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1d Announcing the Antioch Chronicles: Remastered The Antioch Chronicles: Remastered Installation Instructions: Download the zip file containing maps and the mod at . Place the Antioch Remastered directory in your StarCraft 2/Maps folder. Place AntiochRemastered.SC2Mod in your mods directory. Download the StarCraft: Mass Recall mod ( and place it in your mods folder. Note: Pressing cancel on the briefing screen will attempt to load the StarCraft Mass Recall map loader. We're working on a loader of our own, but for now please...don't click that button. To play: Open Antioch1-1.SC2Map in the editor. Press the Test Document button. If you are interested in helping with this project, please see the bottom of this post. What is this? This is the alpha release of a StarCraft 2 remake of the seminal StarCraft custom campaign known as the Antioch Chronicles. This project is a high-fidelity reproduction of the original campaign with few enhancements taking advantage of the StarCraft 2 editor. This version contains only Episode 1 of the campaign. It uses the StarCraft: Mass Recall mod, which the creators were generous enough to allow us to use. What is the Antioch Chronicles? In 1998, not long after StarCraft was released, a mapmaker calling himself Auspex Turmalis (Ruben Moreno) released episode 1 of a custom campaign that he called The Antioch Chronicles. The campaign featured custom audio, perhaps most notable for how well Auspex reproduced the Protoss audio effects. Also impressive was the fact that Auspex recorded all of the character voices himself. Episode 2 was released in 1999. For the second campaign, creative duties were split between Auspex and Zeus Legion (Eric Dieter), with additional voice support acting by Ytse-Jam (Juan Mantilla) and Macbeth (Eric Ladd). By the release of Episode 2, the Antioch Chronicles had gathered a large and active fan base. Unfortunately, a promised Episode 3 never came to fruition. Still, the first two episodes did much to shape the early StarCraft modding community and remain in the popular conscious fifteen years later. For more information about the Antioch Chronicles, visit . Why are you doing this? The project founders are longstanding members of the Antioch Chronicles fan community, which never really died out, despite the campaign's cancellation. Last month, an idle forum thread about wanting the replay the Antioch Chronicles drew a surprising amount of attention for our tiny forum and within days we'd launched the project. What's next? Episode 2 is approximately 80% done, so we hope to have that in alpha in the next couple of weeks. Once we have both episodes released, we'll gather community feedback and polish the maps accordingly. Once we're satisfied with the state of the maps, we plan to plan to begin phase 2, where we'll bring the campaign up to 2015 standards. This includes but is not limited to giving the heroes special powers, tightening up and combining maps, and creating actual cutscenes. Can I help? We could definitely use some help. The easiest thing you can do is to download the campaign and play through it, giving us as much feedback as you'd like. Balance feedback is especially welcome, as these maps haven't really been play tested in that way. If you run into trouble, typing "power overwhelming" in the chat will enable god mode for your current units and "show me the money" will give you 10,000 credits and gas. If a map is just totally broken, please just move onto the next one. We'll try to get any critical bugs patched ASAP. If you'd like to join the team, we'd be happy to have you as long as you can make a honest time commitment to the project—it doesn't need to be a lot of time, we just need to know what we can count on you for. Here's what we could use help with: Polishing the terrain on the existing maps. Adding special effects to the maps (specifically, some explosions). Advanced trigger editing to spice up the maps. AI work to make the enemies more interesting (it's mostly just attack waves now). Creating new maps for phase 2 (where necessary). Creating cutscenes. Getting talking portraits set up. Adding powers to hero units. Creating artwork for the logo, loading screens, map loader, and more. Anything else you want to offer. Please contact me by email ( if you're interested in helping. Who are you? Team Antioch has four founding members: Alevice, DarkTZeratul, dine, and Lucid Iguana. We've known each other for about a decade. Prior to this project, only Alevice had any experience in the editor, but we've proven to be quick studies. We've also recently been joined by ace terrainer wargirl, whose work on Airstrike was featured on the arcade.LucidIguana7 1d
1d [Extension Mod] Allied Commanders Melee Just making a post to announce the release of my first (real) public extension mod, Allied Commanders Melee. As the name implies, this mod enables the full allied commanders from COOP mode for use with any melee map. (Or any map you can load an extension mod on, I guess, if you don't care about bugs.) In addition to traditional vs. AI melee gameplay, the AI can also spawn COOP style attack waves. These waves can be configured or disabled in the lobby settings (including enabling or disabling Hybrid spawning). There's a little weirdness as one might expect, but from my testing everything works pretty close to how it should, and the AI seems to function well. Please feel free to mess around with it and let me know what you think, or if you find any serious bugs. Mod is currently published on Americas region. Screenshots: Known Bugs ------------------ - Some abilities cast from the command bar at the top of the screen will not properly affect an AI ally even if they are player 2 (see PvP mode, below). - Some units have incorrect values in build times, armor levels, and other areas. May be an issue with melee data conflict, will be worked on soon hopefully. - Stukov's command centers do not spread creep across the entire map. Will be working on a fix when possible. PvP Mode ------------------ Many abilities cast from the command bar at the top of the screen will affect/be affected by both players even if they are not allies. This is because they are coded to function this way by Blizzard since the players are always allies in traditional coop gameplay. Fixing this will take a great deal of time and effort as it involves some fairly significant re-working of the triggers. No ETA, not even sure I am going to do it. We'll see. For now, just accept that if you want to play PvP there will be weirdness.Kishkuma99 1d
2d [Extension Mod] ReCraft Exactly 1 year passed since I started working on this mod, now available at all servers. Just look for ReCraft when selecting an extension mod. Plenty of balance mods out there that nobody plays, so I don't really expect much activity here (if any). I'll be still updating it, though (I expect to having to update with each SC2 patch to fix mismatches caused by multiplayer data updates). Have fun if you decide to play. General changes... Terran... Zerg... Protoss...WorldFrgttn5 2d
3d PARASITE TEST Part 6 "This thread is for the arcade game PARASITE TEST. Part 5 of the on-going thread chain. In case you don't know what PARASITE TEST is, it's a deception game, where one player starts off as the alien, with other players being humans. For the alien to win, he must infest/kill all humans, and for the human to win, he must kill all aliens. It's similar to Warcraft 3's Metastasis and Parasite 2, and StarCraft 2's The Thing, Xeno Crisis, and Malum Ruina in concept of alien deception type gameplay." Map: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/281463 Thread 1: Thread 2: Thread 3: Thread 4: Thread 5: 3d
3d [Showcase] Special Forces Elite 5 - Thread 10 [Project Information] ㅤProject Started: August 10th, 2013 ㅤExpected BETA Test Deadline: August 10th, 2931 ㅤGame Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/246897 ㅤDiscord: ㅤ [Credits] ㅤDrusus - The developer of Special Forces Elite 5. ㅤDrSuperGood - Wide range of assistance in all aspects. ㅤWargirl - Designed different terrain variations. ㅤLuftwaffe - Feedback on the forums and suggestions. ㅤSalvaje - Feedback on the forums and suggestions. ㅤTaCktiX - Feedback on the forums, game design and suggestions. ㅤEtaCarinae - Designed the story line and various boss battles * To view a more detailed list of credits, navigate in-game to Menu > Credits. [Development] Special Forces Elite 5 is still undergoing heavy development. The current priority in development is implementing the planned additions to end Beta once and for all. Before Beta ends, each starting and purchasable hero will be equipped with brand new abilities that fit the class, there will be more enemy bosses and player profiles will be fully functional with achievements and rewards. Development will not stop after beta is ended. [Game-play] Each player starts in a corner of the map alongside a base with one hero of their choice. The base is to be protected, or else players will lose. By clicking the base, you can navigate through a list of upgrades for Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, purchase units, purchase elite units, and purchase upgrades variety of other upgrades. Purchase units and upgrades of the race that your hero belongs to, otherwise your units will not receive the benefits from upgrades. Players can also give their units, heroes and structures special buffs with their starting hero. The goal of the game is to destroy all enemy units and structures while defending the base. Some starting heroes specialize in defense, others in offense; achieving victory requires just the right amount of each type of hero. Work closely with your allies to push back the waves of enemies that will come from structures, and then battle the bosses that spawn from those structures when destroyed. Focus all available firepower on harder bosses that spawn from late-game structures, and bosses that attack the base at certain times in the game; cooperation from all players is the key to success. [Donations] ㅤGreetings community, I am officially accepting donations. I have not opened this avenue without much consideration, but many of you have spoken out and offered to donate for the work I have done so far. I greatly appreciate this, so I have made this opportunity for everybody. I am not doing this for profit. My incentive is my passion for Special Forces, but ultimately, your contributions are something that will help me dedicate my time and effort on this game even further. I spend a great deal of my own time and resources on this game, as I want to ensure I bring the best experience I can to this game, and it would mean a great deal for me to receive your support. In particular, this will ensure I have more time and resources to maintain the game by removing bugs and enhancing the experience. To conclude, I’d like to wholeheartedly thank everyone for their support and feedback. Donation Link: [Previous Threads] Thread 1: Thread 2: Thread 3: Thread 4: Thread 5: Thread 6: Thread 7: Thread 8: Thread 9: 3d
4d Primal Zerg in an extension mod I am currently working on an extension mod that aims to add the Primal Zerg to multiplayer, and I was wondering about people's opinions on the best way to implement them. Given what little we've seen of the Dehaka commander, what mechanics of his do you think would work best in a multiplayer setting? (Example mechanics: essence-collecting Dehaka hero, pack leaders, primal worms, units fighting each other to level up, etc.)Nedia2 4d
Sep 12 MapCraft 2017 - A Single Player Contest Welcome to MAPCRAFT 2017 - Single Player Edition! presented by Jayborino, DeltronLive, and Pr0nogo A single player mapmaking contest across Blizzard RTS games (SCBW, SC2, WC3). Contest Trailer: Join the Discord for details: Send submissions to with the title MapCraft 2017: [Map Name]. In the body of the e-mail include who you are and explicit instructions for how to play your entry along with any pertinent map/mod files. Submissions will be posted on the Discord for other folks to play. You may send updates to your entry so long as the final submission is in before 11:59PM EST on November 10th, 2017. This contest is not affiliated with Blizzard.deltronLive2 Sep 12
Sep 12 [Nexus Wars] - Changelog/Suggestions (5) Original 4rd thread: Original 3rd thread: Original 2nd thread: Original Thread: --------- Hi everyone, this is Isospeedrix and I will be creating a community for Nexus Wars and handling suggestions and changelogs. Nexus Wars was created by Lilman, and was one of the most popular maps in SC2 beta. I work with Lilman personally and he has decided to minimize dealing with forums and public affairs in favor of focusing on map design. Lets hope Nexus Wars will continue to thrive in SC2 retail! I will post all relevant changes in new versions, and update this thread constantly when a new version is out. All suggestions, bugs, balance concerns should be voiced in this thread. I will relay them directly to Lilman and we will work together on improving the map. Thanks everyone! -Isospeedrix (Isonubdrix) ***** NEWS AND UPDATES ***** 3/22/13 - Just uploaded a new version of nexus wars with hots units. The CE ultralisk skin should work now. I also uploaded another version of the map with wings of liberty units only called "Nexus Wars WoL" for thsoe who do not have heart of the swarm. The changelog is posted blow. Let me know if there's any bugs or anything. Thanks again for all the feedback. -Lilman We are in channel "Nexus Wars". 4/13/11 - Name change! Argh I hate my new name, my original name was too long to fit, so now it's just gunna be SCDiso. Looks like Disco. 2/9/11 - Please join chat channel "Nexus Wars" for discussion and arranging games. I'll be in the channel from time to time as well. *****CHANGELOG v 3.16***** 5/26/16 - Fix pathing issues with Infestors - Infestors and Scout fixed dealing extra damage to light units - Spectres fix armor upgrade - Warhound Haywire Missiles cooldown reduced from 8 to 5 seconds - Warhound attack range increased from 7 to 8 - Cyclone damage changed from 18 to 18+10 armored - Cyclone Lock On cooldown reduced from 12 to 4 seconds - Nova and Spectre starting energy increased from 35 to 75 - Firebat cost reduced from 100 to 75 minerals - Ravager build time increased from 40 to 45 seconds - Ravager cost increase from 150 to 175 minerals - Mothership Core fix weapon upgrading giving additional damage - Fix multiple units not having kill bounty *****CHANGELOG v 2.21***** 12/26/14 - Fix rock placement for Team1 - Stimpack upgrade now works on marines too - Tempest build time reduced from 80 to 70 - Tempest damage changed from 28+7 to 30+20 - Fix tempests not spawning *****CHANGELOG v 2.20***** 10/11/14 - Baneling damage changed from 30+5 to 25+10 - Banelings now give bounty to the owner of the unit explode is targeted on - Fix "Nuclear Launch Detected" sound playing when Nuke isn't actually cast *****CHANGELOG v 2.19***** 10/5/14 - Hellbat upgrade attack color changed - Tempest supply reduced from 6 to 5 - Fixed leaver supply after 65 minutes - Fixed Viper structure repair time - Mothership Core detection range increased from 4 to 5 - Fixed Wahound kill bounty - Warhound now requirement changed from Siege Tanks to Hellions - Warhound cost reduced from 200 to 175 - Spectre stun radius increased from 1.5 to 2 *****CHANGELOG v 2.16***** 1/19/14 - Vipers no longer cast Blinding Cloud on units abducted for 6 seconds - Void Ray Pristmatic Beam Level 1 damage increased from 6 to 6+4 armored - Tempest damage increased from 28 to 28+7 armored - Odin Nuclear Strike damage increased from 250 to 300 - Odin Nuclear Strike cast time reduced from 15 to 10 seconds - Archangel Titan Mech Repel ability no longer affects player and allied units - Fixed walling on team 2 - New unit: Spectre - Trained from same building as the ghost(Nova) - Has 90 hp and doels 15+5 armored - Has ability Ultrasonic Blast - Stuns units in a small radius for 3 seconds. 45 second cooldown - Does not have the cloaking ability - New unit: Queen (Rapid Transfusion) - Trained from same building as the queen - Same stats as queen - Casts Rapid Transfusion instead of Transfusion - Rapid Transfusion - Heals a unit for 25 life 2.5 seconds. 3 second cooldown *****CHANGELOG v 2.15***** 1/13/14 - Fixed Tempest and Mothership Core structure repair time - Fixed Tempest structure selection - Fixed hero collision with swarm host locusts - Viper supply cost reduced from 4 to 3 - Viper separation radius increased from .75 to 1.25 - Upgrades and Heroes building built on the low ground will now have half health - Votekick now only requires 6 players instead of 7 to pass - Swarm Host Locust duration reduced from 15 to 12 - Zeratul Void Prison duration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds *****CHANGELOG v 2.14***** 1/10/14 - Viper's Blinding Cloud ability only targets units at least 2 distances away - Viper's Abduct ability only targets massive units - Heroes no longer have collision with units - Fixed Centrifugal Hooks upgrade for banelings - Baneling damage increased from 30 to 30+5 light - Fixed zerg air requirements - Tempest building 500 shield removed - Tempest range increased from 12 to 13 - Tempest damage increased from 25 to 28 - Fixed Lurker and Swarm building selection - Fixed Pylon refund amount - Zeratul ability Void Prison now allows ground attacks to hit the target - Mothership Core now has detection (4 range) - Mothership Core Time Warp ability no longer affects hero units - Added Anion Pulse-Crystals upgrade for Phoenix. Costs 150 minerals and adds 2 attack range - Archangel ground attack range reduced from 12 to 10 - Archangel Missile damage reduced from 130 to 110 - Archangel energy regeneration reduced from 1 to .85 - Odin Barrage damage increased from 12 to 16 - Kerrigan energy regeneration slightly increased - Kerrigan Razor Swarm range increased from 10 to 12 *****CHANGELOG v 2.00***** 3/22/13 New Heart of the Swarm units added: - Terran: - Hellbat - Warhound - Zerg: - Swarm Host: spawns locust swarms - Viper: casts blinding cloud and abduct - Protoss: - Mothership Core: casts time warp - Tempest Balance: - Infestors now cast fungal growth instead of infested terrans - Point defense drone cost reduced to 100 minerals. Energy reduced from 200 to 150 - Zealot charge upgrade reduced to 75 minerals Added new builders: - Leviathan 1000 wins - Kraith 1500 wins - Brakk 1650 rating - Mohandar 1900 rating New Hero: - Archangellilman372 Sep 12
Sep 10 Eras Zombie Invasion [Official Thread] Eras Zombie Invasion has just been released onto It is the remake to the classic Warcraft 3 map. I am creating this thread to assemble any and all suggestions or any bugs/glitches one might report into one location. Check out the map now and if you have feedback to give I would be glad to hear it. As far as what one can expect from the game: I have basically brought all the features from the original over. I have a water/boat system that works quite nicely and one can still expect the dreaded water zombies. I’ve added additional events as well as a new random event feature that will make the game feel different every time, more dynamic. I plan on adding loads more and expanding on what’s already a great game. As this is newly released it may contain some bugs or glitches, even issues of balance, if you encounter them, report them, as I’d greatly appreciate any input on these matters. Smith600 Sep 10
Sep 9 Novastar Hi there, I just finish my custom mod name Novastar review and feedback are welcome. Novastar is a melee multiplayer with campaign unit mod, which consist of Wing of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm unit that was in the campaign play through. Is available on NA, EU,KR and SEA and can only be run on Heart of the Swarm expansion. Feature for each race: Terran Wing of liberty campaign unit and there special unit skill are integrate. Zerg Heart of the Swarm campaign unit and there special unit skill are integrate. Protoss Unit buff and modify heroes unit too normal unit. Thx for the bug report. Bug Fixed: Flying Locust fixed.HyperXtreme52 Sep 9
Sep 3 [Extension mod] Campaign and coop units If anyone is interested, i made an extension mod that allows playing multiplayer but using campaign and coop units and as well as campaign upgrades. It can be found on all servers, just search for "Campaign and Coop units" on Extension mods. Note that balance should not be taken too seriously as most units function as they do in the campaigns and co-op mode, however some upgrades and abilities are disabled to prevent excessive imbalance (such as Protoss Guardian Shell). Features: - Game modes (Infested waves, Hybrid waves, Void Rifts, etc) - AI build orders and counters make full use of all campaign and co-op units, as well as their exclusive abilities. - Ability to choose starting resources, resources per base and supply limit. - Heroic units, which can be toggled on or off. - Ability to toggle Tal'darim, Purifier and Covert Ops skins from campaign and co-op modes. Future updates: - Add Primal Zerg and Infested Terran units and structures to the Zerg race - Improved hero mode, as well as adding missing heroes. - Ability to customise Kerrigan and Nova abilities.MrGW8 Sep 3
Sep 2 Operation: Vast Expanse (ARPG Beta) Operation: Vast Expanse is a multiplayer Starcraft II ARPG where you play the role of one of the few surviving military personnel of the Vast Expanse research facility. (Overview) A catastrophic security incident has left the better portion of the research facility heavily compromised. As the majority of your team has been killed in battle and headquarters has gone dark, your new mission is to survive until help arrives. (Controls) As an ARPG, you control a single character where the controls are similar to a game like Diablo. Left click will fire your weapon, right click will cause your character to move, and moving the mouse while attacking or moving will cause your character to follow accordingly. In addition, in-game upgrades and calldowns allow you to increase your capabilities to match the increasing difficulty of the game. (Goal) The goal is to survive ever-harder hordes of enemies split across 50 waves. As you kill things and successfully defeat new enemies, you gain resources which you can spend on upgrades or calldowns. It is your job to decide what to spend and when, and this will determine your success or failure in the later stages of the game. Map: "Operation: Vast Expanse" located on the American server Please give any feedback you can think of!Reign0 Sep 2
Sep 2 Kerrigan Survival 2 [Official Thread] Hello I'm one of two people working on Kerrigan Survival 2 a cat an original cat and mouse game on the arcade. 10 players are required for a full lobby. 8 players are builders/support and 2 players are zerg. 1 zerg player is responsible for chasing and killing the bases the other's job is to defend and fortify the central zerg base. Mechanics There must always be a Zagara on the Zerg team. Only one player can be Kerrigan or Dehaka Only 3 players can be supports per game. If a support is alive but all the builders die, the 'survivors' which is the collective whole of supports and builders lose. ie: If a support is alive but the builders are dead the game is over and zerg win. VisionZerglings are spawned every 3 seconds and automatically path around the map to help locate builders. Zerglings cannot see invisible units and by default have a vision radius of 0 unless upgraded. If they run into a building/builder they will attack it and it will show up on the minimap. Basic fog of war mechanics apply. Most builder's units have 0 vision radius without upgrades making vision extremely valuable Credits As you play more games you earn credits that you can spend on rewards in game. By default several of the builder's are locked and must be unlocked with credits. The best way to earn a lot of credits is by playing zerg and playing well. You get 1 credit per survivor kill and an extra 5 credits for winning as zerg. BountyFor builders/support you receive gas when you kill zerg units. and vice versa for the zerg. The Zerg players share gas bounty. If Zagara gets 5 gas killing a unit so does Kerrigan and vice versa. The Zerg players share upgrades. If Kerrigan upgrades her unit's armor then so does Zagara. IncomeMinerals are always generated passively from income sources. Either buildings or units. There is no way to earn gas except from killing the opposing team's units or structures. This game has the potential for a great deal of depth based on what builders you choose. Their individual play styles vary immensely. For example, Spirit earns the majority of his income by playing an RNG stock market. the other part of his income is a bank that increments the minerals inside by a fixed percentage every few seconds. Spirit is only able to attack by building fixed towers that are upgraded throughout the match. Builders Scientist Ares Ascendant Spirit Engineer Nomad ArtanisSupport Prophet Dark Templar Stukov Team NovaZerg Kerrigan Dehaka ZagaraThe lings that Automatically spawn are Zagara's by default. She moves very slowly off the creep and has a ranged attack. She can also teleport to anywhere on the map that creep has spread. She spreads creep, which give vision, by laying tumors. If you have any bug reports please post them in this thread.Tor8 Sep 2
Aug 28 Stank or Apocalisk for infested race? I am in the process of creating an extension mod that adds the infested as a playable race, and I am trying to decide whether to include the Stank or the Apocalisk as a buildable unit. My infested race is designed to touch upon all aspects of the infested in the Starcraft universe. This means that both the Left 2 Die special infested and the Stukov commander units should be included. The problem is that both the Stank and the Apocalisk fill roughly the same role. (In my mod, the Apocalisk would not be a heroic calldown, but rather a slower version of the Ultralisk with anti-air capabilities.) I can't see any way to include one without getting rid of the other. If I choose the Apocalisk, I have to give up the coolest of the special infested (and also wind up giving people an incomplete set of Left 2 Die units). If I choose the Stank, I end up sacrificing one of the most epic units in the entire game for what is basically just a stronger Ultralisk. The planned unit lineup is as follows. There are a couple of units on the end whose inclusion I am not sure of: Infested SCV Overlord --> Spotter Infested Civilian Infested Marine Volatile Infested Hunterling Kaboomer Aberration Infested Diamondback Choker Infested Siege Tank Stank / Apocalisk Infested Liberator Infested Banshee Brood Queen Infested Battlecruiser? (uses Aleksander model) Blightbringer? Infested Military Transport?If anybody has any opinions on which unit they would rather see in the finished mod alongside the Spotter, Choker, Hunterling and Kaboomer, I'd love to hear them.Nedia13 Aug 28
Aug 23 New Established Order 3 Is there going to be a beta for NEO 3 in the sc2 arcade or does it end at NEO 2? Would really like to know if Blood is going to continue from the first 2 and if it is going to be similar to the originals.Jonathon1 Aug 23
Aug 22 PARASITE TEST Part 4 This thread is for the arcade game PARASITE TEST. Part 4 of the on-going thread chain. In case you don't know what PARASITE TEST is, it's a deception game, where one player starts off as the alien, with other players being humans. For the alien to win, he must infest/kill all humans, and for the human to win, he must kill all aliens. It's similar to Warcraft 3's Metastasis and Parasite 2, and StarCraft 2's The Thing, Xeno Crisis, and Malum Ruina in concept of alien deception type gameplay. Map: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/281463 Thread 1: Thread 2: Thread 3: Aug 22
Aug 22 created maps how do i publish the map that took me three days to make, to the games maps? im ready to try it out.SirArthur0 Aug 22
Aug 20 Diplo or War 1939 Hi, I was wondering if any diplo maker would like to remake this map for sc2? Basically WW2-With triggered events/fun rules to go with etc is pretty neat.Zeemie0 Aug 20
Aug 19 Viridian Shrine [1v1 | Melee] Hello forums, For the past week or so I've been trying to create a well polished, balanced melee map. The best way to achieve that is through playtesting and observing winrate trends over numerous games. If anyone is so inclined the map is named Viridian Shrine (battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/289572). Viridian Shrine is a 1v1 melee map following the style of ladder maps in the current pool and previous pools. Special care has been taken to detail the map in such a way that it provides a close-to-even play experience for all the races. (From the perspective of my limited play-test group) The map features jungle-style terrain with a "Lost Temple" theme. It also features 12 bases, and 3 gold bases, one of which is rich in vespene but dangeous to take. I look forward to your comments and suggestions, and aspire to have this map one day make the ladder pool. The map is currently available on the US server, and if you take the time to play it I would appreciate it if you rated the map and left a comment. Thank you for your interest, -Moon (Jordan)MoonStone1 Aug 19
Aug 18 RTC 2017: Scavenger Hunt Link (Americas): battlenet://starcraft/map/1/283953 Link (Europe): battlenet://starcraft/map/2/198609 Link (Korea and Taiwan): battlenet://starcraft/map/3/116304 Link (Southeast Asia): battlenet://starcraft/map/6/25674 Game Type: Escort/Boss Fight Description: A mercenary called Christopher has crashlanded on a planet with some old Xel'Naga ruins. Most of his combat gear was thrown out of his ship upon ground impact. The commanders must help the mercenary to find his missing gear, while protecting him from Amon's forces which are on the planet to salvage the Xel'Naga relics inside the ruins. This map requires you to be constantly on the move. While Christopher does have a weapon at his disposal, he's still just one man and requires the help of the commanders' troops. The enemy will not just attack the player bases, but Christopher's ship as well. The missing gear is being protected by old Xel'Naga constructs, so you have to defeat them in order to retrieve it. You must be quick, as the constructs will attack Christopher if no other unit is closeby - and if he dies, it's game over. Credits: Christopher's unit model by alleyviper85 Xel'Naga Eye model (Vile, Hideous Construct) by Triceron Xel'Naga Turret model (Fiery, Arctic Construct) by kailniris Christopher's voice lines by Jayborinoazureguy16 Aug 18
Aug 17 Single Player RTS Map Contest (SC2|SC1|WC3) Single Player Map Contest (IN PLANNING) Greetings map-making community! Two other community members, Jayborino and Pr0nogo, and I are looking to bring the Blizzard RTS communities together around our love for some good, ol' fashioned single player content. We are really just looking to gauge interest and participation here at first with something more official coming later if we think enough folks will join in. These are all early ideas as we're looking for feedback at this point and we'll add more of the semantics later. If you are interested in participating, have any suggestions, questions, and/or feedback, please let us know here in the thread. Thank you!! Contest Rules and Conditions Submissions must be playable in StarCraft 1, StarCraft 2, OR Warcraft 3. Submissions must be single player only. Mission 1 of a possible campaign, a stand alone scenario map, or Arcade-y type maps which could include virtually any style of gameplay. Submissions must be new maps, started at the time of the contest. Submissions must include instructions for how to play, whether it be in offline mode for StarCraft 2, on, through the custom campaign interface of WC3, etc. One submission per person/team. This is still in brainstorming phases, we're looking for any feedback that could make this appeal to more contributors. We want the barrier of entry to be fairly low. See judging section below for answers to inevitable questions of imbalanced cross-game judging. Prizes Depending on # of submissions per game, we may have a winner per game, then an overall winner of those three. Prizes may depend on which game the winning map is for or perhaps just winner's choice. Please leave feedback on what below may incentivize you to participate. Bragging rights; the thrill of winning; good exposure to Jayborino's and Deltron's viewerbase; SC: Remastered key/s, SC2 co-op and/or collectibles DLC, announcer packs; WoW expansion or time card; StarCraft Risk Board Game, etc. Judges Jayborino DeltronLive Pr0nogo (unless maybe he submits) YouTube viewer polls Judging/Voting Criteria Jayborino and I have extensive content on our channels and our experience hopefully instills some level of trust when we say that fun factor really is #1 in terms of possible judging. We play each of these games and do not really prefer one over the other. We understand that, for example, the SC2 Galaxy Editor opens the door for many more possibilities, but can also be much more time consuming, so there are many balancing factors that we're very aware of. We'll nail the judging criteria down in stone if this becomes official and are looking for feedback to again make this as appealing to creators as possible to participate. Related SC2Mapster thread: Related Hive Workshop thread: Aug 17
Aug 15 Spear of Adun in Multiplayer Beta This is an extension mod that I just finished an hour ago. Search "Spear of Adun" in extension mods and you'll find it. type -soa to access the abilities. Changes: - UI for abilities is not the fancy blizzard version - Game doesn't slow down/pause when you pick targets - All abilities are available. Known bugs: -Mass Recall is not implemented -Thermal Lance won't show where you've previously targeted Fixed Bugs: -Other players can see targeting actors for some abilities - Multiplayer tech tree now loads instead of campaign tech treesomenoob0 Aug 15
Aug 9 Tower Defence maps (TD) Hello i didn't played SC2 since 2 year ago came back recently to SC2 again - unfortunately i cannot find any TD (tower defense) map on game. like GEM TD can some one explain to me what happened to the game ? Thank youStars0 Aug 9
Aug 7 Desert Strike Azure [Development] Desert Strike Azure - Tug of War Map: two fortresses stand in a vast battlefield - To Win: overrun the enemy fortress with created units - To Play: create units, create Gas Exchangers for income Desert Strike version Azure is based on the original desert strike maps: Desert Strike version Queen (DSvQ: Broodwar) and Desert Strike version Square (DSvS: SC2 port of DSvQ) Desert Strike Azure plays most similarly to DSvQ while using mechanics found in DSvS. Instead of using unit upgrades, Desert Strike Azure has evolved to expand on the strategic use of unit movement speeds and unit counters. In summary: Desert Strike Azure contains a deep multi-wavebuild metagame -a metagame of unit choices & casual timing. Gamelink battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/276093 To use link: close SC2, click windows icon (bottom left), type 'run' in search, press enter, paste link, click 'ok' Videos: How is it different from Desert Strike version Queen/Square? 1. Adaptation for Victory: Desert Strike version Azure demands that the player adapt their wave build per each game or be defeated. Every unit is intended to be used when needed per varying battlefield conditions. 2. Multiple Wave Build Options: There are no weak units, there are no overpowered units. However, if you build every unit, your wave will be weak. *for those coming from DSvS: all air units are now powerful and usable (instead of being near useless) ie: Mutas, Void Rays, Carriers and Battlecruisers are quite powerful. Building an attack wave is cooking -and you are the chef, the Iron Chef of Victory! - In analogy, don't use every ingredient in the kitchen -you'll just make a mess 3. Casual Timing? Its a very big battlefield. Your wave must traverse the terrain to reach the enemy fortress. Each unit type within the wave moves at a different speed. Move speed determines 'when' it arrives in battle, which affects the performance of your 'push' toward the enemy fortress. *Many units can now speed shift (change move speeds). In example: Using slow primal roaches within a Zerg wave will create a secondary 'front tanky line' to protect hydralisks. Using sets of fast and slow spellcasters (Infestor, Ghost, High Templar) will allow you to control when they arrive in battle to cast AOE spells. 4. New Units: Custom made units with highly advanced AI were used to macro balance (convert) a RTS game into a truly balanced Tug of War game. In design, an RTS game cannot be used in this specific tug without adapting for 'lack of micro' -like creating a new board game using Chess pieces & Japanese Shogi pieces, it does not work without filling in needed roles via true adaptation and new custom creations. 5. Gambling and Betting: I prefer that this aspect of the map be experienced and found by the players via gamplay. Technical Development Information Desert Strike Azure is not an augmentation or add-on to SC2 or to the original Desert Strike. It is coded from the ground up, from scratch, designed and created with the purpose of having macro-balance, depth of meta and to have near zero lag. - 1+ year(s) of development - 120+ Custom made units There are no campaign units used -there are no melee units used either. Every unit is created from scratch (independently from blizzard units) and designed for effect tree efficiency. This is the primary method of lag elimination. - there are no hidden stats, all information is available by directly clicking on the battlefield units and hovering over the equipment icons - 100+ Custom Buildings - detailed custom models, animations, textures, tooltips - extremely detailed tooltips designed to inform players of their unit choices Join us at our discord channel for bug reports, suggestions and to hang out: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/276093 To use link: close SC2, click windows icon (bottom left), type 'run' in search, press enter, paste link, click 'ok'TerraAzure47 Aug 7
Aug 4 The Curse of Tristram: Destruction's end The alpha trailer is out! Here is the official website: made by Egod e-mail: -------------egodbout187 Aug 4
Jul 31 Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth [Official Thread] Mod is available in Arcade! Launch Trailer: Description: Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth is the Starcraft II based remake of Warcraft III, which adds some new gameplay features but saves original balance and graphical design with massive use of resources from other games created by Blizzard Entertainment. Mod will be free to play via and you will be able to construct your own maps with our assets. Key Features: Balance of original Warcraft III; Better graphics engine; New models of units, heroes, buildings, doodads, etc.; Opportunity for modmakers to create their own mods and design maps in Warcraft style; Better control system and interface; Playable with Starcraft 2 Starter Edition. You can now play on Turtle Rock (browse WAA Turtle Rock [4] or WAA Ogre Mound [2] in Arcade) only, but we’ll publish more! Join WAA Mod channel to communicate and play with other Warcraft fans! A special basket was created for your comments and suggestions: Visit our official page on Moddb: Also you can follow us in social networks: Facebook: Twitter: just search using the hashtag #Warcraft_AAWAATeam22 Jul 31
Jul 30 Bunker Wars X [Official Thread] Control a bunker that automatically spawns units. Pick your units from 42 different choices. Choose a single unit, or choose multiple. Let's make a mass game a big deal! Weekly Tournaments will be held Friday night at 8:00 pm EST once the game reaches the top 10! (Tournaments can be participated in automatically by joining a game between 8:00 and 8:30 pm EST).Vanished43 Jul 30
Jul 28 RTC 2017: Primal Ascension NA Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/285094 EU Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/199343 Asia Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/116323 SE Asia Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/6/25672 (To use one of the above links search for "Run" in Windows. Start it and copy-paste the link into it. Press "OK". Start Starcraft 2 with the desired Server OR search for "RTC 2017: Primal Ascension" on the Arcade.) Description: Amon has corrupted the Primal Pack Ascendants of Zerus. They seek to drain Dehaka's eggs to become the new Primal Pack Leaders. Protect the eggs and slay the Primal Pack Ascendants. Gameplay: Players fight four unique bosses to prevent them from draining eggs near the players' bases. Each boss has its own abilities. Void Crystals are floating around each boss and protecting it from damage until destroyed. To reach a boss players have to fight Primal Zerg. Occasionally an Ash Worm will spawn near the eggs, which can also drain the eggs. The bonus objective includes fighting endless hordes of Primal Zerg. Main Objectives: - Slay the Primal Pack Ascendants (0/4) - Ascendants Can't Drain 20 Eggs (0 drained) Bonus Objectives: - Collect Primal Zerg Biomass Video Links: - Beta 7: (Voice over) - Beta 6: (New boss Khailu) - Beta 5: - Beta 4: (New boss Skiver) - Beta 3: (Special abilities for Void Crystals) - Beta 2: (Decreased map size) - Beta 1: Screenshots: More Screenshots (spoilers): Notes: - Map basically finished. Only minor polishing and bugfixing left My other projects: - Starcraft 2 co-op campaign: Shadow of the Xel'Naga: - Warcraft 3: The Last Guardian: - Warcraft 3: Day of the Dragon: - Warcraft 3: Lord of the Clans: Jul 28
Jul 27 Mass Recall Unable to Load Save Hey all, Not sure if this is the right board for this but hopefully someone can chime in. A few days ago I installed StarCraft: Mass Recall and it's great and I'm having lots of nostalgic fun with it. The only bug I've encountered so far is that on certain missions, it won't load my save games; I get the error that says something like "Failed to open save." That's not the exact wording but close. Note this is not a failure to load the map (did a Google search for this bug and that's all that came up), thus far all maps are loading fine it's specifically not loading certain mission's saves. These missions are Terran 5 and Terran 7 from Episode 1 (I'm presently on Terran 7). I'm curious to see if it'll occur on Terran 9 as one, as one common element in this missions is that you get the Sarah Kerrigan unit. Has anyone else experienced this bug? Any solutions? Thanks!Juxtapose2 Jul 27
Jul 22 Game of Thrones [A Song of Ice and Fire] This is a continuation thread since our last thread is almost maxed out. All conversation towards the map that was created by JTaylor goes here! I'll update this post later tonight with more information about the game. What is Game of Thrones? GoT is based off of the fictional story and world created by George RR Martin. The game itself takes place during the height of the War of the Five Kings in a period after Robert died and Eddard Stark was executed for treason. The game itself involves every major house and faction during the war as they attempt to place themselves onto the Iron Throne or better themselves off prior to the conflict. How does the game play work? GoT uses the turn based system similar to the War of the Ring and Silmarillion Maps from the Warcraft 3 days. Every minute and 50 seconds you spawn a set of units at every spawn. Spawns can be upgrade with vespene gas (every faction starts with 100 gas you can only upgrade 2 at a time) As spawns become upgraded they produce higher tier units that are stronger. Upgrading spawns takes 300 seconds. In addition, the game puts emphasis on Heroes. Utilize, Micro, and keep your heroes safe! They represent the bulk of your power. In addition, diplomacy is also crucial because some factions while being in the game may not need to hold the Iron Throne to win adding twists to the game. All this talk about spawns, what are they? Every faction owns a capital city thats worth a large amount of supply, can be upgraded five times, and produces the best units for a faction. Factions also own a variety of towns that can be upgraded three or for times , and keeps that can be upgraded once to spawn extra of the lowest variety of unit. Are my favorite heroes from the series in the game? You bet! Every faction has between 3-6 heroes ranging from the Five Kings, Great Jon Umber, the Stark Dire Wolves, Melisandre, Brienne, Oberyn, and many more! Edit: More Info to come!Waffen400 Jul 22
Jul 22 Baseship Commanders Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce this MOD to you for those who haven't heard of it. I've been working on it on and off for a few years and I think its close to a point where you might want to try it out! Choose between the Base Commander or a Ship Commander and work with your team to destroy the enemy towers in a classic MOBA with a twist! The Base Commander is responsible for building defenses and using abilities to help his fellow Ship Commanders. Some General Features: -9 total ships to choose from (Plus the Base Commander) all with unique roles ranging from: Support, Carry, Tank, Ganker, Assasin, and debuff. -Dozens of counters to dozens of special abilities! -No secret item knowledge required! No in game items. -Every hero starts with every ability, but nearly every ability can be upgraded through earned experience and farming. -You can upgrade on the battlefield, no need to return to base, but don't die or you lose upgrade progress! -Faction Powers. There are 2 teams, each team is a unique faction with unique advantages and disadvantages and Faction Abilities all shared by the team. -Special Augmentations designed to completely change your hero's play style. Some augments completely transform your ship into a different role, while others give special abilities or buffs. Find in Arcade under Genre: Hero Battle. (Search for Baseship Commanders) Players: 10 Modes include: All pick, random, mono battle website: (For all detailed info on every hero, and game feature!) Youtube links: Jul 22
Jul 21 Neostar RPG, a bw-like hero roamer Hello! Neostar RPG is a harsh bw-like hero roamer, inspired by the days of old when common design wisdoms were not yet discovered and maps held no expectations for features/polish. <2016 EDIT> or so I'd want to say but after release I kept on working on rough edges the map had until it did acquire some of the benefits of moder designs. Best of two worlds, woooo! I think the map got better for it.<2016 EDIT END> The objective of the map is locate and destroy Dragon’s den before Dragon awakens and erases the expedition forces (which you are a part of) off the face of the planet. Every now and then planets wildlife will overpopulate and attack expeditionary outpost. At first outpost can shrug off such waves, but later on, ignoring them can cost a game. Moving on, player can chose one of 4 classes to play the game. Each class/hero starts with only 1 ability, but unlocks additional skill and strength each time he levels up (up to 5 levels max <2016 EDIT> now 6 levels, but lvl 6 is just big passive bonus <2016 EDIT END>), with level 5 being almost unreachable in regular game, but on the flipside offering game-winning abilities in one way or another if achieved. Beware of perma death, if you die you can chose one of remaining heroes, but never the class that you’ve already lost. There are also some other things, like gathering flowers and making potions out of them, hunting scattered frozen enemies for exp/mineral freebies, searching for vaults that once found will increase array of tools for players to win the game and various interactions and tactics to learn. Feel free to ask any question, except for the following one: Q: Will you make the map to resemble more WC3/SC2 maps with lots of different upgrades, maybe persistent progress, and maybe computer pushing by himself? A: This project for me is all about the bw-feelings, some pieces are thrown for nostalgia (crazy kerrigans, queens), some cause they made sense and were needed to fulfill some functions (highground advantage). In a sense, bw maps all shared this elegant simplicity. Simple universal upgrades, simple mercs, you just kinda knew what you were getting from the looks of things. Many upgrades/skill trees is more of a WC3 era thing. I’d rather make a new map featuring those as a core concept rather than add them to something that was made with different thought in mind. Oh, and also: Q: Add town portal! A: Use potion of haste and run really really fast. Q: Lurkers at w3 kill the base, too strong! A: There is a cheap potion that grants detection, or you can build a sensor tower for insane field coverage. Q: Game too hard! A: Use your abilities, pick winnable engagements, be aware of surrounding. Make potions! glfh, dd kaDuckyTheDuck46 Jul 21
Jul 20 Crap Patrol 2 - Oldschool This topic about Oldschool mode at Crap Patrol 2 mapaolla2 Jul 20
Jul 18 Turret -X- Defense About to publish an alpha version for testing. Will provide link soon! Here is link to map: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/288472Hecsagon3 Jul 18
Jul 17 What was this tug of war called? I'm trying to remember what the name of this tug of war map was.... It was a lot like Nexus wars ( I think), you could upgrade individual units to have special abilities, such as shields (good on zerglings?) and explosion on death, rate of fire, etc etc.... Any suggestions? THANKS This was from around 2013-2014 I think Thanks allSlimeyLing0 Jul 17
Jul 17 PARASITE TEST - SPARTAN HANDLE LIST! Long awaited. Type "handles" during the game to identify these losers despite them frequently changing their names. To start our list I have ARBITER a.k.a SMITH & MATRIX AGENT Handle 1-S2-1-9632250 Was this Helpful?RandallFlagg0 Jul 17
Jul 16 Zurvivor Zerg: Rebirth Official Thread I decided to make a thread for my custom game, "Zurvivor Zerg: Rebirth". You can tell me your feedback, give suggestions, ask questions, etc., and I'll also post any updates of the game here. Current Heroes; their roles and a brief description: 1) Marine (Assault) ^Marines have a high rate of fire and good armor, making them good fighters in nearly all circunstances. Best used with some support. -High armor -High rate of fire -Higher mobility than other highly armored units *Shares "Combat Shield" with the War Pigs 2) Ghost (Overwatch) ^Ghosts are meant for support at long range, and their abilities were made specifically for this job. Situational awareness is their best friend. -Long weapon range -High damage -Can sprint to relocate quickly *It's main weapon does double damage to Armored enemies 3) Marauder (Defense) ^Marauders work great when covering a given point. They are also highly effective support units and can heal friendly biological units. -High health -High damage -High energy supply *It can heal two biological allies at once 4) Spectre (Psychic) ^Spectres use their abilities to tip the balance of the fight in their favor, whether it be by stunning enemies or temporally controling them. -Long weapon range -Very high damage -Over-average movement speed *Highly effective against enemies with a lot of health 5) Commando (Commando) ^Commando unit. Elite Marines that are awarded upgraded weaponry as well as improved defensive capabilities to support squadrons under their command. -High armor -Can sprint to relocate quickly -High energy supply *Has the highest rate of fire 6) SCV (Builder) ^SCVs can quickly create bases for their allies, improving both their defensive and offensive capability. Be careful when using Siege Turrets! -High base armor -No fighting capability whatsoever. -High movement speed *Only survivor that can construct multiple permanent structures 7) Reaper (Demolitions Expert) ^Reapers are great in hit-and-run missions, plus their abilities can heavily weaken the enemy. Caution is adviced when using explosives! -Can regenerate health quickly when not taking damage -Good balance between rate of fire and damage -High movement speed *Can jump up and down cliffs 8) Firebat (Frontline) ^Firebats are meant for crowd control. They can take the most amount of damage and their abilities are meant to annihilate groups of enemies. -High armor -High base damage -High energy supply *Can take a lot of damage while it has shields 9) Hellion (Skirmish; "Copy-Cat") ^Hellions can do a lot of damage in a short time, and their speed grants a higher agility for effective shoot-and-scoot tactics and quick escapes. -High health -Very high damage -High energy supply *Has the highest movement speed 10) Vulture (Grenadier; "Copy-Cat") ^Grenadier unit. Vultures can bombard their foes with a wide variety of weapons, as well as provide defense with smoke grenades. Just don't help the enemy too! -Over-average weapon range -High damage -High speed *Only survivor that can permanently upgrade its rate of fire 11) Goliath (Multi-Task; "Copy-Cat") ^Goliaths are well-rounded heroes that can replace the role of other heroes, but they do not excel in a specific role themselves. -Slightly over-average weapon range -High rate of fire -Over-average movement speed *It can fill any role to a degree, but not as good as other heroes 12) Siege Tank (Support; "Copy-Cat") ^Siege Tanks can greatly weaken the enemy before they are within range of most allies. They are not effective when deployed at the front lines. -High weapon range -High armor -High damage *Its default ability can do heavy damage in a large area 13) Sentry (Caster; "Copy-Cat") ^Sentries rely on their abilities in the battlefield. They can be deployed in a supportive role or a defensive one, where they hold a point on their own. -High health -High rate of fire -High energy supply *Has the highest energy regeneration 14) Dark Stalker (Harasment; "Copy-Cat") ^Exiled renegades of the Protoss army, the Dark Stalkers teammed up with the Survivors and improved their arsenal with Terran technology for harassment. -High health -Good balance between rate of fire and damage -High movement speed *It's shields regenerate very slowly by default New Update's main features: - Fixed a bug with the lobby caused by patch 3.0. - Unfortunately, couldn't fix the Zurvivor Siege Tank's attack bug, also caused by patch 3.0.LMG38 Jul 16
Jul 14 Infestation Installation [Official Thread] Infestation Installation is First Person Shooter survival that puts you and up to five other players in an abandoned Dominion Research Facility. Try to survive as long as you can against large waves of Zombies and Zerg. Open up new areas with credits earned from killing enemies and rebuilding barricades and find new weapons, abilities and technology. Find the Research Center to upgrade existing weapons as well as buy new tech such as Dragon's Fury, Thor's Hammer, and the Black Hole Generator Device. Face bosses every 3 rounds such as Ultralisks, Aberrations, and Brutalisks which appear much more terrifying in First Person. Search the facility, gather what research you can, discover the source of the infestation, but above all... survive! For You Editor Enthusiasts: First Person Shooter that has much more accurate firing without the use of Tracelines. Animated Gun Models for every weapon. Headshot mechanic. Some Gameplay Videos: (Part 1 of 2) (Part 2 of 2) Jul 14
Jul 12 Project Haven Project Haven Genre: Action Players: 5 Choose one of the various heroes and work in a team of 5 players to survive. Project Haven is a cooperative map that tests the teamwork and skill of 5 players by pitting them together against hordes of enemies with unique traits and abilities during multiple types of objectives. Project Haven is simple enough to pick up and play but also has a learning curve for regular players. With various game modes and heroes to pick from, Project Haven provides a large variety of ways to experience the map and challenge the players. Map Link: NA starcraft://map/1/228613 EU starcraft://map/2/161591 KR starcraft://map/3/81985 Site: Email: Discord: Jul 12
Jul 10 Lottery Defence Question I had an issue today with my progress in the game that I am sure isn't correctable, but I will see if anyone else has seen the issue. I had a power outage at my house while I was in the middle of a Lottery Defense Game and when I logged back on I noticed that I had lost all of my progress in the Arcade Game except for my Rune. So I went from level 30 to level 1 and all the SP that had been built up which is a little frustrating. Any help is appreciated, I'm leaning towards a to bad scenario right now though. Thanks All.Vairosean2 Jul 10
Jul 9 Starcraft Universe (caution: much trolling) Update: Sorry for the title chance, but this thread got pretty low pretty fast by the time it hit three pages of posts. As for continuing the conversation properly, please go to the Upheaval Arts website forums: Know that I will be quick to ban users that troll on there (I'm a moderator on the Upheaval website, so I can do that over there). There's a new thread now, so this post probably won't be updated ever again. Here's the new thread: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone like Starcraft Universe? Now is the absolutely perfect time show your support, because we finally have concrete evidence that it will be out VERY soon (or at least an open beta will). The Starcraft Universe developers have started a Kickstarter fund raiser to support the development of their game. Their kickstarter page tells you just about everything, even what the money you donate will be used for. All you have to do to know more about the kickstarter is go here: You can see what Blizzard had to say about the currently available demo, 'SC Universe: Chronicles of Fate,' right here: You can even visit the Upheaval Arts website and make an account on there if you want to tell them your appreciation. I've recently been given Moderator status for the website, so I'll be there to help maintain it, and I'll be on there a lot for the rest of the month at the least, so ask away either here or over there if you have any questions. To be specific, you can ask questions (and possibly learn a few more things about Starcraft Universe) right here: If anyone has any questions at all, I'll be here to answer them. P.S. Starcraft Universe is NOT an actual MMO, its more like Diablo. That's a rumor the devs have been trying to kill for some time. Update: I recently realized that the developers may not be 100% certain about how SCU will be 100% free to play 100% of the time... Fingers crossed that at least the smaller maps, Chronicles and the coming open alpha, will stay featured.Setho89 Jul 9
Jul 8 PARASITE TEST Part 5 "This thread is for the arcade game PARASITE TEST. Part 5 of the on-going thread chain. In case you don't know what PARASITE TEST is, it's a deception game, where one player starts off as the alien, with other players being humans. For the alien to win, he must infest/kill all humans, and for the human to win, he must kill all aliens. It's similar to Warcraft 3's Metastasis and Parasite 2, and StarCraft 2's The Thing, Xeno Crisis, and Malum Ruina in concept of alien deception type gameplay." Map: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/281463 Thread 1: Thread 2: Thread 3: Thread 4: Jul 8
Jul 7 Eras Zombie Invasion Discord! Eras zombie invasion Discord is open and ready for all eras fans to use :) anyone interested feel free to drop in and check it out. If you have any ideas for the server let me know and I will see what can be done. Jul 7
Jul 2 Starcraft: Battlefront [Official Thread] Starcraft Battlefront is a DoTA-style Third Person Shooter. You can play as Terran, Zerg, or Protoss, each with eight different units to use. Play a variety of Game Modes, such as Outposts, Capture the Flag, and Grief. There are pilotable vehicles for each race as well. There are four worlds that can be played on, Aiur, Char, Meinhoff, or Korhal. Kill enemy units and get enemy player kill streaks to earn minerals to upgrade the units and vehicles you use as well as your team's AI Use Legendary Units such as Jim Raynor or Zeratul by being the best/worst player on your team. (Depending on Voted options) SuperWeapons can be deployed and are unique to each race. (Again, depending on Voted options) Gameplay Videos: Old Thread: Jul 2
Jun 30 [Alpha] Chop Farms Strategy game based on Warcraft 2 chop farms map. Alpha version of game is available on Battlenet. Leave your ideas and suggestions here: - Ideas on new units/abilities; - Ideas on new races; - Ideas on map size/spawning; - Ideas on custom mods; Also looking people to recruit as developers. Game Link: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/288120 (Custom version, no buildings) Game Link: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/270455 (WC2 remake version with buildings)Trav8 Jun 30
Jun 30 (In Development) (work in progress, will update) Wow. This community is vile to even dislike a list ThanksGoodDaytoDie0 Jun 30
Jun 27 Training Map for Terran Original Post Arcade map is called Ultimate Multitasker DuskTowers In my search to improve my skills, I made a training map to simulate hardcore multitasking. This is for players looking to improve their APM/multitasking skills quickly. I added variance and scoring parameters to encourage you play more aggressively than you might in a typical multiplayer game. Check it out and let me know what you think Thanks Jun 27
Jun 27 ERAS ZOMBIE INVASION STARTER GUIDE PLEASE READ THIS GUIDE FOR ERAS ZOMBIE INVASION IF YOU ARE NEW! _____________________________________________________________________________ max out peasants at your capitols (max is 20) . NUMBER CONTROL GROUP YOUR CAPITOL/TECH CENTERS/BARRACKS/PEASANTS/MARKETS/LUMBERMILLS TIME TO BUILD AN ARMY . INNERS should make wizards (wizards can teleport anywhere on the map you have vision) or archers (archers have high damage against ground units and bosses and fast movement speed) (don’t make a mixed army to start) BORDERS are a bit trickier to start . You need to make 8 to 12 catapults (basically max out your population with cats to start) and max out tower count (15 towers) (I usually get 5 in each upgrade before this step) THEN you need to open gates (leave them open for a bit) and send your cats out to attack oils (zombie refineries) . LEAVE GATES OPEN UNTIL OILS ARE DEAD! . once oils are dead you can get rid of cats (suicide button) and make archers or wizards USE MONEY FROM OILS TO GET ERA UPGRADES! . as border you will want all era upgrades NOW you need to work on your economy . max out your market count and upgrade them to max BEFORE second era . also work on getting economics to 15+ so you can get markets upgraded a third time before second era Once second era hits, max out your lumbermills and work on getting woodcutting upgrade (can also get this upgrade in first era if you have enough and next era upgrades) . and from here its an upgrade session until 3rd era as inner focus on army upgrades . as border focus on EVERY upgrade . try to get any and all relevant era upgrades (bottom row of tech center) every era Once you hit 3rd era you need to replace your army with 3rd era stuff . BORDERS rebuild your walls with 3rd era walls and defensive structures , also known as a border trasition (ask for help if needed) . INNERS just need to get era 3 armies (snipers, marines, or tanks) . EVERYONE keep upgrading everything while all this is happening _____________________________________________________________________________ If you have any comments, tips, or notice a typo i missed PLEASE let me know. I want the eras community to get larger :)whiteguy0 Jun 27
Jun 27 Rock the Cabinet: Tech Wars 2 Game Name: Tech Wars 2 Creators: Snazzman & Overdrive Game Type: Tug of War Typical Game Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes Game Link: Americas: starcraft://map/1/226363 Europe: starcraft://map/2/138407 Modes: Standard (3v3), 2v2, 1v1, Cross (2v2) Player Requirements: 1 to 6 (Working AI on all modes. If a player leaves, the AI will take control) Youtube Playlist: I made a playlist on my youtube account of other people’s videos. Most of the videos are old versions, but mostly still relevant. Facebook Page: Description: Tech Wars 2 was inspired by the Warcraft 3 map, Tech Wars. The objective of the game is to destroy all three enemy Planetary Fortresses, while keeping at least one of your team’s Fortresses intact. Achieving this goal requires long term strategy and teamwork, countering enemy units in each lane and controlling technology pylons that allow your team to utilise a wider range of units. This map mostly started out as our own editor playground where we could create interesting custom units and game dynamics in the context of a playable map. However, it’s developed into something much more now; we have a thriving community (mostly in the Europe server but growing in Americas) that supplies us with constant feedback that we genuinely listen to and often act on. The design aesthetic of the map still leans somewhat towards the creative side, but the gameplay definitely allows for competitive play and we try to keep things balanced. There are currently 91 buildable units in the map, many of which are custom, and we’re always dreaming up more. There are far too many gameplay nuances to cover in a single post, but I’ll just outline the basics of how to play: Each player has a Planetary Fortress, and if it is destroyed, you lose all of your buildings. You know, standard tug of war stuff. Build and upgrade structures such as Barracks and Factories to spawn units that will automatically make their way towards your closest opponent’s Fortress to attack. Many unit upgrades require special technology that isn’t attained by research, but instead requires the corresponding Pylon in the centre of the map to be controlled by your team. You don’t have to do anything special to control the tech, they just go to whichever team has the most units near it. You can build anywhere on your team’s side of the map and units spawned will always head towards the nearest technology Pylon before attacking the enemy base. We intentionally left the map quite open tactically, but standard practice is to build most of your buildings behind your own base, along with a few at the top or bottom of the map to capture Protoss and Zerg tech, respectively, and a few buildings behind allied bases if they’re in trouble. Resources take the form of Minerals and Vespene Gas, as usual. Minerals are gathered by Harvesters built in your Command Centre, while Vespene is earned by killing enemy units. In addition, any of your units killed by enemy Fortresses or turrets will earn you Vespene, and you receive 1 Vespene every time a Harvester returns in Standard Mode. In the tragic event that you do lose your Planetary Fortress, you will be presented with a Shade that has a number of spells useful for helping your allies. Although it is very possible to win a game after one of your teammates has become a Shade, note that you are definitely at a disadvantage. We hope you enjoy our map, and if you have any questions or feedback or anything, feel free to contact us at Snazzman and OverdriveOverdrive6 Jun 27