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"Oh you are limiting my capabilities here." I say as dryly and sarcastically as I could before looking over at Bianca curiously. "Remember an old lover?" I ask with a laugh at the end of my comment.
@Warhawk: He doesn't have an answer yet, which is why he never answered.
@Zarkun: Sure thing! I've got a lot of OP editing to do, just haven't gotten around to it.

Natalie raised one scrunched eyebrow at her new co-pilot. She knew hoping he was a regular person was too much to ask. He was framed? Suuure.

She decided it would be best to remain silent. At least until she was spoken to.
I shake my head at Reggie. "Back hurts ... got a scar all the way down it right over my spine and every time I think about Camp-39 ..." I shake my head to clear my thoughts before it acts up again. "I try not to think about that mission if I can ... though it was fun ..." I give a soft sigh as I keep walking ready to kick some !@#.
I slug Reggie lightly in the shoulder, chuckling heartily at his joke. "Let 'er be, ya h0rny bastard. That's none of our business, even if it had been the issue." I glance over at Bianca. Camp-39, eh? Well, she was with the Heaven's Devils...
Shouldering her gauss rifle, Alison looks around the group;
"As it seems I'm the only one here that remotely resembles a firebat, I'll be taking point. Any objections?"
After suiting up quietly in solitude, Captain Brock Tailor headed to the loading ramp to wait for the others. He was the first one there.
I chuckle. "Never really was the kind of gal to take a lover or just have a casual fling with someone ..." I say giving them a half smile before doing a quick check of my suits systems.
"Alrighty then."
Rob finally takes his co-pilot seat next to Natalie and takes a look at the monitors.
"Seems like the Silico is riding smooth. Once we land I'm guessing I'm going to be suiting up and then it's off to catching up to the others. I don't like being the rear guard much" Rob shrugs, "but hey, someone has to do it."
Coming around the corner and spotting the Captain, I pick up the pace a little bit. "We're not given firebats for a reason Alison. We don't need 'em." Reaching him, I salute before speaking. "Most of us are here, sir. Not sure if we're waiting on anyone else."

"You can go suit up, Thanks Rob." Natalie says compassionately. "I know Brock sent you here to help me dock, but I got it."

She continues flipping switches and powering down certain systems while activating others.


"Thank you, Hank." Captain Brock Tailor nodded at him, but did not salute back. He wasn't a military man and didn't see himself as running a military operation.
Alison arches an eyebrow following along;
"We've got a potential CQB on our hands here, and you don't want a firebat? Frankly, that just sounds stupid."
"Glad to be of help, miss. See you after the mission."
Rob stands up, and begins a brisk jog towards the ramp.
He quickly tosses on his equipment while moving; a modified lighter marine armor, his trusty magnum, and three remote controlled mines.

When he arrives at the hangar he greets the War Pigs already there.
"Ready, Captain."
"Messiest headshot?" Cedric mutters, more to himself than anyone else. "Hmph. No clear victory conditions. I mean, who judges this sort of contest?" Suddenly, he looks up, wide-eyed. "Supposing these creatures have no heads? What will you do then?"

HE goes back to muttering. "'Feek fixed that up.' I'm certain of that. Now you can fly three feet before being vaporized. What a breakthrough!"
"And that's why we're all issued some kind of fighting capability for CQC. Besides, you risk too much friendly fire in a hallway with that thing."
"Aw c'mon Hank lay off Alison here. The girl just wants to burn things! Is that so wrong?"
Rob chuckles
"Y'know when someone offers to be the bullet sponge for me, I'm not arguing," Rob says jokingly.
Alison shrugs;
"It's what I'm good at. I also requested some blackmarket explosives, but I reckon I didn't get those on account of safety regs."
"That is why they are called 'blackmarket explosives," dear girl. You are not supposed to ask for them, you are supposed to get them without anyone knowing."
"I asked for blackmarket explosives or a milspec demolitions kit. I guess they just didn't want the arsonist to have a flamethrower and high-grade explosives. Wouldn't blame them either."
Alison says with a slight chuckle.
I shake my head at the banter. "If you use the thing, make sure I'm behind you at the very least. Becoming a roast isn't on my to do list."
Alison nods;
"Which is the reason I'd like to take point."

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