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Sep 5, 2016 Looking for a Team/Group: League: Gold 3 Looking for a Clan/Group to play with i stopped playing for 8 months but wanting to comeback to playing this game.. Currently in Gold 3 im pretty good with both protoss and zerg. i usually rush mostly using Zerg and Protoss i would Mass VoidsMyth3 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 Fever clan gaming community now recruiting Is A HUGE Clan / Community with 1000+ Clan Members And Growing! FeverClan Is All About FUN! Were Here To help Make your games more enjoyable! We Do A LOT of other games Besides Just starcraft. With about 150+ active Sc2 Members. We have no strict rules that a mandatory to follow, Just A few for you to note.... #1 Always Be respectful And supportive of other players, The opposite of this behavior Is frowned upon and not taken lightly. Also NO HACKING ON ANY GAME WHAT SO EVER WHILE IN FEVER CLAN IF COUGHT YOU WILL, I repeat WILL be removed Without hesitation or remorse #2 MUST Be 16 Years or older to join. This helps ensure a better gaming environment. And that your mature enough to follow these simple rules. #3 NO teamkilling in ANY game (basically just don't be an !@# hat) #4 Please Logon to the forums and make a post / comment or other form of activity ONCE every TWO weeks To stay active and not risk being removed. now, A lot of clans you might see will have strict and crazy rules / practice times to follow or be removed. As we are an "actual" Clan and not just a specific "Team" We do not have or enforce and strict practice times. WHAT SO EVER. We have game nights (Everyone does arcade) Every wednesday through sunday For various games. WENS FRI and SAT are for Sc2 But those days also have other games on as well. Generally we are here for you to relax. Have fun. And shoot the breeze. Just be well rounded, and respectable. And nothing could go wrong! Competition We have Weekly / monthly Tournaments now and then sponserd by FEVER and or Its members now and then For you to compete in and or to "win prizes" and ribbons. We Have Specific Teams in starcraft for certain ranks Which you can join if you wish to play more hard ball and become seriously competitive. EVERYTHING we do Is streamed. VIA feverclans twitch account and our active streamers. as far as tournaments and clan wars. Anyone Is Allowed To start / manage their own Teams And tournaments anyway they like. Feverclan forums also have Entertainment sections. Coaching sections And more forum games, AND AN ARCADE!, Also A newly implemented FeverCoins system which you earn by being active and working for the clan which you can use to unlock rewards. Hey, FeverClan Even gives you FeverCoins! (forum economy) Which.. Upon earning. By helping fever, Posting on the forums, winning tournaments and such.. You can Use these coins in our coin shop!, And earn things like.. Signature work.. Nickname changes.. Badges.. And more! But the biggest thing to point out is that you can 1) an Active member within the clan you can earn beta keys and other stuff with your Fever coins 2) you can Earn beta Keys for games that are not even out yet with your coins even! Even bid in auctions for Steam games! and more!. Sounds like a fun and friendly community right? It is!! CHECK IT OUT TODAY! SIGN UP! AND START GAMING! Please use my name as a referral and we look forward to seeing you join our ranks!TiltedSlim145 Sep 4, 2016
Sep 1, 2016 Streamer LFG 1v1s/4v4s Hey guys, Daw here, and I am looking for a active community of players. I'm a platinum player in all three races. My main is toss, but I play random on EU and have gotten decent at all races. I'm not looking to apply on any sites or go through a recruitment process for any clan. I play with one hand due to a disability, which is why I stream, because I am unique. I do not only stream Sc2 though, but I do stream it a lot. I would like if... - active helpful members - team games like 4v4s or 3v3s - sparring partners (1v1s obs would be awesome!) - clan battles would be cool, but not needed!DAW1 Sep 1, 2016
Sep 1, 2016 Drunken Outlaws Recruiting in NA The Drunken Outlaws are expanding into NA, we're a part of a collection of clans that has over 200 members at this time, if you want to join us, just message me on sc. Gator#21235Gator2 Sep 1, 2016
Aug 29, 2016 Nederlandse of belgische sc2 spelers Ik speel nu al een tijdje starcraft2 maar heb niet veel mensen die dit ook spelen hierbij de vraag zijn er mischien mensen die nederlandstalig zijn die me kunnen adden of mischien een clan die nederlandstalig is ben namelijk al tijdje terran aant spelen aangezien ik niet goed een ander taal kan leer ik het moeilijk vanuit het engels en ook gwn adden voor fun en archon mode de spelenMadRoel1 Aug 29, 2016
Aug 29, 2016 BLQC recruit Franco BLQC (BlackLysQuebec) Nouveau Clan francais seulement Bientot Curse pour le communication en vocal 16+ actifQcAnarchie0 Aug 29, 2016
Aug 29, 2016 Clan Looking for Gold and above players. Looking for a group of players to practice with. practice can include peep mode for LOTV so we get good one vs one practice against many opponents. it can also include many other types of practice. any and all races welcome however diversity is preferred, if i get 100000000 Protoss there's no point. before joining there will be a general skills test so bring your best to the table. friend request me at naitsabes1126@gmail.comNaitsabes0 Aug 29, 2016
Aug 28, 2016 Clan WW3 est. 1998, seeking a few players! Hello! We are Clan WW3, (yes World War 3), first established in 1998 on the US East server in StarCraft BW! We are looking for - 1) Diamond+ players. Exceptions can be made for Plat players who are former Diamond/Master, and playing well/currently rising through the ranks again. 2) Well mannered players. Trolling will not be tolerated/accepted. 3) Players who are dedicated to 1's and improving their game in a friendly, team atmosphere. 4) Players who meet all of that critera, and who are interested in playing in CW's. If you are interested in joining our team, please email us at and include the following - 1) Link to profile 2) Race (Z, P, T) 3) Why you'd like to join! Thanks, and gl hf gG!TerroR0 Aug 28, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Weekly Gaming I'm not exactly looking for a clan. Just a few people who are interested in playing with me and a couple buddies once or twice a week, preferably Saturday nights. We're somewhat casual and currently in Silver League. We experiment with most of the different game modes and races. We're also interested in getting back into Brood War when the compatibility patch is released. We use Discord for voice chat. So basically we're looking for people who can join us regularly and are interested in practicing and improving, but keep the emphasis on having fun with other players. And especially people who are just all-around fans of the Starcraft franchise. If interested, message HyperTurtle # 1732.HyperTurtle2 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 Every Role player looking for Clan/Team Hey there. I'm looking for a team or a clan, im silver average player not so professional but good. Pretty fun to play with (as told from my friends). Comment this post with your clan and information, and i will add you (be sure to comment the clan leader's In-Game ID/Name).PoisonedPoop0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 practice buddy/group? Diamond terran, looking for people to practice with/play with and just looking to improve overall. thank you.HotAmbush8 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 HOTS Clans? Any HOTS clans out there still recruiting? Plat lvl Random player looking for clan for fun.JasTa1 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 Mindset Gaming Now Recruiting Diamond+! MSet Gaming is calling up all mature Starcraft 2 players that are pursuing to be involved and engaged in a concrete learning atmosphere! The foundation that MSet Gaming was constructed on is: Collaboration, Competitiveness, A Good Mindset, and Sportsmanship! MSet Gaming's atmosphere is designated to be a competitive gaming community that does: Clan Wars, Coaching, Observers, Ranked Team Games, and Tournaments! Every so often though as a clan we set up times to relax and play arcade games. If you want to be involved in a Starcraft 2 gaming community that revolves around its members, then MSet Gaming is the proper clan for you! The only requirements are: Diamond+, No BM, and Respect One Another! Server: NA Current Active Clan Members - Join our TeamSpeak Server! - Contact me @Rovert#916 in Starcraft 2, Trevor Jacklitch on Skype, any of the clan officers or clan leader in Starcraft 2 who are online, or feel free to post a reply below the post if you want!Rovert37 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 Clan Skal Recruiting Come now U want a laid back clan..recruiting for clan skal come join now!!!Havers1 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 T.A.W. NA SC2 Division is recuiting! If your a SC2 player looking for coaching and a fun group of players to play SC2 with, the TAW SC2 division is the place for you! We have weekly scheduled Practice and an optional once every week! You'll have the opportunity to play with and learn from every Rank and skill level. While having a lot of fun on the optional every week as we plan fun group arcade games, in-clan tournaments and more. We also have a growing competitive Clan War Team that is regularly in Clan Wars and always looking for those dedicated enough to join. Our TeamSpeak Server is regularly crowded with people more then ready to practice and play. TAW is a great place with great people that just want to get together, play and get better at there games! So join today and become part of The Art of Warfare Community! If interested please visit and register at our website Aug 24, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 Terran Player Looking for Clan Hello! I'm a diamond level Terran player looking to learn and improve. I have a deep love and respect for Starcraft and would love to join a clan of players who feel the same and want to help others improve at the game. Best, DavidKordo4 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 Forming Team Urge Looking For: Any and all skill level, regardless of division. *Benefits* This team will be formed for the purpose of league matches, both versus ranked opponents and for training within the Team itself. The training portion will have more of the higher ranked players helping out teach the more new to the game players build orders and proper counters/ mechanics to the game. *Recruitment* If you're Interested in helping me form Team Urge, Join the chat channel Urge. *Team Requirements* 1. must be an active Starcraft 2 member 2. we play for fun, not to bm within the team 3. Uber all in cheese build such as cannon rushing and 6-8 pools, are banned within the team. *Team Names* although not necessary, I will try to encourage the name change within the team, as it will help get our team out in the open for more people to join. If your considering to dedicate it to the team, its in a format as so: 1. First letter of each word is capitalized to ensure proper reading 2. the team name Urge will either go as the first or last word in your player's name. *Team Information* Prefix: [Urge] Division: Bronze-Masters Chat Channel: Urge Members so far: 1 Team Founder: SuicidalUrge 669SuicidalUrge8 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 A-Click Mechanics needs T and P Hello all. A-Click Mechanics is looking to recruit a masters Terran to help coach our diamonds and plats as well as participate in clan wars for the near future. We also need several more Protoss players as our representation is nil (Protoss seem a rare breed in hots). Ideally, we'd like a Masters Protoss and several diamond or high plat Protoss players to join the cause. We don't generally accept lower than plat unless you're a super-cool-gosu-boy. We are primarily AM and weekday players so we offer great practice and fun to those of us that cannot play late evenings. Further, we practice together quite regularly and have a grand time doing so. Application is quite simple, play our top guys, demonstrate your knowledge, and be willing to help our lower leagues. I'll be back on Monday Morning to respond to respond to anyone interested. Just leave your tag and I'll hit y'all up. Cheers WhiteEyebrowWhiteEyebrow4 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 20, 2016 Streamer/Caster/Diamond LFC Looking for a clan! I have been in multiple clans over the years and have done a lot of streaming and casting for said clans, Some of my work consists of. Clan wars in cloudM and Nindo Gaming Cloud M's tournament with players such as- Creature HuK Hydra Jason-JuggernautJason I have been inactive as of lately but im looking for a clan that will work around my schedule and actually use my talents as a caster! And who will support my stream. I am currently rank 65 diamond, I ended at around top 8 diamond last season i was rank 1 for weeks but couldn't quite get myself to play enough games to push myself towards masters. Not that i felt ready yet for it either. If anybody is interested add me in game! And we can discuss things through skype!- Godlift#1705 to add me! Im also looking for a very friendly, Supporting clan any drama im not really looking for. So if there is internal issues. Please don't bring me into it :) Much Love <3 Zergharizard!Zergharizard5 Aug 20, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 Terran Player, Need Clan I just got back into this game for the first time since WoL, and I've actually improved since then somehow. I need a group that can help me keep on that progress.Pickle2 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 18, 2016 100 membership MAX per clan, ONLY? Can blizzard increase the size of a clan from 100 to 200members? Why just 100members and why not more? It doesn't hurt to have more members in a clan.Soybean0 Aug 18, 2016
Aug 18, 2016 Looking for partner's for team Hey! I'm Daw, and I like to play 4v4s. I'm currently Platinum2 solo in 4v4s and I'm looking for some people around my level to play with, I'm also platinum in 1v1s. I understand it would be hard to meet up every week and play, which I was thinking I could get a few friends to just join up when they're on or vice versa. So Please around platinum that are down for 4s with like 1 random person speak up! Thanks for reading this!DAW1 Aug 18, 2016
Aug 17, 2016 Unitation of Starcraft (clan), open! A clan/group I'm starting in hopes to find people to hang out and interact with. Weither competitive or casual, teacher or student, ladder or messing around, new or veteran; all are welcome if they follow these rules: 1: Treat it like the forums and be nice! 2: Be active! If you are gone for over a month without a good explanation I will have to remove you.. 3: There is a group discord, bad or no mic, can still communicate through it via typing, ask me for an invite! 4: No tests to get in, no rank needed; only thing you need to do is play it. xD (feel free to leave at any time if you are not happy) 5: Allways feel welcome to message me or admins/moderators if you are unhappy or someone is not following the rules. 6: Avoid being a troll, its not funny. finally - 7: You don't have to be in the clan to be apart of the discord server! There WILL be repercussions if you decide to not follow these rules - to be decided case by case. My tag: Icilory#1213 - add me! Note: I am on most of the time! And will be checking this at least once a day!Icilory0 Aug 17, 2016
Aug 14, 2016 Active Zerg Player LFC Hey everyone, i am a returning player that is looking for an active guild. I have ranked Gold in 1v1 back in Hots and am now currently Silver (About to Rank up to Gold). I have just about every voice communication software there is, so if you guys use one i would be more than happy to join in. I do mainly 1v1 games, and i spend more of my time watching replays and filling up notepads with build orders. feel free to add me for a 1v1 match or even a training partner. I am always down for some theory crafting.BlueDream1 Aug 14, 2016
Aug 13, 2016 Looking for a Clan ヽ(^◇^*)/ NA Hello there (◡‿◡✿) I am looking for a Clan to Play/Chat with. What I want: Frienly Persons (mby some new Friends (*^U^)人(≧V≦*)) Should be active on Na Server. I dont care about the Skill level If your Clan wants me add Barcode#21733 Have a nice day Players :3KappaPrimeOn4 Aug 13, 2016
Aug 12, 2016 Looking to join clan My current one doesn't seem to be very active anymore unfortunately. My only requirements are a active community and comprised of mostly decent players gold+. Im a diamond zerg who will 1v1 coop arcade etc...ThePlague4 Aug 12, 2016
Aug 11, 2016 Diamond T/Z looking for Clan Looking for active clan to talk about tournaments with and that conducts clan wars. I am online basically everyday. #DankMemesAnonymous0 Aug 11, 2016
Aug 10, 2016 LF Practice partner 1v1 Hey guys pretty much the title says it all, want to find a player who i can practice 1v1's against and get along with well, i'm a silver Terran main. If your keen feel free to hit me up.PaiN2 Aug 10, 2016
Aug 8, 2016 Silver Zerg LF Chill Clan / Group I am not very good, I managed to get out of bronze for a while now. Would like to improve my Z game.TEAMFLASH1 Aug 8, 2016
Aug 6, 2016 Looking for a competitive clan and players. hey looking for competitive players. i am diamond/plat player. feel free to add me as a friend or msg me. i play mostly team games. eZsKanDiC#1537 -ThankseZsKanDiC1 Aug 6, 2016
Aug 6, 2016 Clan Rising In Glory is recruiting! Established in 2016, Rising In Glory (RiGO) was founded by a few individuals that met online through Starcraft 2 who all wanted a close knit community that fosters their growth up the ranks. RiGO prides itself on maintaining a roster of skilled players and personnel that share a hunger for improving the Starcraft 2 competitive scene. We are currently looking for Masters Tier 2 and above to join our ranks. While competition is our focus we still support a fun environment with an in house ladder system and tournaments that offer free coaching from Pro Players. You can check out our website as well at -NoticalsNoticals0 Aug 6, 2016
Aug 4, 2016 Looking for a decent clan to except me I am silver /gold player I can play well and beat diamonds and plats. Last 3 seasons...But lately only playing against much higher ranks and I always get teams with lower ranks somehow. .. I'm tired of playing team games with no strategy or team wor involved aside from.what I do. Everyone seems to be out for themselves and I work well with teams especially when I get to know their play/builds better. I feel I could easily keep up more than gold with a decent team. Willing to show my play...I'm good at rushing or teching...mostly play toss or Terran used to players random but then lotv came out and all these noobs be using mass voids every match. I just want people to play games with, like a clan and ones that work together to win. I always score highest on my team nearly every time yet I still lose mostly. Masters be calling me noon from losing but with a shut team vs pros do I stand a chance? I have real friends but no sc2 friends anymore and need some. Anyone with suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I also will listen to learn if you're good players and I Listen to ideas....that's what a team is for right? And I'm missing out on that and never have teamwork on my teams !!! WtfGrimReaperXx3 Aug 4, 2016
Jul 28, 2016 Old noob looking for fellow noobs! Hello. This is Vega#1851 and I'm an old noob having played sense WOL. Started out as Zerg but could never quite got the hang of them, from them I moved to Protoss and sense then they became my main. I did give Terran a try but didn't care for the play style, too much going on at once to keep tabs on. Anyho through out my SC2 play time I manly only played with/against friends. Never did any solo ranked/unranked matches, though did make diamond in 3v3 back in 2012 s2 with two friends who wanted to give it ago for fun, and we didn't do that bad. Sadly however the friends I played with slowly left the game, and by the middle of HOTS they had all left, myself included. But with LOTV it has sparked a new desire to play again, though none of the old crew have returned. So I am rusty as rusty can get, an 'old noob' but that is fine. I'm looking for others who are new to the game, or old noobs like myself returning who want to relearn the game and enjoy some laid back fun games. While I want to get better and relearn what I'm doing, I've never been one to do full on serious play, not looking to make plat in rank play or such or become a pro at timings. I just rather enjoy the game and have fun, try out the new coop and what not. If we do good then yay, if we fail oh well as long as we had fun. If we want to try coop rank I much rather it also be for fun, and not turn into serious play with ideals of doing pro plays. Lets have some fun and enjoy the game.Vega10 Jul 28, 2016
Jul 28, 2016 New clan wanting members. Feel free to joinluke3 Jul 28, 2016
Jul 28, 2016 Any noob clans? I was wondering if there are any clans for noob players to join. You can probably look at my profile and see my progress, I've only played Terran as well. Thanks in advance!Nezzynaz6 Jul 28, 2016
Jul 27, 2016 Pomegranate Clan!!! Hello I recently made a clan by the name of "pomegranate" so if anyone would like to join hmu! thank you. You must be Tier 1 gold or higher.Soap2 Jul 27, 2016
Jul 27, 2016 Master Zerg looking for a team Looking for a team that competes in clanwars or in house tournaments, I've been on a few teams in the past and I feel it's a more fun way to practice the game. Hit me up in game Varithus#437Varithus2 Jul 27, 2016
Jul 27, 2016 [eS] Eternal Soldiers are recruiting EST 2002 [eS] Eternal Soldiers Established in 2002 Now Playing Legacy of The Void!!! Extremely Active!!! Join Clan [eS] Eternal Soldiers International Gaming Community Established 2002 90+ active members, team gaming, Co-op, tournaments, clan wars, 1v1 peep mode, and we use Skype and Mumble Fill out Join Form and Add me on BNET: SERPENTOReS Character Code: 676 Email: For those interested in becoming Masters this is the clan for you! www.ETERNALSOLDIERS.orgSERPENTOReS163 Jul 27, 2016
Jul 26, 2016 Diamond Terran looking for competitive group I'm a diamond 3 close to a diamond 2 terran looking for something competitive.LebronzJames3 Jul 26, 2016
Jul 25, 2016 Team Lzuruha recruiting all skill levels Bron Founded on July 24th, 2001. Lzuruha (LzH) originally started as a StarCraft: Brood War team, now expanded into a multi-gaming eSports organization and speed run community. We seek to become a competitive and welcoming community to gamers worldwide of all levels. We're looking for any and all players who wants to become a part of a growing community and be a growing part of our up and coming starcraft 2 community. We accept players all the way from bronze up to grandmaster. We want to be a Starcraft family, to have fun, learn and grow together. If your goal is to play in competitive cups and tournaments we can offer practise and help through our teamspeak and our growing community. If you're a streamer we can offer you more exposure through out E-Sports twitch team page. If this sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate to sign up on our forums and join our community today!SirPenguin5 Jul 25, 2016
Jul 25, 2016 Where is the community interface? since release of lotv i have no community hub ingame before (in beta) there were channels and global chat wtf?energie0 Jul 25, 2016
Jul 20, 2016 Former Master looking for Team/Clan I'm looking for a mature team/clan to join. Preferably one with some organization and practice times, but not one with so many members that I'm instantly lost in the masses. I prefer 1v1 games, but am up for the occasional team game. I'm 30, and I do have some RL commitments, mainly from 1-4 PST. I'd like to find other mature players to play with. I'm having a very hard time getting back into starcraft because none of my friends play it. Starcraft is my favorite game, but I keep wasting time on other games because my friends pull me into them. I suffered a wrist injury about 3 years ago, and I sometimes have to take it easy because my wrist becomes irritated. For the most part, it's manageable with trigger point therapy, but there may be times when I need a break because of it. I am still brushing off all the rust. This game can be extremely frustrating when I look at how good I am, and compare it to where I used to be. On the bright side, I still have really good game sense. I just need more practice executing.Kaz3 Jul 20, 2016
Jul 20, 2016 PSISTORM Community is Accepting Applications! PSISTORM Community is now accepting applications from players of all skill levels and regions! Keep in mind, however, that the team is based in NA and will be NA timezone friendly. We currently participate in both Dust Team League and Alpha Team League for our top players. I also want to recruit players diamond and under for Chobo Team League. There are a few requirements for the team: You must be an active player inside both team events and Starcraft in general. You must be able to participate in our team's Discord server. You must be a respectful player in both the team and on ladder. We need players of ALL skill levels, both GM/TopMasters for our top team leagues, but also Diamond, Plat, Gold, and Silver players for potentially joining the Chobo Team League! You can find the application to join here: Jul 20, 2016
Jul 20, 2016 Looking for a clan Hey guys, Used to play quite a bit but took a year off, been back for a week and am loving LotV! Looking to become as active as I can and that means I need an active clan. Before taking my break I was a platinum level player. I'm currently leaning towards Zerg becoming my main race to play, and would love to have someone in high diamond or masters help me with my game play. If you have a clan that can help me out send me an in game invite, it would be much appreciated!jpruneda3 Jul 20, 2016
Jul 20, 2016 LF Players to play with. Hey all, I am looking for fellow gamers to play with. I have always popped in and out of Starcraft since the game launched back in 1998. I play anything from vs AI to Ladder. I enjoy playing Archon, vs AI and Co-Op. I also spend alot of time playing vs AI and practicing my macro and all-in timings. I have spent most of my time in Starcraft in Silver League (Gold being my highest). I live on the West Coast in Canada, so I am usually online at 8am to 11am PST and 8pm to 10pm PST Tuesday to Sunday. I am most active from 12am to 11am PST on Monday and Tuesday. My battletag is W1ZZ4RD#1387. Feel free to leave a comment or add me as a friend if you want to play some Starcraft or any Blizzard game (I am mostly into Overwatch, Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone.)WIZZARD1 Jul 20, 2016
Jul 20, 2016 Looking for clan or just people to play with I recently got back into this game after going through the LotV campaigns and Nova missions. Sadly, none of my friends play this !@#$ anymore (they've all moved on to MOBAs). I'm not that great and don't really know the new LotV units. The highest I've ever placed is Platinum, but that was a long time ago. I'm pretty rusty now.CustomChair10 Jul 20, 2016
Jul 19, 2016 (No Rush 20 arcade game mode looking for a team of two guys to play No Rush 20 arcade game mode with me and my cuz.AKFourSeven0 Jul 19, 2016
Jul 10, 2016 looking for practice buddy A silver league player that does 2v2's with some local friends. Looking for someone around my level who is dedicated in getting better along with me. leave details below if interestedDag3 Jul 10, 2016