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I start to fidget a little bit more as I was ready to be done with this briefing and ready to be done with the holding cells.
Vince glanced at the fidgeting James.

"That's... What I wanted to tell you guys..." He paused as silence built up in the room.

"I'm not sure how soon I can get you deployed again. With Brock's injuries, the Silico's repairs and arrangements to be made to get the War Pigs a medic... I'm just not sure. Besides, I'd rather not settle for a pathetic posting. You guys saw the Xeno's first hand. You know what they're capable of. We need experienced men and women like you out there when they strike."
I raise an eyebrow at Makins, pulling a cig out of my pocket. "WHEN they strike? Are you telling me there's colonies or some sh!t of these things out there?" I shake my head in disbelief and light up, taking a drag to calm myself. While I'm at it, maybe I should request something with extra armor too...
At this, Alison sighs;
"Alright Vince, what aren't you telling us? 'Cause if you're going to throw us into a !@#$storm, I'd at least like to know a little bit about what's going on."
Vince drilled both Hank and Alison and switched off between the two as he shifted his attention back and forth. His voice involuntarily raised itself.

"I'm acting on guy feeling, okay? It's what I do best. You did your job now let me do mine." He took a breath, "We both know the Xeno's could change our lives and I won't lie, I know some classified information." He paused and let his eyes fall into nothing, his mind following close behind.

"It's absolutely terrifying." He finished with a loose mouth.

"And I just want to be sure I have a hand in it, that's all."
"You're either dumb, crazy or both, Makins. If you get me killed when sh!t hits the fan, I'll kill you." His look hadn't done much and my own was just as withering. I wasn't about to die fighting an enemy I knew nothing about, especially with so much time left to do things in life. "Anyways, what's our down time going to be aimed at? The usual stuff?"
"Don't worry, you guys are my greatest asset. I won't let you slip." He assured Hank before the second question was fired.

"That was the other thing I wanted to tell you..." Vince rubbed the back of his neck. Now he was about to sound like a real jerk.

"I can't exactly authorize you guys to relax on the beach. You'll have to go to New Folsom until I can get you out."
"You've gotta be f*cking kidding me. BACK in our prison cells? Hell, at least put us in the garrison planet side! That way we don't loose our edge!" I couldn't believe this. We had been guaranteed we wouldn't end up back in our cells and now here he was saying we were going back? What in the hell is going on?
"That is bull!" I nearly yell pissed off now. "Why the fekk are we going to New Folsom when we were promised to NOT go back to our fekking cells!?" I glare at Vince before muttering under my breath. "Just as bad as the rest of the fekking Confed politicals. Be better off with the SoK."
"Seriously... You just brought my @ss out if there and your putting me back in there..This wasn't part of the agreement that I signed." I say as I straiten up looking strait at Vince. "I'll be damned if I go back to that cell again."
A disquieting look clicks into place behind Alison's eyes like an implacable glacier; her face shifting from neutral to an emotionless void;
"I see."
Is all she says for a few moments before speaking up again;
"Are we getting our own private place, or are we to be thrown in with the rest of the inmates?"
She asks, her voice toneless and unfeeling.
This was exactly the reaction Vince was hoping to avoid by buttering the Pigs up with new equipment.

"You won't be treated any better or any worse. Nobody will even know you were a Pig. Hell, they won't even know what the War Pigs are! You survived in prison before, you can do it again. You'll be in there for a month, tops."

Natalie's reaction was similar to Alison's at first. Her visions of the near future of refitting the Silico and nursing the Captain back to health while building bonds with her fellow comrades was shattered. Visions of cold, fake potatoes and public showers twice a week replaced them.

"You couldn't get a standard prison in Tarsonis? You had to get the worst damn prison in Terran space?"

"Look, if it were up to me, I'd have you on shore-leave for a few months. With what you've been through? You're all damn heroes in my book. But my book isn't the rule book."
Alison remains distantly cold, her eyes like leveled Yamato Cannons, pointed directly at Vince;
"In that case I would like to have the weapons that I handed over to be given back. My needles at the vary least."
She says calmly, her voice flat and icily neutral.
Vince met Alison's eyes with determination.

"I only have so much pull and you're seeing how little it really is..."

"I'll do my best."
Alison stares back for a few moments before nodding, her icy withdrawal easing somewhat;
"Fair enough. Then I expect nothing but the best."
She says, somehow managing to imply a threat with nothing but her calm demeanor and a simple request.
"Right we''ll survive..." I respond very sarcastically.
"I had had spent another three weeks in that cell I would have lost my damned mind. Now your telling me I have to spend another month in that same cell you pulled me out of. Doesn't sound like a bright idea."
"I'm keeping the knife. Fair enough?" I'd been allowed to clean and maintain it the whole time I was in there last time, I figured just keeping it on me would help deter any...problems.
I raise my right, uninjured, hand and give Vince a good old one fingered salute. "Last time I had both my fekking arms. They'll something is different this time. Maybe not what but they will know something is different." I hated when people broke their promises and this was one of the worst times I'd experienced. "Next time, one way or another, I won't be going back if you pull something like this again. You won't be going anywhere either." I say coldly obviously a promise.
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A look of devastation spread across Rob's face as he heard the news.

"Vince there has to be something, anything that you can do. I mean sh!t we are the only unit in the entire Terran confederacy that has experience with these aliens, and they're putting us in a fcking cell!? You're telling me that doesn't give you any bargaining power!?? Bullsh!t your hands are tied!"

This can't be happening.

"I can't go back to that god damn cell Vince..."

Rob hung his head in defeat, leaning back on a crate and trying to gather his thoughts.

"How... I mean how do we even know you'll keep your word and we won't be there forever? We had an agreement and you already turned your back on that!"
"I never promised anybody freedom! I promised that you wouldn't die alone in a cell!" Vince bellowed at everyone. Silence reigned once again.

"Not that you have a say in the matter anyways. We're through."

At that moment, armed guards in CMC armor entered the briefing room and escorted the War Pigs out. They were then held for four months with little to no conversation with each other. They were cut off from the rest of the world in New Folsom, unknowing of the zerg invasion spreading across Confederate Space.

Now, they've been brought escorted individually to the only starport in New Folsom featuring the most advanced and sophisticated software and engineering coupled with the tightest security. The War Pigs only exchange glances before entering a shuttle bound for Tarsonis.


Sorry, both for the time skip and for my inactivity.

Remember, a few months has passed. Be sure to cram in all the development your character has been undergoing in these last few months.

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