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Aug 3 Destroyer needs clan Hi Guys Name Destroyer im a 2v2 and 3v3 player. Looking for active clan msg me in game or add me. I would really like to start this up asap. Msg me if any questions hope to get in good clanDesTroyeR3 Aug 3
Aug 3 Looking for Teammates for 4v4, 3 people Hello I'm 16, Ive been playing since 2010 or 2011 i forgot. I am an ex master league rank. I want to play 4v4 team games to have fun and rank up and sometimes coop on brutal mode. Im looking for people that are platinum or higher and are below the ages of 25 Anyone interested? If so join my discord, and contact me. This is my main account DISCORD Aug 3
Aug 3 Practice League (All Leagues) Started a new clan, team, or whatever you millennials call it these days. Oh wait, I'm a millennial. I heard millennials date as far back as the 1980's. I wonder who came up with that oven baked idea? Anyways, Practice League! Erhem... "are you sick of losing every ladder game over and over? Well look no further because Practice League is here for you...!" Okay that was pretty bad. I'll keep it simple. If you have an earnest desire to practice 1 on 1 for improvement, then join this league. What I would like to see is this become a sort of hub for people who want to practice and even have a social aspect to this game. You can use it purely for practice, or as a way to meet new people and have fun. I'm not as good as I use to be, but I can still spar with GMs, so yes this message includes you guys too. Message me here or on SC2 to reach me. Start might be slow, but your patience will hopefully pay off. Bronze - GM. Let's get better! Practice#11725IIIIIIIIIIII2 Aug 3
Aug 3 Looking for friendly competition (Clan Wars) Hey everyone! The Art of Warfare (TAW), is looking for other communities that are interested in participating in some clan wars. Our current NA competitive group consists of 9 members ranging from Gold to Master (mostly diamonds). I think Bo5 is probably the most realistic we can currently pull off. Down for either All-kill or Proleague formats. I have determined that I don't get on the forums nearly often enough to respond to anyone in a timely manner. So if you are interested in scheduling a Clan War against us, I think the best option is to email me directly at I SHOULD get back to you same day if you email me directly. I look forward to our future interactions! RedRyderRedRyder8 Aug 3
Jul 28 [US] Plat Zerg Looking For Clan Hello all, I am a Platinum 3 zerg and I am looking for a clan that is active. I want to join a clan so I can have some practice partners and, more importantly, so I can get some coaching help in my play. I have had 470 total carreer games and I plan to play SC2 consistently for a long time. If anyone of you know of a clan or are a part of a clan that fits my description and is looking for new members I would love to be pointed in that direction. ThanksParkkatz1 Jul 28
Jul 27 Looking to join a training/team VS clan I'm getting back into sc2 so my fingers are a bit rusty with APM and I play protoss. I used to be at a steady high gold to low diamond league. Right now I'm hanging out around high silver. I'm just now getting my game back and am looking to practice and run some 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 with discord (or TS, whatever.) Keep in mind I'm on all the time so I'm getting a lot of practice.ROLAND1 Jul 27
Jul 26 Achievement Hunting Partners Hi, I'm looking for some achievement hunting partners to help me farm out the VS AI achievements on multiplayer as well as a few arcade achievements I've missed. Please reply to this post or PM ME on BattleNet if Interested: MintyHitomi#1590AyyaChambers0 Jul 26
Jul 24 Reign Supreme Competitive Team Good Evening Everyone! Starcraft II is an awesome game and I think we're all blessed to be part of it. It doesn't matter what we're doing, whether we're thanking David Kim or spamming 300 APM frantically, this is all part of the RTS we know and love. I'd love to help enrich your own personal experience and to mutually develop as better gamers, players and people -- so I began a new clan, Reign Supreme -- for the community, by the community. If you're an active, considerate and driven person, we would love to have you as part of our growing team and help you achieve your aspirations, whether this be improving your rank with coaching (Just approach FatalBunny or me and ask, we don't bite!) or to be in a exciting, competitive environment. Initiative is what we're all about, and our team will demonstrate that by hosting weekly clan war, being apart of team leagues, and hosting tournaments for $$$ (Who couldn't use some right?!) Not to mention we have one of the best casting duos in Clarity and Gale! (formerly from PSIX) We are looking for active members preferably diamond 1 + and masters/gms! If you are interested in finding out more and contacting us, you can either message me in game as my battle tag is Forsaken#1281, search for xRS under groups ingame and contact an officer, or visit our website: which has a link to our discord. Our direct discord link Our Website is a work in progress and will be updated daily as we move forward. We look forward to hearing from some players who want to improve and take part in a great community where everyone is involved and opinions valued as how the team progresses!!! See you in game!!!! Thank you for your time!Forsaken0 Jul 24
Jul 20 Searching for a Clan I haven't been able to find a clan in the past that really suits my needs or schedule. I want to get better at SC2 and it seems like most are just lagging behind or just not interested in playing any matches. I work full time every week from 3pm to 11pm pst so I find I can't meet a few standards for certain clans/guilds/groups whom have set practice times. I am looking to engage in Arcade, Co-op missions, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 and eventually even ladder games. I have a mic as necessary. FloriLucem#1723FloriLucem4 Jul 20
Jul 19 Free Teamspeak to whoever needs. Hey i have a teamspeak that anyone can use. Ill give the leader admin and he can make his channels. Also looking to join a clan TS3 address is Hop on and we can talk Thanks. rozzee #1766rozzee0 Jul 19
Jul 18 Empires and Conquest Group Hey everyone, Just decided to put together a group to play the custom arcade game called Empires and Conquest. It used to be really popular, but it is nearly impossible to get a group together now. This will be a group to coordinate some game play for this map and maybe some other maps of a similar type, like the game of thrones maps. If anyone is interested message me and I'll throw out invites and see how this goes.Leonaris3 Jul 18
Jul 13 Chinchilla eSports Club Chinchilla eSports Club is a primarily NA community inspired by McMonroe's favourite pet and lover! It is a community founded by a desire to grow and improve with like-minded individuals. This includes: replay review, live coaching, general q & a, practice games, and much much more. If you suck, and you want to suck less, we will do everything in our power to help you. Currently we are in the infancy stage of growth but once we have a healthy number of people across all leagues we are going to join Alpha Team League, ChoBo Team League, and any other leagues we can. So there will be plenty of opportunities to be competitive. Our discord link is: and our ingame chat channel is: eChin Community. Even if you aren't sure about joining or you are from EU/KR (we will branch out ASAP!<3) you're more than welcome to hang around our discord and discuss strategy or anything you desire. Hope to see you there. Jah bless~Rajzilla0 Jul 13
Jul 13 Insight gaming Clan wars welcome Insight Gaming is looking for more clans to challenge and play. Format is a Bo9 or all kill ranging from different gold to masters players. If interested please leave a comment or message me in game. Friday nights generally work out best for us here at Insight. Here is my profile link: battlenet://starcraft/profile/1/18430487820062687232Magi3 Jul 13
Jul 11 Archon / 2v2 partner I'm a Diamond Terran looking for a Archon partner or just 2v2 for casual rank.seabiscuit2 Jul 11
Jul 10 [EU] Eternum Pariah Gaming ESport lf players The Eternum Pariah Gaming is an ESport multigaming clan. I'm the teamcaptain of the second line-up we've decided to create. We plan to recrut a few players who want to progress in a long term project. As roles : -1 maintank (ON) -1 offtank/assassin (OFF) -1 main distance assassin (ON) -1 mainheal (OFF) -1 flex (ON) --> able to play Zagara/Sylvanas, heal/offheal according to the double support meta, and second distance assassin if needed. We aim to : -do daily trainings (compositions tests in QM for team synergy, draft theory, TL, replay analysis) -participate to online tournaments with an ESL profile for the futures GO4 -participate to future LANS and reach top level for HGC The kind of player we're looking for : -people who wants to invest themselves in a long term ESport project -people able to have decent knowledge and understanding of the game -people able to have a constructice and self-criticism listening to teammates tips and analysing the replays -people with and irreproachable behavior (no trash, insults, provocations towards another team in tournament and against teammates) -people who follows the ESport scene on heroes in order to know about the current meta Thanks to take advice of this five elements before asking for joining the clan. All applies will be analysed with care and a TS interview will be realized, followed by a test period. NB : a solo league level only gives an indication but doesn't reflect the real level of the playeror his capacity to enter in a team cohesion and a group synergy. I maintly search players who want to tryhard for the ESport scene with an ESport behavior. To contact us, please add us on Battlenet : meldah#2289 (Clan President of Eternum Pariah Gaming) Vlad#29828 (Teamcaptain ; MainHeal)Vlad1 Jul 10
Jul 7 LiT eSports - Now Recruiting Lost in Translation is a multi-game community with over 400 members across Starcraft, Overwatch, Heroes, Rainbow Six, and Hearthstone. Our Admin Team works to provide a place that provides an atmosphere for members to game, improve, and have fun. SC2 Involvement? -Clan Wars -Tournaments -Practice Partners -Chobo Team Leauge (Silver-Masters) -DuSt League (LiT Comp Team) -SC2 Alpha Team League (LiT Comp Team) Want to check us out? Hop on our Discord to see what we're all about: . We can guarantee that you won't find another clan like us. Here's a few words from our members on why LiT is different than their previous clan: -A lot of people in different time zones and the ability to contact anyone fast and make friends. -People. Just a larger group of people to pool from when wanting to play a game. -Very friendly and active admins, warm welcomes and greetings in Discord start things off strong and comforting <3 -More active and competitive. We hope to see you on! Feel free to message any Admin for more information on our Discord. -Oblivion Jul 7
Jul 7 Eras Zombie Invasion Discord Eras zombie invasion Discord is open and ready for all eras fans to use :) anyone interested feel free to drop in and check it out. If you have any ideas for the server let me know and I will see what can be done. Jul 7
Jul 3 Looking to Join team As the title states, I'm looking to join an active team with players willing to help with build orders, and defending against different openings, mid-game pushes, timing attacks etc. I'm a fairly good (IMO) Platinum zerg player. Simply looking to lend my skills to bettering the community while having fun and getting better every game. I have no idea how to join teams so please message me with any offers or advice on how to join a decent team. Thanks in advance ~ReignKingReignKing3 Jul 3
Jul 3 Looking for a clan to join Hey to all StarCraft 2 players out there. I'm currently Gold tier 2 Terran player and I'm looking to join a clan, not just any clan, just a nice clan to practice, get better in game and very social. Also I want to prove that people like myself can be good at this game. I do stream occasionally. Jul 3
Jul 3 Ris3n Recruiting! Ris3n Community? The Ris3n Community a massive NA clan holding 600+ members with many different backgrounds! The clan branches we have with Ris3n are Ash3s, Emb3rs, Amb3rs, Flar3s, Cind3rs, Fir3s etc.. (including our Ris3n competitive team) Benefits of joining NA's BEST Team? -Be apart of a growing successful clan! -Having exposure to our Ris3n Competitive Pro players! -Really nice high levelled clan coaches! -Join our impressive Teamspeak 3 servers which caters to many other games! -Meet new people, make new friends! -Easy to find a practise partner or Teams (2s or more) duo! Clanwars? We have clan wars incredibly often, with this we do many clanwars for all ranks and players timezones with talented big streamers casting along side. Requirements? Their is only a few requirements that help keep a constructive and safe environment for everyone! 1. Be Active (If you are a full-time student/ worker then don't sweat it. 2. Be Respectful 3. Stick around in Member chat! 4. Send cup of blood! :3 Conclusion The Ris3n community is a really good way to meet extraordinary talented players and incredibly nice people. Top quality TS3 server and a fabulous admin team :-) our social media is... Facebook: YouTube: Contact For any interest in joining the worlds best clan :D, contact these lovely officers... battlenet:://starcraft/profile/1/8030471189950365696 battlenet:://starcraft/profile/1/7170475036275376128 battlenet:://starcraft/profile/1/10933786622969249792 If there is any issues with the links then add myself Jacob#15653 Thank you for reading, hopefully I see you soon! :-) Sincerely, Jacob.Smiley7 Jul 3
Jun 29 Anyone Looking for some people to help me play this game better anyone is welcomedLilPeeWizzle3 Jun 29
Jun 29 Lookin for clan EU plat 2 toss looking for clan :) 1v1 and 2v2Revsoh3 Jun 29
Jun 27 ViET clan recruiting Vietnamese members! We currently have 15 members and we play on American region. Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested in joining or search VietSC on SC2 to find us! Our slogan "Thua rồi gg đi!" & "Anh em ta chơi like a boss"Unpwnable4 Jun 27
Jun 27 TheDOH Looking For a Leader on NA Hello, If you are an active player and believe you have what it takes to be the leader of a large clan. Please send an email to, We hope that you will be able to lead this clan to the same heights on NA as it has reached on EU. We look forward to your applications.Gator0 Jun 27
Jun 25 StarCrooks Small Community! StarCrooks is a casual community that wants to enjoy the game that is Starcraft II. I wish for this group to be around 30-40 people for a small but manageable community. We will watch Starcraft Streams, watch replays, discuss strategy and more while keeping it fun!!Thomashy0 Jun 25
Jun 24 Free Master Coaching {#DrZerg} Disclaimer: I am, at time of writing, only in T1 Platinum, and I only earned Master once five years ago in 2v2. I have been Diamond six-ish times but who's counting? I want to let everyone on the SC2 Bnet forums know that for a limited time I'm going to be offering free diamond/master-level coaching to include replay analysis and practice matches. This may develop into a group situation, and I may end up asking for tenable donations once I find my groove (how are you likin' the groove, Daggoth? WELL DONE!) You can check my profile if you want. I'm legit about this practice situation but, one small request, please don't call out my credentials. I may not have the best ladder history but I promise my mechanics and teaching skills are very very refined and I want to start teaching the game I love more than any other. Peace y'all. FB+BN = @theLostBrood #DrZergtheLostBrood0 Jun 24
Jun 23 Diamond all race looking for clan Hi I'm a diamond player mainly terran with 4k games played looking for a new clan. I was recently part of hTx (heretics) and through them i was involved in clan wars and just being a member. i stream at I am looking for a more serious clan as i am online quite a bit. I really want to improve my gameplay aswell as improve my stream quality and that is why i felt my decision to leave hTx had to be made. hTx served me very well and i am grateful for them but i am looking for something a bit more. Thank you for any and all responses, cheers!Defy4 Jun 23
Jun 23 Looking for a clan Platinum I looking to improve my play and have a few laughsYankee3 Jun 23
Jun 23 Looking for PracticePartners Platinum Looking to get better I play zerg ladder also did play toss at one timeYankee1 Jun 23
Jun 23 LF 2 people to do Versus AI Achievements Hiya. I'm achievement farmin and I wanted to look for people who wanted to do the Versus AI Achievements. The queue times are incredibly long and its difficult to find people willing to play. I was wondering if anyone wanted to make a group or if there was any discord group dedicated to achievement hunting.AyyaChambers0 Jun 23
Jun 22 Zerg LF Silver League people to practice with Hi, I'm actually a low gold level Zerg at the moment, but I'm looking for Bronze-Silver League people to play with as I'm changing my keybindings and I won't be very good. (I have a very bad habit of using the "Select All Army" hotkey, so I'm unbinding it, as well as a few other things.) I'm looking for friendly and positive people who aren't afraid to critique, or be critiqued. My reasoning for this is because if I critique you, you can more easily counter my strategy, which forces me to explore new ways to play. I have no mic. I'm also down for 2s, cheese, whatever is fun. Btag - Monster#1873Monster7 Jun 22
Jun 21 Blizzard Community Discord Greetings Heros, I would like to invite you to our community Discord server "Blizzard's Sanctuary" named after the games it represents and its origin as a Diablo Clan server. The server has expanded to 635 users spread out around the world that enjoy playing Blizzard games and even other games if they like. There is no expectation that you need to be Elite or Casual and you don't need to use the Voice Channels if you would rather not. However, we do have multiple Text Channels representing each game and will add more as needed. Here is the link if you would like to check it out: GLHFxRockx0 Jun 21
Jun 20 dLife Recruiting All Ranks for Competition Hey there! Like the title says NA Clan dLife is recruiting for players that are interested in competing in league/tournaments such as Chobo Team League (Bronze-Masters) and higher ranked leagues such as Nydus All Kill (Diamond/Masters), both of which we are currently participating in. If you're currently flying solo, and are looking for a low-key community to play with, get help improving, and/or compete in amateur leagues with shoot me a DM/reply here and I can get you started with our discord. We don't have any strict rules or mandatory events. We just encourage and help our members participate in competition. We are recruiting for all ranks. In particular though, Gold (or soon to be Silvers) and masters players, would likely get instant playing time on our teams as we have the highest need for that. Shoot me a DM if you're interested. glhf!icED13 Jun 20
Jun 20 Looking for a clan Im looking for a clan I already joined 2 clans but they were based in Aus or Europe, Im looking for a North American Clan Does clan wars, peepmode, coaching, all of that stuff Anyone know?Turtle4 Jun 20
Jun 16 GMT +10, 7pm to 11pm or Weekends. Im looking for a clan that is active with events or plays together around 7-11pm GMT+10, or on the weekends. Hit me up if interested. I mainly play ladder and custom games but dont mind exploring the arcade.Faith3 Jun 16
Jun 10 Gold in 2v2 and 1v1 looking for clan I am look for a clan that can help me get better and benefit from i am getting back into Starcraft and really like the game plz replyBigRich4 Jun 10
Jun 9 Alphire community, looking for players! Hello, I'm Neblime, one of the Branch Leaders of the Alphire Discord Community. We are a growing community based around Blizzard titles, we have a very strong branch in Overwatch are looking to find people who share our passion for other Blizzard titles, including starcraft 1 and 2. A few of the things we can offer are: A chill and friendly environment to socialise, build friendships and converse with a variety of people. People to play 2v2-4v4s/ archon mode with, get together crazy things like 8 player FFAs, The opportunity to practice 1v1s in a friendly environment to try out new strats and get advice/coaching A diverse range of people to play and socialise with, whether you're Bronze or Grand Master, anyone is welcome! A new and active community which is constantly improving and expanding! If you want somewhere to set up shop and stay for a while then you look no further! Come for StarCraft and stay for the community ;) DISCORD LINK: Jun 9
Jun 9 Looking for a SC2 clan. Looking for a clan that I can use to progress in and understand some of the games many mechanics and builds. I played sc2 in WoL but have not played much since. Mainly looking for coaching/practicing sessions once or twice a week. I am mainly a 1v1 player and not interested in any type of 2v2's or any of that none-sense. I don't want to have to register on some website of yours that I'll never use so if that is a requirement then don't bother with me. Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a great day. Feel free to add me on Bnet (#1257) or in SC2.HappySlappy7 Jun 9
Jun 8 Any Clans Recruiting Noobs? Looking for an active clan, just got this game, looking to play with some awesome folks!RacerDemon8 Jun 8
Jun 6 Fever Clan is Recruiting! Hello Everyone, Fever Clan is recruiting for StarCraft 2 and many other games! Fever Clan is an international multi-gaming community for casual and competitive players alike. Our goal is to provide players with an environment where members can have tons of fun and meet other awesome people. We're looking to re-build our StarCraft 2 section, as we do, we will start to look at holding events, game nights and tournaments ranging 1v1 tournaments to fun custom games to arcade nights. As the person who is charged with running the StarCraft 2 section, I am 100% committed to re-building the player base within Fever and always looking at ways to improve upon it. We are one of the largest clans with over 2500+ active members. Many of our members play a variety of games (Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Battlefield’s, Warframe, CS:GO, Evolve, Smite, ESO, DCUO, Rift, Minecraft, Rust, Path of Exile, and more!) Play a game that you don't see listed here, there is a high likelihood we have a group of players that play the game. If not you can always start a group and we will help get the ball rolling. Fever Clan has their own Team Speak Server where you can join to team up with other members and participate in game nights. We also have an active forums where members can talk with each other about anything. You can even organize events on the forums for games you play! Additionally, we also has community coin (reward) system where you can earn coins for attending game nights, posting on forums, recruiting new members, and many other ways. These coins can be used, through the fever store, to get your own TS room, beta keys, steam games, and much more. How to join: Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 15 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our TeamSpeak server. The interview is mainly an introduction to the clan so there is nothing to worry about. It only takes a few minutes to register and submit an application and the interview won't take long either. It's well worth your time and I'm positive you won't regret it. Register here: Submit application: Referrer Username: @Synizta Interviews: Conducted on our Discord Server ( ) Still not convinced to join Fever Clan? Then let me tell you a bit about my experienced when I first joined well over 2 years ago. When I joined the StarCraft 2 section, while larger than it is now, was welcoming and friendly to all new-comers. I was greeted and welcome by various members of the clan (Both members who did and did not play StarCraft 2) which largely led to me wanting to stay over they years and almost 3 years on, I am now a Fever officer and the head of the StarCraft 2 division within Fever. Thank you for your time and I hope you choose to join us! If you have any questions about Fever I'd be happy to answer them. Feel free to add me on (Synizta#1142) Hope to see you soon, SyniztaSynizta43 Jun 6
Jun 6 LF Co-op Players Hi! Last night, I got back into SC2 to try out co-op mode, and I really liked it! However, after trying some harder missions and the mutation (Propagators...), it was clear that random matches won't cut it. I've been using Raynor with 3-3 bio balls so far. Got him to L7 last night. I haven't played every co-op mission yet, but I have already beaten all of the single-player WoL campaign missions on brutal and have most achievements. I'm an OK player. Thanks! Add me @ Skyburst#1558Cookies1 Jun 6
Jun 4 JFDMSB - Clan Recruitment [Open] If you would like to be a part of something bigger than yourself, consider joining Clan JFDMSB. We are exclusive to Random players on the NA server. Your skill level is irrelevant, as long as you play all 3 races AKA Random. Please reply in this thread if you would like to join! Stay woke.Social0 Jun 4
Jun 1 Diamond player looking for competitive clan So I just got back into starcraft 2 about a week ago, after taking a very long break. I used to be high diamond/low masters when I did play a lot. I am looking for a clan that I can start to practice with and start to hone my skills again to get back up into masters. My Battle net name and ID is Ludnut#1674, so feel free to add me!Ludnut3 Jun 1
May 31 Psionic Aftermath recruiting Master/Dia Hi guys, we (Psionic Aftermath) are an active team currently playing in 4 team leagues and would like to increase our roster with players interested in representing us. Team leagues played are Alpha team league (GMs), Allin Nydus (Diamonds and Masters), TAWOT (Diamonds and Masters) and Chobo team league (Gold to Masters 2/3). We also have frequent friendly clan wars with all our events streamed and casted. Here are the links to some VODs if interested ( or ( If you like a competitive yet social environment with practice/coaching opportunities, then we would be a good team for you! Pls add me in game (sushi#11818) or join our discord if interested or just to ask questions about us. Another officer to contact is Passion (passion#11876)Sushi0 May 31
May 31 LF CLAN FOR RANKED PLAY Greetings, Im looking for a clan for competitive play. My best league placement was diamond, but looking forward to get into master. I play during the evenings at central time.Shackwell4 May 31
May 30 Need clan Hey guys name is Chris hit me up active starcraft players looking for clanDesTroyeR3 May 30
May 30 Looking for a decently active clan! hey guys former low masters/ high diamond trying to get back into the game, would like to find a clan that has active members to reteach me the meta along with practice partners to get back into it ;)Lusira4 May 30
May 30 LFC Lookin for a clan that's not on the hardcore side, I like to log in do co ops and some custom games, may be interested in some ranked team stuff. Hit me up. Bheef#1421Beefsammich4 May 30
May 29 Fellowship Of The Guild Recruiting Hey all you young starcrafters, we are The Fellowship... of The Guild, we play the starcraft. Just a group of people trying to get out of diamond league. You should be able to handle sarcasm and mild to more than mild language. If you're interested, look us up on!Monkey0 May 29
May 29 Marauder Clan Hey, if you are interested in joining a clan, Marauder Clan would love to have you! We have plenty of active players for you to play with and are a tight knit community! You'll find a bunch of other players looking to play! We have game nights and practices weekly, as well as a tournament every month! We also have a dedicated free coaching staff to help you improve. If you are interested, leave an application! How? 1. Register at 2. Create an application with the template at 3. Make sure you have read & understood the rules before proceeding. 4. When asked who referred you, just put "Malice". We would love to have you join us! If you need any help add me on Steam at |MRDRS| Fraejix and I'll help you through the application process. Hope we can play together soon!Malice0 May 29