re-purposed for something else in addition to creep spreading; and this will require zerg to create more hatcheries if they want more production (as apposed to) limiting their food supply with more queens.Overmind82 Sep 8
Sep 8 Design change: 9 worker start Dear balance/design team: Can we please test this? It deserves a shot. It makes super early aggression more of a commitment and slows the game just a little bit for players below masters without affecting too much the highest levels of play.Fourier22 Sep 8
Sep 8 Zergs Aggressive Options Before Hive In the announcement of the design changes this year, there was this sentence included in the section for zerg changes: "Looking forward as the testing progresses, we want to make sure that Zerg has enough aggressive options before late game so that Zerg players don’t feel heavily pressured into only defensive play." I'd like to know more about what that means to the balance team and what options they're considering because in my humble opinion this is the most frustrating part about playing zerg. It used to be fine when zerg had pretty much the best lategame in early lotv (unless you fell asleep and woke up to a maxed out skytoss army or something), but now that T and P have very solid lategames too this dynamic no longer feels fair. It's simply not reasonable to give T and P a myriad of aggressive possibilities during the early-mid game and then buff their lategames on top of that while simultaneously nerfing zergs lategame (broods, vipers, ultras) and buffing the crap out of tanks so zerg can never even hope to push until hive tech. When other changes from this patch push zerg further into a defensive style of play I start to wonder what exactly the balance team meant by that sentence.Ace61 Sep 8
Sep 8 100 player games. Simply curious Lets say blizzard had a mode in game where people could play on Gigantic Maps with 50 players on each team all fighting against each other. What kind of supercomputer stats would it take to handle such a game on extreme level graphics settings smoothly? This assumes everyone still has same supply cap and standard multiplayer units. Just mere curiosity on my part is all. FYI: I'd pay to watch a game like this among pro SC2 gamers.RayoftheSun14 Sep 8
Sep 8 The Official Petition | Free For All Bring back FFA as a game mode! It offers much more diverse StarCraft in comparison to Archon Mode. FFA represents this community the most accurately this place is the !@#$ing jungle and you are all rabid beasts that I do not want to be teamed with. Instead I want to destroy more of you at once. Why won't Blizzard let me? If they can take away what is free for all, what else are they capable of?Please vote with your wordsSocial3 Sep 8
Sep 8 WCS Montreal Day 1 DNS vs Puck What an incredibly uninspiring boring to watch games I just saw! Three matches á 20 minutes each of stalker ping-pong. Even players themselves seemed to be bored af that crap. Congrats for the game design Blizz.light1 Sep 8
Sep 8 The bottom line of protoss early game Protoss needs some way to defend early game all ins in the test map which is consistent throughout the whole defense of an all in. Timed gimmicks which give protoss no vulnerabilities for a short duration, when the opponent can just walk away and re-engage does nothing to make the defence of protoss consistent to play against or as. When games come down to, can my photon overcharge last long enough for me to get units, it leads to completely boring game play from either side. The game doesn't seem fun to have any form of gimmick ability which leverages the game for a short duration. Protoss should be able to invest into a unit, or something in the early game which keeps its power. For example terran has the tank. There's just something wrong when all other races get to rely on their units for defending where as on the protoss other side of things, it comes down to buying time with some ability. So, why not test out some of the following things to perhaps make protoss better without making gimicks? -Decrease gateway unit build times by 30% with in 13 range of a nexus -Lessen the building time of the following protoss tech buildings: Stargate, Cybernetics Core, Robotics Facility and the twilight council. -Give protoss a zerg like ability, larva inject gives you the decision to put a lot of emphasis on your economy. Why not have an ability called chrono transfer. At the cost of 25 energy, you can temporarily disable the ability of your nexus to produce anything, while giving a unit production facility the ability to produce 25% faster(does not decrease research times for any upgrade). -Shield batteries which cost supply therefore, they can't be massed in the late game and it allows for a consistent defense. Its simply not a gimick spell that protects you for a small duration. The point being, protoss needs no more timed gimicky spells. A consistent defence is needed not revolving around buying a minute a time.daboss19 Sep 8
Sep 8 SSL 4Man Mildly hilarious.OverFjell4 Sep 8
Sep 8 Icons Next To Bases ( Not Decals ) I keep seeing people with like Illidan and other characters as a giant floating icon next to their main base; CCs, Hatcheries, Nexus. How do I actually get one or toggle mine on?Echo2 Sep 8
Sep 8 Total Balance Suggestion Everyone QQ's either way on balance changes (even on mirror matches) so the only correct change would be to remove Terran Protoss and Zerg from the game. Players would only be allowed to pick random. When the game starts, the game would declare a draw because there are no races to chose from. Sure laddering and tournaments would be really boring but it finally will be balanced.BilboBagins2 Sep 8
Sep 8 Community Update - August 25 First, we would like to thank everyone for playtesting the new changes! Your feedback has been very helpful and there were a lot of constructive discussions. With so many changes, we do think it’s difficult to predict all the outcomes, but with your help and feedback, we believe we can continue to head in the right direction. Protoss Currently, we like the direction of Shield Restore, but the ability may not provide enough defensive power for Protoss so we are looking to try a different iteration called Restoration Field. The new ability should provide more defense power for Protoss and there should be more gameplay options for players. Also Shield Restore would sometimes use more energy than what was expected or desired. The energy consumption on the new ability Restoration Field should be more predictable and easier to gauge. Additionally, we are removing the delay on Purification Nova when a Disruptor is unloaded from a transport. There was concern that Purification Nova would deal too much burst damage or game ending damage in harass situations. The delay was added to minimize game ending damage but it may not be necessary at this time. Last, the High Templar’s weapon size was reduced to better match the weapon’s current damage value. Zerg We hear feedback that Zerg is lacking anti air or early harass options and we are looking into possible solutions to address these concerns. We have been experimenting with a new anit-air ability on the Infestor called Entangle. The ability would replace the Infested Terran ability and provide an anti-air option for Zerg ground compositions. The new Entangle ability would capture enemy air units, and allow friendly ground units to engage them. As for early game harassment options, we want to be careful in our changes here as the effectiveness of the Protoss and Terran defense options have been reduced a bit and that should open up more offensive opportunities for Zerg, that weren’t previously possible in the past. Terran We are excited to hear the feedback for the Terran changes. There was an area of concern that Smart Servos may make Hellion/Hellbat transform a bit too fast. We are planning to make a change so that after researching the Smart Servos upgrade, Hellions/Hellbats would take 2 seconds instead of 1 second to transform. This would provide the defensive player more time to react when trying to defend against Hellion/Hellbat harass with the Smart Servos upgrade. List of changes: Nexus New ability Restoration Field: Replaces Shield Recharge. Ability can be cast on Pylons within 13 range from the casting Nexus. Restores shields of friendly units within the Pylon’s power field range. 50 energy cost / 14 second duration. Shield regeneration rate 15 shields per second. Shield recharge will affect everything except the Pylon emitting the field. Can only target Pylons without Restoration Field. Disruptor Removed delay on Purification Nova when Disruptors are unloaded from transports. High Templar Psi Blast model scale reduced from 1 to 0.65. The impact model scale was reduced from 1 to 0.75. Hellion/Hellbat Smart Servos upgrade: After researching Smart Servos, the Hellion/Hellbat morph times will be reduced to 2 seconds instead of 1 second. Raven Repair Drones will now be shot from the casting Raven instead of entering from the air above. Will allow both the offensive and defensive player to see which Raven used the energy to cast the ability. Again, thanks for trying out the new changes and please continue to provide any feedback!Balance Team133 Sep 8
Sep 8 So afraid of early gateway pressure ...that you make it so Protoss has nothing early on. Meanwhile T/Z dominate the early game with reapers, marine pushes, mass ling, ling drops, banelings. Why aren't you afraid of any of those? Without the MSC, old inherent problems are resurfacing. We need gateways to produce at the same speed as warpgates. Warpgates are still better because it gives you units at the beginning of the production cycle and warps them anywhere on the map. But we need gateways to actually produce stuff at a reasonable rate. Zealot build time currently: 27 s for gateway, 20 for warpgate Stalker build time currently: 30 s for gateway, 23 for warpgate ...etc Build times need to be the sameKrotux138 Sep 8
Sep 8 remove shreder missile. bring back PDD shreder misile is entirely useless and boring.remove it and bring back PDD to protect mech and BC from tempest and stalkerchunpodor12 Sep 8
Sep 7 WoL collector's edition Where can I buy a new one which isn't overpriced like >200 USD?KayOS2 Sep 7
Sep 7 Battle Against a true hero Flash#13615 my life for auir!ProAsianToss0 Sep 7
Sep 7 Lucid Dreaming, impact on gaming (Frankfurt) Hey, I am a nurse living near Frankfurt and heard about a cognitive psychologist researching how lucid dreaming (effective lucid dreaming) can effect gameplay skills in a positive way. I also heard about the tests (haven't seen) that individuals that are able to lucid dream 2-3x per week are in 100% of the cases the winners of 1v1 matches. First off in very quick what lucid dreaming is: "A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment." The tests were not only made in E-Sports, also in other olympic sports, but my focus is on E-Sports. The tests sofar I have heard of had 100 people playing Starcraft 2 the first time for 21 days, each day 1 hour maximum. After the 21 days lucid dreamers played vs people who have never heard of lucid dreaming or do not do it. Games were even on both sides, after the matches all lucid dreams were asked to play Starcraft 2 while lucid dreaming (only 20 of the 100 people) and to repeat all the matches after another 21 days. In those 21 days the lucid dreamers were only able to play Starcraft while dreaming they are playing, and the other 21 did not play at all. After that, all lucid dreamers had increaed APM (25%+), less losses and went from Bronz to Silver. Not a high advantage, but in most cases what I heard all lucid dreamers were less supply blocked, had better macro mechanics and could repeat build orders in theory alot quicker than the "non lucid dreamers". Any one know about this case and where to find it? And another question: I heard an interview of an E-Sports gamer that also lucid dreams, perhaps also played Starcraft. Who was he and does anyone know more? It also has been talked about on TL as well it seems: Interessting part: " 2) Practical Applications – Lucid Dreams actually have a myriad of real life useful applications. For instance if you have a big speech coming up and are worried about your performance in front of a big crowd. Well, in a lucid dream, just create a grand hall packed with guests and your ready to go. You could start small, with a classroom of just a few, and eventually work yourself up to a grand stage. Lucid Dreams are also powerful tools for sports practice. Those of you that play sports know that visualization is a powerful practice tool. Almost all successful athletes use some form of visualization , whether its imagining exactly how you want to shoot a free throw, the feeling you want in your next race, or the rehearsal of the release to hit a nice low draw. The imagery you can imagine in your mind is good, but the imagery in dreams is perfect; as vivid as real life. Moreover, in dreams your body actually sends the nerve impulses to perform a given action, only sleep paralysis prevents one from acting out there dreams. Consequently, dreams have imagery as vivid as real life AND you are actually sending the nerve impulses to perform the action when you do something in a dream. A compelling argument can be made that dream practice is nearly as useful as real life practice; after all you have real life imagery and the transmission of never impulses – this is little different than in real life." For everyone: I do not or can not lucid dream. I once experienced something like that after sleeping 8 hours and falling back asleep, but I woke up after the first reality check. So in my dream I looked at the clock and saw that 92 a clock doesn't exist, double checked the clock and it went from 92 to 33 a clock instantly and I got so scared that I woke up. According to lucid dreamers once that happens you shouldnt get scared and try to stay asleep, but I was so shocked I woke up lol. Never experienced it again. Duo to that experience I can finally say that I believe that lucid dreaming is possible, probably not for everyone, but I am sure it is possible and effective. My dream felt so real that I actually thought I was awake and I can still remember the time (92 a clock and 33 a clock) and was even more shocked once I woke up. I took a shower in the middle of the night cause I was scared I was still dreaming and wanted to wake up lol.Ovian4 Sep 7
Sep 7 Lags are insane All of sudden lags started 3 days ago.. Its like units surfing and not moving. I alrdy down to 5140 mmr from 5300... This is ridicilusJohnRambo1 Sep 7
Sep 7 go plat-havent played since sc2 beta/launch 10 min ago (Edited) I was Diamond in beta and launch. Surprised to see I got Platinum after not playing for 7 years. I bought void today to try after SC:R got me hooked on BW. What's with all the probes in the beginning and auto going to the mineral lines? Game really moves a lot faster. Those mines from Terran are a real B so far!imsorrisuck6 Sep 7
Sep 7 Why not just make corruptors better? Instead of fussing with spore crawlers like they did in HOTS or the infestor changes they're trying now or even the whole parasitic bomb thing. Why not just make Corruptors actually useful? Simple idea: enable corruptors to slow down air units.Quirriff13 Sep 7
Sep 7 What i want to see tested out for Terran: Terran: =Neosteel Frame= Researched from: Engineering Bay Increases the cargo space of a Bunker by 3 or 4 Increases every supply depot by 2 extra supply or life of a buildings or bunker >.> =Widow mine= =Hi-Sec Auto Tracking= Researched from: Engineering Bay Adds +1 attack range to Auto-Turrets, Missile Turrets, Point Defense Drones, and Planetary Fortresses andddddd widow mines or give it us well hold fire option "in case widow mine gets its new change that reveals them when they shoot" =Reapers= Researched from: Engineering Bay or other >.> an upgrade the make reapers fly in the air for 10 sec or so then drops down back to the ground when time runs out, so units that cant hit air will not hit them and the reaper can use its weapon and ability when it flys a bit.FinalKnight9 Sep 7
Sep 7 What if every unit cost twice as much? Somehow this thought crossed my mine, and I began wondering, what if every unit cost twice as many resources as they typically do in game. This means the Drone, Probe, SCV are all 100 minerals, and units like the Roach, Stalker, and Reaper would respectively cost (150m,50v),(250m,100v), and (100m,100v). How would such a change affect the balance of the game, what would be over powered, what would be under powered, and can we accurately predict which race would benefit the most from such a change?Kiaph9 Sep 7
Sep 7 2v2 Rdm - Master1 Plat3 VS Master2 Master3 This "match making" u made isnt working. It gave freeloss to players around 5k mmr. Can u update ur system so players can have fun again. Or are u going to do nothing. My question is how am i supposed to carry a plat 3 player opening 2 gas before supply into double starport banshee vs 2 protoss opening mass phenix + adept. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Id say nothing if missmatched games werent so damn frequent. There is a reason why teamgame master population is so low in sc2 and its because u did nothing to fix ur match making system since the 3.0 patch. Its cool to have 6 min search time but if u put platinum 3 players in master games, whats the point to play ur game? U are just ruining the experience and the fun .Adnap0 Sep 7
Sep 7 5K vs 3.7K Team Game Unacceptable blizzard. Under no circumstances should the games get paired up like this. LOTV launch still has ridiculous team match making. Fix it, not like you will since we've been asking for 2 years every day.llllllllllll3 Sep 7
Sep 7 An improvement to the "RTS" genre in general? Hey all! I got an idea for Starcraft that i think would really improve the overall Starcraft experience. When playing Starcraft i feel that there is way to macro involved, that inputs a steep learning curve for the Real time strategy genre in general and can be daunting to alot of new players and will make them choose another genre to play. So here's my idea to make the "RTS" genre more strategic. Right clicking things in the menu of a building could make it a hot key for a unit that you want to be commonly making. basically have key binds for units like a roach that will make it so you don't have to press on the hatchery or press on your number keys to go into the menu to press the R button to make that one unit. instead you just press Q while not selecting anything and it will start making a roach at the hatchery. I feel like this would stream line the whole "Rts Process" i mentioned above and revolutionize the rts scene. Tell me what you all think about this? :D I think this would be a great idea that could be implanted into starcraft!Ayepa9 Sep 7
Sep 7 Reapers dropping mini nukes So I wanted to suggest a new ability for reapers in multiplayers. Reapers are kind of weak as it stands right now. So I had an idea to make reapers actually viable in pvp. My suggestion is to add a droppable mini nuke. that deals 100 damage to all light units within 3 range. Every time the reaper drops a nuke, then it will also leave a troll face icon painted on the ground for 1 minute. Any units stepping on the troll face icon will be instantly killed.RayoftheSun4 Sep 7
Sep 7 test map BC became trash again It is super easy to counter this stupid unit. If you are protoss just make 24damage stalker. Feel not enough? Make tempest. If you are zerg, just make corruptor, or make infestor. If you are terran,just make viking.chunpodor10 Sep 7
Sep 7 The 10 Most Un-fun Units to 1v1 In LOTV I've been having less and less fun playing LOTV over the past few months, so I thought I'd pull together a Top 10 list of units that make this game so aggravating and frustrating to play. This is obviously my opinion as a T3 Diamond Terran, which will undoubtedly be different than your opinion. Nonetheless, I feel like venting, so here goes. THE 10 MOST UN-FUN UNITS TO 1v1 IN LOTV AS TERRAN: 1. Mother Ship Core - thank god Bizzard is considering removing this atrocious unit in the next multi-player patch. Pylons that shoot is awful game design. It looks stupid, plays stupid, and it only gets worse in the mid and late game when multiple pylons and a few cannons can wipe out 100 army supply in less than 10 seconds. The MSC is basically Blizzard telling Terran "you are not allowed to engage against the Protoss' buildings". To me, that's plain stupid. 2. High Templar (Storm) - Storm has long been the most OP spell in the game. It has a 1.5 radius, lasts three seconds, and deals 80 damage. That's four Siege Tanks worth of damage vs light units, per shot! Storm is basically Blizzard telling Terran "you are not allowed to engage against the Protoss' army." Ok, don't fight buildings, and don't fight army. Got it. 3*. Oracle - You know what, the Oracle might just be the single stupidest unit in the entire game. I'm too lazy to re-arrange my list so I'll keep it at #3 with a huge asterisk. You have to be kidding me with this unit. Terran starts every game 225 minerals behind Protoss, simply because it needs to build an engineering bay and a missile turret "just in case" of an Oracle. But that's not all. Even if you shut down the Oracle's wickedly unfair pulsar beam, it's spells will have you reaching for the F10-n key in no time. Revelation has 9 range and grants 60 seconds of vision, 10x longer than a Terran scan. 60 freaking seconds! Any four year old can spam Revelation and maintain vision for literally the entire match. I can't bring myself to even talk about it's other aggro inducing spell, Statis Ward. Yes, the Oracle is easily the dumbest unit in the game. I hate this unit. 4. Dark Templar - For all the whining that goes on about widow mines being permanently invisible, and hard to deal with in the early game, here we have Dark Templar; a highly mobile, permanently cloaked buzz-saw that can single-handedly turn the tide of a game faster than any other unit in the game. If it's beginning to sound like I hate Protoss, it's because I do. What a miserable, un-fun match-up this is for Terran. 5. Carriers - I'm honestly trying to remember if I've ever won a game where Protoss had three or more Carriers on the map. That's how sick and OP this unit is. It's basically a flying Ultralisk with range, that also interferes with Terran's AI so that you must manually target the, you know, actual threat instead of the stupid inceptors. How great would it be if your opponent's auto-target was each bullet from a marine, instead of the marine itself? Fun stuff indeed. 6. Mass reaper - I guess these got a nerf because this has been less of a problem lately, but mass reaper in TvT is about as un-fun to play against as it gets. The mere possibility of mass reapers means Terran cannot fast expand, nor move across the map with an early army. Worst of all, it takes no skill to go mass-reaper, and it transitions very well economically. I've refused to use this strat a single time in LOTV out of respect for my Terran brethren, but it's hardly been reciprocated. 7. Early Cyclone All-In with Repair - If it's not mass reapers keeping you locked in your base in TvT, it's an early Cyclone push. Cyclones can shred through marines, marauders, bunkers, SCVs, you name it. Unless you have a tank on high ground you are going to lose to this brain dead strategy. I don't bother expanding in TvT because this match-up is purely about who deals damage first. It's a shame; I used to actually like this match-up the best. 8. Ultralisks - Every time I see Ultra's it reminds me that Zerg has the best of everything. The best economy. The best mobility. The best vision. The best T3. Well, okay, not better T3 than Protoss but it ain't bad. Ultralisks may be clumsy and bulky, but if you've committed to bio as Terran you're as good as dead. Have fun kiting these guys all the way back to your base, only to see that you didn't kill off a single one. I'd gladly trade Thor's AA if it could be this good on the ground. 9. Swarm Hosts - Free units, great damage, great range, and requires detection. When un-burrowed they run as fast as Usain Bolt. Seriously, what's to like about playing against this unit? 10. Lurkers - I'm probably in the minority but I think the game needs less cloaked and burrowed units. Terran has three cloaked units; widow mines, banshee, and ghosts, the last of which almost nobody builds. You could say widow mines are high DPS but they also are "off" more than they are "on", and can be very situational. Banshees have low DPS to counter the fact that they are cloaked. For some reason, Protoss and Zerg have permanent cloak and burrowed units that absolutely shred with DPS. Lurkers fall into this category and therefore make my my Top 10. They are completely un-fun to play against. Sorry for the rant, but I do feel a tiny bit better making this top 10 list. I'm losing interest in LOTV pretty fast, not because I'm bored with the game, but because it's wildly frustrating and un-fun to play.Hadrian13 Sep 7
Sep 7 Cyclone finally feels right Seems like Blizzard finally found a good spot for the Cyclone. I found the Cyclone on test map a lot more enjoyable, even though I think its ground power needs a slight nerf. What you guys think?Seizon15 Sep 7
Sep 7 Idea for Starcraft 3 If Blizzard ever makes Starcraft 3, it has to a have a sense of excitement, and what better way to do that than to make it be set in the far far future, where each race has made tons of advancements and uses brand new units, all while preserving the basic theme of each race? I think that 10,000+ years into the future should be enough. What are your thoughts on this?VoidRay18 Sep 7
Sep 7 Is there a way to get more maps for Vs. AI? I know there's the option for Custom Games, but i was just curious as to a way to get more maps for the Vs. AI in Multiplayer mode. It seems like i keep getting the same 5 or so maps all the time. Only reason i like doing these is because i get xp from the Vs. AI than not getting anything in the Custom Games. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks :)SaulGoodman4 Sep 7
Sep 7 Co-op xp farming So I was thinking to myself while playing some co-op missions: How to get the most amount of XP in the shortest amount of time ( for higher level heroes or w/e ) Right now it looks like the experience is based off of mission completion and not in-game stuff (aside from completing the bonus objective) So question: Assuming we have 2 players playing optimally, what is the fastest xp/hour setup and how can we run it? Right now on brutal I get: 20,000 Mission XP 1,000 Bonus Objective XP 5,250 Random Mission bonus XP 21,000 Difficulty Bonus XP I think the fastest run was the void prism one, it takes about 15-18 minutes on brutal. So far it seems that: Bonus objectives aren't worth the time unless very quick Brutal MAY not be the fastest xp/hour difficulty. You sacrifice 10,000 xp per run but may be able to complete faster on Hard Could give up the random mission XP in favor of picking the map with the fastest completion time.SilverBullet11 Sep 7
Sep 6 IDEA: Make a dlc of SC1 on SC2 Listen me out, I have seen people from playing StarCraft2 complaining about the graphics and stiff gameplay in the StarCraft Remastered forums, and I guess they just want to enjoy the original story of the original game. Don't get me wrong, I love my StarCraft as it is (yes even the remastered graphics), but I also enjoy StarCraft2 and would love to see the campaign of the original StarCraft play out in the StarCraft2 engine with maybe added tid-bits of story that where just implied in the original. Original StarCraft fans will have a reason to check out StarCraft 2 and maybe Starcraft 2 fans will find a new appreciation to the game that started it all, and between all that blizzard makes some money to keep making both games even better. Everybody wins! What do you guys think?CostaRic2 Sep 6
Sep 6 21:9 is really unfair advantage? Depends.... Hi there, Blizzard discriminating 21:9 users because of unfair advantage. Well it's depends on the screen size and resolution. Let's compare a 29" 21:9 display with a 28" 16:9 display: According to this some who has a 29" 21:9 display suffers the same unfair advantage. For short: 16:9 users see more height than width 21:9 users see more width than height. So Blizzard please discriminate all 16:9 users above 28" display size. ThanksSarkany7 Sep 6
Sep 6 The Bait and Switch! From original to now! Okay, please don't hate on the title, I was going for catchy =P Allow me to start this by describing how I play, so that my input is correctly categorized. I played SC1 & BW for ages, absolutely loved them. When SC2 was originally previewed (shown in this video: ), there was one thing that actually sold me on the game. I do, sincerely, mean *one* thing above all else that said "Yup, I am so in. Take my money". That thing? THE MOTHERSHIP. Now, I realize (especially with the pending balance changes) that the mothership is a complex unit to balance in PvP. I accept that, I have ZERO INPUT on multiplayer balance, as I do not play multiplayer/ladder. I have done so, but it's not how *I* enjoy playing Starcraft. Co-op missions and the campaign/maps have been my bread and butter, my nostalgia love, and just in general good fun. In that SC2 experience, the campaign I believe allows you to ACTUALLY MAKE A mothership in two missions (LoTV, none before then if I am not mistaken)? In the Co-op section, we were given a mothership in Alarak's calldown. Cool, but meh (even with all points into the cooldown reduction, it's still underwhelming). That being said, I realize this is a "general" forum and highly doubt that I will get a response. But I will say that my $100 (Original wings of liberty price and LOTV full price) + whatever it cost me for Heart of the Swarm, has not been the Starcraft experience I expected. To be quite frank, it has been great *except* for this Mothership bait and switch. In that regard, I would give Blizzard a 2/5 (up from a 1/5, due to the addition of Alarak in Coop). I'm sure many people will flame this to death, but consider these points: I have played SC2 since launch, and I do not (nor wish to influence) multiplayer balance with my comments. I have, and continue, to spend money on this game. I do support it. Thank youAtlRopeGuy3 Sep 6
Sep 6 So I changed my profile picture in game And I couldnt post on forums! I am diablo marine FOREVER! Thanks blizzard :PSuperJoule3 Sep 6
Sep 6 My ZvT is a little behind I just came back from a 1.5 year break, back then I'd say my matchups were ~58% vs P, 53% vs Z, and 45% vs T Maybe I should adapt to the new meta a lil? (please don't balance whine, im just not good at the game)Hedo6 Sep 6