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Jul 14 Played all night Rotating between KR/NA/EU on Master 1 Random team. For 12 hours I did not get a single master level game. Please blizzard, for the love of it all. Fix the team game match making, or at least give me the option to search longer for a even match.llllllllllll5 Jul 14
Jul 14 League race winrate.txt GSL S2 T:Z 27:10 Z:P 21:11 P:T 21:23 GSL S3 T:Z 11:8 Z:P 4:3 P:T 2:3 SSL S1 T:Z 12:9 Z:P 12:5 P:T 39:34 SSL S2 T:Z 5:5 Z:P 7:10 P:T 5:7 Total T:Z 55:32 (6.3:3.7) Z:P 44:29 (6:4) P:T 67:67 (5:5) T>Z>P=Tkimchi2 Jul 14
Jul 14 BEST SC2 gameplays! Hi! I'm Adrrich, Blizzard Caster for SC2 on LATAM! I bring you my TOP 5 gameplays of StarCraft2! Enjoy! Jul 14
Jul 14 Caustic Spray Caustic Spray is just insane. Please nerf. Caustic spray's power plus Corrupter armor are too op.ApeIsland15 Jul 14
Jul 14 Will SC1 remake damage SC2 popularity? I'm huge fan of SC1, I was also huge fan of SC2 liberty of wings. But now not so much any more. I'll definitely will be playing SC1 once it's released.Silence41 Jul 14
Jul 14 Changing the adept instead of the colossus Changing the colossus back to 15 damage versus light (with a 10% attack speed buff from HotS) will only lead back towards death-ball, turtle-based play like we saw from Protoss in HotS. Let's move forward instead of backwards ... We've seen enough sentry / stalker / colossus into more-death-ball games already. Instead, I'd hope that Blizzard would consider the following slight tweak of the adept's damage: - 12 (+10 vs light) from 10 (+12 vs light) That will reduce the hits needed to kill Banelings on equal upgrades to 3 instead of 4 ... and with Adepts being OK versus blings again, they could be a pretty good counter to ling-bling-hydra when microed well. Surrounds, well-timed shades, burrowed blings (to try to catch the shades), split adepts, ling runbys, and effective positioning could await us ... well, that or colossus deathballs again.Edowyth14 Jul 14
Jul 14 Ladders Lock today? I think they lock 1 week before season ends? Is that correct?Ordin8 Jul 14
Jul 13 Why do people have problem with Pylon rushes? I agree that they are awful from a design perspective but the are really easy to beat without taking any damage. If Protoss gets a fast cybernetics core (ie directly after the first gateway) always get a bunker or the low ground and put 2 marines in it. This gives you enough time to get a tank out. If no push is comming salvage the bunker and you have only lost 25 minerals plus the build time for the bunker. I do this without exception if I scout a fast cybernetics core and I have not lost or taken any damage from pylon rushes in a very long time. It seems people often play unnecessary greeady and try to cut corners. But as long as your not playing in the GSL it is better to play it safe.noLanguage18 Jul 13
Jul 13 What is the 5 Gig update that came today? Just as the topic says. I couldn't find anything about it in the blizzard news tab or from a quick google search.Regalia2 Jul 13
Jul 13 Arctic Gate - New Team Map Blizzard, Why did you take infestation ( an older team map ) make it a different tile set and put it back into the map pool? Literally no one played this map and it's probably the worst team map i've ever laid eyes on. I certainly don't want to deal with half a year of " Infestation on Ice "llllllllllll0 Jul 13
Jul 13 Infested Marine time out When his time runs out he shots himself in the head... But....why? I mean there is no official explanation why they do it. Maybe it is time to explain?HellGoesON6 Jul 13
Jul 13 Carriers "don't let them get there" shouldn't be the only way to counter any unit The amount of micro and spell casters required to counter a carrier deathball as a non-protoss against an enemy that can a-move and still shut you down is mind blowing How are you supposed to defeat a carrier deathball if you're not a micro god ?Feitan8 Jul 13
Jul 13 No Chinese Players? iAsonu(zerg)&TIME(terren)&TooDming(zerg)Liet3 Jul 13
Jul 13 How do you qualify for WCS events? I only ask because I see someone at Valencia that I am ranked higher than (I'm dia. 1). She's a streamer, Allaryce. I am not trying to talk her down. She's a zerg player from nyc, just like me. Heck I support her stream. She's also beautiful too. I am just curious how does someone get into WCS. Thanks!Ordin9 Jul 13
Jul 13 MAKE STARCRAFT A MMORPG I would like to see StarCraft turned into a MMORPG much like world of Warcraft. I think this would make for an amazing game. The game each race has its own home world, protoss, terran, zerg etc. instead of mounts you get ships to be able to go further into the area. each world would be about the size of a WOW continent with 3 worlds to start. each planet has a moon for world pvp that the races battle over for control. classes could be like: Medic Marine, Maurader, zealot, etc. Just would need some minor tweaking to allow zerg to heal etc. The leveling would be like, do defend sector from zerg invasion or protoss invasion, so on and so forth. Looking for thoughts!McMinn15 Jul 13
Jul 13 Best Chat Rooms - (or clan chat rooms) What are some chat rooms clan or otherwise that you hang in? Are they always occupied? Why do the standard blizzard rooms cap out at 35 afk's? I'm looking for a spot to sign into each day and see the same general group of people to play with each day... perhaps what I need is a clan!? Now is your chance to advertise clans ! Just giver.SHOUTINGJIM8 Jul 13
Jul 13 Ravagers are stupidly powerful Early on, 3 ravagers can break almost any defense, thus, making any economical opening against zerg almost impossible. My suggestion is: Either add Lair Requirement to ravagers, to delay ravagers enough for other races to get prepared or Make Corrossive Bile an Upgrade costing 100\100 and 57 seconds research time. This will make ravager much less viable as cheese/all-ins, but still leave it good unit overall.HellGoesON26 Jul 13
Jul 13 How to wall for all the new SC:R terrans Jul 13
Jul 13 New 1v1 melee map - Garden Grove Hi everyone, I just released a brand new melee map called Garden Grove. Like all my other maps, I generally post them on the forums because feedback is paramount in order to make progress on any project. Overview: Map Thread: It is published. Feel free to check it out and let me know if there are any issues with it! My ultimate goal is to submit this map to the next TLMC (whenever it gets announced). Thanks guysIronManSC1 Jul 13
Jul 13 What's the current strongest race in LOTV? Seeing lots of ranting threads about DK biased against terran, biased against Protoss, etc. But I don't see much impartial, civilized discussion about which is the strongest race as of the end of the beta. Is there a clear trend this early in development? Or will we need more time before we can judge? Have the macro nerfs (mules, larva, chrono) affected all the races equally, or does one race fare better than the others? Just to be clear, this is not a thread to discuss issues of unit design; I simply would like to try to reach a concensus on which is the most dominant race in the current meta.Fome35 Jul 13
Jul 12 Blizzard, listen our feedback about LotV Blizzard, the vast majority of players don't like LotV because of how fast and unforgiving micro is, due to frustrating gameplay created by stuff like: Disruptor shots, Adept shades, and Reaper grenades Listen the feedback we've been giving to you Blizzard. It's not fun to play a game where you lose all your army the second you look away from screen. This is not what an RTS is supposed to be. Change your mind and change these units, Blizzard. Make SC2 a little bit slower paced and attractive to the audience.Seizon22 Jul 12
Jul 12 Patch notes... Anyone know where i can find past patch notes on this site... not sure where they are but they should be here some where.GoodDaytoDie3 Jul 12
Jul 12 Lock ladder When is lock ladder?DolanTrump0 Jul 12
Jul 12 Stop changing the game One of the biggest flaws I've seen in this game since the LOTV launch is the amount of balancing changes that are taking place. For those of you who don't know in SC1 " Bisu " innovated the protoss race in PVZ when Zerg was considered massively overpowered. However Bisu innovated the entire match up, without balance changes. It is by far the biggest flaw I've seen in LOTV. Players need thousands upon thousands of games to figure out whether or not something is truly " imbalanced. " Let's take the SH in HOTS for example. Toward the end of that era protoss players were figuring out how to play against the style, but that evolution came to a halt due to community outcry about " imbalance. " These are just a few examples but there are many, many, many more examples out there that prove that even though you might think something is completely broken " where there is a will there is a way. " So please, stop balancing the game every other week or even months and give players time to figure things out so that we have a game similar to BW where the skill ceiling isn't being dropped day in and day out.llllllllllll14 Jul 12
Jul 12 Show if we are gold in muliplayer I liked before when u made gold 1v1 you would see it in 2v2 games.Trend12 Jul 12
Jul 12 Found an annoying player Sorry about my grammar and my bad behavior If you encounter a guy called "Human" with Kachinsky portrait (now maybe changed), DO NOT play with that guy I found this guy is really annoying, I found him/her in Dark Deeds lobby, while me and other players waiting until lobby is full and this guy appears. He started to say everyone in that lobby is me (including me) for no reason, Everyone tried to stop him but they can't. After that I pissed off because of his bad behavior. I started to stop him with other players, But we can't Since the lobby isn't full, We decided to start with few players. But it didn't stop there, After we entered into the game. He started to attack one player for no reason and we're not sure yet that the guy he's attacking is evil or not When other guy asked me to build a base with him, I agree. But Human says we're gay for no reason. Then we're all pissed off, I decided to left the game before game ends because I can't handle his bad behavior When we created a new lobby, He approach us, But we decided to kick him and report him immedietly, But there's more I discovered one of my friend encounter him. And I tell him to leave that lobby before game starts because Human is a bully, He send me a message about my gender. Then another friend found him in the lobby, I tell him to leave the lobby and he left. And I tell the reason why he's bad. SO IF YOU FOUND A GUY CALLED HUMAN, DO NOT PLAY WITH HIMYuwaratb8 Jul 12
Jul 12 WCS 2017 portrait pack Blizzard please release at blizzcon another portait pack like last year! I woul die for a picture of INnoVation and Maru! soO also very good!Maru2 Jul 12
Jul 12 Possible new mechanic for later patch Crew slots in transport units (all races) Ideas of what crew slots can do: 1. Crew mans a gun that can shoot while transport moves 2. Crew slots can have different size requirements 3. Increase something about the transport 4. Can have restrictions like: must be unloaded last) 5. Enhance or give another charge of an ability 6. Gives a new ability that is only available when crew slot occupied 7. Etc etc etc Thoughts?AJAX7 Jul 12
Jul 12 Balance updates Are they gonna do anything with this game anytime soon, why does blizzard even pay the balance team?BlondeJesuz19 Jul 12
Jul 12 Please implement this for Team Games ... The above picture is exactly what SC2 team games needs. Please PLEASE PLEASE consider it. Thank youllllllllllll6 Jul 12
Jul 11 Solo zen master achievement 1000 zerg wins 1000 protoss wins 1000 terran wins 1000 random winsand blue wonders why people smurf so hard to get into bronze to farm wins lol Why would they put un-obtainable(for straight up players) achievements in here like zenmaster and Dark Voice?Blackheart29 Jul 11
Jul 11 Multi-player games- Attacking your own team I've had the terrible experience of being attacked by my own team several times in Multi-player ranked games, just "because". Literally, for no reason. Why is this allowed in the first place? Blizzard should prevent this by forbidding players from doing it! Bad cannon placement? Blocked your base by mistake? Then you should fix it yourself. But under no circumstances your teammate should be allowed to kill any of your units NOR destroy any of your buildings. Any comments/thoughts? Thanks!Esquire21 Jul 11
Jul 11 UI skins I would really like a to have broodwar UI skin or other UI skins. I think this would be really cool and give the game a refreshing feeling. I hope this happens sooner than later. Please blizzard make it happen.Fourier3 Jul 11
Jul 11 EU Russian segment forum is broken EU RUS forums tend to chew up posts. The portrait in game will not match with the one on forum. F.e. I have Overlord in game, but Overseer on forum. Having Reaper portrait resulted in having one of tournament pack portraits. Some of portraits weren't added to EU RUS forum segment and because of it, trying to log in results in error. F.e all of Remastered Pre-Order Portraits won't work. Please, fix forums, save RU segment. ThanksHellGoesON1 Jul 11
Jul 11 Co-Op Commanders SHOULD be Available for PvP I believe, as do many others, that the Co-Op commanders should be made available for PvP. It would create a whole new level of game-play, allowing for players to go at it against another payer with their favorite commander. It would force players to drastically change build orders and strategies based on their commander, the opponents commander, and individual map, just to name a few. In addition to differing strategies, if present, the commander customization would throw additional screwballs into the mix. If we look at this from a purely mathematical perspective standard 1v1 ranked pvp includes only 3 races and currently 7 maps, this give only 63 different combinations for a match however, with the current 12 Co-Op commanders and (for the sake of argument we will use the same maps) the same 7 maps in an equivalent ranked 1v1 pvp there would be 1008 different combinations for matches. That is over 1000 different matches in a single season without the inclusion of mastery point combinations within each commander, if included, they bring the total number of combinations over 10^30 possible combinations and that is only taking into account the commanders being at max level. That is over a Trillion Quintillion different matches in one competitive season with 7 maps. Now just for the sake of math, taking into account the number of people on the planet (about 7.5 billion) we see that it would take every human playing this mode on Starcraft a little more than 10^20 matches EACH for every combination to be used. NOW just for fun the average high level starcraft match lasts about 12 minutes SOOO that comes out to be a little over 8x10^17 days or just over 2x10^15 years now if we consider that the universe is roughly 13.8x10^9 (billion) years old that means that it would take about 165442 times as long as the universe has been around in order to fully maximize all of the combinations presented by this game-mode (remember this is a low estimate)Now that we have evaluated the mathematical side of this lets take a look at the practical side. Having Co-Op commanders available for PvP would breathe new life into Starcraft, people would make great "wombo combos" with their friends. and best of all it would allow people to take their niche and feel unique (however true it actually is).Alphabax19 Jul 11
Jul 11 Community Update - June 26 Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. We appreciate all the thoughts and discussions around the proposed map changes. After reading over the feedback, we are prepared to implement the following changes: Blood Boil Gold minerals were changed to blue minerals at the expansions located near the center of the map. A Reaper path was removed near the natural expansion. Also, we noticed an issue where players were unable to cast the Oracle’s Stasis Ward through the fog of war without having vision beforehand. Along with the map changes, this Oracle issue will be fixed as well. Thanks again for your continued feedback!Balance Team42 Jul 11
Jul 11 İmprove colossos unit plz what does it do this unit?For zerg,terran or protoss' hunting light units? No, any of them.Completely gimmick unit and will be gimmick unit until it has be useful unit. This unit remind me like tempest that so useless units...QuuZoro1 Jul 11
Jul 11 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Starting later this year, we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, the games will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version. We’ll be rolling out this change on a staggered schedule, and will post further notices as we get closer to making the change for each game.Cydra48 Jul 11
Jul 11 Starcraft BW HD Hey guys, I'm hearing left and right how awsome BW HD will be, a rebirth of Starcraft... Yet I don't know a single guy who's buying it... So kinda making a pool here : Who's buying it? If you care to develop, why? *No whine post plz*Freak26 Jul 11
Jul 11 TVP issues I'm dealing with and need help Warp Prism being able to pick up from afar and being able to transform into a pylon to warp in more units. Turret is not mobile. Terran unable to get a fast Raven because there are no other units with detection to counter their detection. Turret is not mobile. Scans do not last forever. Warp Prism - Remove pick up from afar(easily abuseable if Protoss has range units), Decrease Pylon field radius(They can warp in multiple units based on Warp Gates and size of units) Raven - no longer need Tech Lab to make Ravens(Tech Lab are still needed to upgrade the Ravens) Other than that I am open to suggestions because I doubt these changes will be made.SpaceNinja9 Jul 11
Jul 11 Fix your mmr matching blizzard. i'm bored to falling from tier 2 to tier 3 again again again,you have been doing on purpose? İ' ve winned 72 match in this season and still i'M in tier 3...This game became luck and callows games not strategy,You need to redisgn all of your race... Zerg became kid and unskilled race(due to they have been winning easily with massive army) Terran became making same units and frustrating drop race (mmm+liberator or tank=countering it against every race) Protoss became frustrating,stressing,survivaling and gimmick units and losing race So nice game right? Return your main game so to hots otherwise you wont find soon protoss players(except a few gm protoss player)QuuZoro2 Jul 11
Jul 11 Arcade : can't start the Starcrafts mode I wanted to give it a try but I can't even start the game, is it bugged ?Feitan2 Jul 11
Jul 10 How to format the /lobbylink on Arcade chat? Some people can put text before and after the link, but using /lobbylink, the text always became first.Mikau2 Jul 10
Jul 10 Blizzard, thanks, but no thanks. ive played your games since you made rock and roll racing. i played wc when it came out i played wc2 when it came out i played sc when it came out i played bw when it came out you get the idea. ive played all your games. i loved BW i loved D2 and WOW vanilla was amazing beyond compare. you ruined wow with stupid updates you've been rewarding time spent instead of skill where back in the day you used to reward skill. you also balance SC2 so its "good" for 1v1 (relative really, i dont think its any good) but ignore teams alltogether (which is the social aspect of things) i could tell you how to fix the teams games.. easily. but you wont. you dont care. ive come to the conclusion that you simply do not care about your products beyond $$$$$$ i just un installed. and i wanted your people to know that your toxic way of handling matchmaking. of handling balance. of handling every aspect of your games. has driven me away, i was the ultimate blizzard gamer. and you chased me away, with lack of what matters. may all of my gaming brothers do the same.TheNarrator45 Jul 10
Jul 10 21:9 Support!?!? This is getting ridiculous already. All the other blizzard games supports all resolutions, even 3440 x 1440 but SC2. WHY!? I heard it because it gives us a competitive advantage? If that were true why is there 21:9 in just about every other competitive game on the market and most importantly OTHER BLIZZARD GAMES. Several patches keep rolling out and still NO 21:9. Blizzard you need to fix this. Or at least let us fix it via flawless widescreen or something.Starfire13 Jul 10
Jul 10 How to get matched with my skill level? I just started playing, and i really like the idea of the chaos of 4v4. But everyone i get matched with is in a whole other league compared to me. I just barely start a game and it's not long before i'm wiped out and my allies are mad at me. How do i get matched with new and casual players like me?TheMuffinMan2 Jul 10
Jul 10 How to Actually Use Vipers vs GuMiho's Mech Note: I do not condone using a single game to determine the effectiveness of certain units or compositions. It's clear GuMiho has success with Mech or he wouldn't be using it. However, seeing as how so many people want to cite soO vs GuMiho, let's look at how another pro uses Zerg spellcasters and map control effectively to defeat GuMiho's macro Mech (game 1, other games were Bio and all-in): Note, GuMiho did not have much wiggle room for transitioning into Skyterran in this game due to needing to continuously replace his expensive Mech units.NinjaDuckBob33 Jul 10
Jul 10 What happened to EU zergs > Korean Zergs? So we got a new foreign Zerg foreign who wrecks other every Zerg. Even Nerchio has no chance beating Serral. Yet Solar beats Serral 2-0. Seems foreign Zergs have been overhyped during LOTV. Dark crushes Neeb too 3-0, so if foreign Zerg were supposedly better, than how can they not beat Neeb.Timothy15 Jul 10
Jul 10 Thread for older players..... Okay, you're over 30 and still love this game. Heck, I am 40 next month and I still LOVE this game. Time to accept you're never going to be a 19 year old on Adderall, drinking Mountain Dew Code red, and rocking 350APM for a 30 min game. There are ways to play this game and still get the most out of it. I'm not going to be the guy on ANY forum being the "expert". There's plenty of streams on Twitch for players that are light years better than me for that. There are coaches available that are infinitely better at getting you better too. But I do think that I can provide some perspective. I am top 8 Diamond 1 NA (so you're telling me you're not very good?, ya know what guys......), it isn't by any stretch a great player, but it's at least respectable. Also, I beat many players who are younger than me. This guide is dedicated to a totally different type of SC2 player. Someone who only has 2 hours a day to play, or isn't as dedicated to study the game as Masters level players. - FIRST: You're old (In video game years)/OR don't have as much time to study the game or practice 8 hours a day.. Accept it. Next, adapt your play style to match that. Each of the races have ways to play with a lower APM. It's time to embrace that. I'm not saying that playing Mech/SkyToss/Roach hydra etc. wont still be hard and require skill.....but it will be much easier than Bio/Disruptors/ling,Bane,Muta. If you're watching GSL/WCS and saying, HEY, that's a great idea! Why don't I just do 4 perfect timing attacks from 4 different's time to get real. I'm not saying you can't learn a TON from watching the pros, because you can, but be real about your abilities. In fact you SHOULD try to learn more from replays with less time than your younger opponents (See bullet # 2). More to the point, this will probably get you very discouraged. Oh you mean you aren't able to execute something that took somebody practicing for a year 8 hours a day 5/6 days a week to do? I'm shocked. - You have to play smarter than your younger opponents. This shouldn't be any surprise to anyone who has competed at anything in their lives. I played basketball, I did in H.S. and college. I still play in Mahattan/NYC, even though I'm 40 and a bit slower (okay, much slower....why do you guys have to make fun of me). I KNOW I can't compete physically with a 21 year old in the prime of their health, but I do have experience. I can try to outsmart and out think them, and let's be real...I have to. The same is true in this game. LEARN from your mistakes and victories. Go watch the replays. See common themes. You must be better at anticipating what your opponent is going to do, rather than relying on pure reaction timing that your younger opponents can and will do. Do you know where drops/attacks are going to be coming from and prevent that? That's more important for you than your opponent who can react better. Know the counter for units. I'm not always saying there is a hard counter (although sometimes there are), but there are better ways to handle compositions. I hope this helped ....someone....anyone. This game has brought me so much joy and pleasure over the years, I hope it does for you too.Ordin21 Jul 10