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Jul 18 Can't Find My Published Maps These past 2 weeks I've been working on a map. I'd like to test online, but it's not appearing in My Published I have plenty of others that are there though. The uploading process seems to be working because it goes all the way to 100% then does the sound. I can locate it on the editor in the manage published and in the open maps from the arcade, just can't find it in the arcade while in game. I'm uploading as private, but I've never had this issue where it uploads, but I can't see it in the arcade : / I even tried uploading a bare bones map without any edits even that isn't appearing in the arcade under my published. Any idea what's going on??Gastu2 Jul 18
Jul 18 Editor uploaded data space limit. I am speaking about the total space limit you have. The documents limit of 80 is fine but the 315MB space limit is too small. I can't upload all my maps and dependencies at once... Is there any chance that it will increase?Bleiser4 Jul 18
Jul 17 How do you create Abyssal Reef style gravity? I've looked everywhere I could (except Team Liquid's forums, which won't load for me), and couldn't find anything on it. So I'll ask it here: How do I make dead units "float" upwards? EDIT: Figured it out. For future reference (and anyone wondering who comes across this): It's under the terrain type as (Basic) Gravity.CalKyanite0 Jul 17
Jul 17 How would you make dead units disappear? Greetings, So for the mod I've been making, I've noticed that several campaign units on death simply leave their remains which never disappear. A unit that I currently know exhibit such traits is the Drakken Laser Drill I've tried going into the unit's Actor: Events to create a on death event which ought to destroy the unit's model when it dies but it is not doing the trick. The same thing applies for many other campaign units so chances are, we figure this out~we've figured a dozen more out. How would you resolve this issue? My thanks in advance.Veloric2 Jul 17
Jul 16 Question about mod-making? how do you add specific campaign units to an extension mod while keeping stuff that already exists in multiplayer the same? for example i just want to add firebats and medics. no other changes.ZergThor3 Jul 16
Jul 16 Pick up objects and drop them? Im making a first person game. My cam is located behind my unit and the unit is invisible. I would love to set it up where I click on a unit, move unit away instantly, and add actor on top of invisible unit (me). move around with wasd keys then press a button, remove actor from invisible unit (me) move back the object unit which moved away to point of invisible unit (me) ??? Did you get it???MOTHBALLS1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Need Some More Help How does one take user input for a variable, for instance if I wanted to take a numerical value from the user, how would I set up a button in order to do this. Second question, Can you make it so that an action will not run if a player is supply capped or if a certain amount of a certain type of units exists. For instance if I wanted to put a limit on the amount of a hostile unit that can be spawned in how would I go about doing that. Or make a condition so that something only runs when supply is negative or doesn't run when supply is negative. Also, can you use a player name as a condition or variable somehow, so if you wanted to ban someone you could kill their units at the start of the game. How do you set it so an upgrade adds an attribute to a unit, for instance making a marine psionic when it's researched.WinterMute3 Jul 16
Jul 15 ??? Is there a way that I can calculate how many times a unit is clicked or selected?MOTHBALLS2 Jul 15
Jul 15 Why didn't solve hidden actor bug? This bug make hard to copy weaponyfsg0 Jul 15
Jul 14 Hide game ul I set my map to hide game ul however, I also set to show resource below it; yet it won't show my minerals??MOTHBALLS1 Jul 14
Jul 12 Okay guys, need some help! I'm creating a first person shooter, The issue is at a point where my character is attacked, if I would press down the space key, It'll unpan my camera and go back to the point where it was attacked. Anyway for me to disable this space key ability? I set it up to re pan the cam but still don't work.MOTHBALLS2 Jul 12
Jul 10 The Star Battle Mod and it's Development Hi folks, I'm a casual StarCraft II player and a clan leader in the Star Battle community, which mainly plays the series of Star Battle mods created by zedu. In case you did not know, zedu stopped developing for the StarCraft II Arcade a few years back and a few other developers have been active in moving the mod forward, including GreaterNinja, Windu, EtaCarinae, and JYT. The most popular iterations of Star Battle are 'Star Battle X' on the NA server, 'Star Battle 3.1' on EU, and 'Star Battle Legacies' on the CN server. I'm currently working to provide a large general patch to the mod and add 3 new hero units. I'm doing this on the NA server, but I plan to release the version on EU, as well. In these efforts, I am looking for development assistance. The tasklist is quite long and some of the changes may be complex beyond my ability to use the Editor. If anybody would like to assist with this process, please send me an e-mail at helveticanou@gmail.com or post here. Thanks~ HelvHelveticano5 Jul 10
Jul 8 galaxy editor is hiding or none exisistant i have looked through my entire computer, including the starcraft 2 files. galaxy editor or any map editor program isnt anywhere and i cant find it or where to download one.Cerian2 Jul 8
Jul 8 Zombiecastrophe 3x Hard is too easy!! I know nothing of modding Starcraft 2. But, I am willing to learn. Right now, I use this mod to help make the experience much more difficult for player and AI. I was thinking of having an ever progressing zombie upgrade on it, or actually making it almost impossible to defeat them if you stay too long. If I can't do that, at least I need to know where I can boost their stats because they die too easily for the maps that I am using. Can anyone point out where I can mod the units?ken1 Jul 8
Jul 7 Model not showing Hello, in my map i'm using the effect Mass recall (Search Area) and everything worked fine until a couple days ago...the model suddently became invisible... so the effect is not showing... when the effect starts... nothing happens.... what happened exactly? how can i fix that? i didn't even touched the actor or model or anything about this effect..Galdios0 Jul 7
Jul 6 Starcraft 2 mapping (w/ LOTV installed.) Hello people, I have been using the editor for a couple of days, but am having trouble running a test map. When I run it, it boots up the map, then basically says game over, and gives me the option to go to the score screen. I have two players in the map, a Terran, and Zerg. I can play the Terran side, but the Zerg do nothing, no harvesting, attacking, etc. Do I have to publish my unfinished map to Battle net, to be able to test it with two players? Also, I have noticed that under the Multiplayer option in SC2, testing is not available. Any help?Dirtnap1 Jul 6
Jul 6 Setting Game Speed Hi guys. It’s been a while sense I was into this and I’m not a programmer and don’t know programing speak. I may not have the right vocabulary so forgive me. When WoL first came out the AI cheated and there was a line of code in the map initialization to remove it. Now Blizzard allows you to change whether you want the AI to cheat. In the map initialization one of the differences between the campaign and a ladder map from the custom maps tab is the game speed setting. You can change the game speed setting when you are playing the AI on a ladder map, but you cannot change it on the ladder and Blizzard limits the change in the campaign. Blizzard is still using game speed to increase difficulty. In the Brutal difficulty, not only do you face more stuff but you are forced to play at a faster speed. In WoL and HotS in the Casual Mode and the Normal Mode, Normal is the default speed setting, but you can change it to Slow or Slower. In the Hard and Brutal Modes speed is set to Fast and Faster respectively and you cannot change it. Now in LotV, in the Casual Mode Slower is out and you can only drop down to Slow speed. I'm 75 and cannot play effectively at the faster speed, which is why I don't ladder. I'm not entirely comfortable playing on normal speed and usually play at dead slow, 'slower'. I just don't have the reflexes of you young whipper snappers. Which leads to the whole point of this post. Where in the map initialization is this and can I remove it? I think it can be done in the Editor (which makes it legal) but I don’t know how to use the Editor nor do I know Galaxy Scripting. I need someone to show me where it is and how to change it. Thanks in advance. CliffAncientOfDay1 Jul 6
Jul 5 Speed Cap Speed CapAncientOfDay1 Jul 5
Jul 1 Camera Bugging Out Since 3.13? Since Patch 3.13 came out I've noticed that the "Apply Camera Object" trigger used for moving cameras in cinematics appear to be buggy. Sometimes it will just pan directly over to where it was supposed to end up after a couple of seconds, instead of making a smooth transition. In some other cases, the camera randomly bugs out and gets stuck during it's transition path. I use a Mac, if this can help. But i'm curious to know if others are having this issue.Dudki20 Jul 1
Jul 1 Editor actor term bug: can't define the "!" Hi, just wanted to report that the exception of "!" which means "not equal to" can't be added in the normal interface of the data-actors-events-terms-editor, you have to open it in Xml and add the "!" manually to get things working as intended. I struggled for hours to make a duplicate of the void ray weapon working properly with actors, only to find out that I missed these "!" after double checking with the original actors. I noticed there was a difference, but I couldn't add in the actor-event-terms-editor normally, that's why it took so long to realize what could be the difference with the original weapon. Here's an image of XLM code after founding out where to add the "!" http://i.imgur.com/eQTuep6.png The weapon finally work as intended! Have a nice day SunJeanSunJean1 Jul 1
Aug 28 Campaign "Checkpoint Reached" "Save Failed" You reach the checkpoints during some of the campaign missions and it will say "Checkpoint Reached", then right away you get "Save Failed". These mostly occur on hard or brutal difficulty (occasionally normal). If you lose, then the game will say cannot load last save and return you to the campaign selection screen. You are not able to save manually when this bug occurs in the mission and when you go to the load game screen to see if you can use a check point or your save, the picture and details of the save (date, version, duration,etc) are missing and you are unable to load the game at those points. This Started about 3 weeks ago (near the first weekend in June) before the "5 min disconnect, reconnect" issue many were having. It happens in both WoL and HOTS campaign missions. The most recent for me was yesterday during the Planetfall mission on Brutal in HOTS. Is anybody else having this issue? Where/How would I go about reporting it? (I'm assuming here)Darker6 Aug 28
Jun 30 Messed Up Math Please Help FIXED TOOK ME FOREVER AND I HATE MYSELF TO REALIZE THIS Trigger was Unit - Any Unit uses IncreaseStrengthButton at Generic1 - Any Stage(Ignore shared abilities) There was 8 stages to an ability i needed to change it to a different generic effect was called 8 times UPDATE: 27/2017 9:53 PM Huge breakthrough update for me Test this yourself with one line of code, make an ability of effect instant and do this: Catalog - Set value of Abilities IncreaseStrengthAbility Cost[0].Resource[0] for player (Triggering player) to (String(((Value of Abilities IncreaseStrengthAbility Cost[0].Resource[0] for player (Owner of (Triggering unit)) as an integer) + 1))) The cost of the ability goes up by 8 but if I change the second triggering player to any player It goes up by 1 but it will only go up once instead of 1 time for each use of the ability Whenever I add by 1 the value increases by 8 if i add by 10 it goes up by 80. This is the shortest loop i have and it produces the results ******************************************************************** Edited: 27/2017 9:30pm ...BlawkEyes3 Jun 30
Jun 27 Dialog Graph Window Any one get the Dialog - Create Graph window to work?TMH4 Jun 27
Jun 26 Sential's will not die ,health always at 2-10 Sentinels will not die from enemy units. Their life will go down to 2 to 10, but they won't die. This happens when the reconstruction behavior is attached to the unit, they can still die and do reconstruct if I attack with my units. after they die from my units do they die a second time from enemy units. EDIT: did a "reset linked unit" on unit and seems to work fine now, but still wonder what caused it.FreezingRain3 Jun 26
Jun 25 Sc2 Editor Error Help with this error (Trying to recreate probe to learn) User: Custom death is being ignored on entry probius, because it is missing its death priority. To resolve this issue, add a DeathCustomPriorityList element for this death relevant CActorGlobalConfig actor Problem is that all my deaths work... So i'm not quite sure what i can do to fix itEnderon0 Jun 25
Jun 23 How do you disable the fog of war So im currently making a zombie map and was wondering how to disable the fog of war.DrLegit1 Jun 23
Jun 22 How to create more complex abilities? Hi guys. Ive been getting back into SC2 recently and started playing around with the editor again. I used to be pretty good with it when I was younger, about the time WoL got released but I didnt touch it for many years now. I tried to create some units and a few abilitys to learn understand better how the editor works. I made some grenade abilitys since they seem to be pretty simple; you need launch missile, delay and damage as effect, an actor, some models and a mover. Now I want to find out how to create more complex abilitys, but I dont really know yet how to work with Create Persistent or other types of effects and how to link them properly. For example I want to make an ability that throws a grenade, which explodes upon impact and then spawns a bunch of child-fragment grenades which then explode too. Basically like a cluster bomb So I made the base grenade ability and then created a persistent effect with a period count of 8 (for 8 child bombs) and the Period Effect linked to a "Launch Missile" effect which should spawn the fragments. Obviously the whole thing isnt working at all. I have no idea how to link the persistent to the main ability, or if Create Persistent is the right effect to use for this. My best guess was to link the Persistent Effect to the Main "Launch Missile <Finish Effect>" but that doesnt work. Not sure how I can make this work, the editor seems really frustrating and messy, but Id love to get better at it and make my own map one day. Would love to know how to make more complex abilitys, like the fragment one for example. Any links to guides/tutorials are welcome too. Most tutorials I find just show how to do 1 certain thing without any explanation as to what the individual steps do and why theyre necessary Any help is appreciatedStratos1 Jun 22
Jun 19 Tal'Darim Campaign Textures Hi, I was wondering how to access or import the Tal'darim and Purifier textures on a melee map. For example how would I be able to use the Tal'darim Zealot's in game model and unit profile in a melee game?AyyaChambers6 Jun 19
Jun 19 Take control and banks Hi. I'm working on a singleplayer project, and "take control from replay" feature has proven to be very useful to allow save & load while playing in the arcade. The thing is that I can't load nor save my banks anymore after someone uses it. Is that working as intended?Cacho2 Jun 19
Jun 19 Editor Connection was interrupted Lately for some reason when I am trying to edit a map, the editor keeps giving me warnings saying (Warning: Battle.net connection was interrupted) between every 2 and 4 minutes. Before this I wasn't getting the error as often. When I was trying to publish the map it would ask me to log in, then it would get to the point where the map is supposed to upload and get stuck. The progress wouldn't move and the status was blank. The messages window popped up in the background saying that the connection was interrupted, then that it was lost, then to reconnect to be able to "play". Any ideas of what to do to fix this? ...GoliathFTZ0 Jun 19
Jun 19 Linking Ability Cooldowns I'm trying to build an extension mod that links the cooldowns of two abilities on a unit, so if you use one, the cooldown resets on the other and they remain in sync (different charge-up times, for example). I've tried specifying the same value in the Cooldown/Link field (normally just specifying the first ability in the second ability's Cooldown/Link field), but they still retain separate cooldowns and the two can be used one after the other. Is there a secret to this, or a workaround that can be done? I haven't yet found an effect that will reset the cooldown on a single unit's ability, for example.Kit3 Jun 19
Jun 18 Adding Xel'Naga Kerrigan to campaign maps As the title says, how do I add Xel'Naga Kerrigan to campaign maps?SirZeel5 Jun 18
Jun 18 Can we access the Nova missions to edit? I'm a huge fan of editing the campaign missions, and I've been putting in a ticket every few months with no answer on this subject. We can access all the other expansion's campaigns in the Editor. Could we please access the Nova missions if we own them? I would really, really appreciate a blue response, even if the answer is no. Like I said, I've been asking for a very long time, and would very much appreciate a definitive answer. Thank you!Cuisdy1 Jun 18
Jun 17 Create item to inventory Hello, i'm tyring to create a specific item in my hero's inventory and nothing seems to work. I've tried the trigger "Unit - Create inventory item" and nothing happens. I've also tried to create the item as "Unit - create unit facing angle" and then "Unit - Move inventory item to slot 1 container 1" and again nothing happens, the item stays on the ground. Is there any triggers that i'm not seeing? Thanks in advanceGaldios0 Jun 17
Jun 15 Controlling enemy units/ vision hello im trying to make shared vision with player 2 and i want player 2 attack player 1. im also trying to make player 2 be able to be controlled by me. so being able to control the enemy and vision on enemy any help?Void5 Jun 15
Jun 15 Editing Campaign missions in editor? Just downloaded the StarCraft 2 editor and I like to add Jim Raynor to some of the Wings of liberty levels. Problem is that everytime I try to open a campaingn mission in the editor, the program stops saying that something is wrong with the installation. (The actual game is running fine though). Are the campaign missions locked from editing?RangerFive1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Command Card Not Working So as the title suggests, my command card is just not working! I'm trying to allow my Loki to be able to use a defensive matrix as well as train SCV's, and I have the abilities all sorted out and assigned to buttons. When I go to put them in the command card at the Ability: Command Card + option in the Data tab, I also make sure the ability is assigned to the button (command type is ability command, ability is intended ability, and the ability command is the ability itself). However, when I go into a level to test it out, the buttons don't appear at all on the Command Card. I tried toggling simple command card in the settings and that hasn't worked either. Any help?SuperChu3 Jun 15
Jun 14 Data editor: Altering units Hey all, I am not exactly sure why, but I have been told that changing values of units within the data editor and copying units in the data editor is no good, that you are supposed to duplicate them, or create them from scratch. I have been using this alternative method to duplicating units. I am wondering if it will end up being a problem for me, and I'm having trouble creating Terran buildings and zealots. When I add a new unit to the data editor and copy it from zealot within the add unit window, the zealot unit is created. Then with the same process I add a new actor and then link the new unit to it. When I rename the newly created zealot it changes the name of the original zealot unit as well? This also happens when I add Terran flying buildings, plus a whole bunch of other wacky stuff happens as well with regards to flying and landing and addons. Is this an easy fix, or do I have to create these types of units from scratch uhg! All other units and buildings I have created have worked out well using this process so far.Zergkilla3 Jun 14
Jun 13 Steady Targeting Bug (?) with Ghost Hello again everyone.. This editor.. man. So many problems with it. I really miss Warcraft III's editor. Anyways, I have the Void.SC2Campaign dependency enabled for my map (I was told that all other dependencies are called upon by this one) and I've generally run into less problems. However, I've come across an annoyance that I absolutely cannot find a fix for. The Ghost unit and the Spectre unit from the Barracks along with the Thor unit from the Factory WILL NOT cooperate with me at all when I try to edit their abilities or their command card. The Ghost is the worst. For some reason, the Ghost has an ability in-game at the grid position (3, 1) called "Steady Targeting" with its hotkey bound to "R". This ability is not in the editor – I cannot find this ability ANYWHERE. This ability is not listed in any of the editor tabs (abilities, buttons, etc.) and I cannot even modify it via triggers. Steady Targeting is not even listed in the Ghost's command card or ability data. In the editor, (3, 1) on the Ghost's command card is Snipe / Sniper Round. In game, this Steady Targeting ability is displayed instead of Snipe on the grid at (3, 1), EMP Rounds is (3, 2) on the grid, Cloak and Decloak are respectively on (3, 3) and (3, 4), Cancel Nuke is on (3, 5), and Tactical Nuke is on (2, 1). If I remove the Cancel Nuke ability on the command card in the editor, Steady Targeting disappears in-game. EMP Rounds moves up to (2, 2) in-game and the Decloak ability moves up to (2, 3). If I try to add in a new Snipe ability (because the default one refuses to appear [it only appears as Steady Targeting when you leave the Cancel Nuke ability on the Ghost]) such as Nova's, I'll finally have a snipe, but EMP Rounds will move to (2, 2) in-game, Weapons Free will disappear, and Tactical Nuke will disappear. If I remove Tactical Nuke and Cancel Nuke, I'm able to add the standard Snipe ability at the expense of losing Hold Weapon, Free Weapon, and Decloak. What is wrong with this ridiculous editor? It can't be me – how can all of these bugs happen by simply removing ONE ability on a units command card and trying to add another? I would even be happy with just being able to FIND the Steady Targeting button somewhere in the editor so I can change its hotkey from "R" to "Q". ***EDIT: I gave up. It doesn't matter what campaign or story dependencies I use or how many I use, each combination of dependencies gives the Ghost different bugs.***Deathborn3 Jun 13
Jun 10 Compare units in the data editor So if I'm changing some fields for a unit, and want to look at the data for some other unit for reference, I'd have to find the other unit, try to remember what all the fields' values are, and then navigate back to the first unit to modify it. It's easy enough if I'm only changing a few obvious fields like HP or cost, but it quickly gets annoying if I'm dealing with a lot of fields. Is there some way to make this easier? Maybe some view that can display both units' data at the same time? Or opening 2 data editor windows?SpaceJews1 Jun 10
Jun 8 Texture-modding in the post-MPQ world? The documentation I've found on this is sketchy at best. Rock-solid for creating new assets from scratch, it appears. And adding new terrain textures is a snap. My problem is doodads though. I want to change its texture to something new, but the only video I've found on the subject through use of the cutscene editor won't work because it doesn't allow for me to choose the variant. Even extracting files to modify them doesn't seem to be possible anymore. The only program I've seen that was built for it is Cascview (made by the same person who developed MPQeditor), and it seems to understand how to dig through OTHER Blizzard games, but with SC2 it just produces errors.Jakin5 Jun 8
Jun 7 Trying to give a unit shields I have a power named "Resolve" of type "Effect - Instant" which is supposed to work similar to the power Tosh has in the WoL level "Breakout" that just instantly gives him a flat amount of shields for a temporary amount of time. "Resolve" is supposed to grant 80 shields for 4 seconds. It's tied to an effect named "Resolve Shielding", of type "Apply Behavior", the behavior being "ResolveShielding". I went into the Behavior:Modification setting and didn't see an "add shield" option so I settled for setting the "Buff Temporary Maximum Health" value to 80 in the "(None)" tab. After setting up the proper button and option in the command card for the unit I wish to give this power, it all works except for the actual giving of temporary health. The button is visible, the effect icon is visible by the picture of the unit on the HUD as usual, with the proper duration, and the effect cooldown is as intended... But no HP at all. I get the impression I'm missing something about the nature of the Behavior:Modification setting. Screenshots can be provided if needed.PrezCamacho2 Jun 7
Jun 4 Remove unit from Command Panel I want to keep a specific unit selected in my map while not having it in the command panel. I want the command panel to be for other units. How can I prevent this particular unit from taking up the command panel space?Growin3 Jun 4
Jun 3 Extension Mod for Resource Auto-Transfer In another part of the forums I suggested a lobby handicap option that would automatically transfer resources. This would allow me to play with my eight-year-old son. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20748945622#1 Someone replied that this would be an easy Extension Mod. 1. Is that true? 2. Where would I go to learn where to make such a thing? Or commission someone else to do it for me? Thanks!davidvs4 Jun 3
Jun 3 Mods that give maps mutations/new units? Are there any mods that makes/forces the AI to create new unique units that aren't in multiplayer normally? Such as goliaths, warhound, etc? Also, are there mods that affect the conditions of the maps similar to how mutations do in co-op?Coatl2 Jun 3
Jun 3 Help with Xanthos model I figured out how to attach the parts to Main body of Xanthos in trigger editor by using Attach_Unit_Model_To_Unit action. The problem is,i cannot fully attach them(can't use XanthosConjointed)so the parts won't sync with the idle animation of Xanthos(they are aligned but won't cooperate with the idle,final mode and death animations. Another problem with the conjoint is the parts visually move with xanthos but in reality the hidden actor or model wont move so i always have to move the hidden model myself to let it attack on enemies. If you have any idea,can you help me please?Highlord7 Jun 3
Jun 2 How to give create build orders for AI? I just want to make a melee game with custom build orders, but the sc2 editor is complexKrotux2 Jun 2
Jun 2 Overwriting existing dependencies So, when I worked with the Wings of Liberty version of the galaxy editor and needed to update a dependency from an outdated mod to the updated version of the same mod, I could just overwrite that mod by double clicking (modifying) it and selecting the current version. This used to give no complaints and just worked. Now when I update an existing dependency with the newer version with the same method, the editor complains that I cannot remove the dependency because some things still depend on it. This occurs even if the mod is exactly the same from the old version to the new. It's making map updates incredibly difficult, since it now involves removing all references to the mod from the map, updating the mod, and adding those same references back in. Is there a new trick I'm missing or is this an unintended consequence that will eventually be resolved?Weilhart4 Jun 2
Jun 1 Hotkeys are unchangable in mods? Why are the hotkeys a bit weird? Like, I can't change more than one hotkey without the previous one being overwritten? For ones that add new units, the Attack move hotkey is always removed. But if I change another one after that one, the attack move hotkey is cleared. Are modders use to playing in or something grid?Coatl0 Jun 1
May 30 Editor claims my password is wrong. So I've reset my password to make sure I'm putting in the correct login, and it keeps telling me my information is wrong. I can login to Battle.net, and the launcher, and all that good stuff but I cannot for some reason use that same information to verify the editor. I had submitted a ticket and was told to throw my hat into the forum if a re-install didn't do the trick, and it didn't. So if anyone has some insight into this I would really appreciate the help.Kyriod4 May 30