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Dec 7 Blizzard please, Increase uploadable capacity Hi, I`m making the mod and map which depend on the mod. I`m interested in changing texture in model. So my mod`s volume becomes 110mb over and will be more heavy volume. And that mod will be not able to publish maybe, if the mod`s volume is 320mb over. Therefore I suggest to increase account`s publishable capacity. I wanna have more publishable capacity about 1gb to make exciting map.Casena2 Dec 7
Dec 6 why does arcade mod suck ? I mean if I go arcade it's only those 5 popular ones. And they suck too. Nexus wars. Desert strike. TD. Nothing like warcraft 3. Although warcraft 3 had prety much dota spam. I didnt like dota. I liked enfos team survival or other maps like anime. Don't understand why sc2 doesn't have enfos or other good wc3 maps. I don't think it's impossible to make those. And mods are really unpopular. Nobody plays instant build or any other mods. Instant build and zombie mod is good. but I don't understand other extra unit maps are bad because they are not balanced at all. If they take some time to change every single unit with extra abilities and make it fun instead of messy with not even checked units, it'll be bad. I checked a instant build mod that was not the official and it had more units however some units didn't build instant. Probably they didn't even checked them. Can instant marines, marauders but can't for firebats and medics..GymFenixBFF3 Dec 6
Dec 5 Aiur Light Bridge. I'm not an expert at the Editor and have been having a lot of issues to get the Aiur city light bridge to work. I got it working once but now i can't figure it out. Any help would be very much appreciated.Tubeku0 Dec 5
Dec 4 Can't remove Shadow Stride in Void Story Why is the Dark Templar Shadow Stride research appearing in the Dark Shrine in-game when I launch my extension mod? The only dependency I have active is the Void Story dependency, so I can't even see any melee / standard multiplayer research in the editor. There is no way for me to view this ability because its data does not visibly exist in any shape or form in the Void Story dependency. This isn't the only standard multiplayer conflict / bug plaguing the Void Story dependency either. In game, the Ghost's snipe ability is overridden with some other Steady Targeting ability and the data for Steady Targeting is, again, nowhere to be found inside the Void Story dependency. There are tons of other minor command card bugs as well, where the command card layout for certain units will be different from the editor when you actually enter game. These things have never happened to me when I'm using a standard multiplayer dependency, so I'm going to go ahead and assume that they're bugs because I'm extremely confident in my ability to add trainable units to structures and add or adjust any unit abilities. Does Blizzard actually plan on addressing these conflicts? *TL;DR – Shadow Stride, Steady Targeting and a few other abilities are showing up in-game when only using the Void Story mod and there's no way to remove these abilities because their data does not exist in the editor when using said dependency.Deathborn4 Dec 4
Dec 4 Catastrophia (And Others) Lost Hi Blizzard, there have been 7 arcade maps that I lost due to hard drive failure. They have been locked and I cannot access them anymore. It really sucks to lose them since one is quite popular and was a very time-consuming project. It would be absolutely AMAZING if I could have them again. The maps are: - Catastrophia - Thieves and Workers - Catas Survivor - Insane Civilians - Hunter's Mission - Randomness (Cata Mini) - The Zerg Series (#1) Thanks.Catastrophic7 Dec 4
Dec 4 Reduce medivac load range so my problem is when i right-click on a medivac with a unit, the medivac start moving towards my unit then load him.. i don't want that, i want the medivac to stand still when i right click on it to load my unit. is that possible?Galdios2 Dec 4
Dec 4 Durpfestor Fix How-To I have solved this issue for map developers to fix it on their own, just search 'Infestor' in Models, make it use InfestorEx3.m3 for its (Basic) Art: Model. This will fix both the burrowed and unburrowed versions of the Infestor, replacing the old broken glowing model with the new Legacy model. Any questions, feel free to post below.Dan1 Dec 4
Dec 3 Stop breaking the editor, Blizz Can you guys do some testing before sending out these updates?CptSisko2 Dec 3
Dec 2 Easiest way to convert mdx models to m3? I am not a modeller and would appreciate a fast/easy way to convert a MDX file with textures/animations preserved into m3 without knowing the path or having to take it apart and put it together again. Tried using blender but while with an addon it allows me to open and save m3 files it cannot open MDX files even after trying various addons. I have a few custom models that I need imported into my map (custom models used for warcraft 3, not the original wc3 ones by Blizzard). ThanksSilverLeaf0 Dec 2
Dec 2 need map maker for 3V3 NR 20 map Hi looking for a map editor to make me and my buddy a 3v3 NR 20 map that is legacy of the Void camp-ital.Daywalker0 Dec 2
Nov 27 Mothership Actor Conflict Hi, When using the Void Campain data and I morph the Mothership Core into a Mothership, the Tal'darim Mothership (rotating) appears with a standard Mothership (not rotating) on top of it. I get and error that says: "USER:[ 19 1]Scope[SOAMothershipv4, Unit]More than one CActorUnit persisting in the same unit scope:[ 94 1]CActorUnit[SOAMothershipv4]" I've looked online, and couldn't find an answer. From what I can tell, there is only 1 mothership actor under SOAMothershipv4. Here's an image of the result. http://tinyurl.com/ztwq49h Here's an image of the SOA Mothership v4 unit actors. http://tinyurl.com/zt87h9f Thanks Feel free to help me with the other errors if you'd like.MikeEmerald4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Weapons that Respect Unit Height Hey guys, I'm thinking about creating a 3D space simulator game for the arcade. That being said, I've run into an issue with my map. If my ship acquires a target (let's say 10 range away from me), but that unit is (for the purpose of exaggeration), 1000 range above my ship, the game still calculates the target's range as being 10 range away, instead of being √10² + √1000² away (in this case it would be 1000.05 range away). I thought there would be a validator that I could use to check a target's height respective to my own ship, but it turns out the only validator in the editor that checks height is only capable of checking the unit stat "height" (the base stat that's plugged into the unit in the editor) and does not take into account any dynamic changes to height that might occur during the game. I know that I could probably set up a crapton of triggers and plug a mathematical formula into it to check each unit's height periodically using Pythagorean theory, but that would be computationally very expensive, especially given that there will be over 200 units on my map at any given time that will be changing their heights dynamically. Is there a simpler solution to the problem that I may have overlooked? Perhaps some validator I'm not aware of, or a property or feature I'm not aware of...I know the Starcraft 2 editor isn't super friendly with full 3 dimensional concepts but I'm really hoping there's a workaround for this problem.Prometheum2 Nov 27
Nov 25 Request for Network Extension for SC2 Hello all and hopefully Blizzard employee(s), I have spoken to Delatirius (spelling?) in the past regarding an application I developed that provided external network communication into SC2 via the Bank file. This allowed for a plethora of features to be available: * Server-side data storage * True "MMO" features (allowing unlimited players in a game essentially) * Global game-chat I am now formally requesting that I get this application approved for use (or certification) from Blizzard. I can provide all code and diagrams. Just for others to know what I was capable of doing through my own testings: * I was able to join a single-player, offline game and communicate in chat to other players in offline games. * I was able to view the movements of units of players in offline games as though they were in my game while in offline mode. * I was able to create a leaderboard that tracked the statistics of EVERY player. * I was able to create "servers" so I could load balance or limit player count. Again, I realize this is a breach of EULA on multiple levels, but in the EULA it also states "unless otherwise allowed by Blizzard" (or in that sense). I believe this will be increasingly beneficial to the SC2 community and I hope you will take me seriously in this request. Thanks, Enexy/GeorgeNunu3 Nov 25
Nov 25 I can't find Shadow Stride new ability. Dark Templar has Shadow Stride ability after patch 3.8.0. but I can't find it in Editor.Kodorieg3 Nov 25
Nov 23 Having an issue with the editor crashing. Whenever I click to edit any value in the trigger editor, the whole program crashes. I've tried restarting my computer, then completely uninstalling and reinstalling sc2, and also doing scan and repair from the battle net launcher. It still crashes. Has anyone else ever had this problem before? Does anyone know how to fix it?Ajax0 Nov 23
Nov 21 Importing Starcraft models to 3ds max... Having trouble with this... I have exported the SMX3_Nova and SM_Raynor M3 files to desktop. I would like to import them to 3ds Max or Blender. I followed the instructions for adding the sc2_objects maxscript file, but then cannot import the M3 files. When I tried to download and unzip the blendM3 plugin on github I cant unzip it. thank you much for any advice.Goose0 Nov 21
Nov 21 How to swap units with actor events Alright. Running into a bit of problem here. Just asking is there an actor event to swap units (just like how models are swapped with the model swap event)? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.William10 Nov 21
Nov 21 [Solved] How To Change Default Values? E.g: How do you set Command Center 'Stats: Supplies' to 11? The default value is 11, but testing the document changes the number to 15: http://i.imgur.com/CyAbrPg.png Other values work and seem to create a new source: http://i.imgur.com/w6bM9E2.png Setting it back to 11 uses the Swarm.SC2Mod source and changes it to 15 again...Erebos8 Nov 21
Nov 21 Behind the scenes commands Hey all, For fun today, I've been playing around with the launch interceptor weapon and the interceptor hanger just for fun. Its pretty cool how it can work when modded. I have figured out how to make multiple hangers work and how to change just about everything I can think of. But I can't figure out how the interceptors are commanded to do what they do after they are created. I want them to individually attack different targets rather then all ganging up on one bogie at a time. Is this possible? 2ndly Is there a way to see/modify what commands a unit is given behind the scenes. For example some units have a behavior response acquire. Can I see the commands given in more detail then that? Because in game the unit will stand there until an enemy enters a range of it then move towards the enemy and engage it. After the enemy is killed the unit will travel back to its original location. Can I see/modify these actions within the data editor? I have found acquire leash which has something to do with it. I want to make the original location more permanent. If a unit is traveling back to its original location and bump into another unit, it loses its original location. Some spells cause units to lose this as well like disruption field.Zergkilla0 Nov 21
Nov 20 Cant find COOP hero VO sounds Could someone direct me to the co-op hero unit sounds in the editor? (The in-game controllable Kerrigan, Nova, Alarak etc). I tried finding them in the Data menu (F7) but all i could find was Nova's sounds from the mission packs.. Are the co-op effects even there? Somewhere...Eleanoriel0 Nov 20
Nov 20 SCII Editor: Suggestions & Improvements Thread While we’re constantly improving the tools for our own uses as well as coming up with tools and systems to benefit the community, there are often times when we may miss out on some great ideas coming from all of you – the community. There are many of you who have been using the tools since the Wings of Liberty Beta, many of you who have started checking out the editor with the release of 1.5.0 and the arcade, and a lot of you who have picked up the Starcraft 2 Editor at some point in-between. I’m sure that there’s often been times when you’ve thought to yourself “I really wish that the editor had this one additional feature – it would be awesome”, or “If only I didn’t have to do these actions repeatedly, it would save me a ton of time”. These things are the kinds of information that we’re looking for to help make your lives easier, better, and more awesome. I want to stress though, that this is for suggestions and improvements to the editor only – any posts about bugs, “how to”, the game, or anything otherwise viewed as off-topic will be removed. In order to get the most from your post, here are a few simple guidelines: Explain your suggestion as clearly and concisely as you can. If you can cite concrete examples of how it impacts you or how the fix would benefit not just you but the community, please include this. If you can cite metrics (ie measured time amounts for tasks, the amount of steps that an action takes, etc), please include these, as it will help to give us a better idea of the issue at hand. The more specific you are the better – if you are able to provide actionable examples rather than vague explanations, this will help us more quickly understand the core issues at hand. 2 theoretical examples: “I primarily work in the trigger editor, which means that I end up having to add a large number of actions on a regular basis. I find that whenever I add a new action, I have to click in the “Find:” field, then enter my search query. If the “Find:” field was given focus initially rather than having to click there each time I added a new action, this would save me quite a bit of time in how I work.” “I would really love to be able to re-arrange my terrain textures while painting terrain via a drag and drop mechanism. Often times when I’m painting terrain textures, I find that I end up using different textures together in different areas of a map. If I could re-arrange these without having to open the “Map Textures” menu, this would be great!” We look forward to hearing what you come up with! Edit: For those of you in the EU: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/5116951946#1Deletarius224 Nov 20
Nov 18 Published Map No Where to be Found! I recently published a map to battle.net, however I can't find it and I've checked under "My Published Maps" in both Arcade and Custom. I am sure that the uploaded was successful because I can see it listed in "Manage Published Maps" in the editor. What can I do to fix this? what could I have done wrong? I can't think of anymore ways to trouble shoot the problem. Please help!GhettoFame3 Nov 18
Nov 15 Thought in arcade but in multiplayer made cool new game for arcade. published it, went into game to look for it in arcade, not there, was in multiplayerDeCo1 Nov 15
Nov 15 cutscene editor-dialogue files missing Hi; I am playing with the cutscene editor and I am following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub0kK9r-wOg&list=FLduLGrPurtz2ELL37S1gfSg&index=1 However from the editor data I cannot find any in-game dialogue. I can only find commander voice file("our force is under attach!", but no conversation sound files) Can someone help me with this? I want to add conversation to the cutscene and have it perform lip sync. Thank you!IshootLaser3 Nov 15
Nov 14 Blizzard built in trigger error Hello, everytime i try to save scripts on maps... no matter what kind of map it is i get : error parsing return, something with the semicolon on end of return.. on this line... while its not part of any script i wrote.... if (cai_playerAI[p] == "aiAF9FBC5D") { return aiAF9FBC5D_getLastWave(p); } it seems linked to aiAF9FBC5D.galaxy... but happens also on new maps if i try to create them.. Edit, not happening on new maps, just on new maps with a mod, but that mod has oddly enough no reference to that script Edit, i found the problem and solution, by using mpq editorWhispande0 Nov 14
Nov 14 Can't place heroes?? I am new to using the editor but I have been following the map-making tutorial pretty well on a mac, until I try to place Raynor. No hero units at all show up in the Units search area, tried searching for "Jim" "Raynor" "Commando" and just clicking the hero tab, but all show up blank. Am I just really dumb or are they not there?sauceadmiral1 Nov 14
Nov 9 mod for endless upgrades and instant build ? Instant build, endless upgrades (not up to 3 but endless), 500 supply, endless resources ? It be awesome to have units with extra abilities. The more high tech advanced like heavy ground or air becomes more expensive however they cost more. Changed attack speed,movement speed and so on. Not some random messy units cramped without balance.GymFenixBFF3 Nov 9
Nov 7 Mod won't upload: stuck at 0% Is anyone else having this problem or is it just the fact that I'm on a different computer while my gaming PC is in the shop?somenoob1 Nov 7
Nov 7 LotV Mode I'm creating a melee map that I want to publish under the arcade section. I selected legacy of the void (lotv) when I created the map so I was expecting the map to start in lotv mode. Unfortunately, it's starting with wing of liberty setting : only 6 workers, factory only produce helion and tank, etc. What do I need to do so it starts as a lotv map?MisterTwo0 Nov 7
Nov 6 What am I doing wrong? Hello all, I'm following the editor tutorial for the first time, and I want to do the following: If ultralisk 1 dies and ultralisk 2 dies then mark objective as complete. When I kill the ultralisks however, the objective does not get marked I have tried two different methods (which are supposdely the same): 1. If Triggering Ultralisk1 Triggering Ultralisk2 Then Mark objective 2. If And Conditions Triggering Ultralisk1 Triggering Ultralisk2 Then Mark objective I have tried both conditions on their own (see below) and the objective does respond. 3. 1. If Triggering Ultralisk1 Then Mark objective What am I missing here?BusTapper0 Nov 6
Nov 6 different building pathing? Hey all, I want to make the builder limited on what type of structures can be built on different areas on the map. Mabey using cliff levels. For example, builder can only build barracks on cliff level one, and missile turrets on cliff level 2. (cliff level or region would be fine) Any thoughts on how this could be done?Zergkilla0 Nov 6
Nov 6 Math in triggers Hey all I have figured out alot of the editor so far, but among many things I haven't touched the math options in triggers yet. Its intimidating, and I can't find much online about it. I feel it could unlock some cool stuff, but to me it may as well be written in a different language lol. I have a trigger that periodically creates units that attack points on the map. I have made it work a bunch of different ways. My question is, when you make an action in a trigger that says create x units, can you add math to the variable instead of x being just a chosen number? Could x be equal to the number of specific structures the player controls? This would make life a lot easier for me.Zergkilla5 Nov 6
Nov 6 waylay points Hey all I have been playing around with issue order attack triggers, and I have gotten it to work in my maps, but I am having trouble with multiple targets. I feel like I am missing something simple, but the best I have been able to come up with so far is: -issue order attack point 1 (works great) -then I created a region that I have to strategically place on the map near point 1 -unit enters region issue order attack point 2 The problem with this sloppy trigger system is that sometimes units get pushed out of the way and miss the region, or enter the region before they enter engagement range of point 1. It just seems like there must be a better way I also tried enter range of point 1, but it seems sloppy as well. I want the units to act like they would in game if you were to shift click attack if possibleZergkilla2 Nov 6
Nov 2 waylay points Hey all I have been playing around with issue order attack triggers, and I have gotten it to work in my maps, but I am having trouble with multiple targets. I feel like I am missing something simple, but the best I have been able to come up with so far is: -issue order attack point 1 (works great) -then I created a region that I have to strategically place on the map near point 1 -unit enters region issue order attack point 2 The problem with this sloppy trigger system is that sometimes units get pushed out of the way and miss the region, or enter the region before they enter engagement range of point 1. It just seems like there must be a better way I also tried enter range of point 1, but it seems sloppy as well. I want the units to act like they would in game if you were to shift click attack if possibleZergkilla0 Nov 2
Nov 1 Two New Mac Editor Bugs Can't see regions or points even when they are selected as visible. Lots of issues with the data editor's value fields. Things like changing a weapon's range in behavior modifications or a scale's blend time in events cannot be selected as the field is missing or being covered by another field.CptSisko0 Nov 1
Oct 31 Some LotV data for me seems like HotS I'm making a mod currently when I ran into something strange: According to the data I was using an Ultralisk should only have six armor instead of eight. I decided to leave it alone and redesign Photon Overcharge. What I ran into here was the Mothership Core had the Hots PO ability, the one that's casted on the nexus. I'm currently confused here and also know I had Legacy of the Void dependency selected when I created the mod.RandomRaider1 Oct 31
Oct 31 Level of Baneling and Carrier Weapons At Zero I've been trying to change the level of the Baneling Explode weapon, and the Carrier Launch Interceptors weapon, to NO success. It seems that every other weapon I've tried to change the level on has worked successfully, however, the Baneling and Carrier have 0 levels displayed on their weapon upgrades even though I changed it in the editor just like I would any other unit. What am I doing wrong?Dan3 Oct 31
Oct 31 UP Panel Help Hi, I think there is something wrong with my UI Panel, I cant seem to add units, the space between the mini map and the "Group" bit is just replaced by a black box. Will appreciate your help.Kinomon0 Oct 31
Oct 28 .dds upload resulting in black image Having some problems while uploading a custom loading screen in the format of .dds Anyone here knows why it keeps resulting in a black screen instead of the image that was uploaded? Something wrong with the save procedure... Suggestions and opinions are much appreciated... ThanksDraX8 Oct 28
Oct 27 Changed items in editor? Is there a way to find all the changed values in the editor for an extension mod? You could think of it as a diff between two different mod files. For instance, if one had the current LotV multiplayer as a dependency for a mod, then changed some values in the data editor ... is there a way to quickly get a list of all values changed? I think this might really help Blizzard / mod makers to know that they've (1) accomplished what they set out to do and (2) not forgotten to list anything they actually did. Browsing manually through all the things you know you've changed can be tedious, but it would be basically impossible to know if you accidentally changed something unintentionally without an automatic list (given the number of entries in each table). Anyway, does anyone know of an automated way to do this?Edowyth0 Oct 27
Oct 27 glossary category "UI/HelpMenuDialogTechGI.." I tried to making a new glossary category called Tal'darim and I set the Text Key to "Unit/Category/Tal'darimUnits" and in the text box "Tal'darim" (mirroring how the protoss is setup). In game the units under Taldarim show up in the gourp as intended, however the category is not called Taldarim. The category is instead called "UI/HelpMenuDialogTechGI...". how (in detail) is this fixed?FreezingRain3 Oct 27
Oct 26 Insert custom league logo on maps. Custom league logos. Hello guys, I realize there are many tutorials if you're interested in making maps, but I'm simply trying to learn how to place my leagues logo onto the maps. I have tried to find this information on my own but usually get REALLY in depth tutorials for editing complete maps. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful. Thanks TurdzerglerTurdZergler1 Oct 26
Oct 26 How to attack invisible unit w/o detection? More specifically I'm fooling around with spider mines. Pretty sure that the Target Filters of unburrowed spider mine's weapon is controling what target can be chosen. Did some experiments on different settings and it responds correctly. However I can't make mines attack an undetected cloaked/burrowed unit. I allowed unburrowed spider mine's weapon to target visible units (instead of REQUIRE visible target). The spider mines turns out to repeatedly unburrow and burrow and cannot attack. I don't want to make them detector, just want them to attack cloaked units like in SC1. How to do it?MonkeyKing5 Oct 26
Oct 25 Build all units in campaign maps Hello. I've searched this a lot but haven't been able to find an answer. Basically I opened a campaign map from starcraft 2 and wanted to add another race to play during the mission. For instance zerg campaign, korhal02. I added some protoss buildings and units, however when I test the map I'm unable to train units or build all of there structures. It looks as though all the units are trainable (in editor), like through there gateway is shows that the units are still under train... any help? Thank you!munchyy2 Oct 25
Oct 23 Behavior - Buff - XP Multiplier not working I have a special bonus objective in my map that continuously spawns mobs at an increasing rate. I do not want these mobs to grant experience upon death, so I created a buff behavior that uses an XP Multiplier of 0. I did this, but the units are still awarding experience on death.jabs1 Oct 23
Oct 22 Shield Spell OK, I'm trying to replicate Braum's Unbreakable ability from League of Legends. Essentially, it creates a narrow arc-shaped wall, and any projectile which passes through that wall is destroyed with no effect. Most importantly, this wall stays with the caster, without changing orientation as the caster moves. Here's how I've gone about it so far: Ability- Shield (Effect - Target) --range: 1 --cursor mode: force to max range Effect- Create shield points (create persistent) --period count: 7 --period durations: 0 --periodic offsets: (not important) --periodic effects: Shield Point Persistent Effect- Shield Point Persistent (create persistent) --period count: 32 --period durations: 0.0625 sec --periodic effects: Shield AOE search Effect- Shield AOE search (Search Area) --location: source --areas: Radius: 0.5 --areas: Effect: Shield destroy Missile --Search Filters: Require Missile; Exclude Dead, etc Effect- Shield destroy Missile (damage) --flags: fatal -------------------------------------- everything seems to work, except the Shield won't follow the caster. does anyone have ideas on fixing this?EatsHumans1 Oct 22
Oct 22 Force tank to Siege Mode Sorry ive looked around and cant find a thred for this. I want my tank to Auto Siege when it comes with in range of a enemy unit. And need it to UnSiege when units arnt in range or dead. and keep moving to its destination.BlazinJay4 Oct 22
Oct 20 REQ: Modify TooltipAppender dynamically Hi, Blizzard. I made this post on the old forum as well, in November of 2015. I bumped that post 3 times with 2-4 month intervals, but I never got a reply. Or a fix, obviously. Let me try again. It is a very simple request, but it might be difficult to understand why it would be such a huge time saver. The request is: Make it possible to dynamically change the TooltipAppender Data field. Example: Catalog - Set value of Buttons MasteryMenu TooltipAppender[index].Text for player Player to Mastery Key Today, this gives the error ... And I fail to see why it needs to be locked. In any case, this is why it would help me. The map (Crap Patrol 2) allows you to select from 9 different heroes. All heroes have 14 different abilities to select from as they level up. These abilities are picked from a submenu of the command card. When one is picked, the menu button on the main command cards tooltip is updated to enumerate the abilities selected thus far. Now, I know it could be almost be done with 9x separate top level buttons (one per hero) and 14 validators per hero, but that's just retarded. Anyway I could explain further about the other possible solutions (like I did in my original post in the "old" forum), but frankly, unless you (a Blizzard representative) reply here or send me a message, I can't be arsed to repeat myself again.Folk1 Oct 20
Oct 19 Help with duplicating a unit in the editor Okay, so I right clicked a unit and clicked the duplicate button in the unit editor. Great, I didn't check anything but the unit though because that's all I wanted to duplicate. Now, my unit has no model and I can't find a field to actually give it a model. With that being said, does that mean I have to duplicate the model actor when I use the duplicate button? Why given us the option of duplicating just the unit and not the model actor if it makes it so we can't ever add a model to the unit ever if we didn't duplicate the model actor? I'm sorry I'm just a little upset because of how unfriendly this editor is. It doesn't make any sense why they would design it in a way that it feels like it's actually trying to hinder you instead of help you. I feel like I have to jump through like 6 or 7 hoops just to do something that I could have done in the warcraft 3 editor in two seconds. TLDR So, is there a way to add a model to a unit if you didn't duplicate its model actor data?TheMechy11 Oct 19
Oct 19 RPG UI Hello, i'm trying to create a RPG and i need to create a great action bar, like in a MMORPG, an action bar in bottom of the screan who can contain like 10 abilities. If anyone can help me please. I don't know how to do that. Thank youMrRemy1 Oct 19