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May 28 Team Gosu Gaming Recruiting Good Afternoon Starcraft Family, Can't get your RL friends to stop playing fortnite? Solo Ladder got you down? Random teammates in team ladder donating all your MMR? Well then come join Team Gosu Build. We're an active North American Starcraft Clan always looking for more people to join us. We host clan wars with other communities. We have an internal ladder for funsies. We always seem to have somebody online who's willing to join for team games, peep mode (with or without active coaching), or even take a look at a replay and offer advice. Our current skill level ranges from Gold to GM, though the bulk of our players are Plat - D1. If your interested come and check us out: May 28
May 27 Vithar Brood looking for fresh larva Me and a few friends decided to start up a new clan with the hopes of having an active pool of players for team ladder, events, co-op, and arcade. If you are a lonely Zerg in need of a brood then you are welcome to join us. Our strength is in numbers. You must have the following qualities: Americas region, Zerg main, English speaker Discord: *You will not have permission to view anything until you are assigned a role.Devour0 May 27
May 26 Fallen Esports [Fall] Recruiting! Hello StarCrafters! I represent Fallen Esports which is a brand new clan that is looking for active rad people to join! Ranks Bronze to Grandmaster are welcomed to join, ill give some more info below! Why join? Even though we are a couple days old, we have already hit 18 members! Fallen (Fall) Esports was founded by myself, and WCS contender Raiden and we are on the look out of players of all skills and caliber to join. This includes from Master 1 to GM's as we are always looking out for experienced pros to help build an improving quality clan! Benefits of joining < Fall > ? The benefits of joining Fallen Esports includes... • Highly skilled players to help players improve • Rapidly growing active discord • Players who enjoy team games such as 2v2s + (and arcade – Co op) • Always opportunities to grow as a member or fit into an officer/ admin position • We feature all our streamers in discord to help identify yourself in the Twitch Community Contact info + Discord Here is my contact info below, please join our server if interested to join as a member or just chill out! Discord server: Discord User: oo#0982 Blizzard User: Stealzy#11950 Thanks for reading, I hope to see you! Peace.Stealzy1 May 26
May 20 Team Gosu large active clan recruiting! I haven't been in the clan all that long and already I've played in many clan wars and helped bring Team Gosu to a grand finals between two clans. I have played in many settle the beef matches (in house ladder). I have been coached by several great people, I have an arch rival(friendly) in our clan, along with so many friends. So if you are tired of trying to find people to play with or are just looking for a fun community, then you have come to the right place. Team Gosu has many things to offer such as, an in-house ladder system (Settle the Beef), we are in numerous clan leagues, offer free coaching once a week to all ranks, we are a 1v1 focused clan but most of us still enjoy team games and arcade games. We are strong in numbers and would love for that to grow! We have people in all ranks, so don’t be afraid or think you are too good. this is our discord. Talk to any Battlecruiser, coach, or mod to be invited into the clan within the gamePureVoltage2 May 20
May 19 The Art Of Warfare - Founded 2001 Recruiting TAW recruits players who seek to be part of an environment where you can improve and have a good time. Our goal is to provide a unique community and an enjoyable experience for both the more casual player and the more competitive player. TAW was formed in 2001 and is a large community with around 2000 members and 40+ games, the StarCraft II division consists of about 80 of those members across both EU and NA. We offer one of the world’s largest TeamSpeak 3 servers where we organize weekly events including practice, tournaments, team games, coop and arcade games depending on what you prefer. What you can expect from TAW: Maturity, Respect, Friendship and Organized Leadership. Join a clan of like-minded gamers, but find friends you can consider family. *** To learn more or sign-up, you can visit You can also reach us by joining our Discord and asking any questions you might have: *** Due to the original recruitment post info being outdated, we opened a new one. If you want to read up on the experiences that members have shared over the last years follow the link: and If you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact the members listed below. Contact info: Dreamus - - (Discord: Dreamus#7381) Cruelrichard - Cruelrichard@taw.netDreamus19 May 19
May 19 Clans should be disbanded if inactive Clans should be disbanded if the Creator/Lieutenants are inactive for ~1 year. I see all to often that there are a lot of good clan tags out there where the Creator and most if not all the members are inactive for years. Thus making the clan tag wasted. Tags such as GoSu, which I figure would otherwise be a very popular clan tag is wasted because the Creator and all its members have been inactive on Starcraft for over 6 years. I think clans whose Creator/Lieutenants have been inactive for 6 months - 1 year should be automatically disbanded. The clan tag should be up for grabs, so people who actually play the game can be apart of a clan with a good tag.Boden3 May 19
May 19 GM Protoss LF Active Clan Hey everyone, to save you reading here is my intro summed up... IGN: Stealzy#11950 MMR: Sitting around 5.5k. How active: Never seen the sun. Weaknesses: Fear of bears. Strengths: Healthy fear of bears. Why do turtles have shells?: Because they are British. Where from?: Australia maaate. Discord or TS3: Prefer TS3, but discords cool. What is your favorite prequel StarWars movie and why is it The Phantom Menace : Yes. Thanks for reading.Stealzy4 May 19
May 18 Asymmetric LFM! Hey all I've started a discord community awhile ago due to the lack of clans/teams/groups of people in my time playing SC2. I've scowered many forums, lobbies, and LFG websites to find people to play with and I could never find one that remained active. In turn i've started a place where casuals to hardcore can hang out and play. Over the course of a few weeks numbers rised from 3 to 100+ highly active players where there isn't a day i'm not playing with new friends and members. I just wanted to extend an invitation to all who is looking for the same thing. Discord link. Community Information - All players are welcome. - Weekly Tournaments ranging from 1v1's, archons, teams, etc (Prizes included). - Currently forming Teams to hold clan wars and in-house scrims. - Provide free coaching/tutoring to all ranks. - Tournaments are streamed and any individuals who want to practice casting is welcome.Ryzu0 May 18
May 17 PSISTORM Community is recruiting! PSISTORM Community (the community team of PSISTORM Gaming) is looking for more members to join its small, tight-knit team. We're seeking new, active players to really ramp up our team activity! Our team activities include: Weekly/Bi-weekly inhouse tournaments Participation in various team leagues Hanging out and chilling in chat, talking about SC2 and other random topics Team games/custom games (based on availability) If you'd like to join the team, please fill out the application form here: Unsure about joining us right away? No problem! You can still join our Discord server and hang out with us, to get a feel for what we're like. Just click the link here: May 17
May 9 Ris3n is Recruiting Hey all, Risen from the Ash3s and Ris3n Competitive are looking for a few more players interested in working with a cool group of dudes at some competitive play. Add me on Discord if you're looking for a friendly, inclusive yet competitive team! StillFly#6856StillFly0 May 9
Apr 25 Scions of BlightBane recruiting! Hey there! My clan, Scions of BlightBane (or SoBB) are recruiting! We're pretty small right now (only 2 people) But we do it all! We mess around with Arcade, Coop, Campaign, Versus, etc! If you're interested, feel free to add me on Blizzard! HuSoldier999#1936HuSoldier0 Apr 25
Apr 25 The Art of Warfare is Recruiting now The Art of Warfare Recruitment for TAW in the Starcraft 2 Division. TAW or The Art Of Warfare is one of the biggest gaming comunities in the world with over 1900 members world wide and more the 20 games. We provide gamers who have no real clans with a fun, relaxing and mature environment. generally we use Teamspeak which is no more then a 3 minute download so that you would have to have a mic and a fairly good understanding in english (just have to be able to speak it) we would love to have you onboard with TAW. does not matter where you're from or what Race or League you are everyone is always welcome at TAW. Sign up at and join us in the hunt for paragon levels and primals. all members must be the age of 16 or older to join. please do check us out since this is a great environment for all gamers doesn't matter if you are casual or a serious gamer. If you have any more questions you can most likly find anwsers on the TAW website whitch you can wisit at or send me and email at Kind Regards WarzoneTripleThreat0 Apr 25
Apr 24 Team 'Lost in Translation' is recruiting! Greetings All! Lost in Translation eSports Community is now recruiting for new members from the EU region! We are currently looking for new players ranked Platinum+ for competitive games (EU Alpha Team League & Clan Wars etc) however if u don't want to compete you are more than welcome to just join and have some fun in the game of StarCraft 2 with our members whatever your league and experience. We are a group of over 600 players and although our main focus is StarCraft 2 we have members spread across other games such as HoS, CSGO, PUBG etc. We operate out of our public Discord ( and have a lot of events that you can be apart of! Regarding our SC2 Division, we have over 200 members from bronze to GM, who are ready to welcome you and are more than happy to help you improve your game! We hope you can join us and be part of a great team. We look forward to welcoming you! Discord contacts: LiT Ferral#1409 BNet: Syndrone#2300TroopER0 Apr 24
Apr 23 Inviting to clan pysics Anyone free to join no skill needed just a clan where everyone can hang out and play just complete this survey and you will be invited. Apr 23
Apr 23 CAN SOMEONE INVITE ME PLZ I really want some starcraft clan to invite me please, because i would like a banner next to my command center please anyone?.NAZAR0 Apr 23
Apr 23 Team Nexus Looking For Members! Introduction Hello everyone, to make this short and sweet... me and some friends have decided to make a competitive 1v1/ teams clan where we will do lots of practice, have clan wars, and compete in minor/ major leagues here and there! We have our own Discord for the best communication for our team members! Requirements - As we are a competitive team, we require all players to be ranked in 1v1 and have more then 30 games completed by the end of the season. - Must be Diamond 3 + ! If you are in Platinum 1 and confident in reaching Diamond then feel free to message me! - Must be active and remain within clan chat in game. - Please try and be active within discord server! - No BM to own teammates. Why join Team Nexus? 1. Team Nexus is going to be a tight knit community and we are going to strive to be the most talented, active clan in the community! 2. Our officers including myself have lots of experience in running clan/ semi pro teams. 3. We are going to run weekly clan wars when we get the numbers! 4. As we are brand new, we are looking for Discord moderators and in game clan officers! 5. We will feature all our streamers in discord! 6. We will run daily team games or 1v1 practice! 7. Free coaching all around, our 1 collective goal is to get better! Contact info If you are at all interested in becoming our first members then please feel free to message me or reply to here! Bnet ID: Nick#111937 Discord: N!CK#1517 I hope we have peaked you interests! Gl Hf In your games!Nick0 Apr 23
Apr 22 Iranian or Arabic players Is anyone could speak in Farsi or Arabic languages?Cybernetix0 Apr 22
Apr 18 Looking For Lower Leauge Players To Help Out Introduction Hello everyone, I have just started a brand new group by the name of "The coaching corner", and as of now we are recruiting! I plan to make it a Place where new players and lower league players are able to learn while getting coaching as well. With 1 on 1 coaching with me and taking part in some friendly Peepmode games as well as Team-Games, . It doesn't matter what race or rank you are, you are welcomed. I would like to grow a friendly community, that enjoys helping one another learn! Requirements Just be Nice mannered and whiling to work hard and try your best! Contact Feel free to join the Discord ( ) If you do not know how to copy and paste a link just left click to the right of the discord link and hold the down the click drag over the link until it is highlighted then click CTRL+C and open Discord and go to join server then to paste in the link. Click CRTL+V. Or you can just DM via Discord before joining ( N!CK#1517 ) Or you can add me on StarcraftII my info is ( Nick#111937 ) In closing Hopefully I have peeked your interest! I hope to see you there! GL HF In Your Games![u][/u]Nick0 Apr 18
Apr 15 New Terran, Protoss, Zerg banners, locked? Greetings! The new TPZ banners can be unlocked though completing the campaign and mission pack achievements. I already completed those to 100%. I wonder why it is still locked.AgentX0 Apr 15
Apr 14 BB PumpedFrosT6 Apr 14
Apr 14 InVain eSports Looking For Members Introduction Hello everyone, my friend and I have just started a brand new Clan by the name of InVain eSports, and as of now we are recruiting! We plan to make <iVe> a competitive Clan with Peepmode nights, Team-Game nights, as well as Coaching nights. It doesn't matter what race or rank you are, you are welcomed. We are aiming to grow a competitive Clan, that is willing to help others in the said Clan on improving there Gameplay. Requirements 1: You Must Be Placed In A League. (It does not matter what you're league is, we just ask that you have at least 10-20 games, at least) 2: Join Our Discord. (Be active as much as you can) 3: If You Are On Starcraft II, We Ask That You Stay In Clan Chat. 4: Be Respectful. 5: No Bad Manner. Contact Info Hopefully we have peeked your interest! If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to reply here or DM the leaders on Discord: Discord N!CK#1517 RZWolfz#9324 SC2: Nick#111937 BloodWolfy#11204Nick0 Apr 14
Apr 12 new player looking for some wisdom Hi community, i'm a new player looking for someone to teach me or a group to practice. see ya. thanks, danke, gracias,merci :P GO PROTOSS!!!!!Chalas0 Apr 12
Apr 12 .::.: JaM iT Gaming :.::. JaM iT Gaming is always looking for new people to game with. We play in a couple competitive leagues as well as have members that play a.i, co-op, and arcade. Consisting of players of all ranges of ranks there is always someone to practice with. Come check us out! Apr 12
Apr 8 Excellence Gaming - Super Active Clan! Hello everyone, Everyone over at Excellence Gaming are amazing people and we are looking to expand on that vibe. We are recruiting any level of players, our roaster ranges from Bronze to GM. We are a competitive/ casual ladder clan with peepmode nights and team games as well as weekly ( sometimes more ) Clan Wars! I Hope to see ya'll out there rocking the Excel logo soon! Requirements As cool as it sounds and as exciting it would be to become some OG members of Excel, we only need three small things from you if you decide to join! 1. Must stay active 2. Join our discord 3. Be respectful Contact Info HypErKIZ#1931 ( Discord ) ratimus#9360 ( Discord ) Yaej#4251 ( Discord ) HypErKiZ#11388 ( BattleTag ) Ratimus #11102 ( BattleTag ) Yaej#1738 ( BattleTag )HypErKiZ1 Apr 8
Apr 8 Looking for clan war partners Clan Legion looking for clan war partners, Preferable Sundays at 7:00PM est but we can be flexible. Our team Is made of mostly Diamond and Masters player. Please send a message to my account or leave a reply here if you are interested or want more information. My account is gsbet#1884. Thanks, Gsbet and clan Legion. P.S we are also recruiting, feel free to ask about that as well.gsbet4 Apr 8
Apr 7 LFC/ Zerg coach I just got into sc2, I use to play sc1 but I was 12 so I didn’t have knack for strategy lol! On that note I’m looking to improve. I learn fast and I’ll be active just about every day. I’m pretty chill and I’m not bothered by trolls. Just don’t steal my orange color and I won’t betray you XPSilica2 Apr 7
Apr 5 Life's a Glitch Life's a Glitch is new and recruiting!! A brand new team on SC2, looking to recruit players who want to join a diverse community, and create a team on Starcraft to participate in leagues such as: ATL, AitN, CTL, VTL. The goal is to create a team that is competitive, pushes each other to improve and creates a welcoming environment. Players of all skill levels welcome! If you're be interested in joining or have any questions please feel free to add me on Bnet Doombulge#1459 or join the community discord and read #welcome!KillJoy8 Apr 5
Apr 5 LFC Protoss D3 LFC - Protoss D3 Hi, I am a Diamond 3 Protoss trying to climb the ladder to Masters. I'd like to join a clan to have some constructive criticism to my game. Good to go with discord.Snivy2 Apr 5
Apr 1 Team Guardians sucht Sc2 Spieler Team Guardians öffnet seine Tore für Sc2 ( ) Wir erwarten : - ein alter von 18+ - Teamspeak + Headset - Skill von Platin 1 - Master - aktivität und kritikfähigkeit Wir bieten : - engagiertes Management - Trainingseinheiten - Teamspeak Server - Sponsoren für Lan's etc. Wenn wir deine Interesse geweckt haben, melde dich doch bitte bei mir ingame : Uthiii#2132RoyalZUthi0 Apr 1
Mar 28 Out of retirement (wol/hots.) lfc Hello, my name is herp (herp#1919) I started sc2 back in wol and played hots and left towards the middle of it. When I left sc2 I got into diamond, as a returning player who's been playing off and on for a week or two I have been place into plat and want to get better. I would like to join a clan that plays mainly NAW (north america west) I have discord and play most days. (discord Luci#8884) Real life stats. Name: Ryan. Age:22. Height : Six foot one. Race:Zerg...kappa...white. Marital status: Married.herp1 Mar 28
Mar 27 Join Excel! Introduction Hello everyone, my friend and I have just started a brand new team called Excellence Gaming and as of now we are recruiting! We plan to make [Excel] a competitive/ casual ladder clan with peepmode nights and team games and it doesn't matter what race or rank you are, you are most welcomed. We are going to be aiming to become one of the most talented and active communities in all of SC! Requirements As cool as it sounds and as exciting it would be to become some OG members of Excel, we only need three small things from you if you decide to join! 1. Must stay active 2. Join our discord 3. Be respectful Contact Info Hopefully we have peeked your interest! If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to reply here or DM the leaders on Discord: Yaej#4251 ratimus#9360 SC: Yaej#1738 Ratimus #11102Yaej18 Mar 27
Mar 25 New clan So new player here but looking for some players who want to join a scifi clan not just in SC2 but expand into other games as well. Pc and xbox one. Maybe ps4 . You can get to my discord from Https:// and chat about it. I need some leadership and casual / competitive players.RaZoRbLaDe0 Mar 25
Mar 24 kk llllFrosT1 Mar 24
Mar 22 Looking For Clan Wars Hello there, Excellence Gaming is actively looking to arrange clan wars with any clan interested If you are at all interested a few things of note before hand: - We are capable of having a clan war of any rank. - We prefer weekends and use the typically EST time zone when organising. - We will be streaming and recording the event. To contact us please contact via SC2 or discord Discord - Ratimus#9360 - RZWolfz#9324 - Chenzo#4444 - Zesty Viking (carp)#8706 Sc2 Contact any of the officers or leaders of the following clans; [Excel] [Excell] [EGPro] Ratimus#11102 Jylo#11231SuperKing0 Mar 22
Mar 21 GRU Recruiting for Starcraft II Games Rise Up is now recruiting for StarCraft II, a little bit about us; We have an extremely active discord, players always coming in to get coached or coach. We have two cash tournaments a month, one for masters players and one for D2 and below. Both have a prize pool of at least 100 dollars, 50 going to the winner. We also do Chobo league and many others events. It's a friendly atmosphere and toxicity is not permitted. If you are interested and like to compete, this is the perfect team for you. There is a lot going on in the clan always and if you are an active player feel free to send me a message or reply here your interest. Thanks, ~SkySky1 Mar 21
Mar 17 Portland Players Portland, Oregon Hey! Looking for anyone who plays here locally. I'd love to get some 2v2 going. Also, I kinda wanted to start a sc2 podcast. Anybody interested? If you're not in portland and still love the game send me a shout. I love this sc2. Let's play.Glenfiddich9 Mar 17
Mar 10 Diamond/Platinum Terran LF new active clan Looking for a new and active clan to join I don't care much for level I just want to be able to have fun and do some 2's,1v1's, and co-op. I am a tier 2 Diamond on my secondary account which I've been training on and close to masters so any coaching appreciated. Also mannered group of people preferred I'm on every weekend TyranTGamer #1810 thanks if you post ill look you guys up and get in contact if able.TyranT1 Mar 10
Mar 10 2v2 partner looking for dedicated 2v2 partner im diamond looking to get into masters I play zerg live in central time zone on around 8pm to 12at midnight and varies during the dayHungover1 Mar 10
Mar 8 JaM iT is recruiting! JaM iT Gaming is always looking for new people to game with. We play in a couple competitive leagues as well as have members that play a.i, co-op, and arcade. Consisting of players of all ranges of ranks there is always someone to practice with. Come check us out! Mar 8
Mar 8 Wanting To Find New Friends To Play SC With Hello I am in search for some new friends to play some Starcraft with, I don't really play 1v1 any more I have gotten all the Versus achievements. And I am now just playing team games as well as Co-Op, if you are looking in finding a new person to play with then please feel free to add me, ( Nick#111937 ) I am also looking in joining a clan, so if there is any that are open and are recruiting then please say so. You can also add my Discord as well ( N!CK#1517 ) Thank you for your time in reading this. Gl Hf In Your Games ~NickNick1 Mar 8
Mar 7 Looking for Zerg Coach/Mentor Hey guys, I've recently gotten back into the game and started my way up the 1v1 ladder with Zerg. I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to play some casual games and help teach me how to play the Zerg more efficiently (game transitions, build orders, counters, etc.) I try to be on daily to get a few games in. I'm in the EST and work 2pm to roughly 10:30. Thanks in advance for any and all help you all give. Good Luck and Have Fun!CyanideFury2 Mar 7
Mar 6 Looking for a Clan to play wars and such with just as the title says. i used to be plat but just recently got back into the game and have to work my way back up and want to join a clan to play withXzibit1 Mar 6
Mar 6 Sweden SVENSKA SPELARE Hi, In Wings of Liberty I happened to stumble upon a few players from Sweden. We had skype group calls, played tournaments, analyzed games together and basically had the time of our lives. Now I am searching for something similar so if there's anyone from SVERiGE please holler!!! Jag älskar er! /MirzaPHLOK1 Mar 6
Mar 6 Arcade & Casual play I'm just an awful SC player who is slowly and casually getting better but loves to Arcade a lot on fun game modes. Anyone wanna add me? Mayfloof#1274Mayfloof0 Mar 6
Mar 2 Looking for clan. Hello, I’m looking for an active clan or a newly made clan. Why? I find most clans in SC have half the members offline that don’t play so new teams would be cool because they would of had to recruit players who are still playing. However, I will be loyal as long as the leaders or officers are pushing to grow. ^^ Reply here your blizz thingy and I’ll add it. Not interested in... Risen from the Ashes (Arcade clans) TAW Allin Basically clans that require you to register or sign up to a website lol.Loki0 Mar 2
Feb 23 Rage 2nd Gen is recruiting **Register on our website and join our Discord if you are interested in becoming a member of the R2G family**: Website: Discord: Clan R2G (**Rage 2nd Gen**) is looking for people to become loyal members of our community. We are a multi-gaming clan with a heavy focus on interaction between our members. We support 17+ games in the form of different Divisions so if you'd like to join other Divisions in the clan you may do so as well. We want people who are active and social, not ones looking for another Discord tab to mute. We are looking for people who want to contribute and participate in our clan, and people who do so will go up in ranks and earn more privileges. Members are able to contribute in a number of ways. We are looking for people to be active on the forums, recruit, stream, make content for YouTube, help out with the clan website, etc.. As added incentive to help us grow our community, for each new recruit you refer, you get an entry into a raffle to ** win a random steam game code or a mystery skin** (your choice). We have a Twitch team that auto-hosts that members are welcome to join as well as a Streamer rank on Discord that puts you at the top of the member list. Twitch team: We are looking for people who want to come talk on Discord. You must have a working microphone. We prefer that our members be 16+ years of age. We have a **Military Ranking Hierarchy ** and we are looking for **Commanding Officers** to become **Division Leadership** for other games.Kenesen0 Feb 23
Feb 23 Looking for active ladder clan Hey all, I’ll make this short and sweet. I am a very active Diamond 1 Protoss and Zerg and a Diamond 2 Terran. Protoss is my favourite race as I love lasers and laziness, I love 1v1ing and practising and allowing myself to learn and grow as a player. What I would love to aim for is consistent clan wars and practise parties or even 2v2s etc... I absolutely don’t mind to be on a fairly new team and help it grow as long as the fresh clan is actually trying to grow! Last thing, I as much as I would love an active clan with discord and all of that. I really don’t want to be apart of a team that is huge but doesn’t really play SC2 or any other blizzard games. Contact Info Discord: Theory#8375 Bliz: Jylo#11231 Or just reply here, I will check regularly! Thanks for time, have a nice day. :)Theory4 Feb 23
Feb 23 i (deleted)Yaej1 Feb 23
Feb 22 Looking for 3's/4's partners Hey guys, currently looking for 3's/4's partners! Add my account- Shadow#119403! Down to play whenever, prefer Platinum+ players! Will use Discord as a way of communication! Feb 22