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1d Let's JaM! JaM iT Gaming is always looking for new people to play games with. Whether you are into team games or competitive we have that. We aren't as big as some of the clans but we are still very active. - We currently play in 2 team leagues ( CTL, VTL ) with future options of more. - Players from across the globe are on at various times. ( NA currently, EU coming soon ) - Members that play multiple other games as well. Even if its not to join the clan come check out our discord: GL HF, BLiTzDBLiTzD0 1d
1d <Umojan> Umojan Protectorate is recruiting I've had this clan name for a very long time, now with Umojan skins available I'm sure some of you would like to join. I'm tired of being in this clan solo so if you'd like to join hit me up! We're interested in versus and co-op players but anyones welcome. battlenet:://starcraft/clan/1/61706Abzu1 1d
Oct 8 erraced erasedgilthunder0 Oct 8
Oct 6 Team Justice / (J) Hey everyone! Team Justice is looking for some active starcraft gamers still that also play HotS, OW, Sc1, and more! Head on over to our discord and check us out! Member Count: Apprx 40 Team Justice is no longer a clan, but a team & also a community for gamers everywhere!Suplex0 Oct 6
Oct 6 The Art of Warfare [TAW] Recruiting The Art of warfare is a mature gaming community of over 2500 members featuring nearly 40 games ( Our SC2 division is looking for mature and active members of any skill level to join. What we offer in SC2: Activity- We host at least 2 events a week featuring 1v1 practices, tournaments, team games, arcade nights, clan wars, etc. Coaching - If you're looking to improve your game, we have designated members that are here to help you do just that. TeamSpeak - We have our own TS3 server allowing easy communications across all games. Cookies - We have cookies...they're delicious If any of this interested you, check us out at and if you decide to join, tell them RedRyder sent you ;)RedRyder79 Oct 6
Oct 6 so! if you wanna join a startup clan, I was in the big 5 in the past and was an officer in two of them. I grew bored of being part of the huge corporate clans that had 500+ members and I decided to downsize and be as small as possible so I started a fresh new startup clan. Clan tag is WytGirl so you know what to expect. now, our clan do a lot of philanthropy work as well as software research on SC2 AI bots. if WytGirl and AI interest you, you know you're in the right place. add me on SmrtAsianGuy#1934 and message me if you're interest.SmrtAsianGuy0 Oct 6
Oct 5 3700 Team MMR terran looking for clan Hello, I've been playing SC2 since WoL, and I am now looking for an English speaking clan of nice people to play ranked team ladder together and practice. I reached platinum in 1v1 a few times and team diamond league 23 times, playing 2v2, 3v3 and, now more frequently, 4v4. I no longer play solo as the pressure is just too big for me to enjoy the game. I usually play in the evenings, around 9 p.m. CEST on the European server, half or most days of the week. I am open to Skype communication or discord. My tag is Elebril#1401, feel free to send me a pm. For some reason my profile here on the forums is blank, dunno why. Gl hf all :)elebril2 Oct 5
Oct 5 Born Gosu is recruiting and we want YOU! Born Gosu is a passionate community of nerd ballers, united by the greatest game on earth, StarCraft 2. Our team is diverse and mature, having evolved throughout the life of StarCraft 2. Born Gosu originated in 2011 as a professional team, but disbanded in 2012. Our team was brought back to life in 2014 by an original member Matt (Yeezus). Born Gosu now focuses primarily on Chobo Team League, while developing current members and attracting new members for more competitive events such as Clan Wars, In house Leagues, Validity Star league, All In The Nydus ,Alpha Team League and so on. Here are a few words from our long-time members on why you should join BG Even though we primarily focus on Sc2, we are a community with different interests and we think everyone finds their place here We offer an active team with lots of varying opinions so there is always some theorycrafting going on, people are always looking to practice, fun environment to play and competitive experience through participating in competitive events such as : • ChoboTeamLeague ( Silver to Master 2 ) • Validity Star League ( Platinum to Diamond ) • All-inTheNydus ( Diamond to Master ) • Alpha Team League ( Master to Grandmaster) as well as • In-house tournaments & Clanwars For people who strive to get better at Starcraft 2, we offer: •Coaching sessions from our experienced players, •Practice partners, who assist in 1v1 sessions as well as •Peepmode practice sessions, which multiple people participate in on a regular basis. Still not convinced? Hop on our Discord and check us out! We hope to see you on! If you want more information message any Admin on our Discord Server.rzion7 Oct 5
Oct 5 Fever Clan Is Recruiting Greetings everyone , Fever Clan is looking to bolster our ranks in the Starcraft 2 community. We are however we are active across a range of games (Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Battlefield’s, Warframe, CS:GO, Evolve, Smite, ESO, DCUO, Rift, Minecraft, Rust, Path of Exile, and more!) , with members spanning the globe. It does not matter if you play casually or competitively we would love to have you on board. We care more about community than skill, we are here to have fun and enjoy the games we love with like-minded people. Some of the things we do are We currently hold an in-clan tournament every month, with each round to be played through a 7 day period,which includes as many as possible ( The Tournament is also open to Non clan members Go to for more information.) In-game coaching for players of all skill levels. Weekly game nights We Have A discord server with folks hanging out at all hours. Become a part of Fever in 5 easy steps: 1. Be at least 15 years of age 2. Register on our forums ( ) 3. Submit a simple application ( ) ( KAZIK for reference ) 4. Jump on the Discord server and await for one of the clan officers to Conduct a quick interview. ( ) 5. Accept Invite If you have any questions not answered here please feel free to add me on Kaz#1366 and lets chat and play. I found a really awesome group of people when I joined, a very helpful and friendly bunch. I Invite you to come discover what I did in Fever. Hope to see you soon, KazikKaz30 Oct 5
Oct 4 Dark Shield - Co op Focused Clan Hello everybody, I have a clan focused on playing co op and/or vs a.i with people who are not very skilled in Starcraft 2. I am willing to carry people on brutal including mutations. If you are interested, feel free to message me and send a invite. I look forward to playing with you all. Battle tag: Jacksonkill#11824jacksonkill0 Oct 4
Oct 3 MNBarcraft BlizzCon Event MNBarcraft is working on getting the local Barcraft scene going again. Join us to watch BlizzCon at the Nutmeg Brewhouse! We will be starting by watching The Pylon Show and the Starcraft II panel on Virtual Ticket so we can all see what's in store for both Starcraft games. Afterwards we will be watching the WCS semifinals and grand finals. This has been a crazy year with Serral taking every WCS Circuit event while every GSL Code S was claimed by Maru. Everyone is hoping to see the two of them face off but there are 14 other players who have put on great performances all year as well! While watching, please make the most of the drinks Nutmeg brew on location as well as some great food.(I highly recommend the Cod!) They have been very generous hosting the event and we hope this will be the first of many. Oct 3
Oct 2 Starcraft 2 Oceania Discord Community If you are from Oceania and are looking for a community of players who share your passion for Starcraft 2 then join our discord. We accept players of all ranks and skill levels. What we offer: - Friendly staff who are always willing to help. - A community passionate about Starcraft 2. - High level players who offer helpful advice for all races. - Competitive tournaments for all ranks. - And much more! Join here: Oct 2
Oct 1 Community Starcrat clan recruituing hello i am recruiting for my community "the syndicates" starcraft clan known as syndicate overmind. we're accepting everyone and anyone and have a massive overall community of 2000+ members across several games such as warframe and elder scrolls online. if you would like to join our clan or even just our community dm me on discord ๖ۣۜSloth#9540DeathBlade1 Oct 1
Sep 30 New Clan- new players/casuals focus. Hello all! Today i made a new clan called the Golden Newbz. I have recently gotten back into Starcraft II, I have never been very good at it, but i would love to have other people to practice with. My goal is to start a clan with like minded individuals who are about bronze-gold skill level. It seems to me that accessibility of this difficult to get into game would improve if there were more communities for those who are at a lower level of play but open to improving. My main focus is to get people who are down for practice matches/watching replays and generally trying to get better at the game. Also, it would be wonderful to have other people to group together with for the occasional 2v2 and/or coop match. I live in the US in the mountain time zone, i would prefer those who have schedules that would align with mine but i would welcome anyone :D. Dremenis#1221 p.s. tab key apparently broken...Dremenis13 Sep 30
Sep 27 LF Active Clan I'm a Platinum Protoss Player. I'm currently looking for a clan that's active. I guess that's about all I got. Bnet: Coniferous#1669 -Elohim-Elohim1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Sc2 discord Why are all the discord servers dead zones, I have been sitting on them for a week now and no one has been on, Art of war dead zone, Top Tire dead zone, Psionic aftermath dead zone, starcraft 2 OCE dead zone. Lots of dead discord channlesNightLight2 Sep 27
Sep 22 Psionic Aftermath is recruiting! All are welcome to join! We are especially looking for players to join our ranks for our team leagues, especially ATL EU. We have both an EU and NA team competition in this league and looking for D1/M3 players to join these ranks! We are also involved in a number of other team leagues like Chobo Team League, ATL NA, VTL and many more! Feel free to drop by our discord If you have any questions feel free to message me on discord or in game. Discord- SippyCup#3091 IGN- SippyCup#11696SippyCup0 Sep 22
Sep 20 New player looking for clan to go pro Im looking for a Clan that is willing to let a new player join and help me learn that game a bit more, my end goal is to go pro and i find that surrounding myself with people better then me is the way to goReach1 Sep 20
Sep 19 Community Founded in 2001 Now Recruiting The Art of Warfare wants you! TAW recruits mature players who seek a friendly environment to hone their skills, play in or cast tournaments, coach other players, play team games, or just have some fun with arcade games. Our core principles are: Respect, Communication, and Collaboration. We offer one of the world’s largest TeamSpeak 3 servers filled with active players daily, special in-house events, high level training, skilled practice partners, a full website and forum, your own email, in-game clan tag, and much more. To learn more or sign-up, visit or join us in our group channel in game: The Art of Warfare Community. *** TAW's StarCraft group consists of over 120 men and women that range in skill from Master to Bronze. Formed in 2001, TAW has grown into a community with over 2400 members spread across a dozen games. Made up of gamers worldwide who have come together with the common vision of honor, integrity, and fair play, TAW is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the greater good and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a clan of like-minded gamers, but find a family. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact vulkor@taw.netVulkor336 Sep 19
Sep 19 New player LF clan im looking for a chill clan who wont mind a noob. I play zerg. i need the group to be ok with it if i suddenly need to focus on IRL things. i want to get better at the game and learn how to become competitive. i can be quite intense on voice comms and some people wont like me.ThePillow3 Sep 19
Sep 18 Come Hang! - JaM iT Gaming JaM iT Gaming is always looking for new people to play games with. Whether you are into team games or competitive we have that. We aren't as big as some of the clans but we are still very active. - We currently play in 2 team leagues ( CTL, VTL ) with future options of more. - Players from across the globe are on at various times. ( NA currently, EU coming soon ) - Members that play multiple other games as well. Even if its not to join the clan come check out our discord: GL HF, BLiTzDBLiTzD2 Sep 18
Sep 17 TopTierPractice Discord Community Server We encourage players from all servers, races, and leagues to come check us out! We are a friendly collective of SC2 enthusiasts with 1700 members and growing. We have a large group of helpful members that are dedicated to assisting players grow and develop. The server mostly consists of players from NA / EU but welcome players from around the world to join. A few things you will find in TopTierPractice: -General discussion for all things Starcraft and not. -Volunteer and Professional coaching as well as replay analysis. -Tab for SC2 Mapmakers to receive feedback and critiques on their latest maps in developments. -Recruitment tab to find players for your clan. -Events tab to help you keep track of tournaments that are up and coming. Thanks for reading! Hope to see you in our community You can join using this link Sep 17
Sep 14 LF Group Hi, I was Diamond in a previous season, and am looking to get back into the game and be competitive again. I was almost masters in HotS and want to get back into the swing of things again and join a competitive clan to improve and get into masters. I would appreciate only offers of people who play every day and can give me reliable practice. I am a good practice partner for any race and hopefully will bring a good addition to any clan/squad. Thanks!InTuitioN2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Looking for Trainingsgroup 1v1 Hello, iam currently looking for a Group/or Single People that are Master 3 or Higher to do some chill 1v1 and try out new tactics and train for Ladder. The Goal is to find 2-5 People to do some 1v1 with Observers and/or analyze the Replay after the Games to find mistakes in Macro Micro and mostly Game Sense( reading builds and knowing if your ahead or behind). Iam Protoss and it would be nice to have at least 1 More Player for every Race. If your Intrested add my Trainings Account LordSchnabel#21255.Manc2 Sep 14
Aug 28 Looking for Practice Partners Group/Clan Hi, Im relatively new to sc2, although i started being interested in sc2 when WOL came out when a friend of mine was really good at it and i was in awe of the game. I never played because i didnt have the money at the time to buy the full game, and eventually forgot about it. Fast-Forward years later and now im playing sc2 pretty regularly. Im a gold 1 random player, after playing for about a month. It took a lot of work to get here, a lot of vods, helpful people in the community, my clan, and constant practice. Im looking for a discord, group, community, or clan(that doesn't mind im in a clan, i owe a lot to them thankfully) that has practice partners of suitable skill levels, where i can play some fun games when i want to try something new or haven't played in a bit, and need a few refreshers. I often have days where i dont have time to play, or simply dont want the stress of ladder. Im currently in a masters/diamond clan that has high hopes for me, im not sure its well warranted, but whatever, i love this game. Look forward to playing some games with u guys. Cheers, AngryPieLoveAngryPieLove2 Aug 28
Aug 22 Looking for a competitive clan Back to the game from a long break. Looking for a clan to get back into the swing of things.ElectrPlumbr1 Aug 22
Aug 19 Are there any active co-op clans? I'm looking for a clan that likes to play co-op and that is okay with playing with someone who isn't quite "good." Okay, I'm kind of slow to build up and I kind of suck. But I LOVE to play. It's always loads of fun! Have mercy on this 37 year old and extend to me an offer! Thanks in advance!PaddysPub1 Aug 19
Aug 19 New Co-Op Clan I found it exceedingly difficult to find a clan for co-op/versus A.I. gameplay. I don't play everyday but i do play pretty often. Anyone wanting an invite to my new clan Squiggz Elite Casuals just leave a comment here with your user nameCaptainsquig43 Aug 19
Aug 16 Ghosts with Knives, come say hi! STARCRAFT 2 PLAYERS! We are GHOSTST WITH KNIVES, a brand new sc2 clan looking for members. We are looking for active members that are dia+, but we are definitely open to lower ranks if you are open to learning more! While you're not laddering, have some fun with clanmates with custom games so we can learn from each other! Some of the activities we are going to do are: 1) Tournaments for real $$$ 2) Clan Wars 3) Tutoring 4) In House Tournaments 5) Good Vibes If your CLAN wants to go to !@#$ing WAR, %^-*ing bring it and pm me! If you are a CASTER looking for some dope !@#$ to host, hit me up! If you just want someone to give you a warm hug, we got those too! The name is YoungAvenger#1309 on sc2 The name is YoungAvenger#4740 on discordYoungAvenger1 Aug 16
Aug 14 Competitive Team Looking for New Players Hey All, Ris3n Competitive is looking to bolster it's roster for the upcoming ATL season. We are looking for M1 and above. Please contact me on Discord of you are interested. StillFly#6856StillFly0 Aug 14
Aug 13 NA Player looking for Multiplayer Clan Looking for an NA Clan focused on team play in 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 matchups. If anyone is doing this gimme a reply. ThanksAnson0 Aug 13
Aug 12 Portland Players Portland, Oregon Hey! Looking for anyone who plays here locally. I'd love to get some 2v2 going. Also, I kinda wanted to start a sc2 podcast. Anybody interested? If you're not in portland and still love the game send me a shout. I love this sc2. Let's play.Glenfiddich3 Aug 12
Aug 12 Colorado Gamers Community Social group for Blizzard gamers all over Colorado, USA. Welcome to all especially if you are from, currently living in, or have any connections, ties, or interests in the state of Colorado. Aug 12
Aug 8 24 Hours left to signup for Alpha! Hello all! It's not too late to register for Alpha Team League! Signups end at 3pm eastern tomorrow. Please register your clan at and review the rules for each division!!StillFly0 Aug 8
Aug 8 4700 MMR Terran looking for group Was out of the game for a while and then race swapped from zerg to terran at the end of Heart of the Swarm and just looking for guys to improve with to reach GM before I get too old.Marineboy2 Aug 8
Aug 7 PSISTORM Community is recruiting! Hello everyone, PSISTORM Community is currently looking for players of all skill levels. Our main activities include: * In-house tournaments that serve as practice * Team league participation including PSISTORM Gaming Team League, All-In The Nydus league, and Alpha Team League. * Hanging out in our Discord server and talking about all things Starcraft related. The team is based in NA but we have EU players as well. If you are interested in the team, please fill out the application form below! If we believe you will be a good fit on the team, we will contact you. When applying, please put your correct Discord information (Name#1234 for example). It's our method of contacting you. Thanks! Aug 7
Aug 3 LiT eSports - Now Recruiting Lost in Translation is a multi-game community with over 400 members across WoW, LoL, Starcraft, PubG and Hearthstone. Our Admin Team works to provide a place that provides an atmosphere for members to game, improve, and have fun. SC2 Involvement? -Clan Wars -Tournaments -Practice Partners -PGTL -Chobo Team Leauge -RSTL -SC2 Alpha Team League Want to check us out? Hop on our Discord to see what we're all about: . We can guarantee that you won't find another clan like us. Here's a few words from our members on why LiT is different than their previous clan: -A lot of people in different time zones and the ability to contact anyone fast and make friends. -People. Just a larger group of people to pool from when wanting to play a game. -Very friendly and active admins, warm welcomes and greetings in Discord start things off strong and comforting <3 -More active and competitive. We hope to see you on! Feel free to message any Admin or Game Ops for more information on our Discord. -KinGoFBlunts Aug 3
Aug 1 I need a co-op based clan I'm looking for a clan that likes to play co-op and that is okay with playing with someone who isn't quite "good." Okay, I'm kind of slow to build up and I kind of suck. But I LOVE to play. It's always loads of fun! Have mercy on this 37 year old and extend to me an offer! Thanks in advance!PaddysPub0 Aug 1
Aug 1 Gamer Dad LFC Hey Mates! I am a dad of 3 with a crazy schedule but I love to play Starcraft. I am looking for a group to learn with as well as have some healthy competition. Let me know if you have a place for me.LoLo2 Aug 1
Jul 29 Looking for new clan Top Plat tier 1 Diamond 3 few seasons back into form aiming to get into an active and friendly clan if they have clan wars and events is a plus. Terran main, but also played random and hit Diamond on all servers.TyranT2 Jul 29
Jul 26 Need a clan? JaM iT Gaming JaM iT Gaming is a 2 year old clan formally known as Star Guardians [sGx2]. We started as casual but also have evolved a competetive side as well. Some of our members play in a few different leagues representing themselves as well as our community. We accept anyone whether you are first timer or a seasoned veteran. If you want group games, we have that. If you want to get better and play in leagues, we have that. Team mates in numerous other blizzard titles and other games, we have that. Even if you don't join the clan come join our growing community! Discord: - There is always someone on to answer any questions or to JaM a few games.BLiTzD0 Jul 26
Jul 23 =[LHR]= | website | events | ranks Join the Family LHR Website Looking For People Thats Speak English all around the world ______________________________________________________________________ Group Info There are no written rules (basically don’t be a Dichead) The group is mostly filled with people above the age of 18-30 There is a ranking system We have a discord server The LHR has a website We have weekly Events (1-3 Times a week) We are a casual and competitive clan______________________________________________________________________ If you would like to become a member of the LHR StarCraft 2 Family. Visit our website or discord Website: Discord: Jul 23
Jul 22 Perseverance Gaming Hello all, So I am at it again, wanting to make a team that can participate in the third season of Validity Team League, and possibly Alpha as well. PerG is looking for players Gold - Masters. I am looking to make a team of chill players who are looking to get their feet wet in a little competitive fun. All ages welcome, I am 27 myself, so maybe looking towards the older crowd? All are welcome however. Add me on StarCraft for more details! MrWhispers#11746GatoRBooTs1 Jul 22
Jul 21 Ris3n is recruiting Hey all, Risen from the Ash3s is looking for more top Diamonds and low Masters players for a new and upcoming Alpha Team League Division for Americas players starting in August. There are opportunities to play both on the clans team and our competitive team. Please add me on StarCraft for more details StillFly#11290 Or find me on our Discord server! Jul 21
Jul 21 Looking for a Clan or Group. My goal is to improve and win tournaments. Who can help me achieve that?.MyOhMind1 Jul 21
Jul 19 Psionic Aftermath (PsiX) is now recruiting! Psionic Aftermath (PsiX) is now recruiting! We are looking for high level players to take part in our many tournaments (Wardi TV team league, Chobo Team League, and many clan wars). We only want very active players that want to participate in team events. We currently have a mostly diamond+ team with several high masters and GM's. We are are very serious team looking for serious players! Hit me up in game JediZealot#1303 or look up our clan PsiX and search members page to reach an officer. We look forward to hearing from you.JediZealot3 Jul 19
Jul 16 Alpha Amateur Team League Greetings! Alpha Team league is working on expanding it's presence on the Americas server. Starting on ~July 25th, signups will open up for a new Amateur Division of Alpha Team League for Americas. This league is geared towards Diamond 1, Masters 3 and Masters 2 players, and will have an MMR Cap somewhere between 4800-4900. Please join the ATL Discord and find me for more details on how to get your team involved! Don't have a team but want to play? Join the discord and see if there are any teams looking for more players!! See what is currently going on in ATL here!! ) This is where you will be able to find signups in the future).StillFly0 Jul 16
Jul 15 The Nameless [NA] Social, Mature Community Website - Discord - Hello everyone! The Nameless is a casual, social and mature community recruiting for Starcraft. Many of our members are older, have families and work. We are looking for like-minded players who are looking for a place to chill and have fun. What are we searching for? Social, mature players who like to play VS AI, CO-OP, and eventually some in-house tournaments and seasons. This will all be in good fun - nothing stressful or raging. Just a good time for all of us involved. Our clan in-game is extremely small at the moment, and so we are searching for players who are patient while we build up our numbers, We also want players who will be social in Discord chats / voice. It's important for our members to be social here, and promoting that will help with personal promotions within the community. Not playing Starcraft but want to be on Discord anyway? All good! We have people who play all types of different games. Feel free to play whatever you like, and chill on Discord with us while you do. I hope to meet with you all soon! Seronic, Community Lead.Seronic0 Jul 15
Jul 15 Looking for Friends/Clan I just got a computer again and am trying to hop back on Starcraft. I'm a super social gamer and like to have fun. I have Discord, love to chat during games. Let me know if you have a fun group! Also I'm in the USA, if time zones are relevant.Tula2 Jul 15