War Pigs: Origins

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"Hell, ain't any of us lost much money yet. Where's the harm?" I grin slightly, shouldering my FN92 and finishing up cleaning my pistols.
I look over at the 'Political Officer' and sigh shaking my head. "Great ... more politics! You'll keep your !@# on this ship if you know whats good for it." I say my voice sarcastic to the extreme at first then deadly serious with the second sentence. I never liked Political types or officers that sat behind a Desk while their men and women were out dying every damn day.
"Well the wager would be in your favor if I bet with you. Your a trained marksman and I am not."
I say in a matter the fact manner before looking at the PO.
"Oh they sent a paper pushing deck mounting lackey to keep tabs on us. Cute... I'll tell ya now PO stay outta my way."
"Right show respect to another drone of the Confederacy. I put that on my to do list. And I prefer freedom fighter not anarchist." I say staring right at the Political Officer. "Maybe if you people would look out more for the comma man instead of abusing your power I doubt I even would be here. I'd probably still be back home mining, or maybe actually went and did something more. Guess I'll never know as long as bloody bigots like you are in positions of power."
"I may be a trained marksmen, but we're going into a ship, more pistol usage than rifle for me." I then turn and address the PO. "I dealt with your kind in the Guild Wars. You know what happens to PO's who think they can join us on the battle field? They die. Usually from a shot to the head, and all because they don't belong out there. So, do yourself a favor and stay here and you might actually get to report back to your boss." With that, I return to putting my pistols together.
I just said he was putting his pistols back together, Nuke...
"I wouldn't shoot ya PO." I say with a hearty chuckle.
"Simply pointing out what generally happened during the wars. Not much else." Sliding the slide into place, I start on my other pistol. Course, accidents happen...
Captain Brock Tailor stood up after *BLANK* finished the last line.

"Okay, we dock in five. Rob, get to the cockpit with Natalie and ensure everything goes well. The rest of you, gear up and get to the loading ramp." He turned and drilled the Political Officer as everyone had began shuffling.

"And you-" He said, jabbing a finger this time, "You're coming with me." He turned the finger into a thumb and tapped his chest.
I nod and head towards the armory so I could suit up.
Standing up, I head to the armory to get some spare clips and my kukri. That knife had seen combat against more than it's share of Kel-Morians. Thought it might appreciate a chance to kill a Xeno.
"We're going to make a few things clear." The Captain said, making his way to the loading ramp. As soon as they were out of sight he turned and drilled the man deep in the eyes into a stare not easily broken.

"You stay behind me, you do as I say and everything else is restricted, got it? You let me do the talking and never speak unless spoken to."
In the armory, Cedric looks at his suit with distaste. "Oh, how I hate these things. Dreadfully uncomfortable, not to mention ugly. Whoever invented this so called 'armor' ought to be hung."

He considers a moment. "Come to think of it, he was, I believe. Though not for this."
Brock only answered with silence. The man was smarter than he looked.

"So are you coming or not?" He finally said to break the silence.

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