Clans and Groups

Jan 7 New Player looking for a clan. Hey guys, i'm new to starcraft and Ive been practicing like hell to try to get a solid foundation for my game and id like to skirm with some people before i hit the ladder. my tag is C00PJr#1185!COOPJr1 Jan 7
Jan 6 Team 4 play - Recruitment Hello all! Team 4play is new clan started by a small group of friends who been playing since the BW days. We are looking to recruit more players to build our roster and get more into competitive play. We do alot of team games, 1v1 peepmode practice and generally just try improve our play. We welcome players of all skill levels. If your a mature, fun and out going player looking to improve and your interested please leave a reply or contact us in game. Thanks Requirements: - Speak English - NA server Contacts: - Discord - Bryantr26#1541 or Madflavor#1783zyphod5 Jan 6
Jan 5 New Clan forming Boots and Heels - <BOOT> - we have a VoiP server. The world is getting smaller, and bad deeds are easier to expose. We want good a reputation so we can form strong alliances to create fun events! My clan is a revolutionary clan in order to create a community where woman can feel safe assimilating into the video game industry. We don't discriminate against minorities of any kind, and we want to welcome anyone willing to improve or find a place to make friends and find practice partners. We will work with top level NA teams and support each other! I need leaders + players. I'm willing to negotiate with other clans to attract members, but loyalty and honest are key concepts of our policy. Together, we will fight tyranny and expose foulplay/member stealing as well as cheating. We can all become friends eventually, and.. I want to create opportunities for younger players to learn how to become leaders and serve as good role models to the SC2 Community! I've been around since Diablo 1 and have helped contributed to the construction of several established Starcraft clans and have friends and allies that are now established within the community with their own loyal members. Now I seek my own opportunity and am willing to share it with people willing to help me build it! Telos.632 / goodgamesir#1162 if you're interested in joining/helping directly or indirectly. I've read the code of conduct and comply with their implications.Telos16 Jan 5
Jan 5 looking for a clan or small group hi I'm brood I'm looking for a clan or group that uses voice comms to have a good time and just play starcraft is there any of those out there?reach me at brood11711Brood2 Jan 5
Jan 4 Low GM want a Competitive clan for trainning I was GM last season and want a new clan to play together and play tournements, I have a lot of time to practice and want my dream is be a pro player, so I am training hard to be a pro and I want be prepare to compete in copa americanFudêncio3 Jan 4
Jan 2 Looking for a new Clan Looking for a new clan or group of players to play with. Just came back to sc2 and I am quite the competitive player. Preferably clans that do clan wars, team practices, etc. If youre just looking for a practice partner as well, hit me up.Uphysics0 Jan 2
Jan 1 New clan seeks players over 40 years old The Old Dudes clan has been established to give older SC2 players a place where they can relate with other players who understand that despite rumors to the contrary Starcraft is not just a young persons game...We may be Old we may be Slow we win at Starcraft because we know strategy...A week old and up to ten members already we have 2 players in their 60's several in their 50's and several in their 40's...we are looking to create the largest and best clan of Older Starcraft players..Give us a shout if you would like to join...TheOldDude1 Jan 1
Dec 31 Guns n' Roaches looking for more members! Hey there, my name is Neru, and I am the captain of Guns n' Roaches; we're a Starcraft 2 team that has been participating in the ChoboTeamLeague ( since the first season of the league. We're dedicated to growing the Starcraft community, and love bringing in new recruits to help our grow clan as well. We do a ton of team practice about every night consisting of Peepmodes, 1v1 custom games, and the occasional Arcade night. Our current members are always willing to help someone practice just message anyone and someone will help. We use Discord for our primary team chat -> link to our chat. We're currently primarily looking for diamond and under but all leagues are welcome, if you're interested just shoot Neru.793 or Fish.618 an message in-game, you can also find any of our officers in the Guns and Roaches clan in-game they'll be around to help always. We hope to see you soon!Neru5 Dec 31
Dec 31 GaMiNn a gaming Community Clan GaMiNn: a newly formed gaming community clan. We are semi fresh, and play an assortment of video games on pc from Steam, Origin, and games. For more information contact me via Battletag or on this forum. Thanks. :DDamageBunny1 Dec 31
Dec 29 Platinum Zerg LF clan As the title suggests, I am a platinum Zerg looking for a clan to play with. I am EST, English-speaking, and able to play fairly frequently. Thanks in advance - I look forward to playing with all of you. Happy holidays and happy New Year! /KaldenKalden3 Dec 29
Dec 28 Clan icon shape How do i change the shape? It's an octagon and I want it to be a squareMAC0 Dec 28
Dec 22 . .Persevere0 Dec 22
Dec 21 Looking for a partner for Archon Hey, I was a plat 1v1 back in January, but have not player since then. Just getting back into it and need a partner for Archon mode. I play protons but have been interested in learning terran / zerg for a while.kokobg0 Dec 21
Dec 18 looking for practice group/friends. Hello all. I'm a gold terran player looking to improve. I was platinum a while back in HOTS. I usually have a few days off a week. Generalherps #691Generalherps3 Dec 18
Dec 16 Looking for a clan Hi I been playing Starcraft a long time. I was off for a bit but coming back and am looking for a clan to join up. Looking for a clan that enjoys team games and 1v1. I main zerg but enjoy random also. ArtOfJacob#1181 hit me up!ArtOfJaCOb3 Dec 16
Dec 16 New protoss looking for clan Yo! My name is Natalie and I am looking for a good practice clan to play with. I am not serious (anymore) about getting into tournaments and play for fun. I hope to be running a twitch channel when I upgrade my computer. I can play all races but learning protoss at the moment. Highest I have been is diamond and hope to make it to masters. I prefer not to do voice chats and just get down to some games. Let me know!! <3Wolfie4 Dec 16
Dec 13 FeverClan Recruitment Fever Clan is a multi-gaming clan for casual and competitive players alike. We strive to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for all of our members. We are one of the biggest clans with over 1,200+ active members. Our members play a wide variety of games (World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Battlefield’s, Warframe, CS:GO, Evolve, Smite, ESO, DCUO, Rift, Minecraft, Rust, Path of Exile, consoles, and the list goes on). Fever hosts a TeamSpeak server which can hold up to 500 people and usually has 100 - 150 people online nightly. FeverClan also has an extremely active forums (over 1,200+ active users) where members can talk with each other on just about anything. Fever also has community coin (reward) system where you can earn coins for attending game nights, posting on forums, recruiting new members, and many other ways. These coins can be used, through the fever store, to get your own TS room, beta keys, steam games, and much more. How to join: Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 15 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our teamspeak server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about! Register here: Submit application: Interviews: Conducted on our teamspeak server ( ) ------------------------------------------------------------ When answering “How did you hear about Fever Clan:” on your application please remember to put the following: Fever Member Referral Referrer: lokela ------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for your time and I hope you choose to join the pandemic! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!lokela3 Dec 13
Dec 12 Clan recruiting casual/competitive 4v4 Want a group that plays 4v4? Just wants to play? Doesn't go AFK, bicker and whine? Wants to play for hours at a time? Well that's what I'm about and why I made this clan! So please join up and let's make this happen! -Silver league -More maturer people pleasegiggidy4 Dec 12
Dec 11 Rusty player looking for clan Howdy people. I've played this game a lot over the years. And by a lot, I mean I played the campaign...questionably... a lot over the years, and 1v1 vs bots. I recently bought the game for realzies, and I want to do pvp finally(I never have). I've been working on my mechanical skills so far, I average at like 120-140 APM in a good match, my Macro kinda sucks but I'm working on it. Micro is pretty good Anyways, I'm looking for a big group, active, maybe you have Discord, or other voice chats(I like discord). I would like to have similarly skilled people to spar against to develop and learn the game so I can climb the ladder as well as higher skilled people to give advice and to throw questions at! I main Terran, and I love to spam marines marauders and tanks. Thats kinda just what I do.... You can contact me here, or in the game, or add me through Blizzard, Raemnant #1537Raemnant2 Dec 11
Dec 11 Longtime SC player looking for a group Hey guys, My name is Dylan, or you can just call me Nail. I've played StarCraft since back when SC1 was released, and I noticed that I rarely ever have anyone to play with or to get feedback from on how to improve, or to even just have fun with. I'm not horrible at the game but I'm not fantastic either, but I still have fun regardless. Hope to meet some chill people and maybe even join a clan! Oh, and if you want to know anything about me then just ask! P.S. Protoss are my favorite.Naill1 Dec 11
Dec 11 The Confederation is looking for SC2 players! Hey guys, ConFed was founded playing Diablo 2 and Warcraft many years ago. We have risen many times and have fallen as well but we are still going strong today! We have an extremely active Starcraft 2 division (currently at about 130 people) of all ranks! We are a active SC2 clan that participates in numerous amounts of leagues (CTL, Wardi, ATL, etc...) as well as do Clan Wars about every week. We also host in clan evenst such as arcade nights and peepmodes sporadically. As for what you would need to do, well that depends on what YOU want to do. If you want to be a awsome member join our discord and play in events! But if you wanna just hang out in the SC2 channel that is also fine to! So come check us out at or our website When you get in discord just type @orion hi! and you are all set!ShifuOnion0 Dec 11
Dec 8 Ex-Master Terran LF 1v1 competitive clan I just got back into the game after a year break, and am currently diamond 1. Looking for a competitive/mature clan to help improve and get my skills back. Thanks for your time.Slayer1 Dec 8
Dec 8 Looking for a clan! NA Zerg Player Looking for a clan. I've recently got back into the game and would like to join a group who would be willing to teach!Slyphical1 Dec 8
Dec 7 looking for a clan I am a moderately active SC2 player looking for a clan, I am not interested in the pvp as much as the coop features of the game, but I will do pvp from time to time Shadowhunter #1871ShadowHunter2 Dec 7
Dec 2 [HRZ] Team Horizon wants you! Hello my friends. There are many teams and many other people you face on ladder out there. There's adversity all around you. We are here to compensate by being your friends, and your best practice mates ever. Little disclaimer : We are an EU team looking for an NA expansion! We have NA players that cannot set their time to EU, so we are looking for new partners! TL;DR - We are recruiting any level, poke us in the Discord invite below or in-game with the ID given. Who are we?Horizon as a team has a long backstory. We previously joined consecutively different european structures that may speak to you : Zeus 5, LeiSuRe eSports and Druckwelle. By joining them, we would ease the conditions of our players by trying to fetch contracts for our semi-pro players, sponsorships and all that is required to perform in a high level while worrying about only your play. However, these teams weren't our true face, and we decided to part ways to create our own team, born from the same core of players gathered under the previous banners. Horizon is the name we chose, it comes from our ability to have our sights locked onto the future, far away, far ahead. What is the team made of?Within Horizon, there are two groups of players that we are both looking to reinforce. While being groups, they are all mixed together, no distinction. The main competitive roster : Master 2 to Grand Master. The academy, soon to be main players : Bronze to Master 3. We have made a Liquipedia page! Why should I join Horizon?There's no reason not to join. No seriously, we gather a lot of qualities that most players will enjoy. ~> We are multi-cultural. I'm French, there are German, Danish, English, Swedish, Swiss... ~> Friendly and respectful. We hold dear these ideals, we do not tolerate bad manners. ~> The player base is active, nobody will refuse to play. Practice > Ladder to be better. ~> The academy players have access to coaches, one per race of GM/Master level to help them in their progression. ~> Horizon Community Hub, the in-game group which gathers the players from the main team, academy and also friends for team games or arcade! ~> Both the main roster and academy participate to Team Leagues such as AlphaSC2, Psy-eSports League, SC2 Improve Team League. With the NA expansion, we look forward leagues like Chobo Team League! How do I join Horizon?There are three ways to do so. • In Game Message me (Mraptor#2232) or any of the leaders : Goldensands#2592 or Resi#2230. We are connected, always able to answer you. We don't have a limit of league. • Outside the Game We have a Discord server you can join here : I invite anyone to chat even if you're not interested in joining. We do want to meet and greet people that are willing to make their StarCraft II time a pleasant one. • Reply this post Simple too, my friends and I will check this post regularly. Copy and Paste what's below, here are the few things I will ask you to fill : Short self description : Text goes here League : Text goes here Objective in SC2 : Text goes here Feedback from Horizon players.As I believe it's important to know as well how players feel inside the team, here's some feedback for you. ... ... ... ... I assure you they were not threatened nor tortured by cheese to spit these words! Social Network linksIndeed, we are covering all these wonderful sites! You can find us on those below. Twitter page : Facebook page : Last words.Thanks for reading, be sure to message us in game, on this post or over Discord if you have any questions. Have a nice day fellow players. :)NicholasCage34 Dec 2
Nov 30 Looking for 2-3 for ladder Looking for a 2-3 people to ladder with. I random, not the best but back in it. Gold Rank now and looking for some organized players so I don't have to carry. Contact me BLIZZ ID: HolyChampion#1208 mics are a help but not necc. Thank you, JHoly3 Nov 30
Nov 30 Looking for clan/ladder partners. I played the first two expansions a fair amount as Zerg and have recently been interested in getting back into it with LOTV. I'm learning random as I feel it is a far more fun and rewarding experience. I'm wanting to practice in the 2v2 ladder before moving into 1v1 and most of my original friends don't play anymore. It has been a good while since I played regularly and I'm probably high silver to high gold in skill at the moment. If there is a clan for people like me out there or another person with a similar desire please reply back or add me. Thanks guys! Edit: NA serverssTeaLth5 Nov 30
Nov 30 Looking for Play-Pal! (2v2 and 4v4) Hello! I used to play a lot up to Heart of the Swarm, but stop playing since then. I'm getting back into the game now, and i'm currently plat in 4v4. I used to be diamond in everything back in the day. I like to play mostly 2v2 and 4v4 these days. I'm also practicing my english, I'm trying to get rid of my accent, I'm from Chile (where we speak spanish). It's not so terrible and I really want to get better at it Anyone willing to play with me with an open mic so we can talk while we play would be awesome! I'm Sargas#1114Sargas4 Nov 30
Nov 30 Mech SC LatamAston0 Nov 30
Nov 28 Looking for clan/partners for 2v2 Hi! I'm looking for a clan/practice partners to play some casual 2v2 games. I used to play alot in WOTS and HOTS, but took a break during LOTV. I play mostly zerg at about plat/diamond level. Unfortunately due to IRL commitments, I can't commit to any compulsory 'clan nights' but I try to play at least once or twice a week. Thanks!Drakoryn1 Nov 28
Nov 27 Looking for a home! :) I have been playing SC2 since launch, but unfortunately I have never really found myself a clan or group of people to play with. I would really like to find myself a clan to join. Currently my skill level in 1's is at Gold, but I used to be Diamond. I mostly play for fun now, but I still take the games I do play serious. I'm mostly interested in team games such as 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. I would also prefer to find players who like to communicate with mic's, which makes the game much easier! Thanks!BrolyBro5 Nov 27
Nov 22 Silver Protoss looking for clan Hey all! I just started playing ranked and am in silver tier 2 right now with 21 wins and 11 losses this season. I am looking for a clan that can help me get good, like get to platinum and beyondxxmcwizxx8 Nov 22
Nov 20 Group for practice So I've ben away from starcraft for awhile but I'm looking to get back into it. I usually play as protoss and sometimes terran. I'm looking for some people to practice with. I never got into any ranked matches but i would like to. I just dont want to end up in bronze and was hoping to find people to better myself.psychotic1 Nov 20
Nov 19 Looking for a clan willing to coach the FNG See title Battletag: Tyhr#1929tyhr0 Nov 19
Nov 18 Clan wars Hey guys our clan basses in eu server if u looking to do clan wars just invite me and we will orgernize 1 my id is IIIIIIII#21377adam0 Nov 18
Nov 16 LF active casual clan. Gold toss looking for active casual starcraft clan.BomB1 Nov 16
Nov 15 plat player looking for a good training clan plat player looking for a clanIMPhoenix2 Nov 15
Nov 14 Friend and I looking for people to play with Hello everyone! My friend and I are looking for some people to play SC2 with and join our group. I am newer to the StarCraft2 scene but my friend says she has been playing it for awhile and she is pretty decent at it. Anyways, hit me up if you are interested in playing MP or CO-OP with either of us!Rogue1 Nov 14
Nov 10 D3 Zerg L>F a Clan in NA est Pref: Friendly and competitiveKellin1 Nov 10
Nov 10 newly returned T player newly returned T player looking for casual clan. pls add me tricky#1267tricky1 Nov 10
Nov 10 Looking for a solid team Hey guys/gals, I'm posting here, because I am looking for a few people to play 4v4s with. I'm currently platinum solo in 4v4s and platinum across the board in 1v1s. I play random in teams and I'm a team player. So, I'm just looking for a few players around my level to play with and hopefully get me to that next tier :) Anyways, you can hit me up here or on the game! DAW#1186DAW2 Nov 10
Nov 8 LF mature 1v1 oriented clan. Good morning clan recruiters, A friend of mine and I are looking to join a clan. Both of us are diamond 2. I'm a Zerg player he is terran. Looking for a mature clan who's focus is getting better at 1v1. We are interested in discussing builds, doing peep mode on ladder maps, inner clan tournaments and clan wars if we are available. We will help players from bronze to platinum if requested and would be looking for help with our game, from anyone willing to lend a hand. Thank you for reading, Please post your NA contact below and I will message you in game this week.Justyno1 Nov 8
Nov 8 DII Random player LF Clan NA diamond II random player: Interested in an organized NA community, with an emphasis on clan wars. Ideally looking for: Good practice partners Regular clan wars Occasional Arcade/Coop memes Please add me if spots are available: Mancub#11235ChillCosby0 Nov 8
Nov 4 Searching for a Clan I haven't been able to find a clan in the past that really suits my needs or schedule. I want to get better at SC2 and it seems like most are just lagging behind or just not interested in playing any matches. I work full time every week from 3pm to 11pm pst so I find I can't meet a few standards for certain clans/guilds/groups whom have set practice times. I am looking to engage in Arcade, Co-op missions, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 and eventually even ladder games. I have a mic as necessary. FloriLucem#1723FloriLucem1 Nov 4
Nov 4 Clan WW3~ est. 1998 US:East server Hey everyone, Clan WW3 - World War Three, was first established in StarCraft BW on the US East Server in 1998 and quickly became a semi-pro team, producing some memorable players, matches, CW's, and tournaments. We have been back for a while now, using the tag [IWW3I] and are enjoying SC2 very much! We started off as Team [WW4], went 6-6 in CW's during HOTS and the beginning of LOTV, and disbanded in January of 2016. Unfortunately, we do have a group of players who are wearing the [WW4] tag, mocking us, and calling themselves "World War 4". These players are just very dedicated trolls and are in no way shape or form affiliated with Clan WW3~. Clan WW3~ is currently looking to recruit more players. We're a relatively small team consisting of good friends who enjoy playing StarCraft 2 together, but we'd like to expand on that, and bring some more players into the fold! We welcome players of all nationalities, but do keep in mind that we're a North American based team. We've had players from as far as Australia before who were a great fit with us, but decided to find a team that is better suited to their gaming times. We're looking for - Diamond+ 1v1 players, ALL RACES, who are interested in playing in Clan Wars. - Well mannered and ACTIVE players, who want to be part of a friendly team atmosphere. We're NOT looking for - Teams only players. - Trolls, or anyone toxic. If our interests align, shoot us an email at and include - A link to your profile - What your interests/goals are in StarCraft 2, and what you'd like to get out of Clan WW3~ We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading, and gl hf gG!TerroR0 Nov 4
Nov 3 Searching for a clan I've tried a couple of times to join a clan, but it hasn't worked out. Mostly, they have been small and not useful for my needs. I'm looking to improve, which means I need people on my level, but also people above that are willing to lend a hand beyond "here's a build order, do that". I legitimately want to improve and learn more and more how to play macro Protoss. I'm currently diamond 3, but I feel more light high plat.AchromicWht5 Nov 3
Oct 31 Protoss looking for dedicated practice group Gold Protoss looking for a clan, practice group etc. serious practice essentially every day, looking to seriously improve in every way on both ladder and tournament play. CCWor#1979 add me or message me if interested.Naitsabes1 Oct 31
Oct 30 Looking for Master clan Hello I was a master player before in Hots. I just restarted playing very recently and id like to join a clan with some players that would be willing to help me getting back to the game. Im patient to learn and I have no doubt ill reach master again soon or later! Hope to meet some nice new players. CiaRainDrop2 Oct 30
Oct 30 Need practise buddy Looking for someone willing to practise with me. Striving for master league and putting alot of technical work inLaniakea1 Oct 30
Oct 27 VETS is accepting a few new expert players VETS is accepting a few new expert players 5 years or more experience or Platinum or higher. Masters and Grandmaster always welcome. Since 1998 WWC, SC, SCIIROCKSTAR0 Oct 27