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Jun 13 Looking for clan sea server ! Kind of bummed playing alone in seaMeliciouz0 Jun 13
Jun 12 Starcraft II player looking for Clan im an experience RTS player looking for a good clan to join. im bad. im a baddest mutha!@#$a in the worldJules2 Jun 12
Jun 7 Casual clan recruiting Hello everyone, I've created a casual, social clan if anyone would like to join. There's no website or application to fill out, just message me in game or comment on here and I'll send you an invite. The clan will not have any strict rules, it will be for gamers like me that just like to log in, talk with friends, and play some games. If the clan ends up getting enough members, fun 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, ffa and 1v1 tournaments are a possibility. For now though, I'm just keeping it simple. The clan's name is "Sons of Winter" as sort of a tribute to WinterSC because I think he's a cool dude. By the way I do not receive messages from non-friends but I do accept invites, so send me an invite in game if interested or leave your name here and I'll send you an invite.BansheeKing9 Jun 7
Jun 5 SwFd now Recruiting on Starcraft Shadow Warriors Federation has been a ps3 and ps4 gaming team since 2009 and are now expanding into Starcraft 2. We have a relaxed set-up for a casual and a competitive team for those who are interested. Join us at Join us in our community on discord. Search for Shadow Warriors Federation.NukerViper0 Jun 5
Jun 4 Apoptosis <AtoSis> Atosis Now Recruiting! We are a extremly small guild of friends looking to expand our walls and build new friendships! Our ranks vary from bronze to mid diamond. Would like to start some weekend in clan tournys and just the idea of being about to learn from each other! Currently using a small 10man teamspeak but if we get big we can arrange to get a bigger one! - IGN: Fatal Battlenet: TheRealAG#1103Fatal6 Jun 4
Jun 2 Casual Games group (curse) I am forming a group on curse for getting players in teams for Starcraft and Heroes of the storm. if you are interested in joining go to this link in curse While in the chat please keep discussion limited to the topic at hand additionally members that play starcraft can join its own group (I will set up one for hots if blizzard ever releases group and clan features)mwperk0 Jun 2
Jun 2 Spam clans any one find it odd that we never see any one from the spam clans like fever and art of war on? like they should have 1/2 of all users on battle net but you never go vs them in a ranked game .....maybe im to high rank for them? not sure......just find it odd that with so many ppl and i have almost 9k games that i have never seen any of them on. I asked every one i know and same with them no one has seen any of them on.......just food for thoughts (dont join a spam clan)NightLight11 Jun 2
Jun 1 Christian Clans Long time player looking for a Christian clan, if not are there any clans that are profanity free? Thanks guys!Murkinator4 Jun 1
Jun 1 Game trenches is recruiting all skill levels So I'm not conceded enough that I need a second name,I'm actually a youtuber and created this clan for supporters of my channel,however I've been super into StarCraft and want to have a large group to constantly improve with. I'm currently silver but I used to be platinum and am currently training under a diamond player. Also I'm no stranger to running a large clan,I've run two in the past. Not to mention we will have clan events as I will likely put them up on my youtube channel,if we get enough players I'll make a prize pool tournament that's free to enter for all clan members every week or every other week. The size of that prize pool depends on how many players I can get to participate in the tournament. Either way respond to this post with your battle tag if interested. My battletag is gametrenches#1317Gametrenches0 Jun 1
Jun 1 Looking for 4v4 players ! LF 4v4 Platinum or above players for 4v4 random team games ! BNET tag: FacuCbaARG Bnet code: #1983 Add me ! :)ZeRaTuL0 Jun 1
May 29 Need more members in KnightHood The current team, KnightHood is only at 2 players and I'm looking for more players to join. We host team kill tournaments every Saturday at 12:00 pm CST and I offer free coaching for all 3 races. My current league is bronze (for lack of trying to get out) with my best matchup being PvZ at 83%. So this shows the potential the team has if the team was to get more players. What am I saying, it completely up to you if you join, but free coaching is a good deal.SoulGrate0 May 29
May 29 Looking for a clan to play with Hi I'm currently just getting back into Starcraft and got Legacy of the Void. I'm still relatively new and am still trying to find a race to main. currently I'm playing all three just for fun. I'm unranked but playing against silver-gold rank players. I'm looking for a clan that understands my lack of experience and willing to help me grow with them. I'm a quick learner and general have been playing everyday bits here and there whenever I can. I'm looking for a clan that's semi casual but semi serious. Also would love it if the clan is participating or would be paraticipating in clan wars. I find those quiet entertaining. msg me on here or starcraft and i'll get back to you as soon as i canYourzi4 May 29
May 29 Looking for a clan Looking for an active clan where i can practice a lot. I am a low master btw.Reality1 May 29
May 28 Looking for a clan. Hello, My name is Zergharizard. Some of you may or may not know me. But i am a Diamond Zerg. Who has been playing for roughly about a year maybe two, Since ive returned and started improving ive been in cloudM, I am a caster and streamer. I can do 720p streams and can stream clan wars, and gameplay and i have a passion to be more in this game. I want to better myself, and help better a clan on a streaming basis. What im asking for in a clan is Activity Morale support Nice members People that can coach me at a nice and respectable attitude level. I did not leave my clan on bad terms, Nor did i have issues with my old clan i wish them the best moving on i just wanted to try and move out into the starcraft community and find out more about it. I believe im a talented caster, And i believe i could stream and better some clans streaming capability quality wise, If they are willing to work around my work schedule that is at some points random. If you don't want to post here please add me in game and message me directly and we can discuss everything more indepth!. Streaming rig: Blue Yeti mic HD Logitech 720p webcam Gaming computer able to handle 720p 60FPS IGN: GodLift#1705Zergharizard3 May 28
May 26 Looking for a clan? LuX Gamers is recruiting bronze to masters. We do a lot of 1v1 pbs, 2s and archon, and we have a masters player available for free coaching. We're a tight group, come check us out.Moerae8 May 26
May 25 I need help so I created Clan with TAG, and by mistake I left it, now i can't make new one with the same TAG. Can i somehow recover it?Eter1 May 25
May 23 LuX Clan recruiting! Hello everyone, LuX is a new clan forming from the ashes of an older clan. We are slowly rebuilding our ranks, and have as of now have active starcraft II tournaments that are currently being streamed live right now that you may watch for all leagues. We are a clan that has many master players a long with diamonds and platinums, and we take lower level leagues and we have very active coaching for free! As I said earlier, if you need proof we actually do tournaments feel free to tune into our current livestream of our LuX League Tournament and come and see the fun. If you have any questions or wish to join, let us know in game or here in the forum. Thanks everyone! Here is the link to the live stream - May 23
May 20 Delete or rename clan Hello, I have an old clan in sc2 and I either want to rename it or delete it (to be able to create a new one). However, I cannot find anything to do such a thing. I saw that I can leave the clan, but that's not what I want to do. I tried to create a new one, but I get an error message saying I own the maximum number of clans allowed. Is there a way to do that ? Thank you.whiteShadow1 May 20
May 20 Looking for people to play co-op with Just looking for some people to play co-op with. CornNut #1967 is my ID.CornNut1 May 20
May 19 First Ever TAW Open Tournament! The TAW Open Tournament! Date: 6/18 Time: 3 PM EST, Must Check in 1 hour Prior on Challonge All Rounds are Best of 1, until The Quarter Final deciders, which will be bo3. Quarter Finals:Bo3 Semi-Finals:Bo3 Finals:Bo5 Server:North America The Event will be Casted by FearDragon from BASETRADETV Prize Pool: 100$ 1.50$ 2.30$ 3.20$ Note: The Prize Pool cannot be paid in Cash, it will be paid out in Digital Gift Cards of your Choosing Example: Steam, Amazon Map Pool:Current Ladder Maps Maps will be Pre-Determined Until the Quarter Finals. Then each player will get 1 Veto. Thats the Link to begin signing up! We also can Invite you to our Teamspeak server for the event as well! This will be a requirement for the Semi-Finalist and Finalist Players so they can be paid accordingly. For those who would Like to come to our teamspeak for the event, You can email me at Also feel free to join our community chat in Game! /join The Art of Warfare CommunityYeP0 May 19
May 19 Looking for a Clan Hi all, I'm looking for a clan that is active and is somewhat competitive with regular events such as in-house tournaments, coaching sessions, and clan wars. I am mainly interested in meeting new friends and learning along the way!FrostBite2 May 19
May 17 All-Inspiration Looking For Silver Players All-Inspiration is Accepting Applications for all new SC2 players. Currently Allin is focusing on bringing in Silver players (who have played at least 30 games this season and will play at least 50) to compete in Chobo Team League. Currently we are lacking at that position. However, if you are not Silver you are still encouraged to apply. Why All Inspiration? All-Inspiration has been built with the community in mind. We believe that a positive community filled with active and determined players is the best way to improve and enjoy the game. Allowing players to join on the basis of a positive attitude rather than skill is something we've believed in since day one. Our community members range from players who are new and eager to learn the game; to veterans who practice and play casually; to seasoned competitors who make us proud to wear the [ALLIN] tag. What All Inspiration Does We offer a diverse community with players from across the globe. Everyone has different skill sets and interests, but we are united by our determination to build a positive and helpful team environment. We promote a proactive mindset towards practice, and encourage our members to form both 1-on-1 and group practices with teammates. We also promote an aggressive approach to improvement, and encourage our members to use all the resources available to get better. That's why highly recommend engaging in peer replay reviews as well as in-game coaching. It is these types of advantages that help us to not only improve our individual games, but also develop our social network, making for a more enjoyable -- perhaps even inspirational -- gaming experience. About All Inspiration All-Inspiration is looking to bring in additional players to the team. Allin is a Bronze-Grandmaster SC2 team founded in 2013 by Tim “Tang” Clark. Players interested in joining All-Inspiration should start by filling out the form below. After completing the form they can expect contact from our recruiting manager who will complete their journey in becoming a team member. To Apply: May 17
May 16 Looking for some people to play with Hey everyone....I am a new player to StarCraft and I am looking for some people to play with. I used to play StarCraft before so I know some mechanics. I am just looking to play some games 2's and 3's vs AI, not ranked, or ranked. I am chill, from Canada, laid back and don't mind playing with lower skill levels. Shoot me a message if your interested to play a couple!QuickxReleas1 May 16
May 16 Looking for Clan or Group Hello. I have been out of StarCraft for a while and getting back in to it. I am not 100% active but I am consistent. I am only ok and that's pushing it. Looking for a smaller tighter clan, not a huge one. I'm 18+, chill, laid back and just wanna chill and play some games. Feel free to message me :) DaScl2ul3 (the l are Ls)QuickxReleas2 May 16
May 15 [LFM] StarCraft Indonesia Community Dear members of the community, We are looking to expand our ranks and looking for more Indonesian players to join our BIG Indonesian community. We already have a large community base in our HearthStone Indonesia Community , so we also want to create the same community base in StarCraft as well. ... In-game channel: /join blizzgamers Region: Americas & South East Asia, Singapore Server YouTube Channel: Twitch Channel: We are currently actively communicating on facebook, you can find and request to join our facebook group at: http:/ Like our facebook page at: http:/ Feel free to also visit our community site at: you.Callix1 May 15
May 12 Looking for clan Hey guys i just recently got LOV and I'm looking for a group to play with that holds clan tournaments and etc, let me know if you'd be interested in me joining. Message me on Starcraft because I rarely check forums.Yolo4 May 12
May 10 Team Peace: Starcraft's Largest Guild Starcraft 2's Largest guild and chat 6,500 members (Avg over 100 in chat daily) Peak hours we hit over 150 people in chat Most ever at once: 360 → Just trying to get the name out there since no one important seems to know who we are.... yet ♥ How do i get my group Featured/ Noticed?/ Myself ~Our Info Section: What we do: ○ Talk about and watch eSports ○ Coach ○ Help people find good clans ○ Practice 1v1 ○ Play team games ○ Play arcade games ○ Make friends Our guild was founded on the principles of Love, Peace, and Respect between gamers. We help all people become better gamers, have a good time and hang out on the greatest game ever. Sample from our News section: ~ New to Starcraft 2? (Or trying to improve?) Pt.3 Practice your skills in the arcade games shown here: Θ 1v1 Obs LoTV: (Full 1v1 Practice) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/265430 Θ Micro Arena US: (Micro 1v1 Battles) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/215022 Θ Marine Arena US: (Micro) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/217289 Θ The SCV Team: (Macro) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/224687 Θ Night of the Dead: (Macro) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/76659 Θ Doomed Earth: Advanced Warfare (Strategy) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/255380 Sample Event: ~ Morning Teams Time All you have to do is be in the Team Peace chat at the time stated and play some 2v2's, 3v3's, 4v4, with other members of this community. (Having trouble making friends?) (Finding Coaches?) (Trying to practice that new build order?) Now is a great time to do all those things here in Team Peace and get those team games going. (Custom, Ranked, Unranked) ♥ ShermanShermN21 May 10
May 7 VastGamer.Com Recruiting & Sponsoring Teams! Hello Gamers! Vast Gamer is currently in a reboot phase after we went offline to restructure parts of our organization. Now that we have restructured, we can now efficiently cover both casual and competitive gaming. We’re also now able to support console, mobile, and virtual reality gaming platforms which have been of great interest to us for quite some time. Most of the organization has been completely overhauled from the ground up and recently completed. For more information about our development progress, visit the status page above. Our organization is about providing a fun, safe, and friendly environment for gamers of all types. That means we welcome gamers of all race, sexual preference, religion, etc. Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited with our community. Hacking, cheating, or glitching of any form is strictly prohibited. None of that belongs in video gaming and we do everything we can to keep it away from our organization. We do this because we see that video gaming and communities can be a great social tool. One that might keep a teenager at home playing video games, instead of experimenting with drugs, getting arrested, or worse. One that might provide structure and empowerment to an adult that might have fell on hard times due to a shaky economy or stress from life in general. One that can be there for someone that might not have a lot of friends and provide a place for them to make friendships. Together we can build an environment that empowers each other to be better people while having a safe and friendly gaming environment where everyone can game and build strong friendships with people from all over the world that last a lifetime. Below are some helpful pages that cover most common inquiries from potential recruits. Website: About Us: News Section: Code of Conduct: Job Openings: Gaming Groups: Streamers: Example Group Page: Organization Status: We are currently seeking members, additional staff, and existing gaming divisions to become part of our organization. We sponsor competitive teams. We’re also in search of actively dedicated streamers and casters. If you’d like to apply for a staff position, please use the job openings page. I appreciate you reading through this info and I look forward to seeing you in our community. If you have any questions feel free to use our contact page to reach out to a staff member!Chris3 May 7
May 5 The Desolate Exiles We... are a group for those who have been exiled. We are a place for refugee, and will be treated with the uttermost respect. We will have tournaments on a weekly basis, once the clan gets large enough of course, and overall just have a good community of players! Enjoy your stay, and remember, you are always free to leave. :)ZVNexus2 May 5
May 2 looking for clan 18+ mature, ts or vent, I don't enjoy playing against other people, but prefer coops and against ai w/ mods. Starcraft only clans please.Thalaron1 May 2
May 2 looking for clan Please inv...! xDBiGBaDWuLF1 May 2
May 2 Synthetik - SC2 Division & Staff Synthetik is a sponsored, Canadian based gaming organization who is currently looking for members in order to form a Starcraft II Division. The next big event we will be attending is Dreamhack MTL. Players isn't the only thing we're seeking. At this time, we're also looking for the following Staff Positions Available: Content Creation & GFX: Writers, Graphic Designers Content Creators Video Editors Management: Multiple advisor positions Player Coordinator Other games we are looking for teams in are: Hearthstone Overwatch Interested? Head over to : Synthetik prides on professionalism and integrity. Each of our players or staff undergo intensive background checks to ensure clean game play and excellent sportsmanship. Thank you for your time. @SynthetikMTLyukiiRa0 May 2
May 1 SeedLess Games is actively recruiting!! We are SeedLess Games. What makes us different from all of the other gaming communities?? We could say all the generic stuff like our bills are paid, we have a hyper active community, or we span across tons of games. That's all obvious. Here at SeedLess you determine your own level of involvement. If you wanna become an admin and help run the community? DO IT! Wanna just play games with your friends on teamspeak? WHO CARES! If you are playing a game we don't play and would like it played in SeedLess? NO PROBLEM. SeedLess is more than a gaming community. At the core we are a family. We help each other out as if we have known each other for years. No one is left behind. Unlike many gaming communities our website is frequently being updated. Everyday more tools are being added and more guides are being posted. SeedLess is seeking dedicated SC2 players to help us start a division here!! to sign up. from there u will be able to connect to our teamspeak!!TheDoctor0 May 1
Apr 30 Looking for a clan!! I am a player who recently started playing the game. (around 2 weeks ago). I'm looking for a clan that will coach me to be a better player, and is fun to be in. Shoot me a message if anyone is interested!Technovid1 Apr 30
Apr 27 Clan TAW Is Recruiting All Ranks Hey everyone, TAW (The Art of Warfare) is currently recruiting members for anyone on the NA and EU servers. We have over 100 clan members and have regular events, tournaments, and clan wars. There are also a lot of friendly and skilled members that offer coaching as well if you're in the lower ranks and looking to improve. When I joined I was struggling in Silver and thanks to coaching from some of our masters ranked members, in just a few weeks I've improved a lot, ranked up to gold, and regularly beat golds that I used to lose to. And if you're a higher rank, there are opportunities to participate in scheduled events against other skilled players within the clan and outside. We also have a teamspeak to that you can use while in-game or just to hang out with other members. If you're interested and want more details, carefully read the application here and make sure that you put down that icED referred you: I'm happy to help and answer any questions in this thread if you have them.icED0 Apr 27
Apr 26 LFBuddy - 2v2 Ranked - PST I favor a gold + partner but am open to all people. MaggewDotCom#1361 = IGNMaggewDotCom2 Apr 26
Apr 24 Old player returning after a long break I haven't played in about 9 months so I have absolutely no knowledge or builds for LotV. Looking for a clan of experienced players to help me get back into the groove. I was low diamond in HotS but have gotten wrecked in the few games I've played on LotV. I am Terran so a clan with some good Terran players would be preferred. RedKatana#136RedKatana3 Apr 24
Apr 24 LFG OR LFC Been awhile since I played. Just placed bronze. Just looking for people to play with to help me improve my game and have fun :). I am going to try toss this time around. Any who look forward to meeting you all.Azulike2 Apr 24
Apr 23 Lost in Translation Recruitment LiT eSports Community is currently recruiting active members to join our community. Our Starcraft II team spans over 80 members and is active in multiple leagues and tournaments. We have an active Discord, which is open to the public, if you'd like to hop on and see what the LiT experience is all about. Overall, our community spans 250+ members on Starcraft, Heroes, CSGO, Rainbow 6, and Diablo III. All of these games are connected through our Discord and website. If you'd like to join, please go to the "Discord Invite" link below and talk to one of our Admins or Moderators and we will be sure to get you an invite! Silver, Gold, and Platinum Players: We are actively recruiting new members to join our CTL Squad. We are currently in the finals of the Chobo Team League. We also have training sessions, events, and clan wars for you to play in as well. Diamond and Masters Players: We are actively recruiting new members to join our SC2 Competitive Team. This team participtates in several Clan Wars, Events, and Tournaments.Discord Invite: Website: -LiT Admin TeamOblivion0 Apr 23
Apr 20 Looking For a Social Clan Looking for a clan that is fairly active and just likes playing the game for fun. Would prefer a clan that has activities and stuff but anything is good really, I just don't know too many starcraft peeps. Im not sure if im down for going on to a website to sign up for anything though.Red2 Apr 20
Apr 20 Guns and Roaches recruiting! Hey there guns and Roaches is looking for some more members we take everyone from bronze to diamond players. We are a competitive team and do a team league that is Bronze to Diamond called Chobo Team League (CTL) There will always be someone around to play games or help with something in any regard in the clan no matter the race or time of day or night. we have members from all over and are always looking for more Broaches to join just drop me a pm Neru.743 or any officer in the clan who may be online :)Neru2 Apr 20
Apr 19 The Art of Warfare (TAW) Recruiting Hey everyone! The Art of Warfare is always looking for more players. Right now EU and NA combined have over 130 active clan members. Our clan has members in every league from bronze to GM (however we don't have any GMs on the NA team). Although we like to get lower league players promoted to higher leagues through coaching, we also do plenty of fun events like arcade nights or tournaments. If you're up for it, you can also join our clan war squad. The Art of Warfare also has teams in many other games including Heroes of the Storm, Dota, LoL, Hearthstone, Battlefield, Starwars Battlefront, and MORE! (here is a full list ) If you're interested here are a few things you should know: 1. We have our own TeamSpeak server making in game communication easy! 2. We have one mandatory practice and one optional practice every week (days depend on what region you're in). 3. If you're in the clan war squad, you will have a 2nd mandatory practice every week 4. We understand that life happens and if you can't make a mandatory practice, all you have to do is submit an excusal. (continuous unexcused absences implies an inactive user and you will be kicked from TAW). So if you're interested in joining us head on over to and sign up! (Just be sure to tell them that RedRyder sent you!) If you have any questions, I will try to answer them to the best of my ability, I look forward to seeing you guys soon!RedRyder12 Apr 19
Apr 18 Dark Shield now recruiting If your looking for a clan that is casual and does everything about fun this is the place for you to be in. we accept anyone looking to join a clan, we also have a group called dark blade for those who are in a clan already.jacksonkill1 Apr 18
Apr 17 Looking for casual clan As the titles reads, looking to join a casual clan where I can log on at my leisure and play some Starcraft with like minded players. I know my rank says bronze right now, but I auto surrendered all my placements because I hate placements and wanted to start from the bottom and work my way up since I just got LOTV. Don't really care for clans where I have to sign up on a website, I just want an invite in-game and be able to start playing with people. I love having fun in team games more than 1v1 games but I'm working on both. I play Protoss mostly and off race Zerg. BansheeKing#373BansheeKing3 Apr 17
Apr 17 Defying Gravity (DGrav) looking for members What is this clan going to be? I look at other clans and wonder what they're missing. Most of the time, they say they're social and family like, but they sure don't feel that way. I want this clan to be social, practice all the time, and help each other out. When we reach around 20-30 members, I hope to start doing events such as clan wars. When was the clan created? This clan was created recently depending on the time you read this. It was created 4/10/2016. I created it because I was sick of other clans not meeting what I expected. I think this clan will be a fun ride. What are the requirements? I would prefer platinum and above, but if you are below that but really have a passion for sc2 and learning, then you should be within platinum in no time. What will we use to communicate? We will use something simple like discord, but it will not be something required however I do hope a lot will be on there for the social aspect of things. Why the name Defying Gravity? Sounded cool :D If you're interested in joining, pm me in game. Character Name: WaveLength Character Code: 628 Or my battle tag WaveLength#11240WaveLength2 Apr 17
Apr 17 EoC Engineers of Chaos Recruiting! Heya Worker Makers (if you aren't making workers, you should be and you know it), I am aXerae from the Engineers of Chaos [EoC]; nice to see everyone (looking good! :D) and hope everyone is having a great day so far. Our Clans are currently recruiting players from all leagues and would love to have you! We currently boast players from Canada, US, Europe, Venezuela, Japan, Korea and more, (so dont' worry about timezones!) EoC has Over 200 Members in total across our clans (EoC, AEoC, AoEoC and CEoC) We are all very active Most love to play team games with RaidCall and those that don't, truly cherish their 1v1's we have an active Youtube channel: Also have casters who cast our tournaments (and others')(1's and 2's) and post our gameplay footage to remember those really good games or listen to ourselves when we are panicking about cannon and ling rushes. Our Academy (AoEoC) is solely dedicated to coaching those who are willing and even have coach position openings if you'd like to help us out! Our Official Webpage: If you'd like to become an Officer, come tell us your idea as a regular member and let us get to know you We are currently Ranked #2 in NA and Ranked #2 Globally for our 4's teams And while that may not be the be-all end-all, it does prove how active we are (You may even hate sc2ranks :P!) If you are interested (and thanks in advance if you are), Please add a clan Owner or officer and send us a PM; our Owners are on everyday of the week! Add us as a friend through the profile link below (Copy and Paste in any Chat window, press enter and Click on the link, Right Click on Portrait/Avatar, Add friend and Send us a PM!) EoC - Original Engineers of Chaos (Owner) [EoC] aXerae starcraft://profile/1/11488087813631508480 AoEoC - Academy of Engineers of Chaos (Owner) [AoEoC] Secer starcraft://profile/1/1005128450136080384 (Officer) [AoEoC] Nomad starcraft://profile/1/8791707096094605312 (Officer) [AoEoC] HolyBakaara starcraft://profile/1/11486093299538722816 (Officer/Coach) [AoEoC] Nestle starcraft://profile/1/12633077441355579392 (Officer/Coach) [AoEoC] Pure starcraft://profile/1/17813129616072638464 AEoC - Aero Engineers of Chaos (Owner) [AEoC] Volsknox starcraft://profile/1/1878611290746781696 CEoC - Combat Engineers of Chaos (Owner) [CEoC] Stark starcraft://profile/1/1117036756496023552 (Officer) [CEoC] Pepper starcraft://profile/1/16277187746961817600 or Come hang out with us in our Clan Hub before you decide EoC Clan Hub starcraft://group/1/179106 Thanks for your consideration and time! GLHF aXeaXerae158 Apr 17
Apr 16 How to delete a clan I am the last member (owner) of a clan and I would like to leave and effectively delete the clan. It will not allow me to, it tells me that I must transfer ownership. Is there an option that I am overlooking where I can delete the clan completely? Thank you.Chrono13 Apr 16
Apr 15 Looking for a Clan Gold Terran in California, US West time.A college student from China (will be in China for summer)ZhouIIIpian2 Apr 15
Apr 12 Looking for a clan to get better. Hey im looking for a clan or someone that is willing to help me get out of bronze/silver league. I used to be a plat teams player in HOTs but now after a year or so ive seemed to lose my skills. I want to get into 1v1 games and also play in some team games. Feel free to add me in game if im on.Overshock2 Apr 12