The Long Voyage Home.

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---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

"Well, nice work out there." She nodded and turned around to face Kevin.

"As skilled as ever, Ms. Wood." Sasha chuckled. He always said something about her skill and ended in "Ms. Wood" when they came back from a mission. This time it was as endearing as ever.

"Nice to see yours haven't dropped either, SL." She told him. A weak smile crossed his lips. He wasn't Squad Leader anymore, but every other time this had happened she had called him that. It was apparent she wasn't going to stop now.
Stepping out of the point defense gun I'd manned, I climb down the ladder and head for the bridge to report to Ian, stopping to watch two of the wraith pilots converse. I remember when I'd been that close to a member of my squad before the fall. Even almost went to third base. Of course the base commander had told everyone not to get distracted with such things, that there wasn't time and we were both fairly good about following orders, so we fought the urge, right up until the end. I remembered what she'd told me when the order to fall back came. She'd said she'd be right behind me, to secure a way off world and wait. I remember running to the Valkyrie and turning around just in time to see a Hydralisk cleave off her arm and put a spine through her visor. I'd retaliated by firing every round in my rifle right then into it before climbing into the Valkyrie, crying. I'd even named it after her.

Smiling behind my visor at the two, I head out of the hangar towards the bridge, tears brought unbidden to my eyes by memories better left buried.
I smile slightly to myself as I listen to the two and finish my inspection. "OK not terrible damage ... and nothing major was hit."
Chris turned the ship around, pointing towards in the direction where the Gorgon was in the way of their path.

"Jumping over the Gorgon on your command. Make the announcement for launch."
I remain in the point defense turret waiting until we where clear of the area before leaving.
Ian chews on his lip. It'll be close, and "close" and "warp" are two things that rarely mix well. Swallowing his doubts, he speaks into the console, sending a message over the PA.

{All hands brace for jump.}

He signals to Chris with an index finger.

"Hit it."

With a surge of energy, the Battlecruiser leaps into the depths of space.
Grabbing a wall handle just before the jump, I gasp as we make the jump into warp. It had been a long time since I'd made that jump on a ship larger than my Valkyrie and it didn't feel right right then. Recovering from the feeling, I continue on my way to the bridge, nodding to various other members of the skeleton crew as I pass.
I place my feet in a spread stance and place a hand against my wraith just before we warp and only end up being tugged a bit.

I grab a rail before the jump and brace myself. I give a small gasp not having been on a large warp capable craft in several years. "Damn ... gonna take some getting used to again." I mutter to myself before continuing too the armory.

I find myself on my rear as we jump into warp not having heard the warning. "Damn it ... got to wrapped up in checking the gear we have ..." I stand up and rub my buttocks before looking around the hangar and, with a sigh, returning to work.
---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

Neither Kevin nor Sasha noticed Joshua's hesitation to continue his journey down the hall. They walked nearly hand in hand out of the hangar. They had caught up to a man in black CMC armor. That's when Ian's warning came too late.

The Battlecruiser jumped, causing Kevin and Sasha to lose their stomach and drop into a defensive stance. Kevin wasn't taking any chances. He suddenly threw himself over Sasha and wrapped his arms tightly around her. The momentum carried the two towards the corridor's walls. Kevin extended his hands to catch the two, leaving them in close proximity.

The two gazed into each other's eyes for a long moment. Was this the right time? Sasha thought, her arms begging to crawl up his chest. Dispite her efforts, her hands found their way to Kevin's shoulder blades.

OOC: Not only did I find this prime opportunity to write a fun cliche romantic scene, but I wanted to illustrate how my characters react to awkward cliche romance scenes. This will be expounded on in the next post. Until then, I was hoping to give Zarkun the opportunity to look back at the two. Joseph is becoming one of Zarkun's intricate characters and I want to see how he reacts. No pressure(;

---[James Watkins]---

James released staggered air as the realization hit him. They were free from the clutches of the Dominion. It should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Deep breathing pulsed through James' lunges as he pulled up the ship's status on his console. He then stood up to report his findings to the Captain. This used to be standard procedure on vessels like this. Mussel memory was starting to come into play and for that, James was grateful. Maybe he could make up for whatever idiotic moves he had executed earlier.

---[Sarah Wood/Natasha Kale]---

Sarah stepped out of the transport and took several deep breaths. They were actually here. She was really going home. The reality of it all had smacked her in the face as soon as her boots hit the steel floor of the hangar.

Natasha was close behind, ready to ruin the moment as always.

"I love these feking itchy CMC suits." She said, fidgeting as if she needed to scratch a bad itch on her back while making her way to the armory.

Sarah almost chuckled. Almost. The situation was too real to laugh. Sarah made her way to the medbay to hopefully get familiar with the current stock.
I shift in my seat as we hit warp. It had been awhile since I felt the gut wrenching movement of a warp jump.
I leave the point defense turret and head back to the bridge to get check with Ian on what areas where being used for living areas since we had to restrict power usage.
Well, I suppose I can take a peek. XD

IC: Stopping at an intersection as a large load of parts are moved through it, I glance back to spot the pair from earlier still gripping a wall rung from the jump and staring into each others eyes. I felt a pang in my heart and had to look away, the sight bringing up more painful memories. Checking to make sure the intersection was clear as the tail end of the trolley goes by, I quickly resume walking, still on course for the bridge.

Stupid, sappy...would it be that hard for them to find a room? More tears burned my eyes as I held them back, not allowing myself any further luxury, like mourning, until we were safely beyond the reach of Zerg, Protoss and Dominion alike. {Captain, this is Joseph Cronus. I'm heading your way to discuss something I caught sight of on the bridge of that Gorgon.} What I'd seen worried me and that had been a Ghost, meaning the Dominion wasn't taking any chances with us getting away. Of course, I'd been flying so fast, I may have mistaken the person for a Ghost, but in all my years, I'd never missed an important detail like that, or made an identification mistake.
Kelly walks off, heading off to the cafeteria. She wanted somewhere quiet to be until they were all assigned a place to sleep. She took one of her books with her, a large book with no title, colored brown. She avoided people on her way there.

Mike let out a sigh of relief. "That was a bit close." He said aloud, and turns his attention away from the console. He looked around for a table and set to work on the some of the items he had with him.
Since I didn't know what was going on, I refrained from posting but since we have escaped I shall make a post but it shall not be overly impressive at the moment.

IC: Kiki had her bags and other various equipment stashed somewhere within the confines of her quarters. And with each passing moment after they had escaped out of the clutches of the Dominion she decided to just rest her head down on one of the various beds. Kiki knew that she could explore tomorrow because after all it was a tiring day.
Chris took a deep breath, and slowly let it out. The adrenaline was rushing through him from the jump. It's been awhile since he felt the feeling of going through a good warp jump.

He pulled back on the accelerator. There was no need to waste fuel seeing that there wasn't anything that was going to cause friction.

"Warp complete. We're at our warp destination. Turning on auto-pilot."
"Good." Ian stands up. He had forgotten to sit down for the warp jump, but it the situation had rapidly rectified itself. "To be honest, I'm amazed we survived that jump. Let's see," he says, moving to the starmap. "I'll need to speak with all my officers. Dale, get them all up here."

"Aye sir."

{Attention: all officers requested on the bridge immediately. Repeat, all officers requested on the bridge immediately.}
Mike listens to the announcement, and grumbling, gets up, leaving his tools where they are. He mutters to himself and walks over toward the door, heading toward the bridge.
I sigh as I hear the call fro officers to go to the bridge and stop cataloging gear. "Great ... well I guess this can wait for a bit." I say to myself as I head to the bridge.
I arrive on the bridge just as the call was made for the officers to report to the bridge.
"So what is this meeting about?" I ask as I approach the area where Ian was standing.
---[James Watkins]---

As the First Officer, James felt like he needed to know what the meeting was about before the other officers arrived to this little gathering.

"Something wrong, Captain?" He asked, a few minutes before Dan arrived.
"We need to make sure everyone is ready for the journey ahead. I'll need to consult with everyone to be sure we're all on the same page."


This will probably move slowly next few days.

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