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Dec 1 Update Regarding Bank Saves Hello StarCraft II Map Making Community, As most of you may know, there were some recent issues related to Bank Saves that exposed some issues with the system. In light of this, we've made some improvements we'd like to share: Added BankBackup and BankRestore native trigger functions: BankBackup can be used in the MeleeInit, or Generic event - This will create a new bank backup file each time BankBackup is called in a backup directory within your bank directory. It is still recommended to save your banks as you usually would using the native trigger BankSave. Added back in the deprecated trigger loops • IntLoopCurrentDeprecated • PlayerGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated • UnitGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated • ForEachInteger2Deprecated • ForEachIntegerDeprecated • PickEachIntegerDeprecated • ForEachPlayerInGroupDeprecated • PickEachPlayerInGroupDeprecated • PickEachUnitInGroupDeprecated • ForEachUnitInGroupDeprecated • UnitGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated Enabled Scintilla for the custom code editor within Windows. Improved performance to reduce editor load times. Added multiple item searching for the following when search terms are separated by a comma: • Data Editor • UI Editor • Cutscene Editor • Trigger Element selector • Terrain Editor • Text Editor Further improved performance within the Galaxy VM.Odyssues0 Dec 1
Nov 7 Mapping Tutorial & Resource Archive MAPPING TUTORIAL & RESOURCE ARCHIVE __________________________________________________________________________________ This thread is a collection of quality tutorials and resources for creating custom content within the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to constistently check every single source listed below. I will do my best to update it with information I discover on my own, but the majority of the work lies on you to pass along anything you feel belongs on this list. That includes helping me remove outdated or redundant links. Post theses suggestions/reports below and, after verifying them, I will add/remove/update the link. This thread is NOT for questions. __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- INDEX 1) ASSETS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#2 2) TERRAIN - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#3 3) TRIGGERS (GALAXY SCRIPT) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#4 4) DATA (XML CODING) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#5 5) MISCELLANEOUS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#6 __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION You will quickly discover that nearly every link (as of posting this) directs you to SC2Mapster. I happen to "live" at Mapster so I really only know what Mapster has to offer. If you frequent other sites with useful information, don't hesitate to post them! Just keep in mind that I'll check them out before adding the link. If a site contains inappropriate content, I'll shy away from it. Keep your sources work safe :D It is important to understand that I won't add every suggested link just becauses it exists. If I find that two links show very similars ways of creating really big explosions, I'll opt for whichever is clearer/easier to understand. Alternatively, I may keep redundant information if there is a good reason for it. A perfect example being how to achieve a certain task in multiple modelling or graphic design programs. In that case, not everyone uses the same program, so it helps to address all platforms. Regardless, if I choose not to add/remove/update a link per a posted suggestion, I'll explain why. Lastly, if you did not create the linked source, make sure the person who did is okay with you sharing it. I don't want to see models ripped from a private forum thrown in here. I WILL honor the requests of those who wish their work to remain private by removing links. The fastest way to contact me is through Mapster: sc2mapster.com/profiles/ProzaicMuze/ProzaicMuze19 Nov 7
Jan 30 Beginner Map-Making Tutorial Videos Hi, DeltronLive has made Video Tutorials of the mapmaking tutorials Blizzard created in 2011. Deltron's videos uses the current version of the editor. Quote from Deltron: I made a video series to complement these written tutorials using the most current patch of the editor (as of this post). You can check it out here (Beginner Map Making Tutorial Video Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlC8YfRpYfL1I2S6uUAHY8b_1GBaamF8A). I cover the Terrain, Triggers, and Data modules. Please like and this would be good to stickYClover13 Jan 30
3h Better Game Balance mod(WIP) ...MyOhMind0 3h
5h Couple of Questions ☺ 1. How to permanently uncloak units like Zeratul. *Figured out for Vorazun, removed cloaked behavior, cloak from command card, and unchecked cloak in unit flags* 2. How to give every allied player minerals for a killed unit instead of just the killer.CleanMeGood0 5h
7h Map Editor isn't updated with multiplayer. If the developers are reading this, could you please make sure the map editor stays updated with the multiplayer changes.MyOhMind2 7h
12h saving data I am making a hero based map, there is a boss that is very hard to kill and I want players to unlock a new hero when they kill this boss how do I save the data for each player individual. thanks for any helpDragonBlood2 12h
16h Increasing Hero Respawn Timer I have the timer set at 5 seconds to respawn. How can I add 5 seconds every single time the unit dies?CleanMeGood2 16h
1d Trigger activating more then once I think this is fairly simple but i cant figer it out, how do I make my trigger only activate once?DragonBlood2 1d
2d Temporary problem with your request I've been getting this error in a mod I recently uploaded. The mod uses the void and multiplayer balancing dependencies, maybe that's the issue. It might also be an issue with battlenet, idk. Any help is appreciatedPROTOTYPE1 2d
2d Looking for a map editor for some advice. Working on creating a mod that is about improving SC2 with some balance changes, could use some help with the editor.MyOhMind1 2d
2d Essence Zerg Textures So it is possible to change the alpha level in Zerg textures and animate it along the length of the critter to be able to give a random blotched streak transparency to the Zerg entities. Animating the Alpha levels as such and having a flowing effect. Unlike the Spectral Tiger effect in another game. Failing that, just having an animated texture with higher rgb levels to make it stand out more in the alpha transparency. The key being the spine or length animation. Creating essence Zerg, in comparison to the holographic Terrans and the Hallucinations of the Protoss. I have been looking into this as I was going to use wireframes as a simple hologram and have Terran units use light based weaponry for terraforming So when the light based weaponry would fire, there would be a energy surge along the wireframe to the point of the laser release. I have also been looking into vertexing or using vertex points as light points in a holographic projection for the purposes of representing a Terran unit in the same format as above but with a lot less power consumption, so a lot stronger light based weaponry to be available.Ralphie1 2d
3d Recall Home Ability help*SOLVED* Keep in mind Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor has a lot of stuff I'm not familiar with. I've searched many pages on google and youtube looking. I'm wanting to make an ability that a hero can use to teleport to a certain point, region, or building. Say, wait 2 seconds, make an effect on the hero, then teleport the unit.CleanMeGood1 3d
3d Attack wave units stop moving so I am working on a map were the two players use there hero units to destroy the zerg forces, the heroes have the help of the protoss who send attack waves over time but when a attack wave spawns it only move part of the way and stops right there in the middle of no were. I have got the points set up correctly and the target point is were they are suppose to end. any idea on why they are stopping early?DragonBlood7 3d
5d AI and custom upgrades Is there a way to set some kind of flag, so the AI researches custom upgrades? or do I have to create a trigger which issues the order whenever the computer can?Yemto3 5d
5d Simple Region Question-SOLVED- I'm making a unit move to a new place when it gets created by entering a region. How can I make it so the building that is already in that region does not get teleported as well? For Example :Event: Unit -Any Unit Enters (Region named "Hero Pick Spawn Region") Action: Unit -Move (Triggering unit) instantly to Point 002 (No Blend) ThanksCleanMeGood1 5d
6d Blue primal zerg request I believe the reason primal zerg was turned from blue/(teal?) to brown was so they match other zerg. I don't like this change but that's beside the point. Is it possible to get duplicate models so that they are blue/teal like in old version in coop? or was this rushed and they do plan to have 2 versions one where they are brown in warchest and are blue in coop?FreezingRain3 6d
6d Problem with Campaign Units Hello! I am attempting to create a single player mission that feels like the Legacy of the Void Campaign. I wanted the player to be able to make centurions, dragoons, energizers, ascendants, nerazim dark templar, and Auir immortals. In the triggers I enabled these units. Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/f7b3ff0485af04e1ec7d275287f690b1 When I actually play the game, on the gateway it says: "Warp in Centurion", "Warp in Dragoon", etc. However, for example when I warp in a Centurion, it warps in as a normal Zealot. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!FinancedLoki2 6d
6d Making a DoT So, I'm not overall that great at the editor, I know only the basics, so keep that in mind when you're talking to me or else I might get lost. XD My greatest challenge thus far has been making a damage over time 'weapon' which stacks. Meaning, I want when they use their regular attack to apply a debuff which deals damage over time. Overall I don't mind too much how it stacks, whether it stacks in the way that when a new DoT is applied it renews the old DoT(s), or if it stacks in the way that each DoT is its' own different application, with its' own duration. (e.g. previous stack lasting 2 secs, new stack lasts 5 secs, etc) But if you know how to do both of those methods, I'd much appreciate both of them! As I'm sure I'll use them both at some point in my map(s).Nikolaos16 6d
Dec 8 Nexus Wars Editor MISSING!! LILMAN who used to update Nexus Wars hasn't been online in almost a year and he stopped responding to us on his thread! How do we take over his editing? I can't seem to open it the stacraft 2 game editor, the game needs an update very badly and a person who will stick with the updates, and the community, and LILMAN dissappeared or was kidnapped!HoneyBear3 Dec 8
Dec 8 Plz roll back trriger 4.0 patch destroy map triggerfirebear4 Dec 8
Dec 7 How to remove Stimpack research requirements? Hello everyone, I'm very new to editor so I don't really know how to do stuffs. But my question is: Is it possible to remove Stimpack's requirements? So units can use this ability without upgrading. Also, I found that whenever I add Stimpack (Marine Stimpack, not sure other stimpack had this problem or not) to a button, that button doesn't appear in the game, is there any way to fix it? Thanks!MrDisruptor1 Dec 7
Dec 6 made a arcade game on melee so I have made plenty of maps and today I got bored so I made another, I accidentally made it as a melee map instead of an arcade map. when I published it and played it the attack waves did not work (they did when I tested it in the editor) anyone know how to switch a map from melee from arcade? thx for any helpDragonBlood1 Dec 6
Dec 6 First Person Camera Help As the title suggests I require help in making a FPC. I've googled countless times to no avail since 90% of the tuts are over 7+ years old (the SE has vastly changed so those old tuts are literally old and mostly useless) and the rest are either videos that are of FP (that gives no insight on how to create such) or tuts that no longer exist. I'm able to create a TPC to a certain degree and I've tested different numbers and actions in hoping to get a FPC, no luck sadly. I'd really like some help please. If you're curious of my TPC, it's... https://imgur.com/a/FdtT4MagicMan1 Dec 6
Dec 6 [Bug] banks and extension mods Banks are unable to be preloaded in extension mods. You can still create banks and write/read data to/from them, however without the ability to preload banks existing banks are simply erased when you try to open them. there is no way to actually use banks for what they are intended - creating persistent data that lasts between games. This is a HUGE set back for many people and an insurmountable roadblock to any more complex (and way cooler) extension mods. For the record I have tried preloading banks in the GUI trigger module, including them in the mod-preload info-banks section and manually editing both the "Preload.xml" and banklist.xml files in the import editor. None of the above work. Basically this prevents any kind of build order tester mods, macro trainer mods, any kind of map where units are persistent across games such as any kind of large RPG with different maps, hero units which carry over between games, maps which track ELO scores, mechanics practicing maps... and that's only the ones that I could think up in 10 minutes, who knows what great ideas others will have that will never be able to be produced due to this bug. with this current bug the community is stuck where we were before, making identical coppies of existing maps and adding the mod file to it and publishing it again as a mod. I don't have to go into all the problems with that, as it is the reason extension mods were created in the first place. Thanks, Turtles.turtles23 Dec 6
Dec 5 Making Upgrade Requirements SO I have some nifty custom upgrades for an extension mod. They are working fine, custom image, effects working properly, properly researchable from the right building for the right price. Everything is fine with the upgrade. The problem I have is making the upgrade not available after researching it. As of now, it's researchable over and over again, not allowing the player to research the upgrades underneath. Can somebody help me with this? I know it's something with requirement nodes, but there is little to no information about that. ThanksPROTOTYPE5 Dec 5
Nov 29 Set a timer for Open Alliance how can i set a timer for when you can ally players in an Open Alliance variant? i'v had players join a 12 players FFA Open Alliance mode (Open Alliance so you can ally if Needed) and players ally eachother as soon as the game begins then take out whoever doesnt have an ally. is there a way and if so how can i set a timer (lets say 5 mins) untill you can ally people? if so. how? (preferably as detailed explanation as possible)galsss0 Nov 29
Nov 28 Dialog items are not showing up.. UI:Unable to resolve layout of [\Unnamed\Unnamed] for side(s):[Top][Left][Bottom][Right] What does this line mean.... I think it prevents the game showing a dialog window... I'm trying to imitate Darglein's micro training map's APM window. I almost use the same scripts as his. However, it does not show in the screen https://i.gyazo.com/400bc78113c9639be42f09b00fb83b4e.png and got this https://gyazo.com/edddf74e1fc10c63aee4226e2563e729Turbofan0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Patch 4 trigger errors Hello. If i open the map and dont touch anything in trigger editor, i am able to save and publish the map, but once i change just 1 thing in triggers, the script gives me over 50 errors and cannot publish/test/save. Look it up please.Raiden4 Nov 28
Nov 28 Extension mod assistance To the Starcraft community, First and foremost thank you for your time and any assistance you can offer. I decided to dabble in the world of the SC editor and feel as if I've come out second best and with significantly less hair. The problem I currently face is one where I've been unable to view the published extension mod in battle.net. The mod specifically were adjustments to unit data (if you were wondering). During the extension mod creation the dependencies selected were: Liberty (mod), Swarm (mod) and Void (mod). The "test document" ran fine, the mod was published to the Americas region and I've logged in under the same account it was published. Yet still not able to find the extension mod under the "my published" tab or searching for it by name. If you're able to suggest anything I have overlooked in the creation of the extension mod would be greatly appreciated!SierraIIVII1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Mac Editor Not Saving Properly Since the new patch, you can't save your map. You keep getting error messages. But if you close and re-open the map, you will see that it saved. This makes it difficult to test documents while making changes to them.MOTHER5 Nov 28
Nov 28 [Tutorial] Solution to PickEachX loop Since the release of patch 4.0 many map makers struggle with the change of underlying macros behind actions such as: Pick Each Integer Pick Each Player In Player Group Pick Each Unit In Unit Group In cases where these loops weren't used as designed, editor fails to recompile map triggers, and error such as the one below is being displayed: Warning: EDSTR_WARNING_FUNCTIONOUTSIDEPickEachInteger I might explain later in detail what was changed in definitions of the macros.. But for now I'll just offer a workaroud to this problem. A drop-in library which contains definitions of elements related to these loops from pre v4. This will basically revert the changes Blizzard introduced in the Native library. Follow these steps: (this tutorial is meant to be simplest as possible to understand) 1. Go to https://gist.github.com/Talv/95fd1abb56be023d3b15adc9adb13f15 Download library by clicking Download ZIP, extract the archive. 2. Import downloaded library (legacy-loops.SC2Lib) into your map by going to Data -> Library -> Import Library in the menu (within Trigger Editor). 3. Open find replace window (Edit -> Find/Replace -> Replace) [Ctrl-H] 4. Go to Event/Condition/Action tab. Set the Function Type filter to Action 5. Replace following actions: Pick Each Integer -> Pick Each Integer (Legacy) Pick Each Player In Player Group -> Pick Each Player In Player Group (Legacy) Pick Each Unit In Unit Group -> Pick Each Unit In Unit Group (Legacy) Repeat Replace All for every one of these tree. ( SEE EXAMPLE: https://i.imgur.com/lrJt8tD.png ) 6. Go to Parameter Value tab. 7. Replace following values: Picked Integer -> Picked Integer (Legacy) Picked Player -> Picked Player (Legacy) Picked Unit -> Picked Unit (Legacy) Repeat Replace All for every one of these tree. You must set the Script type filter to - Integer for Picked Integer - Integer for Picked Player - Unit for Picked Unit ( SEE EXAMPLE: https://i.imgur.com/Hy25rVB.png ) 8. Done.TalvNNN2 Nov 28
Nov 28 Melee Map w/ Wrong Dependency My melee map (1v1) was created using the LOTV extension, but when I go to test it out in game, it automatically comes with the mod "With Campaign and Co-op Units". I just want the map to use the standard melee dependency, LOTV in this case. I had changed some mineral patches to different values to mimic the LOTV balance, but deleted all those and replaced them with the default mineral patches in case that was the cause of the bug, and deleted all my critters too ); Can anybody point me in the right direction of how to solve this? Thanks!DinoRxn2 Nov 28
Nov 27 Problem with Timers? Hello everyone. I've been away from using starcraft, and the editor for a while, and now that I've come back, I find that a simple function from one of my old maps isn't working anymore. at the beginning of the game I start a Timer, in triggers, and display the timer window in the upper right corner. The trouble is, the text for this timer is not displaying anymore. The title is not visible. the remaining time is not visible. But when the timer runs to zero, the correct triggers still occur. Honestly, I'm wondering if the text is being 'covered up' by the opaque background of the timer box. If anyone has had this problem, or knows how to fix it, please let me know.EatsHumans2 Nov 27
Nov 26 Want that Lurker can attack while unburrowed Pls could someone help me!!! I search for rly long time, but don't know how to disable that I added an other weapon (Hydralisk Weapon) Still he doesn't attack.Emircan1 Nov 26
Nov 26 Buggy buggy buggy buggy Editor On the urge of calling it quits with this thing.CptSisko0 Nov 26
Nov 26 AnimSetPausedAll does not work The AnimSetPausedAll actor event never once works, no matter what I do. It doesn't pause a single animation. It works perfectly fine in all of the baseline actors (such as Void Stasis and Stasis Field), but the moment I even duplicate these actors and try to assign them to my custom behaviors, it fails. It doesn't work sending messages through triggers either. Is there something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated.Nedia0 Nov 26
Nov 24 Designing the AI's Build Order I don't mind the idea of creating a map... but mostly what I would like is to control the AI to force them to, for instance, send a 12 pool zergling rush. I'm not currently terribly interested in taking on the ladder, but I want to test and hone my skills against some of the kinds of things that I would find there. Here's my problem: I created a map that is completely flat except in that it has two bases with minerals and gas. When I set an AI Personality to send a wave of 5 marines to attack me at minute number 4... instead I get attacked by 3 marines and 1 marauder at the 3:30 mark. When I tried using commands within the basic Map Initialization Trigger, I couldn't get it to train any units at all. ...basically... I think that because I'm initializing the Melee AI on this custom Melee map, it's running the regular AI routine rather than listening to what I'm specifying. I fear, though, that if I don't run its own AI that I'll have to create my own stuff like Win Conditions and how the AI responds when I attack and whatnot, rather than it logically responding... All I want to accomplish is this: 1. AI build order and army composition 2. AI attack army composition That's it. I've searched for hours and watched through hours of tutorials... most of them go straight over my head, and none of them include having workers build buildings and training units from within those buildings. They all generate the units from scratch. This is a problem because if I'm practicing against this AI and I attempt an attack before they do... how many units will they have ready to defend? ...you'll only know this if the AI is actually executing the build order... What if my worker-harass hindered their resource generation so that they weren't ready to send the wave when expected? ...so... how do I do this? How do I create a build order and army composition for the AI to execute? -------------------------------------- p.s. How do I get rid of this horrifyingly cute pink carbot profile portrait? ...ugh...Juma2 Nov 24
Nov 23 How to show the real price for morphing? So whenever a unit or structure morph into something else, the price is deducted from whatever unit the player have selected. I want to turn that off, so it always show (and use) the real price. I had hoped it would just be a flag somewhere, but I have been unable to find it.Yemto1 Nov 23
Nov 22 Map dependencies Hey I'm having a problem loading the dependencies. I was trying to put heroes on my map and when I opened the dependencies tab and put in what I wanted the "ok" button couldn't be clicked. I've tried all standart mods, from just the Liberty Campaing to all of them together, but nothing changed, and I've also tried reseting SC, with the same result :/ What I do?Chaigras2 Nov 22
Nov 21 Is this a joke? I'm getting an error message whenever I try to publish something in editor. Free-Users are unable to publish content? I bought both WoL and HotS, back in 2011 and 2013. And now apparently I'm just a free-user since I'm only recognized to having owned WoL and HotS? What is this bull that I'm putting up with now? • First new patch makes joining lobbies instantly crash • Newer recent patch suddenly messed/broken triggers, ON MY BIRTHDAY • And now, you're saying I did.not.pay.for.these.two.expansions.so.now.I.cannot.create.content? For 7 years, 7 YEARS, I haven't felt this amount of disturbance until now. These fixes are beginning to be absurd and outlandish. I had high hopes this would be resolved carefully and consistently But instead, it seemed like patches were being shifted out like they were hotcakes. Unprofessionally made with factorial machinery and shipped to some 3rd world country for high-tax yet little to no satisfaction. And suddenly loses quality with each day that passes. Peace, I'm out.Formicidae3 Nov 21
Nov 20 Horner strike fighter Trigger and mechanism? Hey guys! So i always wanted to create a jet system ingame and add new jet units addition to VTOL units in aerial arsenal, With release of recent coop commander, the strike fighter system really did catch my eyes! and i like to add it to my own mod! but im lacking the required triggers! So my questions is: how can i get triggers for this power to function with commander dependencies?, is it possible to add multi jet with different kind of weapons? will it take alot of work to add jet variety? Also if someone could upload a map for me with working Strike fighter mechanism, so i can experiment with it, i would be very grateful! Thanks in advance Arshamarcade0 Nov 20
Nov 20 patch and actor discontent Since the patch I have noticed many of my duplicated actors have been corrupted/altered to a point where cloned photon cannons fire while being built but disappear when built, weapons do not play sound, supply depo disappear when dropping, gateways going crazy between gold, black, and white when morphing to a warp gate. duplicated mother ship core model switching from tal'darim to gold. oh and building (duplicated/clone) nexus causes nexus to appear while being built (this glich was not present before patch) why did the recent patch scramble or broke custom actors...FreezingRain0 Nov 20
Nov 19 Agressive expending AI computers, how? Is there a trigger, or a place which I can set each players computer to be more agressive at expending, just like in starcraft 1? They always do the same boring crap: build big army, send it to attack with an undefended village. If you put the difficulty harder, they only rush a bigger army faster and send more units at once. I want something that's more interesting as in starcraft 1 in which, they could be harassassing/agressive, but keeping as much defense units than attack, building many defense structures. Zergs used to keep many units burrowed in their village. Is there such a thing that allows an AI to build massively more defense structures? Where is it that I can tweek that?Rem0 Nov 19
Nov 17 Changing player colors in custom SP map I've been trying to change the team colors of the player, AI-controlled enemies and neutral, but I can't change them. The color changes done in the map -> player properties can be seen in the galaxy editor, but not ingame. please help. Thanks.Procyon1 Nov 17
Nov 17 Problems with upscaling marine size Hi, when I scale up the Marines model size to 1.5 (50% larger) during its firing animation, the muzzle flash appears to be inside the model rather than at the end of the rifles barrel. Is there anyway to resolve this issue without rescaling the model down to its original size?Phirax3 Nov 17
Nov 16 [Fix Technical] Editor adds ~400MB each patch I've posted this since almost a year but has not been fixed ever. Every time there is a new patch, large or small, even the smallest one of a single bug fix, when you open the editor it gives you 'Downloading dependency' and adds 360-400MB every time the game has an update. The files are added in the StarCraft II\SC2Data\data The only way to fix this is to reinstall the whole game. Is your install folder 57GB? I doubt it. You can regain space back if you make a fresh installation to latest patch. This matters when you have SSD's. If you did this 10-20 times that's 8GB, if you never reinstalled the used space would be even higher. Microsoft gives you a notification (usually on the Windows partition) that it harms the life of the SSD if you have less free space. I can imagine it is so for any other partition where space is less. Time to fix it please, what is it downloadng redundantly? Here is how it looks: http://i.imgur.com/BiT6YtV.jpgImbaCtr1 Nov 16
Nov 15 Dialog button, let player aim? So I have a dialog button that is going to cast an ability which needs to be aimed, but I want the player to choose the location. From what I have tried, there is no way to do this with "Issue order", so I'm wondering, how do I do it? Edit: It's just just abilities, it's also structures.Yemto6 Nov 15
Nov 15 Script to large error The lastest Sc2 patch 4.0 bring script to large again. need a update about this. thx egod123@hotmail.comEgodbout0 Nov 15