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Jan 30 Beginner Map-Making Tutorial Videos Hi, DeltronLive has made Video Tutorials of the mapmaking tutorials Blizzard created in 2011. Deltron's videos uses the current version of the editor. Quote from Deltron: I made a video series to complement these written tutorials using the most current patch of the editor (as of this post). You can check it out here (Beginner Map Making Tutorial Video Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlC8YfRpYfL1I2S6uUAHY8b_1GBaamF8A). I cover the Terrain, Triggers, and Data modules. Please like and this would be good to stickYClover13 Jan 30
Jan 26, 2014 Mapping Tutorial & Resource Archive MAPPING TUTORIAL & RESOURCE ARCHIVE __________________________________________________________________________________ This thread is a collection of quality tutorials and resources for creating custom content within the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to constistently check every single source listed below. I will do my best to update it with information I discover on my own, but the majority of the work lies on you to pass along anything you feel belongs on this list. That includes helping me remove outdated or redundant links. Post theses suggestions/reports below and, after verifying them, I will add/remove/update the link. This thread is NOT for questions. __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- INDEX 1) ASSETS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#2 2) TERRAIN - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#3 3) TRIGGERS (GALAXY SCRIPT) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#4 4) DATA (XML CODING) - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#5 5) MISCELLANEOUS - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/4217173395?page=1#6 __________________________________________________________________________________ ----- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION You will quickly discover that nearly every link (as of posting this) directs you to SC2Mapster. I happen to "live" at Mapster so I really only know what Mapster has to offer. If you frequent other sites with useful information, don't hesitate to post them! Just keep in mind that I'll check them out before adding the link. If a site contains inappropriate content, I'll shy away from it. Keep your sources work safe :D It is important to understand that I won't add every suggested link just becauses it exists. If I find that two links show very similars ways of creating really big explosions, I'll opt for whichever is clearer/easier to understand. Alternatively, I may keep redundant information if there is a good reason for it. A perfect example being how to achieve a certain task in multiple modelling or graphic design programs. In that case, not everyone uses the same program, so it helps to address all platforms. Regardless, if I choose not to add/remove/update a link per a posted suggestion, I'll explain why. Lastly, if you did not create the linked source, make sure the person who did is okay with you sharing it. I don't want to see models ripped from a private forum thrown in here. I WILL honor the requests of those who wish their work to remain private by removing links. The fastest way to contact me is through Mapster: sc2mapster.com/profiles/ProzaicMuze/ProzaicMuze18 Jan 26, 2014
1h win Condition So I just finished a map I have been working on for a long time but I can't get the win condition to work. I want they players to win when they kill the queen of blades. but she spawns in a wave and is not in the field for me to select using value. how do I make it so when she dies the players winkaleb2 1h
1d Need Objectives Help So the map I'm creating is just a single player vs computer arcade map. It's supposed to be the Queen of Blades making her first assault on Moebius. I want to set the objective to "Destroy all Science Facilities." So I've placed 7 science facilities just like the one you destroy on Korhal to get the secret mission in WOL. I went through a few objective tutorials and was able to make the objective show up on screen at game start. Problem is that it checks off after the very first facility is destroyed. And even after all 7 are blown up, it does not declare a victory and win the mission. What am I doing wrong?Dreadstar3 1d
1d Brushes disappeared from the editor, help! UPDATE: I found a fix and it was so easy but I was stupid enough not to find it. ... Just click the orange thingies for different pallets, click the one with the mountains for terrain editor.Evan0 1d
2d Using the editor; forced seperate login?! Okay so, to begin with, I agree that no, simply going along with an occasional login request isn't exactly hugely life-altering or time-consuming. This said, the logic in demanding it is about a thousand percent idiotic. Though I have no reason to suspect it's any sort of non-blizzard-made code trying to steal my login info, since it's a function that opened only because I clicked the bnet launchers map editor button, it still FEELS a little sketchy to me in that context, since I kind of have to be logged in to even GET to that button to begin with. The idea that it does not add the login info on it's own, or tell the software I've been properly flagged as "Logged In" is in and of itself a bit annoying, but my biggest issue is a bit farther away. For publishing maps, sure. I get some sort of interest in having an account tied to it, though I feel like that could still be done separately. But all I wanted was to mess around with the GUI for a moment, and see if an idea I'd had regarding map design and potential boundary settings was possible, so as to conceive a potential bomberman-style custom. The very idea I can't even SEE the programs layout and structure without a separate login just seems ridiculous. And so, this leaves me to my question in as few words as possible; What in the flaming craters of Char reason does blizzard have to even prevent me from initiating a side-program without logging in, despite ALREADY BEING LOGGED IN?Squirrelador0 2d
2d Bridge? Disable A.I. Structure Building? Couple of quick questions. Hoping somebody can help. 1. I'm working on a map with rivers, not wide ones. I'm using the Mar Sara Bridge doodad to create walkways across. This is the little short bridge from mission 3 in WOL. It looks great and actually works as a walkway across, but units don't really cross it correctly. They cross it diagonally corner to corner. Actually walk specifically to the "programmed" starting corner no matter where they approach from. I tried adjusting the doodad pathing. I turned off footprint and that just made the bridge stop working. Adjusting height didn't change anything. All I can think of is maybe setting a custom footprint but wouldn't have a clue which one might work. Has anyone encountered or solved this problem? (Note: Bridge not at base level so "terrain object" bridge will not work without destroying entire map.) 2. I'm starting my A.I. opponent with a fully constructed base designed mainly for air defense. Like missile turrets everywhere man! I want them to build units and attack, which is pretty much standard anyway. Shouldn't have to mess with that. But I don't want them to build new structures, unless, here's the tricky part, I blow one up. Then I want the A.I. to replace it, but not build extra. If this isn't possible, so be it. But I would still want to disable building structures for A.I. and don't know how. Thanks in advanced.Dreadstar3 2d
3d Zombies Finding Player I have been working on a map sorta similar to zombie city classic or zombie world (use your unit to kill zombies) but I don't know how to make the zombies attracted to my player, I don't want the player to can hide in a spot the zombies don't see. I also have other units on the map owned by a AI that is an ally to the player for him to hide behind and I don't want them to be ignored by the zombies, it is a 4 player map. any idea on how to do this.kaleb3 3d
5d [Request] Stop logging us into chat channels People are adding me, presumably to play games with them. This is a major annoyance for me especially because the list is sorted alphabetically and I'm up toward the top. So I get multiple friend requests per day. It's incredibly obnoxious and I've started to default to declining friend requests, a very harmful thing if someone I know or someone that has good cause adds me. I've heard of cases where people are messaging others that are using the editor where they're unable to respond or even see the message due to simply not being in the chat as well. There's no good reason for this.Alzarath2 5d
6d AI Doesn't attack? I'm trying to create just a basic map with one path to me vs 11 AI. Just a fun "see how long I can survive" map. They start off slightly aggressive, then after i wipe out a wave of attack they stop entirely. Is there any way to force them to keep attacking?Sethisto1 6d
Aug 9 Mouse highlight mode in Mouse Relative Mode Hi to all! I made some TPS maps for SC2 with main mechanism based on hidden mouse cursor in mouse relative mode, whith can highlight units without clicking. Some patch fixed this bug / feature and there is now no hidden cursor with highlight mode. Only click functions. Is there any way to return that function for hidden mouse cursor in mouse relative mode? If some will help me with this, I will be very grateful! Many thanks! PS: That function may returns, when i restart map 1-2 times. Cursor may appears again in the center of the screen in relative mode. But this is not ideal way to fix that problem)Warlon0 Aug 9
Aug 8 How can I make a trigger which... How can I make a trigger which when a specific unit of a player is in a region it spawns units periodically in another region for that player? Thanks in advance.CrimsonChaos2 Aug 8
Aug 8 Need Looping Portraits for Briefing Scene Looking for someone that can create looping character portraits for Briefing Scene. Paid work of course. https://www.sc2mapster.com/projects/starcraft-2-redux https://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/resources/tutorials/179604-talking-portrait-animationsScuro1 Aug 8
Aug 5 How to prevent air units from going through. Hey I'm Trying to Make a Campaign Map Like (With Friends Like These...) But I Don't know How to prevent The air Units From Going Up and over and through the Asteroid Field and Cliffs I'm Creating so i can get the units to go on the Path that I'm creating for them to kill each other.USGRepublic1 Aug 5
Aug 4 [Effect - Launch Missile] Retarget Fields Just wondering if anyone has had any success using the Retarget feature found under the Effect - Launch Missile fields. ... I have been experimenting with it for a while and have only been able to get weapons working with these fields. Setting up abilities (Targeted or otherwise) with retargeting doesn't seem to yield any results. I would just like to know if anyone's had luck with this using abilities or if I'm out of luck :(Prometheum2 Aug 4
Aug 4 Spear of Adun unusable in custom mods/maps <<(CONDENSED VERSION BELOW)>> The way things are currently set up, it's next to impossible to use the Spear of Adun abilities in custom mods and maps. In researching the implementation of the Spear of Adun abilities for my in-development extension mod, I opened one of the campaign maps: Purifier 03. By deleting triggers and testing which ones removed the campaign UI, I was able to narrow down the essential triggers to three. If any one of them is removed, the UI will vanish, and the abilities disappear. Although the Spear of Adun UI can be made to appear through a specialized trigger, it will just show the icons of the current selected unit, and not the Spear of Adun abilities. In this form, the UI is just a shell, operating like a duplicate command card. Without the following three triggers, the campaign UI is useless: - Load Campaign Data* - Purchase Storymode Tech - PM_DetectionUpgradesApply *With this trigger, you actually have to load the data from a particular LotV campaign map. I have been using Aiur 06 in my tests, as by that point everything would already have been unlocked. Now that I had the triggers at last, I returned to my extension mod to add them. But to my horror, the triggers did nothing. The UI didn't appear. When I used the special trigger that forces the campaign UI to appear, it was empty, like a duplicate command card. I have arrived at a possibly incorrect conclusion (the best one I can think of). This is that these triggers simply do not work with mod files. I have no idea of what to do. But even if the triggers did work with mod files it wouldn't matter, because of one more fact: - The Load Campaign Data trigger overwrites all of the Multiplayer data. Campaign dependencies in the editor can, of course, be manually reset. But when you use the Load Campaign Data trigger in the editor, it just resets everything in the final test document. Entire command cards are blanked out, icons replaced... And it isn't only Protoss that is affected, the trigger overwrites the data for Terran and Zerg as well. So even if a modder was just using the Spear of Adun abilities in a map they intended to publish to the Arcade, with much of their own custom data, all their data would be overwritten by the LotV campaign data. And this would be the only way to enable to the Spear of Adun abilities. As far as I can tell, there is no alternative to the above method. You might think you could just put all the abilities on a particular structure without even bothering with the extra command card, but even that doesn't work, because at least half of the Spear of Adun abilities rely on triggers to operate, and those triggers don't appear to activate unless the three essential triggers are in place. For instance, the Orbital Strike ability is actually made up of three abilities. The first ability, the one with an energy cost and a button, activates targeting mode. The second ability is activated by clicking on the map while in targeting mode, and places the markers where the shots are to fall. Then triggers are used to activate a third ability, the one that fires the shots. The shots are automatically made to target the markers placed by the second ability. The entire ability is 50% data, 50% triggers. Without the triggers, it simply won't function. And this is one of the better cases. Operating solely in data, I can't even make Solar Lance fire. Somehow I suspect that until things are made easier, there wont be a single mod published that makes use of the Spear of Adun abilities. Unless, of course, the author is a genius. Because in my opinion, nothing short of a genius would actually be able to get these abilities to work without breaking everything else, or in the case of mods, work at all.Nedia9 Aug 4
Aug 4 4k monitor issue Trying to run the editor on a 4k monitor produces a virtually unusable interface because the windows format wrong. Please fix.somenoob0 Aug 4
Aug 3 mods in the map editor i cant upload a mod file with the editor anymore why it says document dependency dies not specify a battle.net file (mods]scmrlocal.sc2mod) and i cant resolve itSpelboyGamin1 Aug 3
Aug 3 Nova: Covert Ops maps/assets? Since the launch of Nova's last map pack, some assets are still missing from the editor, such as the Tarsonis Interior Door doodad seen in the very first map pack. Additionally, despite having paid for all of the map packs in full, I am unable to open the Nova maps to look at the environments and take notes on how Blizzard's level design team constructed the maps. I'm interested in dissecting the 'In the Enemy's Shadow' map, for example, as I'm working on a map that takes place inside a schoolhouse and the design of that map could prove to be a useful teaching tool for me. It seems incongruous that Blizzard would release all campaign maps except the Nova ones, even to paying customers. Is there any context I can get from a blueposter about this?Pronogo12 Aug 3
Aug 2 Requesting Help With Project? Long story short, I'm a writer. I've written a world full of different fantasy races and countries and I just greatly desire to be able to make those countries armies and bash them against each other like a kid with his action figures. I am however incredibly lost when it comes to using the editor. Stuff like this just flies over my head. So, I guess the request is for someone to be willing to donate their time to help my childish dream a reality?TokenJoker2 Aug 2
Jul 29 Unable to publish map I have everything set up, but when I click ok to publish, A dialog screen pops up error unable to send event to battle.net? How can I repair this issue?MOTHBALLS6 Jul 29
Jul 28 Rotating land when using copy paste Hello, I am currently in the process of copy pasting my main base from top left of the map to the bottom right, but I cannot find out how to rotate the base 180 degrees so it is opposite of the top left base. How do I do this, hotkeys, or through options?Kritter2 Jul 28
Jul 28 Need help So i was making a map and accidentally closed the editor window that you use to place items terrain and ect. How do you reopen that? thanksTheServer5 Jul 28
Jul 28 Water underneath Cliff Hello, I've been working on a new map and noticed that the water that is used that goes underneath a cliff appears to not be the same shade as water that is not underneath a cliff, an explanation would be much appreciated.Kritter1 Jul 28
Jul 26 [Feature Request] Server-side bank files Hello everyone, As everyone knows, SC2 currently only supports client-side bank files. That means user data for custom maps are stored on the client machine instead of Blizzard b.net servers. This has certain consequences: Bank files can be corrupted, manipulated or lost by user interaction (cheating). Bank files are not easily available across different machines while using the same account. SC2 achievements and ranks on the other hand are stored on their servers and are usually well protected against direct manipulation. While this seems to be a minor issue for most custom maps, it is actually a big one for those who depend on solid values for rankings. On example may be the map StarBattle: It uses ELO based ratings to balance teams in specific modes, but this system only works when those ratings are persistent (cant be saved/restored) and protected against manipulation (cheating). In the end this has not only an effect on one player but all 12, because players are assigned to teams by ranking. Proposal for implementation Every b.net account should have up to 1 MB server-side bank space. The maximum size of a single bank file should be limited to 16kB. Server-side bank files expire after a set time (for example 3 month) when not used. Map creators can only store strings assigned to keys (key-value pairs). A non-existing string returns an empty string, setting a key to an empty string value will remove the string. API proposal openServerBank(boolean autoCreate) : integer Opens the server bank for the currenty loaded custom map. If autoCreate parameter is set to true and no file already exists, a new bank file will be created. An integer returns the success of the function: 0 ... SUCCESS: An existing bank file was successfully opened. 1 ... SUCCESS: A new bank file was created and successfully opened. 2 ... ERROR: No bank file exists. 3 ... ERROR: Cannot create bank file - out of space (1 MB limit). readServerBank(string key) : string Reads a key from the server bank. If the key doesnt exists, an empty string is returned. Same happens if the bank file doesnt exist. writeServerBank(string key, string value) : integer Writes a key value pair into the bank. If the value is an empty string then an existing key in the bank file is removed. If the key doesnt exist yet, a new one is created with given value. An integer returns again the success of the function: 0 ... SUCCESS: The key was updated. 1 ... ERROR: Bank file doesnt exist (openServerBank wasnt successfully called beforehand). 2 ... ERROR: Cannot write key - out of space (16k limit). Summary As soon as you can open a server bank file, only the 16k limit will apply to you. Therefore a map maker doesnt have to consider the total storage available. In other words the size limit of the server bank should be predictable and not limited by the 1 MB limit. Opening a server bank will also adjust the expire date. Conculsion The 1MB/16kB limit allows for at least 64 server-side banks on b.net server. With proper compression more should be available. If you assume 64 bytes average per entry it will allow for 256 entry per file. Considering the low space requirements, the costs are minor compared to the benefits. I predict that only a view custom maps will implement server-side banks, even less player will play them, therefore most users will consume way less than 1MB, most none at all. Thanks for your attention, comments are welcome. PS: Greetings from the Gold Coast, I am heading to the beach now :). Appendix A: Reducing network traffic by caching This appendix extends my initial proposal by refining the concept with additional implementation details, in this case caching. While updates to keys are required to be transferred to the server after calling the function (to prevent ALT+F4 exploits), reading values does not. Due to the very same size of 16k for the dictionary it is possible to get all values with the first mandatory openServerBank call. openServerBank Execution: Blocking Opens or creates the dictionary with all key/value pairs and holds them in RAM client-side till the end of the game. Everything else was already documented. readServerBank Execution: Blocking Reads the data from the cached dictionary. No interaction with the server is required. writeServerBank Execution: Asynchron Updates the value in the dictionary and sends the update to the server as well. The last part is not blocking, this ensures that no lag effects will occur. Additionally if the send fails for some reason (like the unlikely event that Blizz servers are down), the map has to receive a proper notification which can be handled accordingly. All this will greatly improve the performance of the feature and minimizes all traffic with Blizz servers while still keeping the initial concept ideas intact. Thanks for the attention, thoughts and comments are welcome as always !MaxiTB35 Jul 26
Jul 25 Change Editor Modern and Original formats Hello :) I recently just downloaded the Editor tool and I decided to select the modern format for the editor, thinking it was only to do with the hotkeys. If I wanted to change to the original format, how can I do that? Thanks a lot <3Lynqh2 Jul 25
Jul 22 Need help with using custom unit to build Hi there I am following this guide to create a custom unit be able to build a custom building but I have hit a wall. http://starcraft-2-galaxy-editor-tutorials.thehelper.net/tutorials.php?view=161199 The problem is in the guide the person writing tell you to duplicate the ability "Terran Construction" under the Progress / Construction Ability section and I can not find this please can someone point me in the right direction thank you.kmsk2 Jul 22
Jul 21 See units through doodads? I'm making a fps game and I can see the outline of the enemy units through the doodads. How can I stop this issue?MOTHBALLS1 Jul 21
Jul 21 Bring back killed model? Okay so I set it up where when I click on a unit, it'll create an model/ actor on the unit, To remove the actor/model I set it up to kill last created model. However when the trigger fires again the model never comes back?MOTHBALLS1 Jul 21
Jul 21 Enable Enemies selection in option Is there a way I can enable enemies selection for all players during map initialization?MOTHBALLS4 Jul 21
Jul 18 Can't Find My Published Maps These past 2 weeks I've been working on a map. I'd like to test online, but it's not appearing in My Published I have plenty of others that are there though. The uploading process seems to be working because it goes all the way to 100% then does the sound. I can locate it on the editor in the manage published and in the open maps from the arcade, just can't find it in the arcade while in game. I'm uploading as private, but I've never had this issue where it uploads, but I can't see it in the arcade : / I even tried uploading a bare bones map without any edits even that isn't appearing in the arcade under my published. Any idea what's going on??Gastu2 Jul 18
Jul 18 Editor uploaded data space limit. I am speaking about the total space limit you have. The documents limit of 80 is fine but the 315MB space limit is too small. I can't upload all my maps and dependencies at once... Is there any chance that it will increase?Bleiser4 Jul 18
Jul 17 How do you create Abyssal Reef style gravity? I've looked everywhere I could (except Team Liquid's forums, which won't load for me), and couldn't find anything on it. So I'll ask it here: How do I make dead units "float" upwards? EDIT: Figured it out. For future reference (and anyone wondering who comes across this): It's under the terrain type as (Basic) Gravity.CalKyanite0 Jul 17
Jul 17 How would you make dead units disappear? Greetings, So for the mod I've been making, I've noticed that several campaign units on death simply leave their remains which never disappear. A unit that I currently know exhibit such traits is the Drakken Laser Drill I've tried going into the unit's Actor: Events to create a on death event which ought to destroy the unit's model when it dies but it is not doing the trick. The same thing applies for many other campaign units so chances are, we figure this out~we've figured a dozen more out. How would you resolve this issue? My thanks in advance.Veloric2 Jul 17
Jul 16 Question about mod-making? how do you add specific campaign units to an extension mod while keeping stuff that already exists in multiplayer the same? for example i just want to add firebats and medics. no other changes.ZergThor3 Jul 16
Jul 16 Pick up objects and drop them? Im making a first person game. My cam is located behind my unit and the unit is invisible. I would love to set it up where I click on a unit, move unit away instantly, and add actor on top of invisible unit (me). move around with wasd keys then press a button, remove actor from invisible unit (me) move back the object unit which moved away to point of invisible unit (me) ??? Did you get it???MOTHBALLS1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Need Some More Help How does one take user input for a variable, for instance if I wanted to take a numerical value from the user, how would I set up a button in order to do this. Second question, Can you make it so that an action will not run if a player is supply capped or if a certain amount of a certain type of units exists. For instance if I wanted to put a limit on the amount of a hostile unit that can be spawned in how would I go about doing that. Or make a condition so that something only runs when supply is negative or doesn't run when supply is negative. Also, can you use a player name as a condition or variable somehow, so if you wanted to ban someone you could kill their units at the start of the game. How do you set it so an upgrade adds an attribute to a unit, for instance making a marine psionic when it's researched.WinterMute3 Jul 16
Jul 15 ??? Is there a way that I can calculate how many times a unit is clicked or selected?MOTHBALLS2 Jul 15
Jul 15 Why didn't solve hidden actor bug? This bug make hard to copy weaponyfsg0 Jul 15
Jul 14 Hide game ul I set my map to hide game ul however, I also set to show resource below it; yet it won't show my minerals??MOTHBALLS1 Jul 14
Jul 12 Okay guys, need some help! I'm creating a first person shooter, The issue is at a point where my character is attacked, if I would press down the space key, It'll unpan my camera and go back to the point where it was attacked. Anyway for me to disable this space key ability? I set it up to re pan the cam but still don't work.MOTHBALLS2 Jul 12
Jul 10 The Star Battle Mod and it's Development Hi folks, I'm a casual StarCraft II player and a clan leader in the Star Battle community, which mainly plays the series of Star Battle mods created by zedu. In case you did not know, zedu stopped developing for the StarCraft II Arcade a few years back and a few other developers have been active in moving the mod forward, including GreaterNinja, Windu, EtaCarinae, and JYT. The most popular iterations of Star Battle are 'Star Battle X' on the NA server, 'Star Battle 3.1' on EU, and 'Star Battle Legacies' on the CN server. I'm currently working to provide a large general patch to the mod and add 3 new hero units. I'm doing this on the NA server, but I plan to release the version on EU, as well. In these efforts, I am looking for development assistance. The tasklist is quite long and some of the changes may be complex beyond my ability to use the Editor. If anybody would like to assist with this process, please send me an e-mail at helveticanou@gmail.com or post here. Thanks~ HelvHelveticano5 Jul 10
Jul 8 galaxy editor is hiding or none exisistant i have looked through my entire computer, including the starcraft 2 files. galaxy editor or any map editor program isnt anywhere and i cant find it or where to download one.Cerian2 Jul 8
Jul 8 Zombiecastrophe 3x Hard is too easy!! I know nothing of modding Starcraft 2. But, I am willing to learn. Right now, I use this mod to help make the experience much more difficult for player and AI. I was thinking of having an ever progressing zombie upgrade on it, or actually making it almost impossible to defeat them if you stay too long. If I can't do that, at least I need to know where I can boost their stats because they die too easily for the maps that I am using. Can anyone point out where I can mod the units?ken1 Jul 8
Jul 7 Model not showing Hello, in my map i'm using the effect Mass recall (Search Area) and everything worked fine until a couple days ago...the model suddently became invisible... so the effect is not showing... when the effect starts... nothing happens.... what happened exactly? how can i fix that? i didn't even touched the actor or model or anything about this effect..Galdios0 Jul 7
Jul 6 Starcraft 2 mapping (w/ LOTV installed.) Hello people, I have been using the editor for a couple of days, but am having trouble running a test map. When I run it, it boots up the map, then basically says game over, and gives me the option to go to the score screen. I have two players in the map, a Terran, and Zerg. I can play the Terran side, but the Zerg do nothing, no harvesting, attacking, etc. Do I have to publish my unfinished map to Battle net, to be able to test it with two players? Also, I have noticed that under the Multiplayer option in SC2, testing is not available. Any help?Dirtnap1 Jul 6
Jul 6 Setting Game Speed Hi guys. It’s been a while sense I was into this and I’m not a programmer and don’t know programing speak. I may not have the right vocabulary so forgive me. When WoL first came out the AI cheated and there was a line of code in the map initialization to remove it. Now Blizzard allows you to change whether you want the AI to cheat. In the map initialization one of the differences between the campaign and a ladder map from the custom maps tab is the game speed setting. You can change the game speed setting when you are playing the AI on a ladder map, but you cannot change it on the ladder and Blizzard limits the change in the campaign. Blizzard is still using game speed to increase difficulty. In the Brutal difficulty, not only do you face more stuff but you are forced to play at a faster speed. In WoL and HotS in the Casual Mode and the Normal Mode, Normal is the default speed setting, but you can change it to Slow or Slower. In the Hard and Brutal Modes speed is set to Fast and Faster respectively and you cannot change it. Now in LotV, in the Casual Mode Slower is out and you can only drop down to Slow speed. I'm 75 and cannot play effectively at the faster speed, which is why I don't ladder. I'm not entirely comfortable playing on normal speed and usually play at dead slow, 'slower'. I just don't have the reflexes of you young whipper snappers. Which leads to the whole point of this post. Where in the map initialization is this and can I remove it? I think it can be done in the Editor (which makes it legal) but I don’t know how to use the Editor nor do I know Galaxy Scripting. I need someone to show me where it is and how to change it. Thanks in advance. CliffAncientOfDay1 Jul 6
Jul 5 Speed Cap Speed CapAncientOfDay1 Jul 5
Jul 1 Camera Bugging Out Since 3.13? Since Patch 3.13 came out I've noticed that the "Apply Camera Object" trigger used for moving cameras in cinematics appear to be buggy. Sometimes it will just pan directly over to where it was supposed to end up after a couple of seconds, instead of making a smooth transition. In some other cases, the camera randomly bugs out and gets stuck during it's transition path. I use a Mac, if this can help. But i'm curious to know if others are having this issue.Dudki20 Jul 1