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Mar 3, 2016 The Holy Cows Clan Recruiting! Hi. My clan, the holy cows, is recruiting. We are a newly made clan that started in 2/29. We are looking for officers to help recruit for the clan. We also have a TS3 server. PM me in game, my link is battlenet://starcraft/profile/1/5420515363416702976UltraMan0 Mar 3, 2016
Mar 1, 2016 Lookin for a partner :) ex gold/play player from Hots, Lookin for an active co op partner add me GUARDIAN#2777 and guardian9214 skype if u are interested:)Ghost1 Mar 1, 2016
Mar 1, 2016 Masters Terran Look for Clan Waaaars Hi there, I'll get right to it: I want a team where I can play in clan wars regularly. That means once a week (or more), be placed in spot 1, 2 or 3 of a lineup. I've had experiences on teams in the past, where I've just been placed 4th or 5th all the time, and it pisses me off. Not to say I don't love to watch teammates play, be social, chat, etc. But if I'm going to join a team, I'd like to play competitively too! I'm 28, have a wife, have a daughter. This means I don't have very much time, but I do log on nightly from 9-10pm EST (and can longer for CW matches). My ritual is this: check into the clan chat, ask if anyone wants to have a game, then ladder, then log off. I'm consistent, but also not 17 anymore where I could game until 3am every night. So as you'd expect, I'm looking for a team who is NA EST. I'm not looking for a start up team. I'm sorry. If I log into your chat and there's 2-3 people every night, there will then be 1-2 people every night. I have really low APM (like 120 ish, always have), no I don't intend to train and make GM. I just want to play competitive masters games and have some fun. Yes, I'll use teamspeak, or Skype, or whatever. It does make the game much more personal, but I'm also cool with typing it out like it's BW. No I'm not as much a #!#%!@#* as this post makes me sound. I just prefer to get right to it and save us both some hassle. If I'm a match for your squad, please add me! TheNewblar # 1883TheNewblar2 Mar 1, 2016
Mar 1, 2016 The Confederation is recruiting ConFed is a casual Starcraft clan with a very old history going back through Broodwar. At present we have about 90 members and are actively looking for new LotV players. ConFed welcomes players of all skill levels, bronze to gm. Everyone has a place here whether you're a casual 3v3 player or a competitive ladder player. If you're interested in events, this is the clan to join. We recently won season 11 of the Chobo Team League (, have regular in-house tournaments and events and also clanwars. (If you're a captain from another clan interested in setting up a clanwar, PM me) We have an active teamspeak for members and a forum that we encourage people to use. ConFed emphasizes community interaction, be it sharing build orders or qq'ing about [INSERT IMBA RACE HERE] A lot of people are coming back to Starcraft for LotV and we hope we can help make it a more enjoyable experience for all players. battlenet:://starcraft/group/1/137334Remo20 Mar 1, 2016
Mar 1, 2016 ConFed Clan is recruiting all leagues welcome [ConFed] is one of the oldest clans around starting in StarCraft Brood war days. We have 82 active members right now all friendly people. We host daily peep mode 1v1 obs games for clna only and have alot of fun coaching each other and all that. We also do clan wars that are casted and stream the games on twitch every weekend! Confed is currently useing discord for voice chat and there is always between 10-20 people on. Stop by our channel ConFed Community Or visit our website you can also leave a reply here or send me a friend request my id is ptownfenix#1569SunGodEffect3 Mar 1, 2016
Feb 29, 2016 Getting Into Tayne TAYNE is officially open to recruits. Anyone interested MUST swear that they are into Tayne in order to officially receive their decal of Oyster smiling.BairyHalls0 Feb 29, 2016
Feb 29, 2016 SC 2 Clan Information Wanted Hey, just getting back into SC2 could someone inform me about the current Leagues in NA with clan wars? Not exactly looking to join at the moment as i'm scrub, but i am interested in watching streams and keeping up with the clan war community until i feel ready again. Also what happened to this generation of clans: SCA, flc, and EtND. I know flc and EtND are long gone but i'm curious as to what happened to the rest of the clans in that league. Thanks!BabyBean0 Feb 29, 2016
Feb 28, 2016 Looking for clans that wana have clan wars! Hey clan leaders I know you all sometimes come here to look and recruit people so I figured this would be perfect spot to setup some clan wars. I am in [ConFed] and we like to find clans to play against all the time. We mainly play the bo9 clan wars on saturday on sunday and if you dont have anyone to stream and do casting for you dont worry we do :) so if you would like to get your clan some action reply here or send me a message. And anyone looking for a clan to join also message me or reply and check out our website at Feb 28, 2016
Feb 28, 2016 Looking for Clan that can help coach me Hey guys I'm wanting to get into league games, but at the moment I am not sure what good strategies are for 2v2. I'd really like to find a clan that I can help improve my skills. I haven't really played 2v2s since woL. So I'll definitely need to learn the new strategies that work.MrMuffinCake1 Feb 28, 2016
Feb 28, 2016 Amateur Team League team Born Gosu LFM Hello! We are the Starcraft 2 clan Born Gosu and are currently looking for new members to both play in the Chobo Team League and/or to just have fun messing around with another! We're currently participating in an amateur team league for Gold-Masters players as well as in the SC2Improve Team League (Division 3)! If you want more information on it I will go into more detail a bit lower! Born Gosu is of course open to any race, gender or person that just isn't an absolute douchebag! There's absolutely no skill necessary to join us, the only thing you'll have to bring is the ability to have fun. It's also not necessary to participate in the Team Leagues to be a part of our clan, as the main aim of our team is to simply improve and have a good time playing Starcraft together and while the league itself is of course important to us and being taken serious by all participating, no one will look down on you for not wanting to play in it. We are currently using discord for communication instead of skype, as we believe it to be a much better program and much more geared towards organizing a clan like Born Gosu! Chobo Team League: Here, I want to give a bit of a more detailed on the Chobo Team League and how we're standing in regards to it at the moment. The CTL is as mentioned above, an amateur team league that focuses on creating a competitive environment to simply find fun in playing other people as well as motivating people to get better at the game itself! The League itself technically ranges from Gold-Masters, however masters matches only rarely happen as there are few people of that level represented in the league. The matches themselves work in a way that will ensure that you will only ever play someone in the same league as you. One Proleague styled clan-war is played every week, starting Sundays. You will have to get into contact with your opponent through the Chobo Team League website ( and work out a time to play with them, so timezones are usually not a problem at all. (The tournament itself is NA based however, so if you have problems with playing on the NA server, you will have to tell your opponent). This is our second time playing in the CTL and last season we went all the way to the playoffs and finished 5/6th out of a total of 16 teams. At the moment we're standing somewhere in the middle of the rankings with a record of 1-1 (though this will of course change tomorrow). We're also currently playing in the SC2Improve Team League, a european all-kill format team league, that is in our case mostly catered towards Diamond and masters players. We also have a little tournament for our team coming up later today at around 7pm CET where a lot of our gold through diamond players will be squaring off against another for a pricepool of 15$ total! If you are interested in the clan and want to just see one of our events unfold, make sure to tune in then, over at If you are interested in joining the clan, simply leave a little comment below telling me your skype, or something I can message you through and invite you to our Discord channel! Thanks a lot for reading through this wall of text and I hope to hear from you!Miyamori3 Feb 28, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 plat terran LF for a clan hello, i am currently looking for a clan to join, if interested in taking me in, here's how to add me xOProfitLemo #1209ePiYoLo1 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 silver player...LF a active clan hello, I am looking for a active clan. I am / was in a great clan. However, I took a long break almost a yr, and when I came back the clan changed so much. Now barely anyone is on clan chat, and the ones that are never talk. I am looking for a active clan that talks, and has a good sense of humor. I like to do 1s and peepmode mostly. I mainly do peepmode, but like to practice with other people to try and get better. I like to use TS to talk / play with. That makes the game more interesting. Thank you for taking the time to read my post =)willber1 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Pure Gaming No Drama .:Ghost Alphas:. Ghost Alphas is one of the oldest clans in Starcraft history dating back to the original StarCraft then expanding to Brood War US East upon its release. To this day Clan Alp still has the occasional member hop online for BW. However over time and with the release of StarCraft 2 Ghost Alphas slowly became no more as a clan. As a former leader of Clan Alp I decided the time has come for a new era of Alp. In hopes of returning Ghost Alphas to its former glory I am now looking for members to start the new foundation of Alp. There is no skill requirement join in the end we all just want to win and get better. Could absolutely use anyone who can contribute to the clan or growth along with promotion. Since we are in the process of the revival Ghost Alphas is completely fresh and at only 3 members. Looking for active core foundation members to initiate the rebirth. Also hoping older generation Alps who still game will see and join. StarCraft 2 account is ArchGhost #277 ~Pure Gaming No Drama~ ArchGhost-Alp FounderSpyderGhost25 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Current Gold Terran/Toss LF Clan I'm currently only a Gold in twos but that's more my partners fault than mine lol. I make mistakes but he has no strategy behind his movements. He's predictable. Used to be Diamond in previous SC2's but not to far into this game to use my past as any measuring stick. I'm 25 and just looking for a clan with people who are preferably better than me so I have room to get better as well. Need active players as well!Eko1 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 18, 2016 if looking for clan hit me up :D if anyone is interested in joing a casual friendly clan hit me up on battlenet:://starcraft/profile/1/10951990146068643840 :D we just reached over 100 members and are starting new clan to add more :D we will welcome your arrival. we our named clan kyle after a friend that passed away from of the clans owner. our website is if you wanna check us out and i will be on all night if anyone wants to hit me up. :Dobamasmom0 Feb 18, 2016
Feb 17, 2016 Diamond toss looking for clan! Hey guys, Na player im currently diamond player looking maybe to even get into master for the first time. Hit me up in game Kepp0#1900KeppO4 Feb 17, 2016
Feb 17, 2016 New clan looking for active players Casual clan looking for some active players. We have a lot of fun trolling the custom matches. Looking for high level players but all players are welcome. Active players, meaning you play at least three days or more a week and are interested in recruiting, promotion to officer is available just message <eRiot>Shane the leader.Shane1 Feb 17, 2016
Feb 14, 2016 Looking for casual Clan! just came back to star craft today after a very extended break from it. im looking for a clan, nothing to hardcore just casual group of people to game with and chat with. for the most part i do 1v1 ladder.. currently the rust is very real with me right now. trying to get back in the swing of things. can msg me ingame or my battletag Vomitory#1138BLuBOniC1 Feb 14, 2016
Feb 14, 2016 REoC is Recruiting! Hi my name is Ward. I am owner of the newly founded Reckless Engineers of Chaos [REoC]. This clan is a sub-clan of the much larger EoC. The REoC is a new clan with no members besides myself and the co-owner. We are looking to build a fun, active community and do activities together as a clan, ie. arcade nights, clan wars, training nights, ect. All leagues are welcome here in REoC. If you are interested, here are some ways to get in touch with the clan and/or myself. battlenet:://starcraft/group/1/179106 <==Paste this into chat to get taken to the main EoC hub where you can talk to an officer to get recruited. Other methods: Search EoC on the clans tab, -Our website, - My email, Ward #841- My friend request info, Ocarinahero #1410- Owner of VEoC's friend request info Warbuffll #1927- co-owner of REoC's friend request info Hope to see you guys online. -WardWard2 Feb 14, 2016
Feb 14, 2016 Crap Patrol 2 NA looking for more people to play harder difficulties you don't have to join my clan if you don't want to. but I have a handful of people interested in making time runs in an effort to compete with the euros but we always need more the euros seem to have most of the hardest records and we think we can change that Feb 14, 2016
Feb 10, 2016 Team Dynomite Recruiting! [NA] Team Dynomite Recruiting We are a new Team that just formed with a group of friends, but we are starting to have people wanting to join us. We know it is spelt wrong but we wanted to be different and unique so why not! We play actively and like to practice a lot to better ourselves and help figure out new metas or strats against certain races. If you would like to give us a go and think you could benefit to the Team let me know! Recruiting of all races and colors and ranks! Most of us are plat and up though but willing to help out as much as we can! Name: Age: Starcraft 2 ID: Race: Rank: Active: (Yes or No) Skype or TS3: We would like to keep it ages 20+ but we will recruit some younger based on maturity! Thanks for stopping by and reading and hope to see you soon! Thanks!Axiomatic0 Feb 10, 2016
Feb 10, 2016 Probably looking for a clan... Started back up roommate gave me adderall and I wanted to see what would happen if I was wired to Sc2. After a few months without consistent play I put in 20 games back to back and got back to top Plat. So I might want to just get back into Sc2 and figured I'd like a clan to practice with and what not.Ziayn3 Feb 10, 2016
Feb 10, 2016 Looking for players I'm really getting back into starcraft with the release of legacy of the void and I'm looking for others to game with. I'm up for co-op, 1v1, or anything really so I can learn from others and get the most out of Starcraft.hellstrike1 Feb 10, 2016
Feb 10, 2016 New player looking for people to play with Im new to online Star Craft and am looking for fairly new players to play with and against/pratice and just have a fun time. instead of being yelled at by randoms for doing poorly. hit me up if you feel like having a newby groupEveros14 Feb 10, 2016
Feb 10, 2016 New Player Looking for A Clan/Group Hey everyone! I was unable to get my friends to play SC2 with me so I decided to move to the next best thing and look for some SC players. I am a super casual player and I am very new. I played last year for about two months on HoTS and I just bought LoTV and really have little idea of how to play it. I have a total of only around 15 unranked games and have yet to hit the ladder. I am also 25 years old with an undergraduate degree in biology. I mainly play zerg. Not sure if my love for zerg has to do with the biology connection but if there are any groups out there accepting casual low league players I am the guy. Thanks!ElderBalamb4 Feb 10, 2016
Feb 10, 2016 Recuriting active casual players for LOTV Clan KYLE We or a casual clan, looking to add more people to or crew we use mics to communicate and help train, and give ideas. We use Dolby Axon for team communication. We play coop, arch on, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and some 4v4 Archon We also hold in house tournaments and broad cast them or self. If you are interested you can reply to thread, add me TotalChaos#1184 or apply at web site Currently at 55 membersTotalChaos16 Feb 10, 2016
Feb 9, 2016 -LnT- Gaming Community, Looking for more! -LnT- is a gaming community/clan that spans across many different games. (R6: Siege, CS:GO, GTA5, Rocket League, Starcraft 2) Right now we are primarily recruiting more people for Starcraft 2, recruiting used loosely, we do not have a skill requirement we would just like to build our networks on the Starcraft side of things so we can eventually have a much more established Starcraft 2 division. We play 1v1 obs and other various team games daily it's a very fun environment where players can improve, practice and have fun with friends. We would love to meet some more Starcraft players and expand our community! To apply visit It is also recommended that you come join us on teamspeak at your leisure, even if you're not playing anything at the time just jump in have a chat and let us get to know you :) Thank you, Looking forward to hearing back! -LnT-DrowNUnholy0 Feb 9, 2016
Feb 8, 2016 Looking for Clan that has a cool acronym! So I am a gold level protoss looking for a clan, however it should have a cool acronym .Deathwing5 Feb 8, 2016
Feb 7, 2016 LF a clan of fellow 420ers. HMU plsHydro1 Feb 7, 2016
Feb 7, 2016 Texas SC2 players Just curious, any Texas low league SC2 players around? Please let me know.EllusionSK19 Feb 7, 2016
Feb 7, 2016 Looking for a clan looking for a clan with a majority players plat+ im plat 1v1 and 2v2 and diamond 3v3 and 4v4Seven5 Feb 7, 2016
Feb 4, 2016 High plat player looking for active clan! I'm an active starcraft2 player looking for a clan that will help me improve my game play! I'm looking for people more skilled than me and for people around the same! I will help lower rank players also! I play mostly at night and play on average 5-10 matches a day and sometimes I go nuts and play all day- I'm 26 years old and plan on starting a stream soon. Leave me your clan info or someone to get in touch with about events and things of that sort! Thanks in advance -Sequence7 Feb 4, 2016
Feb 4, 2016 Looking for a team Title says it. Would love to join a team and be apart of a community. I play Terran and my skill level is around mid masters. I also do coaching as well if a team needs a Terran coach. Anyone interested in recruiting me just post here and we'll go from there. Thanks everyone!Furbiford4 Feb 4, 2016
Feb 4, 2016 Bronze protoss player looking for clan wanna get better and want more people to game withNova2 Feb 4, 2016
Feb 4, 2016 Looking for some friends Hey guys and gals I'm not a complete noob, I've been playing for a little while I'm just not a competitive type of guy I'm looking for a group or a few casual gamers that would want to play against bots and have fun with star craft but it's hard to find people ingame so i came here. Thank you in advance for all your responses! "My life for Aiur!"Fenn15 Feb 4, 2016
Feb 2, 2016 Want to play 2v2/3v3? Hey guys, I am not looking for a clan or a group.. I AM LOOKING FOR MEMBERS TO PLAY. :) #680SRPHLuCifer1 Feb 2, 2016
Feb 2, 2016 Looking for SC2 Players I'm new to SC2, looking for people to play 2v2s, practice, do whatever I'm high bronze league (NA servers) I play Zerg Add me OGWhiteout #1453OGWhiteouT6 Feb 2, 2016
Feb 2, 2016 Looking for people to game with. Hi, I've been looking for people to game with on a regular basis, I mainly play ranked 2v2 or 3v3 as protoss, fairly new to this game but I'm looking to start playing more and possibly get into some tournaments. Reply to this msg or add me Whitewolf#1190WhiteWolf2 Feb 2, 2016
Feb 2, 2016 New player, need a relaxed group to join Been playing filthy protoss since I've finished the campaign and feel like my learning/playing could benefit from a group to talk with. I'm not big on having massive commitments like daily meetings or anything like it, just needing some people that I can have fun with in the long term!PublicSee3 Feb 2, 2016
Feb 1, 2016 Silver Player Looking For A Clan I am a Protoss player and I primarily play 2v2 and 1v1 ranked. Looking for a group to team up with and learn from.Ethestok1 Feb 1, 2016
Feb 1, 2016 Silver player looking for casual clan I am an upper silver protoss player. I'm looking for a casual active clan. I'm 26, and play basically any game mode. Basically looking for people to play and chat with.Rikki3 Feb 1, 2016
Jan 31, 2016 any texas clans or Houston Groups? Looking for locals in houston or even texas to play sc2 . any groups or clans out there? i am a returning sc2 player. but have played many blizzard rts games! currently gold but have reached to diamondStrangrDangr1 Jan 31, 2016
Jan 31, 2016 Team htpk recuiting! We are a relatively small sc2 team looking to add on a few new members, we are looking for players from high plat to masters, and are looking to improve their game play through 1v1's against other teammates, and help us crush other clans in all kill format clan wars. If your interested in joining you can pm me on sc2, my username is mrsmiley and my character code is 1106. If I am offline when you try to contact me, leave your information below and I will be sure to get back to you. Yours truley, team hotpocket's SMILEYhtpkSMILEY1 Jan 31, 2016
Jan 30, 2016 Active Players Around Omaha, NE Hey all! I am having a hard time finding a community of players around the Omaha area. Any Omaha peeps out there?! -DougerDouger5 Jan 30, 2016
Jan 30, 2016 Nebraska/Midwest Players Just curious if anyone playing is from Nebraska or around the Midwest. I was asked by a local business if the community would be interested in a tournament. I don't know anyone else close by who plays. If you are interested, I'd love to know.Morganella3 Jan 30, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 New Clan Recruiting Looking for a new Clan to call your own? Armiferi Fati is now recruiting! Q: What is Armiferi Fati? Armiferi Fati is latin for Fated Wariors. It's a growing clan of dedicated, active players who are looking to have fun, play and help each other improve for both ladder and tournament or clan war matches. Q: Why should I join Armiferi Fati? Why not? Small at the moment though we may be, we're always willing to play and help our members improve, regardless of what level you are. If you want us to go over replays with you and help you out that way, we'll do so. If you want a practice partner, feel free to ask and we'll do what we can to oblige. When we get a large enough number of members, clan wars will become a regular thing too. While clan wars will mostly be focused on higher leagues (Diamond +) we will still do some bronze to platinum clan wars where possible despite the lower demand. Q: What do you want in return? The only thing that we ask in return is that you're an active, friendly player! We're never going to force you into doing a clan war if you don't want, nor are we going to force you to join practices. So long as you're active and friendly, you're welcome to join! If you're interested, message Raver (gametag - Raver#909) or Miro (Gametag - Miro#962) Poka (Miro) Bloodtail "The Sky Breaker"Raver35 Jan 28, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 Looking for a casual clan w/ 1v1's and peep Hello, I am just starting Starcraft again and would like to join a casual clan that does alot of 1v1's and peep modes so that other players can learn and have fun watching/playing. Please let me know if any clans are recruiting. Please let me know your clan chat room and/or website. Also your username. Thanks!Hieu2 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 LiT eSports Community - Now Recruiting Lost in Translation eSports Community is one of the newest communities on Battle.Net. In three short months, we now boasts over 150 members. We have active groups apart of Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Rainbow 6, Heroes, and CSGO. In Starcraft 2 we actively play in the following events: CTL (Chobo Team League) Dust League A Team Clan Wars LiTSL - Starcraft 2 Tournament Come hang out with us on our public Discord and learn more about our community! We are continuing to look for active members to join our rosters for the teams mentioned above. We look forward to seeing you online! Discord Invite: Website: LiT CommunityOblivion13 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 24, 2016 Terran Player LF Clan for 4v4 Ranked Games Hi All, I recently started playing SC2 again and I am looking to join a clan to do some 4v4 ranked games. I don't have as much time to play as I did the last time I actively played SC2 so it would be great to find some friends to play with as soon as I log in. About me: I am 28 years old, live on the west coast, and most definitely won't be able to play everyday. I can most likely play on the weekends and occasionally a weekday. I would like to play with people of comparable skill and age if possible, who don't rage at every mistake because I will make them. I'm always trying to improve as a player, but am not interested in doing so if that means getting stressed out by my teammates because I didn't build the right counter in time. I don't have a mic set up, and do not want to purchase one. Currently in gold league; have previously obtained masters 4v4 and diamond 4v4 last time I played regularly which was a long time ago. CheersPrime1 Jan 24, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Lf Clan (master on NA) ( gm on EU) Hi there! Im looking for a clan ( no j4f) Clans pls . Im mid to high master on NA and gm on EU For any questions just ask ;)IIIIIIIIIIII1 Jan 20, 2016