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4h Looking for old school bw players!!!! Looking for old school brood war players who transitioned into sc2. I am forming a fun team with old schooler bw players my aka is PIMPMOO, NrT.Moo, rS.Moo, Ds-Moo [SA]Moo and many more I was a iccup A+ 2on2 player. Just creating a new team for fun. Team is LDSKL which is Old Skool without the O ;) Message me.gosuda3 4h
1d [Na] Plat 2 zerg , looking for Aus/nz clan ? [Na] Plat 2 zerg , looking for Aus/nz clan, dont know if theres any aussies out there but if so would be cool to have a group to play with etc, hit me up. Cheers mitrah#6620Mitrah0 1d
1d Dynasty Warriors Elites Are you looking for a Dynasty Warriors Clan that is looking to revive the DW community on Starcraft? Look no further! Dynasty Warriors Elites is a veteran clan from Warcraft 3. We used to make DW maps and Samurai Warriors maps. We are huge fans of the Koei gaming series! We are looking for active, fun and engaging people to join our community! Right now we are in the building stages, as DW has had no presence in starcraft 2 until now. We do have a map already made DW-Yellow Turban Rebellion. Are you an old member of Clan Shu? Good, because we can use your leadership experience and organizational skills to help DWE in its goal to achieving a standing DW community. Don't hesitate, message me any time for an invite ZhugeLiang#1772. Be sure to check out our DW map, we plan on releasing new DW maps every two or so weeks. Discord: Leadership positions are open! Ask about them!ZhugeLiang0 1d
3d Fever Clan Is Recruiting Greetings everyone , Fever Clan is looking to bolster our ranks in the Starcraft 2 community. We are however we are active across a range of games (Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Battlefield’s, Warframe, CS:GO, Evolve, Smite, ESO, DCUO, Rift, Minecraft, Rust, Path of Exile, and more!) , with members spanning the globe. It does not matter if you play casually or competitively we would love to have you on board. We care more about community than skill, we are here to have fun and enjoy the games we love with like-minded people. Some of the things we do are We currently hold an in-clan tournament every month, with each round to be played through a 7 day period,which includes as many as possible ( The Tournament is also open to Non clan members Go to for more information.) In-game coaching for players of all skill levels. Weekly game nights We Have A discord server with folks hanging out at all hours. Become a part of Fever in 5 easy steps: 1. Be at least 15 years of age 2. Register on our forums ( ) 3. Submit a simple application ( ) ( KAZIK for reference ) 4. Jump on the Discord server and await for one of the clan officers to Conduct a quick interview. ( ) 5. Accept Invite If you have any questions not answered here please feel free to add me on Kaz#1366 and lets chat and play. I found a really awesome group of people when I joined, a very helpful and friendly bunch. I Invite you to come discover what I did in Fever. Hope to see you soon, KazikKaz6 3d
6d New Co-Op Clan I found it exceedingly difficult to find a clan for co-op/versus A.I. gameplay. I don't play everyday but i do play pretty often. Anyone wanting an invite to my new clan Squiggz Elite Casuals just leave a comment here with your user nameCaptainsquig15 6d
Sep 16 A Clan List of Achievements Earned Together? Here's a quick idea that might be fairly easy to implement... In the clan profile window there are sections for News, Events, Info, and Roster. Why not add another section that keeps track of which achievements have been earned while two or more clan members are grouped together (by one or more of them)? If it worked like the account profile window, with uncompleted achievements visible but darker, then clan members could use it as a to-do list. This would be a simple way to give casual players a low-stress reason to play with clan-mates, other than team ladder partners and/or clan tournaments. Yes, I realize than in general the SC2 community pays little attention to achievements. But perhaps that is one reason why players not interested in the stress of the ladders and tournaments tend to leave SC2? And, yes, lots of achievements are for solo play. They would not appear in the proposed clan profile section, obviously.davidvs1 Sep 16
Sep 15 Outlaws looking for a leader in NA Hi guys, Our clan is actually looking for an NA based player, so if you like to play all types of games and be part of our growing community (one of the biggest EU clan at this moment) contact us at or check our clan info on EU and contact any officer there so as you get more detailed information, Gl&hf :Pkadesh0 Sep 15
Sep 14 Free Coaching For ALL BLIZZARD GAMES! Before I begin.. YES! This does NOT violate the Blizzard TOS because we are not making any sort of money from this! Laddies, gentlemen, and sentient rocks. We Have A Discord Coaching Group with 200+ Players and 15 Coaches we are Adopting New and LOW-level Sub Dia players NON-ALTs for ALL BLIZZARD GAMES!! Heck, even if your diamond, master, or ever GRAND MASTER and want some tips for your favorite Overwatch Heroes, feel free to stop in! If you would like to join the group and receive more information on our FREE service. Please follow this discord link! We could always use more heroes, so why not become one not only for yourself... but for your team as well!JuiceWhite3 Sep 14
Sep 12 TEAM UNIT Recrute / pla La team Unité recrute la TEAM UniT recrute des joueurs fr' le discord -> ou m.p my ^_- >| Gl hf |< Good Luck & Have Fun <-----*(^_- )--> On as de tous niveau News a master ; on fait des soirer coach des journée tryhards et tous dans la bonne humeur ou seul sur canal muet spécialement. A bientot et surtout Good Games Team Unit --> discord -> Sep 12
Sep 12 Rush Tech (RUzTec) Hey, everyone! I've started a clan that everyone can join. From the beginners to more serious players. This group is based around having some fun; If we get enough traction for the group, I'll begin tournaments to promote the clan (with reward to the winners). Come and join the fun; Team up for some archon play, chat up with other to help master the mechanics, and just goof around on some of the games that are offered! battlenet:://starcraft/clan/1/348156oneandonly1 Sep 12
Sep 9 BornGosu is recruiting! Born Gosu is a passionate community of nerd ballers, united by the greatest game on earth, StarCraft 2. Our team is diverse and mature, having evolved throughout the life of StarCraft 2. Born Gosu originated in 2011 as a professional team, but disbanded in 2012. Our team was brought back to life in 2014 by an original member Matt (Yeezus). Born Gosu now focuses primarily on Chobo Team League, while developing current members and attracting new members for more competitive events such as Clan Wars, In house Leagues and All In The Nydus for Diamonds to Master players. Here are a few words from our long-time members on why you should join BG: Even though we primarily focus on Sc2, we are a community with different interests and I think everyone finds their place here. We offer an active team with lots of varying opinions so there is always some theorycrafting going on, people are always looking to practice, fun environment to play and competitive experience through participating in CTL ( ). For people who strive to get better at Starcraft 2, we offer 1v1 sessions as well as peepmode practice sessions which multiple people participate in on a daily basis. Still not convinced? Hop on our Discord and check us out! We hope to see you on! If u want more information message any Admin on our Discordrzion5 Sep 9
Sep 8 LiT eSports - Now Recruiting Lost in Translation is a multi-game community with over 400 members across Starcraft, PubG, Heroes, WoW and Hearthstone. Our Admin Team works to provide a place that provides an atmosphere for members to game, improve, and have fun. SC2 Involvement? -Clan Wars -Tournaments -Practice Partners -Chobo Team Leauge (Silver-Masters) -DuSt League (LiT Comp Team) -SC2 Alpha Team League (LiT Comp Team) -LiTSL(LiT Star League) Want to check us out? Hop on our Discord to see what we're all about: . We can guarantee that you won't find another clan like us. Here's a few words from our members on why LiT is different than their previous clan: -A lot of people in different time zones and the ability to contact anyone fast and make friends. -People. Just a larger group of people to pool from when wanting to play a game. -Very friendly and active admins, warm welcomes and greetings in Discord start things off strong and comforting <3 -More active and competitive. We hope to see you on! Feel free to message any Admin or Game Ops for more information on our Discord. -KinGoFBlunts Sep 8
Sep 8 The Art of Warfare [TAW] Recruiting The Art of warfare is a mature gaming community of over 2500 members featuring nearly 40 games ( Our SC2 division is looking for mature and active members of any skill level to join. What we offer in SC2: Activity- We host at least 2 events a week featuring 1v1 practices, tournaments, team games, arcade nights, clan wars, etc. Coaching - If you're looking to improve your game, we have designated members that are here to help you do just that. TeamSpeak - We have our own TS3 server allowing easy communications across all games. Cookies - We have cookies...they're delicious If any of this interested you, check us out at and if you decide to join, tell them RedRyder sent you ;)RedRyder27 Sep 8
Sep 8 Serendipity Recruitment Hello fellow sc2 players, We are recruiting new members to the clan. A little bit about our clan is that we are a recently formed clan with the goal to improve and participate in clan wars sadly we are lacking members to practice together and to participate. Therefore, we need you to join so that we may practice together and learn from each other. If you are interested add me on bnet Lacen#1925 or post here EDIT: If i am not available for contact you can go on bnet and Find the clan (Bottom left middle button click find and type in Serendipity) and contact one of the officers and tell them you want to join the clanGhostShadow21 Sep 8
Sep 8 Ris3n is Recruiting Hey everybody! Risen from the Ash3s is the most active clan on NA. We have hundreds of active players, a competitive team, clan wars and tournaments for all leagues, coaching, a teamspeak and a discord. We are working on being a true-blue eSports organization, with real prizes for tournament victories, team jerseys, and team spirit the likes of which you will struggle to find elsewhere. Add me, StillFly,#11290 on BNet to start the process! Requirements: •Not inactive for more than 4 weeks in a row, plays at least somewhat regularly. •Willing to interact with players of varying skill levels and backgrounds. •Positive attitude •No BM, trash talking, or anything of the sort will be tolerated in any capacity. A mic is highly recommended, but not required! Hit me up to see if you have what it takes to be a part of Risen from the Ash3s. All skill levels welcome.StillFly1 Sep 8
Sep 7 Dude looking for peeps to play and chat with Ello, names Devovo Most of my pals don't play SC2 too much or RTS for that matter, so I was just looking for a small social group to play with. Nothing too strict or mandatory, just a come online, hang out, chat, play SC2 (mostly Coop, I'm down for a friendly melee, or customs though). I have many other games as well. As for about me, I'm generally chill, try to crack a joke here or there, and awkwardly try to enter conversations without much success. I have a hard time saying no, so if i go silent I'm trying to say no without saying no. My SC2 experience: Started in Wings of Liberty forgot old account made new one after overwatch account so this account is my second. Made it to WOL masters before deciding it was too hard to keep up as well as starting college. PS: (I Guess) ideally looking for a some what "mature" social. Around age Twenty preferably. And I guess that's it. For now..................... um.... yea....Devovo10 Sep 7
Sep 7 Increase Clan Size limit I would like to suggest if it isn't already in the works to raise the member clan limit beyond 100. Several clans have numerous amounts of members in it, in which I can name a few if needed. The main problem with creating multiple clans with related tags is it makes it difficult to talk to one another in game. The representation of someone in a clan looks misleading when they do not sport the same tag. I appreciate the feedback given in this thread.Blazemost30 Sep 7
Sep 6 SC2Indo (Indonesian Starcraft Group) Hi All !, For you all fellow Indonesian Starcraft players , please join SC2Indo (it is in game group, you can find it in the blizzard in game chat app ). Currently there are 80 members. Cheers.. BadFaith.BadFaith0 Sep 6
Sep 6 [LFM] StarCraft Indonesia Community Dear members of the community, We are looking to expand our ranks and looking for more Indonesian players to join our BIG Indonesian community. We already have a large community base in our HearthStone Indonesia Community , so we also want to create the same community base in StarCraft as well. ... In-game channel: /join blizzgamers Region: Americas & South East Asia, Singapore Server YouTube Channel: Twitch Channel: We are currently actively communicating on facebook, you can find and request to join our facebook group at: http:/ Like our facebook page at: http:/ Feel free to also visit our community site at: you.Callix2 Sep 6
Sep 1 [NA]Noob LF Someone To Practice With As title says, I'm basically a noob at this game. I played SC1 when I was kid but only did campaign. I got SC2 about a year ago, did the same thing with a mix of vs AI and some multiplayer, but never got far with it. I have a basic understanding of the game, but want someone to play against so I can practice against an actual human that is willing to give me advice or another noob who is trying to practice as well and just wants to practice. I still haven't picked a race and I am on the fence about them all. If you wish to help I am available most of the time, though I do work 10 hours week and go to college. (I have a lot of free time is what I am saying) Contact me by adding my btag: Dethkilr:1152Ratic4 Sep 1
Sep 1 Looking for clan or someone to chat with Hey this is gebug , I'm kind of new to StarCraft 2 but I thought someone or a clan could help me improve overtime. I'm really hoping to find a clan to chat with. I don't really know a lot of friends that play StarCraft 2 I'm looking for a good group of people to play and chat with. Please could you help me out if interested please add me as gebug #1318gebug3 Sep 1
Sep 1 Looking for an Active Group or Coach! Hey all, I'm currently looking for an active group where I can practice with a high tier of SC players without having to deal with Ladder stress. I currently have not purchased LOTV but plan to shortly. I am capable of playing against and beating Platinum-1 to Diamond-2 players depending on my mental state and know several builds, but know I'm missing something that in my game that I know high level players can teach me. My Goal I'd like to hit Masters-3 and be able to deal with some Masters-2 players without getting destroyed. Some info on my game. 1. My APM is 150-175, 210 being my best game. 2. Terran. 3. Can play against and be on the same level as Zerg players in Diamond-3 to Diamond-2. Summary I need a Coach or Group of Players who can turn me into an SC monster. I'm reaching for the top, help me get there.SCbrosFTW1 Sep 1
Aug 31 Fever Clan - International Multi-gaming Clan removedBFDeezy3 Aug 31
Aug 26 Looking for gold to diamond players for CTL Hi guys, If there are any gold to diamond players interested in playing team leagues and clan wars, I would like you to invite you to team Psionic Aftermath. We are recruiting players specifically for Choco Team League ( but we also participate in others. Feel free to join our discord server to check us out - Look out for Voltacus if you are interested in CTL or me for other queries. Thank you all! <3Sushi2 Aug 26
Aug 26 [US] Zerg player looking for active clan Hi there, I'm currently a Plat 3 Zerg player seeking an active clan to improve my game play and, of course, get to know the community. (No one I know plays whatsoever lol) I'm currently coming back from a 5 year long hiatus but after seeing some GSL 2016-2017, I want to begin once more and commit to getting better in the ladders. Lots of changes! I work nights as an RN and so I'm usually on evening-nighttime EST primarily. My MMR is roughly around 3400~ but as always, striving to improve! Thanks! Envious#1446Envious3 Aug 26
Aug 26 Bronze Noobie looking to chill in discord Yeah I find SC2 really lonely game so I'm just looking for people to sit in discord and talk about our games. Day9 suggested it so ya I'm following through. I'm just getting into SC2 and I've just beaten the first two campaigns waiting for LoTV to go on sale then I'll beat that one. I'm hoping to "git gud" or atleast be reasonable at it and it's always a lot more fun with friends, so add me in Blizz and we can chat in discord :) Blinky#1888Blinky1 Aug 26
Aug 24 Portland Players Portland, Oregon Hey! Looking for anyone who plays here locally. I'd love to get some 2v2 going. Also, I kinda wanted to start a sc2 podcast. Anybody interested? If you're not in portland and still love the game send me a shout. I love this sc2. Let's play.Glenfiddich0 Aug 24
Aug 24 Oregon Players Hi, I was wondering how many players their were in oregon... looking for some oregon based friends and teammates if you don't mind (woried about securrity) i would lkie if you would post the city in oregon you live in thxLEOTIX6 Aug 24
Aug 20 The Nameless - Multi-Gaming Community Website - Http:// Program: Discord - Contact Community Lead: Needs: Anyone who wants to be part of a friendly, social community! We play both Starcraft 2 and Starcraft: Remaster, but you can play either one. Hop onto our Discord to talk to a Community Manager and join us. Who are The Nameless? The Nameless is a multi-gaming community, and we understand that each member is an integral part of the community that allows it to grow. Without them, we can’t exist. We are a place to spend your spare time and enjoy yourself – no drama, no BS. We’ve created a fun environment to game in, following our core values – Respect. Unity. Transparency. We are a new community; however, our Discord has taken shape. People are always online, ready to talk and ready to play on multiple games. Over 200 members at the time of this post. Our Goals in Starcraft 2 and Starcraft: Remaster? Starcraft is a new division for The Nameless, and so for now our numbers for the game are very low, but the ambition is not! We have many plans going forward for the game, and I’ll highlight just some of those now. -Tournaments. -Training days. -Weekly events. -Co-op gaming. -Team gaming against either AI or other people. We are far from elite Starcraft players. For that reason – we accept people of all skill levels to join. New and literally can’t figure out how to mine minerals? No problem! We will teach you the game. Casual? Great! Our community is, after all, built on a platform of social and casual players. Starcraft has so much to offer, that closing our doors on casuals would be a huge error. The Nameless is a home for all types of gamers, from the hardcore player to the casual. What are we searching for exactly? We are searching for members who want to help build the community up, and who will be patient while we get The Nameless Starcraft Division to where we want it to be. Members trickle in and out, and that's normal, but we want those who will stick. Those will form our core going forward, in whatever game The Nameless expands in. It will be a long road to get the community to where it can be, but it's possible! We're already on the right track to make it happen. I'm sure there are people out there just itching for a place to call home, and we're hoping The Nameless can be that place. Interested? That's good! Check out our website to learn more about us and how to apply to join our community. You will find our Discord information on the main page, and under the Join Us tab. (I've also added in this post, near the top!) Thank you! -Seronic, Community LeaderSeronic0 Aug 20
Aug 19 Any Interest in a Clan for Bronze/Silver? Good morning, Is there interest in a clan for Bronze and Silver level players? For now I am checking interest, after failing to find a clan that would help me (as a Bronze player) find 2v2 ladder partners. In a few weeks (when kids are back in school) I might have time to start a clan. Would that effort help anyone else?davidvs1 Aug 19
Aug 17 Bronze Leaguer LF Clan with 2v2 I'm enjoying SC2 despite being thrice the age of most players, and only in bronze league. Are there any clans with a focus on low-skill 2v2 games? I have found a few partners through some Discord servers (reddit, Coaching Group) but it would be nice to have clan chat in-game also be meaningful.davidvs8 Aug 17
Aug 17 Risen is recruiting Come check out Risen from the Ash3s! We are a community of over 500 active players, looking for people interested in having a good time and/or getting better at StarCraft 2! We play team games, 1v1, arcade, and much more. We offer clan wars, tournaments, and competaetive leagues. We also have a wide variety of coaches willing to help out clan members at no charge. If you are interested in finding out how to join, add me on BNet. #StillFly11290 Requirements: •Players must be playing regularly. Any player inactive for 3 weeks or more will be kicked. •Able to co-exist with a variety of players from various backgrounds. •No BM, toxicity, cheating, smurfing, dishonesty, or threats of any kind will be tolerated whatsoever. •Willing to promote chillness and positivety. •Upholds the principles and values of The Risen Community. Please hit me up if you have any questions!StillFly2 Aug 17
Aug 17 New player looking Looking for friends and a group to just hang with to play SC2 with I'm totally new and not so young but love the game ehh how old 40 soon but love these type of games. Thanks in advanceDeserve15 Aug 17
Aug 15 Pure Gaming No Drama .:Ghost Alphas:. Ghost Alphas is one of the oldest clans in Starcraft history dating back to the original StarCraft then expanding to Brood War US East upon its release. To this day Clan Alp still has the occasional member hop online for BW. However over time and with the release of StarCraft 2 Ghost Alphas slowly became no more as a clan. As a former leader of Clan Alp I decided the time has come for a new era of Alp. In hopes of returning Ghost Alphas to its former glory I am now looking for members to start the new foundation of Alp. There is no skill requirement join in the end we all just want to win and get better. Could absolutely use anyone who can contribute to the clan or growth along with promotion. Since we are in the process of the revival Ghost Alphas is completely fresh and at only 3 members. Looking for active core foundation members to initiate the rebirth. Also hoping older generation Alps who still game will see and join. StarCraft 2 account is ArchGhost #277 ~Pure Gaming No Drama~ ArchGhost-Alp FounderSpyderGhost26 Aug 15
Aug 15 Starting new Clan Join me! Whatup my doods Im gonna start a clan with inhouse tourneys and try to find some other guys do do clan wars with, message me if you are interested and ill get this ball rolling. Im sketchy#1467 on bnet add me and message me with your info or post here and ill check ya out, want to take everyone so we can have a solid learning environment focused on just getting better and having fun, I am usually masters zerg but I havnt played a ton this season do to my lack of a team to play and practice with. Lets kill it bruh!Enmity2 Aug 15
Aug 15 Plat protoss lf small team to get to masters Plat LF small Team. Im looking to get into masters. Looking for practice partners etc. thank youNocta3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Dawn of the Nexus Gaming Community recruiting On behalf of Tantric, (or better known to as FirmStrokes,) one of the co-founders of the group, I would like to invite you join Dawn of the Nexus! We are providing everyone with a rather unique experience through discord. We are offering a generalized professional gaming hub for everyone to enjoy! We are finally ready for release! We have: -Game rooms for all of the 6 titles. (Will be adding more on demand) - Stream channels for you streamers if you want to use music bots. -11 different bots to fit all of your needs including a live streaming bot. -Kind Staff to help you out! -No registration needed! Just pick your roles and get started! We are dedicated to providing you a non-toxic, dedicated environment that will never disappear for all of your gaming hub needs <3 I hope to see you guys joining the Nexus, we love to make new friends and are looking to grow into the thousands of numbers, this definitely wouldn't be our first time. Owners: - Alpha | Tantric - Beta | Azrael - Omega | Jungkyun Guardians of the Nexus:(Mods) -GotN | Maliakat -GotN | SavannaTheBanana -GotN | Serendipity We have 6 different colored chats based off of the 6 games that I've listed above. These are your "city" chats. We have a universal "Nexus" chat as well. I hope to see you guys in the Nexus! Cheers, -TantricPscythe2 Aug 15
Aug 14 Beer league player looking for a group I've decided to get back into SC2 after a break. I got a new job so now I'm working 3-11 PST and it's difficult to find others that I could join a few times a week. I would like to get better and play ladders or whatnot but I do love my beer as well :D CheersSven2 Aug 14
Aug 13 Looking for SEA/NA clan! Hey ex master current diamond looking for clans that are Australia/Newzealand or NA based! Looking to play for fun and improvement with voice comms etc :) Elithius2673 on NA server if anyone is interestedGladHeAteHer2 Aug 13
Aug 11 Clan Decal how to??? I have a clan already and I uploaded my Custom Decal,but I dont know how to make it appear near my base in-gameSkarner1 Aug 11
Aug 7 Fragor Esports making a comeback LF plat+ Hello! Originally made in 2015, Fragor Esports is trying to get back into the scene. After a 3 year break due to personal issues, I am looking to bring back the community to bring a strong SC2 team back. -Discord -Team practices -Clan wars -In clan tournaments and more to come... Please contact me or anyone on the team for an invite, or just for more information. Thank you!!! add me at Alexanderz#1205Nocta0 Aug 7
Aug 6 EU : DIAMOND 2 TERRAN SEARCH TEAM Hi , i'm back in the game and i want to join a team for train some match up and improve my skill . I'm a Diamond 2 Terran on EU ( Like the tittle said ). My english is not really good but i think when you read this message you understand . I got Discord / Teamspeak ... but i search a team where its not obligatory h24. Thanks for reading , if u need more info put a message under this post . Atakame#21528Atakame0 Aug 6
Aug 5 [NA] Plat2 Terran looking for practice simply as the title sats, I'm up around night time in PST ~3500MMRRaptorteam1 Aug 5
Aug 4 seeking someone to play with i don't know anyone whom plays aside my fiance and often i want to get into more multiplayer stuff, i am casual (relaxing, nice chats, nothing too stressful) not hardcore (aka; brutal modes are insane and people whom succede are both awesome and crazy o_O' ) protoss is my main, well, understated xD, i am unable to play the others (the zerg was from my fiance helping me try to learn game functions ages ago) i'd like to find others to play with that won't mind my low skill level or like to relax and play too..Icilory12 Aug 4
Aug 3 Destroyer needs clan Hi Guys Name Destroyer im a 2v2 and 3v3 player. Looking for active clan msg me in game or add me. I would really like to start this up asap. Msg me if any questions hope to get in good clanDesTroyeR3 Aug 3
Aug 3 Community Founded in 2001 Now Recruiting The Art of Warfare wants you! TAW recruits mature players who seek a friendly environment to hone their skills, play in or cast tournaments, coach other players, play team games, or just have some fun with arcade games. Our core principles are: Respect, Communication, and Collaboration. We offer one of the world’s largest TeamSpeak 3 servers filled with active players daily, special in-house events, high level training, skilled practice partners, a full website and forum, your own email, in-game clan tag, and much more. To learn more or sign-up, visit or join us in our group channel in game: The Art of Warfare Community. *** TAW's StarCraft group consists of over 120 men and women that range in skill from Master to Bronze. Formed in 2001, TAW has grown into a community with over 2400 members spread across a dozen games. Made up of gamers worldwide who have come together with the common vision of honor, integrity, and fair play, TAW is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the greater good and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a clan of like-minded gamers, but find a family. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact vulkor@taw.netVulkor321 Aug 3
Aug 3 Looking for Teammates for 4v4, 3 people Hello I'm 16, Ive been playing since 2010 or 2011 i forgot. I am an ex master league rank. I want to play 4v4 team games to have fun and rank up and sometimes coop on brutal mode. Im looking for people that are platinum or higher and are below the ages of 25 Anyone interested? If so join my discord, and contact me. This is my main account DISCORD Aug 3
Aug 3 Practice League (All Leagues) Started a new clan, team, or whatever you millennials call it these days. Oh wait, I'm a millennial. I heard millennials date as far back as the 1980's. I wonder who came up with that oven baked idea? Anyways, Practice League! Erhem... "are you sick of losing every ladder game over and over? Well look no further because Practice League is here for you...!" Okay that was pretty bad. I'll keep it simple. If you have an earnest desire to practice 1 on 1 for improvement, then join this league. What I would like to see is this become a sort of hub for people who want to practice and even have a social aspect to this game. You can use it purely for practice, or as a way to meet new people and have fun. I'm not as good as I use to be, but I can still spar with GMs, so yes this message includes you guys too. Message me here or on SC2 to reach me. Start might be slow, but your patience will hopefully pay off. Bronze - GM. Let's get better! Practice#11725IIIIIIIIIIII2 Aug 3
Aug 3 Looking for friendly competition (Clan Wars) Hey everyone! The Art of Warfare (TAW), is looking for other communities that are interested in participating in some clan wars. Our current NA competitive group consists of 9 members ranging from Gold to Master (mostly diamonds). I think Bo5 is probably the most realistic we can currently pull off. Down for either All-kill or Proleague formats. I have determined that I don't get on the forums nearly often enough to respond to anyone in a timely manner. So if you are interested in scheduling a Clan War against us, I think the best option is to email me directly at I SHOULD get back to you same day if you email me directly. I look forward to our future interactions! RedRyderRedRyder8 Aug 3