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1h P A R A S I T E - TEST This is a thread for P A R A S I T E - TEST currently available on Post comments, suggestions, feedback, balance suggestions or anything you want to say about the map here. If you haven't played the map check it out here, battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/281463 Its still in development but is now in a playable stateSmith273 1h
1h [Extension Mod] Allied Commanders Melee Just making a post to announce the release of my first (real) public extension mod, Allied Commanders Melee. As the name implies, this mod enables the full allied commanders from COOP mode for use with any melee map. (Or any map you can load an extension mod on, I guess, if you don't care about bugs.) In addition to traditional vs. AI melee gameplay, the AI can also spawn COOP style attack waves. These waves can be configured or disabled in the lobby settings (including enabling or disabling Hybrid spawning). There's a little weirdness as one might expect, but from my testing everything works pretty close to how it should, and the AI seems to function well. Please feel free to mess around with it and let me know what you think, or if you find any serious bugs. Mod is currently published on Americas region. Screenshots: Known Bugs ------------------ Many abilities cast from the command bar at the top of the screen will affect/be affected by both players even if they are not allies. This is because they are coded to function this way by Blizzard since the players are always allies in traditional coop gameplay. Fixing this will take a great deal of time and effort as it involves some fairly significant re-working of the triggers. No ETA, not even sure I am going to do it. We'll see. For now, just accept that if you want to play PvP there will be weirdness.Kishkuma5 1h
4h RTC 2017: Construction Yard Hi 2 all! I'm going to introduce you my map - "Construction Yard". It based on Blizzard's template map for Rock The Cabinet 2017. Now, you aren't going to run away from Amon or evacuate. Fight the Dark God and help Dr. Hansons men to re-establish their presence on this colony. Build up camps and defencive structures with Hanson's colonists. Terrain: Agria Quest giver: Dr. Ariel Hanson Main quest: Help the colonists of Agria-5 settlement to rebuild their camp and push away Amon from this territory. Establish convoy for transport, when it leaves the starting point and moves to targeted camp. When the camp have been constructed - defend it. Secondary Objective: Destroy 2 Void Shards. Hanson's men are afraid of terrible Void constructs. Defeat condition: Loose 2 transports, when they are on route to camp or 2 already constructed camps. Map link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/283614 Feedback please post here=)Gillan7 4h
9h Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth [Official Thread] Mod is available in Arcade! Launch Trailer: Description: Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth is the Starcraft II based remake of Warcraft III, which adds some new gameplay features but saves original balance and graphical design with massive use of resources from other games created by Blizzard Entertainment. Mod will be free to play via and you will be able to construct your own maps with our assets. Key Features: Balance of original Warcraft III; Better graphics engine; New models of units, heroes, buildings, doodads, etc.; Opportunity for modmakers to create their own mods and design maps in Warcraft style; Better control system and interface; Playable with Starcraft 2 Starter Edition. You can now play on Turtle Rock (browse WAA Turtle Rock [4] or WAA Ogre Mound [2] in Arcade) only, but we’ll publish more! Join WAA Mod channel to communicate and play with other Warcraft fans! A special basket was created for your comments and suggestions: Visit our official page on Moddb: Also you can follow us in social networks: Facebook: Twitter: just search using the hashtag #Warcraft_AAWAATeam13 9h
9h RTC 2017: Operation: Brainstorm NA Server: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/283138 EU Server: battlenet://starcraft/map/2/198000 Current Status: Alpha (cutscenes and custom announcer not yet programmed/voiced. Terrain is a little undecorated in places) Synopsis: Amon seeks to regain control of the zerg swarm by breeding a new Overmind. This must not come to pass. Two commanders have been sought to eradicate this abomination before the entire swarm is added to Amon's corrupted army. Objectives: Destroy the Overmind Kill the Cerebrates *2 (Bonus Objective) Unique Mechanics: The players are separated at the start Some of the attack waves contain both zerg and terran units A campaign-strength Brutalisk is sent to attack you periodically Development Notes: This Co-op mission is heavily inspired by "Protoss 10: Eye of the Storm" from the original game, as well as elements from "Zerg 8: To Slay the Beast" from Brood War. I hope I did them justice. Both the start locations are on the same side of the map, but are still separated initially, because having them at opposite corners made it so a single player could theoretically complete it by themselves, so long as their ally survived. By having it configured this way, teamwork is encouraged, although the bonus objectives are tricky to do together because they are out of the way on the side of the map. The design would also allow the inclusion of the "Blizzard" mutation without interference with the players' bases and naturals. Note that some of the reviews on the EU server was during the time it was published for testing, but was largely non-functional. Note that the commanders should work and can be selected by choosing Terran, Zerg or Protoss for Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis respectively. If both players choose the same race, then Player 2 will be Swann, Zagara or Vorazun respectively, but this is untested and I can give no guarantee that it will work. Closing: Apologies for the cheesy name! I will greatly appreciate any feedback and bug reports.Kit30 9h
13h [Showcase] Special Forces Elite 5 - Thread 9 [Project Information] ㅤProject Started: August 10th, 2013 ㅤExpected BETA Test Deadline: August 10th, 2931 ㅤGame Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/246897 ㅤ [Credits] ㅤDrusus - The developer of Special Forces Elite 5. ㅤDrSuperGood - Wide range of assistance in all aspects. ㅤWargirl - Designed different terrain variations. ㅤLuftwaffe - Feedback on the forums and suggestions. ㅤSalvaje - Feedback on the forums and suggestions. ㅤTaCktiX - Feedback on the forums, game design and suggestions. ㅤEtaCarinae - Designed the story line and various boss battles * To view a more detailed list of credits, navigate in-game to Menu > Credits. [Development] Special Forces Elite 5 is still undergoing heavy development. The current priority in development is implementing the planned additions to end Beta once and for all. Before Beta ends, each starting and purchasable hero will be equipped with brand new abilities that fit the class, there will be more enemy bosses and player profiles will be fully functional with achievements and rewards. Development will not stop after beta is ended. [Game-play] Each player starts in a corner of the map alongside a base with one hero of their choice. The base is to be protected, or else players will lose. By clicking the base, you can navigate through a list of upgrades for Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, purchase units, purchase elite units, and purchase upgrades variety of other upgrades. Purchase units and upgrades of the race that your hero belongs to, otherwise your units will not receive the benefits from upgrades. Players can also give their units, heroes and structures special buffs with their starting hero. The goal of the game is to destroy all enemy units and structures while defending the base. Some starting heroes specialize in defense, others in offense; achieving victory requires just the right amount of each type of hero. Work closely with your allies to push back the waves of enemies that will come from structures, and then battle the bosses that spawn from those structures when destroyed. Focus all available firepower on harder bosses that spawn from late-game structures, and bosses that attack the base at certain times in the game; cooperation from all players is the key to success. [Donations] ㅤGreetings community, I am officially accepting donations. I have not opened this avenue without much consideration, but many of you have spoken out and offered to donate for the work I have done so far. I greatly appreciate this, so I have made this opportunity for everybody. I am not doing this for profit. My incentive is my passion for Special Forces, but ultimately, your contributions are something that will help me dedicate my time and effort on this game even further. I spend a great deal of my own time and resources on this game, as I want to ensure I bring the best experience I can to this game, and it would mean a great deal for me to receive your support. In particular, this will ensure I have more time and resources to maintain the game by removing bugs and enhancing the experience. To conclude, I’d like to wholeheartedly thank everyone for their support and feedback. Donation Link: [Previous Threads] Thread 1: Thread 2: Thread 3: Thread 4: Thread 5: Thread 6: Thread 7: Thread 8: Thread 9: 13h
1d RTC 2017: Weathered Shelter Weathered Shelter: A curious Terran installation seems to be a prime target for Amon's forces. However, what makes this place so curious is a particular technology this installation utilizes for its defense--warp disruption. This tech actually interferes with warp technologies over a wide area, preventing warp-ins and instead causing a stasis-like effect. Numerous decrepit geothermal power plants are, for the time being, keeping this Warp Disruptor functioning. These power plants are failing and dragging each other down. The local Terrans have called upon the allied commanders for assistance in dismantling and replacing the old power plants with a sturdier breed. battlenet://starcraft/map/1/283224 - Destroy the old power plants - Defend the construction units and new power plants - Don't let the Warp Disruptor's power system collapse This is the first thing I came up with for a co-op map design upon seeing the contest announcement. Man, I love me some co-op. Anyway, there are some minor known issues (you know, like a game-breaking one that arises if you hold position in the construction zone) and a few points where I deliberately chose to diverge from the guidelines (such as a choke point on the way to the bonus objective).DeProgrammer18 1d
1d Battlefront Card Game LotV Hi there! Do you like tug-of-war games like Nexus Wars or Desert Strike? Do you like collectible-card-games like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering? If your answer is yes to either, you should try Battlefront Card Game. If your answer is yes to both, you should try Battlefront Card Game! The game is a 3v3 casual card game where you can fully customize your deck. Win or lose, you unlock cards at the end of each game, and they're guaranteed to be new, so as you learn the game your collection will expand rapidly. The goal is to destroy the opposing team's Xel'naga Artifact, and your cards are used to summon units to fight for you. The units do all the fighting automatically, so your role is to choose the right moment to play each card and then watch the epic action unfold. Although the game is easy to pick up there is also strategic depth in how you build your deck and when you play your cards. After a few games you'll find yourself wondering "should I use Yamato Cannon now to kill that Ultralisk, or should I save it in case they play something even stronger?" If any of that sounds interesting come check out the game! Leave a review or comment here with your thoughts, or if you want to have a more involved discussion come post at Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you in the game!substandard8 1d
1d [Showcase] Special Forces Elite: Gold Edition Created by: Codepilot (#666) Game Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/253474 Alright so I am not that good with writing up these sort of things. Basically I loved the old SFE 4 and wanted to resurrect it as close as I could basically from scratch to feel like the old SFE 4. I have done my best to re create the map and have added some to it. Balancing still has a lot of work to go. Still have a lot of work to go with the nydus triggers and alternate endings. Income and experience settings are subject to change, they are rather high as of this release but will most likely be dropped down quiet a bit to be less crazy and more in line with the end balance results. But I think it is in a good state to begin public testing and getting feedback on it to get it to a polished game. I am fully open to criticism and ideas/comments, I made this remake in my free time in the past 2 years or so off and on and have been very active with it this year. Will be making any bug fixes I can as quickly as I can. Hopefully the functionality is in a good enough state on this initial release so it is enjoyable. Keep an eye on the patch notes as I will always note any changes I make in there good or bad. Will do my best to respond in a timely manner on this thread, do work though so will not be extremely fast responses just a heads up. Edit: Also the timed waves are still in progress, and there is a known bug with the hero revive sometimes firing off the death message more then once still trying to fix that.Codepilot174 1d
2d Good Map???? Hey StarCraft Community.. I was Wanting A Special Kind Of Map, And I was Wondering if yall Had Any suggestions, I want a like NUKE!!! Destroyed Map Like A BIOHAZARD Zone Map... I Was Going To Make My Own But My Editor Is Not Working For Some Reason.. So For The Moment I need A Quick Solution... Any And All Suggestions Or Links Would Be Great... Thanks...dragonfang0 2d
2d RTC 2017: Trading Places v2.2 Map Links: EU: battlenet://starcraft/map/2/198053 NA: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/283088 Setting: Feniks Win'thar of the Purifiers has sent the Commanders to infiltrate the Revanscar Moebius Hybrid Research Facility, in order to obtain data on Hybrid weaknesses. Having been detected in the facility, Amon has sealed the station in an impenetrable forcefield powered by three Power Generators. The commander's have 40 minutes (reduced on higher difficulties) to power down the Generators and escape from the facility before Amon's fleet arrives. Objectives: Shutdown the 3 Power Cores to disable the Facility's Shields a Power Core will Periodically be Shielded preventing Damage (Bonus) Escort Teams to the 2 Data Cores Unique Mechanic: Bases have been moved to either side of the moveable platform, however as in Templar's Charge, the different "islands" are not linked by ground, except those in the southern half which have a single square width catwalk. The commander's may either use air units or transport grounds units on the Platform. The platform can still be built upon and accept Creep, so static defences and Production Buildings can be transported around the map. Every 3 minutes starting from 03:00 Game Time a random core will become shielded (unless only one core remains). Commanders should watch the clock to avoid assaulting protected cores when the shields rotate.Feniks62 2d
3d Lottery Defence I've been using sc2gump for information on this map, that site seems to not work a lot, and I'm wondering why there isn't any posts here? Its a pretty popular map!patcracks26 3d
3d Eras Zombie Invasion [Official Thread] Eras Zombie Invasion has just been released onto It is the remake to the classic Warcraft 3 map. I am creating this thread to assemble any and all suggestions or any bugs/glitches one might report into one location. Check out the map now and if you have feedback to give I would be glad to hear it. As far as what one can expect from the game: I have basically brought all the features from the original over. I have a water/boat system that works quite nicely and one can still expect the dreaded water zombies. I’ve added additional events as well as a new random event feature that will make the game feel different every time, more dynamic. I plan on adding loads more and expanding on what’s already a great game. As this is newly released it may contain some bugs or glitches, even issues of balance, if you encounter them, report them, as I’d greatly appreciate any input on these matters. Smith593 3d
3d Neostar RPG, a bw-like hero roamer Hello! Neostar RPG is a harsh bw-like hero roamer, inspired by the days of old when common design wisdoms were not yet discovered and maps held no expectations for features/polish. <2016 EDIT> or so I'd want to say but after release I kept on working on rough edges the map had until it did acquire some of the benefits of moder designs. Best of two worlds, woooo! I think the map got better for it.<2016 EDIT END> The objective of the map is locate and destroy Dragon’s den before Dragon awakens and erases the expedition forces (which you are a part of) off the face of the planet. Every now and then planets wildlife will overpopulate and attack expeditionary outpost. At first outpost can shrug off such waves, but later on, ignoring them can cost a game. Moving on, player can chose one of 4 classes to play the game. Each class/hero starts with only 1 ability, but unlocks additional skill and strength each time he levels up (up to 5 levels max <2016 EDIT> now 6 levels, but lvl 6 is just big passive bonus <2016 EDIT END>), with level 5 being almost unreachable in regular game, but on the flipside offering game-winning abilities in one way or another if achieved. Beware of perma death, if you die you can chose one of remaining heroes, but never the class that you’ve already lost. There are also some other things, like gathering flowers and making potions out of them, hunting scattered frozen enemies for exp/mineral freebies, searching for vaults that once found will increase array of tools for players to win the game and various interactions and tactics to learn. Feel free to ask any question, except for the following one: Q: Will you make the map to resemble more WC3/SC2 maps with lots of different upgrades, maybe persistent progress, and maybe computer pushing by himself? A: This project for me is all about the bw-feelings, some pieces are thrown for nostalgia (crazy kerrigans, queens), some cause they made sense and were needed to fulfill some functions (highground advantage). In a sense, bw maps all shared this elegant simplicity. Simple universal upgrades, simple mercs, you just kinda knew what you were getting from the looks of things. Many upgrades/skill trees is more of a WC3 era thing. I’d rather make a new map featuring those as a core concept rather than add them to something that was made with different thought in mind. Oh, and also: Q: Add town portal! A: Use potion of haste and run really really fast. Q: Lurkers at w3 kill the base, too strong! A: There is a cheap potion that grants detection, or you can build a sensor tower for insane field coverage. Q: Game too hard! A: Use your abilities, pick winnable engagements, be aware of surrounding. Make potions! glfh, dd kaDuckyTheDuck45 3d
3d RTC 2017: Void Overwhelming Description: Amon has started to supercharge a Void Thrasher to wreak havoc upon the sector. You must destroy the Void Shards that are charging the Void Thrasher, then destroy the Thrasher itself before it gets to powerful. Objective: Destroy the Void Shards then the Void Thrasher before it gets to powerful. Additional info: A progress bar is shown on your screen showing how charged up the Void Thrasher is. The progress bar fills up faster for each Void Shard that is alive. Once the bar reaches 100% the Void Thrasher is unleashed. You can still win the game when it is unleashed, but it gets harder the higher it is on the power meter because it gains more buffs. Also, if the Void Shards get destroyed before the power bar reaches 100%, the Void Thrasher is still released with the amount of power it has. The Void Thrasher gets to move around, starts to kill your base, and spawns units when it is unleashed. The Void Thrasher cannot be killed while charging. Map Link: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/283432Youlikeme10 3d
4d Map take a while to show up? Hey there guys, Ive tried searching for an answer and it is my first time posting a main project. I have publish my map in arcade (public of course) and i can see it in "My bookmarked" and even in "newest". But i want it to be easy to find, so why when i type the title or a keyword... it can't find it ???? I.e my map is "Kyzik's Training Map" and i type "Kyzik" and it shows nothing?? Does it undergo some stuff first before officially published? Just a bit worried cause spend 5 or so days on it and then people can't find it easily...? Thanks.Kyzik3 4d
5d RTC 2017 : Zerus Assault Zerus Assault Map Link : US : battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/282882 EU : battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/197893 Description : Amon take control of the Primal Zerg for destroy the Terran Fortress Save the Terran Fortress, Destroy the primal hive Objective : Kill 6 Primal Hive Terran Fortress must not be destroyedBonus : Kill a Primal Monster or he Attack Terran FortressTiBzZO29 5d
Feb 12 RTC 2017: Relic Raiders Try it Paste the follwing link into browser URL Europe starcraft://map/2/197974 Americas starcraft://map/1/282968 Outline The mission objectives are currently the default ones for the template. This will change in the future. Collect relics before your enemy does Prevent enemy from collecting relics Bonus: Destroy raider bases Terrain Mar-Sara, mixed with some urban, steelish panels. Idea is to have some run down desert urban areas as a backdrop. I really like the Mar Sara tileset. The urban areas would have some kind of dried up rivers or canals (water is expensive). Tactical landscape The desert should be populated with some kind of raiders. There are two rivaling radier fractions on two sides of the map. There should be canals which are laid out so that it is difficult to choose: low ground and straight line, or upper ground but complicated urban ruined landscape. The raiders are at war with each other, but as soon as the players start taking resources they turn on them. There is also the Hybrid fraction, who are spawning across the map. Some of the crashed meteorites are relics which the hybrids want (and the raiders too). The meteorites crash in a semi-random way, so everyone will try to get to the same places at the same time. First it is just the players and the raiders, but then it is also the Hybrid. It should take some time to mine out the relics. For map mechanics (some ideas) * Spaceport which unloads enemies * Resources are located in pockets in meteorite craters. Some have occational lava. * New meteorites falling down. The meteorites are either explosives or minerals. * Enemies and players are competing to get to the mineral deposits pickups. * Enemy base is heavily fortified in the middle. Players have to skirmish and intercept the enemey to get to resources first.binary14 Feb 12
Feb 7 Rock the Cabinet: STARDRIVE Hello - I've uploaded a new map called STARDRIVE. Available in all regions. If you've played my previous project, Factory Ships, much of this will be familiar to you. Here's the blurb: ... Please leave bugs, feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc. This map is a work in progress. This map can be played solo if you wish, so learn/play at your own pace! Separate tutorial level coming soon. Game Link: starcraft://map/1/214245 Youtube Tutorial: Feb 7
Feb 6 [Resource Mods] InsaneMonster Assets Hi all, do not be scared by my profile, I've always played in the EU server. I like very much campaigns, custom campaigns and in general custom maps, both arcade multiplayer and singleplayer. Here i offer a group of tools I've been working on for a quite while and that can be very useful for map makers: InsaneAI - v1.1 InsaneAI is a tool library which allows, with ease, to make fully customizable, bug free and competitive AIs for computer players. Make your enemy great again! InsaneCredits - v1.0 InsaneCredits is a tool library which allows, with ease, to make professional scrolling credits for your map, mod or campaign. Giving credits has never been more fun! InsaneDebug - v1.0 InsaneDebug is a tool library which allows, with ease, to manage complex and multi-level debug messages for your map, mod or campaign. Don't stress yourself, catch them all with ease! InsaneTransmission - v0.5 InsaneTransmission is a tool library which allows, with ease, to make custom talking portrait with moving lips and other nice features. Give your characters the portrait they deserve! For a complete feature list, as well as tutorials and download links, refer to this link at Starcraft2Mapster: Hope that also here someone can find them useful. Good mapping! :)InsaneMst0 Feb 6
Feb 3 Zurvivor Zerg: Rebirth Official Thread I decided to make a thread for my custom game, "Zurvivor Zerg: Rebirth". You can tell me your feedback, give suggestions, ask questions, etc., and I'll also post any updates of the game here. Current Heroes; their roles and a brief description: 1) Marine (Assault) ^Marines have a high rate of fire and good armor, making them good fighters in nearly all circunstances. Best used with some support. -High armor -High rate of fire -Higher mobility than other highly armored units *Shares "Combat Shield" with the War Pigs 2) Ghost (Overwatch) ^Ghosts are meant for support at long range, and their abilities were made specifically for this job. Situational awareness is their best friend. -Long weapon range -High damage -Can sprint to relocate quickly *It's main weapon does double damage to Armored enemies 3) Marauder (Defense) ^Marauders work great when covering a given point. They are also highly effective support units and can heal friendly biological units. -High health -High damage -High energy supply *It can heal two biological allies at once 4) Spectre (Psychic) ^Spectres use their abilities to tip the balance of the fight in their favor, whether it be by stunning enemies or temporally controling them. -Long weapon range -Very high damage -Over-average movement speed *Highly effective against enemies with a lot of health 5) Commando (Commando) ^Commando unit. Elite Marines that are awarded upgraded weaponry as well as improved defensive capabilities to support squadrons under their command. -High armor -Can sprint to relocate quickly -High energy supply *Has the highest rate of fire 6) SCV (Builder) ^SCVs can quickly create bases for their allies, improving both their defensive and offensive capability. Be careful when using Siege Turrets! -High base armor -No fighting capability whatsoever. -High movement speed *Only survivor that can construct multiple permanent structures 7) Reaper (Demolitions Expert) ^Reapers are great in hit-and-run missions, plus their abilities can heavily weaken the enemy. Caution is adviced when using explosives! -Can regenerate health quickly when not taking damage -Good balance between rate of fire and damage -High movement speed *Can jump up and down cliffs 8) Firebat (Frontline) ^Firebats are meant for crowd control. They can take the most amount of damage and their abilities are meant to annihilate groups of enemies. -High armor -High base damage -High energy supply *Can take a lot of damage while it has shields 9) Hellion (Skirmish; "Copy-Cat") ^Hellions can do a lot of damage in a short time, and their speed grants a higher agility for effective shoot-and-scoot tactics and quick escapes. -High health -Very high damage -High energy supply *Has the highest movement speed 10) Vulture (Grenadier; "Copy-Cat") ^Grenadier unit. Vultures can bombard their foes with a wide variety of weapons, as well as provide defense with smoke grenades. Just don't help the enemy too! -Over-average weapon range -High damage -High speed *Only survivor that can permanently upgrade its rate of fire 11) Goliath (Multi-Task; "Copy-Cat") ^Goliaths are well-rounded heroes that can replace the role of other heroes, but they do not excel in a specific role themselves. -Slightly over-average weapon range -High rate of fire -Over-average movement speed *It can fill any role to a degree, but not as good as other heroes 12) Siege Tank (Support; "Copy-Cat") ^Siege Tanks can greatly weaken the enemy before they are within range of most allies. They are not effective when deployed at the front lines. -High weapon range -High armor -High damage *Its default ability can do heavy damage in a large area 13) Sentry (Caster; "Copy-Cat") ^Sentries rely on their abilities in the battlefield. They can be deployed in a supportive role or a defensive one, where they hold a point on their own. -High health -High rate of fire -High energy supply *Has the highest energy regeneration 14) Dark Stalker (Harasment; "Copy-Cat") ^Exiled renegades of the Protoss army, the Dark Stalkers teammed up with the Survivors and improved their arsenal with Terran technology for harassment. -High health -Good balance between rate of fire and damage -High movement speed *It's shields regenerate very slowly by default New Update's main features: - Fixed a bug with the lobby caused by patch 3.0. - Unfortunately, couldn't fix the Zurvivor Siege Tank's attack bug, also caused by patch 3.0.LMG35 Feb 3
Feb 2 Into the Fray, a co-op hack n' slash Hey everybody! I've recently made an arcade game called Into the Fray. It is a 4 player hack n' slash. It draws some similarities with Force Unleashed. Using a third-person camera, this is a fast paced combat game against multiple waves of foes. You have access to 16 different abilities, and can upgrade multiple passives from a tree of 16. Available in the NA server by searching for: into the fray Enjoy!Dream0 Feb 2
Feb 2 Tutorial: Open and Create Arcade Game Links I made a quick video tutorial for anyone that needs help with how to use or create arcade game links. Figured this might be useful to those wanting to play the RTC co-op maps.deltronLive1 Feb 2
Feb 2 Rock the Cabinet: Reach and Breach Link (Americas): battlenet://starcraft/map/1/264977 Link (Europe): battlenet://starcraft/map/2/184742 Description: Reach and Breach is a mix of Tower Wars and Tug of War map. You have to send attackers and build towers to defend. Your attackers will move to the enemy's gates but on their way they may encounter enemy attackers. The game gets more interesting thanks to neutral objectives. On the map are orc camps which give the killing team gold and a dragon which will push for the team that has won the fight over the dragon. These neutral monsters respawn regularly, so it's very important to have an eye on the timers and have map control. There are 4 types of attackers and each type has several different upgrades which make them more unique and help countering enemy units.Ulciscor4 Feb 2
Feb 2 Next release of my rebalancing MOD Hi all, I published the next version, and since it is working nicely and has many interesting things to offer, I decided to let you know. The Mod is called: noMMrandomECO This is an old name, things have been added and improved over time, it has much more than just no macro mechanics. I haven't come up with any good idea like ******Craft yet. Well, here are a few things the mod contains: ... These are just some changes, which jumped my mind. When starting the mod, you will be confronted with a dialog, which gives you some options to choose from (like eco or unit versions), as well as give you details and wall of texts about the changes and (not yet so many) explanations (so I don't need to put them here). And even a debug-mode to see it all. As you can see, this mod is a huge testing area. But it is playable, probably unbalanced, but still. Most importantly I hope it's some fun. I also want to show you, or rather Blizzard, a better way to approach balancing and designing with the community. Use the test area more! Give more choices and more hope, than just one unit/ability at a time (and only in beta and only after doing nothing for 4 months). You will discover that designs often don't work out as you intended, thus units/abilities you think will be fun won't be, and vice versa. So I urge you not vote me up or down for liking/disliking changes (everyone has their own opinion anyway), but rather if you think my approach is worth it to spread the word. I also, since I have created a few things which would improve gameplay without affecting balance (F3/F4 hotkeys, this geyser stuff), plan on extracting these someday and apply them to maps with single balance changes, like the one Corsair asked me to do for him: At least if I have the time, after all I'm not getting paid for this. But it's better than actually playing this stressful, frustrating LotV. So, have fun playing, testing, commenting and hating.iLLuSia0 Feb 2
Feb 2 How do you use arcade game links? Maybe this is a stupid question, but what is the point of links to arcade games. I'm making an arcade game, and I know how to get the link, if I were to share it. But I don't see any point in sharing the link because, as far as I can tell, it is unusable. In browser, it does nothing. In game, there's nowhere to put it. If you try it in the search bar, it finds nothing. For example, here's a link to my game, but how would it be useful to you? Am I missing something completely obvious? starcraft//map/1/204993 Thank you. P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum. Seems the most logical place to me. Edit: It seems I was copying the html link instead of the original link. Wasn't the problem, though. Read on.Gryffin8 Feb 2
Feb 1 [Nexus Wars] - Changelog/Suggestions (5) Original 4rd thread: Original 3rd thread: Original 2nd thread: Original Thread: --------- Hi everyone, this is Isospeedrix and I will be creating a community for Nexus Wars and handling suggestions and changelogs. Nexus Wars was created by Lilman, and was one of the most popular maps in SC2 beta. I work with Lilman personally and he has decided to minimize dealing with forums and public affairs in favor of focusing on map design. Lets hope Nexus Wars will continue to thrive in SC2 retail! I will post all relevant changes in new versions, and update this thread constantly when a new version is out. All suggestions, bugs, balance concerns should be voiced in this thread. I will relay them directly to Lilman and we will work together on improving the map. Thanks everyone! -Isospeedrix (Isonubdrix) ***** NEWS AND UPDATES ***** 3/22/13 - Just uploaded a new version of nexus wars with hots units. The CE ultralisk skin should work now. I also uploaded another version of the map with wings of liberty units only called "Nexus Wars WoL" for thsoe who do not have heart of the swarm. The changelog is posted blow. Let me know if there's any bugs or anything. Thanks again for all the feedback. -Lilman We are in channel "Nexus Wars". 4/13/11 - Name change! Argh I hate my new name, my original name was too long to fit, so now it's just gunna be SCDiso. Looks like Disco. 2/9/11 - Please join chat channel "Nexus Wars" for discussion and arranging games. I'll be in the channel from time to time as well. *****CHANGELOG v 3.16***** 5/26/16 - Fix pathing issues with Infestors - Infestors and Scout fixed dealing extra damage to light units - Spectres fix armor upgrade - Warhound Haywire Missiles cooldown reduced from 8 to 5 seconds - Warhound attack range increased from 7 to 8 - Cyclone damage changed from 18 to 18+10 armored - Cyclone Lock On cooldown reduced from 12 to 4 seconds - Nova and Spectre starting energy increased from 35 to 75 - Firebat cost reduced from 100 to 75 minerals - Ravager build time increased from 40 to 45 seconds - Ravager cost increase from 150 to 175 minerals - Mothership Core fix weapon upgrading giving additional damage - Fix multiple units not having kill bounty *****CHANGELOG v 2.21***** 12/26/14 - Fix rock placement for Team1 - Stimpack upgrade now works on marines too - Tempest build time reduced from 80 to 70 - Tempest damage changed from 28+7 to 30+20 - Fix tempests not spawning *****CHANGELOG v 2.20***** 10/11/14 - Baneling damage changed from 30+5 to 25+10 - Banelings now give bounty to the owner of the unit explode is targeted on - Fix "Nuclear Launch Detected" sound playing when Nuke isn't actually cast *****CHANGELOG v 2.19***** 10/5/14 - Hellbat upgrade attack color changed - Tempest supply reduced from 6 to 5 - Fixed leaver supply after 65 minutes - Fixed Viper structure repair time - Mothership Core detection range increased from 4 to 5 - Fixed Wahound kill bounty - Warhound now requirement changed from Siege Tanks to Hellions - Warhound cost reduced from 200 to 175 - Spectre stun radius increased from 1.5 to 2 *****CHANGELOG v 2.16***** 1/19/14 - Vipers no longer cast Blinding Cloud on units abducted for 6 seconds - Void Ray Pristmatic Beam Level 1 damage increased from 6 to 6+4 armored - Tempest damage increased from 28 to 28+7 armored - Odin Nuclear Strike damage increased from 250 to 300 - Odin Nuclear Strike cast time reduced from 15 to 10 seconds - Archangel Titan Mech Repel ability no longer affects player and allied units - Fixed walling on team 2 - New unit: Spectre - Trained from same building as the ghost(Nova) - Has 90 hp and doels 15+5 armored - Has ability Ultrasonic Blast - Stuns units in a small radius for 3 seconds. 45 second cooldown - Does not have the cloaking ability - New unit: Queen (Rapid Transfusion) - Trained from same building as the queen - Same stats as queen - Casts Rapid Transfusion instead of Transfusion - Rapid Transfusion - Heals a unit for 25 life 2.5 seconds. 3 second cooldown *****CHANGELOG v 2.15***** 1/13/14 - Fixed Tempest and Mothership Core structure repair time - Fixed Tempest structure selection - Fixed hero collision with swarm host locusts - Viper supply cost reduced from 4 to 3 - Viper separation radius increased from .75 to 1.25 - Upgrades and Heroes building built on the low ground will now have half health - Votekick now only requires 6 players instead of 7 to pass - Swarm Host Locust duration reduced from 15 to 12 - Zeratul Void Prison duration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds *****CHANGELOG v 2.14***** 1/10/14 - Viper's Blinding Cloud ability only targets units at least 2 distances away - Viper's Abduct ability only targets massive units - Heroes no longer have collision with units - Fixed Centrifugal Hooks upgrade for banelings - Baneling damage increased from 30 to 30+5 light - Fixed zerg air requirements - Tempest building 500 shield removed - Tempest range increased from 12 to 13 - Tempest damage increased from 25 to 28 - Fixed Lurker and Swarm building selection - Fixed Pylon refund amount - Zeratul ability Void Prison now allows ground attacks to hit the target - Mothership Core now has detection (4 range) - Mothership Core Time Warp ability no longer affects hero units - Added Anion Pulse-Crystals upgrade for Phoenix. Costs 150 minerals and adds 2 attack range - Archangel ground attack range reduced from 12 to 10 - Archangel Missile damage reduced from 130 to 110 - Archangel energy regeneration reduced from 1 to .85 - Odin Barrage damage increased from 12 to 16 - Kerrigan energy regeneration slightly increased - Kerrigan Razor Swarm range increased from 10 to 12 *****CHANGELOG v 2.00***** 3/22/13 New Heart of the Swarm units added: - Terran: - Hellbat - Warhound - Zerg: - Swarm Host: spawns locust swarms - Viper: casts blinding cloud and abduct - Protoss: - Mothership Core: casts time warp - Tempest Balance: - Infestors now cast fungal growth instead of infested terrans - Point defense drone cost reduced to 100 minerals. Energy reduced from 200 to 150 - Zealot charge upgrade reduced to 75 minerals Added new builders: - Leviathan 1000 wins - Kraith 1500 wins - Brakk 1650 rating - Mohandar 1900 rating New Hero: - Archangellilman355 Feb 1
Jan 30 Warfare1942 After many months of beta play, Warfare1942 has just be republished. Here's a link to the project info on SC2 Mapster: Direct Link: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/273563Ajax0 Jan 30
Jan 28 RTC 2017: Temporal Rift Coming Soon§GoodDaytoDie0 Jan 28
Jan 27 Multiplayer with campaign units If anyone is interested, i made an extension mod that allows playing multiplayer but using campaign and coop units and as well as campaign upgrades. It can be found on all servers, just search for "Campaign and Coop units" on Extension mods. Note that balancing should taken with a grain of salt, it uses campaign units after all. Units that appear in the campaigns will generally work the same as they do in the campaigns, though in some cases they play like they do in coop to make them more useful. (for example firebats have stimpack, vipers have parasitic bomb, wraiths have lower costs and don't need tech lab, etc) Units exclusive to multiplayer and coop will play the same way as they do in the respective game modes. This is so all units are easily recognisable from their respective modes, to make them as authentic as possible. Supports AI players (work in progress) Future updates: - More gameplay modes, some with campaign-style objectives for more varied gameplay. - Improved AI that uses more unit compositions with campaign and coop units. - Addition of any missing units or new campaign/coop units as they get added. - Addition of an optional Hero mode, which enables heroes from campaign and coop modes if toggled on.MrGW5 Jan 27
Jan 27 Defense of the Storm Hello everyone! Over the past 4-5 months, I've been working on something I personally would like to see in Heroes of the Storm: a PvE game mode. Rather than post a long winded design document or boring images, I've gone ahead and created a PvE experience in Starcraft II's editor. Enter 'Defense of the Storm', a mod now found on Starcraft II's NA and EU Arcade. Defense of the Storm is a cooperative game mode made for Heroes of the Storm. Players must defend the Nexus against the Onslaught, a ravenous army hellbent upon the destruction of all life. Play as Raynor, Jaina, Uther, Xul or Nazeebo as you take on a variety of ruthless monsters each with their own abilities and effects. Features: - Supports 1 to 5 players - 5 different heroes - Recreated from scratch to mirror Heroes of the Storm - 3 abilities and an ultimate - Level 4, 7, 10, 14, 17 and 20 talents - 7 different enemy types - 20 waves of enemies on Normal difficulty, 30 waves of enemies on Hard difficulty - 3 affixes on Normal difficulty, 4 affixes on Hard difficulty" Social Media Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Jan 27
Jan 25 Rock the Cabinet: Doodad Hunt 2 Doodad Hunt 2 Created by Bounty Model Editing by JademusSreg Music by hakan-eriksson, ScoreStudio, FiluHalon and CyrilNikitin Player Support - 6-10 NA - battlenet://starcraft/map/1/63168 EU - battlenet://starcraft/map/2/184814 Description The battle between Doodads and Seekers continues... Teams take turns hunting down Doodads as a Seeker and avoiding being caught as a Doodad. Adapt to constantly shifting shenanigans via random events that can assist or hurt the Seekers in their pursuit FEATURES Basic - Three Unique Maps - Six Seekers to choose from - Hundreds of possible Doodads to be In Depth - Rather then being 100% focused on hiding, Doodad Hunt 2 is equal parts hiding and escaping. - Randomized Events can help or hurt Seekers in their pursuit to locate and kill the Doodads - Dares give Doodads the option to be more active and rewards them with time being shaved off from the round. Thus giving the Seekers less time to achieve victory and potentially less events. VIDEOS Trailer and Gameplay Video - Jan 25
Jan 23 Factions as Races I posted my topic in the wrong area. Here is a link to it in the editor discussion area. Basically i love to mess around with the co-op and campaign units in a melee setting, but if you want to play a normal feeling melee game using those the existing mods are too clunky to play a smooth game with. So what i want to do is make a mod that allows you to pick your faction of each race before the game starts like it is its own race. for example if you really like alarak in co-op then you would select Tal'Darim as your race. it would give you access to the units of that protoss faction only and you could play a normal feeling game from there. there are more details on the actual post. This way you dont have to search for what you want or learn a crazy complicated system for specific units to play a game.DrFuzzyGlove0 Jan 23
Jan 22 Free maps to mod out I have made a few maps, they are all very basic.(I am not good at setting up coding) If anyone wants to make use of them just let me know I will be happy to share them, I only ask you credit me for the base map : ) Jan 22
Jan 18 [Showcase] Eclipse's Melee Maps I want to share my 1on1 melee maps with you. They can all be found under the respective name under "custom games" or just use the ingame link. Vis a Vis Pictures: na: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/275595 eu: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/192866 Dark Origin Pictures: na: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/280698 eu: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/195427 Abundance on the Badlands Pictures: na: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/278898 eu: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/193860Eclipse0 Jan 18
Jan 16 Starcraft II Wrath of the Tal'darim Hey. I am working on custom campaign for starcraft II. * Fully Voice Acted * Still in Development, only first 4 beta missions are out * campaign contains cutscenes * alarak's story with new characters. Jan 16
Jan 16 Game of Thrones [A Song of Ice and Fire] This is a continuation thread since our last thread is almost maxed out. All conversation towards the map that was created by JTaylor goes here! I'll update this post later tonight with more information about the game. What is Game of Thrones? GoT is based off of the fictional story and world created by George RR Martin. The game itself takes place during the height of the War of the Five Kings in a period after Robert died and Eddard Stark was executed for treason. The game itself involves every major house and faction during the war as they attempt to place themselves onto the Iron Throne or better themselves off prior to the conflict. How does the game play work? GoT uses the turn based system similar to the War of the Ring and Silmarillion Maps from the Warcraft 3 days. Every minute and 50 seconds you spawn a set of units at every spawn. Spawns can be upgrade with vespene gas (every faction starts with 100 gas you can only upgrade 2 at a time) As spawns become upgraded they produce higher tier units that are stronger. Upgrading spawns takes 300 seconds. In addition, the game puts emphasis on Heroes. Utilize, Micro, and keep your heroes safe! They represent the bulk of your power. In addition, diplomacy is also crucial because some factions while being in the game may not need to hold the Iron Throne to win adding twists to the game. All this talk about spawns, what are they? Every faction owns a capital city thats worth a large amount of supply, can be upgraded five times, and produces the best units for a faction. Factions also own a variety of towns that can be upgraded three or for times , and keeps that can be upgraded once to spawn extra of the lowest variety of unit. Are my favorite heroes from the series in the game? You bet! Every faction has between 3-6 heroes ranging from the Five Kings, Great Jon Umber, the Stark Dire Wolves, Melisandre, Brienne, Oberyn, and many more! Edit: More Info to come!Waffen399 Jan 16
Jan 15 Kingdom Rush TD Anyone ever played that tower defense game from that flash game site? Made a TD based off that concept! The map has pre-placed towers, and the player decides what kind of towers to build. There are 4 main types of towers. The most important tower is the barrack which produces troops to block enemy path. Artillery tower does aoe damage. Range towers are great against magical enemies and mage towers are great against armored enemies. Instead of one map for the entire game, there are different maps and after defeating each map, players move on to the next map. Each map has different paths and different choke points. But in this sc2 version, there is actual co-op! Unlike other TDs where each player kinda play solo in their own zones, here all the towers are bunched together so players defend the same lane at the same spot. Because all towers are pre-placed, there won't be players rushing to good spots and blocking out others. The ideas is for players to support each other...assuming you can find others to play with. :) For replay value, all monster waves are randomly generated. Players also earn achievement points which lets player upgrade. The upgrade is similar to the Kingdom Rush upgrade system, except there are now tier 4 towers to unlock. Tier 4 towers are fun! Each tier 4 is pretty unique and has very unusal abilities. The tier 4 units are the most proudest aspect of this map. This map is still a work in progress, but up to 5 levels are implemented so far. Its not meant as a solo game, but probably will add cheat codes later to allow solo players to win. The first 3 levels can be soloed with easy button pressed though. But later levels will be harder. Anyways, I wasn't going to bother the community with yet another new map thread nobody cares about, but I'm just too excited. :)orangeblue281 Jan 15
Jan 10 Project Haven Project Haven Genre: Action Players: 5 Choose one of the various heroes and work in a team of 5 players to survive. Project Haven is a cooperative map that tests the teamwork and skill of 5 players by pitting them together against hordes of enemies with unique traits and abilities during multiple types of objectives. Project Haven is simple enough to pick up and play but also has a learning curve for regular players. With various game modes and heroes to pick from, Project Haven provides a large variety of ways to experience the map and challenge the players. Map Link: NA starcraft://map/1/228613 EU starcraft://map/2/161591 KR starcraft://map/3/81985 Site: Email: Discord: Jan 10
Jan 9 [Showcase]Blizzard Enforcement: Rise SC2mapster link: This game is dedicated to all players of Starcraft II. As modders of Starcraft II, we are proud and grateful. —Team Froggy&Catty Hi everyone, we are Team Froggy and Catty. After over 3 years’ hard work, we just released our new game Blizzard Enforcement on North America Server. You can find this game follow this link: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/282210 Try looking at the newest tab in browse mode of the arcade. Should be on the first page under "BLZ Enforcement: Rise" To the players: Hi all Starcraft II players, this game is a tale of the heroes that create Starcraft II. Blizzard Enforcement is a Si-fi game that happened in a different future of Earth. In that universe Blizzard Entertainment has never been founded, instead, there is an agent division called “Blizzard Enforcement”. You will act familiar characters like Captain Blizzard (Mike Morhaime) and Imba man (Dustin Browder) to carry out tasks all around the world, against the aliens and protect the earth. In this game, the Starcraft II is a tactics simulation system, HotS and Overwatch are combat training tools, and agents use Battlenet for communication. As an action game, you can move your character with WASD and click your mouse to shoot. It’s very easy to get used to if you have played HellDrivers or AlienSwarm. The game can have most 4 players, you and your partners have to finish the mission with good team work, items and equipment, or even some unique vehicles. You will become more powerful when you are level up. But be careful, so will be the enemies. This game contains the first unlimited terrain system on the world, which allows us to craft an unlimited map (in theory), you will depart from the air carrier base to the hot zones all around the world. When you finish the mission, your status and war trophies will be saved. With this terrain system, we can provide more missions and area for you to explore in the future. (This terrain tool is very powerful, we’d like to share with the community if it will help your projects.) So today, welcome to the world of Blizzard Entertainment. Fight for the future with Dustin Browder! (This game is still in Beta test, Please periodical backup your bank files. Contact us if you find bugs or suggestions. You can find our skype and email below.) We expect you will love this game, and please share your ideas with us. (If you love this game, please donate us. Your support will help us to make the game better. We are not going to make money from this game, so please don't donate large money for us. The unused money will be donation to frog protection divisions in the rainforest.) Donation link: Account: Screenshots: To the modders: Hi SC2 modders, we are Team Froggy and Catty. We have shared and learned from the community for years. It’s time for us to return. All art assets and NyanNyanTerrain toolkits in this mod will be released as open sources. We are glad to share them with community freely, just mention us and give us credits (Team FroggyandCatty or Delphinium and Nanakey). Assets mod: Delphinium_Model_1.0.SC2mod (Search it on en-US server) Create by Delphinium, it contains over 1000 models, UI and FX works. Use it for your projects, and share better maps for every players! You can find the showcases here: NyanNyanTerrain toolkits The first unlimited terrain system for SC2 on the world, it’s not completed, but already powerful enough to do high level works. In this system, you can have all over 600 terrain textures in one map and no need to worry about the 256x256 limits. See the showcase below: (We will upload youtube links soon.) We will release it when it’s ready, it will be soon. To Blizzard: Hi the founders of Starcraft II. This game is our new year gift to Blizzard. Blizzard Enforcement will never be made without your great works. Please accept our respects and greetings. As a game developer, no matter famous or unknown, old or young. We all have a responsibility to the society. This responsibility should for the honor, the players, the passion and the common goodness of mankind. If we abstract it into a “Super power”. Every game developer should be a Super hero. That’s why we want to create a world that Captain Blizzard and Imba Man fight to protect the mankind—just like you did (for the players) in the real life. This might be the first community mod in Starcraft II that use Blizzard Employees as the game characters. As community members, we had several chances to discuss and learn from many of you guys. Both privately and at work. We did feel the passion that burn like fires in every of you, and that’s our first reason to make this game. We can’t wait to share this game and our passion with you, it is our honor and dream if we’ll have chances to cooperation with Blizzard. As an old Chinese saying goes “班门弄斧”, which means noobs or students show their skills before professors. In this game, we have developed many original and unique technologies. We’d like to share them with you and maybe they could help your projects. Yes, it’s too long, too long that we play this game but some kinds of “ignore” the men who created heroes and crafted the world. The founders of Starcraft I&II are true heroes and they deserve a fan’s game to recount for them. So let us be thankful and remember that men who fight for us in the past 7 years. Thank you! Contact us: We are team Froggy and Catty. We have three members, Nanakey and whimsyduke are modders and programmers. Delphinium is 3D artist and the linguister. Email: Skype: DelphiniumKey SC2mpaster ID: Delphinium1987 Website: Thanks: Geart thanks to all friends from the Blizzard and community that helped us during the development, your attention and help are the most sincerely gifts that let us achieve all this. Blizzard Employees: Dustin Browder (Game Director) Lan Lu (Our best friend and teacher) Jesse Brophy (Leader Artist) Sam Braithwaite (Esports Franchise Lead) Community modders: Renee Zolden Taylormouse PrintIn SoulFilcher SBeier Slarti Star of dada 八雲紫 坑苏 Organizations and teams: Goblin Academy SC2Mapster CASC View CASCExplorer WoW Model Viewer 星际老男孩FroggyCatty0 Jan 9
Jan 8 Counter-Strike Mod I made a top down view Counter-Strike mod that can be used to turn any map into a cs map, simply add the mod to your map's dependency, then place down the following units: bomb site A/B, Shop CT/T and you're good to go. I released an example map that uses the mod, it's called "Counter-Strike: Siberia", feel free to try it and leave some feedback.CaveOfWondrs0 Jan 8
Jan 3 Probe vs Zealot Skin & Ranking LOST Anyone has any idea how to get the skin and ranking back? I don't know why and how I lost them though I just want them back so bad. Plz helpHELLCOMES3 Jan 3
Dec 30 Rock the Cabinet: X Hero Siege Starlight Genre: Team Survival Players: 1 to 8 Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/264993 Imgur album: Description: Team up with up to 8 players to hold off against the incoming onslaught. Level up, farm gold and buy items in this recreation of a WarCraft 3 classic! Enjoy mini-bosses, events and a final boss fight with a wide array of heroes and 4 difficulty levels, where the game itself will scale for any number of players from solo to 8 or any number inbetween. Features: A wide array of heroes. Over two dozen items to empower your hero, and dozens more items that can be attained one way or another. Observer support (can't see that getting used often, but why not!) Sandbox mode. Scalabale gameplay to fit 1-8 players. 4 difficulty levels, from casual to brutal. Note: I have multiple contest entries. In the event that only one entry may proceed, Nexus Fortress ( is my main entry. My other entries are being entered because they've withstood the test of time on the arcade and have remained popular for months now.Tya18 Dec 30
Dec 26 Stukov - Man Or Monster Hey guys, I made this thread so that people could report any bugs they find in my map. But you are welcome to also discuss it if you like. It is a single player campaign style map, but I'm about to implement a unique mechanic for a player 2. I've only tested it by myself however, so it'd be good if 2 people playing could let me know about any bugs :)Imposter6 Dec 26
Dec 25 EotSS: Battleships This is Empires of the Stormy Seas: Battleships! Building off my previous map work and inspired by the Warcraft 3 map Battleships Pro by Sked, this map features all new ships with unique abilities and a fantastical nautical atmosphere. In developing this map, I have utilized a philosophy of continuous improvement to implement feedback into ever-better gameplay. Small details matter, and I have continued to implement changes to make the game thematically consistent and easy to learn. Any and all feedback is strongly appreciated! The gameplay yields fun surprises through creative weapons, ships, and abilities while also enabling players to readily change tactics throughout the game to keep it fresh and fun. An additional unique feature in EotSS: Battleships is the ability for players behind to come back by either picking up minerals that spawn around the map, or through trying their luck gambling middle. Either way, the game creates fun opportunities for all players to explore unique builds and be their own captain. The map is available on all servers. The default mode is 4v4 to facilitate large parties, but it works really well as 3v3. Here is a link to the map: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/254134 How the game works: Empires of the Stormy Seas: Battleships is a MOBA-style naval combat game. You start as a captain of a small sailboat. You can buy weapons that automatically fire at random targets, and you can also buy various support items such as health boosts and repairs. By killing enemy ships you are granted resources, which you can use to further upgrade your ship's gear or to upgrade the team as a whole. You can also change ships throughout the game that will give you access to new abilities and builds. Since weapons fire randomly at targets with range, positioning is important to maximize use of weaponry when in combat. Alternatively, you can go with weapons that only target certain enemies--there are a variety of weapons that target all enemies as well as specialized anti-hero, anti-structure, and anti-spawn weapons. Through strategic purchases and combat skill, you can achieve the ultimate goal of taking out the enemy port's fortress!Stormahawk28 Dec 25
Dec 25 Infestation Installation [Official Thread] Infestation Installation is First Person Shooter survival that puts you and up to five other players in an abandoned Dominion Research Facility. Try to survive as long as you can against large waves of Zombies and Zerg. Open up new areas with credits earned from killing enemies and rebuilding barricades and find new weapons, abilities and technology. Find the Research Center to upgrade existing weapons as well as buy new tech such as Dragon's Fury, Thor's Hammer, and the Black Hole Generator Device. Face bosses every 10 rounds such as Ultralisks, Aberrations, and Brutalisks which appear much more terrifying in First Person. For You Editor Enthusiasts: First Person Shooter that has much more accurate firing without the use of Tracelines. Animated Gun Models for every weapon. Headshot mechanic. Some Gameplay Videos: (Part 1 of 2) (Part 2 of 2) Dec 25
Dec 20 Starcraft II RS Extension Mod Hello! Extension Mod Showcase here. I'm relatively new to this forums and not a native english speaker so please bear with me... SCII RS is a fan-made extension mod for LotV, currently published on all servers. It is based on the idea of making another version of this game while recreating some of the lore from the books, comics and short stories. It's focused on "real scale units" and realistic abilities and because of this, most of the unit models have been adjusted in order to more accurately recreate their relative size, range, hitpoints, attacks and abilities. Also because of this I must clarify before going any further, that this mod is not meant to be balanced in the way we all know from the vanilla game, instead; it reaches some sort of balance based on the lore... which is hardly balanced. There's a lot of new stuff including most campaign units, abilities and upgrades aswell as several custom abilities, upgrades and units from the awesome mod community. I must clarify that I'm not taking any credit for these models, icons, wireframes, etc. there's a lot of great modders out there and I just took some of their work and put it together in this small creation of mine. There's some key points in this mod that I'd like to point-out for you: - Most aerial fighter units have now strafe-like weapons (like the interceptors), that's because I wanted to more accurately reflect how air combat develops in Starcraft. - Capital ships are massive, with lots of hitpoints, abilities and also capable of decimating entire armies; but they're also a lot more expensive. - There are several "weapons of mass destruction" like the nuke or the planet cracker which have tremendous range and damage. - All ground units have been readjusted, infantry is cheaper and weaker, heavy units like the Thor are more expensive but quite more powerful and several damage bonusses have been fixed in order to achieve some sort of realistic behavior for weapons. - Most small ground and air units have some kind of "evasion behavior" which makes them harder to hit due to them being small and highly mobile. - Structures and base defenses have been reworked in order to improve their capabilities and make them effective against most new threats. These are just a few of the most remarkable changes in the mod and I'd like to invite you all to try it out since I'm trying to polish it in order to move into the next stage of my work and develop a custom campaign with it. I'd like to remind you that as I stated at the beginning: this is a lore-focused mod and it's not meant to be balanced like the vanilla game, the lore is hardly ever balanced and my goal is to reflect that so please, don't take into account stuff like "battlecruiser is overpowered" because if you compare a several hundred meters capital ship against a marine regiment, well, of course it'd be overpowered. Thanks in advance to any tester, here are the links for the SC2 Mapster and Mod DB official sites: Mod DB: SC2 Mapster: Dec 20
Dec 17 [Alpha] Chop Farms Strategy game based on Warcraft 2 chop farms map. Alpha version of game is available on Battlenet. Leave your ideas and suggestions here: - Ideas on new units/abilities; - Ideas on new races; - Ideas on map size/spawning; - Ideas on custom mods; Also looking people to recruit as developers.Trav1 Dec 17
Dec 14 [Deleted] Note: This post was originally a thread linking to a post on another forum. I had forgotten that this is prohibited by the forums guidelines, and as I do not want to receive a ban, I have removed the link.Nedia1 Dec 14