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Jun 15 Command Card Not Working So as the title suggests, my command card is just not working! I'm trying to allow my Loki to be able to use a defensive matrix as well as train SCV's, and I have the abilities all sorted out and assigned to buttons. When I go to put them in the command card at the Ability: Command Card + option in the Data tab, I also make sure the ability is assigned to the button (command type is ability command, ability is intended ability, and the ability command is the ability itself). However, when I go into a level to test it out, the buttons don't appear at all on the Command Card. I tried toggling simple command card in the settings and that hasn't worked either. Any help?SuperChu3 Jun 15
Jun 14 Data editor: Altering units Hey all, I am not exactly sure why, but I have been told that changing values of units within the data editor and copying units in the data editor is no good, that you are supposed to duplicate them, or create them from scratch. I have been using this alternative method to duplicating units. I am wondering if it will end up being a problem for me, and I'm having trouble creating Terran buildings and zealots. When I add a new unit to the data editor and copy it from zealot within the add unit window, the zealot unit is created. Then with the same process I add a new actor and then link the new unit to it. When I rename the newly created zealot it changes the name of the original zealot unit as well? This also happens when I add Terran flying buildings, plus a whole bunch of other wacky stuff happens as well with regards to flying and landing and addons. Is this an easy fix, or do I have to create these types of units from scratch uhg! All other units and buildings I have created have worked out well using this process so far.Zergkilla3 Jun 14
Jun 13 Steady Targeting Bug (?) with Ghost Hello again everyone.. This editor.. man. So many problems with it. I really miss Warcraft III's editor. Anyways, I have the Void.SC2Campaign dependency enabled for my map (I was told that all other dependencies are called upon by this one) and I've generally run into less problems. However, I've come across an annoyance that I absolutely cannot find a fix for. The Ghost unit and the Spectre unit from the Barracks along with the Thor unit from the Factory WILL NOT cooperate with me at all when I try to edit their abilities or their command card. The Ghost is the worst. For some reason, the Ghost has an ability in-game at the grid position (3, 1) called "Steady Targeting" with its hotkey bound to "R". This ability is not in the editor – I cannot find this ability ANYWHERE. This ability is not listed in any of the editor tabs (abilities, buttons, etc.) and I cannot even modify it via triggers. Steady Targeting is not even listed in the Ghost's command card or ability data. In the editor, (3, 1) on the Ghost's command card is Snipe / Sniper Round. In game, this Steady Targeting ability is displayed instead of Snipe on the grid at (3, 1), EMP Rounds is (3, 2) on the grid, Cloak and Decloak are respectively on (3, 3) and (3, 4), Cancel Nuke is on (3, 5), and Tactical Nuke is on (2, 1). If I remove the Cancel Nuke ability on the command card in the editor, Steady Targeting disappears in-game. EMP Rounds moves up to (2, 2) in-game and the Decloak ability moves up to (2, 3). If I try to add in a new Snipe ability (because the default one refuses to appear [it only appears as Steady Targeting when you leave the Cancel Nuke ability on the Ghost]) such as Nova's, I'll finally have a snipe, but EMP Rounds will move to (2, 2) in-game, Weapons Free will disappear, and Tactical Nuke will disappear. If I remove Tactical Nuke and Cancel Nuke, I'm able to add the standard Snipe ability at the expense of losing Hold Weapon, Free Weapon, and Decloak. What is wrong with this ridiculous editor? It can't be me – how can all of these bugs happen by simply removing ONE ability on a units command card and trying to add another? I would even be happy with just being able to FIND the Steady Targeting button somewhere in the editor so I can change its hotkey from "R" to "Q". ***EDIT: I gave up. It doesn't matter what campaign or story dependencies I use or how many I use, each combination of dependencies gives the Ghost different bugs.***Deathborn3 Jun 13
Jun 10 Compare units in the data editor So if I'm changing some fields for a unit, and want to look at the data for some other unit for reference, I'd have to find the other unit, try to remember what all the fields' values are, and then navigate back to the first unit to modify it. It's easy enough if I'm only changing a few obvious fields like HP or cost, but it quickly gets annoying if I'm dealing with a lot of fields. Is there some way to make this easier? Maybe some view that can display both units' data at the same time? Or opening 2 data editor windows?SpaceJews1 Jun 10
Jun 9 [Suggestion] Bile Launcher, Zagara- Coop The Bile Launcher is a defensive structure unlocked at level 5 in Zagara Coop. There have been a few people asking about how to use this building in the forums, but the general response from the community is to ignore it and pretend like it doesn't exist. However, I would like to see this unit improved as it is the only entity Commander Zagara has access to that can attack both ground and air units (beside her own auto attack). Draw backs include: No auto attack (you must select the building, push a hotkey, aim and fire) No auto bombardment (in HotS you could tell this building to continually attack a specific spot) Slow Attack Animation (most of the time the building is dead before it can actually fire) No 'uproot' function (creep limits where you can place this structure and you cannot preposition it like other defensive Zerg structures) Ways to Improve this unit: Add auto attack or auto bombardment Allow Uproot OR, add an additional utility of some sort like a Nydus Network function or a Baneling Bunker function where you load Banelings that auto deploy when structure is attacked. Thanks for reading and thank you for any tips you may have regarding the existing use of this unit.Rumblegut20 Jun 9
Jun 8 Texture-modding in the post-MPQ world? The documentation I've found on this is sketchy at best. Rock-solid for creating new assets from scratch, it appears. And adding new terrain textures is a snap. My problem is doodads though. I want to change its texture to something new, but the only video I've found on the subject through use of the cutscene editor won't work because it doesn't allow for me to choose the variant. Even extracting files to modify them doesn't seem to be possible anymore. The only program I've seen that was built for it is Cascview (made by the same person who developed MPQeditor), and it seems to understand how to dig through OTHER Blizzard games, but with SC2 it just produces errors.Jakin5 Jun 8
Jun 7 Trying to give a unit shields I have a power named "Resolve" of type "Effect - Instant" which is supposed to work similar to the power Tosh has in the WoL level "Breakout" that just instantly gives him a flat amount of shields for a temporary amount of time. "Resolve" is supposed to grant 80 shields for 4 seconds. It's tied to an effect named "Resolve Shielding", of type "Apply Behavior", the behavior being "ResolveShielding". I went into the Behavior:Modification setting and didn't see an "add shield" option so I settled for setting the "Buff Temporary Maximum Health" value to 80 in the "(None)" tab. After setting up the proper button and option in the command card for the unit I wish to give this power, it all works except for the actual giving of temporary health. The button is visible, the effect icon is visible by the picture of the unit on the HUD as usual, with the proper duration, and the effect cooldown is as intended... But no HP at all. I get the impression I'm missing something about the nature of the Behavior:Modification setting. Screenshots can be provided if needed.PrezCamacho2 Jun 7
Jun 7 Spear of Adun unusable in custom mods/maps <<(CONDENSED VERSION BELOW)>> The way things are currently set up, it's next to impossible to use the Spear of Adun abilities in custom mods and maps. In researching the implementation of the Spear of Adun abilities for my in-development extension mod, I opened one of the campaign maps: Purifier 03. By deleting triggers and testing which ones removed the campaign UI, I was able to narrow down the essential triggers to three. If any one of them is removed, the UI will vanish, and the abilities disappear. Although the Spear of Adun UI can be made to appear through a specialized trigger, it will just show the icons of the current selected unit, and not the Spear of Adun abilities. In this form, the UI is just a shell, operating like a duplicate command card. Without the following three triggers, the campaign UI is useless: - Load Campaign Data* - Purchase Storymode Tech - PM_DetectionUpgradesApply *With this trigger, you actually have to load the data from a particular LotV campaign map. I have been using Aiur 06 in my tests, as by that point everything would already have been unlocked. Now that I had the triggers at last, I returned to my extension mod to add them. But to my horror, the triggers did nothing. The UI didn't appear. When I used the special trigger that forces the campaign UI to appear, it was empty, like a duplicate command card. I have arrived at a possibly incorrect conclusion (the best one I can think of). This is that these triggers simply do not work with mod files. I have no idea of what to do. But even if the triggers did work with mod files it wouldn't matter, because of one more fact: - The Load Campaign Data trigger overwrites all of the Multiplayer data. Campaign dependencies in the editor can, of course, be manually reset. But when you use the Load Campaign Data trigger in the editor, it just resets everything in the final test document. Entire command cards are blanked out, icons replaced... And it isn't only Protoss that is affected, the trigger overwrites the data for Terran and Zerg as well. So even if a modder was just using the Spear of Adun abilities in a map they intended to publish to the Arcade, with much of their own custom data, all their data would be overwritten by the LotV campaign data. And this would be the only way to enable to the Spear of Adun abilities. As far as I can tell, there is no alternative to the above method. You might think you could just put all the abilities on a particular structure without even bothering with the extra command card, but even that doesn't work, because at least half of the Spear of Adun abilities rely on triggers to operate, and those triggers don't appear to activate unless the three essential triggers are in place. For instance, the Orbital Strike ability is actually made up of three abilities. The first ability, the one with an energy cost and a button, activates targeting mode. The second ability is activated by clicking on the map while in targeting mode, and places the markers where the shots are to fall. Then triggers are used to activate a third ability, the one that fires the shots. The shots are automatically made to target the markers placed by the second ability. The entire ability is 50% data, 50% triggers. Without the triggers, it simply won't function. And this is one of the better cases. Operating solely in data, I can't even make Solar Lance fire. Somehow I suspect that until things are made easier, there wont be a single mod published that makes use of the Spear of Adun abilities. Unless, of course, the author is a genius. Because in my opinion, nothing short of a genius would actually be able to get these abilities to work without breaking everything else, or in the case of mods, work at all.Nedia7 Jun 7
Jun 4 Remove unit from Command Panel I want to keep a specific unit selected in my map while not having it in the command panel. I want the command panel to be for other units. How can I prevent this particular unit from taking up the command panel space?Growin3 Jun 4
Jun 3 Extension Mod for Resource Auto-Transfer In another part of the forums I suggested a lobby handicap option that would automatically transfer resources. This would allow me to play with my eight-year-old son. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20748945622#1 Someone replied that this would be an easy Extension Mod. 1. Is that true? 2. Where would I go to learn where to make such a thing? Or commission someone else to do it for me? Thanks!davidvs4 Jun 3
Jun 3 Mods that give maps mutations/new units? Are there any mods that makes/forces the AI to create new unique units that aren't in multiplayer normally? Such as goliaths, warhound, etc? Also, are there mods that affect the conditions of the maps similar to how mutations do in co-op?Coatl2 Jun 3
Jun 3 Help with Xanthos model I figured out how to attach the parts to Main body of Xanthos in trigger editor by using Attach_Unit_Model_To_Unit action. The problem is,i cannot fully attach them(can't use XanthosConjointed)so the parts won't sync with the idle animation of Xanthos(they are aligned but won't cooperate with the idle,final mode and death animations. Another problem with the conjoint is the parts visually move with xanthos but in reality the hidden actor or model wont move so i always have to move the hidden model myself to let it attack on enemies. If you have any idea,can you help me please?Highlord7 Jun 3
Jun 2 How to give create build orders for AI? I just want to make a melee game with custom build orders, but the sc2 editor is complexKrotux2 Jun 2
Jun 2 Overwriting existing dependencies So, when I worked with the Wings of Liberty version of the galaxy editor and needed to update a dependency from an outdated mod to the updated version of the same mod, I could just overwrite that mod by double clicking (modifying) it and selecting the current version. This used to give no complaints and just worked. Now when I update an existing dependency with the newer version with the same method, the editor complains that I cannot remove the dependency because some things still depend on it. This occurs even if the mod is exactly the same from the old version to the new. It's making map updates incredibly difficult, since it now involves removing all references to the mod from the map, updating the mod, and adding those same references back in. Is there a new trick I'm missing or is this an unintended consequence that will eventually be resolved?Weilhart4 Jun 2
Jun 1 Hotkeys are unchangable in mods? Why are the hotkeys a bit weird? Like, I can't change more than one hotkey without the previous one being overwritten? For ones that add new units, the Attack move hotkey is always removed. But if I change another one after that one, the attack move hotkey is cleared. Are modders use to playing in or something grid?Coatl0 Jun 1
May 30 Editor claims my password is wrong. So I've reset my password to make sure I'm putting in the correct login, and it keeps telling me my information is wrong. I can login to Battle.net, and the launcher, and all that good stuff but I cannot for some reason use that same information to verify the editor. I had submitted a ticket and was told to throw my hat into the forum if a re-install didn't do the trick, and it didn't. So if anyone has some insight into this I would really appreciate the help.Kyriod4 May 30
May 30 Blizzard Communicate about the broken editor. No one expects you to fix it instantly, but the lack of communication with the already neglected custom map community really hurts. You may not officially support the editor but you broke it and all we ask is that you talk to us about your intentions to fix the publishing error created by patch 3.0Bruce27 May 30
May 27 Help with a few balance changes just wondering if anybody could do a couple of balance changes in the map editor for units that i have and make a map as its not where my skill set is thanks in advanceAzzacus0 May 27
May 25 Change unit attribute Hello, tell me please, Can I change the attribute itself - do not biological, psionic, but white and black, for example. Thank you.ProbeFotoner1 May 25
May 25 needing help from adv editor user my editor right side unit panel doesnt load in any more b4 posting im only lookin for voice chat help at this point i know more then tech support and it is madding http://i64.tinypic.com/fvi541.jpgZeroBurn0 May 25
May 25 Adjusting Menu Size in Map Editor I bought an Alienware laptop. I love this thing, but in the Map Editor, I keep getting this issue of mis-sized menues that often overlap. Parts of it will be too big, and parts will be too small. I've tried adjusting screen resolution etc. but nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Greg8 May 25
May 24 Can't upload anything Hello, Anybody else can't upload anything for at least 14h now ? Actually I was able to upload a mod once 2 hours ago or something, then the issue was back.Znimu0 May 24
May 23 World Editor Actor Error I have a small issue with one of the actor files. The Nova Infested Siege Tank is not displaying it's entire model as some of the Zerg infestation animation is missing some parts making it look incomplete. Anyone else having the same issue?Distortion0 May 23
May 20 Warcraft III Dependency Does anyone know how to add the Warcraft III (Art Mod) Dependency, I'm at the Document Dependencies page and it won't let me OK it after I tried adding it as a standard Full Dependency.Ziggy5 May 20
May 19 Color of units in the editor Hey guys, I want to change the color of my queen in Cut scenes but I don't know how to do that... someone knows how?Ismael1 May 19
May 19 Blizzard is denying my account?? When I open up the sc2 editor, it asks for me to log in. When I try to log into my account however all it says is: " WARNING Battle.net connection is closing: PH - The Sunken you are connecting to is denying logins from your program. Make sure you are connecting to dev##-program" does anyone know what this means?? I also took a snapshot of it if anyone wan't to see the actual message: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/18P507yziJ_sr15v2zKCe0ghkhmNqlYYUoH4sdHprcjY/edit?usp=sharingDrakath1 May 19
May 19 How to fix editor battlenet login so umm... i noticed that thiers a console, its under the window button inside the editor, just click it, type in "help" and the first two commands it lists are bnetlogin - Log in to Battle.net (using settings from preferences) bnetlogout - Log out of Battle.net so thats how you can fix battlenet issues i guess, plus lots of cool commands, sorry i suck so much that i probably didnt read where someone else listed this already, however i noticed alota similar questions as i had etcAuroraUplink0 May 19
May 19 Publish not working. Attempted using administrator mode on pc. Publish. Goes to file transfer mode. Info:constructing header file Status: uploading region:Americas Name:Dominion Age ALPHA The completion % does not move at all above 0. I have uploaded this mod before. The change this time was a simple stats change for zerg.Shaithias0 May 19
May 19 Unit Creation - Terran Building Progress Please help me with this issue. When you create a Terran building unit with triggers, the building construction progress is stopped and doesn't continue to progress even if you call Unit - Enable the Building Progress ability afterwards or use the Unit - Resume progress bar (Last created unit) slot 1. This doesn't happen with Protoss or Zerg units although this may also not work for Protoss or Zerg campaign units since I've tested some Zerg campaign units and there is the same issue. Trigger code looks like this: Unit - Create 1 Command Center for player 1 at [Some point] using default facing (Under construction) Unit - Enable the Build in Progress ability for (Last created unit) Unit - Resume progress bar (Last created unit) slot 1 The last two action triggers do not continue the building's construction progress even if I re-arrange the order of the triggers or enable or disable one or the other trigger or any combination thereof. I've also gone to the SCV - Build (SCV) ability and turned off the Workers Maintained flag and the building construction progress still doesn't continue immediately and automatically after a Terran unit creation trigger call. I've spent numerous hours trying to figure out what causes this and I have no idea. I think this is something hard coded into the Starcraft main code whereupon if units are created by trigger and it is a Terran building unit, the construction progress is automatically stopped and understandably so since Terran units generally require an SCV to build. Although if I change the unit's race to any other race than Terran, it still doesn't continue constructing even after I've disabled the Workers Maintained flag. Maybe we could get an option whereby when we Unit - Create using the default option (Under construction) there's an addition option to turn off worker checking and continue construction progress. Please help, thanks!TMH3 May 19
May 17 Custom campaigns unplayable "The launch of this game makes reference to mod or map dependencies which are no longer available" message I get everytime when I try to play a custom campaign. (any from sc2 mapster)Deathwing2 May 17
May 14 Custom Script not working Hello, I'm trying to use some custom scripts that i found and none of them are working. Actions Set Temp_Point = (Center of (Playable map area)) Unit - Create 1 Footman for Player 1 (Red) at Temp_Point facing Default building facing degrees Custom script: call RemoveLocation (udg_Temp_Point) Set Temp_Group = (Units in (Playable map area)) Unit Group - Pick every unit in Temp_Group and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Unit - Kill (Picked unit) Custom script: call DestroyGroup (udg_Temp_Group) any idea why?Galdios2 May 14
May 13 Simple Trigger Questions I'm inexperienced with SC2's editor and need help making two triggers. The first is a trigger that fills the energy of all units at map initialization. I know to create "Game-Map Initialization" under events and use Set Unit Properties to fill energy, but I can't figure out what to set for "Triggering Unit" to include every unit on the map. The second trigger involves making every unit in a region move to a point after a set amount of time. I can get timers working and can make individual units move, but once again I don't know how to make It so every unit in a region moves. How I do?Zozma1 May 13
May 12 [Bug] Text Too Tall I'm getting a text error post update 3.0 in my Arcade map Monstercraft RPG 2. While the text shows up fine for me in game the debugger gives me the following errors (and never has before): 12675 TextError: Text [Name: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA] is too tall for a single line. Exceeds by [4] 12675 TextError: Text [HP Regen.: ] is too tall for a single line. Exceeds by [2] 12675 TextError: Text [ENG Regen.: ] is too tall for a single line. Exceeds by [2] 12675 TextError: Text [Armor: ] is too tall for a single line. Exceeds by [8] 12676 TextError: Text [Name: Kra~zhra Doki] is too tall for a single line. Exceeds by [4] Any help with this issue would be appreciated although it doesn't actually impact the game in any way, as all the text still shows up fine...Arctic2 May 12
May 12 Heroes of the Storm Assets in StarCraft II Is it legal to use them on an online arcade or I risk being banned?alfxItaly2 May 12
May 11 Prevent Warp in Spawn from Warpgate I'm looking for a solution through data. Is there a way to prevent the warpgate from summoning a zealot when the zealot is on your cursor and you click --- basically how can you prevent the click from triggering the zealot warp in?Growin1 May 11
May 10 Custom Queen ability help I'm putting together a queen hero unit with a couple abilities: a revised choker drag and gaining armour as life is lost. The choker drag I have working as intended with hitting different amount of units, doing % andFlat damage, and life-steal except I want the queen to be able to have a low move speed while casting. The armour ability I want her to gain 1 armour for every X amount of life missing, but don't want to use a % like the roach upgrade since I want it to scale with her health.Alten0 May 10
May 10 Protoss buildings to show up as Purifier? I've tried to use the Purifier Protoss upgrade but the buildings end up looking messed up. Now I'm swapping out each building model for the purifier one, it works, but that takes too long. Is there an easy way to do this?DemonMonkey1 May 10
May 9 Unit ragdoll bodies How to make that unit dead bodies don't disappear ?Reinis0 May 9
May 9 How do I get snow on buildings? In several maps, e.g. Blood Boil and one of the Nova Covert-Ops missions, buildings are covered in snow. How can I get this in my own maps? I opened Blood Boil in the editor and found two items in the data editor under models marked GlazeSnowBuilding and GlazeSnowUnit, which seem to be used for this effect, but I don't see how.Orcsbreath3 May 9
May 8 Making the melee/default AI harass Does anyone know how to make the melee/default AI harass a player like how they do a Banshee opening and keep attacking and retreating with the Banshees when units show up but just make then use a different unit instead and make them keep searching for parts of your base that are not defended well using only AI triggers and so on?Earth3 May 8
May 7 Looking for a map maker I got an idea for an arcade map but my skills are so far below par it is not even funny. After 3 years of trying to learn to do it. I have failed and thus came here looking for a person to help me make this map real. The over view is a Left to Die map style but not done on that map and large in scale. Also besides clearing all the infested the other way to win is to last 30 days. I would like the player to be able to choose which race to try to clear it as. Left to Die Z is what inspired me to try my hand at this even though that map seems to have major lag issues for most. Enemy wise after playing Left to Die Z. I am looking to up the types of units not the numbers as it goes on. Also want to bring in the hybrids of all sorts. Stank and those others of course there too. I would like to have minor waves during the day that are 1/4 the size of the nights before attacks and without any bosses. I would beside hybrids use mostly if not only infested units since there is a fair number of them form Banshees to tanks to medics. Only Zerg units used would be to fill in the gaps in rolls there is not an infested unit that fills it. Different form Left to Die there is no sci center to get upgrades rather like the co-op version you just got what your faction has and what it can mine. Also different is both infested and players will have flying units to mix it up. The three factions players can choose form I want to mix up what units the Co-op and Nova covert missions gave us to work with. Over all I am looking for a coder and someone to help balance it. I have a clear idea what units and building I want each faction to have and the tech tree for it. If someone wishes to take up this challenge or wants more info I can then post the units I have in mind for each race and pull up the map I have been trying to build this on.DarkraiderSD0 May 7
May 4 Triggers (F6) - Average Unspent Resources This is something I want a solution to, of highest demand. Is there any code or formula that'll enable the script to determine the current AUR (Average Unspent Resources) of a player at real time? Please any gurus, experts help. I'd hate to bump, spam, or be ignored.Tito2 May 4
May 3 Map size for the coop? In the size of the workpiece is 216x216, is this limit or can be more? What is the optimal size?ProbeFotoner2 May 3
May 3 New Patch 3.12 Broke SC2 Mac Editor Anyone else having this problem? New patch comes out, now MAC Editor won't even open. Please fix! The community depends upon me making regular balance tweaks to fix my map! This is the second time a patch has broken the SC2 Mac Editor!leviathan12 May 3
May 2 Requirement doesn't work I want to add the Siege Tech requirement to the Siege Tank's Siege ability. I already made the requirement but adding it to the ability doesn't seem to do anything. I go to Abilities -> Siege Tank - Siege -> (Basic) Ability: Commands+ -> Execute ->Requirements and I add the requirement but the Siege Tank is able to siege without having the upgrade anyway.Hamau1 May 2
May 2 Kinda not worth trying Spent some time trying to make a custom map, again, trying to do something a little different inspired by Moba gameplay. I'm about 2 hard-crashes deep into it in after a couple of hours, slogging through the Abilities and Units tabs, waiting about 10 seconds for it to load each time I click on anything, and I go to test my map, alt-tab, go back and yet another hard crash, no chance to save anything, "please send your report to Blizzard". . . . Just not worth it. It's a 7-year-old game that has completely stagnated, the editor sucks and it apparently always has sucked, but all of that I think I could get over (I know I could get past it actually) if the editor actually worked. As in... if it didn't crash inexplicably once every hour or so of working in it. And the tragic thing is I'm one of the lucky ones, some people can't even open the editor, some can't upload. I dunno I feel like I have better things to do then sort through someone else's sloppy seconds and try to make a new game so they can profit off of it. Blizz don't care, they got more money than God. So I don't care neither. Anyway, just had to get that off my chest.RJMcReady2 May 2
May 2 Allied commanders bug hello, after putting allied commander's dependencies in my map, i've noticed that the chat bar has moved to the bottom left of my screen and i have this error message "UI_error" something like that. anyone knows how to fix that? (i don't want to remove allied commanders if possible) thanks in advanceGaldios3 May 2
May 2 Trying to find a trigger Hello, i'm looking for the Loop action trigger and i can't find it anywhere. It looks like this... Events Conditions Actions Set Temp_Group = (Units in (Playable map area)) Unit Group - Pick every unit in Temp_Group and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Unit - Kill (Picked unit) Custom script: call DestroyGroup (udg_Temp_Group) I've already tried the General tab and all the triggers in it. Pick each integer etc.. Also the Custom script doesn't work, any idea why? Thanks in advance.Galdios2 May 2
May 1 Help me fix a map? :D A friend of mine passed away somewhat recently, and gave me his map before he did. The map completely broke with the patches, I fixed what I could, but don't seem to be able to do much more. I'd like to keep this map updated, but will require help figuring it out to do so. To somebody experienced in this mapmaker, I think it would be a breeze... I however, am lost.Scream1 May 1
Apr 30 Terrain Problem floating ground units I have made several maps now but I have just noticed a terrain problem when a unit walks, instead of going into a depression (canyon) it walks on the same height of the base level and appears to walk on air or levitate. is there a reason for this I have never noticed this problem before. Is it a bug or a feature I am unaware of that I can change so the unit walks on the ground. Thanks in advance.CommanderG0 Apr 30