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1d PARASITE TEST Part 6 "This thread is for the arcade game PARASITE TEST. Part 5 of the on-going thread chain. In case you don't know what PARASITE TEST is, it's a deception game, where one player starts off as the alien, with other players being humans. For the alien to win, he must infest/kill all humans, and for the human to win, he must kill all aliens. It's similar to Warcraft 3's Metastasis and Parasite 2, and StarCraft 2's The Thing, Xeno Crisis, and Malum Ruina in concept of alien deception type gameplay." Map: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/281463 Thread 1: Thread 2: Thread 3: Thread 4: Thread 5: 1d
2d Rock the Cabinet: Doodad Hunt 2 Doodad Hunt 2 Created by Bounty Model Editing by JademusSreg Music by hakan-eriksson, ScoreStudio, FiluHalon and CyrilNikitin Player Support - 6-10 NA - battlenet://starcraft/map/1/63168 EU - battlenet://starcraft/map/2/184814 Description The battle between Doodads and Seekers continues... Teams take turns hunting down Doodads as a Seeker and avoiding being caught as a Doodad. Adapt to constantly shifting shenanigans via random events that can assist or hurt the Seekers in their pursuit FEATURES Basic - Three Unique Maps - Six Seekers to choose from - Hundreds of possible Doodads to be In Depth - Rather then being 100% focused on hiding, Doodad Hunt 2 is equal parts hiding and escaping. - Randomized Events can help or hurt Seekers in their pursuit to locate and kill the Doodads - Dares give Doodads the option to be more active and rewards them with time being shaved off from the round. Thus giving the Seekers less time to achieve victory and potentially less events. VIDEOS Trailer and Gameplay Video - 2d
4d Legends of the Void RPG [Official Thread] Hello friends!, I would like to make a thread for my map here to get further feedback, suggestions and bug reports if possible as I keep trying to update and go forward. Any response will be appreciated. I have worked on this map for years but it was originally created under the title: Deadlands RPG: Valhalla. Legends of the Void RPG can be played now on America, EU and Korea servers now. Let me know what you think. :) Game Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/248286 Game State: Alpha Genre: RPG/Base Defense Version: 1.88 Game Story: Your planet has been devastated by a war between three hostile factions. Under the command of Captain Reznor, the remaining survivors of the war establish an outpost in the Evergreen Forest to defend against the attacks of their enemies. After being rescued by Reznors men in the Dead Wastelands, you were taken to the medical lab to recover from your injuries. The voice of a mysterious being calls out to you in your dreams. You awaken from your rest, and find out that the outpost will soon run out of supplies and they will need your help. Do you have what it takes to become the next Legend of the Void? Game Info: 1-4 Player RPG Maximum level: 75 12 Heroes To Choose From Auto-Saved Heroes 321+ Equippable Items 36 Outpost Missions Defend The Outpost Defeat all Bosses Battle Champions of the Arena HOTS/LOTV Required to Play You and your allies must help the Outpost fight back the forces of evil that has destroyed this planet. Complete all missions, defend the outpost and defeat all enemy bosses to save them from destruction. Choose between 12 different current heroes. You can be either Tank, DPS or a Healer class. Each Area has its own boss and a few missions you must eliminate to advance to the next area. There is currently 321 pieces of gear, but will soon be increased heavily with a new Rare/Epic item system added. There is also an Arena where you can face a different set of bosses and even PVP other players. Much more updates to the arena including better loot and more bosses to come. All Heroes save automatically and can be loaded at any time with the Hero Reselection Portal.Demonicus8 4d
Feb 17 Rock the Cabinet: [WC3] Castle Fight [WC3] Castle Fight is enhanced version of Castle Fight 1.14b from Warcraft 3. Below a list of features and differences between Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 versions: Map link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/261861 Gameplay video here ->>>>> * Starcraft 2 version has a comprehensive stats/points and rank system. All data and stats are stored in bank files. Each player can access to all player's data inside a game. * Starcraft 2 version has an autobalance system based on stats/points. When game started with 4 vs 4 mode, it creates 2 teams with minimum deviation of ranking points. It does not matter how players are joined in lobby. It's always balancing inside a game. But you can also freeze yourself in team(checkbox during vote time). * Starcraft 2 version does not have a rounds. It was removed due to uselessness of this feature. * Starcraft 2 version has a regame feature. You don't need to leave a game and start a new one. You can do it inside a current game, when it's finished. Of course if you want to play versus other players you can leave current game. * Starcraft 2 version has improved income system. Increased base income and period of income reduced to 7 seconds. You can build only one Treasure Box, but it has infinite upgrades. Taxes are also little changed. All this changes were done to increase gameplay of map. * Starcraft 2 version has a new building Upgrade Center, which contains upgrades for units(damage, attack speed, armor, movement speed, hp regen), buildings, Castle(hp, hp regen, armor) and heroes. Upgrades were created for late game. * Starcraft 2 version has a new building Tavern with heroes. They have powerful attack and abilities. They can also be upgradable with Upgrade Center. * All buildings in Starcraft 2 version has a food requirement. It were done to limit a number of buildings for each player. Currently food limit is 90, if 4 players in team. It's dynamically changes based on number of players in team. So, if 2 players in team, it will be 180 for each player. * All buildings in Starcraft 2 version can be salvaged. None resources will be returned. * Cheese was removed from the game. Each player can build only one legendary building. * In Starcraft 2 Builder can attack enemy units. He can also buy items to increase damage and movement speed. * Artillery damage was reduced to 50-100 from original 300-400. * Added rewards and achievements. In summary, this map is a hybrid of Nexus Wars and Castle Fight in terms of mechanics. New Castle Fight have a dynamic gameplay, more features and competitive factor with stats/ranking system. Currently only 3 races are available(human, undead, orc). I plan to add new race each 3 days. Map is published on all starcraft 2 servers with name [WC3] Castle Fight. You can find additional information about map and development on official website http://sc2castle.comKorvinGump2 Feb 17
Feb 14 RTC 2017: Amon's Host Map Links: Asia: battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/114312 NA: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/285047 Synopsis: Amon's host is almost complete. Commanders must destroy Void Shards to prevent Amon from waking up. Be careful Amon's Power. Objectives: ■ Destroy Void Shards. ■ Destroy Amon's Host ■ Bonus : Remove infestation of Warp gate. Development Notes: This map is based on LOTV campaign "The Host". It is the same as that mission that players must destroy Void Shards, but players must also destroy "Amon's Host". Because Amon is so powerful, players will have to be prepared for the final battle. The battle with Amon is inspired by WOW's Boss Raid. Death Ray is a representative example. High-HP boss may not be familiar to RTS users, but I think this will contribute to the diversification of CO-OP missions. Once you start, the multi-zone is near the entrance. However, there is a Void Shard, so you will have to destroy it as soon as possible. Each time Void Shards are destroyed, other Shards become stronger like health and Void Energy damage. Bonus Objective is removing infestation of Warp gate. But Blizzard said it is not required, so objective is very simple. Time limits only work on Hard and Brutal difficulty. When the timer expires, Amon wakes up to a very powerful state and instantly destroys player's all units and structures. I think that time limit is necessary in low difficulty, but I did not set it because some players might have difficulty. If players destroy all Void Shards within the time limit (Hard and Brutal), Boss Raid will begin. Void Shards are relatively easy to destroy, but Amon is not. Amon will attack the player's units in the following various patterns. ■ Death Energy : Amon attacks Ground Units by Death Beam, and destroys Air Units by Death Grip. ■ Oblivion : Amon throws a sphere at target area. Units in the area are stunned and damaged constantly. ■ Dark Explode : Explode target units except heroic units after a while and damage nearby. ■ Void Zone : Amon creates Void Zone. Units on Void Zone will be slow down. When Void Zone destroy, Units on Zone turn to Void Shade. ■ Death Ray : Amon creates a large laser beam in front and behind of the boss, that deals heavy damage very frequently to players who stand in it. (Critical) - It is same with Triliax's ability in WOW. Some patterns may be difficult for some players. Therefore, if it is released, the pattern will have to be deleted or added depending on the difficulty. The model of Amon's host has so few animations that its motion looks awkward. And because the maximum radius was only 7.75, the melee unit could not hit. So I gave Host body footprint so that the melee unit could hit it, but that made it unable to turn around. And Amon and Rohana's voice couldn't be prepared. Thank you for your understanding. Feedback please post here.StarHunter16 Feb 14
Feb 14 [Extension Mod] Better Game Balance(v4.36) This mod improves the balance for all races. It's available on all servers. Balance issues in ZVP(both sides) and TVX play style viability(late game) are solved. Ready for implementation. ...MyOhMind0 Feb 14
Feb 13 Kelmino (Melee Map) hey put your suggestions and input below! thanks!Chesaro0 Feb 13
Feb 12 [Nexus Wars] - Changelog/Suggestions (5) Original 4rd thread: Original 3rd thread: Original 2nd thread: Original Thread: --------- Hi everyone, this is Isospeedrix and I will be creating a community for Nexus Wars and handling suggestions and changelogs. Nexus Wars was created by Lilman, and was one of the most popular maps in SC2 beta. I work with Lilman personally and he has decided to minimize dealing with forums and public affairs in favor of focusing on map design. Lets hope Nexus Wars will continue to thrive in SC2 retail! I will post all relevant changes in new versions, and update this thread constantly when a new version is out. All suggestions, bugs, balance concerns should be voiced in this thread. I will relay them directly to Lilman and we will work together on improving the map. Thanks everyone! -Isospeedrix (Isonubdrix) ***** NEWS AND UPDATES ***** 3/22/13 - Just uploaded a new version of nexus wars with hots units. The CE ultralisk skin should work now. I also uploaded another version of the map with wings of liberty units only called "Nexus Wars WoL" for thsoe who do not have heart of the swarm. The changelog is posted blow. Let me know if there's any bugs or anything. Thanks again for all the feedback. -Lilman We are in channel "Nexus Wars". 4/13/11 - Name change! Argh I hate my new name, my original name was too long to fit, so now it's just gunna be SCDiso. Looks like Disco. 2/9/11 - Please join chat channel "Nexus Wars" for discussion and arranging games. I'll be in the channel from time to time as well. *****CHANGELOG v 3.16***** 5/26/16 - Fix pathing issues with Infestors - Infestors and Scout fixed dealing extra damage to light units - Spectres fix armor upgrade - Warhound Haywire Missiles cooldown reduced from 8 to 5 seconds - Warhound attack range increased from 7 to 8 - Cyclone damage changed from 18 to 18+10 armored - Cyclone Lock On cooldown reduced from 12 to 4 seconds - Nova and Spectre starting energy increased from 35 to 75 - Firebat cost reduced from 100 to 75 minerals - Ravager build time increased from 40 to 45 seconds - Ravager cost increase from 150 to 175 minerals - Mothership Core fix weapon upgrading giving additional damage - Fix multiple units not having kill bounty *****CHANGELOG v 2.21***** 12/26/14 - Fix rock placement for Team1 - Stimpack upgrade now works on marines too - Tempest build time reduced from 80 to 70 - Tempest damage changed from 28+7 to 30+20 - Fix tempests not spawning *****CHANGELOG v 2.20***** 10/11/14 - Baneling damage changed from 30+5 to 25+10 - Banelings now give bounty to the owner of the unit explode is targeted on - Fix "Nuclear Launch Detected" sound playing when Nuke isn't actually cast *****CHANGELOG v 2.19***** 10/5/14 - Hellbat upgrade attack color changed - Tempest supply reduced from 6 to 5 - Fixed leaver supply after 65 minutes - Fixed Viper structure repair time - Mothership Core detection range increased from 4 to 5 - Fixed Wahound kill bounty - Warhound now requirement changed from Siege Tanks to Hellions - Warhound cost reduced from 200 to 175 - Spectre stun radius increased from 1.5 to 2 *****CHANGELOG v 2.16***** 1/19/14 - Vipers no longer cast Blinding Cloud on units abducted for 6 seconds - Void Ray Pristmatic Beam Level 1 damage increased from 6 to 6+4 armored - Tempest damage increased from 28 to 28+7 armored - Odin Nuclear Strike damage increased from 250 to 300 - Odin Nuclear Strike cast time reduced from 15 to 10 seconds - Archangel Titan Mech Repel ability no longer affects player and allied units - Fixed walling on team 2 - New unit: Spectre - Trained from same building as the ghost(Nova) - Has 90 hp and doels 15+5 armored - Has ability Ultrasonic Blast - Stuns units in a small radius for 3 seconds. 45 second cooldown - Does not have the cloaking ability - New unit: Queen (Rapid Transfusion) - Trained from same building as the queen - Same stats as queen - Casts Rapid Transfusion instead of Transfusion - Rapid Transfusion - Heals a unit for 25 life 2.5 seconds. 3 second cooldown *****CHANGELOG v 2.15***** 1/13/14 - Fixed Tempest and Mothership Core structure repair time - Fixed Tempest structure selection - Fixed hero collision with swarm host locusts - Viper supply cost reduced from 4 to 3 - Viper separation radius increased from .75 to 1.25 - Upgrades and Heroes building built on the low ground will now have half health - Votekick now only requires 6 players instead of 7 to pass - Swarm Host Locust duration reduced from 15 to 12 - Zeratul Void Prison duration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds *****CHANGELOG v 2.14***** 1/10/14 - Viper's Blinding Cloud ability only targets units at least 2 distances away - Viper's Abduct ability only targets massive units - Heroes no longer have collision with units - Fixed Centrifugal Hooks upgrade for banelings - Baneling damage increased from 30 to 30+5 light - Fixed zerg air requirements - Tempest building 500 shield removed - Tempest range increased from 12 to 13 - Tempest damage increased from 25 to 28 - Fixed Lurker and Swarm building selection - Fixed Pylon refund amount - Zeratul ability Void Prison now allows ground attacks to hit the target - Mothership Core now has detection (4 range) - Mothership Core Time Warp ability no longer affects hero units - Added Anion Pulse-Crystals upgrade for Phoenix. Costs 150 minerals and adds 2 attack range - Archangel ground attack range reduced from 12 to 10 - Archangel Missile damage reduced from 130 to 110 - Archangel energy regeneration reduced from 1 to .85 - Odin Barrage damage increased from 12 to 16 - Kerrigan energy regeneration slightly increased - Kerrigan Razor Swarm range increased from 10 to 12 *****CHANGELOG v 2.00***** 3/22/13 New Heart of the Swarm units added: - Terran: - Hellbat - Warhound - Zerg: - Swarm Host: spawns locust swarms - Viper: casts blinding cloud and abduct - Protoss: - Mothership Core: casts time warp - Tempest Balance: - Infestors now cast fungal growth instead of infested terrans - Point defense drone cost reduced to 100 minerals. Energy reduced from 200 to 150 - Zealot charge upgrade reduced to 75 minerals Added new builders: - Leviathan 1000 wins - Kraith 1500 wins - Brakk 1650 rating - Mohandar 1900 rating New Hero: - Archangellilman387 Feb 12
Feb 12 [Extension Mod] Allied Commanders Melee Just making a post to announce the release of my first (real) public extension mod, Allied Commanders Melee. As the name implies, this mod enables the full allied commanders from COOP mode for use with any melee map. (Or any map you can load an extension mod on, I guess, if you don't care about bugs.) In addition to traditional vs. AI melee gameplay, the AI can also spawn COOP style attack waves. These waves can be configured or disabled in the lobby settings (including enabling or disabling Hybrid spawning). There's a little weirdness as one might expect, but from my testing everything works pretty close to how it should, and the AI seems to function well. Please feel free to mess around with it and let me know what you think, or if you find any serious bugs. Mod is currently published on Americas region. Screenshots: Known Bugs ------------------ - Some abilities cast from the command bar at the top of the screen will not properly affect an AI ally even if they are player 2 (see PvP mode, below). - Some units have incorrect values in build times, armor levels, and other areas. May be an issue with melee data conflict, will be worked on soon hopefully. - Stukov's command centers do not spread creep across the entire map. Will be working on a fix when possible. PvP Mode ------------------ Many abilities cast from the command bar at the top of the screen will affect/be affected by both players even if they are not allies. This is because they are coded to function this way by Blizzard since the players are always allies in traditional coop gameplay. Fixing this will take a great deal of time and effort as it involves some fairly significant re-working of the triggers. No ETA, not even sure I am going to do it. We'll see. For now, just accept that if you want to play PvP there will be weirdness.Kishkuma150 Feb 12
Feb 11 Bug on Eastwatch — units obscured by doodads I was looking at a replay on Eastwatch and noticed that when my marine was at the very bottom of the map, I couldn't see his "hidden outline". I thought units always had a colored outline when they were hiding behind something, but I guess that's not true for walls? So, I started poking around in a custom map to see what the behavior is, and found that on Eastwatch, it's not consistent. Some of the round "doodads" show a unit outline, others don't. I looked at Blackpink, too -- there it's harder to tell what's a doodad and what's a wall. It seems to me that units should always be shown behind anything that's hiding them, but what do I know? I made a gallery on imgur with some examples: And here is a Reddit thread I created about the issue, with more testing by the community: Feb 11
Feb 11 Will a new map get exposure today? Hi, I was the maker of Footmen vs Grunts in SC2 (newbie-W3); however, when I went to remake it as Zealots vs Zerglings in 2011 I couldnt' even get on person to join, has anything changed since?Nydus2 Feb 11
Feb 8 Eras Zombie Invasion [Official Thread] Eras Zombie Invasion has just been released onto It is the remake to the classic Warcraft 3 map. I am creating this thread to assemble any and all suggestions or any bugs/glitches one might report into one location. Check out the map now and if you have feedback to give I would be glad to hear it. As far as what one can expect from the game: I have basically brought all the features from the original over. I have a water/boat system that works quite nicely and one can still expect the dreaded water zombies. I’ve added additional events as well as a new random event feature that will make the game feel different every time, more dynamic. I plan on adding loads more and expanding on what’s already a great game. As this is newly released it may contain some bugs or glitches, even issues of balance, if you encounter them, report them, as I’d greatly appreciate any input on these matters. Smith644 Feb 8
Feb 6 Rock The Cabinet: Viacre - Chapter 01[Probes] Map Link: starcraft://map/1/236303 Trailer Video Link: Basic Story: You wake up as a Protoss Probe in an unknown place. You are locked in, and a female voice starts to talk. You don't know what is going on, but you eventually find a way out of the locked room. Then you face an unknown voice, which starts helping you for an unknown reason. You continue the journey until you find yourself being different from normal Probes, and the secrets hidden deep within yourself. How the Game Plays: You control a single unit, a Probe. You can move, attack, destroy, and use special abilities. There are puzzles to solve, enemies to kill, and enemies to avoid. Sounds and Music are very important in the game. Recommended Number of Players: Single Player or 2~3 Players More About the Game: Feb 6
Feb 2 Remaking WC3 custom for SC2? Hi there, I'm a huge blizzard fan and used to play WC3 ROC and FT frequently. I loved a custom map called Multi Square Defense, ever heard of it? Link to old map: My question is simple, is it possible to import an old custom map to the SC2 editor? Or would someone be willing to take on the challenge with my help? I feel like it would be a very popular addition to the arcade community considering the similar games available being already popular but missing some key features that MSD had. Thanks for reading!Blind1 Feb 2
Jan 28 Starcraft: Battlefront [Official Thread] Starcraft Battlefront is a DoTA-style Third Person Shooter. You can play as Terran, Zerg, or Protoss, each with eight different units to use. Play a variety of Game Modes, such as Outposts, Capture the Flag, and Grief. There are pilotable vehicles for each race as well. There are four worlds that can be played on, Aiur, Char, Meinhoff, or Korhal. Kill enemy units and get enemy player kill streaks to earn minerals to upgrade the units and vehicles you use as well as your team's AI Use Legendary Units such as Jim Raynor or Zeratul by being the best/worst player on your team. (Depending on Voted options) SuperWeapons can be deployed and are unique to each race. (Again, depending on Voted options) Gameplay Videos: Old Thread: Jan 28
Jan 25 how do I play an arcade game offline example, say I wanted to cheat on special forces elite, but since cheats obviously don't work online, how do I play arcade maps offline.Sonlir11 Jan 25
Jan 25 Parasite We now have a (very basic) wiki! Yay! Thanks to Rehclip. We also have a website: To anyone who's interested - I am making a game based off of P A R A S I T E 2 by DarkShoGun. You will notice a lot of familiar things - station, planet, etc - but also a lot of differences. For anyone who didn't play Parasite in WC3: The game is basically a real-time murder mystery. Of the players who play the game, one will be randomly chosen as the Parasite. This player can change between human and alien form at will, and if he is smart about it, can conceal his identity. His goal is to reduce the number of humans to 0 - humans killed by the Parasite turn into Spawns, which are weaker versions of the Parasite whose goal is to aid him - and humans killed any other way are just dead. Everyone else is human, and their goal is to find and kill the Parasite. Sounds simple, but if you kill the wrong person, you're just making the Parasite's job easier! Classes: Suits have been replaced with classes. I have three working classes right now, but I am planing to eventually have five. These are intended to be the replacement for suits. However, as they are permanent, they are also more diverse than suits. I'm also eventually going to implement weapons, to provide even more diversity. Evolution: Evolution works completely differently. Currently there are 6 possible evolutions (plus the base parasite), but the game will eventually include close to 20. Every time you evolve (you can evolve up to 3 times), you can increase either your Cunning, Endurance or Lethality. Endurance and Lethality are fairly self explanatory, and Cunning represents your ability to deceive others. Pure evolutions are the best at what they do, but mixed evolutions will have more unique playstyles. Station Layout: For returning Parasite players, elevators and annoying door pathing are a thing of the past. Your hero will not try to navigate around doors, and the station's only method of instantaneous transportation is teleporters which have a cooldown (per player). There's more I could list, but it's pretty late and I don't want to ramble. The game has been published in a VERY early alpha, and as such is missing a lot of things (the most noticeable being the planet >.>). However, the more input I get, the better I can make the game, so please try it out and post what you think here!Mindful850 Jan 25
Jan 25 [Prototype] Terran Interceptor Hey folks! I just threw a prototype map "Terran Interceptor" onto the Arcade. It's an exploration of a simple physics engine with top-down action gameplay. It features custom mechanics and units, and some "interesting" triggers... I'd appreciate any feedback you may have!Tankero0 Jan 25
Jan 24 SC2 Developers Bnet Social Group! Hi all! If you're a SC2 dev, we have a new Bnet Social Group dedicated to SC2 developers. It's a small group of us at the moment, but with a wide range of experience! Come join and help bring the SC2 custom and AI scene together! Let's share and help each other build awesome and innovative content for the community! Also general game devs, artist and enthusiasts welcome! Jan 24
Jan 17 Parasite Test Suggestion Parasite Test suggestions are a great thing about this community. I decided to start another topic due to the fact at how all the other ones are full.Vearesarion1 Jan 17
Jan 16 Rock the Cabinet: Diablo - Mortal Shroud Diablo - Mortal Shroud Map Information Type: RPG Players: 1 - 4 (if it lags too much, try playing alone) Download size: 70+ mb This map is a complete modern overhaul of Blizzard's Diablo 1. It still tries to keep the essence of the original Diablo game, so if you've never experienced Diablo 1's story, this is a must play! The map is currently in beta status meaning that it is not yet complete. The official release will be at the end of May 2014. However, I plan to continue the map's development after that. Story introduction: In a small town called Tristram hell breaks loose. After the King went mad, evil powers took over the cellar below the cathedral at the edge of town, cloaked riders attacked the townsfolk and the King's youngest son Albrecht is said to have disappeared. Since the King's army is shattered after a horrific defeat in the Mad King's war with the kingdom of Westmarch, the people of Tristram are desperately in need of a hero solving the mysteries, finding the prince and protecting the innocent. classes: - Warrior, a soldier of light and a born leader - Rogue, a vicious bandit in her past before joining the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye educating her to master the bow - Sorcerer, a scholar of the Vizjerei mage clan from the eastern kingdoms Features: - a game that does look nothing like StarCraft with new models and UI - a random set of quests leading your way through the randomly created dungeons - items with a wide range of random magic properties - different skills per class - further spells acquirable by reading magic books - gems and socketing mechanics - item crafting system - sockets and gems for items - stash and automatically saved heroes - PvP area - detailed combat mechanics - a lot of nostalgia, if you've played Diablo 1 - original game's videos Credits: Author: Ahli Further credits: - Corbo, Otixa, Jack, TaylorMouse, Zolden, println, xXdRaGoNrIdDeRXx, TwoDie for model creation or editing assistance - Renee for creating the Gax4 mod making a few aspects of the editor easier to use - magnificence7 for creating a hash library - Blizzard Entertainment for creating the Diablo-, StarCraft- and WarCraft-Franchise and a powerful SC2-editor allowing me to create this map Map Links: (not all browsers support map links -> forced url interpretation using tinyurl redirects) NA: starcraft://map/1/207126 other regions: EU: SEA: KR&TW: Alternatively, just find it in the RPG section of the Arcade. ~ AhliAhli1 Jan 16
Jan 16 Blitzkrieg Assault This is an old co-operative map (not created by me) where you build unit spawners and have a hero to push your way down a path filled with enemies. But it seems to be broken at the moment, setting players to enemy status instead of allies. Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix it?Lttlefoot0 Jan 16
Jan 15 Skins From Warchest Can/Will they be added to custom maps?ZealousGamer1 Jan 15
Jan 14 [Showcase] Special Forces Elite 5 - Thread 10 [Project Information] ㅤProject Started: August 10th, 2013 ㅤExpected BETA Test Deadline: August 10th, 2931 ㅤGame Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/246897 ㅤDiscord: ㅤ [Credits] ㅤDrusus - The developer of Special Forces Elite 5. ㅤDrSuperGood - Wide range of assistance in all aspects. ㅤWargirl - Designed different terrain variations. ㅤLuftwaffe - Feedback on the forums and suggestions. ㅤSalvaje - Feedback on the forums and suggestions. ㅤTaCktiX - Feedback on the forums, game design and suggestions. ㅤEtaCarinae - Designed the story line and various boss battles * To view a more detailed list of credits, navigate in-game to Menu > Credits. [Development] Special Forces Elite 5 is still undergoing heavy development. The current priority in development is implementing the planned additions to end Beta once and for all. Before Beta ends, each starting and purchasable hero will be equipped with brand new abilities that fit the class, there will be more enemy bosses and player profiles will be fully functional with achievements and rewards. Development will not stop after beta is ended. [Game-play] Each player starts in a corner of the map alongside a base with one hero of their choice. The base is to be protected, or else players will lose. By clicking the base, you can navigate through a list of upgrades for Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, purchase units, purchase elite units, and purchase upgrades variety of other upgrades. Purchase units and upgrades of the race that your hero belongs to, otherwise your units will not receive the benefits from upgrades. Players can also give their units, heroes and structures special buffs with their starting hero. The goal of the game is to destroy all enemy units and structures while defending the base. Some starting heroes specialize in defense, others in offense; achieving victory requires just the right amount of each type of hero. Work closely with your allies to push back the waves of enemies that will come from structures, and then battle the bosses that spawn from those structures when destroyed. Focus all available firepower on harder bosses that spawn from late-game structures, and bosses that attack the base at certain times in the game; cooperation from all players is the key to success. [Donations] ㅤGreetings community, I am officially accepting donations. I have not opened this avenue without much consideration, but many of you have spoken out and offered to donate for the work I have done so far. I greatly appreciate this, so I have made this opportunity for everybody. I am not doing this for profit. My incentive is my passion for Special Forces, but ultimately, your contributions are something that will help me dedicate my time and effort on this game even further. I spend a great deal of my own time and resources on this game, as I want to ensure I bring the best experience I can to this game, and it would mean a great deal for me to receive your support. In particular, this will ensure I have more time and resources to maintain the game by removing bugs and enhancing the experience. To conclude, I’d like to wholeheartedly thank everyone for their support and feedback. Donation Link: [Previous Threads] Thread 1: Thread 2: Thread 3: Thread 4: Thread 5: Thread 6: Thread 7: Thread 8: Thread 9: Jan 14
Jan 9 Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth [Official Thread] Mod is available in Arcade! Launch Trailer: Description: Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth is the Starcraft II based remake of Warcraft III, which adds some new gameplay features but saves original balance and graphical design with massive use of resources from other games created by Blizzard Entertainment. Mod will be free to play via and you will be able to construct your own maps with our assets. Key Features: Balance of original Warcraft III; Better graphics engine; New models of units, heroes, buildings, doodads, etc.; Opportunity for modmakers to create their own mods and design maps in Warcraft style; Better control system and interface; Playable with Starcraft 2 Starter Edition. You can now play on Turtle Rock (browse WAA Turtle Rock [4] or WAA Ogre Mound [2] in Arcade) only, but we’ll publish more! Join WAA Mod channel to communicate and play with other Warcraft fans! A special basket was created for your comments and suggestions: Visit our official page on Moddb: Also you can follow us in social networks: Facebook: Twitter: just search using the hashtag #Warcraft_AAWAATeam24 Jan 9
Jan 6 Mass recall Help I got and Error after update , it's say Dependency file could not be found (Mods/SCMRlocal.SCR2Mod). I tried to reinstall again but it's not work pls help me !GxDarkness0 Jan 6
Jan 3 MapCraft 2017 - A Single Player Contest Welcome to MAPCRAFT 2017 - Single Player Edition! presented by Jayborino, DeltronLive, and Pr0nogo A single player mapmaking contest across Blizzard RTS games (SCBW, SC2, WC3). Contest Trailer: Join the Discord for details: Send submissions to with the title MapCraft 2017: [Map Name]. In the body of the e-mail include who you are and explicit instructions for how to play your entry along with any pertinent map/mod files. Submissions will be posted on the Discord for other folks to play. You may send updates to your entry so long as the final submission is in before 11:59PM EST on November 10th, 2017. This contest is not affiliated with Blizzard.deltronLive4 Jan 3
Jan 3 Game Screenshots? When someone joins an Arcade game, there is a Map Info button. When the user clicks on this, there is a screenshot section. How do you add screenshots of your map to this section? Thanks!JumboTron3 Jan 3
Jan 2 Couple beginner questions can someone explain what are "special circumstances" that can prevent u from permanent death? And i would also like to know in what case will u become an alien spawn.DanielXXX0 Jan 2
Dec 26 RTC 2017: Void Overwhelming Description: Amon has started to supercharge a Void Thrasher to wreak havoc upon the sector. You must destroy the Void Shards that are charging the Void Thrasher, then destroy the Thrasher itself before it gets to powerful. Objective: Destroy the Void Shards then the Void Thrasher before it gets to powerful. Additional info: A progress bar is shown on your screen showing how charged up the Void Thrasher is. The progress bar fills up faster for each Void Shard that is alive. Once the bar reaches 100% the Void Thrasher is unleashed. You can still win the game when it is unleashed, but it gets harder the higher it is on the power meter because it gains more buffs. Also, if the Void Shards get destroyed before the power bar reaches 100%, the Void Thrasher is still released with the amount of power it has. The Void Thrasher gets to move around, starts to kill your base, and spawns units when it is unleashed. The Void Thrasher cannot be killed while charging. Map Link: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/283432Youlikeme21 Dec 26
Dec 21 Kerrigan Survival 2 [Official Thread] Hello I'm one of two people working on Kerrigan Survival 2 a cat an original cat and mouse game on the arcade. 10 players are required for a full lobby. 8 players are builders/support and 2 players are zerg. 1 zerg player is responsible for chasing and killing the bases the other's job is to defend and fortify the central zerg base. Mechanics There must always be a Zagara on the Zerg team. Only one player can be Kerrigan or Dehaka Only 3 players can be supports per game. If a support is alive but all the builders die, the 'survivors' which is the collective whole of supports and builders lose. ie: If a support is alive but the builders are dead the game is over and zerg win. VisionZerglings are spawned every 3 seconds and automatically path around the map to help locate builders. Zerglings cannot see invisible units and by default have a vision radius of 0 unless upgraded. If they run into a building/builder they will attack it and it will show up on the minimap. Basic fog of war mechanics apply. Most builder's units have 0 vision radius without upgrades making vision extremely valuable Credits As you play more games you earn credits that you can spend on rewards in game. By default several of the builder's are locked and must be unlocked with credits. The best way to earn a lot of credits is by playing zerg and playing well. You get 1 credit per survivor kill and an extra 5 credits for winning as zerg. BountyFor builders/support you receive gas when you kill zerg units. and vice versa for the zerg. The Zerg players share gas bounty. If Zagara gets 5 gas killing a unit so does Kerrigan and vice versa. The Zerg players share upgrades. If Kerrigan upgrades her unit's armor then so does Zagara. IncomeMinerals are always generated passively from income sources. Either buildings or units. There is no way to earn gas except from killing the opposing team's units or structures. This game has the potential for a great deal of depth based on what builders you choose. Their individual play styles vary immensely. For example, Spirit earns the majority of his income by playing an RNG stock market. the other part of his income is a bank that increments the minerals inside by a fixed percentage every few seconds. Spirit is only able to attack by building fixed towers that are upgraded throughout the match. Builders Scientist Ares Ascendant Spirit Engineer Nomad ArtanisSupport Prophet Dark Templar Stukov Team NovaZerg Kerrigan Dehaka ZagaraThe lings that Automatically spawn are Zagara's by default. She moves very slowly off the creep and has a ranged attack. She can also teleport to anywhere on the map that creep has spread. She spreads creep, which give vision, by laying tumors. If you have any bug reports please post them in this thread.Tor10 Dec 21
Dec 17 Gem Tower Defense Release Gem Tower Defense In Gem TD, the towers you get are completely random. Start by building 5 random gems near the track and picking a gem to keep for the round. Instructions Combining Gems If you build two of the same gems in one round, you can combine them to get a gem one quality level higher than the component gems. If you manage to build four of the same gems, you can combine them to get a gem two quality levels higher. The quality levels are: Chipped -> Flawed -> Normal -> Flawless -> Perfect -> Great Gem Chances At the beginning of the game, every gem you build will be a Chipped gem. By spending an increasing amount of minerals, you can increase this chance at your builder. Eventually you will even be able to build Perfect gems during the build phase! Mazing Mazing is highly advised to do well in this game. Start by building a spiral of gems around one of the waypoints, and replacing the mazing rocks close to the center to get more powerful gems near the center of the maze. Over time you can come up with your own methods of creating an effective maze. The key is to maximize the amount of time your high-level combination gems spend attacking the enemies. Special Combinations Every basic gem can be combined with two or three other specific gems to create a powerful combination gem. When you build all the parts of a combination, whether by chance during the build phase, or by saving each part one at a time during seperate waves, they will show a special animation and you can initiate the combine using any of the parts. The final gem will appear in place of the gem that used the "Special Combine" ability. Game Modes Gem TD has three game modes currently: Classic Mode, where all players encounter each wave at the same time, and there are boss levels after waves 15, 30, and 50\\ Race Mode, where each player's spawns are independent, and it is a race to finish wave 50 in the shortest amount of time. There are no boss levels in Race Mode.\\ Survival Mode, where all gems do half damage. The challenge is to survive the longest! Polish / Features -48 Basic Gems, 8 types of gems each with different abilities (6 quality levels each) -32 Combination Gems, each with its own model and abilities -50 Waves of enemies each with its own separate model -All custom missile arts and sounds -5(!) different leaderboards to look at while your maze does its business (lives and waves, player stats, combos & paths, tower damage, tower kills) -Fully stocked tips menu/combo listing Special Thanks -Dustin for helping test and picking out some awesome models for the special towers -JademusSreg for helping me test at all hours of the night even though he claims to hate all TDs (hes even making one too! Who would have known?) This map is currently published under the Tower Defense categoryArieswind253 Dec 17
Dec 10 Complex survival micro idea, help wanted. Have an idea where you can spawn units instantly, you have 7 hotkeys for ctrl groups already pre-selected for hatchery barracks etc from each race the production. Every unit you can sacrifice for equal to their cost to respend and change your army on the fly. Resources spawn on the map, almost like early life simulator games, and enemy units spawn too, different pre-made squads but randomized. What you need to do is send units to stall their army while you migrate away and spawn your army, and can only spawn where you have vision. In addition the tiles in the map have different effects where you are on them. Like blue tiles give shield regeneration buffs to all units purple tiles give mana buffs, green causes hp regeneration to be had or increased etc. Then when your army is a good composition you take on the enemy army, then another enemy army spawns 1 color tiled region over and begins to pursue you. You know when they spawn from their scanner sweeps showing over you giving you a limited time to macro and then when they scan its your turn to scout and you summon some lings n send them at the opponent. Each enemy army gets more difficult than the last, like it spawns with more random squads than the first time, they get 1 preset squad per army you defeated +1. And the idea is you play your cards right and reinforce fast enough and have good awareness, you can take them on again and again even if they have 1,000 supply, it just takes longer to widdle them down. It'll be intense, dynamic, and practice alot of skills even if the ai is just A moving. It teaches scouting, composition, stalling, reinforcing in a timely manner, resource management tactics and micro, along with unpredictable elements such as the tile-sets you will need to pass through including their buffs to all within and have to judge different actions accordingly. Like on a movement buff tileset you don't want seige tanks against lings, but on a fire-rate buff tile-set you would. I think this is a great way to practice a variety of skills and people can always restrict it to 1 race out of personal challenges or preferences rather than having it be an option explicitly. But problem is I do not know how to use the editor. Idk if people would play it if I made it. I know I would play it. Idk if I would give up half way into development or if some features are simply too difficult to implement. I would like your thoughts. I think I did simplify the ideas into something managable tho. Also I would like to know of a discord or some who want to add me to help me with learning the editor perhaps.NotTrixie2 Dec 10
Dec 8 We need a search party for LILMAN! Lilman, game editor for Nexus Wars has gone missing!! We need to organize some search parties!HoneyBear0 Dec 8
Dec 7 Stank or Apocalisk for infested race? I am in the process of creating an extension mod that adds the infested as a playable race, and I am trying to decide whether to include the Stank or the Apocalisk as a buildable unit. My infested race is designed to touch upon all aspects of the infested in the Starcraft universe. This means that both the Left 2 Die special infested and the Stukov commander units should be included. The problem is that both the Stank and the Apocalisk fill roughly the same role. (In my mod, the Apocalisk would not be a heroic calldown, but rather a slower version of the Ultralisk with anti-air capabilities.) I can't see any way to include one without getting rid of the other. If I choose the Apocalisk, I have to give up the coolest of the special infested (and also wind up giving people an incomplete set of Left 2 Die units). If I choose the Stank, I end up sacrificing one of the most epic units in the entire game for what is basically just a stronger Ultralisk. The planned unit lineup is as follows. There are a couple of units on the end whose inclusion I am not sure of: Infested SCV Overlord --> Spotter Infested Civilian Infested Marine Volatile Infested Hunterling Kaboomer Aberration Infested Diamondback Choker Infested Siege Tank Stank / Apocalisk Infested Liberator Infested Banshee Brood Queen Infested Battlecruiser? (uses Aleksander model) Blightbringer? Infested Military Transport?If anybody has any opinions on which unit they would rather see in the finished mod alongside the Spotter, Choker, Hunterling and Kaboomer, I'd love to hear them.Nedia18 Dec 7
Dec 6 EnderCraft TD [Official Thread] Hi Guys. So this map has been out for a while and the last time I updated it was about a month or so ago, so its popularity has dropped below the top 10 threshold, but I haven't made a thread on here to find out what people think and get opinions on future enhancements. I am currently working on another mod, EnderCraft City Builder, which is influenced by 2 games: Caesar IV (mostly) and Grand Ages: Rome. So this is currently taking up most of my extra time. But if I get good feedback from here, I'm always looking for an excuse to take a break from the current project. The main site is here: Description: Influenced by my favorite tower defense game: Bloons Tower Defense 4 by 50 waves of 14 different kinds of creeps and 11 unique towers with multiple upgrades along with 2 emergency drop units for those creeps that sneak by. 3 difficulties and 3 levels makes EnderCraft TD a unique Tower Defense experience. Made for 1 - 2 players. Anyone who enjoys this mod I would encourage to go to and play their Tower Defense games. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with or with their products. Just a fan. Search 'EnderCraft' to find under custom maps on (damn Blizzard's Most Popular system). Please report all bugs or balance issues/suggestions to or leave a comment here. **What makes this TD Unique? There are so many!** -12 of 14 creeps only have 1 life. -13 out of 14 creeps spawn a/some different creep(s) when killed -All attack towers have 5 unique upgrades, whether it's splash damage increase, range increase, added abilities/behaviors, etc. -Towers aren't all vanilla, meaning they don't each have a standard weapon that fires at a creep. There are: *Radial towers, fire radial shock/fire/freezing damage/effects in a radius around the tower every set amount of seconds based on the tower and upgrades *Mobile towers, A "tower" that you set up a patrol for in between waves and it drops turrets and bombs on the path and another tower that walks a set path shooting at random enemies and can be upgraded to buff other towers. *Teleportation towers, towers that launch creeps backward in the maze *Bunker towers, a tower where you get to select the exact kind of damage you want to inflict by adding any combination of 4 unique units to it. *Mineral Farm, a tower that produces minerals every wave *Turret/Bomb drops, inexpensive units that are temporary that you can drop right on the path if creeps get by your towers *Normal towers, "vanilla" towers that target individual creepsEnder9 Dec 6
Dec 6 New Established Order 3 Is there going to be a beta for NEO 3 in the sc2 arcade or does it end at NEO 2? Would really like to know if Blood is going to continue from the first 2 and if it is going to be similar to the originals.Jonathon2 Dec 6
Dec 2 Idea for a Primal Zerg game.Help wanted/need The idea for this game is to follow the lore introduced from HOTS and use the original Zerg lore together to create a mission before the Xel'Naga came to Zerus. The original lore for the Zerg were that they were parasitic and would infest creatures of larger size and bond with them. The new lore says that these Primal Zerg actually eat the "essence" of creatures to evolve into stronger beings. So in keeping with this and seeing how certain missions worked like Enemy within and Supreme it brings a better understanding of how the zerg work. So this is how the map would work -Quick intro explaining Zerus -Players are spawned as Larva that can infest and consume an animal after they've consumed enough bio mass they evolve by what they consumed, note: you are what you eat. -Ex. Player 1 consumed several quillback and 1 Crab Beetle his evolution therefore dictates a ranged evolution with a slightly increased speed. Player 2 consumed worker wasps and a needler plant players evolution then dictates he spawns worker life forms and has increased regeneration. After Players 1 and 2 continue to consume further they evolve further losing traits that are less desirable depending on what they have consumed. Eventually said players will reach each other in strength or power and will consume the other. When the final Primal is left they will either be integrated into the swarm (Character is either specially reset or given a promotion) or hide from the Overmind's influence and continue to prosper (Lower level Primal characters continue to survive). Maximum number of Players-8- 10 (if possible) Possible tracking system idea An evolving character that continues to evolve and change Pack mentality- As your Primal becomes stronger the Primal can create a pack of other Primals to follow him these said Primals can be NPC's or lower level Player Primals. This fills the role of clans. New Models- I will be working on making new 3d models for the evolutionary tree and environment Concept Art- Animal Evolution- Need people who know StarCraft 2 editor I'm not very good with the editor Like it, comment on it, or support it anything will do right nowAbathur80 Dec 2
Dec 1 Stukov and Pals [Sequel to Man or Monster] Hey all. The long awaited and highly anticipated sequel to Stukov - Man or Monster is here! For those who don't know, these maps are like a mixture of tug of war, special forces elite, and story. One cool feature is the ability to interact with the nearby civilians and choose to subjugate them (infest/destroy/etc) or spare them. Unlike Man or Monster, each spared civilian area will yield different rewards. Also, depending on the hero you are using, you will only be able to choose certain options (so be sure to try all the heroes at some point :) ) While the game is in Beta, the majority of the gameplay is finished. A lot of what I want to add in the future is bonus stuff like more story (especially interactions between heroes), easter eggs, more heroes, and such. Also, testing for bugs and balancing is needed, especially for when three players (the max amount) are present. (Note: Because of uncertain balancing, there are a ton of difficulties you can choose from, as well as an option in the top right to start off with additional resources. The map does not balance for number of players, but fewer players will start with more resources) Hopefully I'll have some time later to put together a video or something :) The map has just been freshly published to the American and European servers: "Stukov and Pals" Potential ideas for new stuff: Easter eggs that I won't mention here :P I'm considering making a game mode you can choose in the lobby where (once the game starts) you can more customize the difficulty. For example, if you want the enemy to have strong defence, but weaker attack, you could do that. I have several different variables I tweaked among difficulties, and I think it might be fun for players to be able to tweak them themselves. More unlockable wave units (currently there is one) Heroes Changeling - Able to morph into all of the heroes of similar size (so not the infested mothership :P), but can only use their lvl 1 abilities Siege tank - Defensive hero. Able to spawn a spotter unit that can be upgraded to: 1. Farther vision 2. See up hills 3. deal some aoe damage upon death. Sentry shield ability (maybe). Faster attack for short period, but then a weapon cooldown (similar to tookus).Imposter118 Dec 1
Dec 1 Game of Thrones [A Song of Ice and Fire] This is a continuation thread since our last thread is almost maxed out. All conversation towards the map that was created by JTaylor goes here! I'll update this post later tonight with more information about the game. What is Game of Thrones? GoT is based off of the fictional story and world created by George RR Martin. The game itself takes place during the height of the War of the Five Kings in a period after Robert died and Eddard Stark was executed for treason. The game itself involves every major house and faction during the war as they attempt to place themselves onto the Iron Throne or better themselves off prior to the conflict. How does the game play work? GoT uses the turn based system similar to the War of the Ring and Silmarillion Maps from the Warcraft 3 days. Every minute and 50 seconds you spawn a set of units at every spawn. Spawns can be upgrade with vespene gas (every faction starts with 100 gas you can only upgrade 2 at a time) As spawns become upgraded they produce higher tier units that are stronger. Upgrading spawns takes 300 seconds. In addition, the game puts emphasis on Heroes. Utilize, Micro, and keep your heroes safe! They represent the bulk of your power. In addition, diplomacy is also crucial because some factions while being in the game may not need to hold the Iron Throne to win adding twists to the game. All this talk about spawns, what are they? Every faction owns a capital city thats worth a large amount of supply, can be upgraded five times, and produces the best units for a faction. Factions also own a variety of towns that can be upgraded three or for times , and keeps that can be upgraded once to spawn extra of the lowest variety of unit. Are my favorite heroes from the series in the game? You bet! Every faction has between 3-6 heroes ranging from the Five Kings, Great Jon Umber, the Stark Dire Wolves, Melisandre, Brienne, Oberyn, and many more! Edit: More Info to come!Waffen401 Dec 1
Nov 28 Primal Zerg in an extension mod I am currently working on an extension mod that aims to add the Primal Zerg to multiplayer, and I was wondering about people's opinions on the best way to implement them. Given what little we've seen of the Dehaka commander, what mechanics of his do you think would work best in a multiplayer setting? (Example mechanics: essence-collecting Dehaka hero, pack leaders, primal worms, units fighting each other to level up, etc.)Nedia5 Nov 28
Nov 28 Mechanics for multiplayer Amon faction Am am in the process of creating a multiplayer extension mod that adds Amon’s forces as a playable faction. I was wondering what ideas the community might have for how to integrate Void Thrashers, Void Rifts, Hybrid, etc. with the standard tech trees in a way that makes sense and doesn’t feel tacked-on. In the finished mod, there will either be three separate factions for Amon’s forces, one for each of the races, or one faction that combines the traits of all three. I would very much like to hear which of these two options you prefer. Things I would like Amon to have at his disposal: Propagator (Melee specialist. Turns units it kills into copies of itself.) Void Reanimator (Support unit. Can resurrect units that have recently died within its vicinity.) Hybrid Destroyer (Ranged support unit. Can use Graviton Prison.) Hybrid Reaver (Armored tank. Gains temporary invulnerability from slain enemy units.) Hybrid Dominator (Expensive, powerful caster. Abilities unknown.) Hybrid Behemoth (Army support unit. Can open rifts to transport units across the map.) Hybrid Nemesis (Support flyer. Abilities unknown.) Void Rift (Role unknown.) Void Thrasher (Long-range static defense.) Void Shard (Role unknown.)I already have a fairly good idea of what the Hybrid Destroyer and Hybrid Reaver do, but I am not so sure of the roles of the Hybrid Dominator and Hybrid Behemoth. Neither am I sure of the role of the Hybrid Nemesis, and I don’t know what ability it might use. (One idea I had is that it might have some sort of stasis ability that can shut down individual enemy units that threaten it.) Neither am I sure of the purpose of the Void Rift. Either it replaces regular forms of unit production as the main production structure, or it functions as a Nydus Worm-like structure created by the Behemoth. I really like both ideas, but I don’t know how I can use them both at once.Nedia2 Nov 28
Nov 26 Infestation Installation [Official Thread] Infestation Installation is First Person Shooter survival that puts you and up to five other players in an abandoned Dominion Research Facility. Try to survive as long as you can against large waves of Zombies and Zerg. Open up new areas with credits earned from killing enemies and rebuilding barricades and find new weapons, abilities and technology. Find the Research Center to upgrade existing weapons as well as buy new tech such as Dragon's Fury, Thor's Hammer, and the Black Hole Generator Device. Face bosses every 3 rounds such as Ultralisks, Aberrations, and Brutalisks which appear much more terrifying in First Person. Search the facility, gather what research you can, discover the source of the infestation, but above all... survive! For You Editor Enthusiasts: First Person Shooter that has much more accurate firing without the use of Tracelines. Animated Gun Models for every weapon. Headshot mechanic. Some Gameplay Videos: (Part 1 of 2) (Part 2 of 2) Nov 26
Nov 26 Undead Assault 3 Discuss. No I didn't make the map. Discuss anything.MrBlitzy69 Nov 26
Nov 25 Fire Emblem: Beccas Disaster! Hey, just finished making this map. It's a Turn-Based, Strategy RPG. Using Fire Emblems mechanics. Give it a shot if you're into those types of games. US: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/293602 Gameplay: Nov 25
Nov 24 Custom campaigns & Arcade localization Hello everyone who loves Starcraft arcade and custom campaigns! I really enjoy to play user campaigns. And I started translate into Russian some of them. For beginning I took in work Enslavers Redux. It's remake of classic campaign for SC1. Find it on You can watch the progress of translation on my blog webpage If you want help me in translation, please send me a message or PM / leave a comment here. Here is a list of several campaigns in Russian that I found in net: - Mass Recall - Enslavers & Dark Vengeance - Dominion View - . . . You can find it on sc2mapster. Mapster thread: If you want to see more campaigns or maps in Russian, please contact me. Contacts: site: email: runman8(@) BattleTag: runman#21384 Thanks. GLHF!bobchikghost0 Nov 24