Clans and Groups

Nov 13 2's or Archon Looking for a clan/group to do Archon or 2's with.DayMonki2 Nov 13
Nov 13 NO5 - Nos Energy Start-up/Recruiting {Gold - Masters} Hola! Nos Energy eSports (unoffical) [Nos doesn't not support or sponser gaming, unlike its parent company Monster; How ever I have full respective rights Via email from Nos for showing continued support] Just A clan to show some love for a great energy drink! I'm looking to recruit members for future events Such as: Clan wars, Arcades, Teams.. 1v1's And practice (lots of practice) I want to try and keep it active and tight nit! So I'm only recruiting frequently Active players! Must haves to join: --------------------------- 1. Mic 1.a Discord 2. Okay personality (no hotshots or snobs!) 3. Gold - Platinum - Diamond - Masters (gold - Platinums must be ready for training and willing to make improvments) 4. Activity is a must (I will clean out in-active players weekly; depending on how many recruits we get) If you're interested in Helping me make this possible by joining please reply or add me in-game CrazyCat#166165GGLamby0 Nov 13
Nov 12 Christian Gaming Group <FoM> <Fishers of Men> Is a Christian Gaming Community that is welcoming of anyone who needs a Stress and troll free home. We accept everyone, you do not need to be a Christian to join us. We base the ground rules of the community on Christian values and ask that every one of its members treats everyone they encounter with respect. Sure, we will run into a few trolls here and there. However, we power through and eliminate the childish or arrogant behavior. The goal of <FoM> is to allow Christian and non-Christian gamers to find a home and fellowship or create bonds with people that will last a long time. <FoM> is not a Community that is limited to any one single game. The Community is designed for any game. The Community really exists on Discord the most. We are always looking to add new people and expand the mature and good playing experience. There is Christianity talk, Devotionals, and Prayer that happens within the community. We ask that you respect the wellbeing of its members and not ridicule based on religious beliefs. Games are meant to be played and enjoyed. Not to be feared or filled with anxiety. If you are looking for a home or even just people that will play games with you without judgement. Then come hang out with us. Below you will find the best ways to contact us. You can always reach me via Battle Tag: Morrow#11282 Discord: Nov 12
Nov 12 Seek Team ! Terran D2 EU Hi i'm a Terran D2 , and i search a team where people train together , clan war and Discord for communication . I dont know what i can say , but pm me if u need more info : Atakame#21528Atakame1 Nov 12
Nov 12 Co op/A.I or even unranked Hi I am a returning play in star craft 2, I have found a little group that are trying to find new people we are want any type of player to join from Co op Players vs A.I or even PVP I would love for people to come and hang out with us. If you want to join us come find us on here or just send me a message ruchi#1820Ruchi1 Nov 12
Nov 11 archon&coop made a new group for new people. also for people looking for someone to play archon with. Nov 11
Nov 11 LF new Friends Hi Im David, a returning player. Looking for more friends who are currently active. Lets be friends? add sTeeZd4vE#1341sTeeZdAvE2 Nov 11
Nov 10 Looking for a clan and people Looking for a clan and people to play with ad me Clinebrandon93@gmail.Comdaycare4 Nov 10
Nov 9 Looking for New people Looking for people who are just wanting to have fun with star craft 2 with custom, co op, Archon mode, and etc. If you want to get together on the game join my group nubarchy or add me ruchi#1820 so I can invite you. We will also have a discord group so everybody can talk to each other and rooms. Hope to see new people start join and even experiences players.Ruchi6 Nov 9
Nov 9 TGCF 2 spot OPEN Clan Recruitment TGCF 2 recruitment open spots, for diamonds/platnums/masters or GMS only. add me - > legendaryhit#1425 Message me and ill tell you the procedure :). thank you.BlackGoku2 Nov 9
Nov 9 SC2 DEVELOPER BNET SOCIAL GROUP! Hi all! If you're a SC2 dev, enthusiast, artist, engineer, or techie we have a new Bnet Social Group for you. It's a small group of us at the moment, but with a wide range of experience! Come join and help bring the SC2 custom and AI scene together! Let's share and help each other build awesome and innovative content for the community! Anyone with passion for a better SC2 or to exericse game design skills come say Hi! Nov 9
Nov 9 Looking for friends to play with Hi, there, I'am basically a noob looking for friends to play and have fun with. In addition, I have created an Extension Mod (Faction Wars Alpha) available in the Americas region, and I need friends to play 2v2 with. Anyone interested, please do add me. My Battle-tag is William#6891.William4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Texas SC2 players Just curious, any Texas low league SC2 players around? Please let me know.EllusionSK21 Nov 9
Nov 9 Looking for 2v2 player in TX I just got Swarm and am looking for 2v2 teammate. I am a casual player although when I play I do research strategies and watch videos. I am a bit rusty but will improve with practice. My last RL friend and I got up to gold. My best times for playing are Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I am in Corpus Christi, TX and would prefer playing with someone in the same time zone but as long as that time schedule works for you I am not picky. I would prefer an adult teammate though. I can use anything needed for communication, google, skype, vent, etc.Verdict6 Nov 9
Nov 9 Corpus Christi, Tx Any active Corpus Christi Players out there? If so... lets play together. I am currently a high gold and looking to improve.SpaceCowboy2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Want to play? Casual gaming multiplayer. Looking for friends to play with. I am not new to SC2. Just like playing casual. It would be nice to talk on the mic and play the game. We win, we lose, we have fun. Just playing. :) I am on the America's server and usually on every day in the evening. Central time. Clark007#1274 Shoot me a friend request. Or email: eloburgio@gmail.comclark7 Nov 9
Nov 9 Dude looking for peeps to play and chat with Ello, names Devovo Most of my pals don't play SC2 too much or RTS for that matter, so I was just looking for a small social group to play with. Nothing too strict or mandatory, just a come online, hang out, chat, play SC2 (mostly Coop, I'm down for a friendly melee, or customs though). I have many other games as well. As for about me, I'm generally chill, try to crack a joke here or there, and awkwardly try to enter conversations without much success. I have a hard time saying no, so if i go silent I'm trying to say no without saying no. My SC2 experience: Started in Wings of Liberty forgot old account made new one after overwatch account so this account is my second. Made it to WOL masters before deciding it was too hard to keep up as well as starting college. PS: (I Guess) ideally looking for a some what "mature" social. Around age Twenty preferably. And I guess that's it. For now..................... um.... yea....Devovo13 Nov 9
Nov 9 LF Clan/Smallgroup to play with Heyo i'm looking for some people to hang out on discord with either playing, teaching, or just hanging out. I'm around plat. Feel free to add me! Ryzu#1493Ryzu2 Nov 9
Nov 9 LFM CASUAL & MATURE GAMERS FOR GROUPING Hey there... A couple of friends & I from our former WoW guild have been dabbling with Starcraft II as of late. With Starcraft II going to free to play in the near future, we're hoping to add more active folks in hopes of making it easier for us to group up for Co-Op missions, Multiplayer Vs. AI matches, Weekly Mutations, etc. If folks wanted to create teams from within the clan to compete in ladders & what are more than welcome to do so, but that isn't going to be our primary focus. Our primary focus will be in creating a community of Starcraft II players that can group up with one another on a regular basis for casual gaming fun. We're primarily made up of veteran gamers both in age (30-40 year olds) & experience...but are always open to learning more about the games we love to play. We're also open to any age as we've come to learn that age alone isn't a good indicator of a person's maturity level. We currently have a Discord server for voice communication that is free to use for all of our members. We have no intent on making this into a hardcore clan where we have to enforce playing times or skill levels in order to be in our clan. As long as you are able to play together nicely & don't tarnish our clan tag by your're more than welcome to join us. You don't have to feel the need to group up with anyone if you are just in the solo grinding mood for the day. We're all just here to have fun. If you are interested in joining me at Kawika#1387. Take care & good luck... KKahuna0 Nov 9
Nov 8 Clan recruiting for team games I am currently diamond in 4v4 and we are 2 players in the clan. Anyone who wants to play with a group, improve or make strategies in a party is welcome. If you are interested you can request to join the clan Jibaku. If you want to play in team you can add me: Feverwind#1375. I also created a group for anyone who wants to party or join my SC2 and D3 hc seasonal clans.OldNight0 Nov 8
Nov 8 LF Active Clan / Coaching Returning player, haven't played since HOTS was released. So I am pretty rusty. I am looking for a clan that has a bit of banter, and not looking to take things seriously. I would say I am around Gold level in ability. But happy to play everyone. Vociferate#6137 is my tag, hopefully I can find somewhere to call home.Vociferate2 Nov 8
Nov 7 LF Active Clan with Practice Partners LF Active Clan, want to get back into sc2. I just got back into masters and would like to maybe try and achieve GM in 6 months. If your clan is recruiting then please leave a post :)Slayer1 Nov 7
Nov 3 SC2 Developer/Enthusiasts Social Bnet Group! Hi all! If you're a SC2 dev, we have a new Bnet Social Group dedicated to SC2 developers. It's a small group of us at the moment, but with a wide range of experience! Come join and help bring the SC2 custom and AI scene together! Let's share and help each other build awesome and innovative content for the community! Also general game devs, artist and enthusiasts welcome! Nov 3
Oct 31 lf people to play space zombies/survivor mode im with one other person who will probly be tankin as the firebat.. were looking for 4 more people to join who are willing to cooperate and help to beat it.. well be going online momentarily .. add me and ill invite you:)sunfire3 Oct 31
Oct 30 Zerg player looking for Clan late in PST I'm in the PST zone but I play late at night since I work swing shift. Looking for a good group to play with. I'm semi casual, as in I like to get as competitive as silver/gold can get until I'm too many beers in, but I'm always down for friendly fun.Sven1 Oct 30
Oct 28 Team INnoVation [INnoV] INnoVation [INnoV] Fan-Clan is looking for terran players! Team INnoVation with the super cool clan tag [INnoV] is recruiting terran players with 4k+ MMR As soon as we have enough player we will do stuff like CW's and such InVasioN#21656InVasioN0 Oct 28
Oct 26 Free Coaching Clan :) Hi there [Suhuru] Oncet of The Flame were a clan that invites players of even the most novice level of skill and help them improve with personal 1 on 1 coaching for Free from diamond and master level players. If you're interested in a place with a talkative friendly envoirent to help you grow as a player look up [Suhuru] or join our group it's called "Adopt A Newb For Real" we currently are closing in on 100 members and the group is 1 day old with 11 members. Our aim is to make a friendly community where people can hangout have fun and get to know each other while improving their skills it's the only place you'll find high skill players willing to help or ever interact with bronze level players. And yes we also play arcade and you don't have to be active or good to join :) look us up!Calamitous16 Oct 26
Oct 25 Radical Idea to flesh out the Clan system. Originally posted in the General Section. Let me know what you think.Waagenator0 Oct 25
Oct 21 Active Clan with coaching and clan wars Risen from the Ash3s is one of the largest clans on the Americas server. We have hundreds of players, active coaches, clan war opportunities, inhouse tournaments, and more. We offer discord and a teamspeak server as well. We take players of all levels. Add me on BNet to get started. StillFly##11290StillFly0 Oct 21
Oct 20 Delete or rename clan Hello, I have an old clan in sc2 and I either want to rename it or delete it (to be able to create a new one). However, I cannot find anything to do such a thing. I saw that I can leave the clan, but that's not what I want to do. I tried to create a new one, but I get an error message saying I own the maximum number of clans allowed. Is there a way to do that ? Thank you.whiteShadow2 Oct 20
Oct 19 N/A N/ABoonicus0 Oct 19
Oct 15 <CHOOO> Clan and -Mafia- Arcade Game This clan has made a habit, and apparently been created for the sole purpose of disrupting the -Mafia- arcade game. They consistently spam the chat, lose the games on purpose, and spam pause making it near impossible to enjoy the game. I was told I should report it instead of kicking them from my lobby and didn't know whether I should do that here or in the -Mafia- forums, so I'm doing both.Ghowilo0 Oct 15
Oct 12 Singapore server players Is there a group or clan that plays on the Sing server exclusively? I have huge latency unless I set SC2 to Singapore, and currently servers are not shown in the custom lobbies, so it's pretty much useless.Alejandro0 Oct 12
Oct 11 Looking for a Clan to help train me Looking for a clan that can help me become a better player and learn how to play the races. I am active every day and hope to become a better RTS player. Hope to find a clan :DDarkZombieXX3 Oct 11
Oct 6 Creating Floating Base Icon using Photoshop Creating your own floating transparent base icon for Starcraft 2 using Photoshop Tutorial by <AmGB>ThEoKoLeS (a.k.a Chavez_US independent map creator/editor for Vietcong 1 & 2 game) Steps: -Start Starcraft 2 -After you're loaded into game, click on "Groups and Events Icon" (on lower right by the current time). -Create a Group if you haven't already. (You must be the admin of the clan or group to add the custom icon!) -Find your image you want floating in the game. Right click it and select Open/Edit With Photoshop -In Photoshop select File-> New Width 256 pixels Height 256 pixels Resolution = 72 Color Mode RGB Color 8 bit Background Contents = Transparent (Make sure you changed to this!) -Open the image you want to transfer to this newly created 256x256 image (Make sure the height is smaller than 256 pixels) Check by selecting Image -> Image Size and change accordingly. -Open Window->Channels->Create New Channel (This will add the alpha layer) The Alpha Channel layer should be selected (highlighted in blue) -Select -> Inverse (Paint the area to be seen white - RGB 251, 251, 251), -Select -> Inverse (Paint the area to NOT be seen black - RGB 1, 1, 1). Deselect the view of th RGB colors to see just your alpha layer. Make sure the unseen area is black, and the area you want to be seen is white. -Select File-> Save As -> PNG - Interlaced (Name your file, and save it to: Documents -> Starcraft 2 -> Image Uploads) -Go back into Starcraft 2 game -(Go back to the "Groups and Events" section that you created your Clan or Group, find your created Clan or Group and select it) -Click on Info--> Edit Info -> Change Decal (Select your newly created PNG -> Save Changes Viola! You've created your floating icon for your clan or group! Any questions private message me. <AmGB>ThEoKoLeSThEoKoLeS0 Oct 6
Oct 6 LiT eSports - Now Recruiting Lost in Translation is a multi-game community with over 400 members across Starcraft, PubG, Heroes, WoW and Hearthstone. Our Admin Team works to provide a place that provides an atmosphere for members to game, improve, and have fun. SC2 Involvement? -Clan Wars -Tournaments -Practice Partners -Chobo Team Leauge (Silver-Masters) -DuSt League (LiT Comp Team) -SC2 Alpha Team League (LiT Comp Team) -LiTSL(LiT Star League) Want to check us out? Hop on our Discord to see what we're all about: . We can guarantee that you won't find another clan like us. Here's a few words from our members on why LiT is different than their previous clan: -A lot of people in different time zones and the ability to contact anyone fast and make friends. -People. Just a larger group of people to pool from when wanting to play a game. -Very friendly and active admins, warm welcomes and greetings in Discord start things off strong and comforting <3 -More active and competitive. We hope to see you on! Feel free to message any Admin or Game Ops for more information on our Discord. -KinGoFBlunts Oct 6
Oct 6 [NA]Noob LF Someone To Practice With As title says, I'm basically a noob at this game. I played SC1 when I was kid but only did campaign. I got SC2 about a year ago, did the same thing with a mix of vs AI and some multiplayer, but never got far with it. I have a basic understanding of the game, but want someone to play against so I can practice against an actual human that is willing to give me advice or another noob who is trying to practice as well and just wants to practice. I still haven't picked a race and I am on the fence about them all. If you wish to help I am available most of the time, though I do work 10 hours week and go to college. (I have a lot of free time is what I am saying) Contact me by adding my btag: Dethkilr:1152Ratic5 Oct 6
Oct 2 Returning Aus player looking for clan! After 3 years I've decided to use this account instead and start playing again, currently doing unranked teams to relearn some stuff. Hoping to join a competitive clan and climb high once more!Aurora3 Oct 2
Oct 1 Australian Coop & Arcade Group (AUS) Hello. I have gone and created and group on Starcraft II named AussieKingpins, this group will be an arcade focused group with a ideal community of just Australians, however there maybe some users that may want to join in the future that may not be from Australia but have visited or have friends/relatives here. Please feel free to join the group and also feel free to add me on Steam/Battle.Net the account names are as follows: Steam: Phuizour Battle.Net: Phuizour#1167If you do decide to add me on these above platforms please leave a quick comment on this thread just so i know it isn't some random wanting games or anything of that nature.Phuizour0 Oct 1
Sep 29 Testing Official - Group It bugs me that there's no "testing" chat channel. So I made a group for everyone who's interested in the testing to join. It's called "Testing Official", not because it's the official chat (as it's something I just made), but because it's the official test map that we're testing, NOT other mods. People of all levels are free to join, and even if you're just queuing up matches in the test map and had not been chatting, I encourage you to join it; because you might see others talking in it, and have a little bit of feedback to give (on something that you might not have thought was that important). Basically, it's to build a community around testing. Link: battlenet:://starcraft/group/1/381801 GLHF -AchromicWhiteAchromicWht0 Sep 29
Sep 27 Ignore this thread. Ignore this post.SOkoL0 Sep 27
Sep 27 BornGosu is recruiting! Born Gosu is a passionate community of nerd ballers, united by the greatest game on earth, StarCraft 2. Our team is diverse and mature, having evolved throughout the life of StarCraft 2. Born Gosu originated in 2011 as a professional team, but disbanded in 2012. Our team was brought back to life in 2014 by an original member Matt (Yeezus). Born Gosu now focuses primarily on Chobo Team League, while developing current members and attracting new members for more competitive events such as Clan Wars, In house Leagues and All In The Nydus for Diamonds to Master players. Here are a few words from our long-time members on why you should join BG: Even though we primarily focus on Sc2, we are a community with different interests and I think everyone finds their place here. We offer an active team with lots of varying opinions so there is always some theorycrafting going on, people are always looking to practice, fun environment to play and competitive experience through participating in CTL ( ). For people who strive to get better at Starcraft 2, we offer 1v1 sessions as well as peepmode practice sessions which multiple people participate in on a daily basis. Still not convinced? Hop on our Discord and check us out! We hope to see you on! If u want more information message any Admin on our Discordrzion6 Sep 27
Sep 26 2v2 Partner I am looking for a Silver 2v2 players that is on alot and is willing to try and move up in the ladder. I am a Silver Protoss. It does not matter what race you play as long as you are silver. My friend code is 375 and just hit me up with messages, if you are interested.FruitMania2 Sep 26
Sep 23 Looking for old school bw players!!!! Looking for old school brood war players who transitioned into sc2. I am forming a fun team with old schooler bw players my aka is PIMPMOO, NrT.Moo, rS.Moo, Ds-Moo [SA]Moo and many more I was a iccup A+ 2on2 player. Just creating a new team for fun. Team is LDSKL which is Old Skool without the O ;) Message me.gosuda3 Sep 23
Sep 22 [Na] Plat 2 zerg , looking for Aus/nz clan ? [Na] Plat 2 zerg , looking for Aus/nz clan, dont know if theres any aussies out there but if so would be cool to have a group to play with etc, hit me up. Cheers mitrah#6620Mitrah0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Dynasty Warriors Elites Are you looking for a Dynasty Warriors Clan that is looking to revive the DW community on Starcraft? Look no further! Dynasty Warriors Elites is a veteran clan from Warcraft 3. We used to make DW maps and Samurai Warriors maps. We are huge fans of the Koei gaming series! We are looking for active, fun and engaging people to join our community! Right now we are in the building stages, as DW has had no presence in starcraft 2 until now. We do have a map already made DW-Yellow Turban Rebellion. Are you an old member of Clan Shu? Good, because we can use your leadership experience and organizational skills to help DWE in its goal to achieving a standing DW community. Don't hesitate, message me any time for an invite ZhugeLiang#1772. Be sure to check out our DW map, we plan on releasing new DW maps every two or so weeks. Discord: Leadership positions are open! Ask about them!ZhugeLiang0 Sep 22
Sep 16 A Clan List of Achievements Earned Together? Here's a quick idea that might be fairly easy to implement... In the clan profile window there are sections for News, Events, Info, and Roster. Why not add another section that keeps track of which achievements have been earned while two or more clan members are grouped together (by one or more of them)? If it worked like the account profile window, with uncompleted achievements visible but darker, then clan members could use it as a to-do list. This would be a simple way to give casual players a low-stress reason to play with clan-mates, other than team ladder partners and/or clan tournaments. Yes, I realize than in general the SC2 community pays little attention to achievements. But perhaps that is one reason why players not interested in the stress of the ladders and tournaments tend to leave SC2? And, yes, lots of achievements are for solo play. They would not appear in the proposed clan profile section, obviously.davidvs1 Sep 16
Sep 15 Outlaws looking for a leader in NA Hi guys, Our clan is actually looking for an NA based player, so if you like to play all types of games and be part of our growing community (one of the biggest EU clan at this moment) contact us at or check our clan info on EU and contact any officer there so as you get more detailed information, Gl&hf :Pkadesh0 Sep 15
Sep 14 Free Coaching For ALL BLIZZARD GAMES! Before I begin.. YES! This does NOT violate the Blizzard TOS because we are not making any sort of money from this! Laddies, gentlemen, and sentient rocks. We Have A Discord Coaching Group with 200+ Players and 15 Coaches we are Adopting New and LOW-level Sub Dia players NON-ALTs for ALL BLIZZARD GAMES!! Heck, even if your diamond, master, or ever GRAND MASTER and want some tips for your favorite Overwatch Heroes, feel free to stop in! If you would like to join the group and receive more information on our FREE service. Please follow this discord link! We could always use more heroes, so why not become one not only for yourself... but for your team as well!JuiceWhite3 Sep 14
Sep 12 TEAM UNIT Recrute / pla La team Unité recrute la TEAM UniT recrute des joueurs fr' le discord -> ou m.p my ^_- >| Gl hf |< Good Luck & Have Fun <-----*(^_- )--> On as de tous niveau News a master ; on fait des soirer coach des journée tryhards et tous dans la bonne humeur ou seul sur canal muet spécialement. A bientot et surtout Good Games Team Unit --> discord -> Sep 12