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19h New Clan- new players/casuals focus. Hello all! Today i made a new clan called the Golden Newbz. I have recently gotten back into Starcraft II, I have never been very good at it, but i would love to have other people to practice with. My goal is to start a clan with like minded individuals who are about bronze-gold skill level. It seems to me that accessibility of this difficult to get into game would improve if there were more communities for those who are at a lower level of play but open to improving. My main focus is to get people who are down for practice matches/watching replays and generally trying to get better at the game. Also, it would be wonderful to have other people to group together with for the occasional 2v2 and/or coop match. I live in the US in the mountain time zone, i would prefer those who have schedules that would align with mine but i would welcome anyone :D. Dremenis#1221 p.s. tab key apparently broken...Dremenis5 19h
1d LiT eSports - Now Recruiting Lost in Translation is a multi-game community with over 400 members across WoW, LoL, Starcraft, PubG and Hearthstone. Our Admin Team works to provide a place that provides an atmosphere for members to game, improve, and have fun. SC2 Involvement? -Clan Wars -Tournaments -Practice Partners -PGTL -Chobo Team Leauge -RSTL -SC2 Alpha Team League Want to check us out? Hop on our Discord to see what we're all about: . We can guarantee that you won't find another clan like us. Here's a few words from our members on why LiT is different than their previous clan: -A lot of people in different time zones and the ability to contact anyone fast and make friends. -People. Just a larger group of people to pool from when wanting to play a game. -Very friendly and active admins, warm welcomes and greetings in Discord start things off strong and comforting <3 -More active and competitive. We hope to see you on! Feel free to message any Admin or Game Ops for more information on our Discord. -KinGoFBlunts 1d
2d Clan <UFC> Recruiting | Bronze - GrandMasters Join the Clan. Enter a Weightclass. Become a Champion! ... Social#11840, Happy GamingSocial4 2d
2d Looking to Form Competitive Clan for Plat/Dia Hey all, I want to get some good people together and play in some of the platinum/diamond/master leagues around. Validity Team League, Nydus TL, and I hear that Alpha Team League is opening up an Amateur Division for NA players. Please add me if interested. Gatorboots#1372GatoRBooTs1 2d
3d BornGosu is recruiting for gold-plat players! Born Gosu is a passionate community of nerd ballers, united by the greatest game on earth, StarCraft 2. Our team is diverse and mature, having evolved throughout the life of StarCraft 2. Born Gosu originated in 2011 as a professional team, but disbanded in 2012. Our team was brought back to life in 2014 by an original member Matt (Yeezus). Born Gosu has been focused on the Chobo Team League for most of it's lifespan, and now we're looking for players to expand our gold & platinum roster for the upcoming CTL season. We will be having regular peepmodes , replay analysis from our more experienced players and 1v1 sessions to help each other through practice. We also hold regular clan wars, in house leagues, and offer many opportunities to compete in outside tournaments as well as individual leagues. While we're primarily looking for low league players at the moment, we also have a lot of opportunities for higher ranked players to play! We have regular clan wars for all ranks and actively compete in the following tournaments • ChoboTeamLeague ( Gold - Master 2 ) • Validity Team League ( Platinum - Diamond ) • All-In The Nydus ( Diamond - Master ) • Alpha Team League ( Diamond - GrandMaster ) Born Gosu is a fun loving group of people from all over the world, and we're very excited to get to meet some of you. We accept players from all ranks but currently we're looking for all players platinum and below. If you're still not convinced, come join our discord server and get to know us! 3d
4d looking for groups I am looking for groups to play any of the below 1. starcraft 1 and brood wars campaign 2. starcraft 2 campaign in arcade 3. starcraft 2 arcade 4. starcraft 2 co-op thanksSpectre0 4d
5d Looking for 2v2 partner looking for someone around high silver to play 2v2 pvp and have fun with while getting better at the game preferably 18+ battletag: AstralWalker#1945AstralWalker3 5d
May 20 Inviting All Bronze, Silver, and Gold SkeetSquad is a very small clan of guys who are not very good at this game, but love to have a good time. We are looking to expand out into the Koprulu Sector and wanting to invite the bronzes, silvers, and golds of the area to join us into making farther into the void and increasing their rank drastically. This clan is a brand new clan, and hoping to add enough players to keep it a reasonable size. I wish to make more friends who play Starcraft and want to get better, and a large group of guys/gals to play with always makes a game more fun. I have been playing since the game released, off and on of course, and am now coming back with new light into making myself very good at this game. My goal is to find people that want to become better at Starcraft, me being one of them. As of now, I am silver 1 rank 15, about to break into gold in 1v1. What I strive to do: 1v1 Practice and Replay breakdowns Co-Op heavy grind (when not in ranked) 2v2 Ranked (Always good to have a teammate) Requirements: Must know basic Starcraft 2 knowledge (I.E. what units a barracks produces, how to produce carriers, how to micro/macro mildly well, etc) Must be an active member Mic is required for our Discord Add me in game with any questions IGN: SkeetMuffinSkeetMuffin45 May 20
May 20 Casual Player LFG Casual Player looking for some people to play. just want to have funZebraWolf2 May 20
May 20 Clan afterlife gaming recruiting. Clan Aflerlife is recruiting. Mainly a casual hang out clan right now. Hit me up if you would like to join. All welcome.ToExXx1 May 20
May 19 The Art of Warfare [TAW] Recruiting The Art of warfare is a mature gaming community of over 2500 members featuring nearly 40 games ( Our SC2 division is looking for mature and active members of any skill level to join. What we offer in SC2: Activity- We host at least 2 events a week featuring 1v1 practices, tournaments, team games, arcade nights, clan wars, etc. Coaching - If you're looking to improve your game, we have designated members that are here to help you do just that. TeamSpeak - We have our own TS3 server allowing easy communications across all games. Cookies - We have cookies...they're delicious If any of this interested you, check us out at and if you decide to join, tell them RedRyder sent you ;)RedRyder72 May 19
May 15 r/Starcraft2 got a revamp is looking neat and focused on Starcraft 2 alone.propagare0 May 15
May 14 The Sick Nation Gaming Community The Sick Nation is a mature gaming community for everyone! What we offer? -A bully free and harassment free environment to play games with other people. -It is a mature community, jokes and mature content is tolerated. -We have giveaways with prizes ranging from steam gift cards to entire games. -We have a website and a discord channel for organization and chating. -We offer gaming streams to either watch or join in on. If any of those interest you then join The Sick Nation through either or May 14
May 14 Free Coaching For ALL BLIZZARD GAMES! Before I begin.. YES! This does NOT violate the Blizzard TOS because we are not making any sort of money from this! Laddies, gentlemen, and sentient rocks. We Have A Discord Coaching Group with 200+ Players and 15 Coaches we are Adopting New and LOW-level Sub Dia players NON-ALTs for ALL BLIZZARD GAMES!! Heck, even if your diamond, master, or ever GRAND MASTER and want some tips for your favorite Overwatch Heroes, feel free to stop in! If you would like to join the group and receive more information on our FREE service. Please follow this discord link! We could always use more heroes, so why not become one not only for yourself... but for your team as well!JuiceWhite4 May 14
May 14 Comunitat de Discord Catalanoparlant Bon dia tot lo dia! Per a tots aquells que desitgeu jugar en català, os convido a entrar al discord de, som unes 150 persones, de les quals uns 10 juguem al starcraft, cada tarda hi sóm un grup de quatre, juguem tant a leader com a arcades (zerg hex, hero line wars, leguion td, element tower defence, direct strike). Enllaç del discord, programa de veu ip que utilitzem per a jugar i com a fòrum també. El meu battle tag és: GuineuRoja#2291Guineu0 May 14
May 11 JaM iT Gaming is recruiting all ranks! Looking for a sc2 community for games and practice? JaM iT Gaming is a casual group which also has a competetive element as well. No requirements, so if you are just looking for chill games or to get better and compete in leagues. Check out our discord server May 11
May 11 hello i am not the greatest player out there for starcraft 2 but wanting to look for someone to play with in the game. so maybe like a casual clan or group how ever it works. i am also a streamer for twitch that broadcast gameplays on twitch website. i use discord for voice chat and not a fan of teamspeak. so if someone out there for me in starcraft just post below and i will share my blizzard ID.Thor10 May 11
May 11 looking for 1v1 master+ clan I used to play a lot of SC2 back in 2012/2013 got to high masters with zerg and quit. I have been playing again for about 3 months and am sitting at 5.1k MMR as protoss. I am having a hard time finding a clan which focuses on master+ players. Mainly I'm looking for teammates to try builds and maps with, but I am also open to the idea of clanwars, tournaments, etc. ... regards BagettBageTT2 May 11
May 9 LF LOTV CLAN DIA 3 LF casual lotv clan where there is a balance between inhouse games and clan wars with a lot of custom games to practice with one another. Im a Diamond 3 ZergNydusHerMain2 May 9
May 3 LFM - OdderSquad - 600+ Members Salutations fellow commanders! The Odder Squad is a community of mature gamers who like to have fun. We are looking to add more members to our ever-growing community. We are now 600+ members so there is always someone to play with. We play all sorts of games and now we're starting a StarCraft2 clan and we'd like to welcome YOU! We are looking for players of all skill levels, with a focus of having fun and helping brand new or lower league players to improve and learn to love StarCraft! If you are a higher league player looking to help spread some knowledge we welcome you as well. As for activities this would be a place for team games, 1v1 observation matches with constructive criticism for improvement, co-op, arcade, general discussion, as well as in-house tournaments in the upcoming future! All we ask is that you are a fluent english speaker and bring with you a positive attitude not only to the game itself, but to all community members in the squad. We’re more than just an LFG, we’re a tight-knit community who share a great love of gaming. We play all sorts of games from PUBG, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, Dungeons and Dragons, Ark: Survival Evolved, to name a few. We have community game nights and giveaways from time to time with anything from hardware to games. We also have a dedicated group of IT techs who are always willing to lend a hand. If you would like to be one of the soldiers of the Odder Squad, jump in and give us a little introduction about yourself! Disclaimer: Racism/Hate Speech of any kind will not be tolerated. Nor will any disrespect/harassment of any members in or out of game.Fallon2 May 3
May 1 noobs Looking for noobs as myself to play and join a clan. One of us noobs will have to be the leader of this division so the sooner you join the sooner we can start playing together. I guess if you are not a noob you can join as well! We could use the practice http://conquor.terranempire.netRaZoRbLaDe0 May 1
May 1 Multiple Clan Owners Hey guys, can you have more than one clan owner? I couldn't find an option for it.DoPanic0 May 1
Apr 30 Born Gosu is recruiting and we want YOU! Born Gosu is a passionate community of nerd ballers, united by the greatest game on earth, StarCraft 2. Our team is diverse and mature, having evolved throughout the life of StarCraft 2. Born Gosu originated in 2011 as a professional team, but disbanded in 2012. Our team was brought back to life in 2014 by an original member Matt (Yeezus). Born Gosu now focuses primarily on Chobo Team League, while developing current members and attracting new members for more competitive events such as Clan Wars, In house Leagues, Validity Star league, All In The Nydus ,Alpha Team League and so on. Here are a few words from our long-time members on why you should join BG Even though we primarily focus on Sc2, we are a community with different interests and we think everyone finds their place here We offer an active team with lots of varying opinions so there is always some theorycrafting going on, people are always looking to practice, fun environment to play and competitive experience through participating in competitive events such as : • ChoboTeamLeague ( Silver to Master 2 ) • Validity Star League ( Platinum to Diamond ) • All-inTheNydus ( Diamond to Master ) • Alpha Team League ( Master to Grandmaster) as well as • In-house tournaments & Clanwars For people who strive to get better at Starcraft 2, we offer: •Coaching sessions from our experienced players, •Practice partners, who assist in 1v1 sessions as well as •Peepmode practice sessions, which multiple people participate in on a regular basis. Still not convinced? Hop on our Discord and check us out! We hope to see you on! If you want more information message any Admin on our Discord Server.rzion1 Apr 30
Apr 30 Community Founded in 2001 Now Recruiting The Art of Warfare wants you! TAW recruits mature players who seek a friendly environment to hone their skills, play in or cast tournaments, coach other players, play team games, or just have some fun with arcade games. Our core principles are: Respect, Communication, and Collaboration. We offer one of the world’s largest TeamSpeak 3 servers filled with active players daily, special in-house events, high level training, skilled practice partners, a full website and forum, your own email, in-game clan tag, and much more. To learn more or sign-up, visit or join us in our group channel in game: The Art of Warfare Community. *** TAW's StarCraft group consists of over 120 men and women that range in skill from Master to Bronze. Formed in 2001, TAW has grown into a community with over 2400 members spread across a dozen games. Made up of gamers worldwide who have come together with the common vision of honor, integrity, and fair play, TAW is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the greater good and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a clan of like-minded gamers, but find a family. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact vulkor@taw.netVulkor335 Apr 30
Apr 29 Looking for a clan SC veteran. Been a long time since ive played. I really enjoy team games for fun. Hopefully a good 1v1 clan as well. Let me know. glhf!Reptile2 Apr 29
Apr 29 D1 looking for clan Hi, currently D1, ex master, quite rusty but hey getting back into it :) Looking for active/nice clan to hang around, I enjoy more the game when there's a nice community :) Active matters more than skill in my caseBlueMoon3 Apr 29
Apr 28 Fever Clan Is Recruiting Greetings everyone , Fever Clan is looking to bolster our ranks in the Starcraft 2 community. We are however we are active across a range of games (Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Battlefield’s, Warframe, CS:GO, Evolve, Smite, ESO, DCUO, Rift, Minecraft, Rust, Path of Exile, and more!) , with members spanning the globe. It does not matter if you play casually or competitively we would love to have you on board. We care more about community than skill, we are here to have fun and enjoy the games we love with like-minded people. Some of the things we do are We currently hold an in-clan tournament every month, with each round to be played through a 7 day period,which includes as many as possible ( The Tournament is also open to Non clan members Go to for more information.) In-game coaching for players of all skill levels. Weekly game nights We Have A discord server with folks hanging out at all hours. Become a part of Fever in 5 easy steps: 1. Be at least 15 years of age 2. Register on our forums ( ) 3. Submit a simple application ( ) ( KAZIK for reference ) 4. Jump on the Discord server and await for one of the clan officers to Conduct a quick interview. ( ) 5. Accept Invite If you have any questions not answered here please feel free to add me on Kaz#1366 and lets chat and play. I found a really awesome group of people when I joined, a very helpful and friendly bunch. I Invite you to come discover what I did in Fever. Hope to see you soon, KazikKaz23 Apr 28
Apr 21 Galactic Gaming recruiting! Who is Galactic Gaming? Galactic Gaming is competitive team of players that enjoy all aspects of the game. We aren't just one of those clans that separate into two teams that doesn't give that team spirit support. The focus of GG is set on 1v1 - laddering and making progress in competetive part of the game. We have grown from an casual-international clan full of friends striving to be the best we can be, to a team that is going places! Higher than the Sky or even the universe, we are aiming to reach other Galaxies! Hence the name. Our current goal is to be clan full of active players that have the will and passion to play StarCraft II together, taking part in weekly events (Clan Wars, In-House/Open Tournaments and Practice). Doing this, we aim to establish a strong division utilizing our strongest ranked players so everyone can benefit from each other and improve together. Why you should join: ►Weekly Practice, Having fun with clan friends in co-ops, archon, multiplayer laddering, arcade events. ►Friendly enviroment full of learning opportunities ►Casual and Competitive Clan Wars ►Lots of high level players in the clan, giving you lots of practice/help (EU) ►Get to be a part of something growing ►Enjoy the clan decal ingame Requirements to join: ►Post an application (Or send me ingame) ►Discord ► League requirement: Everyone is allowed to join, but there will be a trial to decide if you can stay. ►5 games played in 1v1 ranked ladder this season What do we expect from you: ►You can understand/speak English ►If you're going to be inactive, let a staff member know ►Try your best to take part in our events ►To get involved socially! We have a great community so we expect you to be an active social member (Taking advantage of Discord) of the clan! GG is group of friends helping each other out to grow not just as a individual but as a team and have fun in the process! Don't worry! if you need time to get settled in to the team then everyone is here to help! We just want to have fun as much as you do! _________________________________________ If you fit these requirements then please fill the following application form! Application Form: What is your Goal?: Where are you from?: What league are you currently in?: _________________________________________ Server: NA Team Name: Galactic Gaming America Contact? Discord: GreenUltralisk#9702 In-Game: GUltralisk#2538 (NA Leader) __________________________________________ You're more than welcome to ask questions on this thread.HydraZ19 Apr 21
Apr 21 Diamond 2 Zerg, Caster, Streamer I am a caster/streamer, i love casting clan wars and have been a very long member in the starcraft community i use to cast for Cloudm back in the day, and got to cast some pro players in their goodbye heart of the swarm tournament! Now im looking for a highly active clan, Must be active and willing to work with me on casting! <3 I have nearly 600 followers on twitch and have a good rig, about to upgrade CPU to ryzen 1800x and new heatsink so it will only get better! have a nice 200 dollar mic. Thank you ~Derisiveoxen Formally known as Zergharizard For serious inquiries add me at: DerisiveOxen#11744 And would love to chat about some things! <3DerisiveOxen1 Apr 21
Apr 20 Platinum 2v2 (D3 4v4) LF 2v2 Partner, Mic Req Whats going on guys. Im AbsoluteZero, and im looking for a 2v2 partner to play on the regular with. Im currently Platinum in my 2v2's, Diamond in my 4v4's, and previously Platinum in 1v1 (Unranked currently). Im a Protoss main who enjoys a fun early rush yet loves end game carrier massing and robust economies. Add me on ( ThinkFall65#1143 ) or on Discord ( Ethreil#3057 ). Requirements: Cool-headed Microphone Discord US Time Zone (Available generally 7pm - 11pm)AbsoluteZero0 Apr 20
Apr 20 New Co-Op Clan I found it exceedingly difficult to find a clan for co-op/versus A.I. gameplay. I don't play everyday but i do play pretty often. Anyone wanting an invite to my new clan Squiggz Elite Casuals just leave a comment here with your user nameCaptainsquig36 Apr 20
Apr 14 Random Race Player Group The name is Xel'Nagae, since the Xel'Naga made a lot of species and they're knowledge is diverse. Anyone can join, even monoplayers(single race) or biplayers(two races).Shifter0 Apr 14
Apr 9 (Silver) Looking for a SC2 Partner I'm looking for a SC2 partner to play and improve with. I am around mid/high Silver, and can be competitive or chilled; preferably a skill level around mine would work best. I am in NZT (New Zealand Timezone, GMT+12), if you're interested please add Ezu#11666 :)Ezu0 Apr 9
Apr 7 Ris3n Competitive Recruiting Risen from the Ash3s Competitive team is looking for more players as we come up on Alpha TL Season 11. Come to our Discord if you are interested in trying out, or just joining the general clan! StillFly#11290 on BNetStillFly0 Apr 7
Apr 5 LF Co-Op Clan Hello, just looking to see if there are any Co-Op clans that are recruiting. Looking to play with a few other players. I currently have 6 maxxed commanders and working on the others. I enjoy playing Vorazun, Dehaka, and Swann most. Add me my tag is: Meatius#1356. Thanks!Meatius2 Apr 5
Apr 3 Looking for 2v2 3v3 4v4 Looking for a partner for 2v2. Currently gold in 1v1 as random. Looking to improve and get better. Add me Thrall#12903Abram0 Apr 3
Apr 2 Looking for a handful of casual SC fans A high school buddy and I are celebrating Starcraft's 20th anniversary by seeing if we can obsessively play a match on each official Blizzard map for Starcraft Remastered and Starcraft II. It's really just an excuse to play a lot of casual matches while revisiting two decades of memories. However, there are only two of us and a lot of those maps are made for up to 8 players. So we're looking for at least 6 people who think that this sounds like fun. We play on the NA server, usually around 9pm Central Time. Although we've both played for years, we've never really practiced seriously or researched build orders. We're just fanboys who aren more interested in trying things out in the game than actually being competitive. I go by HyperTurtle#1732. Reply to this thread or contact me on if you're interested.HyperTurtle0 Apr 2
Mar 30 Terran Empire Looking for able minded members to complete missions and goals. Building up in this game as a reboot. We used to be mainly rainbow 6 and Counter Strike go but are now we are starting over to rebuild. We are based on the Terran Empire. Evil side of Star trek. Hit me up if interested. We can use the help!RaZoRbLaDe2 Mar 30
Mar 30 Some people can't join my clan? Why can't certain people not join the clan? Some people are unable to join the clan.. and we don't know why. Help please!Typo1 Mar 30
Mar 29 It's NGO is looking for more members! Hello! We are a friendly group comprised of forumers and Blizzard game enthusiasts looking for more pals to play with! We use Discord as our primary means of communication and extend a hand to have you join our group. If you’re shy, no problem – we primarily use text to talk with eachother. We do of course have voice channels to group up for activities and games. Come drop by and check us out! h t t p s : / / d i s c o r d . g g / 9 n P n C 3 JFirinMyLazer3 Mar 29
Mar 29 Active Clan recruiting! Hey all, Risen from the Ash3s is one of the largest and most active clans on NA. We are active in all leagues, and play casual and competitive clan wars and leagues. We have a good group of people and are always looking for more! Come check out our discord or our teamspeak and hit us up! Add me on BNet StillFly#11290 or hit me up on discord StillFly#6856 Come see what it's all about.StillFly0 Mar 29
Mar 29 French player looking for NA Team :) Hello, I'm French player who moved in Canada (Toronto) 10 months ago, former Top Master Protoss (WOL), I start the game again one week ago and i want to find a team for a year to play in CW and LAN (I'm not asking for money). Also i'm currently in the EU team Nuit Blanche and I will not quit this team, I just looking for a good and friendly team to play with in clan wars and LAN :) I'm ATM Diamond ISetsin2 Mar 29
Mar 29 Practice in 1v1, 2v2 and maybe 3v3? Looking for a Group more so than a Clan. Father of two little people here looking to get in some late night player vs. player practice with some insights post-game. Friendly criticism is my goal, not so much sugar coated but less toxic than the acid mines I work in. Times: EST 11:00pm-3:00am My PC: Gtx 1070 i7-7700HQ 8th Gen Kaby Lake 2.80GHz DDR4 16 GB I have two friends I regularly run with against AI just because the 3rd and newest addition to our late night huddle is very new to the whole StarCraft franchise. Enthusiasm is there, macro is not. The 2nd in mention, he's decent but has a long ways to go to learn the tools of the trade when it comes to mastering his Zerg game. I'm a fan of the professional leagues, but far from competitive myself. I know a bunch of HoTS builds, but still getting a grip on LoTV as I've spent the least amount of time on it. If any groups / clans out there wouldn't mind taking on a few extra or just myself as I need people to play against, I'd rather work in-network to get better than playing randoms constantly.Rattlehead3 Mar 29
Mar 25 Angels of Death Recruiting! is a group of mature, dedicated players who value teamwork and community. AOD was formed over 16 years ago and now has over 3000 active members across 15+ various titles and have a rapidly growing community in StarCraft II! We're recruiting competitive and casual gamers alike with the idea of creating a fun and engaging environment for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're an RTS veteran or brand new to the genre you'll find AOD is a great place to come and game with like minded people. With over 250 people signed up and playing StarCraft II, there is always someone on to group up with! **What to expect from AOD:** * A mature group of team players who like to have fun. * Fair play; zero tolerance for cheaters. * Friendly members. New to the game, need help? Just ask. * A dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server. * Formal and informal organized events. * Opportunity to be part of a team greater than any individual. **Requirements to join AOD:** * Be 16 years of age or older * A working microphone * Teamspeak 3 If you're interested and want to join then please head to and apply today by making a forum account, clicking "Apply here" and submit an application under "Blizzard Universe" ! Anyone with questions is welcome to add me, Poyzun#1690 up and ask!Poyzun1 Mar 25
Mar 25 Looking for a clan Currently I'm a Master 2 Terran (on EU) and I want to reach GM before that year ends. I am 19 years old and from Austria. Basically I am looking for a clan with some players around my skill level to practice with. I'm also willing to play in Clanwars and other In-Clan tournaments. Preferably, the clan should be active on EU.Prime0 Mar 25
Mar 23 building anyone interested in helping build a multi game clan based on Star trek's Terran Empire? I have hosting and a good lay out I just need some help if anyone is interested.RaZoRbLaDe0 Mar 23
Mar 20 Mindset Gaming Wants Competitive Players! The leader of Mindset Gaming is Disaster who made this clan back in 2014. Most members back then ended up taking breaks from SCII, so now we are currently in the process of rebuilding MSet. Requirements - Diamond League or Higher - Must Have a Microphone to Talk - Speak English - Be Mature - Have A Good Mindset Contact Info - Rovert84601#1832 - Search for MSet in Find GroupsRove0 Mar 20
Mar 11 -= Bronze Learning Group =- -= Bronze Learning Group =- is now Reaching out to all doors and players of all skill levels. All of you are welcome to be a part of a community catered to helping your fellow man reach his full potential. The Aim of this group is to help each other Reach Masters Level in the most Productive way possible. We think about the game and we strive to be the best at it, regardless of skill level. We aim to help those in our way who are trying to achieve the same. So what are you waiting for? Come join us and be a part of our Group to do some good old fashioned Discipline, Training and Practising today! Currently Conducting 1-2 Hour Training Sessions Every Saturday 5:00pm-6:00pm (West Coast USA Time Zone). So get everybody from the hood and come join.Weapon0 Mar 11
Mar 11 xLEOx - Legacy of the Eternal Order Recruiting for Legacy of the Eternal Order, we are a well established clan outside of Starcraft 2. We play several other games, such as most of the Call of Duty titles, PuBG, Fortnite, ARK, H1Z1, CoD Zombies, Rainbow Six: Siege, and several other games. We are expanding to Starcraft 2, and plan to be a force to be reckoned with! We're looking to recruit all ranks, bronze, silver, gold, plat, diamond, etc.. we do not discriminate against rank, but we do require you to be active and play on an often basis. Another thing, we require you to fill out an application to be considered for selection for our clan. We have a Discord server & a great website + forums, and we keep these tools up to date so our members can enjoy these luxuries. ~ For our application. ~~ Our base site. If you're interested, shoot us an application and we can get you into the best up coming Starcraft 2 clan on the rise. We will be holding in clan tournaments! 1v1/2v2/3v3/and more! So.. make some new friends, and kick some !@#. GLHF!Typo0 Mar 11