Mar 12, 2015 Season 1 WCS Oceania/SEA Challenger Due to the changes in #WCS this year our players have a even bigger chance to compete with the best on the world stage. This weekend the top four from the qualifier will compete in two best of five matches to determine who will represent the region in WCS Premier! Cast live from the Sydney studio from 11am AEDT: PiG vs KingKong (ZvZ) And Iaguz vs EnDerr (TvZ) GLHF!Arcagnion10 Mar 12, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 I found some jokes Read all steps lads! Step 1: If you are reading this, congrats you know how to read.. Step 2: Read it in youtube: Step 3: After step 2, never waste your time with negative haters! The best way to handle that type of person is smiling. It annoys them more and makes you a winner!! Hahaha Step 3 is so funny!! What about Step 4? Step 4: Just like video games, sometimes we have to move on to the next level of our lives. and face the hardest part of the game and try not to lose it. Ah YES I like step 4, totally agreed! Applause please? Thank you!FalrGoJimmy1 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 13, 2015 Australia & NZ Only Internet Tournament Hey all. I've been a bit bored lately, and although I myself, am awful at starcraft, I do enjoy watching people play at a high level. So with this in mind I just want to gauge the interest levels if I were to run a small internet tournament and chuck in around $1000-$1500 in prize money. Of course it wouldn't be a massive tournament (probably only 16 or 32 players) and it probably wouldn't run smoothly, but it would give a few people a chance to win some money and me a chance to watch someone who actually knows how to play. If enough people show an interest I will endeavour to set it up and let you all know how to enter the lottery to be picked to play, and approx. dates of the event. CheersTheSweeper3 Feb 13, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Starcraft 2 help- update/patch So i got this game recently cheap in retail form, I have both Wings of Liberty & Heart of The Swarm i start up and it ask to do some patch/update so i stick in the Wings of Liberty disk and wait a while and i eventually get "The file Localization.xml could not be loaded also i have looked around people saying delete the update folder....didn't work for me i've uninstalled and installed.....still getting the error.Zodd3 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 How was your holiday guys? I am back to work and doing something, holiday will be ended soon in Sydney. Sad sad :(FalrGoJimmy5 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Sc2 Lan Perth Perth CRAVES e-sports. It has been too long since our last Starcraft II LAN. We have the resources to support a LAN, all we need now is for people to express any interest. If anyone would be interested in attending a LAN in Perth then please express your interest through the comments via: Jan 15, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 No more AUS/NZ region?? I've been away from Starcraft for almost 6 months so forgive my laxity/noobness but it appears that they have removed the AUS/NZ region?? Does that mean all of our achievements / portraits / ranks in ladder etc are effectively gone? Someone enlighten me!RedbulI6 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 Aussie Gaming Community!!!! Looking for group of people to join a Australian Gaming Community, for all updates on games in near future and patch info and Updates. Also looking for people who play World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Call of Duty and such!!! If interested this is the page for you. Jan 8, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 Merry Christmas And Happy New Year. As the title suggests, hope everyone had a good time and cant wait to see what SC2 holds in 2015. <3Twoezy6 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 7, 2015 "Save SEA Suggestion" Ok, as everyone knows the SEA server is really dead, empty, forgotten, unused, the list of words to describe it could go on forever. Was wondering if blizzard have contemplated the following as an option to help out players of the SEA region to keep it active. Merging the Chinese and SEA servers. Having them linked to act similar to how aus/us linked servers work in wow today. eg. When a Chinese player plays against an SEA player. His net will route to the sea server. (from hongkong the ms is approx 30ms and from Beijing it is 50ms) Players wont notice a difference in game play. now if a Chinese player plays against another Chinese player hes net will route to the chinese server. or just route everything to SEA server as Chinese players will not get a ms over 80 to the server from the furthest city in china. ---- Its just a thought!. Discuss! *i know china has strict policies on things such as this so it may not even be plausible*tSu9 Jan 7, 2015
Dec 11, 2014 LOTV fanmade alpha mod Hey people! Have you played the LOTV alpha mod yet? it's an extension mod is uploaded to every server under the name "LotV Custom - Unofficial Fan Alpha". Search for LOTV and you'll find it. It's a lot of fun playing around with the new proposed units even if they will inevitably get changed drastically or even cut from release. I also updated SALT to be compatible and you can see how to use the two mods in this youtube clip: Also hello to Alpha if he's out there anywhere. (anyone else remember him?) as I was using SEA as a testing ground and he makes a cameo appereance for the sake of demonstration because he was the only online guy on my friends list in the SEA server at the time. EDIT: Link to the official video about the new LOTV fanmade mod: Dec 11, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Cant Find Oceanic Region? So i have just come back to join the ZERG after alittle leave. And i cant find region for Oceanic? Is it gone are we just southeast asia now? Any information on this would be awesome thanks :)MyzTicK4 Dec 2, 2014
Nov 27, 2014 [LAN] SLCN.SYF Domination Cup 29/11/2014 MELBOURNE, IT IS TIME TO DOMINATE! Silicon Sports and SYF GAMING with sponsors Village Cinemas, Blizzard ANZ, Tt eSports and MC Internet Cafe 2 are proud to present the inaugural Domination Cup. Something we hope will be a regular occurrence on the StarCraft II LAN tournament calendar. Enter the Domination Cup Now at What: StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm 32 Player LAN Tournament When: 29th November 2014 Where: MC Internet Cafe 2 Watch: The tournament will kick off on Saturday November 29 at MC Internet Cafe 2 with entry at $25 per player. Entry covers computer usage for the day, prize pool, prizes and access to the StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone tournaments. The main event will be a Double Elimination Tournament format where all rounds are a Best of 3 until the finals. The Third Place Play-off & Grand Final will be a Best of 5. Cash prizes will be paid out to the top four and the winner will also walk away with the Domination Cup trophy to commemorate the victory. Those who don’t make the top four will be eligible for random prize draws from our sponsors. But the fun doesn’t stop there as we will be also running a casual Hearthstone tournament for all tournament players as well. This will be a basic deck, Best of 1 tournament with some Blizzard Loot up for grabs. Entry is included with the SC2 tournament entry. We would love to make this a premier tournament ($1000+ prize pool) and are hoping those who can spare a few dollars here and there to donate to the prize pool. You can donate here ( if you wish. Spectators are welcome to join us at MC Internet Cafe, so come down and say ‘Hi!’. If you can’t make it to the LAN itself, we will be casting the action live on with Insano casting the action with special guests through out the day. For full tournament details and rules please visit the official Domination Cup landing page For further information or sponsorship enquiries, please contact OFFICIAL SPONSORS OF THE DOMINATION CUP: Village Cinemas ( Blizzard ANZ ( Tt eSports ( MC Internet Cafe ( Nov 27, 2014
Nov 22, 2014 Can't join random 3v3 or 4v4 on SEA server Just wondering if anyone is still having problems joining random 3v3 or 4v4 games on the south east asia server. I tried joining a game and waited 200 minutes before giving up (some post suggest waiting an hour before eventually getting in to get ranked then works ok, but I cant even join one game). Tried running the game fix/repair, tried deleting the battlenet cache in program files and tied running in administrator mode. Nothing works. I can join without problem on other servers (north America), but I want to keep progressing my profile on the SEA server since I have probably invested 1000 hours or so.Adas2 Nov 22, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Sea matchmaking que When I try to search for matchmaking on the sea servers on WOL can't seem to find people too often. Is it an issue on my side or what?Deathace1 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 LotV on the way. LotV news is finally out. Terran: Protoss: Zerg: A few new features such as daily tournaments, warp gate and mineral changes are also on the way. Based off the videos I like the direction and changes to Zerg, Protoss and Terran seem to be stuck in a rut still design wise imo. ________ Gameplay Exhibition Match 1. (New Units Always OP during testing) Nov 13, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 Achievement Point Transfer I know this topic has been brought up many times, but I feel the need to mention it again :/ We all know that player has different achievements on different servers and this is extremely frustrating when you want to transfer to a new server. That is why a system should be established to be able to transfer/share your profile across the server. They can make the points transfer arcade and campaign only, preventing ladder farming. I mean c'mon blizzard, I really don't feel like restarting brutal campaign on NANex2 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 5, 2014 no one playing on SEA server? tried searching for games 2v2, 3v3 (time: 3.50pm GMT+8) yet couldn't find any. Is there any specific time that more SEA players are online? or most of them are in NA servers? Wouldn't it be laggy to be playing on NA?Davien1 Nov 5, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Heroes of the storm Anyone else in the HOTS trial/beta/alpha/whatever it is program? Anyone else think it is silly to have "HOTS" be the acronym for two seperate games? :P Stick your hand up in this thread or add me Bnet account and we can muck around and figure out how to play this game together.turtles21 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 15, 2014 Local BarCrafts for the GSL finals Hi folks, Sydney and Melbourne have some large BarCrafts organized for the GSL finals this Saturday. Bring some mates and head along to watch some Terran vs Zerg action live! Plus both events some cool StarCraft prizes to give away at the events. The details can be found below, see some of you at the Sydney one! :) The final GSL for the year - its time for BARCRAFT! For those lucky folks in Sydney and Melbourne there are two large BarCraft events this Saturday to decide who will take the Season 3 GSL finals crown. Will it be Terran or Zerg? Blizzard has sent both events some tasty StarCraft loot to be given away on the night so bring your mates, enjoy a beverage or two and support ESPORTS! MELBOURNE Name: BarCraft Melbourne XXII - WCS Korea Season 3 Code S Final Date: October 4 2014 Time: Saturday from 7pm AEST Where: The Fringe 33-35 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD SYDNEY Name: BarCraft Sydney - WCS Korea Season 3 Code S Final Date: October 4 2014 Time: Saturday from 7pm AEST Where: Palace Hotel Sydney: 730-742 George street, Haymarket, Sydney,Arcagnion6 Oct 15, 2014
Oct 4, 2014 New to Starcraft!! Needing HELP the title says all, im new to Starcraft and looking for people who are willing to play and help me.. As i really want to get into it. please if anyone could please send me the right direction or help in any way it would be great Cheers!!!Razakela2 Oct 4, 2014
Oct 1, 2014 Matchmaking empty? Hey guys i just recently bought WOL and im new to SC2. I play from Thailand and im having trouble finding matches. Yes i have played about 10 games but it takes and awful long time to find someone and sometimes i cant find anyone. Is this problem only on the SEA servers? Guys im new here so help me out a little. PS: I do not own HOTSDeathace5 Oct 1, 2014
Sep 30, 2014 Rock the cabinet - finalists Maybe I'm just out of the loop but I was unaware that the rock the cabinet top ten were picked by Blizzard and announced almost a week ago. Blizzard made a quick summary video of their selection and offer prizes if you play & vote. If you are simillarly uninformed you should go forth and have some fun.turtles13 Sep 30, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 anyone having problems connecting to kr/tw? As the title says, ive been having problems since yesterday getting a stable connection (if any at all) to the kr/tw server. i currently live in china and i usually never have any issues with this. either ill be stuck at "authenticating" or ill get on the will disconnect and put me in offline or i be connected but i cant Queue for anything and my friends/clan/group info doesn't all show up is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? thanks all other servers work fine for me aside from occasional lag which is expected.lIlIllIIlIIl1 Sep 16, 2014
Aug 31, 2014 New to SC Hey guys i play in the SEA region and im new to the game. I heard that the ladder for WOL and HOTS are different and as a result im having trouble finding matches. I was wondering if anyone would add me to their friends list and play with me. I know i am 4 years too late but i dont have enough money to buy HOTS for a few months now. Thanks to anyone in advance who would like to play with meDeathace5 Aug 31, 2014
Aug 30, 2014 From SEA - Advanced Terran Guide Hi, I am actually from SEA, but the forums have combined with the US forums. I would like to discuss some Advanced Terran guides in this thread.William10 Aug 30, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Sea My buddies lies over the servers, My buddies lies over in SEA. My buddies lies over the server, Oh, bring back my buddies to me.SunRise2 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 23, 2014 Sea i went to sea, sea, sea, to see what i could see, see, see, but all that i could see, see, see, was an empty forum called sea, sea, sea, on a smurf account i went to sea, sea, sea, to see what i could see, see, see, but all that i could see, see, see, was still the same forum called sea, sea, sea, a friend said this was sea, sea, sea, theres nothing here to see, see, see but hang on heres what i see, see, see is a thread about the dead sea, sea, sea.SunRise5 Aug 23, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 Queensland University of Technology Comp Hi folks, Queensland University of Technology has a course called 'Games Level Design' where they have groups of students working in different game design roles to create a game level that is then published to the Arcade. Check out our three part blog series here and give the maps a try and let us know what you think!Arcagnion1 Aug 22, 2014
Aug 14, 2014 BarCraft Melbourne XXI - Code S Final - 28/6 BarCraft Melbourne is is turning 21! Bring your mates, enjoy a brew or two and support ESPORTS! Who do you think will be the next GSL Champion? Join us at The Fringe to find out! What :: BarCraft Melbourne XXI - WCS Korea Season 2 Code S Final When :: Saturday June 28th 2014 from 15:30 pm AEST Where :: The Fringe 33-35 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD FB Event :: (Sign up so we can prepare appropriately) Stay tuned to our website, follow us @SiliconSports & like us on Facebook ( for all the latest from Silicon Sports.rezyn3 Aug 14, 2014
Aug 6, 2014 Major lag problem in America servers from AU? Started playing again quite recently and have notice the horrible lag problems playing team games. Anyone else have this problem? or know why? or have a solution? Usually play 4v4, 3v3, and 2v2 on the US servers. Usually everything is smooth but lately, starting like 2 weeks ago, every team game I play gets hit with horrible lag spikes and I pretty much ruins it for everyone. Playing from Melbourne, AU - same ISP for the past 2 years, problems only occurring lately. I tried playing in the SEA servers but there's barely anyone in the team games. I'd wait for 20 minutes in between. I wish I just queue for ALL of em at the same time so I can hopefully play.robotojones3 Aug 6, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 ACL Sydney - July 19/20 be there! Hi folks, We have made some changes to the format of the WCS America: Oceania/SEA Qualifiers for next season. We keep the online qualifier like the previous seasons but instead of two seeds, this online event would have one. This is planned for the 14-15th June and for further details check out The second regional seed to WCS America Challenger will be given to the winner of ACL Sydney on July 19-20. This is the largest LAN event in Australia for the year so we want to support this to help local growth. Even if you are not a player and just love to watch local eSports we would love to see you in person at the Sydney event in July. Further details on the LAN event will be released shortly.Arcagnion5 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 creating an AI having a bit of fun experimenting with creating an AI which can follow build orders as well as react to your play. I only just started but here is a vid of me creating a 2 gate build and telling the AI to do it. Despite it being probably the easiest build order ever the AI still manages to get it wrong. however, it's a start... I got it to do a Protoss AI because Protoss is easy race (or so Scarlet says after race swapping mid-tournament recently :P ) Next year the AI will be code s level. j/kturtles3 Jul 4, 2014
Jun 13, 2014 WCS Oceania Qualifiers streaming this Sunday! Season 3 begins! Name: WCS America - Oceania/SEA Qualifiers (Season 3) (Online) One WCS Challenger Seed up for grabs! Stage 2 - Round of 16 Date: June 15 2014 Time: 1.00PM - late AEST More info: or Stream: Jun 13, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 No patch yet? I was playing a few games yesterday--the patch didn't seem to have hit yet? It did take 15 minutes to find games though. I gave up on 4v4 after waiting for 30 :PKilkakon0 Jun 3, 2014
May 27, 2014 Sup Hi i'm a new pro player emerging on the sc2 scene and was wondering: Why this game isn't dead yet? A pre-emptive thanks go out to helpful responses.Haza23 May 27, 2014
May 20, 2014 Geronimo ... Can you feel it? Bombs away :) Made this a week ago, number one song in Australia or at least was when I uploaded it. Nothing special, thought you all might enjoy. :) Posted it in the main forum as well, but as we are mainly Aussies and Kiwis, a little bit more appropriate to repost it here :)Dogmai2 May 20, 2014
May 20, 2014 SEA's Top Map Maker Updates SALT. Our World Class god mode map maker brings us his truly awesome build order and practice map / tool. All information on it is on the attached youtube video and he has also some comments on reddit. Show him your upvotes and the love and I hope to see him around here soon and producing more content to us all.Twoezy3 May 20, 2014
May 4, 2014 SEA Achievement and Server Question Will blizzard ever allow the achievements that we unlocked on SEA server given to another server? We all know that SEA is dead and it really sucks that some of the achievements/portraits/decals I unlocked there count for nothing now that I have to mainly ladder on KR or NA. Is there any official blizzard answer regarding this?KoalaCuddles2 May 4, 2014
Apr 26, 2014 I'm coming back to sc2... help! Hey everyone I'm CwnAnnwn (if you were on the old SEA forums you might remember me). I'm coming back to sc2 after 2 or so years away. I'm trying to decide which server to mainly play on, how is the SEA server going at the moment? Is it dead now? Also what is the current meta like, who is considered the favoured race? What strategies are strong that I should look for? Thanks!NoRe9 Apr 26, 2014
Apr 22, 2014 Anyone else been playing the arcade? Started playing Star Battle with a US clan and I'm only sorry I did not discover it sooner, anyone else been on it?Twoezy5 Apr 22, 2014
Apr 22, 2014 The Older Gamers | SC2 Division Recruiting Hey guys, If you're looking for a team and you're 25yrs or older check out The Older Gamers. To get an idea of what we're about, here is a page I put together to showcase what the team offers; Also the teams website is Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Look forward to hearing from you! Chrisau TOG SC2 Division CaptainChrisau10 Apr 22, 2014
Apr 19, 2014 Some artwork that should have your attention Many of these came out years ago! Feel free to explore deviantart, I've seen lots, and I apparently haven't seen them all!NoVice0 Apr 19, 2014
Apr 17, 2014 mucking about with an AI copy paste from here Where I was looking for a team of people to make an AI capable of harrassing. As someone who cannot face multipronged attacks and breaks down if I have to multitask I've been having fun trying to fight off this AI. I thought maybe others could benefit as well. Also since theres only a few of us here I don't feel like I'm spamming by posting about my random hobby projects. "OK, I started working on this project and before I knew it it grew into an all round tactical AI project. Note that it is not a fully fledged AI. It does not macro or produce units, it just takes units you give it, follows commands like "attack", "harass" and "defend" and tries to follow through with them. The army is broken up into several divisions. There is army - moves in a ball and attacks main enemy base/army home land security - defend against any threats to our bases special forces - harrassment. guerilla attacks of mobile and specialized forces scouts - individual units sent to explore parts of the map we have no vission of and other points of interest reenforcements - newly created units sent to bolster the numbers of other divisions So far I have written the back bone which could be used by all divissions and I have written the AI for special forces (harassment). So that's probably about 25% done. I would still like help and am looking for a team. If you are interested send me a pm. A divission like reenforcements or scouts should be relatively easy to write an AI for and help you get your head around it. I created a map called "ASALT heavy rain" in the custom map section (not arcade) for testing but after a few games on it I realized it's challenging and a hell of a lot of fun on its own. So have a go and tell me what you think. To use it just go on the map "ASALT heavy rain". The computer will not attack until you tell it to. You get a bunch of minerals and buildings to skip the early game so just set yourself up for the early/mid game with about 2-4 bases. Don't just surround yourself with bunkers/cannons/spines. Just get yourself into a standard position of play. When you are ready type "ai x" into chat, where x is the number of squadrens you let the ai have. so if you type "ai 4" then the AI will harass you with 4 squads of units (each squad containing about 4-8 individual units). As you kill off squads they will be replaced. You can type "ai x" into chat later with a different number if you wish to make it harder/easier. The AI will be given random units from all three races and will attempt to harass you with them. It follows relatively simple rules but manages to converge into a very good harrassing force. One that knows about and can utilize abilities such as stim, blink, cloaking, medivac drops, etc. For the moment I'm just looking at a tactical AI. One where I can plug a build order into and get it to follow a build order that I give it. But I intend to write the project in a way that it could be extended into a complete AI which scouts, macros, decides where/when to attack, etc. Either by me or someone else who wants to take up the project later. I'd love to hear any feedback on what you think. If you'd like to chip in and help send me a pm. the map is published as open and the code can be viewed/edited/shared so feel free to take a look around. I just ask that you keep it that way and keep it open source and give credit for authorship where due. Thanks. EDIT: If people have fun playing against the harrassment AI I could make it into an extension mod if there is enough interest."turtles1 Apr 17, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 TOG StarCraft Tuesdays TOG StarCraft Tuesdays Region For players in Australia, New Zealand and anybody close to this timezone range. What is TOG Starcraft Tuesday A lot of us in TOG have agreed that getting together on a specific night each week to play some StarCraft matches would be a lot of fun. We decide on the type/mode/mod we want to play (arcade games included), number of players, maps etc prior to each game on the night. Everyone is welcome to join in, including non-TOG players. We have a public (invite only) Teamspeak server which all can use on the night. Note this is a 25 years and older event. My apologies to those who are under 25 who wanted to participate! When The event is held every week at the following day and time and usually runs until late for those who can't play until later. Every Tuesday Perth: 6:00PM Darwin / Adelaide: 7:30PM Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne / Canberra: 8:00PM Where to Meet Please add me in StarCraft 2 on the NA server and I'll give you the Teamspeak server details. Chrisau.452 Should be alot of fun, see yas on Tuesdays!Chrisau0 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Any Sydney barcraft guys? I feel like to meet fresh people in this year, I expect any oz citizens or good friends in my major request, please let me know when is coming on a event date, thanks! JimmyJimmy2 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 Starcraft Miniatures!!!! Does anyone know how I could get starcraft figurines? I really wish Blizzard would make some! I have a great idea for a miniature starcraft based tabletop game for me and my friends but I want real miniatures of all the units! Any ideas of how I could get some or someone who can make them for me that is affordable? I've found private sculptors but they charge upwards of $250 per figurine and I can't afford that, especially since I need 100 or more of them for my game! If anyone can help or also feels that starcraft miniatures, for a game or just collecting, would be a cool idea; please leave a response....Mnemnock2 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 5, 2014 BarCraft Melbourne - GSL Code S Final The first GSL Code S Final is only a few days away and we will be bringing you all the action live from The Fringe at BarCraft Melbourne XX! The best StarCraft 2 league in the world will crown another champion! Our first GSL Code S Finalists of 2014 has been determined with the Protoss from KT Rolster, Zest, versing soO, the Zerg from SK Telecom. Who do you think will be the next GSL Champion? Join us at The Fringe to find out! We have some cool prizes to give away on the day thanks to Blizzard ANZ. And The Fringe will have pizza oven fired up for delicious wood fired pizzas and drink specials as well to sate your palate and your thirst! Join us on Saturday afternoon for a beer or two and enjoy eSports with the Melbourne StarCraft community! GSL Code S Final :: Zest v SOo When :: Saturday April 5th, 3:30pm AEDT Where :: The Fringe, 33-35 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD Detail :: Help us spread the good word about eSports and StarCraft by posting this flyer at your University, school, workplace, coffee shop, or even just handing them out to random people! PDF Download: Stay tuned to our website, follow us @SiliconSports & like us on for all the latest from Silicon Sports and BarCraft updates. Hope to see you on Saturday!rezyn4 Apr 5, 2014
Apr 4, 2014 Who's going to Barcraft next week? As the title say's, I'm should be going to the melbs oneTwoezy3 Apr 4, 2014
Apr 1, 2014 Philippine ISP problem?.. hello im from the philippines and i have so much lag whenever im playing the game in all regions. My ISP is PLDT in philippines is there a solution for this?.. thanksKaiserNet2 Apr 1, 2014