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Dec 1, 2017 Update Regarding Bank Saves Hello StarCraft II Map Making Community, As most of you may know, there were some recent issues related to Bank Saves that exposed some issues with the system. In light of this, we've made some improvements we'd like to share: Added BankBackup and BankRestore native trigger functions: BankBackup can be used in the MeleeInit, or Generic event - This will create a new bank backup file each time BankBackup is called in a backup directory within your bank directory. It is still recommended to save your banks as you usually would using the native trigger BankSave. Added back in the deprecated trigger loops • IntLoopCurrentDeprecated • PlayerGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated • UnitGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated • ForEachInteger2Deprecated • ForEachIntegerDeprecated • PickEachIntegerDeprecated • ForEachPlayerInGroupDeprecated • PickEachPlayerInGroupDeprecated • PickEachUnitInGroupDeprecated • ForEachUnitInGroupDeprecated • UnitGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated Enabled Scintilla for the custom code editor within Windows. Improved performance to reduce editor load times. Added multiple item searching for the following when search terms are separated by a comma: • Data Editor • UI Editor • Cutscene Editor • Trigger Element selector • Terrain Editor • Text Editor Further improved performance within the Galaxy VM.Odyssues0 Dec 1, 2017
Nov 7, 2017 Mapping Tutorial & Resource Archive MAPPING TUTORIAL & RESOURCE ARCHIVE __________________________________________________________________________________ This thread is a collection of quality tutorials and resources for creating custom content within the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to constistently check every single source listed below. I will do my best to update it with information I discover on my own, but the majority of the work lies on you to pass along anything you feel belongs on this list. That includes helping me remove outdated or redundant links. Post theses suggestions/reports below and, after verifying them, I will add/remove/update the link. This thread is NOT for questions. __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- INDEX 1) ASSETS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#2 2) TERRAIN - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#3 3) TRIGGERS (GALAXY SCRIPT) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#4 4) DATA (XML CODING) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#5 5) MISCELLANEOUS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#6 __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION You will quickly discover that nearly every link (as of posting this) directs you to SC2Mapster. I happen to "live" at Mapster so I really only know what Mapster has to offer. If you frequent other sites with useful information, don't hesitate to post them! Just keep in mind that I'll check them out before adding the link. If a site contains inappropriate content, I'll shy away from it. Keep your sources work safe :D It is important to understand that I won't add every suggested link just becauses it exists. If I find that two links show very similars ways of creating really big explosions, I'll opt for whichever is clearer/easier to understand. Alternatively, I may keep redundant information if there is a good reason for it. A perfect example being how to achieve a certain task in multiple modelling or graphic design programs. In that case, not everyone uses the same program, so it helps to address all platforms. Regardless, if I choose not to add/remove/update a link per a posted suggestion, I'll explain why. Lastly, if you did not create the linked source, make sure the person who did is okay with you sharing it. I don't want to see models ripped from a private forum thrown in here. I WILL honor the requests of those who wish their work to remain private by removing links. The fastest way to contact me is through Mapster: sc2mapster.com/profiles/ProzaicMuze/ProzaicMuze19 Nov 7, 2017
Jan 30, 2017 Beginner Map-Making Tutorial Videos Hi, DeltronLive has made Video Tutorials of the mapmaking tutorials Blizzard created in 2011. Deltron's videos uses the current version of the editor. Quote from Deltron: I made a video series to complement these written tutorials using the most current patch of the editor (as of this post). You can check it out here (Beginner Map Making Tutorial Video Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlC8YfRpYfL1I2S6uUAHY8b_1GBaamF8A). I cover the Terrain, Triggers, and Data modules. Please like and this would be good to stickYClover13 Jan 30, 2017
2d Editor now has a blue fog Whenever I create a new map, it now has a blue fog over the map, for example the redstone tileset it's got a big blue hue over it.. is there a way I can get it back to normal?Batman0 2d
5d TLMC12 - Juras Valley cut - need advice Can anyone comment my map, please? It was cut during the judging phase of TLMC12. Thank you! Screenshots: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rNwip122Ivol8OttjT9cCMTDSirkNjlrVIB0 5d
6d Issue in editor, can no longer alter data Issue in editor, can no longer alter game data, everything starts in a C. Example is if I were to change a units life. The data field now reads "stats: Cunit_life max." The "C"s were never in front of everything before, also in a units data everything is repeated in brackets, such as all its abilities, effect, actors and so on, will all be repeated but in brackets. Also a black checker pattern will come across parts of the screen. The last thing I did before this happened was I was performing tests on a map I was using specifically for that reason and I was changing some dependencies. The issues how ever is across the entire editor over all maps, and I didn't save the map after it happened. I even uninstalled starcraft 2 and reinstalled it and the problem didn't go away. Anyways I hope someone has an answer because I have no idea whats going on. Thanks. Well this is embarrassing, I had the raw data button on... Oh well at least its fixed... not sure what the black checker pattern was about though.calum0 6d
Feb 7 Zombies Finding Player I have been working on a map sorta similar to zombie city classic or zombie world (use your unit to kill zombies) but I don't know how to make the zombies attracted to my player, I don't want the player to can hide in a spot the zombies don't see. I also have other units on the map owned by a AI that is an ally to the player for him to hide behind and I don't want them to be ignored by the zombies, it is a 4 player map. any idea on how to do this.kaleb8 Feb 7
Feb 3 Enemy Pathing Blockers have changed? In some of my custom maps I use enemy pathing blockers to prevent enemy ai players to reach certain areas on the map. Non enemy players were not blocked by this path blocker. This used to work as it should until recently. Now the enemy pathing blocker blocks both enemies and myself. I'm not sure if the change was in version 2.6 or 2.7 though. I don't see any reason why this unit's behaviour was changed, but more importantly, how am I supposed to use the enemy pathing blocker now? Or get it working as it did before?Rody1 Feb 3
Feb 2 Map Ideas For those who have Ideas for custom mapsCasPeR4 Feb 2
Jan 31 (--- Make NEW ABILITY - For MOVEMENT ---) The cost of gas or other resources when moving unit. OR when moving a Unit decreased his handicap, endurance, speed,... In other strategy games, there are such opportunities Plss Very Need. Need the cost of fuel for transportArtLy2 Jan 31
Jan 30 Is the editor powerful enough to make A Kirby side-scrolling game with powers and stuff?TheMechE2 Jan 30
Jan 30 Locked out of my own map? What is the point of the security feature, and linking maps to our accounts... if it just locks the owner out too? The reason I locked my map was so that OTHER people couldn't take it, modify it, and re-upload it under their name. So why am I unable to download my own map, and edit it?Scream2 Jan 30
Jan 30 Co-Op Collateral Damage Does anybody know the mechanism behind how the Co-Op dependency removes all collateral damage from the game? It just doesn’t seem like Blizzard would go through and change every effect to not hurt allies, so there has to be some sort of top-level game option to turn it off and on. Any more insight on this would be a big help to mepzkwIV3 Jan 30
Jan 29 Player spawn help A few friends and I were playtesting a 2v2 map one of said friends made in the editor. After the first game, which ran almost perfectly, we ran into a rather debilitating problem, and we don't know how to fix it. See, the first game, my teammate and I spawned on the same side of the map, and both of our opponents spawned on the opposite side, which is what was supposed to happen. Then, we played again, same players but we were organized on different teams. My teammate and I each ended up spawning right beside each of our opponents. Anyone who's played any sort of free-for-all match on a map where multiple player spawns are really close together might be seeing a problem right about now, only this was supposed to be a team game. This happened for 4-5 games straight, and we were spawning in the exact same places. We don't know why. So how do we fix this problem and make it so that, in a 2v2 game, both players on a team spawn on the same side of the map, rather than anywhere near the opposing team?Akamia1 Jan 29
Jan 26 PLEASE fix the SC2 Galaxy Editor for Mac?!? Everytime I try to resize the window it crashes. And that's just ONE of the many other bugs that apparently have been plauge the SC2 Editor for YEARS. This is unacceptable Blizzard!Durzan1 Jan 26
Jan 26 How to use the new co-op dependencies? I noticed in the patch notes today you can now add the co-op dependencies to your map. I was able to add the dependency, but I'm not sure exactly what it imports or how to utilize it. I have only started using the map editor, and published a very basic 1v1 melee map and played a couple matches on it. I'd like to make a co-op map using these new dependencies. While I am a noob with the editor, I am a long time professional programmer so when I browse the triggers and the conditions it all makes sense I just don't know how to actually create and use the triggers. Does anyone know of any documentation or how to create a co-op using the new tools? I suppose I will start by loading a regular campaign map and figuring out how the game ending trigger works. I can create 2 allied players then, but how do I do things like: - Allow user to pick commander (Does that happen in lobby?) - Place the Nova ghost academy or Karax building? EDIT: I am not asking for a tutorial on triggers since I have the docs and resources to learn that here http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/game/maps-and-mods/tutorials/terrain/1 but more interested in how the new co-op stuff works and how to utilize that. EDIT 2: So I have been exploring and I found that after adding the dependency, you can open Modules->Triggers->Mission(Coop)->Templates->Campaign Mission and it has all of the initialization, and objectives you can copy in to your map. I'm trying to get the game ending triggers to work properly but I haven't yet set the objectives correctly and it succeeds as soon as the mission starts.Dorduradan3 Jan 26
Jan 26 Editor Feature Requests Hello, There are two types of maps/mods that I really have desire to create that are quite unique compared to what's currently available on the arcade. Unfortunately, both ideas require new features to be added to the editor: 1. Allow a near-unlimited number of AI players to be added. If there are server issues, then make all AI take from the same APM pool so that it can never be exceeded regardless of the number of AI players. 2. Allow pre-loading of sub-maps. For example, I'd like to create a standard interface between many maps, and at game launch, tell the server which ones to load for this round. I'd like to be able to choose (randomly in my case) multiple maps in a larger pool of maps that adhere to the interface I laid down. Then start the players on a particular map and give them the ability to 'teleport' to another map. I think these two features would open up an enormous amount of new player-created content, and would certainly not just be for me. ;)Frosty3 Jan 26
Jan 25 Misfiring trigger on unit death I have a trigger for making hero units respawn after death. The event for the trigger is when one of the 4 heroes on the map dies. It checks this by pulling them from their unit group. Example of event: Unit -(Unit 1 from Player Heros) dies Unfortunately, the trigger gets activated whenever any unit dies. Does anyone have any idea what could cause that?McCain6 Jan 25
Jan 20 CountDownLabel - no work In panel resource has a second row with minerals, if you on mouse Right click then first time the minerals are increased, the second time clicking the minerals - do not increase. See SC2Map file samples: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OGtz-3av1sKduSwh_MkJLru-C2jPUmC2 Does not count, but only updates (((ArtLy0 Jan 20
Jan 20 Right Click To Back menu Hello, very need It is useful to create a function to exit the submenu using the right mouse button. See Image Samples https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vEAMwq15dJzPBVw9eVdVHSJ8Qc0W2_Ct/view?usp=sharingArtLy0 Jan 20
Jan 15 Limit Lines how How do I add the blue line and yellow one in the map limits ???Zackmano3 Jan 15
Jan 9 Text tags not showing up During the map initialization part of a custom game, I have the game UI hidden for all players. After hiding the game UI, I create a couple of text tags as labels. The text tags do not become visible until after I make the game UI visible again, even if I specifically use the command to show text tags. For text tag creation, I used: Text tag - Create Text Tag I used a height offset of 0, set fog of war to false, and set it to be visible initially. After making the game UI visible, the text tags are visible as well. Is there any way to make them visible without having the game UI visible? Thanks!McCain2 Jan 9
Jan 2 Question about Victory Flag Is it possible to change the internal state of the game to say that a player has won, but to automatically keep the game running? That is... after a sequence of events, the player has technically won, but instead of displaying a "Victory" dialogue where the player chooses to quit or keep playing, it automatically keeps playing; if they then manually quit, it takes them to the victory screen as normal. (To explain, I'm designing a mission where you have to defend an objective for a set period of time against a relentless assault - after you succeed, you can finish right there and then, but if you want, you can keep going to see how long you yourself can survive)Kit2 Jan 2
Dec 28 [Cutscenes] Adding subtitles? Hey! Bit new to this, but I have been working on SC map editor for about a week now, getting really used to this, especially the cut scene editor...But i've found myself in a...Awkward position... I can't add subtitles....? Now I know I can do so via In-game, but I am trying to do this for a Pre-rendered cutscene, so I was wondering if any of you guys knew what was up and i'm just going crazy.Typhon1 Dec 28
Dec 24 [Triggers]How to rescue a single unit? I'm trying to use Triggers so when a unit enters a Region, a single neutral Zealot will be Rescued. I know that there's a Rescue Unit action, but I don't know how to get it to select that single Zealot. How do you set the unit to be rescued, without it being attached to a point, region, or in a Unit Group?MrBaneling1 Dec 24
Dec 2 Melee Start Locations don’t work Hi there :) I’m making my first proper melee map, and it was all working just fine during the first test I conducted. But when I added the finishing touches to the map and started it in game, nothing spawned. I was in the map, I can see everything through the grey FOW, but the base doesn’t spawn anymore. I tried everything I can find and think of, but I am at a loss. Please help!Silarkar2 Dec 2
Nov 29 Don't open the editor Today the editor crashed, and when I tryed to reopen it, it just have a infinite loading, without open it...Raziel1 Nov 29
Nov 26 How to move units via Triggers Greetings. I'm not the most experienced using Triggers, so I need a little help. I'm trying to make 3 Zealots run over to Point 001 when the Player's units reach the point, however I can't figure out how to do this. Please help. I know about the Move Unit Instantly or whatever, but I want the unit to actually move over, not just teleport.MrBaneling1 Nov 26
Nov 23 Trouble with WC3 assets Hey, so I am pretty familiar with the Data, Trigger, and Terrain aspects of the editor, but I'm trying to learn more about models, textures and animations. Im still trying to piece together how a lot of this fits together, so if I describe something incorrectly please correct me. I have imported the Warcraft 3 (Data) mod that blizzard published into my map, and set up several units and buildings with them. I have dwarf riflemen fighting each other, and the human barracks building those riflemen. There is a problem with the barracks though. I have the unit/actor/model all referencing each other correctly, but if I double click on one in-game then is doesn't select them all. I can go to the model and change the Art: Model to an sc2 barracks and it starts behaving normally. From what I've gathered from various forum threads this means the metadata of the .m3 file is broken. Am I correct in assuming that an sc2 mod can have 2 "types" of model? The Data model that you interact with in the Data editor, and the model itself (in .m3 format) that you can interact with in the cutscene editor. Although you can't really edit the model in the cutscene editor, only configure how/when animations are played. So my plan was to export the .m3, open it in 3ds max with the TM pluggin for sc2, and try to fix whatever is wrong with it. The problem now is that I can't export the .m3 I open the WC3 mod and look at the HumanBarracks model in the cutscene editor, I can go to Export -> Export model file... but nothing happens. Comments on other threads indicate it could be broken. Apparently I can export .m3 files with an MPQ editor instead, so I tried that. I used Ladik's MPQ editor and opened the Warcraft 3 (Data) mod. There are no models in there, its just data. So correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the Warcraft 3 (Data) mod only has the Data Model assets, and imports the .m3 models from another, private mod. So there is no way to edit these buildings and fix whatever is wrong with them? Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can export .m3 files, or get my HumanBarracks working correctly when double clicked? ThanksSneakySnake1 Nov 23
Nov 20 Ai subcommander ive seen from the videos that the co-op commander zeratul has forces that are not directly player controlled, but indirectly. does anybody know how blizzard did this?Avisuara1 Nov 20
Nov 19 Unit vertical tilt I'm making a map where units move on a 3d grid (unit height being the z) but I was wondering if there was any way for the units to rotate up and down?Avisuara3 Nov 19
Nov 18 Starcraft II Editor Publishing issue. I'm trying to publish a map in Starcraft II but I'm running into difficulties. The "Generating Publish Data" it was generating for over 3900+ seconds (the client frequently froze before jumping up 500+ seconds) I realised it was going through all the Locales such as deDE, so I restarted and only did enUS as the base Locale, but it's still taking forever. Opening up other members maps or blizzard maps to test publish it does the exact same thing. If I do a new blank map and publish it...there's no problems whatsoever. Any tips or advice? Thanks in advanced. Edit: Sometimes I get a warning message that says "Blizzard services connection was interrupted.ElvesLie2 Nov 18
Nov 16 Conversation Trigger? I remember messing around with the editor several years ago and using triggers to make very simple dialogues. You pick a sound effect, a unit/model to say the dialogue, and type out a subtitle. I can't find this trigger anymore. Has it been removed? All I see now is stuff involving the conversations tab of the data table, and I don't want to mess with that if I can use the simple thing from years ago. If the trigger I'm thinking of has been removed, what's an easy way to replicate that kind of thing? I assume I have to go through the data editor and make a billion new things, is there a simple way to do it?Rhyme0 Nov 16
Nov 6 HOW TO MAKE A MOD AND PLAY IT WITH FRIENDS? I want to change the number of starting minerals and workers for all 3 races,save that as an extension mod and play it with friends in custom game,is there any way I could do that?Maddog2 Nov 6
Nov 3 Catastrophia I remember playing this a while ago in 2014 I've seen a revived version of this...any chance this will be updated it's really funScorpio0 Nov 3
Oct 30 Veterancy Behavior Broken? I have trouble with my veterancy behavior that seems to "force" share xp of a kill to surrounding player units. Even if the exp share filters are fully unchecked, even if the share radius is at 0, even if the share exp fraction is at 0, a dying unit will split to all surrounding units in a certain radius (where's that radius coming from anyway?!). Anybody can explain me if this is a bugged behavior, or if I'm just missing something ?Rem5 Oct 30
Oct 24 Game Attributes in Extension Mods Hi all-it's been a LONG time since I've been around the forums, good to see this community is still so great. Anyway I want to know exactly how you can access game attributes in the data editor, so players can do things like set how many resources are in a mineral field. This is an extension mod, so I can't use the trigger editor to do it. I think there should be some method, I've seen other extension mods that have done things with game attributes, and since Blizzard bothered to put them in the extension mod editor they must have some purpose. Please don't respond with a solution involving triggers, I can't use them for this project, and I already know how I'd do it with thempzkwIV1 Oct 24
Oct 24 How to Make an Extension Mod Help I want to make an extension mod so I can make BW units is multiplayer games. I know there like a million of these mods out there but all the most popular ones ive tried go wayyy overboard with the campaign stuff it adds. I simply want to add Defiler, Arbiter, Firebat, Etc. I dont want insane campaign upgrades like zergling reconstitution or terran mercenary units or mengsk elite units. I have added all the buttons to my barracks to make fire bats, medics, ect. I can make vultures and goliaths at my factory. science vessels at my starport. I can get them to work. But when I try to remove the button to make reapers I lose all the other buttons for firebat, marauder etc. Its like the train reaper button is somehow tied to the others and if I remove it than i lose the rest of train unit buttons as well. How do I remove reapers without breaking everything else?Hertdergs2 Oct 24
Oct 24 don't know how to make abilities for Hero So I want to make this Protoss Hero Unit, I know how to change stats but making new ability for them is a nightmare. Even If I set the effects and models, it just doesn't seem to apply on my hero unit and I don't know. I also want to apply the character and his custom abilities in other mods and campaigns (but very difficult because you need to apply mods dependency). I try to make the character and I am using alliedcommander.mod but Editor keeps crashing. He is a super powerful character. My Hero Unit has these abilities. 0. (Passive) Detection (Automatic 'doesn't appear in the buttons') 1. (Passive) Shadow Walk (Replaces Patrol Button) - permanent cloaking, 25% speed increase, 30% Dodging, additional shield regeneration. 2. (Passive) Fury Barrier - Immortal's Barrier (40% of Current Level Maximum Health) with 10 sec cooldown. 3. (Passive) Relishing the Battle - Alarak's Soul absorbtion (enemy/ally) and damage increase (1.5% per soul) for 10 second and life leech 4. (Passive) Yearning Excitement - When Character's Health decreases 50% he gains 50% more attack speed and 30% critical hits. 5. (Passive) Ressurection - Artanis's Resurgence 6. (Active) Annhilation Wave - Alarak's Destruction Wave - but Stronger, wider, longer, Push back enemies including heroes. 7. (Active) Nova Charge - Artanis's Lightning Charge - but stronger, Wide, longer and greater stun (5sec) 8. (Active) Wrathful Manifestation - Protoss Teleport - teleport to an area without vision and 4 sec invulnerability and medium explosion. 9. (Active) Overwhelming Presence - Dehaka's Intimidation Roar combined with shield heal (Artanis's Astral Wind). 10. (Active) Shadow Clone - Dehaka's Generate Spawn ability - Spawn 3 lesser copies (half of health, shield) (only gets passive abilities except for ressurection abilities). (When used at Archon form, 3 lesser Archon forms are summoned and immediately replaces already summoned 3 copies (Base form)) 11. (Active) Rain of Great Destruction - Pour Down Torrent of Energy that decimates enemy forces (Replaces Stop Button) 12. (Active) Infinity Archon - Temporarily transform into an Infinity Archon. 13. (Active) Cosmic Annhilation - Kerrigan's Apocalypse but wider and stronger - exclusive to Archon Form temporarily replaces Archon transformation button. Help or tips are appreciated. ps. how can you make a spare mod just for my character?GhostGiraffe9 Oct 24
Oct 24 How do I disable the ping button? Hello. In my map, I am having trouble disabling the ping button that appears on a player's mini-map UI. I tried using a 'UI -Hide Ping Panel for (All players)' action in the trigger module, but this doesn't seem to affect the ping button. One way to solve this is to hide the mini-map UI since the button seems to be a part of that panel, but I really need the mini-map and when a player presses the ping button, it interferes with a lot of dialog buttons the map uses and causes them to malfunction. I guess the game considers the ping button a dialog button since it triggers the event 'Dialog -Any Dialog Item is used by Player Any Player with event type Clicked'. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.JasonX1 Oct 24
Oct 24 an issue with dealing lava damage so.... <ahem> hi, i was wondering if anyone here on the forums could assist me see, im trying to make a Melee Custom Map with Raising Lava, as the title implys... but... i've hit a snag, the problem is this https://imgur.com/a/xiiXnCO i've viewed several recipes fer how to do this and make it work, earlier today i had a problem with a Timer window, solved that, but now the "((Unit type of (Picked unit)) uses Fly mover) == False" is having problems now. anybody got a lead on what should i do?IgnitusG12 Oct 24
Oct 22 how can i specify skins i want to use the tal`darim skins for my tal`darim faction. how do i do that?andreasasp4 Oct 22
Oct 22 How do I start with just a drone? I'm working on a new Zerg mission and I want to start with only a drone and some resources. Problem is that if I don't have a hatchery it ends the game. What do I do?Dreadstar3 Oct 22
Oct 22 Team only build area So I made a map that has alot of no buildable areas and now I have spots for players to build on so how can I make it so one player can only build on his areaJenssons2 Oct 22
Oct 22 Extension Mod - Campaign Units Showing Up? Hello, I am currently attempting to build a mod that mimics melee in every aspect except that it has a few custom heroes. However, upon creating my extension mod, I realized that, for some odd reason, it is possible to build all the campaign units and use campaign abilities. Is there any quick way to disable this, or will I have to go through every unit and disable the campaign only aspects?LGDesign5 Oct 22
Oct 17 How to use certain Campaign assets Hello, all. I'm trying to make a Melee mod which will use certain campaign assets. However, when I use the Campaign Dependencies, it affects everything. (Barracks can train Firebats, Stargates can make Scouts, etc.) How do I get it so I can just import a select group of Campaign assets without it affecting everything?SirBaneling3 Oct 17
Oct 17 Skins Skins, the most important part of video games. I am a sc2 veteran. I have been playing the original since I was a kid. I love starcraft. I purchased a few terran skins for ranked. I love the co-op skins, sadly our achievments in co-op or the campaign do not give us a ranked skin reward. If it did, I would have more of a reason to grind out campaign, which I have not. I have played campaign and enjoyed it but if I am going to invest time into starcraft, I prefer ranked, team matches mostly. I am sad to say that for whatever reason, I cannot have all of my skins out in my most favorite match up, 3v3. I wish I can take out more than 4 skins, I do not understand why its this low. It is disappointing that I cannot have more than 4 skins out in 3s/4s. If the reason is, "to have the game run more smoothly" I deny that response. For sc2 is a very low graphic game and can be ran on the most out of date computers. It is 2019 if someone cannot afford a pc to play sc2 then they probably wont be trying to purchase skins. I can't think of any more reasons why ranked doesn't have more skins to offer. I'd like to mention the main menu versus NPC models for each race are starting to grow old and boring. Players would prefer more than 1 image to look at. I suggest making it a more entertaining screen where you can poke your characters buttons and he will say + do animations. This will attract players to your campaign / co-op , depending on your imagination/animation skill level will depend on what achievments you must earn to get a reward, enabling your versus screen model to do something, making the afkers have something to mess with, making their next game that much more entertaining. coming back for more. Random Box - 3 races, start out like a seed and upgrading/sprouting its style depending on your achievements earned. I think you can have a lot of fun adding more non-payable skin options. I suggest adding skins for ranked pvp building structures too. tl;dr for now, can you please add infinite skins for 3s/4s and work on the rest laterShmuk2 Oct 17
Oct 16 Help/Advice in creating Race Wars map I have never used the editor for SC2 but I had a passing knowledge for SC:BW's editor so it shouldn't be to hard to pick up. There is a really good Race Wars map in the arcade but it was built back in WoL or something and it starts with 6 workers and is slow like old SC2. I wanted to edit it but I don't think I can so I wish to create one from scratch. For starts: Is there a way to use an existing 8 player ladder map and then just edit the Race Wars setup on top of that? Or do I have to create a map from scratch?Oobarsten1 Oct 16
Oct 14 Some Toolbars Don't Work for Me Hi, I have a problem were some tools on my tool bar aren't working. Symmetry, Flip and Rotate , and most others alike are grayed and don't work. Units, terrain, doodads, still work however. I am using HoTS and run Windows 10. Some Blizzard maps I open for ideas have symmetry and other options enabled, but maps I create new don't allow me to. Any Help? ( I first requested help in July of 2018. No help given.)MrProbe1 Oct 14