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Feb 9 Why is Zerg's Answer To everything mass ling bane? Serrious question, not just in ZvT but in all matchups.BerryPuncH21 Feb 9
Feb 9 Dear Snake I think you're super neat. I once played you, and I felt like you were suffocating me. Bloodlords galore. I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe. And then, it hit me... he plays like a Snake!! A constrictor snake, like the Boa constrictor! keke. The other day, you got caught in the crossfire when I was trying to return some BM, but I accidentally messaged you instead of the perp. And, what did you do? You just let it slide of your silky smooth snake skin. Since you're in GM, I am obligated to share my snake story/experience every time I see you on ladder. I hope you don't mind. Your admirer, Playa. Sincerely, forum goer Did I do it right, guys?Playa8 Feb 9
Feb 9 Since the patch 3.10.1.released Balance patch 3.10.1.(Liberator Concord Cannon damage changed from 85 to 75) was released on January 31 2017. After the release of the patch was a week. During this time were played 16 tournaments. Information about these events was presented at the site Who won these tournaments after 31 January 2017(7 days)? - Terrans won 10 of 16(63%) - Zerg's won 5 of 16(31%) - Protoss won 1 of 16(6%). Sorry for the repetition, but a month ago in another thread: I wrote: ... Nothing changed. Until THEY sleep - Nothing else matters - It is sad - But true (Or is it not true?)- Until IT sleeps. P.s. Previous thread wad closed, including next statistic: ... After that was played 1 tournament(Protoss won) before 3.10.1. released. In sum: - Zerg won 53 tournaments. - Terrans won 51 tournament. - Protoss won 13 tournaments. Until THEY sleep...Until IT sleeps...FEDRR13 Feb 9
Feb 9 GrandMaster Contender League Hi. I currently have high enough MMR to be placed into Contender League, and I have 30 games played (which is the minimum according to other Contender players and current GM players) and I am not being placed into the Contender League. Is there something that I am missing? Thanksarmday4 Feb 9
Feb 9 Byul vs aLive on Newkirk GSL sorry, but that game was ridiculous. Byul did so many critical mistakes, but still won. Zerg lategame trades so much more efficient than terran. Back in hots zerg traded ling/bane/muta vs bio, it was much more even, micro based for both players. 7 armor ultras and the nerfed liberators shift the micro requirements to terran. aLive played so much better, but wasn't able to crush zerg's lategame composition. LBM vs bio was very even back in hots, but in lotv the lategame is extremely onesided. Zerg is too strong vs terran. Even banelings got buffed. and don't forget >>Burrow Fungals<<. Burrow fungal + buffed banelings + nerfed lib + 7 armor ultras is a combination that can end the game instantly. It's ridiculous.Larez39 Feb 9
Feb 9 Fix Protoss air armor cost Protoss has three "sets" of upgrades- ground armor/attack, air armor/attack, and shields, which apply to both. As a result, a 3/3 protoss unit effectively has half the armor of a 3/3 zerg or terran unit because armor upgrades don't apply to shields. This is balanced by the fact that ground armor upgrades are cheaper for protoss than they are for the other races. However, this doesn't apply to air units- they still get the half effectiveness, but have to pay full cost. Why?Wobulator22 Feb 9
Feb 9 Challenge:"Make no mistake" Rules:Play ranked/unranked. If you get error message(not nuff resources,cant place,supply block,etc) you must send ALL units on current screen(terran buildings included) to enemy main via move command.If you got more than 3 error messages - you must quit the match. Thats it.Lets see who will get best results. GL HF!HellGoesON4 Feb 9
Feb 9 How to "show" custom game on the chat? Hello. So as title says. I would like to know how to show the custom game I'm in on the chat so people can join me by simply clicking on the game name. Example (chat): DukeNukem: [Micro Tournament] join all!DukeNukem1 Feb 9
Feb 9 returning player question just started playing again... i dont have legacy of the void... i have heart of the swarm... queues are getting over 20 minutes... if i buy the expansion are they much faster?Leek6 Feb 9
Feb 9 PVP Change Disruptor vs Disruptor bored Hey guys what do you think about a PVP change? I think Pvp is actually really bored , i see only flying deathballs. I think we should nerf them like ( + plasmashield Dmg ) or smthing .. it would make the PVP bether and more fun. We would have more option's , im pretty sure it will be a good Change. Lets Try it on Testmap?? ( One Disruptor Shot can win the Game =( ''CAN'' This nerf should be only for PVP Upvote my Post guys :) GLHFCypher0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Reason why Starcraft is dead I'm starting to believe Starcraft just is not fun anymore. Currently, the only ones that are playing the game are masters, or high platinum not to mention, the pro scene. Starcraft is the only game by Blizzard that I have not spent hours and hours on. But I did play it enough to be decent at it. Recently, my friends and I (not experienced at all), did a 4 men queue. First three of our matches were against masters. And we lost them all. And then we faced against the same master/platinum team two times, in our placements. After losing all 5 games, of course, our placement was Silver 2. The game cannot simply just match us with masters, lose them all, and decide to place us in Silver 2. In our 3v3s, we placed in high gold or mid platinum. The game is just dead and not user friendly for people to play.BananaSplit57 Feb 9
Feb 9 When spell casters get out of control... I like reapers but I hate it how they sometimes win games on their own. I like the raven but I hate mass raven play. Disruptor vs disruptor looks stupid and they are more examples. But the design I like a lot is the baneling, why? Because you have to trade it carefully, if you don't you don't get a second chance. I dislike the widow mine because players sometimes just forget them and they still do huge amount of damage. I wish more units could use their abilities only a finite number of times. Give the reaper three grenade, it will still do the same job as now and still be able to escape from a full surround with his grenades but we would not see mass reaper play. How about letting the swarm host cast three rounds of locus and then die and maybe release some broodlings in the process? Buff them to compensate if needed but add some more decision making to this unit and break the loop of releasing locus and running away. Why can't the widow mine shot just once? After a shot it has most likely payed for itself anyways. It is stupid how they get more kills than colossus used to get in HotS. It will make the unit also more noob friendly. A bronze player won't loose units to a mine over and over again. Same can be said about raven's abilities, actually i would like to see it get the ability to repair mechanical units as a compensation. I think this idea in general might be a better way of fixing some units compared to tweaking some stats which usually end up with the unit getting massed or not used at all.dpqb3 Feb 9
Feb 9 Hellion Transformation I just watched it over and over. Why does the Hellbat hide it's giant shields UNDER the car, when turning into Hellion? Wow would he have HP if he would put them on the hood.iLLuSia5 Feb 9
Feb 9 Attempting to Reconnect I've been playing this game for years but had to take a break for one due to moving and no internet. So I come back with a new router, internet, wires, everything and I began to receive this error. Internet would be laggy so eh, get off for the night. then it began to happen once every few games. Now it happens whenever i'm in game whether its matchmaking, custom, arcade. I will receive this error EVERY match at this point. and I've done everything the internet could possibly help me with and nothing it working. Is this error a bug? or could it be on Blizzards end if not then I'd really like some help as this is really the only game I enjoy playing and can really not take having to put this game down AGAIN.Yummiavocado0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Avilo in IEM Katowice ?? Bracket IV - avilo vs MiNiMaThByuN59 Feb 9
Feb 9 Mapdesign!? That's one of the pictures Blizzard provided about map design: And if I understood correctly, not only there should be space between mineralpatches, but also behind the mineral line. What for exactly? For Marines to hide or for Hellions to do more splash? The coolest moments come from killing workers? Not that I would make a map - the rules are far too restricted. But this question bothers me. Not to mention, that since Liberators now dictate map design, you're bound to make free space behind every mineral line.iLLuSia1 Feb 9
Feb 9 I play terran Downvote if you like this postRocks6 Feb 9
Feb 9 Biased toss on forums Posted exact same whining !@#$ as a protoss did shocker he got upvoted for a quit the game rant me downvoted.Rocks6 Feb 9
Feb 9 SC1 Maps.....Im a super noob I miss all the great SC1 maps like the killing fields, primeval isles, new gettysburg spaceport, and other maps that had some diversity in terrain, starting locations, etc. Does anyone know if any of these exist ? I tried looking around but anything i found looked like it was just shipped out of the coverter on the editor and they lack detail, etcmayo9 Feb 9
Feb 9 Co-op Missions Update - 9/29 Hiya! My name is David Sum and I’m a Senior Game Designer on StarCraft II. I started designing games 16 years ago and I’ve been doing so for StarCraft II for the last 5 years. Some of the things I’ve worked on include: unit design, balance, and campaign systems like Kerrigan Leveling, Evolutions and Mutations, Spear of Adun, and Protoss Army Factions. I also try to help out on multiplayer when I can (so many David’s on this team!). I’m currently focused on Co-op Missions, specifically Commander design, progression and Mastery Levels. Let’s chat about Co-op Missions! Echoing Matt, I want to reiterate that we definitely read the forums and we really appreciate everyone being involved with helping us build StarCraft II together. We wanted to call out a few bugs that people found that we’re going to fix in a future patch: • Vorazun’s Orbital Assimilators collect gas slower than 3 Probes in a standard Assimilator. We’re increasing it by 5% to match. • Zagara’s Bile Launcher not doing damage. • Alarak’s Supplicants were not benefiting from the Havoc’s increased range buff. We’re not just looking at the forums for bug fixes, though. Here are some of the other hot topics we’ve been discussing: • Matchmaking: We set up our match maker in a way to get players into the game quickly and start having fun. Some of you have expressed dissatisfaction in the “quality” of the matching, namely the large gaps in difficulty settings. Matchmaking is all about tuning the compromises. We will explore some tweaks to the system with our engineers and see if we can compromise a little bit of that speed to get some better quality. • Commander Balance: We continue to monitor balance vigilantly. Looking at our internal stats, the win rates for each commander are actually very close. Now, these are very basic stats and aren’t the only things we look at when making balance changes. We also look at the community forums. For example, people have been calling out the fact that Raynor strongly encourages player to build infantry units instead of mechanical ones. Over the last few patches we’ve been updating some of Raynor’s upgrades to diversity his army composition. This is important to us and we continue to look at this issue, we’re now looking at medic mastery upgrades. • Nerfs: You might be thinking: “Why are you nerfing Commanders in Co-op Missions?!” Ideally all Commanders are competitive with each other and every choice is viable. We want to offer a variety of gameplay so if only a few commanders are viable at the highest difficulty (or Mutation Challenge) it’s not very fun for people who like the other Commanders. Rather than just balancing a Mutation Challenge around an overpowered Commander and effectively making it very difficult for others, we want to target the specific issues making them unbalanced. In the end, the goal is to achieve a better variety of Commanders who can complete the challenges. We feel like we’ve actually gotten to a great place in this regard. We do like that there are certain Commanders that are better week-to-week depending on the challenge and that is a fun decision to figure out who that is. • Mastery Levels: We’re aware that there some less than desirable Mastery upgrades on some Commanders. We’re starting to take a look at redesigning some of these so that there are more compelling choices. In our next patch we’re addressing some of those issues on a few of the Commanders: Raynor, Artanis, and Swann. Hopefully these changes will lead to more interesting choices. We’ll be looking at the hero birth and revive time Mastery upgrades next. While we’ve found some of them pretty useful for certain Weekly Mutations, generally it’s not the most exciting upgrade since they’re not that extreme. We could not reduce revive time by too much otherwise you could just suicide your hero non-stop and that just seemed like a degenerate playstyle. We would like to consider some new Mastery Levels that do not affect the hero unit at all and maybe open up and alter the playstyle in a fun way instead. Let us know if you have ideas! • Rocks: Our intent here was to keep the expansion times for commanders closer to each other. Vorazun and Swann were gaining some significant advantages over other Commanders. We’re going to keep an eye on this for now but we are open to exploring other options. Let us know if you have ideas here as well! Thanks for playing and posting on the forums!David Sum70 Feb 9
Feb 8 Buff Infested Terrans They've been neglected for years. Even Snute agrees with me! They're literally entitled to buffs. terrans don't hurt me pls :tThatDarkSlug7 Feb 8
Feb 8 This map pool What is with all the random sight blockers? Honourgrounds is a perfect example of this. Can't see anything because there's stupid sight blockers everywhere. Proxima station is just horrible, and allows for abusive liberator spots behind the main. It's impossible to establish a 4th on Bel'shir Vestige, and I vetoed Paladino Terminal as soon as I saw the amount of cliffs in the main for reapers. What were they thinking with this map pool? It is absolutely awful. The only decent maps are Newkirk and Abyssal Reefs, but even Abyssal reefs is horrible for races that need to wall, not to mention it is WAY too dark, which is a shame, it'd be a really pretty map with better lighting.OverFjell3 Feb 8
Feb 8 More toss lies upvoted WHAT ARE U TAKING ABOUT ... gold toss will never get to storm .... deploy tanks and libs is as ez as clicking on the minimap and use Shift click ... toss has to droge mines , out position libs engage when tanks are not siege terran just deploy their !@#$ and stim and a move under their range .... for sure u are a noob .... dodge storms hahaha when u cannot even pass the mid game what an idiot .... BTW mines , tanks , libs u do not need to cast anything or target anything storm at least u have to cast it that requires more micro that an stupid mine or a Lib so go fu ck u r sel f as s hole[/quote] Getting to storm in gold literally its like crying getting to carriers is hard in gold literally mass cannons on 2 bases so hard protoss standards of hardRocks35 Feb 8
Feb 8 Zerg and Protoss air defense upgrades They're too expensive. Terran has combined mech and air upgrades for the same cost as attack upgrades.Malacath14 Feb 8
Feb 8 Toss player loses downvotes ... If it was a toss making fun of terran for losing it would be upvotedRocks11 Feb 8
Feb 8 MMR dropping So i'm a new SC player (just started this week) and i've noticed that this seems to be a terribly wretched community. A lot of players have been extremely toxic and even though I was placed in silver I keep getting placed against diamond and master players from previous seasons. I think it's very unfair that these players are just dropping their MMR's without any punishment by just leaving games as soon as they start. They just completely crush me and make the game not fun at all. When/how do you expect to improve upon this? I don't know how to report these players when they are clearly far above the standard Silver/Gold players.Rhaego13 Feb 8
Feb 8 Remove Tier System and leageu progress plz İ want to excite while i'm promoting leageu like olden times. Give us old things... Remove league progress display bar and tier system.QuuZoro6 Feb 8
Feb 8 Alive vs Byul Such an epic game! I wish blizzard would consider increase the mineral amount in each base so that this epic game won't stop just because it is mined out...RRRZZZ1 Feb 8
Feb 8 Twitch vs Afreeca So right now there is GSL running for sc2 and on twitch there is about 10k viewers On AfreecaTV is 300 viewers And on twitch game is on 10 place So in general observing the state of the game right now are you happy with this do you think can it go better could we get some 100k viewers in wcs finals again?Hatuna7 Feb 8
Feb 8 Digital Deluxe Edition Can we (the ones who have bought the complete SC2 trilogy) get a discount on the digital deluxe edition?MRrock1 Feb 8
Feb 8 Remove tiers and leageu progress bar You should remove those of absurd novelty and certainty.But common fellows want certainty but i want to thrill thanks to leageu promotion , do you understand me? İ dont care you wont like my title. İ'm addressing designers.QuuZoro0 Feb 8
Feb 8 GSL Ro16 Group A live now Winners Match right now. What are your thoughts, expectation? Rooting for Stats to make it out of this group.cLuMsY36 Feb 8
Feb 8 Abyssal Reef in the Newmappool change! Hey guys upvote My post for change the Colors on this map , make it a bit simpler it's Hard for My eyes. I want to Play this map..IIIIIIIIIIII1 Feb 8
Feb 8 Saving a loaded game Sometimes when I'm offline, I start singleplayer arcade maps, and save them to play later. But when I load these maps later on, I can't save them anymore. The save button is just gone from the menu. Is there a way to get past this, and save my loaded arcade game?Hex0 Feb 8
Feb 8 Main structure should be selected at start I would like the main structure to be selected automatically when the game starts, so that I can spam the hotkey during the load screen and make the first worker as soon as possible. Most of the times, the very first action is usually making a worker. Even if players don't make worker at the start because they want to do some cheeky plan such as Pool first, main structure being selected should not be a hindrance to that. Similar to the change long time ago that workers start mining automatically at the start, this is a very small change that won't almost change anything. It's just for some convenience.Syltom13 Feb 8
Feb 8 A feel good P vs T replay You might be thinking "but Playa, literally nothing happened this game." Damn right. That's why it feels so good. What a replay, what a story. After all of those games of having the map, being maxed, and losing to broodlords. After all of those games of being maxed versus Terran, with a superior economy, only to see my army perform like civilian pacifists. After all of those games..... it feels so great to be the guy standing there, playing with himself, knowing only good times await. Feels good, come again. Oh, you maxed? That's cute? Oh, you got a better economy than I? That's even cuter. Should sign u up for a beauty pageant. I could get used to this. I don't see why this game isn't more popular, because if this is what it feels like to be Terran or Zerg.... how could one not want a part of this amazing experience? Anyways, I hope all my Toss brothers get to experience the in-game feels good, one day.Playa16 Feb 8
Feb 8 Lottery Defense secret Fusions! anyone know any? So far I only know tauren marine= warmonger +2 marauders and dark immortal = 4 immortalsBcSFPVecen103 Feb 8
Feb 8 Make the cyclone require armory But give it .5 more range and 1 more damage vs armored now its no longer just a terran oracle but would be much more cost effective vs roaches which currently are more cost effective vs itRocks15 Feb 8
Feb 8 Thors and Vikings need an armor buff Equal supply lings and zealots beat mass thors until u get to about 100 supply which is insane considering thors cost an extra 200 gas per 6 supply thors should have 2 armor to make them ok vs tier 1 units . Vikings need 1 armor so carriers don't instantly kill them all .Rocks21 Feb 8
Feb 8 Can i get a unit besides BCs Thats mech thats worth anything vs toss . If anyone knows anything besides bio that works post it cause so far the only thing that trades at all is mass bcs the rest of the terran tech tree is garbage forced to turtle to mass bc . Disputers and adapts make it impossible for tanks to push across the map you nerfed the immortal vs tanks just to make it even harder to push hell atm the only way tanks would work vs toss is if you removed friendly fire which then would make them terribly op like really blizzard its time to do your job and fix this mess this is suppose to be a rts not go bio everygame nerf the tanks damage if you must but remove the stupid hard counters that make them useless anyway outside of cheesing .Rocks32 Feb 8
Feb 8 Terran Op Nerf Cyclone, TankAbyss6 Feb 8
Feb 8 Can we get DLC HUDs? I think it would be cool if you could customize your heads-up-display for each race. (I call it a dashboard.) For those who don't know what that is, it's the border that surrounds the mini map, units/buildings selected, and the command card. Currently we are limited only to the racial ones, but why not add HUDs from various factions like Nova's spec ops, the reddish Tal'darim, Primal Zerg, or maybe even a rogue zerg brood border that was blueish instead of purple. These custom HUDs could even reach outside of the SC universe like some of the announcers; for example, have Warcraft themed HUDs, OW HUDs, and even Diablo HUDs. Personally, I play more Co-op than ladder, I bought all of the commanders, so I would be more than happy to buy a few of these for my collection. I enjoy collecting things that add more flavor to my gameplay experience. Note: with all of these HUDs it will still maintain the original map, unit selection, and command card locations. These custom HUDs would not move them around.Pastafiend2 Feb 8
Feb 8 StarCraft II Series My new series going through StarCraft II Feb 8
Feb 8 Sc2 Wish List (3.8 for everyone!) Terran: ... Zerg: ... Protoss: ... Well that's my wish list for Sc2.DankTemplar2 Feb 8
Feb 8 Since the patch 3.8.0.released General balance patch 3.8.0. was released on November 22 2016. After the release of the patch has been played a lot of tournaments. According to the site tournaments can be divided into 5 main sections: - Premier events - Major events - Minor events - Monthly tournaments - Weekly tournaments Who won in this tournament after 22 November 2016? Premier events : 2. Z=0; T=2; P=0, Major events : 5. Z=4; T=1; P=0, Minor events :17. Z=8; T=6; P=3, Monthly :10. Z=7; T=2; P=1, Weekly :32. Z=19;T=12;P=1. Total :66. Z=38(58%);T=23(35%);P=5(7%). Protoss won only 7% of tournaments - 5 out of 66! Again: Protoss won only 7% of tournaments - 5 out of 66! since patch 3.8.0. released. JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!! Your opinion - this is normal or not?FEDRR65 Feb 8
Feb 8 bad toss players upvote lies to get buffs quote="207514989972"]thor beats imortals equil supply en masse 2. so if not zlot, if not immortal, if not stalker. why make any other unit?[/quote] That got upvoted which is a lie . Just 1 example its all over these trash forums toss could say a marine can stand in 3 storms and not die and it would get upvoted by toss players who know storm does 80 damage vs a 55 hp unit but then again maybe there bad and can't add subtract wutever .Rocks48 Feb 8
Feb 7 Liberators and Tempests So this was from before 3.8 came and brought a bunch of new excuses to whine. Game 2 demonstrates why the tempest got nerfed, but Game 3 demonstrates why mass tempest derpiness was required for protoss to stay relevant in PvT.WireBender1 Feb 7
Feb 7 Dealing with void rays as zerg?? I'm an old player coming back to the game... and I'm rather disturbed to see what they've done with void rays in HotS... I know they wanted a solution to pre-charge void rays... but I think they made them too powerful now. I've played a few games now and cannot find a solution to dealing with void rays as zerg? I had a hydra/corruptor army with 3/2 hydras and 1/1 corruptors vs 3/1/1 void rays and 1/1/1 protoss ground... and absolutely got destroyed every time 200 vs 200 food. Anyone got any tricks to deal with the new style void rays? Because I feel hydra corruptor should hard counter that. But with upgrades on my side I still got destroyed. Not even close.Alpha47 Feb 7
Feb 7 Do u think "balanse team" fool any1 Is kavid dim Never forgetHeReDoDGeTiC0 Feb 7
Feb 7 StarCraft 2: Redux StarCraft 2: Redux is an alternate retelling of the StarCraft 2 trilogy story. Consisting of three, 12 mission, campaigns beginning with Redux: Heart of the Swarm. Familiar characters - Sara Kerrigan, Zeratul and James Raynor - are launched onto new trajectories that send them toward dire consequences and unexpected futures! ( Still a work in progress but I'd appreciate more feedback.Scuro17 Feb 7