Jul 14, 2017 StarCraft II WCS Challenger ANZ Season 4 The StarCraft II WCS Challenger ANZ Season 4 is upon us. Following the success of WCS Challenger ANZ Season 3, we are pleased to announce that the StarCraft II WCS Challenger ANZ Season 4 Finals will again be LIVE from the ESL Studio in Sydney on 26 August 2017. There will be a fantastic $10,000 AUD prize pool on the line. The top two finishers will also qualify for WCS Montreal on 8 September 2017. The two winners from WCS ANZ Season 3 Ethan “Iaguz” Zugai (Terran) and Sean “Probe” Kempen automatically qualify for the finals. The remaining six players shall be decided via an Open Qualifier to take place online on Saturday, 5 August 2017. This event will be streamed live from the Blizzard ANZ Twitch channel. Be sure to follow the channel to be notified when the event goes live. Open Qualifier sign-ups are now open. If you think you have what it takes to round out the top eight, go ahead and sign up here. GLHF!Takralus0 Jul 14, 2017
Jan 6 SEA Migration - Update On Connection Issues The migration should now be complete and your SEA profile should now be accessible on the America region. Let us know if you are still having issues at this point. Thank you!Traysent146 Jan 6
Sep 25, 2016 SEA/ANZ Identity thread As most of us coming here are from SEA, I made this thread so we can Identify each other. So heres mine: Feel free to share your SEA Identity with everyone else.TheGame60 Sep 25, 2016
Jul 13, 2015 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid StarCraft II streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred race A bit about yourselfTakralus1 Jul 13, 2015
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Apr 15 Merge account? Hello, Why does my NA server has 2 accounts and... My progress for co-op is split some in one account and one in the other account. Can we merge them into the same account? Eg. One account has Nova Leveled Mastery 15 and the other has Stukov leveled mastery 51. is there anyway to merge the two accounts so I get a stronger 1 accountRitualMurder0 Apr 15
Apr 9 Australian playing on US server problems Intro So i get why blizzard decided to merge the servers SEA and NA together, but honestly.. I wasn't thrilled on the idea then and i still am not now. In Australia we are not know for the best connection in the world, yet i know that some people have good internet here however for me I have average net. Which means where most people would get 250 ping on US server... I get 300 ping on the server. It is unbearable. My experience/ summary I am in Master 1 and I absolutely hate it when i'm feeling good and going on a win streak only to vs someone from NA and feel completely out of control. I am not just saying this a someone from SEA, but also think about the Americans... This is there server, and imagine them running into the same issue of hosting a foreign server! It is not fair on us SEA players nor NA players to be playing on each-others server. Thoughts, opinion/ idea. If you are not keen of redoing the whole process and making our NA accounts playable on a SEA server then please just give us the option to PLAY on a SEA server/ region. I don't mind waiting for 3-5 min for a game of 1v1, i usually take a 5 min breather between each game anyway so it wouldn't make a difference to me personally. I am really upset that after years of playing SC2, i'm getting to a point where something beyond my control is sucking out all the fun in playing. I really hope the SC2 team recognizes this. I have spoken to many players on both sides, and everyone who has experienced this that i know is not happy. Thanks for reading, to clarify... I am not blaming anyone or any region, just simply voicing my concerns and hoping for a response.FrosT0 Apr 9
Apr 5 Team Nexus is recruiting! Introduction Hello everyone, to make this short and sweet... me and some friends have decided to make a competitive 1v1/ teams clan where we will do lots of practice, have clan wars, and compete in minor/ major leagues here and there! We have our own discord and in the future, we would like to add a teamspeak 3 server! Requirements - As we are a competitive team, we require all players to be ranked in 1v1 and have more then 30 games completed by the end of the season. - Must be Diamond 3 + ! If you are in Platinum 1 and confident in reaching Diamond then feel free to message me! - Must be active and remain within clan chat in game. - Please try and be active within discord server! - No BM to own teammates. Why join INI ? 1. Team Nexus is going to be a tight knit community and we are going to strive to be the most talented, active clan in the community! 2. Our officers including myself have lots of experience in running clan/ semi pro teams. 3. We are going to run weekly clan wars when we get the numbers! 4. As we are brand new, we are looking for Discord moderators and in game clan officers! 5. We will feature all our streamers in discord! 6. We will run daily team games or 1v1 practice! 7. Free coaching all around, our 1 collective goal is to get better! Contact info If you are at all interested in becoming our first members then please feel free to message me or reply to here! Bnet ID: FrosT#16330 Discord: FrosT#5903 Thank you so much for reading, I hope we have peaked you interests! - FrosTFrosT0 Apr 5
Mar 24 T Blizzard BnetFrosT1 Mar 24
Nov 22 Bob-Toss And Other Twicth Drops can we get him? because austraila can't participate in drops so is it a part of that or are we once again screwed over by lottery laws?Bullyfish14 Nov 22
Sep 11 Desolate grounds I just happen to be curious on how old friends were doing, and as I opened my friends list in Starcraft, it just shows... ... No on has been online for years. People I once knew here have moved on, probably. It's kind of lonely, but I'm just sitting on Co-op missions now, because this is where I have most fun. If any of you old friends read this, know that I'm still here, playing this game every now and then.... In Co-op mode. Co-op mode is a dream come true for me. I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon.... No... Never stopping this at all.NoVice1 Sep 11
Jun 30, 2018 Discord? Where can I find ANZ community on discord or Battle.Net app? Thanks for my question.Jimmy0 Jun 30, 2018
May 26, 2018 Merge achievements? Years ago I played SC2 on two different regions and racked up achievements (single player and multiplayer) on one and achievements (primarily multiplayer) on the other. I logged in about 6 months ago to give SC2 a go again and got prompted with the option to pick one. Why not just merge the two? If I had 500 team random race wins on one account, and 250 on the other, why not just call it 750 and purge the old account? Or at least give the option to do so? I noticed this when my friend also got back into SC2 and his profile is practically empty, he has clearly chosen the wrong one, but has now done a fair bit of co-op progress so that is his main now.Richo0 May 26, 2018
May 17, 2018 Please, we need ping balance NA-AUS As I understand it, if two players meet on the Americas server, one from NA and one from AUS, the NA player will have at least 150, sometimes 200-250 ping no matter what, but the Australian player will have 50-75 ping every time (assuming there's nothing wrong with their internet). With all due respect, Blizzard, how is that fair? I ladder on NA because I think I will have the best connection around players near me (West Coast NA is where I live), not to get destroyed by a player who lives halfway across the world who has significantly better ping than I do, every time. I had "West Coast" server selected instead of "Best Match" but to be fair, this is because I keep hitting Brazilian players with Best Match, or I used to. I'm not sure if that's changed, so maybe someone can fill me in on whether or not that's the best solution. My simple suggestion to Blizzard: balance ping. If an Australian player decides to ladder on Americas, instead of KR (as they are much closer in distance to KR than to the Americas), please make the game fair, ie, make both players have the same ping no matter what. I'm not suggesting to do this in every match obviously... I'm simply suggesting that when two people have two different servers, do not favor the "away" team, or any team in particular... if you had to choose, I would favor the "home" team, but it appears you have done the very opposite of that, Blizzard. I also would criticize the decision to move the entire AUS region into the Americas servers instead of into the Asian server, and I'm sure there was a reason for this, but now that it is the way that it is, I would appreciate it if Blizzard would put more effort towards removing advantages that are gained through being in one region over another. Thank you.CharmQuark2 May 17, 2018
Feb 15, 2018 Go Plat-Haven't Played Since SC2 Beta/launch I was Diamond in beta and launch. Surprised to see I got Platinum after not playing for 7 years. I bought void today to try after SC:R got me hooked on BW. What's with all the probes in the beginning and auto going to the mineral lines? Game really moves a lot faster. Those mines from Terran are a real B so far!imsorrisuck3 Feb 15, 2018
Feb 12, 2018 Do not pay attention to the protoss? Why does the energy consumption of the prophets have increased, and have not been explained by the patch now? The energy consumption of the prophet is 1.5 times that of the originalAzlone1 Feb 12, 2018
Jan 27, 2018 Hope for building skins I wonder if Blizz ever give us building skins one day. Even if its just the main building like in SC:R, where the Command Center/Nexus/Hatchery were given an incredible new look. Maybe on the next DLC campaign? Honestly, I don't mind. :DNoVice1 Jan 27, 2018
Nov 16, 2017 Server Combined? Sorry haven't played this game for ages. Did the ANZ server and NA got combined or just the profile moved over. Is the ANZ server still dead?Gulcasa1 Nov 16, 2017
Nov 15, 2017 How can I play on the mainland Chinese server I'm a Canadian living in China. I speak Chinese but don't read and write it well and I prefer to have an English copy of SC2 and mostly play on the NA or other international servers through a VPN, but I do have some Chinese friends that I'd like to be able to play with. Isn't there any way I can log on to the mainland Chinese servers without downloading a whole new Chinese copy of SC2? That seems incredibly inelegant when all that's changed is the language (which you can change anyway if you're in Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan) and the server IP.Hautamaki7 Nov 15, 2017
Oct 13, 2017 SC2Indo (Indonesian Starcraft Group) Hi All!, For all Indonesian Starcraft 2 players, please join the group SC2Indo (find it in your in game blizzard chat apps). Cheers, BadFaith.BadFaith1 Oct 13, 2017
Sep 15, 2017 David Sum Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I'm a Asia server player, and I'm Korean. My wish to topic is simple. PLZ Upgrade the Korean SC2 Website. Blizzard Korea do not manage anymore. We want to start forum "Co-op Missions Discussion" in Korea. PLZ consider it. Thank you.ArchMichaael0 Sep 15, 2017
Sep 2, 2017 Indonesian Player I just want to reboot the thread from SEA forum, is there any Indonesian player here? note: join channel sc2indoSerge9 Sep 2, 2017
Aug 14, 2017 Change Account Name Hello. I have accounts on every region and I would like to change the name of my account on my ANZ/SEA account. I realize that the server merged with the Americas, leaving me with two accounts for NA. I am worried that if I try to name change this account, it will instead name change my Americas account. Please let me know if there is some way of changing the SEA -> Americas account name. ThanksBob2 Aug 14, 2017
Aug 10, 2017 Unable to change Forum Profile after merge. Hi, I lodged a Support ticket and they pointed me in this direction. After the merge, I'm stuck with this Profile on the forums/website. I have opened the forums up in Incognito mode so that I have no cookies affecting my browser, but I cannot find a way to change to my normal profile. Has anyone else had this issue, or know of a way to switch my default Forum/Website Profile to my ANZ one.Cykasm2 Aug 10, 2017
Aug 9, 2017 Selling collectors editions Hi guys - we're renovating the house and I've found sc2 collectors editions (1 HOTS and 1 LOTV) that I've bought but never had time to play. They are brand new and sealed. If you're interested and are available to meet up in Sydney I'm happy to sell it to you for a good deal. Thanks!Dialup1 Aug 9, 2017
Aug 5, 2017 SEA achievements to Americas? Hi all, I've progressed so much in SEA account but thought maybe after all these years there was a possibility to transfer all the achievements over to the Americas region as it's the best server for Aussies? Let me know your thoughts ASAP please!Luis3 Aug 5, 2017
Aug 1, 2017 SEA server.. what is happening Hi all, Probably a year ago I was all up in starcraft, played vividly on weekends with Hots. Then I had taken a short break, decided to start gaming again only to find that everytime I tried to "match make" on the SEA, it either was taking about 10 - 15 minutes to find a game, or not all. This went on for 2 weeks, so I stopped playing on the SEA server and switched to the Americas server. no problems at all, match making was instant no matter what game I was playing. the only problem is on the Americas server I dont retain any of my achievements. So i stopped altogether after a while as I didn't want to waste my time trying to retain all of my achievements points. Lotv came out, smashed through it and completed it. Thought that there would be a lot more people playing with the recent released, started the "match making" again on SEA server same thing no luck. Sat there literally for 20 minutes on a ranked 3v3 with nothing. Blizzard - can you please either merge the SEA server with the Asia server, or allow me to move my profile and its achievements to a server where there are actually a lot of players. I put a lot of time into my achievements and would like to continue to still play. Those who are having the same issues can you add your responses to this thread, I want to see if we can convince the developers to get our profiles linked to other regions so we don't lose the hours we've put into the game. If this needs to be moved to tech support happy to do so.TiTaNTwO44 Aug 1, 2017
Aug 1, 2017 Can't find SEA bookmark anymore! How do I get my bookmarks maps and mods back? I can't find them anymore in Americas server.. *Sobtokrot1 Aug 1, 2017
Jul 13, 2017 My Co-op Ranks / progressions not transfered All my co-op ranks achievements campaign progressions were not transfer on the SEA migrations to america server. Seriously where do i approach to have this fixed?BlackFlamez0 Jul 13, 2017
Jun 22, 2017 WCS Challenger S3 live event Last week we announced that the top 8 players for StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger Season 3 Finals will battle it out LIVE and IN PERSON from @ESLAustralia Studios on 24 June 2017. We are proud to also announce that this event is brought to you by @McDonaldsAU. Now it’s time to secure your tickets. Attendance will be FREE OF CHARGE however you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. Attendees can look forward to some epic StarCraft II matches as well as some sweet loot giveaways. Seats will be limited so get in early. There will be a fantastic $10,000 AUD prize pool on the line. The top 2 finishers will also qualify for WCS Valencia in on the 13 July 2017. The two winners from WCS ANZ Season 2 Ethan “Iaguz” Zugai (Terran) from Team OSC ROOT and Sheldon “Seither” Barrow (Terran) automatically qualify for the finals. The remaining 6 players as decided via an Open Qualifier on Saturday 10 June 2017 are Probe (P), NXZ (Z), Meomaika(Z) Frustration (P), MightyKiwi (Z) and Crimson (Z). We would like to take this opportunity to thank @McDonaldsAU for the amazing support and shared passion in bringing you StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger Season 3. GLHF!Arcagnion1 Jun 22, 2017
Jun 1, 2017 WCS ANZ Season 3: Sign ups & live final StarCraft II Esports fans rejoice! We are excited to announce that the StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger Season 3 Finals will be coming to you live from the ESL Australia Studios on 24 June 2017. Things are going to be a bit different this time around. The top 8 StarCraft II players in the region will now be battling it out IN PERSON in front of a LIVE audience. There will be a fantastic $10,000 AUD prize pool on the line. The top 2 finishers will also qualify for WCS Valencia in on the 13 July 2017. The two winners from WCS ANZ Season 2 Ethan “Iaguz” Guzai (Terran) from Team ROOT and Sheldon “Seither” Barrow (Terran) automatically qualify for the finals. The remaining 6 players shall be decided via an Open Qualifier to take place online on Saturday 10 June 2017. We shall be releasing further details about the finals, including how you can secure tickets shortly. In the meantime players can sign up for the Open Qualifier Round here. GLHF!Arcagnion0 Jun 1, 2017
May 20, 2017 ANZ Game Servers Now Available! Blizzard Entertainment is pleased to announce the immediate availability of StarCraft II game servers hosted in Australia, ahead of the November 10 launch of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. This new infrastructure should result in improved gameplay for players across Australia and New Zealand. FAQ Q: What benefits will local game servers have for StarCraft II players in ANZ? A: By hosting StarCraft II game servers in Australia, ANZ players should benefit from improved gameplay responsiveness and a better gameplay experience. Q: When will these new game servers be available? A: Local StarCraft II game servers are available now! Q: Will these new game servers affect who I can play with in ANZ and the Americas? A: No. Because the new local StarCraft II game servers will communicate with the existing servers based in the Americas region, you will be able to seamlessly play, group up, and chat with friends in both ANZ and the Americas as you do currently. Q: Will I need to pay any fees, or register to transfer? A: No. Because the new ANZ StarCraft II game servers will continue to be linked with the Americas, all existing levels, achievements, and match history will be retained. Australian and New Zealand players currently accessing other regions, and who wish to benefit from the improved performance of locally-hosted game servers, are encouraged to switch to the Americas region in preparation for the launch of Legacy of the Void. Q: Can I choose which game server I connect to? A: Our most recent update, Heart of the Swarm Patch 3.0.3, allows the option to select a preferred game server in the StarCraft II Options Menu. However, we would like to clarify a few points about this feature before you try it out. • This setting will default to Best Match, but players may wish to change this if they notice connection issues when playing on a specific server. • Please note: As we continue to improve and expand our game sites, our intention is for Best Match to provide the best play experience for most players. If you are not experiencing issues, it is highly recommend that you leave this set to Best Match. • If players in a party have conflicting game site preferences, the game server that is most commonly selected among the party’s members will be used. • It is still possible for players to get matched into games on servers they did not select. This will be rare, but can still happen. • If players in a party have different preferred game servers selected, it will try to match to the most preferred site. • If you are not in a party, you are almost guaranteed to receive the game server you select, but there is still a small possibility you will be connected to a different server. Q: Will the new ANZ game servers only be available to players who purchase Legacy of the Void, or will they also work for Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm players? A: All StarCraft II players will be able to take advantage of the local game servers straight away at no additional cost, regardless of whether they purchase a copy of Legacy of the Void. Q: Where are the servers physically located? A: The ANZ StarCraft II game servers will be hosted within a data centre in Sydney, Australia, and service players across Australia and New Zealand. Q: Will local game servers change the way I activate Legacy of the Void at launch, or any other Blizzard Entertainment games? A: No. Local StarCraft II game servers will have no impact on the way players currently register physical copies of Blizzard Entertainment games, or the unlock timing or process for activating digital copies of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. While the new, local game servers should provide an improved gameplay experience, product activation and authentication will continue to be handled by servers located in the Americas. Players in ANZ will be able to begin the fight to reclaim the protoss homeworld from 4 P.M. AEDT on launch day, November 10, 2015. Q: Does this mean other Blizzard games will also be getting local servers? A: Blizzard Entertainment is committed to providing our players around the world with the most epic experiences possible. We will continue to explore optimal solutions for all of our franchises in each region. The addition of local game servers supporting StarCraft II brings the title in line with our existing ANZ game server offerings for World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and Heroes of the Storm.Arcagnion45 May 20, 2017
May 8, 2017 WCS Qualifiers Season 2 - sign ups now open! A quick reminder that the ANZ/SEA open WCS Qualifier for season 2 is open for sign ups! The qualifier will take place online on 13 May. Sign up here! With a prize pool of $10,000 AUD, the top 16 players will move onto the ANZ finals on 21/22 May. GLHF!Arcagnion0 May 8, 2017
Apr 17, 2017 CD GAME KEY Well as usual you blizzard guys truly rock with all your games. Especially STARCRAFT 2 is totally awesome for me and i am a hardcore fan of this game. My region is SEA. I bought STARCRAFT 2 WINGS OF LIBERTY and HEART OF THE SWARM in my region. I will be going to CHINA for a tour and I wish to complete the trilogy. You might've guessed it, yes.... I am going to buy the final part of the trilogy LEGACY OF THE VOID. WELL THE PROBLEM IS THAT I WILL BE BUYING LEGACY OF THE VOID IN CHINA.WILL THE GAME CD KEY WORK IN OTHER REGION ???saihemeshwar1 Apr 17, 2017
Apr 4, 2017 Regional progress zoning hurts Australians. Edit: This can be deleted, I feel even the ANZ/SEA forums are kinda dead and posted elsewhere. This comes up from time to time, and I’d like to raise the issue again. Please sync (at least) non-financial features such as achievements and race progress/Co-Op levels across regions. Whilst there would be a lot of data to trawl, it would be entirely possible to sync earned achievements scattered across regions into the one collection. It’s a particular sore point for Australians who had to set up on SEA and may not have wanted to leave their achievements/progress behind when servers were finally made available for us locally. I’ve done too much in SEA to want to abandon it entirely and this has simply grown with time as features and expansions have been added. Sure, retrospectively we could have switched in as soon as local servers were available but it’s easy to see how attachment prevented us from letting go and now we feel even more stuck to a region we no longer really belong in. I don't have the kinds of hours/progress more serious players have racked up, but I also don't have the time to re-earn all that I have thus far :( I know purchases might be trickier to sync, but please, please, consider amalgamating player progress across regions.Reivster1 Apr 4, 2017
Mar 5, 2017 Weekend Warriors Sydney 1 day ago Hi Everyone! Weekend Warriors Sydney are hosting a Sataday morning meet, every weekend, at FBI in the CBD starting on the 22 of April 2017. All levels of players are welcome, we will have a range of activities planned, like friendly match's, KOTH tournaments, coaching for BSG and P players, streaming and commentating ( going directly to our youtube page ), and most excitedly, an exclusive league format that you MUST be at the venue to play in! ( prize pool to be announced, already have some small time sponsors involved. ) This league will be further discussed on opening day and blogs/posts on the fb/website. League is looking to launch in May. Overall Weekend Warriors wants to re-ignite/re-boot/revive the SC2 scene in Sydney. We are not a clan, we are a gaming community ( By all means, if you have several clan member interested, please come down and represent!!! ) This promises to become a dynamic but stable format to help everyone learn and become more competitive online! Please see facebook page link below, yes we are still building the facebook, website and youtube page, bare with us as we develop more content and more updates on opening week and our league implementation! ( BSGP in one league, PDM/GM in the 2nd ) We would also like to invite any caster's/commentators who would like to get involved to come down as well, ( Please PM myself on the FB or post a comment for more information, we will need to reserve your spots ) Please also use the facebook page to confirm if you are attending the opening day. If this gets large, booking your place in advance ( we can do that for you ) Will be required, although there are around 200+ pc's at the venue! ALL CAPABLE OF RUNNING SC2 ON ULTRA.... *drool* Lets do this together!Samurai0 Mar 5, 2017
Feb 15, 2017 ANZ Cup eligibility Hi all, Last year we trialled hosting some $1,000 ANZ cups between WCS seasons. The goal of these cups was to provide more competitive opportunities for Australian and New Zealand StarCraft II players throughout the year. We decided to try something different for the first cup of 2017 by opening up the competition, removing the regional restrictions. Due to feedback from the community regarding this, all ANZ $1,000 cups from now on will be open to Australian and New Zealand citizens or residents only, with no exceptions. Those living in ANZ with a working/student visa are also accepted. This decision only affects the $1,000 ANZ cups we run between WCS seasons. The following dates are confirmed for $1,000 ANZ cups in 2017: • 5 February (completed) • 18 March • 16 July • 17 September • 21 October The regional WCS $10,000 events are separate, and will follow the WCS eligibility rules for 2017. The regional WCS Open Qualifier for Season 1 begins in late March. Sign-ups for both the regional WCS Qualifier and the 2017 ANZ Cup #2 are now open—be sure to sign up!Arcagnion0 Feb 15, 2017
Jan 11, 2017 [PH] Filipino & Philippine-based Humans! As part of our new efforts to help (the quite active for it's size) Filipino community, I'd like to invite you to join the following: - our primary group, where discussions and whatnot take place - our fanpage, where giveaways, announcements and stuff are given out "Philippines" group in SEA and NA, which we'll be using for events (most of the people are currently on SEA) As it stands, while the community is quite active and launches large events every now and then, we still don't even have 10% of the PH community with us. Hopefully, you can join us and bring your friends along as well. See you at events! GLHF GG!Eisenhart13 Jan 11, 2017
Dec 27, 2016 Heart of the swarm - How to Activate ??? Anyone else having problems activating HOTS when they pre purchased it, i bought it on pre order but no email with a key code , just a confirmation of order. HOw do I activate HOTS so I can start playing it ?? 1ThxIrosas39 Dec 27, 2016
Dec 26, 2016 Offline custom game Any ways to play Starcraft 2 offline especially custom game? My poor internet often disconnected halfway through causing inconvenient experiences for me when playing custom game. Please do not ask me to get online and then play it offline, because when i finished a game i have to restart everything? I hope that Blizzard could entertain offline users as well as they are part of your supporters too especially in purchasing full 3 episodes with a exorbitantly expensive price. With all due respect, i really cannot accept the fact that your heartfelt supporters cannot enjoy just like those online user does. Hope that you understand our eagerness to play your game in full glory and satisfaction. Regardsfigerhanker0 Dec 26, 2016
Dec 16, 2016 Australia/New Zealand WCS 2017 With the recent announcement of our 2017 Global WCS plans we would like to provide information on Australia and New Zealand StarCraft II esports in the new year. The major change in 2017 is the increase of the number of WCS Regional Challenger Series. There will now be four (4) ANZ/SEA Regional Challenger seasons up from three (3) in 2016. To align with our other esports all local event prize pool be in AUD. Each of these events will have a $10,000 AUD prize pool. All regional challengers will lead into a WCS Circuit Event organized by Dreamhack. The top two (2) players from this region will have flights and accommodation provided to attend these $100,000+ USD events. Below are the dates for Season 1 ANZ/SEA Challenger. WCS ANZ/SEA Challenger Series 1 • Regional Qualifier: March 25 • Ro16 Finals: April 1 • Ro4 Finals: April 2 In addition, we are continuing the Blizzard/ESL $1,000 AUD summer cups in-between WCS seasons. Currently we plan to have one of these competitions in each the following months: • January • February • July • September • October The first WCS Season 1 are now open for sign ups! Get your fingers flexing and sign up now!Arcagnion1 Dec 16, 2016
Oct 22, 2016 Help I've just downloaded the latest StarCraft II update. Now the game doesn't play at all, keep telling me it is corrupted. What do I do? Can I re-install the game from the disc and not accept/receive any updates? Advice is appreciated Frank Melbourne AustraliaFrankCachia6 Oct 22, 2016
Sep 25, 2016 WoW movie. Little off topic but I just went to see it and it was good; I think need to know your lore going in for the full effect though but people I took who had no idea about that still enjoyed.Twoezy2 Sep 25, 2016
Aug 28, 2016 Can't see real ID friends on SEA region Hi, I have a real ID friend who is also on SEA region, however I could not see him in game nor add him. We could both see each other on Asia or US regions, just not SEA region. Our battle net region are both America and we both logged onto SEA region in SC2. Any help?ZhuoZhang0 Aug 28, 2016
Jul 21, 2016 Sydney Tutor for newbie Anyone in Sydney willing to tutor me in person with Terran? Let me know. thx email coopersensei@gmail.comChampion1 Jul 21, 2016
Jul 5, 2016 Protoss Tutor Looking for Master Protoss tutor, for lowly highly motivated bronze player. I must improve and will pay to do so. Skype name major.justice - Bobby Elliott. I live outside of Tampa, Florida. My hours are flexible.MajorJustice1 Jul 5, 2016
Jun 5, 2016 Sea Server is the only place i can play With Low Ping and i play terran so playing in other server is impossible for me but in sea i come to see it has low player base . I wish developers would link us to servers who can actually play at our server in sea and don't lag . Its kind of frustrating waiting for 10mins tops to search for a game and find out your playing with someone that is not your league and probably waste both of your time.Meliciouz5 Jun 5, 2016
May 7, 2016 Any australian based SC2 clans? I am not 25 or older which is why I can't apply to those young hating old gamers clan.Deanington1 May 7, 2016
Apr 28, 2016 Cherche joueurs(e) Quebecois ou Francais ! Je cherche actuellement des joueurs francophones pour agrandir mon cercle de joueurs de SC2 commenter vos GT !xdommx5 Apr 28, 2016
Apr 15, 2016 WCS ANZ Season 2 finals this weekend! The second season of WCS in 2016! Now with more Moonglade! Who will represent the ANZ region in Premier League Season! WCS Season 2: Oceania/Southeast Asia Challenger Stage 2 - Round of 16 and Round of 4 •Date: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17 April 2016 •Time: Stream starts 12.00PM on Satuday - 1pm Sunday AEST •Server: Australia •Eligibility: Prior advancement + 4 invited players based on last seasons WCS. The winner will represent region at the WCS Circuit at Dream Hack in Jun! Also and take a share of the $10,000 USD local prize-pool. Main Stream •Stream: •Presenters: Andy 'Moonglade' Pender, Helen 'Zepph' Browitt and Daniel 'Deth' Hayes •Observer: Matthew Insano KearneyArcagnion2 Apr 15, 2016