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Dec 1 Update Regarding Bank Saves Hello StarCraft II Map Making Community, As most of you may know, there were some recent issues related to Bank Saves that exposed some issues with the system. In light of this, we've made some improvements we'd like to share: Added BankBackup and BankRestore native trigger functions: BankBackup can be used in the MeleeInit, or Generic event - This will create a new bank backup file each time BankBackup is called in a backup directory within your bank directory. It is still recommended to save your banks as you usually would using the native trigger BankSave. Added back in the deprecated trigger loops • IntLoopCurrentDeprecated • PlayerGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated • UnitGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated • ForEachInteger2Deprecated • ForEachIntegerDeprecated • PickEachIntegerDeprecated • ForEachPlayerInGroupDeprecated • PickEachPlayerInGroupDeprecated • PickEachUnitInGroupDeprecated • ForEachUnitInGroupDeprecated • UnitGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated Enabled Scintilla for the custom code editor within Windows. Improved performance to reduce editor load times. Added multiple item searching for the following when search terms are separated by a comma: • Data Editor • UI Editor • Cutscene Editor • Trigger Element selector • Terrain Editor • Text Editor Further improved performance within the Galaxy VM.Odyssues0 Dec 1
Nov 7 Mapping Tutorial & Resource Archive MAPPING TUTORIAL & RESOURCE ARCHIVE __________________________________________________________________________________ This thread is a collection of quality tutorials and resources for creating custom content within the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to constistently check every single source listed below. I will do my best to update it with information I discover on my own, but the majority of the work lies on you to pass along anything you feel belongs on this list. That includes helping me remove outdated or redundant links. Post theses suggestions/reports below and, after verifying them, I will add/remove/update the link. This thread is NOT for questions. __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- INDEX 1) ASSETS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#2 2) TERRAIN - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#3 3) TRIGGERS (GALAXY SCRIPT) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#4 4) DATA (XML CODING) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#5 5) MISCELLANEOUS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#6 __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION You will quickly discover that nearly every link (as of posting this) directs you to SC2Mapster. I happen to "live" at Mapster so I really only know what Mapster has to offer. If you frequent other sites with useful information, don't hesitate to post them! Just keep in mind that I'll check them out before adding the link. If a site contains inappropriate content, I'll shy away from it. Keep your sources work safe :D It is important to understand that I won't add every suggested link just becauses it exists. If I find that two links show very similars ways of creating really big explosions, I'll opt for whichever is clearer/easier to understand. Alternatively, I may keep redundant information if there is a good reason for it. A perfect example being how to achieve a certain task in multiple modelling or graphic design programs. In that case, not everyone uses the same program, so it helps to address all platforms. Regardless, if I choose not to add/remove/update a link per a posted suggestion, I'll explain why. Lastly, if you did not create the linked source, make sure the person who did is okay with you sharing it. I don't want to see models ripped from a private forum thrown in here. I WILL honor the requests of those who wish their work to remain private by removing links. The fastest way to contact me is through Mapster: sc2mapster.com/profiles/ProzaicMuze/ProzaicMuze19 Nov 7
Jan 30, 2017 Beginner Map-Making Tutorial Videos Hi, DeltronLive has made Video Tutorials of the mapmaking tutorials Blizzard created in 2011. Deltron's videos uses the current version of the editor. Quote from Deltron: I made a video series to complement these written tutorials using the most current patch of the editor (as of this post). You can check it out here (Beginner Map Making Tutorial Video Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlC8YfRpYfL1I2S6uUAHY8b_1GBaamF8A). I cover the Terrain, Triggers, and Data modules. Please like and this would be good to stickYClover13 Jan 30, 2017
2h Using the editor; forced seperate login?! Okay so, to begin with, I agree that no, simply going along with an occasional login request isn't exactly hugely life-altering or time-consuming. This said, the logic in demanding it is about a thousand percent idiotic. Though I have no reason to suspect it's any sort of non-blizzard-made code trying to steal my login info, since it's a function that opened only because I clicked the bnet launchers map editor button, it still FEELS a little sketchy to me in that context, since I kind of have to be logged in to even GET to that button to begin with. The idea that it does not add the login info on it's own, or tell the software I've been properly flagged as "Logged In" is in and of itself a bit annoying, but my biggest issue is a bit farther away. For publishing maps, sure. I get some sort of interest in having an account tied to it, though I feel like that could still be done separately. But all I wanted was to mess around with the GUI for a moment, and see if an idea I'd had regarding map design and potential boundary settings was possible, so as to conceive a potential bomberman-style custom. The very idea I can't even SEE the programs layout and structure without a separate login just seems ridiculous. And so, this leaves me to my question in as few words as possible; What in the flaming craters of Char reason does blizzard have to even prevent me from initiating a side-program without logging in, despite ALREADY BEING LOGGED IN?Squirrelador3 2h
2d Mac Editor Problems I don't know if Blizzard is even aware of all of the issues plaguing the Mac editor. Here are some notable ones: General: Many keyboard shortcuts aren't listed correctly in the menus. E.g. the keyboard shortcut for File->Test Document is CMD+F9 but is shown as FN+F9. Also, it seems that some default keyboard shortcuts are conflicting with each other, such as File->Test Document and Modules->Import, or View->View Selection->View In Overview Manager and View->View Selection->View In Data Editor. General: Editing text in different places such as custom script fields, trigger hint text fields, trigger parameter/variable text fields, and the UI module's XML editor is hugely complicated because every time you type a quotation mark it is automatically and immediately replaced with a different kind of quotation mark that causes an error of some kind. Attempting to save a map with this character anywhere in an XML file may cause further corruption that has to be cleaned up manually by fixing any messed up tags and pasting the correct quotation mark character instead of typing it wherever it is needed. Furthermore, when editing parameter/variable text in the Triggers module copy & pasting is disabled, so it has to be done through the Text module. General: The "Messages" window pops up all of the time with random junk and cannot be closed with CMD+W like any other normal window. It is extremely irritating. General: Toolbar buttons often don't display tooltips. This is especially problematic in the data module where the icons are so poorly designed that it is difficult to tell which button does what. General: Certain UI elements are horribly broken because they behave as if they were in a different location on the screen, including: changing the rotation of units or doodads or the pitch, roll or yaw of camera objects using the disc gizmo in the Terrain module; painting footprints in the Data module; the 3D manipulators; and the timeline scrubber in the Cutscene Editor. Test Document: Gameplay, input and hotkey settings are lost every restart. Test Document: The trigger debug window doesn't appear anymore. Triggers Module: Collapsed action groups constantly become expanded on their own while working on a map, making the feature virtually useless. Triggers Module: Custom grammar text doesn't work anymore. Data Module: We can't close tabs without first switching to them, right-clicking on a tab and choosing "Close Tab". This is a PITA because switching tabs is so slow. Data Module: Enabling View->View Raw Data causes the field table to scroll to the top and select the first field, making it difficult to find the field you were looking at again. Data Module: Modifying fields from standard dependencies and then choosing Edit->Undo doesn't change the color of the field name/value from green back to blue. The same sometimes happens when right-clicking on a field and choosing "Reset To Parent Value". The same applies when trying to reset entire objects. Data Module: Sometimes selecting an object in the object list or in the object explorer (especially) causes the field table to blank. Data Module: With View->View Raw Data enabled, clicking on a field value to edit it and then clicking outside of the text box sets the field value to "" (nothing) instead of confirming the change as in every other native Mac app. Data Module: Some actor event terms (e.g. AnimBaselineState, ValidateUnit) randomly disappear from the dropdown menu. UI Module: Frequent, random crashing. UI Module: XML changes in layout files are randomly reverted and don't show up until reopening the map. It is bad enough that the editor is a vastly complex tool to create complex systems within a complex game engine and comes without any form of official documentation, has very few and often unhelpful/incomplete/inaccurate tooltips and hints and has very few community-based resources. Sites like SC2Mapster.com have existed since the release of Wings of Liberty and yet have still very incomplete documentation. Please, at least fix these egregious bugs. Please, at least pretend like you care about the map-making community and Mac users in particular. Please, don't let this amazing piece of software fall further and further into disrepair. You've invested so much time and effort into bringing the editor to the Mac, why let it slip into obscurity now when you could still save it with comparatively little effort? Just hire a talented programmer dedicated to maintaining the Mac version of the SCII editor. Just one guy or girl. This is my last plea...hawk51 2d
May 15 AI targeting This might be a little hard to follow and I really have no ideas on how I could fix this. so in my game "out last the swarm!" The AI spawn and attack the players no matter where they are, I did this by setting it so that the Unit would chase anything they see and giving them full vision on the map. the problem is that the AI always targets anything that will fight back first meaning the player can make an undefended base and it will be safe. another issue with this is that any ranged units can shoot up cliffs without vision as they have full map vision. because the ranged units attack anything even without vision if I set the base and scvs to be considered a threat they will just attack them and it would be impossible to mine. the other issue is that if the player walls off his whole base the enemy melee units will just run into a wall. if anyone has any ideas on how I could change the units targeting style or how to fix any of this that would be great thanks.DragonBlood2 May 15
May 14 Making Campaigns I strongly encourage people who are unsure of what to make to turn towards the field of custom campaign-making. There is a plethora of models for custom units and an endless space for new campaigns, stories, and gameplay. SC2Mapster has seen the same people making the same types of projects over and over again. I feel that it is time to have some fresh faces in this custom campaign scene. While it is no small task, creating your very own campaign is a rewarding experience. Visit sc2mapster.com and take a look at all the work people have done, for custom campaigns or otherwise. Mapster is more active than the forums here, so it would be awesome if potential campaign-makers (or anyone else in the mapping hobby) came down here. GLHFKSNumedia0 May 14
May 14 2 Extensions On Map So I wanted to play this map with the Zombie FX mod but I also wanted Spawn anything you want mod in it too. So how do I get these two extensions combined? I also tried making my own extension with these two extensions but I do not know how to do that in the editor. Any ideas or help? Thanks.Void2 May 14
May 14 Custom Unit Cloak I made a custom unit Based off Nova. its a hero (Sarah Kerrigan) However I have the Ghost Cloaking and decloaking abilities set a ready and useable but she still has the permanent cloak I can't find anything in behaviors, unit or any other dat editor tab. can some one post picture of what I need to change and be looking for please? I pulling my hair out trying to figure this outAzog1 May 14
May 11 Offset Flamethrower firing position I'm making a zerg unit that supposed to have an attack where it breathes flames. I've made a weapon copying the flamethrower weapon from the firebat and changing some of the stats around. Problem I'm running into is that the flame throwing is firing from the base of the model, basically from the bottom of its belly. Does anyone know how to make the flamethrower fire from the mouth? Been looking through actors involved in the weapon and looks like I could change the art scale to make it stretch out farther so it looks like its coming out of its mouth and, if I messed around a bit with the effects, also stretch out the damaging area to match. But this would leave it still firing from the belly of the zerg (not to mention would be really just guessing and checking on which effects to change) and would really like to avoid doing this if anyone knows of a better way to fix this problem.BigMike1 May 11
May 9 Using Coop Commanders in Arcade Maps I've been playing around with making a game mod that lets you use Coop Commanders in any map you design yourself. I know this is not an original idea, and so someone must have worked on this as well. My problem is the sheer mass of information that needs to be sifted through in order to make commanders usable in other maps. I've discovered there is a huge library of triggers and whatnot, which make the commanders work, and I have found no way to implement these things in my own map, save re-creating them from scratch. There is a Commander dependancy mod, which can be downloaded, and this has all the unit and ability info, but does not seem to follow any proper tech trees. It just makes ALL special units from ALL commanders of a given race available all at once (often the command cards are so crowded that not all items you want can even be seen and used.) (much of this I can work around, just using the "requirements" tab in the data editor, but that does not remove the frustration.) ----- does anyone know how to actually access the triggers that control calldown abilities for Karax, Raynor, etc? does anyone just have a map with completed tech tree requirements for each commander? I'm having great difficulty (since my test map is a standard melee pvp) suppressing melee initialization triggers, long enough to actually select the proper commander? does anyone have a workaround for that? I tried making each commander a race, but custom races are not selectable pre-game. I could just make a dialogue menu to select the commander from, but having this selection occur before starting units spawn is ... not working yet. frankly, if there are any other players at all who are working on a similar project, and are willing to trade ideas, I would love to talk to you.EatsHumans71 May 9
May 9 Ultralisk with cliff walk in the game I am making I need my Ultralisk (boss) to have cliff walk, but I can find what the colossus has to give it cliff walk. any help would be great thx.DragonBlood2 May 9
May 7 Nydus attack waves so I am making a map and need to have a Nydus worm spawn in and create Hydralisks, I have got this working but I don't know how to make the units stop spawning when the Nydus worm dies. any help would be great thx. (Here is what I am doing right now) Event: map initialization Actions: Wait 700 seconds Create unit facing point (Nydus worm for player 10) Nydus worm point General repeat actions for ever - Create unit facing point (Hydralisk for player 10) Nydus worm point -wait 15 seconds.DragonBlood1 May 7
May 6 Overriding locked UI files Does anyone know if it is possible to override the locked UI files in the UI Editor? These are the files that have <DescFlags val="Locked"/> at the beginning. So far I have had no luck. I am trying to add data to the "StandardUnitModelTemplates" file, which is locked. Does anyone know if there is a way around the locked flag? This is the file I am trying to override "StandardUnitModelTemplates" with: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <Desc> <Frame type="UnitModelFrame" name="UnitModelFrameBaseTemplate" file="StandardUnitModelTemplates"> <StateGroup name="UnitState"> <State name="HellionBlackOps"> <When type="Property" frame="$this" UnitLink="HellionBlackOps"/> <Action type="SetProperty" frame="$this" Camera="Star2CameraMid08"/> <Action type="SetProperty" frame="CombinedZOffset" A="-0.2"/> <Action type="SendEvent" frame="$this" On="Enter" Event="PlayWalk"/> <Action type="SendEvent" frame="$this" On="Exit" Event="StopAnim"/> </State> <State name="InfestedAbominationHologram"> <When type="Property" frame="$this" UnitLink="InfestedAbominationHologram"/> <Action type="SetProperty" frame="$this" Camera="Star2CameraMid08"/> <Action type="SetProperty" frame="CombinedZOffset" A="-0.9"/> </State> </StateGroup> </Frame> </Desc>Nedia0 May 6
May 5 Can you completely avoid GUI triggers? Hi everyone! Possibly a really stupid question, but I was wondering... Let's say you make a reasonably complex map. Is it possible to completely avoid any triggering with the GUI Trigger Editor and do everything through scripting? Personally, I hate, utterly detest GUI programming. (At least for me), it's slow, difficult to read, error-prone and involves too much clicking. In the good old Warcraft III days, I used to love writing stuff in JASS, which back then felt easier as you could just convert triggers to custom script, but now this functionality seems lost. I've tried Google, but haven't found much on this. Basically, since the GUI is now more powerful, everyone seems to write their triggers / code there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Ouguiya2 May 5
May 5 AI to build different/custom units Hi, been lurking around the forums for a few weeks, but I couldn't seem to figure out how to modify the AI to build different/custom units (and upgrades) for my mod extension. Can anyone give insight on how to do it? Again, note that this is a mod extension, I can't place any units nor have access to the terrain editor.llllllllllll0 May 5
May 4 How to disable skins in an extention mod? I was wondering how to disable the multiplayer skins in extension mods, so that multiplayer skin choices won't overwrite the unit models. Does anyone know how to do this? They managed it somehow in Co-op Missions. And surely other people must have managed it in the arcade, or else the unit skins would be affecting models in arcade maps.Nedia1 May 4
May 3 any to create a mineral harvester i am thinking something similar to automated refineries.andreasasp19 May 3
May 2 To the Editor Users Just a small letter of thanks to everyone who still expresses interest in the SC2Editor tool. Modding, mapping, and campaign creation is being greatly overshadowed by the multiplayer scene, and there's nothing wrong with that. But it is my feeling that people have forgotten about a lot of the great things this game has to offer besides just the melee ladder. I hope people continue to show interest in the Editor. This forum is not looked at very well, and I think SC2Mapster has more life in it than the Bnet forums. If you'd like to post your Q's over there as well, people will answer you fairly soon. I myself don't know all the ins and outs of the Editor, but I will gather a few tutorials on basics and post them here - some might be mine, some not, but I hope they give a good idea of how to work certain things.KSNumedia0 May 2
May 2 Custom ability asisstance So I'm making a mod with some new upgrades and abilities. I can make most of them myself, but there are 7 that I need some help with. If someone can help with even a few of these, that would be very helpful! 1- An upgrade that leaves fire on the ground after attacking for x seconds, dealing y damage per second 2- An upgrade that gives an attack speed buff the more the unit attacks, similar to Kerrigan's passive ability Fury 3- An upgrade that allows the unit to attack two targets at once for half the damage, or one target for full damage 4- An upgrade that changes a units abilities from energy based to cooldown based 5- An upgrade that allows a unit to deal damage over time (poison damage if you will) to a unit after attacking 6- For every [unit] nearby, this unit gains x ability damage and y shields 7- When [unit] takes shield damage, it heals nearby allies for 50% of the shields lost. Any help with making these would be awesome, and will be credited. ThanksPROTOTYPE5 May 2
May 2 Who to Talk to @ Blizzard? Hello, I'm a new arcade developer and I'm on a bit of a hunt to get in touch with someone at blizzard over the recent premium game status on arcade. I'd like to ask a few questions about their plans for the future with it. Who can/should I contact? I've tried Starcraft's PR CSlaughter but haven't heard a response. Any help at all would be appreciated! Sincerely, JoePastaJoePasta2 May 2
Apr 29 Limit the units number per type I want to make a mod focused on multisquad and micro. I would like a general population limit per unit type to encourage the use of multiple units simultaneously to increase the micro. Could someone tell me how to limit the maximum number of units of a type?BACSTER7 Apr 29
Apr 26 Player type assigned specifically hi all ! - let us assume i am using a 6 players map, players 1 through 6. also, using the menu Map --> Player Properties, i can assign race, color and a decal to any of the players. lets say i assigned color red, race Terran and decal Terran Dominion to player 1. for player 2, lets say i chose color blue, race Terran and decal Mar Sara separatists. for player 3, lets say i choose race zerg and decal Ravager Brood. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i like to sometimes watch A.I. dukeing it out between them, like a gladiator pit. so, for some reason, i want to A.I. Elite with blue Terran with Mar Sara decal (player 2) fight zerg player with Ravager Decal (player 3). i would normalli enter lobby, make player 1 a referee/spectator (to eliminate it from playing) and just set players 2 and 3. except when starting a game in this manner, the decals shift by 1 - player 2 blue gets Dominion decal (usually meant for red player terran!), and zerg gets the Mar Sara separatists decal (usually meant for player 2 terran). But if player 1 (red terran with dominion decal) is playing (doesnt matter if player or A.I. controls it), decals are assigned as normal! So, if player 1 is not playing, the computer shifts decals by 1 backwards. How can i forcebily assign a decal, race, color to a player via triggers ? Is it possible?Reinhardt0 Apr 26
Apr 25 Science Vessel Repair Models Hello reader. I am currently trying to recreate the science vessel unit but smaller and with the ability to heal structures and biological units. While i got the heal effects to work properly there is no model animation or what nots. (not sure of the correct terminology for this stuff) I can locate and make new copies of the models for the healing beam and its impact but for the life of me can not find where to attach it to since the vessel has no weapon. Usually i just sort of reverse engineer this kind of thing by studying the original unit but that has got me no where in this case. Ok so the moment of the question. 1.) How/where do i attach a model to a unit's attack/ability that doesnt have a weapon? Dx As always thx for any help in advance :DVanitious1 Apr 25
Apr 25 How to stop AI from attacking I'm working on a map and I've set up a few bases for opposing non-player armies containing units meant for defense. I've set up waves of units to spawn and attack each other's bases. The idea being that meanwhile the units the armies start with are supposed to stay put and act as defenders. Unfortunately when I test out the map after about 2 minutes of game time all the units on the map (i.e. the units supposed to sit there to defend) just go into an all out attack of their enemy's base. Best I can figure its the AI deciding it wants to attack. Anyone know of a fix?BigMike1 Apr 25
Apr 22 Portraits- Decals~ Custom locations Was hoping someone could shed some light on how to place the floating portraits for individual players at custom locations. Like behind the Pylon in BattlecraftCasPeR0 Apr 22
Apr 17 LotV Mode I'm creating a melee map that I want to publish under the arcade section. I selected legacy of the void (lotv) when I created the map so I was expecting the map to start in lotv mode. Unfortunately, it's starting with wing of liberty setting : only 6 workers, factory only produce helion and tank, etc. What do I need to do so it starts as a lotv map?MisterTwo1 Apr 17
Apr 16 Mods for Money! LF highly experienced modders Hello SC2 Modders! Looking to contract a very well versed individual, or a small team people who are highly knowledge and have a notable amount of experience using the SC2 Galaxy editor. I'm looking to test out some game play concepts within the editor and although I have some experience, it's not nearly enough to get the project to where it needs to be within the time frame needed. Based on the scope of the concepts, I imagine the project will take roughly 2-4 working weeks. If you are an experienced modder/modders, please PM if you'd like more information about the oppertunity. Cheers! Happy Modding!WetJuice2 Apr 16
Apr 13 So many questions. (for direct questions scroll down) Hard to decide which to ask first lol. Well i have created some custom stuff or more accurately cloned/repurposed structures/units. I made a buildable structure from the sensor tower with effects and behaviors that allow it to spawn mineral mines (another thing made from a sensor tower clone which is in escence just a mineral field). Anyway they work great i place the structure and it spawns the resources nodes as intended but the problem of the mineral mines traping in harvesters has arisen. i would like to make it so the spawner and mineral nodes both act more like creep tumors where units can pass over them without incident but simply changing the footprint to a creep tumor not only doesnt allow this but also makes them only work on creep. Since we are speaking of creep because i cloned the objects from sensor towers they wont place or spawn on creeps which is a serious problem for playing zerg. i cant seem to find a solution to this online ether. 1.) How do i alter a structure to let units pass over it threw the data editor or triggers? (similar to creep tumors) solved \o/ 2.) How do i make structures that cant normall be built on creep buildable on creep? (i assume doing this will allow me to solve the second issue with creep) solved \o/ 3.) Whats the simplest way to make all spawned units attack human players on a non-melee map? (more details about what im trying to achieve can be found here https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20762326976?page=1#post-5 ) [/u] solved \o/ Thanks for any help or direction in advance. ~~~ Solutions~~~ [1.) solution] basic layers section then in the dropdown box (lower left side) changed from pathing to placement apply >>> define set >>> untick ground no spawn. [2.) solution] i made a copy of the blizzard footprint i have been using and opened the basic layers section then in the dropdown box (lower left side) changed from pathing to placement check and under define sets the option for creep invalid was ticked. Unticking that made the footprint placeable on creep. [3.) solution]This trigger worked for me. (SS link) https://prnt.sc/j498a7 Events Timer -Every 12.0 seconds of Real Time Actions Unit Group -Pick each unit in (Any units in (Entire map) owned by player 14 matching Excluded: Missile, Dead, Hidden, with at most Any Amount) and do (Actions) Actions Unit -Order (Picked unit) to ( Attack targeting (Position of (Closest unit to (Position of (Picked unit)) in (Any units in (Enemies within 524287.0 of (Picked unit) matching Excluded: Missile, Dead, Hidden) owned by player Any Player matching Excluded: Missile, Dead, Hidden, with at most Any Amount)))) (Replace Existing Orders)Vanitious3 Apr 13
Apr 13 Modified larva ability So i'm making a mod that allows you to autocast unit training. This works just fine with terran and protoss, but the zerg's autocast only auto trains the selected larva, not all future larva. My solution is to remove larva entirely, and simply add charges to training the units directly from the hatchery with a 15 second cooldown per charge, similar to dehaka's wardens from Coop. How would I go about making an ability like this? Also, how would I be able to make the queen's inject add 4 charges to the current amount?PROTOTYPE3 Apr 13
Apr 12 Data Editor when making mod has no data Hello I'm looking to make an Extension Mod for SC2 (obviously). It's for melee, btw. I make the Extension Mod file with Legacy of the Void (I've tried all other campaigns, btw.), but when the file opens and I go to the Data Editor, there is nothing. There's no units in the Units tab, no models in the Models tab, no actors, abilities, nothing. How do I fix that? I kinda need it to make a mod. When I right click, there's no Add Unit, Add Model, etc.. There's no data, but there's unplaceable units in the Units menu on the actual editor itself (not the Data Editor, but the actual editor) Please help, there are no tutorials addressing this issue, or maybe it's just me.SirBaneling2 Apr 12
Apr 10 Dependency isn't recognized. I am unable to publish my map because the 'Document dependency doesn't specify a Blizzard file (Mods\alliedcommanders.sc2mod)' . I'm unsure as to what the error is. Furthermore, I'm unable to remove the dependency since it is used by several units/structures in my map...ThatsRandom2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Editor Randomly Adding Mods to my maps I have a huge problem. I love creating melee maps. The problem is that lately when I upload them they work fine...then after they are played once there is suddenly a mod attached to them. Every map has a different mod, so it is completely random. I don't use mods with my maps at all. Is it possible an update changed my settings? Anyway, I just want my maps to be listed without any mods attached and I don't know how to fix the issue. Can anyone help? Search "Bonzai" to see my maps ingame under custom. You'll see what I mean. I never once intentionally added any mods.PeteDutcher13 Apr 10
Apr 10 Make a unit able to move only on creep? I've been trying to find a way to support a player building a "road" that certain units need to walk on. For example, traveling out of your base, a tank would need a paved road. If you tell this tank to move, it goes from point A to point B only on creep. I've come to the conclusion that without doing something like MineralZ's "destroy blocks to create a path", this may be nigh impossible in SC2. The closest example to what I'd prefer is an old PC game called NetStorm, where combat takes place on islands and you need to build bridges where you can place towers and move ground units on. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/8JGgAw72R4w/maxresdefault.jpg I don't necessarily want to replicate NetStorm in SC2 but I need the concept of bridges or some kind of road. It needs to work into the game's existing pathing system cuz I need to be able to carry on a normal melee game. My only hope seems to be able to force certain units to require creep to walk. If there isn't a path somewhere by creep, the unit can't walk there. This isn't a road but it solves two problems: potentially doable and saves me the problem of coming up with a way to have a player place down roads because creep tumors already do this. Anyone? If you can think of a way without creep, that works, too. The game's pathing layer would be nice, but I can't find a way to edit it in-game. Making units off creep have a speed of 0 doesn't work because then they get stuck.Mystiq2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Solid programmer, new I'm making RushCraft: www.reddit.com/r/rushcraft I have some questions: 1) How do you remove jet packs from reapers? The only way I know is to make an impossible requirement to research them. 2) How do you give cliffs some vision when units are at the bottom of them, or better yet, BroodWar cliff vision? 3) How do I do 85% damage only when firing from low ground to high ground? 4) How do I make cloaked units be able to be shot, but take only 20% damage is not detected?goodnewsjim1 Apr 10
Apr 9 Starcraft II: Player Assignment Issues Greetings StarCraft II community! I apologize if this is thread does not belong in this section of the forums. However, I am having an issue with the editor, so I thought that posting my thread in this section of the forums would be appropriate. Anyways, shall we? Before StarCraft II was released, I was a huge fan of Warcraft III. One day, I had thought about editing some of the Warcraft III campaign maps to make them multiplayer/cooperative. I was able to easily and successfully do this with all of the campaign maps. After playing StarCraft II for a while, I decided that I was going to try the same thing with its campaign maps. To make this clear and concise, I am going to provide a short walkthrough of the steps required to allow a human user to enable and occupy a player slot that was intended to be used by a computer player in Warcraft III (I will provide my steps for StarCraft II momentarily) : http://imageshack.us/a/img62/871/warcraftiiiplayerproper.jpg ^ In this specific image above, I have changed the controller status of Player (number) #4, "The Undead Scourge", from "Computer" to "User". By changing this, I am allowing another human user to occupy this player slot and control a segment of the enemy forces in this particular Warcraft III campaign mission. Additionally, as expected, the map is now playable by two people. http://imageshack.us/a/img7/3186/warcraftiiilobby.jpg ^ The open slot that you see belongs to Player (number) #2, "The Sentinels". Originally, I would be occupying the second slot, as the campaign had intended. However, This image shows that I have moved to occupy the slot of Player (number) #4; the slot that I had previously opened. This means that I will not be playing this campaign map as "The Sentinels", but rather, "The Undead Scourge". http://imageshack.us/a/img405/4810/warcraftiiigameplay.jpg ^ As you can see in this final Warcraft III image, the changes that I had made to the map were successful. I have occupied the slot of Player (number) #4 and I am playing as "The Undead Scourge". Now, we move on to StarCraft II: http://imageshack.us/a/img801/8193/starcraftiiplayerproper.jpg ^ As I had done in Warcraft III, I have changed the controller status of Player (number) #9, "Raynor's Raiders", from "Computer" to "User". So far, this first step appears to yield the same results as Warcraft III; the slot of Player (number) #9, "Raynor's Raiders", is now open. The map is now playable by two human users and there should be an open slot for this player in the StarCraft II lobby menu. http://imageshack.us/a/img822/7052/starcraftiigamevariants.jpg ^ I also noticed that the Game Variants menu had similar options found in the Player Properties menu. As I had in the Player Properties menu, I opened the slot of Player (number) #9, "Raynor's Raiders", in this menu (Game Variants) as well. http://imageshack.us/a/img90/1572/starcraftiilobby.jpg ^ As with Warcraft III, a new slot was available for human users to occupy. As I had opened the slot of Player (number) #9, "Raynor's Raiders", in both the Player Properties and Game Variants menus, this new/second available player slot is most likely for Player (number) #9. You can see that I have moved to this newly opened slot, while filling in the slot for Player (number) #1, "Kerrigan's Brood", with a "Cheater" computer player - just to fill in the space. http://imageshack.us/a/img201/9039/starcraftiigameplay.jpg ^ This final screenshot shows the aftermath of the editing. For some reason, even after occupying the new slot that I had opened, I am still playing the game as Player (number) #1, "Kerrigan's Brood". When I mouse over the units of the player that I had intended to control, it does in fact say "Raynor's Raiders", and "Raynor's Raiders" is Player (number) #9, according to the Player Properties and Game Variants menus. I have tinkered around with the map for some time now, but I always enter the game as "Kerrigan's Brood". The only way I am able to play as Player (number) #9, "Raynor's Raiders", is if I close the slot of "Kerrigan's Brood" in the editor. Additionally, if a second player joins the game, that player will ALWAYS play as "Raynor's Raiders", even if we swap slots in the lobby. This leads me to believe that player slots are assigned sequentially, meaning that the first player hosting is always Player (number) #1, the next player to join the lobby is Player (number) #2, and so on. Even if this is the case, this is way too confusing for me find a workaround. Is there any way I can make this work as it does in Warcraft III? I know a tutorial or a reference may be helpful, but I do not have the capacity to understand this stuff too well; a dummy map showing me the fixes I need to make would probably be the most useful for me. I am sorry for the lengthily thread and the use of images. I thank you for your time and I appreciate your help! DeathbornDeathborn12 Apr 9
Apr 8 Can't login to Editor I wrote my correct username and password, but it says it was incorrect login information. I reinstalled the game, same happened. I switched to America region, same happened. I deleted the editor variables and that didn't help. Please help, I got the Battle chest purchased and it should work on that. How can I make it work?Silvershade1 Apr 8
Apr 8 Unit Enters Region= Changes Ownership So I got a map where there is a point and a region. There are neutral units inside the region; I want a specific unit to reach a point near the region. This will turn all neutral units inside the region to player 1. in short 1. a specific unit that's player 1 reaches a point 2. all neutral units in a region changes ownership. ...Void2 Apr 8
Apr 6 please help a map i want to make a game where 2 AI have a normal fight, like in melee. How i do it? or please, if is simple, make one for me, with observers. I just want to re-edit it changing players (computers) name (in mine and a friend)IuliRomania1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Help with unit creation? Looking to try my hand at unit creation, but my computer skills are very lacking. is there any good sites people can recommend that can help me with 1) creating a base unit 2) model alteration 3) setting abilities 4) linking unit to specific structures (such as: marine built from bunker) 5) providing re-searchable upgrades for said unit. Basically I every step of the unit creation process. Anything and everything that can help is welcome.PumperNickel3 Apr 6
Apr 6 Ground texture changing I know this is not a "bug" properly speaking, but it's annoying. Can someone explain me how to change the rendering of the ground texture in the editor. Here is what happends: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/271702311481507840/431302275424583690/Terrain_128.jpg When zooming out, the texture changes to some low resolution one of some kind. What I found out is this: when opening the console of the editor and do "varset normalmap false" the high resolution one is removed. What i want is the reverse... How to fully render the texture across the whole map and not get this square by square resolution? Please help me for this. Is it as simple as an EditorVariable or is it somehow in the texture file that it interacts like this? Is it an editor preference? Thanks for you help.Fenix1 Apr 6
Apr 2 Two Extensions So I wanted to play this map with the Zombie FX mod but I also wanted Spawn anything you want mod in it too. So how do I get these two extensions combined? I also tried making my own extension with these two extensions but I do not know how to do that in the editor. Any ideas or help? Thanks.Void0 Apr 2
Mar 31 Inconsistent blood splashes In the Editor, I have noticed that it is often very arbitrary which attacks generate blood splashes from Zerg units and which do not. For example, the Hydralisk's spines create blood splashes, while the Mutalisk's glaive wurms do not. The same goes for the Stalker (does) and the Adept (doesn't). The Queen's ground attack does, while its air attack does not. I was wondering which attacks should generate blood splashes and which should not, as for my mod I would like things to be consistent. So should psionic attacks create blood splashes? Should acid and plasma? Should railguns? What about melee? What about the disconnected explosions created by the Siege Tank and Immortal (or would that look stupid)? Should blood splashes be ignored on missile attacks with large explosions (that might obscure it)? I would like to hear of which attacks you think should create blood splashes, and which attacks should not.Nedia1 Mar 31
Mar 28 More possible money for Blizzard TL; DR. It's usually like this: More people, higher % someone will pay for Blizzard content. Then why Blizzard doesn't even try? If Blizzard would make changes to editor/editor maximum amount of all uploaded content in summary which is currently 315 MB so that individual will be allowed to make more content = more stuff from the small amount of people that are still present here and active, which would be only possible at current state if we would get huge boost in community numbers which is really hugely unrealistic. This way there will be more diversity in especially arcade and more content would be updated which in turn makes the game more attractive for people to stay and maybe return back to. _____________________________________________________________________________ Why does Blizzard decide to just ignore such little possible changes which would bring them more money? If Blizzard feels uncomfortable to make changes to editor for some reason then at least make them possible for at least them that have all the expansions, like a privilage, even though changes would be behind "pay wall" but I'm okay if maximum uploaded content size (currently 315 MB) will be increased only for them who have all expansions up to the LOTV. We've been using unoptimized, non-updated with any really helpful updates for editor for so long! Is there any clue, at least small bit of a clue, will we ever have any meaningful editor updates or anything regarding something like startools? Why can't Blizzard share just a bit of their own internal tools for us to use in editor at least? We don't need all, just share a little bit! If Starcraft 2 would have efficient editor and increased maximum amount of all uploaded content in summary which is currently 315 MB, arcade would be so much more alive! We need something to support our veteran editor users and new users alike! More editor stuff uploaded to Bnet/arcade=arcade more alive and more diversity in possibilities to play with for common people which means MORE money because there would be MORE (or at least we would see slower decrease in community numbers) people playing SC2 which increases chances that they'll use more money on Blizzard! There's not much mappers/modders left and so many have left to never to return back which leaves a lot of abandoned projects, maps and mods that are still used even though they may be broken or outdated. If we can't bring more people in to editor community then at least give the few editor users much needed tools and possibilities and increase limits that I've mentioned before so that THE FEW people that are left would be able to do a lot more work and would reduce the need for more editor users that we aren't getting any near soon or highly likely that NEVER. Few people that are still here with current editor limits=less work per person. Increased possibilities/limits=more work per person.Bleiser0 Mar 28
Mar 28 Can't test document offline? I'm prompted to login every time I try. I don't recall this happening before. Any fix for this? It's really preventing me from working. I cannot afford internet access but enjoy making maps for the community.Elmo0 Mar 28
Mar 26 Star Tools? So they released Star Tools some time ago: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/10788362/starcraft-ii-art-tools-open-beta-8-30-2013 They say they only work for 3DS Max 2011. Is that true? Because as far as I can tell there is no way to download or install the 2011 version. Are there newer versions of the art tools somewhere? Or is it possible to get the tools working for newer versions? I tried with the 2014 version but have been unsuccessful.TheSkunk10 Mar 26
Mar 25 WHERE TO FIND PUBLISHED MAP? I've been looking for an hour. Can't find 'my published map' ANYWHERE. It's a versus map, and there is no custom lobby. . .nothing. NEVER have I been so frustrated before in playing a damn map.Phantasy1 Mar 25
Mar 25 Designing the AI's Build Order I don't mind the idea of creating a map... but mostly what I would like is to control the AI to force them to, for instance, send a 12 pool zergling rush. I'm not currently terribly interested in taking on the ladder, but I want to test and hone my skills against some of the kinds of things that I would find there. Here's my problem: I created a map that is completely flat except in that it has two bases with minerals and gas. When I set an AI Personality to send a wave of 5 marines to attack me at minute number 4... instead I get attacked by 3 marines and 1 marauder at the 3:30 mark. When I tried using commands within the basic Map Initialization Trigger, I couldn't get it to train any units at all. ...basically... I think that because I'm initializing the Melee AI on this custom Melee map, it's running the regular AI routine rather than listening to what I'm specifying. I fear, though, that if I don't run its own AI that I'll have to create my own stuff like Win Conditions and how the AI responds when I attack and whatnot, rather than it logically responding... All I want to accomplish is this: 1. AI build order and army composition 2. AI attack army composition That's it. I've searched for hours and watched through hours of tutorials... most of them go straight over my head, and none of them include having workers build buildings and training units from within those buildings. They all generate the units from scratch. This is a problem because if I'm practicing against this AI and I attempt an attack before they do... how many units will they have ready to defend? ...you'll only know this if the AI is actually executing the build order... What if my worker-harass hindered their resource generation so that they weren't ready to send the wave when expected? ...so... how do I do this? How do I create a build order and army composition for the AI to execute? -------------------------------------- p.s. How do I get rid of this horrifyingly cute pink carbot profile portrait? ...ugh...Juma3 Mar 25
Mar 24 Add restrictions to buildings or units Hi guys, I am a beginner of sc2 mod editor. May I ask whether I can add or modify a limit to the construction/training of a certain building/unit in the mod (.SCMod)? For example, I would like to restrict players to build at most 5 Command Centers when they are Terran. Is there any way I can add this restriction?rightly2 Mar 24