The Long Voyage Home.

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"Never mind what I had here earlier, I rectified the problem with a bunch of going back pages"

Character’s Name: Nolan Gary Bellum (False, characters can be referred to that guy in the corner, or the drunkard that was murdered last night when he went home to his wife)

Characteristics: A tall white man with jet black hair that is kept at a neat and short length. His eyes are cheery and always seem as if they are curious about something, their colour being hazelnut brown. He is a happy, determined, and hard working of a man. He is at the age of thirty-seven.

Role: Science Officer

Attributes: Expert (I feel as if Dumb Luck wouldn't allow for a Science Officer to get to where (s)he is.)

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Nolan Gary Beller was born to an academically inclined family in northern Ontario Canada. Always being pushed into academics, and being scolded when he got anything less than an 85%, the young Mr. Beller never entered extracurricular sports, although he did exercise regularly to keep healthy. The boy would grow up to have PhD. in Biology and Masters in engineering as his notable, and job-assisting degrees. each able to be applied to each other when he joined the UED in the Brood War. Dr. Beller would be a lead researcher in the biology of the Zerg, and to a lesser in Protoss. He would have preferred the latter to study more, but it was damn near impossible to prevent a Protoss from warping out without blowing them to bits. He put a bit of study into the mechanics of the Protoss machines, and even analyzed what he could of the Koprulu Terran society.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Nolan entered a day job of teaching, providing enough money to sustain himself and a newly found wife, one who he is to return to Earth with. At nights however, he works on his own little projects, but due to lack of funds, they often times will blow up in his face, or go limp, and then shoot urine and blood at his eyes. He always pained to go back home, to a place where he recognizes, to see his sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews.To get back to a job he enjoyed, and allowed him to be recognized as more than just some teacher. He had met a few times with some others he had worked around from time to time. He had eventually convinced his wife to come to Earth, where there is a lack of war against alien civilizations, and peculiarly well funded rebels. He lives on Umoja currently.

Character’s Name: Kelly Diana Beller

Characteristics: A taller brown haired woman with hair falling down to the small of her back, usually kept into a ponytail. She has green eyes which seem to be filled with concern and love. She is thirty-four years old.

Role: Medical Officer
Attributes: None

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Kelly was not born on Earth, but on the mining world of Mar Sara. She grew up there, her father having gotten sick and injured while working in the mines, and she felt helpless to save him as he passed away, Due to this she pursued a career as a doctor, She had left Mar Sara for her post-secondary education at the age of nineteen, coming back when she could afford it to visit her mother. But by the time she had finished her schooling at twenty-six, Kelly's mother had also passed away, leaving nothing for her on Mar Sara, except memories of pain. She had been working at a hospital on Umoja upon the time of the Great War and Brood War, luckily not drafted as a medic to help defend Umoja just in case. Her maiden name was Mellow.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Ms. Mellow worked as an unmarried female doctor until 2503, getting flirted with many times over, each time denying. Upon meeting her husband after a particularly nasty accident of one of his experiments biting his finger. The two of them began to form a relationship until a marriage in 2503, now Mrs. Beller. Kelly would continue to work in the hospital, and whenever her husband had a mishap, try and see if she could deal with his wounds at home. Taking lots of convincing due to her home being in Koprulu, Kelly Diana Beller eventually agreed to come with her husband back to Earth.

Character’s Name: Ivan Henry Volkov

Characteristics: A rather large looking man, although average in height, Ivan is rather bulky. He has a long scraggy beard and medium length hair, also sharing the ungroomed look. His eyes are blue and cruel looking. He is forty-two.

Role: Marine
Attributes Psychic

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Ivan was born in Russia, raised as an athlete, Ivan was rather brutal and unforgiving, as well as an awfully good marksman when he first started going to shooting ranges with his father at age ten. Impossible for it to be beginners luck, his father soon found it to be through Psychic aiding that Ivan was so capable of shooting like that. His reassurance was from a soon development of telepathic abilities, and eventually even telekinesis for smaller objects. Ivan went into the armed forces for the UPL as a marksman, and special forces soldiers, as the witch hunt had ended long ago. This was during 2497.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Volkov spent the time he has had after the UED failure as a mercenary, selling himself out to people who need an extra hand, making his primary home and place of business being Dead Man's Port. But no matter the money he made, Ivan Volkov always would have a glass of vodka at the end of the day, think about Earth and all that has been left behind there, and then gulp down the bottle before stumbling into a wall and passing out.

Character’s Name: Dilan Kalen Bonsel

Characteristics: A large, clumsy man without much height to him, he holds no hair (not even eyebrows) on his face and a buzz cut of blonde hair atop his head He has dark brown eyes and white skin. He is thirty-nine years old.

Role: Engineer
Attributes Dumb Luck
Backstory (pre-interbellum) Mr. Bonsel originates from Montana, having spent his days fixing up old vehicles with his father as well as a newer ATV he accidentally crashed every three weeks, every time he got something done right, it was by blind luck. Dilan joined up the UED as a Engineer, although with only a bachelors, he was still trusted enough to work with them from how well he was able to fix an old tank.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Dilan worked as a machinist is backwater shops, occasionally blowing up a Vulture, forcing him to pay for the damage done, and the vulture, and sometimes getting the job done so well that whatever brought in was working at a greater efficiency than before. However, he still missed the ability to ride around an ATV and quad close to his home without fear of being attacked by a bunch of aliens.

"If you don't plan on having everyone die, I would like to have at least one character survive, preferably not Dilan, I am not too proud of him."
KO, I forgot to name my Chief Engineer. He has a name now, you may wish to add that.
I'd join, cause I can make throw off characters. My issue is I get attached :/ Makes killing them off difficult.
here is the first of my chars ... I'll get the rest up in a bit ... and I do plan at least three chars

Character’s Name: Jacob Issac Moore
Characteristics: Stands about 6'3" and stocky. He is well muscled but not overly so. He is only 23 years old and very interested in making it back to Earth.
Role: Weapons Master
Attributes: Expert
Backstory (pre-interbellum): Before he joined the UED he was a decent student with a lovely girlfirend. They had agreed to wait for each other while he went off to the Koprulu Sector. He quickly became known for his attention to detail when it came to the armory. He watches and double and triple checks everything that comes in or out of his armory.
Backstory(post-interbellum): After the Fall he got a job for Cirion Munitions Corporation as a stock manager. He lived a very low end life working as much as he could. Every credit he earned that didn't go into the very basic necessities of life he invested back into CMC, other companies and other forms of investment like real estate. He amassed a small fortune over the four years between the end of the Brood Wars and present day. A few weeks ago he liquidated all of his investments and bought as many supplies for the voyage as he could.
hris Wamer
Charateristics: Average height with brown hair. Has a large goatee and green eyes, wearing a hat over his bald head.
Role: Navigator
Attribute: Expert
Backstory: During his time on Earth, Wamer grew up around the giant ships of the UED ships, fascinated by the metal behemoths that he the troops got on daily. Inspired to be a pilot, Wamer practiced with street vehicles, practicing stunts until he became of age to become a pilot. Initially a well behaved student, he quickly gained fame with his skill with airships, being able to do any maneuver known. Soon, he signed up for the UED fleet in order to drive the vehicle of his dreams: the grand ships of that sailed through the stars, the Battlecruiser.

Infamously known during his UED days for his reckless driving, he was also was one of the best pilots around. Inventing several dropship maneuvers and instructing for a time, Wamer moved on to commanding his own cruiser. Often controlling the ship himself, he was known for the way he could turn the ship to his whim, turning it several directions in way that most weren't used to. While achieving multiple things during the UED arrival to the Koprulu sector, his ship finally fell to Confederate forces after being surronded. After his beloved ship fell to the hands of Dominion forces, Wamer went to be a stunt driver, widely known for achieving stunts that most would crash attempting. However, this was limited to only civilition vehicles, leaving him bored after achieving few stunts. Soon, Wamer quickly leaned to piracy in secret, helping those who needed a skilled pilot for the day.

Fixed it.
SF: Very good, I am most pleased with your chars, particularly the first two. All four are accepted.

Jester: Thanks for the notice.

TLM: Very good. He will do nicely.

Naits: Excellent! He definitely fits the bill now.

All I need now is a head of security, I think, along with whatever miscellaneous chars TLM, Thane, and whoever else come up with.

Hm. It occurs to me that there is NO WAY I'm going to be able to fit all these apps into a single post. Perhaps I should create a discussion thread?
Knarled, you might well need that.
Or we could create an Archive for our characters and thus list them under such RPs and then we can have someone look them over.
Just throwing out suggestions.
You probably will must likely will have to, especially since there's the fact that having multiple characters will be require MULTIPLE posts if we have more people joining in the future.
Character’s Name: Dan flint
Characteristics: Stands 6'0". Short neat brown hair and green eyes. 25 years old. Several scars across his face and body as he was presumed dead on Char when the UED took control of the young Overmind. Tends to be paranoid about people following him or possibly being a threat to himself, partly due to the training he had and the experience he has as a Ghost.
Role: Head of Security?
Backstory :Dan Flint is originally from the Mid-western parts of what would be the United States of America. His role during the Great War/Brood war was infiltration and information gathering of enemies as well as taking out priority targets.
Backstory: After being presumed dead by the UED and managing to survive Char long enough to stow away on a vessel belonging to a daring pirate group and slipping off the grid. He has been staying away from heavy populations for fear of someone noticing he is a psionic as well as avoiding areas where someone might be able to pinpoint him directly as a psionic. For work he works as security for a small private mining operation as he does admit that he has prior training in the military. He has also been trying to keep track of his brother, John Flint, where abouts to attempt to reunite with his brother.
"Y'know, out of my characters, I feel like Ivan has the best chance of survival."
Sasha is final. I await your approval, KO.

I expect to have four characters total. Possibly five.

Character’s Name: Sasha Wood
Characteristics: Saha has brown hair that comes down to her mid-shoulder blade area. It surrounds a beautifully crafted face and brown eyes. Sasha is stubborn, sweet, immature at times, reserved but social if necessary, some consider her funny. Mildly sarcastic in a private setting. Most of Sasha's time is spent in her head. She's always thinking about the people around her, the situation she's in, her thoughts on life, etc. Sasha enjoys music, company that knows when to shut up, and flying more than anything. She dislikes reading and heated arguments. Her love languages are physical touch and gifts. Sasha is twenty-five.
Role: Pilot
Attributes: Expert
Backstory (pre-interbellum): Sasha lived in the suburbs with her mother and younger sister while her father was a fighter pilot for the UED. (Her mother worked as a nurse.) Sasha and her sister grew up with a passion for flying and her father loved how his daughters wanted to follow in his footsteps. They would often spend day and night talking about how fighter crafts worked, how to fly them, different models of Wraiths, ancient Jet fighters, and even how to repair and maintain a craft.

When Sasha was only sixteen, her father was killed in an accident during a training session. This devastated the family, obviously. Sasha and her sister's dreams of becoming a pilot were shattered. Her mother simply couldn't allow them to have the same fate. The sisters would often secretly talk about flying or have dreams about being a pilot, but neither ever dared to speak of them in front of their mother. Sasha's dream of flying was never extinguished, however.

Sasha then entered a serious relationship with a boy from school. Mother didn't approve of this boy, but Sasha didn't care. The relationship lasted until Sasha was eighteen. The boy had grown to hate Sasha's mother back and eventually broke up with Sasha for it. Destroyed and betrayed, Sasha decided to take eye for an eye. She enlisted with the UED Air and Space force following in her father's footsteps strictly against her mother's will.

After a few years of training and small basic missions, she joined the expeditionary force headed for the Korprulu sector. Sasha had put her past behind her and had minor relations with her sister. Although they kept in touch a little, she had no idea they both signed up for the same crusade!

During the expeditionary force's imminent defeat, Sasha changed greatly. Some would say she witnessed one too many near-death experiences and lived even more. She reflected greatly on herself and her family. She would often times cry alone every night, re-mourning her father. She also felt bitter towards how she treated her mother. She has since lied to herself about her true reasons for joining the military. Guilt has played a role in her imaginary relationship with her mother. If she ever returned to earth, she thought, she would make amends.

Personal communication between fleets was difficult, but managable. Sasha reconnected with her sister, who was working as a field medic, before the UED fleet crumbled.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Sasha was in the cockpit when she escaped the swarm. She went AWOL and stole a shuttle, taking her and a squadron of marines with her. Rumor was around the ship that zerg had been in pursuit even after giving the UED a head start. As soon as it was confirmed, she deserted to a small colony where she stayed until joining up with Hel's Angels, a mercenary group of Vikings a few years later.

Sasha lived bitterly and scarred, knowing her sister was dead and her mother now thought she, too, was dead. Sasha knew she could never come back to her mother. After what she did and all this time, it would be insulting.

Through the next few years, she began developing a relationship with Kevin, a fellow Hel's Angel's pilot. When Sasha heard of the opportunity to go back, she was again distraught. She new she would never forgive herself if she didn't go back. Kevin held Sasha tight and decided to go with her on the journey. It would be, after all, a long one.
That is one of the most detailed backstories I have ever seen.


I haven't been posting nearly so much as I should on this. Why? Because a terrible, tragic incident involving an old Imperial Military School science project, an electromagnetic pulse, and a can of Dr. Pepper has claimed the life of my computer. Thus, I am unable to post except on the occasions when some kind soul lends me theirs (as I refuse to post from a phone).

This will probably continue until I am able to purchase a replacement, as I have confirmed the original to be not just 'mostly dead,' but 'all dead,' and with all dead there's usually only one thing you can do.

So continue with the apps, by all means. I'm also going to set up a discussion thread to put the character sheets in. However, I'm not going to start the RP for a little while, as I currently do not have enough time to devote to it. I will start once I purchase a new computer or get a really really old one back in working condition.

I propose the following: develop your character interactions in the discussion thread. Determine who knows who, who hates who, etc. That will make this RP all the more detailed when it's ready to launch, and I want to create a very detailed RP.

That is all.
10/04/2013 06:59 AMPosted by KnarledOne
That is one of the most detailed backstories I have ever seen.

It's sad that you're right. I have a small paragraph for each stage of the character's life - which is like eating rice cakes your whole life. I don't understand how you can create a truly intricute character without at least, what I have. She's just starting to come to life, though.

Thanks for the update, KO, and I'm sorry about the misfortune. Dang. I was really excited for this.

Please ensure you continue to put max effort into the "discussion thread".
It's rather simple, Mark. We don't feel the need to tell a character's life story in a boring way. I like to reveal the finer details of my characters in the RP usually.
Zarkun, do you realize what this is?

You're being a nitpicker... picking at another nitpicker's nits!!!
"My reasoning for the sparseness is because one, a bit of mystery makes you want to know more, and two, I like to develop it as the story goes on for them, especially personality-wise, I add a basic starting thing that eventually begins to show itself to be more and more refined as the story goes on. If I had planned on making a single amazing character that had no chance of dying, I might have made an intricate backstory, but still it would be rather short and leave details out that I would fill in over time. Anyways, if we are supposed to be developing relationships in a RP-like way here, then very well."

The two Bellers come to the meeting, place, Norman having placed his arm over Kelly's shoulder as they arrive. Giving her a kiss before removing his arm and leading her over to the others that had already arrived.

Ivan watches the scientist's wife and scoffs. "Why must he bring his foreign wife? She knows nothing of the glory of Earth!" His Russian accent shining through as he leans against the wall with his arms crossed.
10/04/2013 08:37 AMPosted by Zarkun
We don't feel the need to tell a character's life story in a boring way.
I actually don't see how it's boring. You just don't want to put any work in a character who you might only make to be killed off and thus you don't give a !@#$ what their backstory is like. It's quite simple really.

Though I might add, at times SF is right with what he is saying. You just need to be able to figure out which solution is the best solution. And no one seems to know this, but you can make a detailed as hell and a pretty long backstory and not cover every thing at all. In fact you could end up skipping information that everyone may want to know about.
All of your opinions have truth to them.

I do find CR's statement that nobody wants to put in detail because the characters are likely to die accurate, but personally I think the mortal a char is the more initial backstory he deserves. If he has plot armor, sure, let his story come out slowly. He has time. If he's likely to die, though, I find it wise to develop him as heavily as possible at the beginning so that his death, if it occurs, has actual meaning not only to the other characters, but to the RPers.

And SF: I'm going straight from here to make the discussion thread. You can work on developing relations between chars in RP form if you want there, but only if they agree. If they do, it doesn't have to take place at the time of this RP. You could do a short bit about them fighting together in the Brood War, growing up together on Earth, etc.
I do sparse back stories whether they die or not because if I set too solid a foundation for them, I feel it leaves no room for a change as the RP progresses, that everyone will expect them to be the same. Another reason is I feel it's easier for me to let them die if I don't develop them as much. Course, TKOP taught me otherwise on that...

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