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Apr 11 STRAWHATS RECRUITING!!! MLG GAME'S Hello im looking for people to join my MLG CLAN. I just started it so it pretty much me and as far as the name i have not settled on one but atm where The StrawHat Pirates... I post tournament's from MLG sites for cash game's. I use to be plat senic stopped now getting back into it i want to go pro but also have fun if i win awesome but i simply love sc2. But i also want a build a clan along the way no one want to be alone. Anyone can join for now. Send me a msg.FatPeace0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Looking for a group/community to play with Hello everyone, I am a platinum Terran and pushing diamond. I am also currently playing broodwar in anticipation for SC:R. My current clan that I have been apart of for over a year has died, and most of it was because of clan drama. I am just mostly looking for a group of players to befriend and play SC2 and broodwar with. I am not interested in ranks or clan politics, I just want to have fun and continue to learn more about SC2 and keep advancing through the ladder and have a lot of fun on the way. My tag is Bacon#1393, message me if any of you have some room for some new blood.BaconMonster2 Apr 11
Apr 10 This Clan Singled me out... This clan singled me out while I was trying to play a game of 4v4. I was the only person in the 4v4 who wasn't in the clan and right when they got troops the first thing they did was * Called me an unskilled player who should just leave the game And when I didn't leave like they wanted me too they got made and teamed up on me. * They destroyed all my Troops so I couldn't build anything * They destroyed all my buildings except one so i would stay in the game until I quit or watched them win or lose * Then I left the game because I couldn't do anything and I noticed I wasn't able to play anymore because it said something about my "Status being turned off"ClaytonW3 Apr 10
Apr 5 Looking for Clan with Discord server. Title. Just want a Discord server to ask questions in/get tips, apparently clans have those. I'll join your clan if it has at least a somewhat large, somewhat active Discord server that could help me out.TheSwarm1 Apr 5
Apr 4 New player looking Looking for friends and a group to just hang with to play SC2 with I'm totally new and not so young but love the game ehh how old 40 soon but love these type of games. Thanks in advanceDeserve9 Apr 4
Apr 3 New Player Looking For a Friend Hey Everyone, I'm a newish player looking for a casual group of people that I can hang with in my free time and are willing to tutor me on the game. I bought SC2 WoL a few years ago, but quit after a while... I can't remember why haha... Either way, I am a Junior in high school and just am a casual player. I don't have any of the expansions so that limits me to the base game. I'm about 12 missions into the campaign, after which I'll probably purchase HotS. I'm not quite sure yet if I want to join a clan but may concider it in the future. Happy gaming everyone.JackRyan1 Apr 3
Mar 29 Anyone planning to play LotV and BW? I'm looking for some people who want to experiment with a little bit of everything StarCraft-related. With the original Starcraft getting fixed up this week and getting a new coat of paint this summer I was looking for seven or more people to play a bunch of casual matches of Brood War and Legacy of the Void on a regular basis. Just try out the different modes and Blizzard maps, have some laughs, and maybe improve a little here and there. I've been playing StarCraft since 1998 and you could probably call me more of a fanboy than a true competitive gamer. Let me know if this sounds appealing.HyperTurtle0 Mar 29
Mar 26 Clan (KYLE) (KYLE2) Casual Clan We are recruiting casual players. You can request to join through theses options. totalchaos#1184 We are a casual clan with openings from Bronze to GM. We do in house tournaments and clan wars if we have available players.TotalChaos0 Mar 26
Mar 22 TGCF 2 spot OPEN Clan Recruitment TGCF 2 recruitment open spots, for diamonds/platnums/masters or GMS only. add me - > legendaryhit#1425 Message me and ill tell you the procedure :). thank you.BlackGoku0 Mar 22
Mar 21 Community Founded in 2001 Now Recruiting The Art of Warfare wants you! TAW recruits mature players who seek a friendly environment to hone their skills, play in or cast tournaments, coach other players, play team games, or just have some fun with arcade games. Our core principles are: Respect, Communication, and Collaboration. We offer one of the world’s largest TeamSpeak 3 servers filled with active players daily, special in-house events, high level training, skilled practice partners, a full website and forum, your own email, in-game clan tag, and much more. To learn more or sign-up, visit or join us in our group channel in game: The Art of Warfare Community. *** TAW's StarCraft group consists of over 120 men and women that range in skill from Master to Bronze. Formed in 2001, TAW has grown into a community with over 2400 members spread across a dozen games. Made up of gamers worldwide who have come together with the common vision of honor, integrity, and fair play, TAW is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the greater good and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a clan of like-minded gamers, but find a family. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact vulkor@taw.netVulkor319 Mar 21
Mar 21 FeverC is now recruiting stuck in bronze or silver league?Do u play coop we do it all. we are looking for motivated players who just want to get better at the game and have some fun doing it please message me if u are interested we look forward to hearing from u :) FeverC BroodBrood0 Mar 21
Mar 20 LF Clan Once apart of TAW and TOG, I am seeking to make a return to the game. I am seeking a socially active group of players, nothing BIG - not seeking a gaming community. I play 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s - no arcade unless it's Peep for practice. I do live stream from time to time. Living in San Diego, CA I am a Zerg/Toss Player.WhaToDo0 Mar 20
Mar 19 Noob player looking to learn Im pretty much an all around new to multiplayer. I'm looking to learn from someone and maybe chat via teamspeak or discord. battletag ryanb415#1287Ryanb4 Mar 19
Mar 18 dLife Recruiting All Ranks for Competition Hey there! Like the title says NA Clan dLife is recruiting for players that are interested in competing in league/tournaments such as Chobo Team League (Bronze-Masters) and higher ranked leagues such as Nydus All Kill (Diamond/Masters), both of which we are currently participating in. If you're currently flying solo, and are looking for a low-key community to play with, get help improving, and/or compete in amateur leagues with shoot me a DM/reply here and I can get you started with our discord. We don't have any strict rules or mandatory events. We just encourage and help our members participate in competition. We are recruiting for all ranks. In particular though, Gold (or soon to be Silvers) and masters players, would likely get instant playing time on our teams as we have the highest need for that. Shoot me a DM if you're interested. glhf!icED12 Mar 18
Mar 17 Need Help I have been playing to StarCraft since launch but am playing the campaign cause O am very bad I can't even beat the computer AI except on very easy.. I do want to get involved in multi-player but at this stage I have no change of winning. Would any one be able to help me out. My btag is Ttosk#657 or Ttosk#1817. I use both.Ttosk1 Mar 17
Mar 15 LF clan Hey I am looking for a clan to join that is more about fun then anything. I live in Australia and currently have plenty of time to playJurakai1 Mar 15
Mar 15 Looking for Desert Strike vQueen Players i'm interested in forming some kind of reunion of players who used to play my Desert Strike vQueen maps and also Desert Strike Night.QueenGambit1 Mar 15
Mar 13 Clan Decal how to??? I have a clan already and I uploaded my Custom Decal,but I dont know how to make it appear near my base in-gameSkarner0 Mar 13
Mar 12 Welcome anotherSC2ID PTBIDIvan2 Mar 12
Mar 12 3v3 Casual play 3v3 Clark007#1274 You don't have to be good - just looking for people to play with and have fun. No kids though please. :)clark0 Mar 12
Mar 8 Groups for co-op missions anyone? Groups for co-op missions anyone? Idk when i will take on multiplayer cuz i am busy these days so i would rather have groups focus on co-opsdragon0 Mar 8
Mar 7 LF another casual for Arcade(Coop too?) Hello. I'm looking for someone else to do the occasional Arcade matches with and maybe coop matches(campaign or vs. AI). I dont play too often, I have been on and off since SC1. Not a huge fan of the competitive myself, other than tugowars and such in the arcade. 18+ preferred, and mic with English. Im 25 and Canadian myself, add me if interested, or shoot me a message. :D PS. It says Kilo on the side, but my tag in game atm is Slartey#1111Kilo2 Mar 7
Mar 7 Masters Player LF Competitive Teams Partners I'm looking for some other masters players that are interested in pushing for high ranks/leagues in team games. I don't really enjoy playing by myself and would much rather find some friends of similar skill level to play team games and crush the ladder! I play all 3 races so i have no preference of race. Add my battletag Legend#1133 or Respond to this post if you're interested.IlIlIlIlIl0 Mar 7
Mar 4 [PC] [NA/OCX] Havoc Corps is recruiting!! Havoc Corps is a multi gaming community that is actively recruiting new/veterans members to our gaming community. We hope to have friendly and helpful gamers in alot of games. Helping one anther with aid or advice. We are also seeking officers and guild leaders too to lead teams or large groups for the games that we play. Discord required. Please come visit and stay at our discord server. At the moment we don't have many members in many games but hoping to slowly grow in each game over time. Please feel free to contact Havoc if you have further questions. Games we can play: Guild Wars 2 (Seas of Sorrws) Black Desert Online (Velia 1) CounterStrike: GO World of Warcraft (Emerald Dreams) (Alliance) Elder Scrolls Online (aldmeri dominion) Star Trek Online Heroes of the Storm Diablo 3 RoS Starcraft II LotV Overwatch Tom Clancy The Division League of Legends Warframe Discord Server: Website: Under Construction Regards Havoc - Guild Leader Battletag: Havoc#6889Havoc1 Mar 4
Mar 4 looking for clan/group looking for a casual but mature clan to play with every now and then. im on most days. im not a pro and only do custom games vs bots or co op for fun, but I have some skill although not good vs real players. having some friends to play around with would be nice :)Caitlin9 Mar 4
Mar 4 Weekend Warriors Sydney!! ( Not a clan ) Hi Everyone! Weekend Warriors Sydney are hosting a Sataday morning meet, every weekend, at FBI in the CBD starting on the 22 of April 2017. All levels of players are welcome, we will have a range of activities planned, like friendly match's, KOTH tournaments, coaching for BSG and P players, streaming and commentating ( going directly to our youtube page ), and most excitedly, an exclusive league format that you MUST be at the venue to play in! ( prize pool to be announced, already have some small time sponsors involved. ) This league will be further discussed on opening day and blogs/posts on the fb/website. League is looking to launch in May. Overall Weekend Warriors wants to re-ignite/re-boot/revive the SC2 scene in Sydney. We are not a clan, we are a gaming community ( By all means, if you have several clan member interested, please come down and represent!!! ) This promises to become a dynamic but stable format to help everyone learn and become more competitive online! Please see facebook page link below, yes we are still building the facebook, website and youtube page, bare with us as we develop more content and more updates on opening week and our league implementation! ( BSGP in one league, PDM/GM in the 2nd ) We would also like to invite any caster's/commentators who would like to get involved to come down as well, ( Please PM myself on the FB or post a comment for more information, we will need to reserve your spots ) Please also use the facebook page to confirm if you are attending the opening day. If this gets large, booking your place in advance ( we can do that for you ) Will be required, although there are around 200+ pc's at the venue! ALL CAPABLE OF RUNNING SC2 ON ULTRA.... *drool* Lets do this together!Samurai0 Mar 4
Mar 2 Clan eXe is Recruiting! What the hell is eXe? eXe is a multigaming clan for EU and NA of over 500 members, with over 200 active members in our StarCraft Division. We are a passionate and dedicated group of gamers of all skill levels who enjoy spending time with each other both discussing and playing our games of choice. We form friendships and have fun in this amazing gaming community while trying to learn more about this incredible game and improve our skill. Okay, but what do you actually do? In eXe Starcraft, we split our members down into Teams of 8-20 similarly skilled players who meet up twice a week to play the game in a structured practice environment, lead by experienced eXe members or "Team Staff". Team Members of course hang out and have fun both inside and outside those practice times and form great friendships. NA practices: Sundays & Wednesdays @ 8-10pm EST We have teams for all skill levels and approaches to the game. Want a casual team where the focus is just on having fun and letting the good times roll? We got that. Want a hardcore team working their asses off day in and day out to be the best? We got that, and everything in-between. Sounds good, but I still need convincing. Sweeten the deal for me. Wow, you drive a hard bargain, how does this sound? - A 500 man dedicated TeamSpeak Server. - Internal 1v1 and GSTL-Style Tournaments and Leagues. - Competitive Team who are extremely active in the Clanwar Scene - Free coaching and Replay Analysis from our masters league players - Massive Open Tournaments pulling in well known pro players (Snute, Nerchio, Dragon, Rainbow and Byun to name but a few) with our own Admins and broadcasting. - Opportunities to take on responsibilities, such as leading a Team. - Other opportunities such as: --- Streaming & Casting our weekly events --- Admining and running our Tournaments and Leagues --- Designing eXe Graphics on the Graphics Team --- Joining the web team to help put the finishing touches on our website and other exciting tasks Wow, this is too good to be true! What's the catch? Well, we do have a few requirements: - Age 16+, as we attempt to maintain a somewhat mature environment. - You must have a microphone and headset (does not have to be anything special, as long as it works!) so that you can take part fully in our practices and communicate with all the members. - We are an English speaking clan, but if you can read this post, then your English is more than good enough :d - We expect members to be active and contributing to our forums, and thus to check them regularly. Where can I apply? All you need to do is sign up on our website ( )! Contact Info: Website: Bnet Chat Channel: Team eXe eXe NA Starcraft Recruitment Staff: Firnafth.864 Hope to see you soon! GLHF! ~ eXeFirnafth59 Mar 2
Mar 2 Diamond 1 terran Might be looking for a clan. Just kinda looking for people to play with. I might be able to get a masters 3 toss if you impress.MarineKing2 Mar 2
Feb 26 Looking for a Clan! Looking for a clan, however being retired military I want atleast a somewhat military group! I havent seen any as of yet however if you have one or know a good one let me know!Linden5 Feb 26
Feb 25 TGG - The Gamers Guild is Recruiting Officially opening April 2017, We are now taking applications to join. Admin Positions are open, as are competitive squads, where you can lead your own competitive Squad on or Gamebattles. Supporting: Co-Op, Competitive, Arcade and AI game modes. Background: Started on PS3 as Armored Core Gaming in 2008 we moved to PS4/PS3 in 2013 and changed the name to Shadow Warriors Federation. In 2017 we created a new guild instead of a clan to fixed the issues we had when we were a clan. Making the moving to a PC/PS4 Guild and renaming it The Gamers Guild. We intend to create a powerful Guild that will last throughout the ages.NukerViper0 Feb 25
Feb 25 Looking for clan/group Looking for a casual group to play with, i am not a pro by any means. i have played from the first game up till now but mostly vs AI and some co-op.Shujinko2 Feb 25
Feb 13 Best way to find or create a GOOD Team Hey SC fans, in game are you looking for GOOD clan/ team? Well i have thought of a way to get us as a community together. I have created a community called "Team Finder" exactly spelt like that (nothing fancy) where the main topic of conversation is recruiting or being recruited. I really want to help people who are new/ old to SC where they are looking or thinking to create that perfect team. Its very hard to find GOOD clans as it is IN-GAME. Thank you for reading, =-)Jacob1 Feb 13
Feb 11 Veteran SC1/2 player looking for clan. Average APM is 180-205 I haven't played much since 2011. Got back into the game a lot lately. Was only able to get platinum 1v1 and diamond 2/3/4v's. Sick of carrying randoms in 2/3/4v's. Sick of losing because of my team mates not doing a single thing. And having no units at 5 minutes... Anyways looking for some good players to play with or a clan etcMalibuMafiaV12 Feb 11
Feb 11 [PC] Havoc Corps multi gaming community. Havoc Corps is a multi gaming community that is actively recruiting new/veterans to our gaming community. We hope to have friendly and helpful gamers in alot of games. Helping one anther with aid or advice. We are also seeking officers and guild leaders too to lead teams or large groups for the games that we play. So if you believe you are a good leader you can ask the guild leader and see IF it can be organised in good time. Discord required. Please come visit and stay at our discord server. At the moment we don't have many groups in many games but hoping to slowly gorw in each game over time. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions. Also LF officers to help run the Corps due to leader having study workload. Games we can play: *Guild Wars 2 (Tarnished Coast) *Black Desert Online (Velia 1) *CounterStrike GO *World of Warcraft (Emerald Dreams) (Alliance) *Elder Scrolls Online (aldmeri dominion) *Star Trek Online *Diablo 3 RoS *Starcraft II LoV *Overwatch *Tom Clancy The Division *League of Legends Discord Server: Website: Under Construction Regards Havoc - Guild Leader Battletag: Havoc#6889 E-mail: j15442@hotmail.comHavoc0 Feb 11
Feb 10 Masters Zerg LF Partner for 2s Hi Im Legend, I'm a masters zerg player thats been playing starcraft since the original and i usually play solo but its starting to get pretty boring by myself so I'm looking for a partner to play 2v2s competitively and hopefully we can break into top 8 in a Masters 1 league. I would prefer not to play with another zerg because it never seems to work out well for me so a protoss or terran player would be preferred. If you have any questions or are interested you can reply to this post or add my battle tag and message me when I'm online. Please be at least Masters 3 in 1v1 My battletag is Legend#1133 Hope to hear from some of you soon!Legend5 Feb 10
Feb 8 Platinum Zerg Looking 4 Team! Hello, I am a Platinum Zerg player looking to join a team. I used to play about 2-3 years ago whenever HotS first came out and I was a High Diamond Terran Player. Looking to get back into the game but want to practice and play with teammates. Let me know if your team is interested !! Razor#1229Clarity1 Feb 8
Feb 7 Looking for clan like the title says looking for a clan for 3v3s maybe more not super amazing but not quite a noob I played the first starcraft was in a clan then would love to find some people serious about itChiefSyCo2 Feb 7
Feb 7 New Player Looking for a Clan to play with I'm looking for a clan so I can learn how to play the game and to have fun in 2's and so on. I play mostly terran and zerg if that matters. Just reply on the post or hit me up in-game.Munchman3 Feb 7
Feb 7 OFFICIAL TRUMP DYNASTY RECRUITING SEASON 2017 Welcome to the Trump Dynasty! The only SC II clan that recognizes Donald J. Trump as the true dynastic leader. We are currently recruiting any and all Americans and Trump supporters! (Except if you're from one of the countries effected by President Trump's executive order) What is the Trump Dynasty? We are a proud, high energy clan of Trump supporters with over 50 members ranging from Silver to Master. Why should I join the Trump Dynasty? If you are a citizen of the US and love America, then look no further than the Trump Dynasty. We offer you the most patriotic clan on SC, with a high energy and active community. We put America first. Made by Americans, for Americans. We are the Trump Dynasty! TRUMP IT UP! USA! What are the benefits of the Trump Dynasty? An overwhelming sense of unity and patriotism towards our true dynastic leader, Donald J. Trump. We look forward to speaking with each and every applicant personally...MAGA - James (Co-Founder of the Trump Dynasty)James0 Feb 7
Feb 5 Masters team partner Hi what I want is a master level teams partner for all team types 2v2 3v3 4v4 I just got into 2v2 master after being diamond last season ( not sure if it shows in my forum profile) I have alot to learn still, however what I learned is a microphone is essential for on the fly tactics. So please have a microphone. In the past I was top diamond zerg 1v1, but since I started playing again last season I became diamond terran. So terran is my main race. My ladder 1v1 is continuing to rise so take diamond 3 with a grain of salt. My profile might be showing last season right now if it's different then what I described. Let me know if your interested, and leave your information so I can add you thanks. At the end of the day I'm just looking for some fun strategic games! Hope to hear from you!Zodiac2 Feb 5
Feb 5 Havoc Corps [HC] Recruiting!! New guild Hello, everyone. Havoc Corps is a multi gaming community guild. LF friendly and helpful players, new/veterans are welcome. Trying to branch out into Starcraft II LoV, everyone welcome to visit us at our discord server. Discord Server: Regards Havoc - Guild Leader Battletag: Havoc#6889 E-mail: j15442@hotmail.comHavoc2 Feb 5
Feb 5 [US/OCX] Havoc Corps Mutli gaming community. Havoc Corps is a multi gaming community that is actively recruiting new/veterans members to our gaming community. We hope to have friendly and helpful gamers in alot of games. Helping one anther with aid or advice. We are also seeking officers and guild leaders too to lead teams or large groups for the games that we play. So if you believe you are a good leader you can ask the guild leader and see IF it can be organised in good time. Discord required. Please come visit and stay at our discord server. At the moment we don't have many groups in many games but hoping to slowly gorw in each game over time. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions. Games we can play: Guild Wars 2 (Tarnished Coast) Black Desert Online (Velia 1) CounterStrike GO World of Warcraft (Emerald Dreams) (Alliance) Elder Scrolls Online (aldmeri dominion) Star Trek Online Diablo 3 RoS Starcraft II LoV Overwatch Tom Clancy The Division League of Legends Discord Server: Website: Under Construction Regards Havoc - Guild Leader Battletag: Havoc#6889 E-mail: j15442@hotmail.comHavoc0 Feb 5
Feb 2 Searching Custom games Mate Iam a german Gold/ Platin Player, i was master a year ago and i searching a diamond opennent for customs games! Or just a good german clan with good palyers in it. Thanks ! add me or write me here! - League : Gold - Race : Zerg - From : GermanyMrMkay0 Feb 2
Jan 31 Archon mode - ex masters 1v1 and 2v2 in s2/3 Hey everyone. I am looking to get into the new archon mode, really like the feel of it and the teamwork involved. Looking for people to play and practice with. I am an ex masters in 1v1 (top 8 in my div) back in s2/3. I admit I am abit rusty right now, but the goal would be to get back to that level if not higher. Add me if interested. eVolition#549eVolition5 Jan 31
Jan 30 Anyone want to play and chat away? Casual play -skype chat North America Servers clark007#1274clark1 Jan 30
Jan 26 Clueless Gaming is now recruiting! Hello there! I am among one of the leaders at CL, a dominate Call of Duty team which our sponsored competitive Team is making the professional scene! We are looking to expand our empire! Recently adding Overwatch, Rainbow and now finally Starcraft 2 and Starcraft 3 in the future! Our social media is launching within the next few weeks. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Must have discord! 2. Must be active! 3. Must be loyal! 4. No discrimination! 5. Respect teammates! 6. Have fun! If interested in joining, contact here... Clueless Gaming: (TeamCL) Battle Tag: Jacob#15653 Discord: CLJacob#4328imbaProbe0 Jan 26
Jan 24 Psionic Aftermath (PsiX) is now recruiting! Psionic Aftermath (PsiX) is now recruiting! We are looking for high level players to take part in our many tournaments (Wardi TV team league, Chobo Team League, and many clan wars). We only want very active players that want to participate in team events. We currently have a mostly diamond+ team with several high masters and GM's. We are are very serious team looking for serious players! Hit me up in game JediZealot#1303 or look up our clan PsiX and search members page to reach an officer. We look forward to hearing from you.JediZealot0 Jan 24
Jan 21 I'm silver league 1 zerg 1v1. LF 2's. hey, im not that good at sc2 right now ive been playing for a month now, but im pretty good at video games in genral so ill learn quick. Looking for a group of people to play some quality games with similar to my skill level. Add me at Oboyobeto#1884.McCrabby7 Jan 21
Jan 21 new player looking for people to play with looking for people to play with im new to the game my battletag is KingxPerez #1814kingxperez1 Jan 21
Jan 16 I can not creat a Clan called CUBA I wanted to create a clan inspired by the people of my country Cuba. But do not let me because the game say it is a bad language. Cuba is not a bad word, is just a name of a country. What can I do about this?Shasixz2 Jan 16