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Dec 1 Update Regarding Bank Saves Hello StarCraft II Map Making Community, As most of you may know, there were some recent issues related to Bank Saves that exposed some issues with the system. In light of this, we've made some improvements we'd like to share: Added BankBackup and BankRestore native trigger functions: BankBackup can be used in the MeleeInit, or Generic event - This will create a new bank backup file each time BankBackup is called in a backup directory within your bank directory. It is still recommended to save your banks as you usually would using the native trigger BankSave. Added back in the deprecated trigger loops • IntLoopCurrentDeprecated • PlayerGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated • UnitGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated • ForEachInteger2Deprecated • ForEachIntegerDeprecated • PickEachIntegerDeprecated • ForEachPlayerInGroupDeprecated • PickEachPlayerInGroupDeprecated • PickEachUnitInGroupDeprecated • ForEachUnitInGroupDeprecated • UnitGroupLoopCurrentDeprecated Enabled Scintilla for the custom code editor within Windows. Improved performance to reduce editor load times. Added multiple item searching for the following when search terms are separated by a comma: • Data Editor • UI Editor • Cutscene Editor • Trigger Element selector • Terrain Editor • Text Editor Further improved performance within the Galaxy VM.Odyssues0 Dec 1
Nov 7 Mapping Tutorial & Resource Archive MAPPING TUTORIAL & RESOURCE ARCHIVE __________________________________________________________________________________ This thread is a collection of quality tutorials and resources for creating custom content within the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to constistently check every single source listed below. I will do my best to update it with information I discover on my own, but the majority of the work lies on you to pass along anything you feel belongs on this list. That includes helping me remove outdated or redundant links. Post theses suggestions/reports below and, after verifying them, I will add/remove/update the link. This thread is NOT for questions. __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- INDEX 1) ASSETS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#2 2) TERRAIN - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#3 3) TRIGGERS (GALAXY SCRIPT) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#4 4) DATA (XML CODING) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#5 5) MISCELLANEOUS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#6 __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION You will quickly discover that nearly every link (as of posting this) directs you to SC2Mapster. I happen to "live" at Mapster so I really only know what Mapster has to offer. If you frequent other sites with useful information, don't hesitate to post them! Just keep in mind that I'll check them out before adding the link. If a site contains inappropriate content, I'll shy away from it. Keep your sources work safe :D It is important to understand that I won't add every suggested link just becauses it exists. If I find that two links show very similars ways of creating really big explosions, I'll opt for whichever is clearer/easier to understand. Alternatively, I may keep redundant information if there is a good reason for it. A perfect example being how to achieve a certain task in multiple modelling or graphic design programs. In that case, not everyone uses the same program, so it helps to address all platforms. Regardless, if I choose not to add/remove/update a link per a posted suggestion, I'll explain why. Lastly, if you did not create the linked source, make sure the person who did is okay with you sharing it. I don't want to see models ripped from a private forum thrown in here. I WILL honor the requests of those who wish their work to remain private by removing links. The fastest way to contact me is through Mapster: sc2mapster.com/profiles/ProzaicMuze/ProzaicMuze19 Nov 7
Jan 30, 2017 Beginner Map-Making Tutorial Videos Hi, DeltronLive has made Video Tutorials of the mapmaking tutorials Blizzard created in 2011. Deltron's videos uses the current version of the editor. Quote from Deltron: I made a video series to complement these written tutorials using the most current patch of the editor (as of this post). You can check it out here (Beginner Map Making Tutorial Video Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlC8YfRpYfL1I2S6uUAHY8b_1GBaamF8A). I cover the Terrain, Triggers, and Data modules. Please like and this would be good to stickYClover13 Jan 30, 2017
1h any to create a mineral harvester i am thinking something similar to automated refineries.andreasasp15 1h
17h Unit scale Hello. I'm fairly new to the map editor. I've been trying to create a unit with an ability that causes it to change size, but have not been able to. I created a set scale event in the unit's actor, but it does not allow me to change the unit's XYZ scale. If anyone has a solution for this problem, it would be appreciated.corybaxter3 17h
21h WHERE TO FIND PUBLISHED MAP? I've been looking for an hour. Can't find 'my published map' ANYWHERE. It's a versus map, and there is no custom lobby. . .nothing. NEVER have I been so frustrated before in playing a damn map.Phantasy0 21h
2d Make a unit able to move only on creep? I've been trying to find a way to support a player building a "road" that certain units need to walk on. For example, traveling out of your base, a tank would need a paved road. If you tell this tank to move, it goes from point A to point B only on creep. I've come to the conclusion that without doing something like MineralZ's "destroy blocks to create a path", this may be nigh impossible in SC2. The closest example to what I'd prefer is an old PC game called NetStorm, where combat takes place on islands and you need to build bridges where you can place towers and move ground units on. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/8JGgAw72R4w/maxresdefault.jpg I don't necessarily want to replicate NetStorm in SC2 but I need the concept of bridges or some kind of road. It needs to work into the game's existing pathing system cuz I need to be able to carry on a normal melee game. My only hope seems to be able to force certain units to require creep to walk. If there isn't a path somewhere by creep, the unit can't walk there. This isn't a road but it solves two problems: potentially doable and saves me the problem of coming up with a way to have a player place down roads because creep tumors already do this. Anyone? If you can think of a way without creep, that works, too. The game's pathing layer would be nice, but I can't find a way to edit it in-game. Making units off creep have a speed of 0 doesn't work because then they get stuck.Mystiq1 2d
3d Add restrictions to buildings or units Hi guys, I am a beginner of sc2 mod editor. May I ask whether I can add or modify a limit to the construction/training of a certain building/unit in the mod (.SCMod)? For example, I would like to restrict players to build at most 5 Command Centers when they are Terran. Is there any way I can add this restriction?rightly1 3d
4d mod for endless upgrades and instant build ? Instant build, endless upgrades (not up to 3 but endless), 500 supply, endless resources ? It be awesome to have units with extra abilities. The more high tech advanced like heavy ground or air becomes more expensive however they cost more. Changed attack speed,movement speed and so on. Not some random messy units cramped without balance.GymFenixBFF4 4d
6d how to change the description I finished making a map and I want to publish it, but I can't change the description I don't know where it is, and I don't know how to change it. somebody help plz.bossman1 6d
6d How to <d ref="MyVariable"/> ?? Hi all! I'm talking about referencing an e.g. ability's range or duration in a text editor, like I found on the description of the Blink - Button: <d ref="Abil,Blink,Cost[0].Cooldown.TimeUse"/> I've looked at the XML and its pointing at: <CAbilEffectTarget id="Blink"> .... <Cost> <Cooldown Link="Blink" TimeUse="10"/> </Cost> So I thought to understand its Syntax, but by trying to reproduce it, setting it to <d ref="Abil,Blink,Range"/> or <d ref="Abil,Blink,Range.Value"/> or <d ref="Abil,Blink,Range.value"/> trying to reference <CAbilEffectTarget id="Blink"> .... <Range value="500"/> it tells me that this value is 0. So i'm definetely missing sth here. Question is actually, where to find the correct Names/Terms being used by that <d ref=""/> - block? I'm only seeing german names and descriptions on things, which i can't use in that block! I remember the editor somewhere had a button to switch to the underlying original names, they were english then and had no more whitespaces in the name. Anyone knows where to find this? Thanks in advance - greetz!!Barbelito4 6d
Mar 7 How to make a region which is colored ingame? Hey guys. The idea is to make my region visible on the map, most likely colored, so i can see where it is ingame! It cant be so hard, can it? Thanks for help ;)!Barbelito1 Mar 7
Mar 6 Triggered Special Effects in Starcraft 2? Hello. I was wondering how I would go about creating special effects on units or the terrain, such as explosions, fireworks, lightning effects, etc via triggers like I could back in Warcraft 3. I looked at Effects in the Data Editor (and creating them separately in the Trigger Editor under Environment) but it seems more geared to initiating and managing unit commands and abilities. I am not even sure anymore. Any help is appreciated.JasonX2 Mar 6
Mar 6 Create channeled skills? I have seen that only in the expansion hots, there are unique AI behaviors that are not found in others, an example is odin. you can cancel your channeling, but I want to know how you can create it as a separate personalityCOMMANDER0 Mar 6
Mar 5 Massive disconnections from map editor? Since the last update, my editor can't stop disconnecting at every 30 sec, and it keeps messaging me so. I'm annoyed. Am I the only one?Rem3 Mar 5
Mar 5 Editor Randomly Adding Mods to my maps I have a huge problem. I love creating melee maps. The problem is that lately when I upload them they work fine...then after they are played once there is suddenly a mod attached to them. Every map has a different mod, so it is completely random. I don't use mods with my maps at all. Is it possible an update changed my settings? Anyway, I just want my maps to be listed without any mods attached and I don't know how to fix the issue. Can anyone help? Search "Bonzai" to see my maps ingame under custom. You'll see what I mean. I never once intentionally added any mods.PeteDutcher12 Mar 5
Mar 4 Simple Region Question-SOLVED- I'm making a unit move to a new place when it gets created by entering a region. How can I make it so the building that is already in that region does not get teleported as well? For Example :Event: Unit -Any Unit Enters (Region named "Hero Pick Spawn Region") Action: Unit -Move (Triggering unit) instantly to Point 002 (No Blend) ThanksCleanMeGood2 Mar 4
Mar 3 Campaign Zerg Decals and Old Dark Protoss I've played around with the editor, but I'll admit that I'm not that great at it. Despite that I have only two questions which I could not find any answers to within the forums or any other internet sources. The first is how to reactivate zerg decals. After LotV the campaign decals for Zerg do not show up, but in the multiplayer files they do. I found an actor called Hatchery Player Decal 1, but I'm not sure how it works or if it even has anything to do with the problem. I feel the answer to this is simple, but I simply don't know where to start. The second may be a little trickier. I want to use the original Dark Protoss skins. The newer Tal'darim look is nice, but I'd love to use the green corrupted look from WoL as well. Any information on how to activate the old skins would be great.AmericanZerg3 Mar 3
Mar 3 Better stimpack In a arcade map I am making I want the players to can use stimpack but I want the stimpack to be 3x more effective then it normally is, what do I upgrade to make this happen? thanks for any help.DragonBlood3 Mar 3
Mar 2 3.8: Mac Editor Crashes on Trigger Edit As of Patch 3.8, the Mac map editor crashes when you edit any trigger entry, or attempt to edit a placed doodad on a map (that didn't fit in the title). It probably crashes other ways, as well, but I haven't taken the time to try to suss them out. I hope you can forgive me for being frustrated, but this has been a really disappointing year for Mac users. The editor has gotten increasingly more broken with each patch, now to the point of being unusable. It's one thing to, say, not be able to reliably save to component files, but to not be able to use the editor at all? I know that this isn't an officially supported product, but...this really sucks.LucidIguana22 Mar 2
Mar 1 Random mods added to my maps, why? Does anyone know why after I publish a map and play it a few times, that a random mod from someone else will be added to it? I'd like to know how this keeps happening, and what I can do to stop itBaghdaddy2 Mar 1
Feb 28 Latest update has broken the Disruptor Its missing an effect on his inital set "AB controller" and it's lacking its actor "DisruptorCharging" which is lacking the model, and even the sound related to it. I've created a new map with the simplest multi-mod and it's not there.Rem0 Feb 28
Feb 25 Emphasizing my struggle Hello all. It is day 5 in my struggle in creating a working trigger. The trigger essentially aims to spawn units in waves every 45 seconds. These units spawned are being directly build from the structures representing them. This is a combination of DS and nexus wars style spawning. The trigger I have right now is semi-functional but does not work in my favor. Events : Timer - Every 5.0 seconds of Game Time Actions : +Marine is Created (no unit,0) Options: Action, Create Thread Return Type: (None) Parameters Untitled parameter 001 = no unit <unit> Untitled parameter 001 = 0 <integer> grammar text: +Marine is Created(Untitiled Parameter 001, Untitled Parameter 001) Hint Text: (None) Custom Script Code Local Varaiables Actions General - If (conditions) then do (actions) else do (actions) if (unit type of (triggering unit)) == Marine then (unit - order untitled parameter 001 to (attack point)(replace existing) My intention is that every 45 seconds the barracks will create a marine. However, after the first 45 second mark the barracks que fills instantly (as in the action repeats itself 5 times in a row and continues to do so even after cancelling ques). I would set the behavior perodic time to 45 seconds however I want all barracks built, no matter their time, to que together. How do I do this? Can someone please help a fellow editor whos struggling out?BlackHawk1 Feb 25
Feb 24 Remove research requirements Hi, i was looking to remove all requirements to use abilities (stim and such) without having to go and modify one by one. I tried ... But doesn't work. I also tried selecting all upgrades and deleting them but the editor won't allow me to. Any ideas ?Iskeletor1 Feb 24
Feb 23 Why does Blizzard condone pirating software? The Blizzard Art Tools made for 3dsmax2011 are the only official tools available to modify or create your own models for starcraft 2. The problem is that they are -only- available for 3dsmax 2011 and if you didn't already have a copy of that version and wanted to obtain this software... you'd have to obtain it illegally. Since Blizzard hasn't put any effort in updating their tools for the most recent version of 3dsmax the only thought that comes to mind is that they, Blizzard, condones the illegal act of pirating software.Dalgar1 Feb 23
Feb 22 Unit spawn based on timers and buildings. I am trying to create a unit spawn system based on buildings (Pretty much like DS). The goal is to create a 3 part system. A. Every 45 seconds a wave is spawned. The units spawned are based on the buildings in player 1 and 4s base. (Like 1 lurker den would spawn 1 lurker, 2 lurker dens would spawn 2 lurkers) B. Players 2 and 5 have a special building that collects energy over time, and has a storage of like 40. For 25 energy, either player can spawn a wave to send based on buildings in their base. (Same example as above) C. Players 3 and 6 waves will only spawn after their entire wave has died. This is not based on a timer or energy system, but once their army hits 0 the new wave spawns for that player. How would I go about mainly the building to unit part. If you guys would like to share insight on any of the other ideas I have in terms of triggers I would appreciate all the help I can get!BlackHawk0 Feb 22
Feb 19 Make computer use abilities Is there a way to make the AI in an arcade map to use abilities like they would in melee ? (make marines use stim when they acquire target, etc.) Im looking for a way to apply it to all abilities so they are used by the AI without modifying each ability separately.Iskeletor1 Feb 19
Feb 17 Turret range on placement Hello, i'm having issue with how to show the range of a turret when we are placing it. I created an Actor of type "Range" with parent "Range Weapon" and set the weapon to my unit weapon. Then i created another Actor of type "Model" with parent "Placement Model" and in events+ i set ActorCreation condition: ModelName: myUnitPlacementModel create: the actor of type range i created But it don't show anything when i try to place the unit ingame :(MrRemy0 Feb 17
Feb 16 Veterancy System VS Set Melee Option Trigger. Help me solve this puzzle. I want to add a veterancy system on my marine. Can work, but only If the map on which I use my ----> Mod <----- doesn't have this "Set Melee option for all players" Triggers. Of course, I've tried this trigger that's "Disable Melee option" then selected XP disabled option, but it seems to be another decoration in the triggers that doesnt do anything at all. How can I make my veterancy system work, If I'm to use my map on any map I wish that sadly has this annoying option?Rem0 Feb 16
Feb 16 Zergling Reconstitution on Hero unit For my map I was planning on using Zerling Reconstitution on a Hero unit. I got it to show up, but it didn't gain any charges when the lings died. I suspect it has something to do with the fact he ain't the primary Hive. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?ThaBombs1 Feb 16
Feb 15 Trigger is broken, i dont know how to fix https://mega.nz/#!V0RXXSAL!e7gWKjgf7xaTt6a7SqP26e-k4ka7QXC-p_vs_NSAG88 link to file with codeSpctrLament3 Feb 15
Feb 15 Editor crashes when viewing any model Any time the preview window for a model is showing, after 2-3 seconds the editor crashes with the 'fatal exception' message. Whether it's a custom model I've imported or one from the official game/expansions, still happens. This wasn't happening last night, around 12 hours ago. I've seen a few topics regarding the same issue from as far back as 2013 with absolutely no solution or even a response. So far, working with the Galaxy Editor is actually worse than using the bug and crash-ridden GECK for Fallout: New Vegas. If you've ever used the GECK, then you know that's saying something.TheVoxyn2 Feb 15
Feb 11 How do I get Unused units to show up? So I've tried loading dependencies for the campaigns and what have you, but certain unused units still aren't showing up. Is there a way to force all units, including incomplete ones, to be usable in the editor? I'm talking like things like Archon Amon, Plasma Battlecruiser, that weird crane thing, etc.Glispyman8 Feb 11
Feb 11 Randomly Generated Terrain How do i randomly generate terrain for a map. How can i then randomise where a structure called "city" spawns and regulate what it can spawn in. E.g. cant spawn on sand texture and can spawn on rock and dirt texture. Thanks allSpctrLament0 Feb 11
Feb 9 how do i fix darkened textures i have a map where all textures is dark. they are there but barely visibly because they are so dark. how do i fix that?andreasasp0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Question (Cards and turns) Hi, i've planned a card game to make, which uses a deck of cards to spawn units, i've made etension mods in the past which change units and such, and back in the day i used War3 editor, but havent made a full blown Arcade map. Anyways, these are my main doubts, maybe if someone has an example map of something that would be great. - How to make a turn system (like creating buttons to end turn and such) - How to allow players to build a "deck" - Randomize card draw - Make the cards display on screen and choice making (end turn, etc). Thanks in advance.Iskeletor4 Feb 9
Feb 9 Problems with the expression editor Hello all, I've suddenly started having issues creating mathematical statements in the trigger expression editor. Basically, the trigger expression editor is requiring every variable to have a default value, AND it's trying to compute the values of the expression WITHIN the map editor using the default values of the variables. Does the map editor even understand the concept of variables? Apparently not!!! If any variable in the expression editor does not have a default value, then expression editor has an "Error initializing variable". Here's an example: https://imgur.com/yTyPrDO The error window pops up every time I try to set the expression to nukeX/nukeY. It appears that this is new behavior; when I open a trigger expression I made a year ago, I get an error if I try to hit OK: https://imgur.com/xG0fR3R In this ^^ example, the problem I think is the convert integer to real function. If I take it out and make the expression simply tacNukeRadValue/(tacNukeRadRadius - innerTacNukeRadRadius) then the editor accepts this. Two things: 1) tacNukeRadRadius and innerTacNukeRadRadius are integers while tacNukeRadValue is a float (erm, I mean "real"). I don't know if the game will be smart enough to properly cast the values for me. 2) THIS WORKED A YEAR AGO. I made this expression myself, a year ago, and the mission editor didn't complain THEN. Why is it complaining NOW?!?! Here's one final example showing how stupid it is to compute expression values in the map editor (and furthermore, it only uses the default values!). https://imgur.com/PnJqciX 0/3 is a "Divide by zero" error?! This is so nonsensical. The map editor should NOT try to compute expression values within the expression editor, it goes against the very concept of variables in the first place. Is this some new, awful "feature" of the map editor, or is there a bug? Or is this some old, awful feature of the map editor I somehow accidentally enabled?Xenocidal2 Feb 9
Feb 9 Making the melee/default AI harass Does anyone know how to make the melee/default AI harass a player like how they do a Banshee opening and keep attacking and retreating with the Banshees when units show up but just make then use a different unit instead and make them keep searching for parts of your base that are not defended well using only AI triggers and so on?Earth4 Feb 9
Feb 9 Log out of starcraft 2 editor how do I log out of the starcraft 2 editor?Gabriel7 Feb 9
Feb 8 Saving A Mod Its been a while since I've worked on maps, but now I just want to create a Mod. How can I save a mod?Legendary0 Feb 8
Feb 8 Leviathan Unit Hi, i want to create a leviathan unit that attacks both ground and air called a kraken. I have played around a bit and have made other successful custom units but cant seem to get this one to work. Can someone tell me their exact process for doing soSpctrLament1 Feb 8
Feb 7 Damage dealt to units in an area Hi, i want to make "coral reefs" for a game i am making. Basically they deal 2 damage per second to any unit in the area. How would i do this?SpctrLament2 Feb 7
Feb 4 Income Based On Energy? Hi, i have another problem So i have towns which give you mineral income that is fixed but i also want them to be able to vespene income which depends on the current energy of the unit my current trigger for income timers of all 3 tiers looks like this https://imgur.com/a/5PIVp and i have the same thing for t1 and t2 and t3 towns so that second part (where i have vespene 1*number of towns or whatever), how would i go about inserting the energy of each town in map. Thanks allSpctrLament4 Feb 4
Feb 4 Incapacitate and Move to a point Hi, i basically have "capital ships" which are heroes which i want to be able to have get incapacitated and moved back to their spawning point (a point called capital ship 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.) when they basically die. How would i go about doing this (they need to go back to the spawning point) Thanks everyoneSpctrLament2 Feb 4
Feb 4 Removing control groups from the game? How?RJMcReady1 Feb 4
Feb 2 Ultralisk icon is gone when using dependency Hi y'all, I'm making a wave defense map now and I'm scripting for zerg's(using player2's slot) waves. I want zergs build ultralisks in waves. However, due to some problems it cannot be built. I tried to play zerg's slot and find that Ultralisk's icon is not shown in the buttom-right tab.  (pictures here https://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/general/general-chat/232605-cannot-build-ultralisk-in-custom-map-wtf#c4) Although I have set the hive, the Ultralisk cavern.. And I have the triggers set up as follows: AI -Start the campaign AI for player 2 AI -Start AI personalities for all computer players AI -Run all attack waves for player 2, targeting (Player group(1)) Player -Modify player 2 Vespene: Set To 20000.0 Player -Modify player 2 Minerals: Set To 10000.0   I wonder if my dependency settings go wrong? Will the swarm void mode kick Ultralisk out? I've just checked the level Reckoning for the HotS, it only uses Swarm campaign story. However, when I do that, it does not show an unltralisk icon on my menu. And I also does not have that when I put void, void campaign and swarm campaign on the dependency.Turbofan3 Feb 2
Feb 1 Text Tags not working Hello. I have been trying to utilize Text Tags for a map I have been developing to display integers on specific regions designated by variables, but for whatever reason they do not show up on the screen when testing the map. I am completely stumped and I have looked everywhere for help but there are no tutorials available for Text Tags at all. I triggered them sort of like this: - Text Tag -Create a text tag with the text "TEXT" for (All players), using a font size of 12, at ("REGION") and height offset 25.0, initially Visible, and fog of war enforcement set to False - Text Tag -Set Text color(s) for (Last created text tag) to (100%, 100%, 0%) - Text Tag -Show (Last created text tag) for (All players) I have tried other things to get them to work too, like increasing the maximum size of the text and setting a duration, but nothing works. Please help.JasonX5 Feb 1
Jan 29 How do I make an ability already researched? Okay, so I'm doing a map that lets you use Narud (human form) right? I added Psionic Storm to him but it says that I need to research it at templar archives. How do I make the game treat his ability as researched for him only? I have other questions as well but they don't relate to this so I may just make another topic.Glispyman3 Jan 29
Jan 29 Setting Emissive color with models!? I noticed in coop Horner's battlecursers were Emissive yellow and not part of team color (red). If you hit tab for your selected team colors the Emissive matches the team colors like the regular model. I did not think this was possible and how is this done???FreezingRain1 Jan 29