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Aug 16 Suggestion for Trigger Editor I sometimes do coding for fun, and I notice a big difference in the coding language and the SC Trigger Editor. In coding we can surround text with "/*" and "*/" to have the program ignore the text in between these two pieces. That way, we can see how the program acts without the surrounded segment involved. I was wondering if they could do something like this in the Editor as well. It's very similar to coding. I use Java, and I don't know if this sort of thing exists in other languages, or if StarCraft isn't written in Java. Just a suggestion if it's possible.RandomRaider2 Aug 16
Aug 16 how do i upload my mod ? so I been creating a mod that modify the pylon it allow you to calling a tac nuke and orbital strike however after i upload my mod i cant find it in my publish section if anyone know how to solve this problem. plz helpjack0 Aug 16
Aug 16 How to open several editors ? Hello, I had read someone on sc2mapster saying that it is possible now to open several editors, but I can't find back the post. So if someone knows...Oltreys9 Aug 16
Aug 15 Broodwar Economics I have a Broodwar mod that is very satisfying for me, but I would like to fix the economic mechanics. There are only two problems that I am facing: 1. I want to have 5000 units of vespene per geyser and set a ground rule where you can only use one geyser per base. I set the vespene behavior to have 5000 units of gas, but in the game, the geysers always have 2000. This is not an issue with minerals. 2. Keeping cash spent in the mod is incredibly difficult. I've only ran into one game in this mod (out of who knows how many I've played) which I ran into not having enough cash to train a unit mid or late game. I believe the reason is that it takes a worker longer to harvest a resource in BW compared to sc2. Because of this, I would like to change the time it takes a worker to harvest a resource. Any help? Thank you for reading this and if you leave a reply, another thank you.RandomRaider4 Aug 15
Aug 13 Stukov and Dehaka Buttons I have a mod that I'm working on using the "Void Story (Campaign)" dependency. I've added quite a few hero units to various factions I've made. The Stukov and Dehaka Buttons are not showing up in the Hatchery. They show up in the Lair and Hive though. I've checked all of my card info, buttons and requirements but can't figure out what the issue is. Every other hero I've added works fine. What could be causing my issue? Would anyone like to help me check?Deathborn3 Aug 13
Aug 11 Battlecruiser multiweapon Hello how do i make battlecruiser shoot multiple enemies at once, and if possible while moving?Tommy4 Aug 11
Aug 10 Modifying units help. Q: How do I make it so say the battlecruiser can move while attacking(not having to stop to attack) - I have tried to set the "allowed movement" for the weapon to yes, and "Acquire prioritization/target sorts" to angle and (TSRandom):0:0, among other things. But nothings worked for me, and I have been unable to find any assistance or other posts about this matter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q: How do you make it so 1 unit with multiple weapons and turrets can attack multiple targets at once.Drecka1 Aug 10
Aug 10 Editor crashes when dealing with models For the past week the Editor has suddenly crashed and just closed instantly upon selecting a model in the import menu, the actors tab, the models tab of the data and pretty much anything that opens the model viewer, including the cutscene editor. I have not found a fix so far, and I have only see one topic relating to this, however it was outdated.Alien3 Aug 10
Aug 9 Map Editor is bugged. i already made some maps and i know how to setup the editor. i just started to work on a new map and i made the map with a rotation symmetry and i noticed that actions i made on one part of the map didn't happen on the other parts as well. for example i placed some CC's and rax' as placeholder (to check if the bases are big enough,...) i deleted them later but they didnt disappear on the other parts of the map. the same error pattern happened with other actions like placing ramps or forming the terrain. sorry for bad english i hope you can understand what i'm talking about.JudgeP5 Aug 9
Aug 9 Any way to open/edit Co Op maps? Curiosity.CrystalDazz0 Aug 9
Aug 8 Attacking while using an ability I have a missile turret that I want to heal units, but I also want it to attack. How do I allow it to attack while healing units?Youlikeme6 Aug 8
Aug 8 Dark Archon Merge Hey all, I am trying to make Dark Archon Merge work in the editor. I added the dark archon merge ability to the DT, and a button with ability command dark archon merge. When I test the map and press the merge button the 2 dts turn, look at each other, and are like nah we want to be dts? Any idea what I'm missing?Zergkilla4 Aug 8
Aug 8 Map editor dependencies Hi, I'm trying to view some LotV campaign models in the cutscene editor. I believe I'm supposed to add the campaign dependencies, but when I do that the OK button is grayed out and I can't apply it. Does anyone know the cause for this and how I can add it? Is it related to the fact that I don't have the previous games (WoL and HotS) installed? I'm guessing it might be, if LotV campaign dependency also depends on previous games.Chaffee3 Aug 8
Aug 7 [Editor] Publishing freeze at 100% Like the title said, when i try to publish my mod, it upload and get stuck at 100% and freeze out....nothing happenned...just freeze and bug I tryed again and again with different filename and same result. Egodegodbout0 Aug 7
Aug 7 New map for co-op missions - only idea. New map for co-op missions - only idea. Can you prepare new co-op map from the campaign mission: MAW OF THE WOID? I think if you remake only start places for 2 co-op gamers in the map and on opposition AMON side changing ulimate unit mothership for protoss (in normal campaign) to maybe for a zerg will Leviathan and for a terrans will Viking or Battlecruiser. Story will be start like - Amon forces catched platform or planet with temple and pylons with power fields, that is have destructive effects (in the same way like in campaign mission: MAW OF THE WOID) and task for 2 co-op gamers will be liberate temple. R.S.gogo0 Aug 7
Aug 6 [NewBug] The Warcraft (DATA) bug again The dependencies do not refresh correctly from the very lastest patch. (v1.12) of the mod. you have to reload a few times the map to get it work. Still not sure the source of the problem, but the only way i found is to modify the dependencies to 1.12, close the map, reload, work. that thing is not normal Egodegodbout0 Aug 6
Aug 4 Test Map/Mod broken... I have been unable to Test my Mod since the last patch. Anyone else been unable to test their maps or mods? Side note: I would like a dependency that has all the units stand alone without relying on outside sources. i.e. vile roaches, splitter banelings, defilers, etc. that I can build from ground up!Zelth0 Aug 4
Aug 4 (how?) Add "red" tal'darim shield how do you replace the shield of a unit for another one? the intent is to have red shields for tal'darim and blue shields for regular golden protoss.FreezingRain1 Aug 4
Aug 4 different damage editor / battle.net i just wanted to put this out there, cuz im not sure ppl are aware of this, and out of all the ridiculous SC2 Editor bugs I found while making my project, this one ranks pretty high up. i have a unit that uses the weapon ID "LiberatorMissileLaunchers" with the damage ID "LiberatorMissileDamage" doing 6 damage there is no other damage effect linked to it, the effects are very straightforward (launch missile -> damage) when i test my map, in the editor test map environment, it tells me it does 6 damage. and now one of my players found out, that when logged onto battle.net, it is actually 6 +2 to light. i guess some kind of hidden upgrade that is only active on battle.net must affect it in some way. either way, this is ridiculous - am i supposed to test my project in the editor and on b.net separately, because i cant be sure they both behave the same? just putting this out there so other ppl knowsummerloud0 Aug 4
Aug 1 How to modify map to Twin Units Hello, I was just wondering how can i modify any map to be "Twin Units". I like that feature and i would like to play ladder maps as twin unit in custom games. But i havent been able to find that option in map editor, does anyone know, where is it hiding? ThanksDubois2 Aug 1
Aug 1 Many questions I have some question for different types of things. 1: How do you get rid of debris when a unit has died (ex. look at Mengsk solo statue) (somewhat fixed) 2: How do you make the radar from the sensor tower make the red blimps show up on your own units. The units are also visible. 3: How to make the Korhal flag and Korhal tree buildable and not have visual glitches. (fixed)Youlikeme8 Aug 1
Aug 1 Player Slot Select In Lobby For Custom Games Is this currently possible? Basically, I am having a problem with my custom map for arcade games. Its a 9 player map and in map player options having all players set to User (Computer) for AI and User, inside the lobby it seems lacking compared to StarCraft 1/Brood War I see no way to switch player slots to incorporate myself as another player (race) in this case. As the races (players) already have a base layout so its critical to be able to select which player you are in this map. Does anyone know a fix to this issue? Basically, the StarCraft: Brood War Use Map Settings player options were perfect for something like this, This doesn't seem present for StarCraft 2. Anyone know a way around this issue to be able to choose which player slot you are for custom games as opposed to it being, host is player 1, 2nd player that joins is player 2, etc. Also, with settings set to User (Computer) in map options switching around in the lobby keeps you player 1 no matter what you do only you can change colors and race. this seems ok for melee games but in custom games it needs more scalable options like in StarCraft Brood War Use Map Settings games. Any help will be greatly appreciated with this. thxXJR0 Aug 1
Jul 31 Why is offline play locked? this has been a question that has bugged me since the days of Wings of Liberty. when WOL first launched, i was actually enlisted in the US navy, with regular deployments of at least 6 months- ahem, to clarify *that is 6 months of NO wifi* to connect to the laptop and authorize. now, i remember being REALLY excited when i even heard SC2 was finally a thing. so i bought it, and went straight to the boat with my CDrom copy, CD key included, and laptop in tow. so you can imagine my surprise when i found out i had to wait 6 MORE MONTHS to finally play it. eventually i found out i could play offline after i logged in for the first time. nowadays, i have a main PC desktop that i use at home to play but still want to play on the go here and there on my portable laptop, but i dont always have access to wifi. so basically if i find myself in a place with no wifi im screwed, like what happened to me earlier today, with my hotel wifi being down most of the day. this reminded me of my navy days and being frustrated back then, thinking there is no way im the only service member that had this problem. so i am confused as to why this is still a thing?CaelumErrare0 Jul 31
Jul 30 What happened to 'cracks'? A few years ago I created a map called Fractured which put a lot of emphasis on natural looking cracks. Here's a photo of what they looked like: http://i.imgur.com/bfKms.jpg I am trying to add these same cracks into a new melee map i'm working on, but they are nowhere to be found. The only workable cracks that hardly come close are labeled as 'cracks' in the editor but they are all lava based and there's only 4 different ones to work with. Were the cracks doodad, as shown in the image, removed from the editor?IronManSC1 Jul 30
Jul 30 [Feature Request] Server-side bank files Hello everyone, As everyone knows, SC2 currently only supports client-side bank files. That means user data for custom maps are stored on the client machine instead of Blizzard b.net servers. This has certain consequences: Bank files can be corrupted, manipulated or lost by user interaction (cheating). Bank files are not easily available across different machines while using the same account. SC2 achievements and ranks on the other hand are stored on their servers and are usually well protected against direct manipulation. While this seems to be a minor issue for most custom maps, it is actually a big one for those who depend on solid values for rankings. On example may be the map StarBattle: It uses ELO based ratings to balance teams in specific modes, but this system only works when those ratings are persistent (cant be saved/restored) and protected against manipulation (cheating). In the end this has not only an effect on one player but all 12, because players are assigned to teams by ranking. Proposal for implementation Every b.net account should have up to 1 MB server-side bank space. The maximum size of a single bank file should be limited to 16kB. Server-side bank files expire after a set time (for example 3 month) when not used. Map creators can only store strings assigned to keys (key-value pairs). A non-existing string returns an empty string, setting a key to an empty string value will remove the string. API proposal openServerBank(boolean autoCreate) : integer Opens the server bank for the currenty loaded custom map. If autoCreate parameter is set to true and no file already exists, a new bank file will be created. An integer returns the success of the function: 0 ... SUCCESS: An existing bank file was successfully opened. 1 ... SUCCESS: A new bank file was created and successfully opened. 2 ... ERROR: No bank file exists. 3 ... ERROR: Cannot create bank file - out of space (1 MB limit). readServerBank(string key) : string Reads a key from the server bank. If the key doesnt exists, an empty string is returned. Same happens if the bank file doesnt exist. writeServerBank(string key, string value) : integer Writes a key value pair into the bank. If the value is an empty string then an existing key in the bank file is removed. If the key doesnt exist yet, a new one is created with given value. An integer returns again the success of the function: 0 ... SUCCESS: The key was updated. 1 ... ERROR: Bank file doesnt exist (openServerBank wasnt successfully called beforehand). 2 ... ERROR: Cannot write key - out of space (16k limit). Summary As soon as you can open a server bank file, only the 16k limit will apply to you. Therefore a map maker doesnt have to consider the total storage available. In other words the size limit of the server bank should be predictable and not limited by the 1 MB limit. Opening a server bank will also adjust the expire date. Conculsion The 1MB/16kB limit allows for at least 64 server-side banks on b.net server. With proper compression more should be available. If you assume 64 bytes average per entry it will allow for 256 entry per file. Considering the low space requirements, the costs are minor compared to the benefits. I predict that only a view custom maps will implement server-side banks, even less player will play them, therefore most users will consume way less than 1MB, most none at all. Thanks for your attention, comments are welcome. PS: Greetings from the Gold Coast, I am heading to the beach now :). Appendix A: Reducing network traffic by caching This appendix extends my initial proposal by refining the concept with additional implementation details, in this case caching. While updates to keys are required to be transferred to the server after calling the function (to prevent ALT+F4 exploits), reading values does not. Due to the very same size of 16k for the dictionary it is possible to get all values with the first mandatory openServerBank call. openServerBank Execution: Blocking Opens or creates the dictionary with all key/value pairs and holds them in RAM client-side till the end of the game. Everything else was already documented. readServerBank Execution: Blocking Reads the data from the cached dictionary. No interaction with the server is required. writeServerBank Execution: Asynchron Updates the value in the dictionary and sends the update to the server as well. The last part is not blocking, this ensures that no lag effects will occur. Additionally if the send fails for some reason (like the unlikely event that Blizz servers are down), the map has to receive a proper notification which can be handled accordingly. All this will greatly improve the performance of the feature and minimizes all traffic with Blizz servers while still keeping the initial concept ideas intact. Thanks for the attention, thoughts and comments are welcome as always !MaxiTB30 Jul 30
Jul 30 Why can't I see the Warcraft content? I purchased at least Wings of Liberty a few nights ago and I can't see the Warcraft 3 content. Do I need Heart of the Swarm for this?Kuri1 Jul 30
Jul 29 How build in mucus zerg allied like coop ? where can i change the property of the mucus zerg ?DESTRUCTEUR4 Jul 29
Jul 29 [Extension mods] Default dependency Hi! Our team has made an extension mod that uses custom dependencies uploaded to battle.net. It's problem is that when a map is played with it, there is some data that doesn't behave like it's defined in the uploaded mod. For example, the tanks can morph to siege without an upgrade, when there is a requirement for the ability, or there are buttons missing in some command cards. I think that that happens because the maps load the HotS (multi) data with a different hierarchy than the one that it has in the custom mod, and since the data corresponding to it can't be seen when editing the extension mod, it turns impossible to detect and fix those changes. Is there a solution, or a workaround to work with that?Cacho3 Jul 29
Jul 29 Profiling Load Time I'm having an issue where my map takes significantly longer to load (1-2 minutes longer) if I use banks, but I'm having trouble figuring out how I can reduce this load time without removing the banks. The load time issue only shows up on Arcade when a lot of players (max 11) are playing and so I can't reproduce it in the Editor's profiler testing offline. The offending bank stores long strings hashing an id of each game played and the result of each game in an effort to produce globalized balance statistics. Ideally I want to store as many as possible, but it feels like the loading time is heavily impacted by the number of strings I store. Currently I'm storing 100 strings of length 200-300 characters, which is only 40kb per player, and increasing it to 200 adds a solid minute or two onto the load time. It's astonishing how such a small amount of data appears to impact the load time so significantly on modern systems. If anybody knows how I might probe this issue or has a detailed understanding of how bank data is loaded, I would greatly appreciate it. EDIT: Load time data looks like this: 5 Players: 0:57, 1:01, 0:55 4 Players: 0:42, 0:46, 0:44 3 Players: 0:35, 0:33, 0:37 2 Players: 0:29, 0:28, 0:29 1 Player: 0:20, 0:21, 0:20 I would assume that players would load the data simultaneously so load time wouldn't scale like this per player, but something about synchronizing banks doesn't seem to happen in parallel.Luminous2 Jul 29
Jul 28 How long for published maps to show up? A few weeks ago I was in the SC2 map editor and created two custom maps, published them, and quit the editor. I fired up SC2 and when the game loaded, I saw my two maps in "Custom games/My published maps" waiting on me. Fast forward to today, I published a new map and here it is, 15+ minutes later, and I don't see it anywhere. The Battle.net servers AWOL today? Did I get lucky that first time and published maps usually take a long time to show up? EDIT: I saw some talk about publishing a game as 'arcade' or 'custom'. When you publish, what determines whether your game shows up in 'arcade' or 'custom'?Gene3 Jul 28
Jul 28 how build in the mucus zerg ? I can't build in the mucus zerg of my friend with other race like in coop. Where is the stats for this ?DESTRUCTEUR0 Jul 28
Jul 26 Need help in the editor. where can i find the statistical of the range attack of the bunker ( Terran Building)DESTRUCTEUR1 Jul 26
Jul 26 Search effect bug Hey all, need help i want to make a battlecruiser to attack multiple targets at once but some way the search effect is no visible, tried check more units for that effect no1 has search effect. Any1 can help?Tommy1 Jul 26
Jul 26 Making custom units is extremely difficult TL;DR: custom units are way too hard to make, need help doing it or figuring out where I'm stuck I'm currently working on my first huge map project, based on a Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Using Renee's WC3 assets (because for some reason there's no legitimate source for them directly from Blizzard like there should be) I have the whole map laid out, textured, mountains made and pathing fixed, Player starting positions, buildings, and forced races/colors set up. I'll be getting to all the triggers that will make the map tick soon, and I shouldn't have any trouble with that because I've worked extensively with triggers in editors for other RTS games all my life. But I'm currently up against a damn wall trying to make the custom hero units for the map. I've tried duplicating existing units that I want my custom unit to resemble and act like (As I've seen done in video tutorials), and then alter the duplicated unit, but whenever I do this the original unit the data was copied from in the data editor changes it's name and takes on all changes that I make to the newly duplicated unit, like they are one unit. I don't want to ruin the original existing units, I just want to copy the actor and a handful of things from it. So being unable to fix this problem, I started making a unit from scratch instead. I painstakingly went back and forth and made sure all the fields matched the original unit, so that they behave the same. But now I can't find any way to link the Actor from the original unit to my newly created custom unit. No idea where the field is that controls what the Actor for a custom unit is. Now I'm looking into other people's issues and realizing that there's an exhausting long process involved in making custom units from scratch. Connecting all of their buttons to abilities. connecting those abilities to missiles. connecting those to effects. connecting this damn thing to that thing. It's like Blizzard wants their editor to be so unwieldy that nobody actually ever gets a grasp on how to use it, it's so unnecessarily complex it's stopping someone with extensive editor experience from past games from being able to use this one at all, really. If anyone has a good amount of experience with this and can either help, offer guidance, or is miraculously willing to take on the task of making these units under my dictation, any of these things would be a huge help.Viktor3 Jul 26
Jul 26 how add more range to the bunker ? I can find it because for they other defense i search the weapon and i can change the stats.DESTRUCTEUR3 Jul 26
Jul 25 Weekly Terraining Exercise #251 ... http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/development/terrain/127296-weekly-terraining-exercise-251-a-forlorn-battlefield/ A timelapse of me doing my terrain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ImCC751E40Fenix4 Jul 25
Jul 25 Arcade map doesn't find .sc2mod models The setup I use is 3ds max 2011 (+ sc2 art tools). I preview the model and it looks to be working fine. Then I commit the model onto a .sc2mod (dependant mod). I create an arcade map then use the dependencies setting so it reads the sc2mod data. This is where the problem is. It doesn't find anything from sc2mod. Any advice?THORONGIL1 Jul 25
Jul 22 Infestation in editor Hello, im working on a new map and i want to know how do i make mass infestation like is creep touch the building it will infest or something like in mission Havens fall something similar mechanic. Thx in advance, waiting for replies :)Tommy2 Jul 22
Jul 21 [Help] Modifying queue - slots items take Hey guys! I need your help with a tricky thing I'm trying to design. Basically, i'm trying to design some kind of multiproduction building, and messing a bit around with Reactors. So far, I havent had any result. I'm going to epxlain it. What I want to do is to modify the amount of Queue Slots X item takes. In the game, every item takes only 1 slot, and each unit with research or train ability is only able to train 1 item at a time unless modified. Let's say I want to create a building that is able to train 4 units at a time and I want to have a 12 queue limit. That's easily achiveable by creating and modifying a Queue ability. However, I want that different units take differnt sizes on the queue, so the actual production capability is dynamic. Let's say: I want to have a basic unit that only takes 1 queue slot, so 4 of them can be created at a time. No problem. I want to have a medium unit that takes 2 queue slots, so only 2 of them can be created at a time I want to have a big unit that takes 4 queue slots and won't start building untill every slot in progress stops. Is there a way to modify how much slots an item takes in train/research abilities? It should, but I cant find it. Basically something like cargo size but, for production. Default is 1 for everything. Also, which adjustements should I make to get a similar display like in cargo abilities so each unit takes vissually the slots they need to be produced? THanks in advance.JCoto7 Jul 21
Jul 20 Mappers' Circle Group Hey everyone, There's been an increase in interest for StarCraft II Mapping of various sorts, with the releases of mods like Heptacraft, tournaments like the ongoing TLMC and Rock the Cabinets fueling the flame. With this, I've gone and made a new discord channel called the Mapper's Circle, open to anyone interested in StarCraft II Mapmaking and Modding. Hopefully, this group will also allow for the expansion of other modifications like Brood War and DotA2. Ideally this server will be used as a friendly, progressive mapping theatre where people can give their maps some views and take some constructive criticism. This invite is open to the public, but keep in mind that I (and eventually others) will be moderating the server closely, so we won't be having repeat incidents from predecessor mapping groups. Just click this link and you'll be thrown into the discord group. If you aren't familiar with Discord, it's essentially the best of Skype and TS mixed together, much more optimized an organized. You do not need to download a client, it works on browsers, phones, but there is a client should you want it. https://discord.gg/cyCmptG If you are a blizzard representative that would like to join this group for map discussion with community novices and all-stars, please join the group and let us know who you are and we will assign you as a Bnet Representative. Thanks guys and happy mapping!IronManSC0 Jul 20
Jul 19 Why I liked Starcraft but now don't. The game was great while it ran in my computer without having to connect. Now I must connect to Battlenet when I have no interest in it. To make matters worse, there were many maps in the cds that I could play with and allowed me to save what I was doing if something came up. Now that is not there anymore. I'm not a teenayer and I have no desire to be ranked. All I wanted was entertainment and a scyfi story I could act in, not to be exposed to tension and a potential heart attack. You know, it was like reading a book and taking part in the story. Now it's like frustrating and it really is a pain. I'm trying to get the Swarm to function because I already bough it but it's the last time I buy any of your products. I wonder if your client base grew or if it's dwindling. I bet it's dwindling since you have made it impossible for people like me to play the game.Jibaro1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Mineralz survival editing! my goal is to make the days longer. I cant even find the map to open it! if someone could help me find the map in my computer, and then help me figure out how to increase the day time, that'd be awesome! thanks! 13Dyl1 Jul 19
Jul 18 Cannot log in to publish maps 10:09 pm 7/12/16 I cannot log in on the editor for some reason. It says "unknown error" followed by a few numbers that vary, eg 24583.somenoob1 Jul 18
Jul 16 Scrollwheel scroll sets Ability's Requirement Scrolling down within the Requirement selection list of an Ability's Command's editing dialog window will cause the selection to change. For example, it can change from 'None' to 'Learn Seeker Missiles', if you use the Wings of Liberty dependency. Steps to reproduce: 1. navigate to the ability tab and select an "effect - target" ability 2. open the "Ability Commands +" field, an editing dialog will appear 3. click on the "Execute" entry at the top of the dialog 4. move the mouse above the requirements list box and scroll downwards -> the selection changedAhli0 Jul 16
Jul 16 Testing a Mod does not apply the Mod I'm testing a Starbow mod version of February 2016. The default mod test map is a simple map without dependencies. Testing the mod makes the game only load the map, not the mod. I've attempted removing the "Test" folders in "Maps" and "Mods" subfolders of the installation. I've attempted to clear the map cache. Edit: There was no error message. So, I have no indication what could have been gone wrong.Ahli0 Jul 16
Jul 15 Custom maps and the new cooperatives assets Hello there, I'd like to know if it's possible to create/play on maps that make use of the cooperative assets (exclusive units/mechanics/building and the like). Does anyone know how and if this is possible?JoneGranko4 Jul 15
Jul 14 team heath bars I was wondering if you could have bars in the top two corners displaying the health of both teams xal-naga artifact. Is there a way?Ethan0 Jul 14
Jul 13 Validator telling if a unit is loaded. I need a way to tell if a ground unit is being transported by a medivac or something else. This will go alongside a validator for a buff to tell if the unit is in the water or not. If you haven't guessed I am trying to make a boat system. Please Help.Mechatron2 Jul 13
Jul 13 Map Editor says uploading but no progress Hi all, I've made and published three maps so far, and had no problems that weren't mentioned in errors. My step son just made a map under my instruction, corrected any errors that showed up, and then tried to publish. But every time we try to publish it just sits there. It doesn't do anything. And no errors show up. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Kevin2 Jul 13
Jul 13 Unable to upload map Now select the area may have been signed in the United States, but upload map shows 0% for one hour is still intact.ForgottenSin0 Jul 13