The Adopt A Noob Program

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<--- 662 Diamond Glad to help zerg learners

He forgot to mention his credentials, he is 1927 Zerg mentor, 662 be his char code.
I would offer my services but school keeps me from playing that much =.=; so If I happen to be on feel free to ask me some questions, Taym#527 1200 dia~
ok I want a cute one though, none of those three legged ear canal infested fungus ridden mongrels the humane society wants me to adopt.
MajorD 230
bronze noob
available 3pm-10pm eastern time
I'll help out your cause. :D Yami 606
Noob. #602. Bronze league. Need a decent amount of help, but I'm a fast learner. I'm available usually around 4-5pm EST every day, but I'm on at random times too, usually during the night. Just need a friend who would be willing to help me practice my game. Thank you very much. :)
1500 Diamond.

Willing to help all levels, from low ranked bronze to high level plat. I usually play in the evenings and I'm super patient (and at times funny).

Kewd, #160
I'll help people!!

1450 Diamond
This looks interesting enough.

Gold league #709 (Ignore the current league, I got bored 1 day and threw a bunch of matches to play random)
Ochy - 571

1450 diamond, I play zerg almost exclusively.

I'm not sure I would be a great coach, but I'd be more than willing to try and help a few people out. I'm still learning a lot about the game, but I feel pretty comfortable with where I am right now.

I play a really heavy macro gameplay style and I would love to -try- and help somebody. Again, I'm no pro or god at this game, just kind of trying to get more involved in the community, because the one thing that I have is time.
Cyclical code 626 silver 827 ~
iKlaatu 519
Bronze noob new to zerg
246 bronze her usually available in the evenings, anyone willing to help me get better I would appreciate the help. #955
i could use some help and some buddys to play with Seinko code is : 203 i play mainly zerg and am on late at night due to work at about 11 pm mountain
Play all times of the day, could use some help vs. terran Gold 20th #242
This thread is full of win.

Top five platty, willing to help anyone interested. I am pretty good with toss as well if any zergs struggle against them.

Would also like some help (or a practice partner) with ZvZs.

MrFreckle 244
lol this is cool i wish every race had one of these
i'd like to learn to play zerg im a random player so
SniperwD#888 add me it'll be fun
o i forgot to say im bronze somewere in low 20's or high 10's
Nefarious - Bronze League

Always up for some help/practice games...great idea op!

char code: 556
Bronze league (looking to get to at least gold)

Casual player looking to improve. Times played is quite erratic and not as often as I like but work and family come first. Any really good high level players want to help me out I'd be appreciative.
Badboy 665 bronze help plz.

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