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3d [Feedback Wanted] Heroes' Valley Hey guys, I've recently published an arcade map by the name of Heroes' Valley. For the most part, it retains melee gameplay, but features several heroes that I've fiddled around with and modified, both in terms of numbers and abilities. I would really appreciate your guys' feedback, especially with regards to hero balance. If you've already played the map, the feedback form can be found at Thanks! Edit: The map is now public. My apologies.LGDesign0 3d
4d How to report cheating? I have evidance, screen shot and replay of a guy who constantly cheats at arcade games. When he lose he will get the win. How do you report to ban this guy? I have used the in game report function but that does not let you upload the replay or screenshots. He has many accounts and cheat on all of them and I think he has some sort of map admin access that allows his clan to cheat.STRonK9 4d
5d [Extension mod] Campaign and coop units If anyone is interested, i made an extension mod that allows playing multiplayer but using campaign and coop units and as well as campaign upgrades. It can be found on all servers, just search for "Campaign and Coop units" on Extension mods. Note that balance should not be taken too seriously as most units function as they do in the campaigns and co-op mode, however some upgrades and abilities are disabled to prevent excessive imbalance (such as Protoss Guardian Shell). Features: - Game modes (Infested waves, Hybrid waves, Void Rifts, etc) - AI build orders and counters make full use of all campaign and co-op units, as well as their exclusive abilities. - Ability to choose starting resources, resources per base and supply limit. - Heroic units, which can be toggled on or off. - Ability to toggle Tal'darim, Purifier and Covert Ops skins from campaign and co-op modes. Future updates: - Add Primal Zerg and Infested Terran units and structures to the Zerg race - Improved hero mode, as well as adding missing heroes. - Ability to customise Kerrigan and Nova abilities.MrGW22 5d
5d Eras Zombie Invasion [Official Thread] Eras Zombie Invasion has just been released onto It is the remake to the classic Warcraft 3 map. I am creating this thread to assemble any and all suggestions or any bugs/glitches one might report into one location. Check out the map now and if you have feedback to give I would be glad to hear it. As far as what one can expect from the game: I have basically brought all the features from the original over. I have a water/boat system that works quite nicely and one can still expect the dreaded water zombies. I’ve added additional events as well as a new random event feature that will make the game feel different every time, more dynamic. I plan on adding loads more and expanding on what’s already a great game. As this is newly released it may contain some bugs or glitches, even issues of balance, if you encounter them, report them, as I’d greatly appreciate any input on these matters. Smith663 5d
Feb 10 [Colonial Line Wars] Official Thread Hello and welcome! First may I just say thank you to all the loyal players out there, you guys have contributed more than you know. The CLW community forum can be found at: I spend most of my forum time there, so I welcome everyone to head there. If you would like to chat with me on bnet, I don't mind being messaged out of the blue - but please keep the initial message both short and polite. Also keep in mind that I will not always respond. Making a map requires a lot of time and sometimes I'm just not available to chat. My character code is 585. If anyone wants to get into contact with me through email, they can reach me at You can find my guide on understanding the income system here: You can find my spreadsheet of unit statistics here: 1.66 Plea for help now activates where your scv is. There is now a team-wide 130 second cooldown to plea for help. Fixed Mule and Scv bugs, Mules now repair instead of scvs Banelings will now target buildings. Changelog 1.65 Added the scout and baneling to T3 Added a short term invisibility for dt, -20 hp Changed cost of investing from 130 to 140 Muta -19 hp, + 1 dmg, period from 1.07 to .96 Normalized T4, all T4 units now cost 1400 with 135 research time All T4 units have been rebalanced based on this new cost and time Removed salvaging for T4 Added another trigger for when all 3 team members leave Banshee changed to period of 1.16, same dps Increased air speed of viking by .6 Changed the thor's attack. now period of 1.93 with 5 missiles, same dps Changed viking attack period from 1.8 to 1.1, same dps Infestor +25 hp, infested terran +10hp, +1 energy regen, damage +2 Bc + 25 hp, -1dmg Carrier - 10 hpLithe900 Feb 10
Jan 31 RTC 2017: Trading Places v4.14 - FINAL Map Links: EU: battlenet://starcraft/map/2/198053 NA: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/283088 Setting: Feniks Win'thar of the Purifiers has sent the Commanders to infiltrate the Revanscar Moebius Hybrid Research Facility, in order to obtain data on Hybrid weaknesses. Having been detected in the facility, Amon has sealed the station in an impenetrable forcefield powered by six Power Generators. The commander's have maximum 40 minutes (reduced on higher difficulties) to power down the Generators and escape from the facility before Amon's fleet arrives. Objectives: Shutdown the 6 Power Cores to disable the Facility's Shields a Power Core will Periodically be Shielded preventing Damage Hold out against Amon's Fleet (Bonus) Escort Wardens to the 2 Data Cores Unique Mechanic: Bases start surrounded by 3 moveable platforms, however as in Templar's Charge, the different "islands" are not linked by ground. The commander's may either use air units or transport grounds units on the Platform. The platform can still be built upon and accept Creep, so static defences and Production Buildings can be transported around the map. The First Core is located between the two bases and is lightly defended. The next 2 cores are located on opposite sides of the map and only be reached by one or other commander. As each core drops 20% health it will become shielded preventing damage, alternating between the 2 cores until they are both destroyed. The final 3 cores are located at the top of the map and will rotate their shield every 60 game seconds. For the bonus objective, each commander will gain control of a purifier warden, one ground and one air. Both commander's platforms can reach both bonus objectives and must be used to transport the ground warden to the objective. Both must then be escorted back to the Titanic Warp Prisms in the main base. Credits: Feniks - Terrain, Triggers, Development Sir Marqus Kane - Voice Acting Note: v4.0 hasn't been uploaded yet as im testing internally before i release the new terrain.Feniks120 Jan 31
Jan 31 LOTV 2019 S1 Maps WHERE CAN I PUT OVERLORDS? lotv maps, which ones have places you can safely put overlords atop towers? There used to be ms-paint things that showed where to put overlords, but I can't find any for the new maps? Can someone help out?TheG0 Jan 31
Jan 21 [Extension Mod] Versus Evolved This is the official thread for the extension mod Versus Evolved, currently available in the Americas region. It is accessible under Custom -> Melee -> Create With Mod. This mod introduces dozens of units, options, and upgrades from the Campaign and Co-op Missions into Versus mode. You can select up to 5 points worth of Augments from the starting menu. Everything has its price though– you must always give something up in exchange, and even the strongest of additions may introduce drawbacks. These Augments range from individual units, to gameplay-modifying mechanics, to powerful factions like the Black Ops Terrans, Tal'darim, and Purifiers. You can even call upon powerful heroes such as Kerrigan and Alarak, command the might of the Spear of Adun, or collect biomass as Zerg to evolve your most lowly units into towering monstrosities. Everything has been altered to better suit Versus mode, in the aim of providing a balanced gameplay experience, so that all players are evenly matched no matter what options they pick. Currently, this mod is by no means balanced at all. While I doubt Blizzard-level balance will ever be achieved, I am hoping to get it to a place where the gameplay is as fair as possible, and there are no options that are overly game-breaking or unfun to play against. The lobby host can also enable Mutators, allowing each player to choose one Mutator that will affect gameplay. Unlike in Co-op, Mutators in Versus Evolved affect all players equally. An alternate mode is "Chaos Studios Mode", which randomly cycles Mutators with 3 active at a time. Not all Mutators from Co-op are available, due to gameplay conflicts, but many of the classic Mutators have been implemented. It is possibly to play with Mutators without Augments, or both at the same time. Another option available in the lobby is "Big Game Hunters Mode", which implements the classic Blizzard extension mod, increasing the resource quantity of mineral fields and vespene geysers. I have designated this the official thread for all balance-related feedback, bug reports, and suggestions. I am looking forward to hearing what people have to say. Known Issues: – There is no direct way to select console skins with triggers like there is with unit skins. I have found a workaround, but unfortunately, the buttons are not changing in color to match the console. – Even though I have disabled all collection-chosen skins in the mod data, including console skins, console skins chosen in the collection are still overwriting the default consoles. – Some unit models in the glossary appear ridiculously enlarged, to the point where only a part of the model is visible. Although they didn't used to, the glossary camera values are now specified in a locked (unmodifiable) UI file– as I can add no data for those models, there is nothing I can do. – The images have somehow been bugged– the color values for red and blue have been completely reversed, which makes the images look very strange. This is odd, as they look perfectly fine in the editor. Future releases will include: – More factions. – Additional heroes. – Gameplay updates and balance reworks. – Randomized options for the AI.Nedia0 Jan 21
Jan 19 Bunker Wars X [Official Thread] Control a bunker that automatically spawns units. Pick your units from 42 different choices. Choose a single unit, or choose multiple. Let's make a mass game a big deal! Weekly Tournaments will be held Friday night at 8:00 pm EST once the game reaches the top 10! (Tournaments can be participated in automatically by joining a game between 8:00 and 8:30 pm EST).Vanished46 Jan 19
Jan 15 Cortex Roleplay - Some units and commands. As I do not rp anymore, I felt it prudent to put my file containing various models and units to Bnet for anyone who could possibly have a use. This was all made for my own reference, and as such parts may not make any sense at all, or may seem illogical. I was never particularly good with cortex commands, so parts likely look noobish to those who have more experiance. I would post this on the cortex website, but to be honest. It is dead. This was posted on an as is basis, with some notes put in... everywhere. ==Effect/Misc Models== obliteratecasterchannel -An energy shrine-like effect. gascanisterglow -As per the name, gives the unit a glow, very much tintable. NATURALGAS -Not sure why I typed it in caps. An orb-like model. If used on its own, just realize all further attachments to it/weapons fired from it will come from the bottom. shuttletransportunloadmodel -Squiggly dots with trails moving about in an aura. highyieldactivecrystals -Just about the same as gascanisterglow, might not even work. firemedium -Your friendly neighborhood all-purpose fire model. spewmissile -A weapon model. spitmissile -A nice, round, awkward weapon model. toxicgoopspill -A continuous supply of vomit, in effect. blindingcloud -Round thick aura of green. psionicliftimpact -Forgot what it does. psisrikemodel -Same here. lavasplash or lavasplashbig (something of that nature) -Models for lava splashing. Also can work on making fantasy units, or anything where you like to see rocks randomly fly out. noxiouscloud -A surrounding aura model, general-purpose, can work with many purposes with the right line of thinking. plague -Yep, the plague model. zhybridpsychicclonescast -This and the next one probably do something, but I havent noticed what. zhybridgravitonprisoneffect zhybridgravitonprisonsecondary -Cute little electricity model. hybridenergydrainimpact -Forgot. kerriganapocalypsechannel -Pulsing ball with little strands of energy going to the center. roachvileacidsalivaweapon -Roach weapon model. vileroachdebuff -An aura that is like sticky strands of... something pulsing around. Slowly follows, so you can see it as the unit moves (if the unit moves). banelingeggnestbufflife (energy/damage) -Little electric model, best for objects standing in place. smqueen -A queen model. swarmqueen (large) -The swarm queen. viperconsume -Shows a green 2d spit blob, fades out as another fades in that is slightly different. If tinted to a deep blue, looks like a sort of rain model. Can be used to make something clickable that would not be otherwise. heliosfire -A more fancy fire model. Tint it deep red and watch it go. psionicshield -A shield model. mendbuffstate (fantasy) -Ech, forgot what this one did. hydraliskfrenzymodel -Subtle effect model. pylonplacementtzeratul02 -What a pylon looks like when a probe is coming over and just about to warp it in. infestedstukovportraitdarkad -A stukov model. Looks a bit creepy, but keep in mind that when the unit is walking, it looks to be walking very slowly while moving at a normal pace. Animspeed 2.8 solves the walking problem, although it makes it look like he is on some sort of drug. Used it for one of my old heros... ==Weapon Models== -Fairly self explanitary, a couple units for weapons. Best use for these would be the replaceunit command. ravasaurweapon yagdrafireballweapon weaponhybridc yamatoweapon queenofbladespsiblast ==Computer Models== -A couple models if you are trying to make a computer station. Searching "castanar" and "umojan" also gives decent lists. castanarmonitorwall castanarmonitorfloor castanarworkstation umojanlabwallconsoles ==Purely Misc== laserdrillmodel -Not sure if it works. spaceplatformradar -A radar model. umojanlabroom -Probably broken and ugly looking. Never tried it. marinexpr2 Warpig with a marine-ish head. tempestwarpinstargate -Similar to a pylon before it is placed to be warped in look. Like a ghost tempest... smx1hyperionwarpin -Looks like poo, did some very basic experiments on it, who knows. Probably useless. ==Various Commands/Behaviors== -Some only work with gatorkit or forge. @tooltip -Useful if you want to get rid of "Hero" on a hero unit. @addbehvior nocollision -Does something useful. Never really cared what, though. @attach shapecube -Same effect as attaching a beacon, but looks nicer with the wireframe. At least, I think so. @modelswap weaponmarinemercenary -Some sort of weapon model. @effect orbitalstrikeset -Ion cannon strike effect. @effect psifielddamage -Eh, probably useless. @effect plagueset -Not sure what the point of this is, why I put it down is beyond me. @effect Hallucinationset -Leaves a unit unable to use any special abilities it may have, a blue tint, and 3 minutes to live. @effect crystallineinfestationapplybehavior -Only more recent gatorkit versions have this. Useful for making an infestation that kills everything. Will destroy hordes of basic marines in seconds. @addbehavior colormelgenyavik -Gives a unit a brownish color. @addbehavior colorspecialwhiteout -Strange little coloring effect. @addbehavior danceanimation -Not the command to use for dancing. @addbehavior arbitercloakfield -Will make it so nearby allied units are cloaked. @addbehavior nullfield -No idea. @addbehavior amoneyes -Gives a unit The Red Eyes. @addbehavior tophat -The infamous tophat. Reccomended with Samir Duran. @addbehavior ripfield -Makes your unit slowly disintegrate lesser (shieldless) units that are within a rather large radius. @addbehavior salvagesensortower -Disables a unit for a few seconds. I like to call it "scanning" @addbehavior hybridenergydrainimpact -A pointless behavior I wrote down. @addbehavior heroattribute -Breaks the UI of a unit, or modifies it's appearance if you wish. @addbehavior infestationspawn -Spawn some bees every few seconds from a unit (preferably beacon). @addbehavior periodicspawn (5) -Another spawn bees effect. @addbehavior infestationspawninfestedmarines -More bees, but of the shooting sort. @effect nukedetonate -Kaboom. @replaceeffect stasisfieldapply parasiticinvasionleapLM -A failed experiment of mine. larvalqueen -Use on a neutral unit to take it over. Oh wait, this is a unit... what is it doing here?! ==Units== -The backbone and reason of this document's creation. Contains quite a few units, many of which pulled from the sc2 editor. Not all of them tested. Much fewer descriptions here. Based on hots units. STAINS GALORE HERE... some are unable to be removed by mortal command. Some not tested. Many cases where it is much better just to use the model of the unit rather than the unit. If you do not know what these foul things are capable of... test in a private. hotstorrasque -Torrasque Ultralisk hotsraptor -Zergling that can jump up/down cliffs. hotsnoxious -Noxious Ultralisk marinehouse valhalladestructiblewall (door) -Also a model. In fact, it would be better to use a basic wall and modelswap. Good model, obnoxious name. ravasaur infestedcocoon -Also in model form. Might actually only work as a model... hotsrapto -Probably the same as hotsraptor. Never tested. anteplott -A native animal. Starcraft's wildlife. If it says "native", it is similar to this. scantipede -native (also same model as the scorpalisk) recovery terminal -A computer. Ability will not work. Killing it makes it appear as shut down. prisoner -Good as a worker. Depending on your purpose, it may be better to make civilians and modelswap them to "prisonercivilian". raynor's raiders dropship -I prefer the model. Quite broken as a unit. red adder militarized transport -A less known transport unit. orion turbo coupe -This is how racecars are in sc. shikoto coupe -A car. Same model as a much more advanced version found in gatorkit maps. jackson's revenge -Loki! skibi's angel -Medic unit. shock division -Higher tech siege tank. blackhammer -Fancy thor. sky fury -Banshee. -SMBanshee makes for a very good helicoptor model. thorn lizard -native mohican atv -Sports car. miner -A worker unit. More friendly to adding weapons. infested (banshee, marine, medic, siegetank) -Big bad infested unit. infestedwraith -Probably should have merged that. flatbed truck -see dumptruck dump truck -see flatbedtruck egon stetmann test zerg -Looks like primal zergling... but so much more... artosilope -native (male/female) karak -native ursadak -ugly blimp -see "Chewblasta" urubu -native eradicator -Razor armed mech thingie. Zealot rip-off. artifact vualt -Fancy little protoss building. protoss crate tal'darim prison (small, console) -A protoss building. billboard -Definately unselectable. city prop -^ cooling tower -Blow it up, rocks come down. dominion holoboard explosives garage ice rock tower korhal tree korhal flag korhal podium korhal foliage korhal podium prison entrance streetlight traffic signal wolf statue odin build wrecked battlecruiser helios final -One hell of a stain. searchlight Marine Warpig Son of Korhal Marauder Aegis Guard Hammer Securities Reaper Death Head port junker preserver prison rip-field generator raw terrazine terrazine canister xel'naga temple zhakul'das library zealot (prisoner) preserver sentry darktemplar hightemplar hybridreaver hybriddominator hybriddestroyer maar hybrid hybridskygeirr hybridzhakul'das -Above two are fancy names for hazrad and maar. wanderer -what the hell is this.... cow -Moo. crab beetle -those little bugs on char-like mining missions, wol campaign. dog -best friend of man karak (leaping) -native ursadak -native... I think? ursadon giant ursadon matriarchursadon gigablossom -Big. lab bot x-1 tatelessbot -Very tasteful, actually. cleaningbot lavacrab -I might have mixed this with crabbeetle. lyote -native scantipede -ugly sheep -Baaaah! spore ray -Lives on Izzura map. tastelope -native thorn lizard -native urubu -native xel'naga (worldship, watchtower, crystal) lasarra -fairly sure this is a pure stain unit mohandar urun (urunvindicator) holding pen (small, large) mineral shield archive [toss] force field colonist bio-dome data core dominion garrison drakken pulse cannon infested (armory, hut, colonist hut, bio-dome, barracks, command center, engineering bay, factory, missile turret, starport, supply depot, wyld wyngs) jorium stockpile jump drive -Generator. nuclear missile silo -Use this for a nuke center. power link (off) hybrid holding cell (small) coolant tower destructable huge scrap general warfield's fortress -Big and stain-like. logistics headquarters main prison base psi-indoctrinator psi destroyer shadow ops space armored generator tactical operations center (platform, gun[large]) terrazine tank umojan lab generator crazyhorse apt [truck] l2 speedwheeler -car tauren space marine tauren outhouse thor wreckage ancient one -ugly overmind tendril kerrigank5 overmind baneling nest zerg biomass sciyrge best -idk what the hell this is mitoscarab -native corpsemarine corpsecolonist -Might have mixed the two up... colonistcorpse and marinecorpse? ==Some other notes to self== -urunvindicator, selendiszealot, artanistemplar. -start by typing "minerals;gas;@spawn food" if making a base needing those things -make my color harder on average to type (go violet, not purple) -if reaching troll stage, create 5 maars, modelswap ghost, scale 3, weaponspeed 0.1, and let er rip when newbs at trolling are in the game -if I need a preserver model, make a hero and modelswap preserver -occasionally befuddle players by spawning a civilian, 3 cows, and 1 antelope surrounded by power links and a taurenspacemarine bodyguard -make sure I update list of who is what in rp games (troll, bad, decent, snoozer, etc) End of blob.WitchDoctor5 Jan 15
Jan 14 Prologue Coop: Mission 1-3 Hello, just wanted to say that we released the Prologue Protoss missions, last week and have been busy at patching them up this week. You can find them on the arcade by searching for "Prologue Coop". We're also busy at work fixing the Heart of the Swarm campaign, there is one already on the arcade but it's not made by our team. For more info, please visit our discord: Jan 14
Jan 13 created maps how do i publish the map that took me three days to make, to the games maps? im ready to try it out.SirArthur2 Jan 13
Jan 9 Stukov - Man Or Monster Hey guys, I made this thread so that people could report any bugs they find in my map. But you are welcome to also discuss it if you like. It is a single player campaign style map, but I'm about to implement a unique mechanic for a player 2. I've only tested it by myself however, so it'd be good if 2 people playing could let me know about any bugs :)Imposter7 Jan 9
Jan 4 Legends of the Void RPG [Official Thread] Hello friends!, I would like to make a thread for my map here to get further feedback, suggestions and bug reports if possible as I keep trying to update and go forward. Any response will be appreciated. I have worked on this map for years but it was originally created under the title: Deadlands RPG: Valhalla. Legends of the Void RPG can be played now on America, EU and Korea servers now. Let me know what you think. :) Game Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/248286 Game State: Alpha Genre: RPG/Base Defense Version: 1.98 Game Story: Your planet has been devastated by a war between three hostile factions. Under the command of Captain Reznor, the remaining survivors of the war establish an outpost in the Evergreen Forest to defend against the attacks of their enemies. After being rescued by Reznors men in the Dead Wastelands, you were taken to the medical lab to recover from your injuries. The voice of a mysterious being calls out to you in your dreams. You awaken from your rest, and find out that the outpost will soon run out of supplies and they will need your help. Do you have what it takes to become the next Legend of the Void? Game Info: 1-4 Player RPG Maximum level: 75 12 Heroes To Choose From Auto-Saved Heroes 321+ Equippable Items 36 Outpost Missions Defend The Outpost Defeat all Bosses Battle Champions of the Arena HOTS/LOTV Required to Play You and your allies must help the Outpost fight back the forces of evil that has destroyed this planet. Complete all missions, defend the outpost and defeat all enemy bosses to save them from destruction. Choose between 12 different current heroes. You can be either Tank, DPS or a Healer class. Each Area has its own boss and a few missions you must eliminate to advance to the next area. There is currently 321 pieces of gear, but will soon be increased heavily with a new Rare/Epic item system added. There is also an Arena where you can face a different set of bosses and even PVP other players. Much more updates to the arena including better loot and more bosses to come. All Heroes save automatically and can be loaded at any time with the Hero Reselection Portal.Demonicus10 Jan 4
Jan 3 Does any1 play MineralZ Evolution? We are struggling a lot on this map. I would appreciate if someone who still plays could share replay or general guide on what to do to get good eco by night 15 or so.HellGoesON6 Jan 3
Dec 27 Looking for map suggestions My friends and I recently have been playing Crap Patrol 2 a lot and finally beat Hellwalker difficulty. We've no interest in pursuing the leaderboards, so beating it once was enough of a draw for us to be eager to close the book on the map (at least until a new more challenging difficulty is introduced!). Looking for map suggestions from players for similar maps. Preferably maps that will be similar to Crap Patrol 2 (multiple difficulties, multiple heroes, some sort of saved stats/rewards system, etc.). Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have to offer! :DMagihoof1 Dec 27
Dec 23 ERAS ZOMBIE INVASION STARTER GUIDE PLEASE READ THIS GUIDE FOR ERAS ZOMBIE INVASION IF YOU ARE NEW! _____________________________________________________________________________ max out peasants at your capitols (max is 20) . NUMBER CONTROL GROUP YOUR CAPITOL/TECH CENTERS/BARRACKS/PEASANTS/MARKETS/LUMBERMILLS TIME TO BUILD AN ARMY . INNERS should make wizards (wizards can teleport anywhere on the map you have vision) or archers (archers have high damage against ground units and bosses and fast movement speed) (don’t make a mixed army to start) BORDERS are a bit trickier to start . You need to make 8 to 12 catapults (basically max out your population with cats to start) and max out tower count (15 towers) (I usually get 5 in each upgrade before this step) THEN you need to open gates (leave them open for a bit) and send your cats out to attack oils (zombie refineries) . LEAVE GATES OPEN UNTIL OILS ARE DEAD! . once oils are dead you can get rid of cats (suicide button) and make archers or wizards USE MONEY FROM OILS TO GET ERA UPGRADES! . as border you will want all era upgrades NOW you need to work on your economy . max out your market count and upgrade them to max BEFORE second era . also work on getting economics to 15+ so you can get markets upgraded a third time before second era Once second era hits, max out your lumbermills and work on getting woodcutting upgrade (can also get this upgrade in first era if you have enough and next era upgrades) . and from here its an upgrade session until 3rd era as inner focus on army upgrades . as border focus on EVERY upgrade . try to get any and all relevant era upgrades (bottom row of tech center) every era Once you hit 3rd era you need to replace your army with 3rd era stuff . BORDERS rebuild your walls with 3rd era walls and defensive structures , also known as a border trasition (ask for help if needed) . INNERS just need to get era 3 armies (snipers, marines, or tanks) . EVERYONE keep upgrading everything while all this is happening _____________________________________________________________________________ If you have any comments, tips, or notice a typo i missed PLEASE let me know. I want the eras community to get larger :)whiteguy1 Dec 23
Dec 21 [Extension Mod] Allied Commanders Melee Just making a post to announce the release of my first (real) public extension mod, Allied Commanders Melee. As the name implies, this mod enables the full allied commanders from COOP mode for use with any melee map. (Or any map you can load an extension mod on, I guess, if you don't care about bugs.) In addition to traditional vs. AI melee gameplay, the AI can also spawn COOP style attack waves. These waves can be configured or disabled in the lobby settings (including enabling or disabling Hybrid spawning). There's a little weirdness as one might expect, but from my testing everything works pretty close to how it should, and the AI seems to function well. Please feel free to mess around with it and let me know what you think, or if you find any serious bugs. Mod is currently published on Americas region. Screenshots: Known Bugs ------------------ - Some abilities cast from the command bar at the top of the screen will not properly affect an AI ally even if they are player 2 (see PvP mode, below). - Some units have incorrect values in build times, armor levels, and other areas. May be an issue with melee data conflict, will be worked on soon hopefully. - Stukov's command centers do not spread creep across the entire map. Will be working on a fix when possible. PvP Mode ------------------ Many abilities cast from the command bar at the top of the screen will affect/be affected by both players even if they are not allies. This is because they are coded to function this way by Blizzard since the players are always allies in traditional coop gameplay. Fixing this will take a great deal of time and effort as it involves some fairly significant re-working of the triggers. No ETA, not even sure I am going to do it. We'll see. For now, just accept that if you want to play PvP there will be weirdness.Kishkuma163 Dec 21
Dec 17 Antioch Chronicles Episode 3 After three years of work, Team Antioch is proud to present The Antioch Chronicles: Thoughts in Chaos, the conclusion of the Antioch Chronicles trilogy launched in 1998. This project has been a massive effort on the part of dozens of people, and we're very excited to finally bring you the full campaign! Download: Launch trailer: Dec 17
Dec 16 {Deleted} {Posted in wrong forum}Nedia0 Dec 16
Dec 16 Versus Evolved — Black Ops faction For my mod Versus Evolved, I have designed a faction variant for Terran based on the Nova coop commander. I was hoping to share my design choices and modifications that I have made, in hope of getting some feedback before the mod’s release. The Black Ops faction is capped at 100 supply, but they still have to build Supply Depots to increase the starting supply. They use the same elite units as the Nova commander, although with no hero. Unlike with Nova, the player is not limited to 1 of each production structure, and the units cannot be called down anywhere, but instead come down at the structure like the WoL mercenaries. Also, the units all are linked to the same cooldown at each structure, like a Warp Gate, with a maximum of 1 charge. Units: — Elite Marine — Reaper Assassin (new unit — doesn’t have grenade or combat drugs) — Marauder Commando — Spec Ops Ghost (now uses energy, and can call down nukes — permanent cloaking must be upgraded) — Hellion / Hellbat Ranger — Sabotage Drone (is now army unit, rather than temporary unit — no longer invulnerable or undetectable — costs 150/50 per) — Heavy Siege Tank (no Spider Mines) — Strike Goliath — Raid Liberator — Raven Type-II (Spider Mines from Nova Covert Ops replaces Predator Missile) — Covert Banshee — Railgun Turret (replaces Bunker) The faction also has access to the top bar, which replaces the Orbital Command and Planetary Fortress. It has the following abilities. — Defensive Drone (Costs 100 minerals — begins with 1 max charge — requires Engineering Bay) — Calldown: Extra Supplies (Costs 150 minerals — begins with 1 max charge — requires Engineering Bay) — Tactical Airlift (Costs 200 minerals — requires Fusion Core) — Griffin Airstrike (Costs 1000 minerals — deals 150 damage (300 vs Structure) — requires Fusion Core research) Barracks upgrades: — Laser Targeting System (Marine) — Super Stimpack (Marine and Reaper) — Supression Shells — Magrail Munitions (Marauder) Ghost Academy upgrade: — Crius Suit (Ghost) Factory upgrades: — Infernal Pre-Igniters — Jump Jet Assault (doesn’t stun or provide armour, but passively increases transformation speed) — Ares-Class Targeting System — Multi-Lock Weapons System (replaces Lockdown Missiles) — Jump Jets (Unlocks Siege Tank ability, and unlocks Goliath cliff jump) Starport upgrades: — Raid Artillery — Advanced Cloaking Field (also applies to Reapers) — Enhanced Manufacturing — Rocket Barrage — Regenerative Bio-Steel (Nova Covert Ops version— applies to Liberator, Raven, Banshee) Fusion Core upgrade: — Griffin Airstrike Engineering Bay upgrades: — Fire Suppression System (replaces Neosteel Armor) — Military Hardware (+2 charges to Defensive Drone and Calldown: Extra Supplies) I was wondering what subsequent changes should be made for this faction to be more balanced, what role gaps in the army there are, etc. Whether having no transports makes up for the raw utility of Tactical Airlift, whether the faction needs a Battlecruiser-like unit, what needs to be done to balance the Sabotage Drones and Defensive Drones. I would be interested in hearing feedback.Nedia7 Dec 16
Dec 14 Learning To Make Starcraft Maps Hey guys, I would like to get in to making Starcraft 1v1 ladder maps. I was googling how to make maps and I could not find anything to help me. Is there any tips that you can give me to help me understand what to do. As a start. I don't know how to use the Starcraft Map Maker. Sorry for sucking. I just really would like to maybe one day have one of my maps get on Starcraft Ladder. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys Gl Hf in your games.Nick2 Dec 14
Dec 13 WC3 Reforged: Mod community future Hello people So I am half way done with my sc2 first mod, which anyway uses war3 skins Now that War3 is getting its remaster, and we all know that the gold days of modding were in war3... what shall this community do? will u give it a try? do you think war3 reforged has a chance in surpassing sc2 arcade? shall i start making my map @war3 already... ?Hermite1 Dec 13
Dec 13 Stukov and Pals [Sequel to Man or Monster] Hey all. The long awaited and highly anticipated sequel to Stukov - Man or Monster is here! For those who don't know, these maps are like a mixture of tug of war, special forces elite, and story. One cool feature is the ability to interact with the nearby civilians and choose to subjugate them (infest/destroy/etc) or spare them. Unlike Man or Monster, each spared civilian area will yield different rewards. Also, depending on the hero you are using, you will only be able to choose certain options (so be sure to try all the heroes at some point :) ) While the game is in Beta, the majority of the gameplay is finished. A lot of what I want to add in the future is bonus stuff like more story (especially interactions between heroes), easter eggs, more heroes, and such. Also, testing for bugs and balancing is needed, especially for when three players (the max amount) are present. (Note: Because of uncertain balancing, there are a ton of difficulties you can choose from, as well as an option in the top right to start off with additional resources. The map does not balance for number of players, but fewer players will start with more resources) Hopefully I'll have some time later to put together a video or something :) The map has just been freshly published to the American and European servers: "Stukov and Pals" Potential ideas for new stuff: Easter eggs that I won't mention here :P I'm considering making a game mode you can choose in the lobby where (once the game starts) you can more customize the difficulty. For example, if you want the enemy to have strong defence, but weaker attack, you could do that. I have several different variables I tweaked among difficulties, and I think it might be fun for players to be able to tweak them themselves. More unlockable wave units (currently there is one) Heroes Changeling - Able to morph into all of the heroes of similar size (so not the infested mothership :P), but can only use their lvl 1 abilities Siege tank - Defensive hero. Able to spawn a spotter unit that can be upgraded to: 1. Farther vision 2. See up hills 3. deal some aoe damage upon death. Sentry shield ability (maybe). Faster attack for short period, but then a weapon cooldown (similar to tookus).Imposter119 Dec 13
Dec 10 Designing Purifiers for versus– help needed I am currently working on an extension mod for versus that includes the Purifiers as a playable faction, and I am trying to figure out the best way to implement them. Currently, I am planning for them to have access to Fenix and the Champion AIs, as well as giving their army units a 20% cost reduction. Unfortunately, I have been unable to think of a good enough drawback to make up for the power represented by the cost reductions and champions. It feels as if I have tacked so many bonuses and improvements onto this faction that it's impossible to find a drawback to compensate for them– and if I did, I fear the final product would be lopsided, with ridiculous weaknesses compensating for absurd strengths. Ideas I've had so far, none of which I am satisfied with: – Supply cap 100 (Does nothing to affect the early-game, and is too limiting in the late-game.) – Increased research times and costs (The best idea I've had so far, but does nothing to address the strength of the base army. Also, I haven't come up with a justification for it from a lore standpoint.) – Weapon/Armor upgrades removed (Makes the army weaker, but only in the late game. Also, it doesn't make sense to me why the Purifiers would be unable to upgrade their army.) – Weaker army units (Fits with the theme of the Purifier forces being empty shells, but negatively impacts the fantasy of the "might of the Purifiers".) – More expensive army units (Replaces the 20% discount with a 30% cost increase, similar to Karax. However, contradicts the theme of the Purifier forces being cheap and disposable shells.) Also, I feel as if I have taken almost too much from the Fenix commander– I have a suspicion that what I've come up with isn't representative of the Purifiers as a whole. I feel as if there aren't enough original ideas in my concept. I also don't know if Fenix should be an inherent part of the faction– while I like his suit-swapping mechanic, not all of his abilities are well-suited to ladder gameplay. Fundamentally, I would like the Purifier faction to play very differently than regular Protoss, which mean there have to be drawbacks to compensate for new mechanics and abilities. But I'm not sure what those might be. I would love to hear what suggestions people have for developing this faction. I find that hearing other peoples' ideas often results in my coming up with ideas of my own that I might not have thought of otherwise.Nedia10 Dec 10
Dec 7 Rock the Cabinet: MyQueen Name: MyQueen Genre: defend war Suggested Players: 1-5 Map Links: --US:starcraft://map/1/236431 Description: Protect the Queen and survive in 33 waves of enemy attack. Map Features: - hero evolution For example:Marine ->Goliath->WarHound->Thor -A variety of equipment Equipment Rank: C->B->A S SS Z -Powerfull Skills -Different enemy part of enemy is random,BOSS have different skills -Funny mission if you complete some mission,the Queen will evoluton like heroswssm10 Dec 7
Dec 7 [Discussion]Dragon RPG Suggestions/Questions [Unofficial] Couldent find one so i made one.... >_> Now that im level 100, what can i do (nothing.) was wondering if he could add a minerals into the game, and item drops? For example, the lurkers in the game can give you 10 minerals per kill, and theres a shop ( merc compound or somthing) with an item for 1000 minerals thats boosts attack speed by 30% and so on. I think this would work well as another feature for the game, it would get more people intrested in it so that the only ob jective in the game is to cap 100 and wait for further updates. And now that hero has nerfed patroll, i think it will work even better. And maybe the bosses in the game can drop uber rare items? EDIT: Perhaps the reason of this thread was unclear, "Dragon RPG Suggestions/Questions [Unofficial]" There was no section for slamming the creator of the game or the game in general, he posted, you played it. If you didnt like it, dont paly it again, dont mess with MY thread.Alchemy131 Dec 7
Dec 3 Infestation Installation [Official Thread] Infestation Installation is First Person Shooter survival that puts you and up to five other players in an abandoned Dominion Research Facility. Try to survive as long as you can against large waves of Zombies and Zerg. Open up new areas with credits earned from killing enemies and rebuilding barricades and find new weapons, abilities and technology. Find the Research Center to upgrade existing weapons as well as buy new tech such as Dragon's Fury, Thor's Hammer, and the Black Hole Generator Device. Face bosses every 3 rounds such as Ultralisks, Aberrations, and Brutalisks which appear much more terrifying in First Person. Search the facility, gather what research you can, discover the source of the infestation, but above all... survive! For You Editor Enthusiasts: First Person Shooter that has much more accurate firing without the use of Tracelines. Animated Gun Models for every weapon. Headshot mechanic. Some Gameplay Videos: (Part 1 of 2) (Part 2 of 2) Dec 3
Nov 19 [Showcase] Special Forces Elite 5 - Thread 10 [Project Information] ㅤProject Started: August 10th, 2013 ㅤExpected BETA Test Deadline: August 10th, 2931 ㅤGame Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/246897 ㅤDiscord: ㅤ [Credits] ㅤDrusus - The developer of Special Forces Elite 5. ㅤDrSuperGood - Wide range of assistance in all aspects. ㅤWargirl - Designed different terrain variations. ㅤLuftwaffe - Feedback on the forums and suggestions. ㅤSalvaje - Feedback on the forums and suggestions. ㅤTaCktiX - Feedback on the forums, game design and suggestions. ㅤEtaCarinae - Designed the story line and various boss battles * To view a more detailed list of credits, navigate in-game to Menu > Credits. [Development] Special Forces Elite 5 is still undergoing heavy development. The current priority in development is implementing the planned additions to end Beta once and for all. Before Beta ends, each starting and purchasable hero will be equipped with brand new abilities that fit the class, there will be more enemy bosses and player profiles will be fully functional with achievements and rewards. Development will not stop after beta is ended. [Game-play] Each player starts in a corner of the map alongside a base with one hero of their choice. The base is to be protected, or else players will lose. By clicking the base, you can navigate through a list of upgrades for Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, purchase units, purchase elite units, and purchase upgrades variety of other upgrades. Purchase units and upgrades of the race that your hero belongs to, otherwise your units will not receive the benefits from upgrades. Players can also give their units, heroes and structures special buffs with their starting hero. The goal of the game is to destroy all enemy units and structures while defending the base. Some starting heroes specialize in defense, others in offense; achieving victory requires just the right amount of each type of hero. Work closely with your allies to push back the waves of enemies that will come from structures, and then battle the bosses that spawn from those structures when destroyed. Focus all available firepower on harder bosses that spawn from late-game structures, and bosses that attack the base at certain times in the game; cooperation from all players is the key to success. [Donations] ㅤGreetings community, I am officially accepting donations. I have not opened this avenue without much consideration, but many of you have spoken out and offered to donate for the work I have done so far. I greatly appreciate this, so I have made this opportunity for everybody. I am not doing this for profit. My incentive is my passion for Special Forces, but ultimately, your contributions are something that will help me dedicate my time and effort on this game even further. I spend a great deal of my own time and resources on this game, as I want to ensure I bring the best experience I can to this game, and it would mean a great deal for me to receive your support. In particular, this will ensure I have more time and resources to maintain the game by removing bugs and enhancing the experience. To conclude, I’d like to wholeheartedly thank everyone for their support and feedback. Donation Link: [Previous Threads] Thread 1: Thread 2: Thread 3: Thread 4: Thread 5: Thread 6: Thread 7: Thread 8: Thread 9: Nov 19
Nov 1 keep record in colonial wars its the only thing missing it would help identify new players so the team could help them or good players could fight each other and + a purpose to playplasma1 Nov 1
Oct 21 Where are the custom games players? LOTV brought some great changes to the arcade, but the number of players still feels low, apart from a few maps (Mafia, some tower defenses) Why is that? Lots of people say "it's not 2004 anymore, there are lots of high quality games for free on Steam etc." But that's not true at all! Sure, tower defenses and dota clones are abundant, but the custom games in WC3 and SC1 provided so much more - what about the grand strategy games for example? I mean maps like Diplomacy, WW2 axis vs allies, Star Trek Diplomacy, all the LOTR maps (especially Last Alliance on SC), empire builders and so on. I've never found a commercial game providing this gameplay with up to 12 players (holding cities in real time on a europe/middle earth/space map with massive battles and so on) Single player games - yes, but multiplayer games with lots of people in the lobbies - no. In SC1 and WC3, these games could be filled up within seconds during the respective heydays! Just what happened here? The "it's not ten years ago, people expect more and can get elsewhere" explanation doesn't hold water in this case at all.arsjac9 Oct 21
Oct 17 Rock the Cabinet: Ultimate Boss Battles Overview starcraft://map/1/234561 Ultimate Boss Battles is a boss battle-oriented game. The game places emphasis on character customization, progression, and instant action. Players can engage in boss fights and build their characters, while skipping the boring grinding between the action. The game takes place in the Hyperion, where the heroes fight malignant forces, making the Koprulu sector a better place by taking action. Site: Content and Features • 15 unique bosses released • 2 missions released • 11 heroes and 4 class types • 3 difficulties available for each boss and mission • Over 88 achievements • Expansive Hyperion to explore • Items purchased from shop and dropped from bosses, including several item sets • Diverse talent tree • Unique weapon system • Sense of progression; heroes, weapons, and bosses need to be unlocked • Visual models on heroes from items How to Play 1. Start by selecting a hero when prompted at the start. 2. Click on the menu button above your portrait and spend your starting skill points, upgrade, and choose your second starting ability. 3. Start fighting bosses by entering the bridge. Bosses reward items. Higher tiers and difficulties drop better items. There's no penalty for losing a boss fight. 4. If playing multiplayer, revive fallen allies by right clicking on their respawn flag and channeling for the duration. 5. Medkits fall during fights and can be purchased from the shop. 6. Every time you level up, be sure to spend your talent and upgrade points. 7. Achievements can be seen by clicking on your portrait located in the bottom left. Media Youtube Videos Oct 17
Oct 16 PARASITE TEST PART 7 "This thread is for the arcade game PARASITE TEST. Part 7 of the on-going thread chain. In case you don't know what PARASITE TEST is, it's a deception game, where one player starts off as the alien, with other players being humans. For the alien to win, he must infest/kill all humans, and for the human to win, he must kill all aliens. It's similar to Warcraft 3's Metastasis and Parasite 2, and StarCraft 2's The Thing, Xeno Crisis, and Malum Ruina in concept of alien deception type gameplay." Map: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/281463 Thread 1: Thread 2: Thread 3: Thread 4: Thread 5: Thread 6: Discord: Oct 16
Oct 13 Best custom map AI? What is the best AI support you've seen in a custom map (regardless of genre)?BobSmith1 Oct 13
Oct 12 Counter-Strike Mod I made a top down view Counter-Strike mod that can be used to turn any map into a cs map, simply add the mod to your map's dependency, then place down the following units: bomb site A/B, Shop CT/T and you're good to go. I released an example map that uses the mod, it's called "Counter-Strike: Siberia", feel free to try it and leave some feedback.CaveOfWondrs1 Oct 12
Oct 12 I can not continue to develop Dota & Moba I can not continue to develop Dota & Moba was stolen from me by companies and corporations Valve Blizzard blocked me the possibility of downloading my map for sulfur. in the past a programmer Doty creator "eul" - the founder of the game genre MOBA, the creator of these audio tracks Repair of computers Installation / reinstallation windows cleaning of laptops creation of sites development is not expensive * work with MySql database * Create an online store * creation of a real estate base * Content and support for site content (Editor) Internet marketing, creation of marketing policy, brand promotion, promotion in social networks, promotion on message boards. Photoshop, photo processing, logo creation, creation of electronic music (remixes) to order There is also no possibility of employment due to the fact that in 2002-2003 I created Dota and after my government of the state in 2004 kidnapped my name and sex in the passport and to this day is not able to admit my mistakes and give me a new passport, presumably because they Thieves and scammers blocked me the possibility of Dot's patenting. Thus, Valve Corporation has opened the opportunity to steal and receive $ 3,000,000 turnover per year on my product. (This also blocked me the creator of the opportunity to continue to make a good game since the version that is being developed by scammers is very bad, there is nobody to like and wanted to monopolize what I did for free changing it into a paid mode, I was even threatened with murder after I refused to cooperate with monopolists) Rose without a folder for 5 years and yes, my mother did not really see, I need a subscription to the gym, I'm looking for someone who will adopt and promote! I'm looking for someone who will buy me an apartment. Not in a position to help - DO NOT write. money is needed for an operation. channel + jaw, the repair of the jaw is in the area of ​​200t.r (orthodontics) to 1 million r, checks, X-rays, a picture of the problem can be sent. closed jaw fracture on the right, remission, deformity, cleavage of the upper 1.2, fracture of the nasal septum deformed to the right, 6.7.8 light-curing seal, 6.7 - cermet, bite incorrect at 3.5 from below. the middle line is shifted in part of the part about the septum septum top fragmentation. broken in the period of .. mm .. the establishment of cartilage, a long time ago. help can be provided in the same way through Yandex 41001490991387 QIWI 89851534909 on VISA 4693 9571 6417 7904Mellon2 Oct 12
Oct 8 maps in current rankes circulation I w want to hear what ppl think about the current maps in the ranked circulation I for one think they are too big and have too many mineral nodes per bass and have to many expansionsgilthunder0 Oct 8
Oct 7 Game of Thrones [A Song of Ice and Fire] This is a continuation thread since our last thread is almost maxed out. All conversation towards the map that was created by JTaylor goes here! I'll update this post later tonight with more information about the game. What is Game of Thrones? GoT is based off of the fictional story and world created by George RR Martin. The game itself takes place during the height of the War of the Five Kings in a period after Robert died and Eddard Stark was executed for treason. The game itself involves every major house and faction during the war as they attempt to place themselves onto the Iron Throne or better themselves off prior to the conflict. How does the game play work? GoT uses the turn based system similar to the War of the Ring and Silmarillion Maps from the Warcraft 3 days. Every minute and 50 seconds you spawn a set of units at every spawn. Spawns can be upgrade with vespene gas (every faction starts with 100 gas you can only upgrade 2 at a time) As spawns become upgraded they produce higher tier units that are stronger. Upgrading spawns takes 300 seconds. In addition, the game puts emphasis on Heroes. Utilize, Micro, and keep your heroes safe! They represent the bulk of your power. In addition, diplomacy is also crucial because some factions while being in the game may not need to hold the Iron Throne to win adding twists to the game. All this talk about spawns, what are they? Every faction owns a capital city thats worth a large amount of supply, can be upgraded five times, and produces the best units for a faction. Factions also own a variety of towns that can be upgraded three or for times , and keeps that can be upgraded once to spawn extra of the lowest variety of unit. Are my favorite heroes from the series in the game? You bet! Every faction has between 3-6 heroes ranging from the Five Kings, Great Jon Umber, the Stark Dire Wolves, Melisandre, Brienne, Oberyn, and many more! Edit: More Info to come!Waffen402 Oct 7
Sep 9 [Arcade] Kobold Survival "Kobold Survival is a reimagining of the original concept behind Kobold Tribes, with many of the same mechanics but key differences that change the pacing, gameplay and overall feel of the map. In this Arcade Map the rules are simple: gather resources, build structures, craft equipment, defeat your opponents and stay alive." -Boatdog Hi this is Broot, the creator of Kobold Tribes New - after some time away from the modding scene, I've had a lot of time to mature my tastes for games and modding techniques. What started as a small doodle to somewhat, re-live the joy I had modding Kobold Tribes New - became something that I think could provide a enjoyable experience for others on the arcade. Recently I've cleaned it up a lot and wrote a decently working AI from scratch. I'm at the point where I think it's a playable enough to publicly share with others. I have to note for some of the older players who've tried KT, it's a little more paced - so please I hope you'll understand, Kobold Survival is a slightly different game. Although I have work in real life, I'm still devoting some time to add content including some of the most elegant and satisfying items, spells, and other features you'll witness in the arcade. I can promise this, I've wasted so many endless hours polishing some of the most weird data techniques - you won't see it anywhere else. I've put in a lot of heart - so please give it a try. You can search 'Kobold Survival' to find the game on the arcade. Discord Link Thanks in advance, Broot Huge Shoutout to: Qancakes (for creating the original map) Abvdzh (who taught me complicated data and eye candy)Broot0 Sep 9
Sep 6 Neostar RPG, a bw-like hero roamer Hello! Neostar RPG is a harsh bw-like hero roamer, inspired by the days of old when common design wisdoms were not yet discovered and maps held no expectations for features/polish. <2016 EDIT> or so I'd want to say but after release I kept on working on rough edges the map had until it did acquire some of the benefits of moder designs. Best of two worlds, woooo! I think the map got better for it.<2016 EDIT END> The objective of the map is locate and destroy Dragon’s den before Dragon awakens and erases the expedition forces (which you are a part of) off the face of the planet. Every now and then planets wildlife will overpopulate and attack expeditionary outpost. At first outpost can shrug off such waves, but later on, ignoring them can cost a game. Moving on, player can chose one of 4 classes to play the game. Each class/hero starts with only 1 ability, but unlocks additional skill and strength each time he levels up (up to 5 levels max <2016 EDIT> now 6 levels, but lvl 6 is just big passive bonus <2016 EDIT END>), with level 5 being almost unreachable in regular game, but on the flipside offering game-winning abilities in one way or another if achieved. Beware of perma death, if you die you can chose one of remaining heroes, but never the class that you’ve already lost. There are also some other things, like gathering flowers and making potions out of them, hunting scattered frozen enemies for exp/mineral freebies, searching for vaults that once found will increase array of tools for players to win the game and various interactions and tactics to learn. Feel free to ask any question, except for the following one: Q: Will you make the map to resemble more WC3/SC2 maps with lots of different upgrades, maybe persistent progress, and maybe computer pushing by himself? A: This project for me is all about the bw-feelings, some pieces are thrown for nostalgia (crazy kerrigans, queens), some cause they made sense and were needed to fulfill some functions (highground advantage). In a sense, bw maps all shared this elegant simplicity. Simple universal upgrades, simple mercs, you just kinda knew what you were getting from the looks of things. Many upgrades/skill trees is more of a WC3 era thing. I’d rather make a new map featuring those as a core concept rather than add them to something that was made with different thought in mind. Oh, and also: Q: Add town portal! A: Use potion of haste and run really really fast. Q: Lurkers at w3 kill the base, too strong! A: There is a cheap potion that grants detection, or you can build a sensor tower for insane field coverage. Q: Game too hard! A: Use your abilities, pick winnable engagements, be aware of surrounding. Make potions! glfh, dd kaDuckyTheDuck48 Sep 6
Sep 1 Desert Strike Azure [Development] Discord Server Link Desert Strike Azure - Tug of War Map: two fortresses stand in a vast battlefield - To Win: overrun the enemy fortress with created units - To Play: create units, create Gas Exchangers for income Desert Strike version Azure is based on the original desert strike maps: Desert Strike version Queen (DSvQ: Broodwar) and Desert Strike version Square (DSvS: SC2 port of DSvQ) Desert Strike Azure plays most similarly to DSvQ while using mechanics found in DSvS. Instead of using unit upgrades, Desert Strike Azure has evolved to expand on the strategic use of unit movement speeds and unit counters. In summary: Desert Strike Azure contains a deep multi-wavebuild metagame -a metagame of unit choices & casual timing. Gamelink battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/276093 To use link: close SC2, click windows icon (bottom left), type 'run' in search, press enter, paste link, click 'ok' Videos: How is it different from Desert Strike version Queen/Square? 1. Adaptation for Victory: Desert Strike version Azure demands that the player adapt their wave build per each game or be defeated. Every unit is intended to be used when needed per varying battlefield conditions. 2. Multiple Wave Build Options: There are no weak units, there are no overpowered units. However, if you build every unit, your wave will be weak. *for those coming from DSvS: all air units are now powerful and usable (instead of being near useless) ie: Mutas, Void Rays, Carriers and Battlecruisers are quite powerful. Building an attack wave is cooking -and you are the chef, the Iron Chef of Victory! - In analogy, don't use every ingredient in the kitchen -you'll just make a mess 3. Casual Timing? Its a very big battlefield. Your wave must traverse the terrain to reach the enemy fortress. Each unit type within the wave moves at a different speed. Move speed determines 'when' it arrives in battle, which affects the performance of your 'push' toward the enemy fortress. *Many units can now speed shift (change move speeds). In example: Using slow primal roaches within a Zerg wave will create a secondary 'front tanky line' to protect hydralisks. Using sets of fast and slow spellcasters (Infestor, Ghost, High Templar) will allow you to control when they arrive in battle to cast AOE spells. 4. New Units: Custom made units with highly advanced AI were used to macro balance (convert) a RTS game into a truly balanced Tug of War game. In design, an RTS game cannot be used in this specific tug without adapting for 'lack of micro' -like creating a new board game using Chess pieces & Japanese Shogi pieces, it does not work without filling in needed roles via true adaptation and new custom creations. 5. Gambling and Betting: I prefer that this aspect of the map be experienced and found by the players via gamplay. Technical Development Information Desert Strike Azure is not an augmentation or add-on to SC2 or to the original Desert Strike. It is coded from the ground up, from scratch, designed and created with the purpose of having macro-balance, depth of meta and to have near zero lag. - 1+ year(s) of development - 120+ Custom made units There are no campaign units used -there are no melee units used either. Every unit is created from scratch (independently from blizzard units) and designed for effect tree efficiency. This is the primary method of lag elimination. - there are no hidden stats, all information is available by directly clicking on the battlefield units and hovering over the equipment icons - 100+ Custom Buildings - detailed custom models, animations, textures, tooltips - extremely detailed tooltips designed to inform players of their unit choices Join us at our discord channel for bug reports, suggestions and to hang out: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/276093 To use link: close SC2, click windows icon (bottom left), type 'run' in search, press enter, paste link, click 'ok'TerraAzure53 Sep 1
Aug 29 Kerrigan Survival 2 [Official Thread] Hello I'm one of two people working on Kerrigan Survival 2 a cat an original cat and mouse game on the arcade. 10 players are required for a full lobby. 8 players are builders/support and 2 players are zerg. 1 zerg player is responsible for chasing and killing the bases the other's job is to defend and fortify the central zerg base. Mechanics There must always be a Zagara on the Zerg team. Only one player can be Kerrigan or Dehaka Only 3 players can be supports per game. If a support is alive but all the builders die, the 'survivors' which is the collective whole of supports and builders lose. ie: If a support is alive but the builders are dead the game is over and zerg win. VisionZerglings are spawned every 3 seconds and automatically path around the map to help locate builders. Zerglings cannot see invisible units and by default have a vision radius of 0 unless upgraded. If they run into a building/builder they will attack it and it will show up on the minimap. Basic fog of war mechanics apply. Most builder's units have 0 vision radius without upgrades making vision extremely valuable Credits As you play more games you earn credits that you can spend on rewards in game. By default several of the builder's are locked and must be unlocked with credits. The best way to earn a lot of credits is by playing zerg and playing well. You get 1 credit per survivor kill and an extra 5 credits for winning as zerg. BountyFor builders/support you receive gas when you kill zerg units. and vice versa for the zerg. The Zerg players share gas bounty. If Zagara gets 5 gas killing a unit so does Kerrigan and vice versa. The Zerg players share upgrades. If Kerrigan upgrades her unit's armor then so does Zagara. IncomeMinerals are always generated passively from income sources. Either buildings or units. There is no way to earn gas except from killing the opposing team's units or structures. This game has the potential for a great deal of depth based on what builders you choose. Their individual play styles vary immensely. For example, Spirit earns the majority of his income by playing an RNG stock market. the other part of his income is a bank that increments the minerals inside by a fixed percentage every few seconds. Spirit is only able to attack by building fixed towers that are upgraded throughout the match. Builders Scientist Ares Ascendant Spirit Engineer Nomad ArtanisSupport Prophet Dark Templar Stukov Team NovaZerg Kerrigan Dehaka ZagaraThe lings that Automatically spawn are Zagara's by default. She moves very slowly off the creep and has a ranged attack. She can also teleport to anywhere on the map that creep has spread. She spreads creep, which give vision, by laying tumors. If you have any bug reports please post them in this thread.Tor11 Aug 29
Aug 17 Kingdom Rush TD Anyone ever played that tower defense game from that flash game site? Made a TD based off that concept! The map has pre-placed towers, and the player decides what kind of towers to build. There are 4 main types of towers. The most important tower is the barrack which produces troops to block enemy path. Artillery tower does aoe damage. Range towers are great against magical enemies and mage towers are great against armored enemies. Instead of one map for the entire game, there are different maps and after defeating each map, players move on to the next map. Each map has different paths and different choke points. But in this sc2 version, there is actual co-op! Unlike other TDs where each player kinda play solo in their own zones, here all the towers are bunched together so players defend the same lane at the same spot. Because all towers are pre-placed, there won't be players rushing to good spots and blocking out others. The ideas is for players to support each other...assuming you can find others to play with. :) For replay value, all monster waves are randomly generated. Players also earn achievement points which lets player upgrade. The upgrade is similar to the Kingdom Rush upgrade system, except there are now tier 4 towers to unlock. Tier 4 towers are fun! Each tier 4 is pretty unique and has very unusal abilities. The tier 4 units are the most proudest aspect of this map. This map is still a work in progress, but up to 5 levels are implemented so far. Its not meant as a solo game, but probably will add cheat codes later to allow solo players to win. The first 3 levels can be soloed with easy button pressed though. But later levels will be harder. Anyways, I wasn't going to bother the community with yet another new map thread nobody cares about, but I'm just too excited. :)orangeblue283 Aug 17
Aug 12 Gem Tower Defense Release Gem Tower Defense In Gem TD, the towers you get are completely random. Start by building 5 random gems near the track and picking a gem to keep for the round. Instructions Combining Gems If you build two of the same gems in one round, you can combine them to get a gem one quality level higher than the component gems. If you manage to build four of the same gems, you can combine them to get a gem two quality levels higher. The quality levels are: Chipped -> Flawed -> Normal -> Flawless -> Perfect -> Great Gem Chances At the beginning of the game, every gem you build will be a Chipped gem. By spending an increasing amount of minerals, you can increase this chance at your builder. Eventually you will even be able to build Perfect gems during the build phase! Mazing Mazing is highly advised to do well in this game. Start by building a spiral of gems around one of the waypoints, and replacing the mazing rocks close to the center to get more powerful gems near the center of the maze. Over time you can come up with your own methods of creating an effective maze. The key is to maximize the amount of time your high-level combination gems spend attacking the enemies. Special Combinations Every basic gem can be combined with two or three other specific gems to create a powerful combination gem. When you build all the parts of a combination, whether by chance during the build phase, or by saving each part one at a time during seperate waves, they will show a special animation and you can initiate the combine using any of the parts. The final gem will appear in place of the gem that used the "Special Combine" ability. Game Modes Gem TD has three game modes currently: Classic Mode, where all players encounter each wave at the same time, and there are boss levels after waves 15, 30, and 50\\ Race Mode, where each player's spawns are independent, and it is a race to finish wave 50 in the shortest amount of time. There are no boss levels in Race Mode.\\ Survival Mode, where all gems do half damage. The challenge is to survive the longest! Polish / Features -48 Basic Gems, 8 types of gems each with different abilities (6 quality levels each) -32 Combination Gems, each with its own model and abilities -50 Waves of enemies each with its own separate model -All custom missile arts and sounds -5(!) different leaderboards to look at while your maze does its business (lives and waves, player stats, combos & paths, tower damage, tower kills) -Fully stocked tips menu/combo listing Special Thanks -Dustin for helping test and picking out some awesome models for the special towers -JademusSreg for helping me test at all hours of the night even though he claims to hate all TDs (hes even making one too! Who would have known?) This map is currently published under the Tower Defense categoryArieswind254 Aug 12
Aug 6 Maporino! 2018 - Cross-Game Mapmaking Contest Welcome to Maporino! 2018 presented by Jayborino and DeltronLive Maporino! is partially organized through the Jayborino Discord. Join us here: Please read the server welcome-rules channel when joining. CONTEST RULES: -Your entry must be playable in one of the following: StarCraft II, Warcraft III, StarCraft Remastered, or StarCraft Brood War (1.16.1) -Your entry must be PvE, meaning Player/s versus Environment: the computer, AI, etc. -Entries with PvP, meaning Player versus Player, will not be eligible if it is forced, but can be included only if it is optional and the main focus of the map is PvE -Entries can be single player or cooperative with up to 3 players total (1-3) and as many AI allies or opponents as you want -You may only begin work on your entry after the contest has officially started; if you're reading this, then it has officially started and you're good to go -You must submit your entry on or before October 5th, 2018 11:59 PM EST -Only one submission per person/team -Do not use others’ content without permission and credit -Jayborino and DeltronLive may omit submissions they deem unfit After the deadline has passed, we will review and play all entries then declare the winner(s). You can submit and update your map any time prior to then. Submit early to allow your map to get feedback from your peers, as submissions will be posted on Discord for other folks to play. Only your final update/submission will be judged. SUBMISSION STEPS: -Send submissions to, which will then be posted to the maporino-submissions channel on the Jayborino Discord -Submissions, whether meant to be played online or offline, must be sent to with the subject line “Maporino 2018: [Map Name]”; the body should contain the number of players required, who the submitter is (and who they are on the Jayborino Discord if applicable), your map itself (or a link to the online version of your map), and instructions for how to initiate your map JUDGING -Judges are Jayborino and DeltronLive -Eligible submissions will be showcased by Jayborino and DeltronLive once the deadline passes -Being fun to play is the most important factor to our judging; other major factors to consider when creating your map include accessibility, creativity, story/theme, and difficulty balance -Excessively long submissions will be judged on approximately the first 70 minutes of play time CONTEST PRIZING -1st Place wins a $50 value code as well as a special role on the Jayborino Discord -1st Place and honorable mentions will be announced/praised in a video reveal after all entries have been played -There will be a runner-up chosen for each game that receives at least 3 entries. Runner-ups will receive a $20 value code as well as a special role on the Jayborino Discord -Winner/s will receive one million Jaybucks, a currency accepted absolutely nowhere Maporino! is not sponsored by, or affiliated with, Blizzard EntertainmentdeltronLive0 Aug 6
Aug 4 Simulant Zerg extension mod implementation Here is how I am planning to implement the Simulant Zerg in my extension mod: Simulant Zerg will be an optional race-modification for Terran. When it is selected, all Terran Factory units and some Starport units will be replaced with mechanical versions of Zerg units. Apart from being mechanical, and not having regeneration or creep speed bonuses, these variations will function similarly to the default units, in most cases (with several exceptions). Barracks production / bio army is untouched. Players can still create Marines, Reapers, Marauders, and Ghosts. The Factory lineup is completely different. The lineup is thus: Hydralisk, Queen, Ravager, Swarm Host, Lurker, Ultralisk (Note that the Lurker does not morph off of the Hydralisk, and the Ravager is a standalone unit. This is because the Terrans would not necessarily implement morphing, as it would be much easier just to copy the individual breeds directly.) The Starport lineup: Viking, Hercules, Mutalisk, Overseer, Brood Lord, Battlecruiser (The mechanical Overseers do not provide supply. They function more like the Raven. They are able to disable enemy structures (including defences) and deploy Repair Drones.) (The Medivac has been replaced with the Hercules, as the Simulant Queen now occupies the role of the Marine/Marauder support unit. The Simulant Queens are more similar to Abathur's Swarm Queens in their role of an army healer/ranged attacker. The Hercules are able to instantly deploy the Queens at the same time as the Marine/Marauders so they can begin healing instantly.) Orbital Commands also receive the ability to call down pairs of timed-life Roaches in drop pods. The simulant Roaches come with the ability to move while burrowed by default, although Burrow must first be researched at the Factory Tech Lab. It's too bad I wasn't able to work Zerglings into this plan, as that opens up the additional possibility of a Terran rush. Maybe as an extra unit at the Barracks?Nedia0 Aug 4
Jul 31 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time If you are a zelda nerd and a fan of real time strategy, check out my map and play it :) Any questions ask them here. I also run a discord and a clan that one may join!Dimento5 Jul 31
Jul 27 [Nexus Wars] - Changelog/Suggestions (5) Original 4rd thread: Original 3rd thread: Original 2nd thread: Original Thread: --------- Hi everyone, this is Isospeedrix and I will be creating a community for Nexus Wars and handling suggestions and changelogs. Nexus Wars was created by Lilman, and was one of the most popular maps in SC2 beta. I work with Lilman personally and he has decided to minimize dealing with forums and public affairs in favor of focusing on map design. Lets hope Nexus Wars will continue to thrive in SC2 retail! I will post all relevant changes in new versions, and update this thread constantly when a new version is out. All suggestions, bugs, balance concerns should be voiced in this thread. I will relay them directly to Lilman and we will work together on improving the map. Thanks everyone! -Isospeedrix (Isonubdrix) ***** NEWS AND UPDATES ***** 3/22/13 - Just uploaded a new version of nexus wars with hots units. The CE ultralisk skin should work now. I also uploaded another version of the map with wings of liberty units only called "Nexus Wars WoL" for thsoe who do not have heart of the swarm. The changelog is posted blow. Let me know if there's any bugs or anything. Thanks again for all the feedback. -Lilman We are in channel "Nexus Wars". 4/13/11 - Name change! Argh I hate my new name, my original name was too long to fit, so now it's just gunna be SCDiso. Looks like Disco. 2/9/11 - Please join chat channel "Nexus Wars" for discussion and arranging games. I'll be in the channel from time to time as well. *****CHANGELOG v 3.16***** 5/26/16 - Fix pathing issues with Infestors - Infestors and Scout fixed dealing extra damage to light units - Spectres fix armor upgrade - Warhound Haywire Missiles cooldown reduced from 8 to 5 seconds - Warhound attack range increased from 7 to 8 - Cyclone damage changed from 18 to 18+10 armored - Cyclone Lock On cooldown reduced from 12 to 4 seconds - Nova and Spectre starting energy increased from 35 to 75 - Firebat cost reduced from 100 to 75 minerals - Ravager build time increased from 40 to 45 seconds - Ravager cost increase from 150 to 175 minerals - Mothership Core fix weapon upgrading giving additional damage - Fix multiple units not having kill bounty *****CHANGELOG v 2.21***** 12/26/14 - Fix rock placement for Team1 - Stimpack upgrade now works on marines too - Tempest build time reduced from 80 to 70 - Tempest damage changed from 28+7 to 30+20 - Fix tempests not spawning *****CHANGELOG v 2.20***** 10/11/14 - Baneling damage changed from 30+5 to 25+10 - Banelings now give bounty to the owner of the unit explode is targeted on - Fix "Nuclear Launch Detected" sound playing when Nuke isn't actually cast *****CHANGELOG v 2.19***** 10/5/14 - Hellbat upgrade attack color changed - Tempest supply reduced from 6 to 5 - Fixed leaver supply after 65 minutes - Fixed Viper structure repair time - Mothership Core detection range increased from 4 to 5 - Fixed Wahound kill bounty - Warhound now requirement changed from Siege Tanks to Hellions - Warhound cost reduced from 200 to 175 - Spectre stun radius increased from 1.5 to 2 *****CHANGELOG v 2.16***** 1/19/14 - Vipers no longer cast Blinding Cloud on units abducted for 6 seconds - Void Ray Pristmatic Beam Level 1 damage increased from 6 to 6+4 armored - Tempest damage increased from 28 to 28+7 armored - Odin Nuclear Strike damage increased from 250 to 300 - Odin Nuclear Strike cast time reduced from 15 to 10 seconds - Archangel Titan Mech Repel ability no longer affects player and allied units - Fixed walling on team 2 - New unit: Spectre - Trained from same building as the ghost(Nova) - Has 90 hp and doels 15+5 armored - Has ability Ultrasonic Blast - Stuns units in a small radius for 3 seconds. 45 second cooldown - Does not have the cloaking ability - New unit: Queen (Rapid Transfusion) - Trained from same building as the queen - Same stats as queen - Casts Rapid Transfusion instead of Transfusion - Rapid Transfusion - Heals a unit for 25 life 2.5 seconds. 3 second cooldown *****CHANGELOG v 2.15***** 1/13/14 - Fixed Tempest and Mothership Core structure repair time - Fixed Tempest structure selection - Fixed hero collision with swarm host locusts - Viper supply cost reduced from 4 to 3 - Viper separation radius increased from .75 to 1.25 - Upgrades and Heroes building built on the low ground will now have half health - Votekick now only requires 6 players instead of 7 to pass - Swarm Host Locust duration reduced from 15 to 12 - Zeratul Void Prison duration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds *****CHANGELOG v 2.14***** 1/10/14 - Viper's Blinding Cloud ability only targets units at least 2 distances away - Viper's Abduct ability only targets massive units - Heroes no longer have collision with units - Fixed Centrifugal Hooks upgrade for banelings - Baneling damage increased from 30 to 30+5 light - Fixed zerg air requirements - Tempest building 500 shield removed - Tempest range increased from 12 to 13 - Tempest damage increased from 25 to 28 - Fixed Lurker and Swarm building selection - Fixed Pylon refund amount - Zeratul ability Void Prison now allows ground attacks to hit the target - Mothership Core now has detection (4 range) - Mothership Core Time Warp ability no longer affects hero units - Added Anion Pulse-Crystals upgrade for Phoenix. Costs 150 minerals and adds 2 attack range - Archangel ground attack range reduced from 12 to 10 - Archangel Missile damage reduced from 130 to 110 - Archangel energy regeneration reduced from 1 to .85 - Odin Barrage damage increased from 12 to 16 - Kerrigan energy regeneration slightly increased - Kerrigan Razor Swarm range increased from 10 to 12 *****CHANGELOG v 2.00***** 3/22/13 New Heart of the Swarm units added: - Terran: - Hellbat - Warhound - Zerg: - Swarm Host: spawns locust swarms - Viper: casts blinding cloud and abduct - Protoss: - Mothership Core: casts time warp - Tempest Balance: - Infestors now cast fungal growth instead of infested terrans - Point defense drone cost reduced to 100 minerals. Energy reduced from 200 to 150 - Zealot charge upgrade reduced to 75 minerals Added new builders: - Leviathan 1000 wins - Kraith 1500 wins - Brakk 1650 rating - Mohandar 1900 rating New Hero: - Archangellilman424 Jul 27
Jul 16 Starcraft II RS Extension Mod Hello! Extension Mod Showcase here. I'm relatively new to this forums and not a native english speaker so please bear with me... SCII RS is a fan-made extension mod for LotV, currently published on all servers. It is based on the idea of making another version of this game while recreating some of the lore from the books, comics and short stories. It's focused on "real scale units" and realistic abilities and because of this, most of the unit models have been adjusted in order to more accurately recreate their relative size, range, hitpoints, attacks and abilities. Also because of this I must clarify before going any further, that this mod is not meant to be balanced in the way we all know from the vanilla game, instead; it reaches some sort of balance based on the lore... which is hardly balanced. There's a lot of new stuff including most campaign units, abilities and upgrades aswell as several custom abilities, upgrades and units from the awesome mod community. I must clarify that I'm not taking any credit for these models, icons, wireframes, etc. there's a lot of great modders out there and I just took some of their work and put it together in this small creation of mine. There's some key points in this mod that I'd like to point-out for you: - Most aerial fighter units have now strafe-like weapons (like the interceptors), that's because I wanted to more accurately reflect how air combat develops in Starcraft. - Capital ships are massive, with lots of hitpoints, abilities and also capable of decimating entire armies; but they're also a lot more expensive. - There are several "weapons of mass destruction" like the nuke or the planet cracker which have tremendous range and damage. - All ground units have been readjusted, infantry is cheaper and weaker, heavy units like the Thor are more expensive but quite more powerful and several damage bonusses have been fixed in order to achieve some sort of realistic behavior for weapons. - Most small ground and air units have some kind of "evasion behavior" which makes them harder to hit due to them being small and highly mobile. - Structures and base defenses have been reworked in order to improve their capabilities and make them effective against most new threats. These are just a few of the most remarkable changes in the mod and I'd like to invite you all to try it out since I'm trying to polish it in order to move into the next stage of my work and develop a custom campaign with it. I'd like to remind you that as I stated at the beginning: this is a lore-focused mod and it's not meant to be balanced like the vanilla game, the lore is hardly ever balanced and my goal is to reflect that so please, don't take into account stuff like "battlecruiser is overpowered" because if you compare a several hundred meters capital ship against a marine regiment, well, of course it'd be overpowered. Thanks in advance to any tester, here are the links for the SC2 Mapster and Mod DB official sites: Mod DB: SC2 Mapster: Jul 16