The Long Voyage Home.

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The problem with developing backstory as you go is the fact that we don't want an incomplete or half-thought out character. Write your character, then send him into the RP to live, experience, and change. Of course you can add things, but really, if you're playing your cards right and you're a talented writer, you shouldn't need to change things.

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Course, TKOP taught me otherwise on that...

TKOP? The King of Pirates?
The idea behind changing a character is to show realism. And just because you don't see the backstory, doesn't mean there isn't one. Hell, in a novel, you don't know a character's backstory. It's revealed as you read. Anyways, wrong abbriveation. I was thinking TC's RP with the Spectres.
Of course it's important to show realism. Your character should change and develop, but honestly, I don't even know where other people's characters are. How am I suppose to even recognize a change -- let alone appreciate it -- if I don't even know what the character has been through, experienced, or is even like! They're just this name and a small paragraph that could fill a whole novel in and of itself.

And yes, you don't know a character's backstory, but it's revealed over time and through the character's personality and thoughts. Besides, you're comparing a novel with two sentence posts done to keep our characters present in the RP.

I honestly think it's impossible to have a real, true, amazing character with a paragraph for a back story (If that) and a personality that changes from post to post.
There is such a thing as too much change, and

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changes from post to post

would be it right there.
I would like to tell you two that Knarled made a discussion thread. So if you want you can thank me later for this word of advise so we don't clog up this thread with your debate.
There is such a thing as too much change, and

changes from post to post

would be it right there.

Agreed. I was referencing the state of RPing when the RPer doesn't fully understand the character, so one minute he's making smug remarks and the next he's- You know what? Nevermind. If you really want to ignore a whole post and pull one phrase out of context to criticize me, fine.

@CR: Lol, thanks :P
Character's Name: Sarah Wood
Characteristics: Sarah has blonde hair that cuts off halfway down her neck and ocean-blue eyes. She has a signature freckle under her right eye. Sarah is kind, sensitive, caring, determined, loyal, funny and smart. She is socially awkward when emotionally excited or spurred. She can't stand being flirted with because she always reacts strangely and unpredictably. Sarah is more introverted and prefers to be alone with a book, but also enjoys company in small doses. She likes Poetry and literature, but often regards music as 'noise'. She is also adventurous. Dancing and singing are out of her comfort zone, but she secretly has a passion for it. Her love languages are Acts of Service and Gifts. Sarah is twenty-three

Role: Medical Officer (Unofficial Pilot)
Attributes: None

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Sarah lived in the suburbs with her mother and older sister while her father was a fighter pilot for the UED. (Her mother worked as a nurse.) Sarah and her sister grew up with a passion for flying and her father loved how his daughters wanted to follow in his footsteps. They would often spend day and night talking about how fighter crafts worked, how to fly them, different models of Wraiths, ancient Jet fighters, and even how to repair and maintain a craft.

When Sarah was only fourteen, her father was killed in an accident during a training session. This devastated the family, obviously. Sarah and her sister's dreams of becoming a pilot were shattered. Her mother simply couldn't allow them to have the same fate. The sisters would often secretly talk about flying or have dreams about being a pilot, but neither ever dared to speak of them in front of their mother. Sarah's dream of flying was never extinguished, however.

Sarah's sister, Sasha, graduated school and enlisted in the UED space program to become a pilot simply out of spite. Sasha was angry at her mother for not liking her boyfriend, who broke up with her because of it. Feeling bad for her mother, Sarah decided she wanted to be a nurse and follow in her mother's footsteps. Sasha followed Dad. Sarah followed Mom. Even though Sarah secretly wanted to learn to fly, she refused to cross the boundary line her sister had crossed.

Graduating medical school to become a nurse, Sarah decided she, too, wanted to work in space. Sarah's relationship with her mother was still going strong, but Sarah felt empty... Alone. She signed up for the expedition to the Korprulu sector as a nurse thinking it as a sense of adventure. She thought she'd come back a true woman. Little did she know her sister was in the same boat!

During the expeditionary force's imminent defeat, Sarah became a little homesick. She missed her sister and her mother -- the only good things in her life. Luckily, she had made a good friend during this time to be with. Natasha Kale was instrumental in Sarah's life. Even though she wasn't a pleasant shoulder to cry on, she kept Sarah sane. Natasha, called "Tasha" by Sarah, also had family back home. The only difference was the Tasha's family was hoping she died. The bonds between the two grew as crisis hit the fleet.

As things began going south for the UED, Sarah was implemented as a field medic. She was assigned the same unit as Tasha (Who was a Marine) and Sarah saw some mentally scarring things while she was on the field. While most people change without knowing it, Sarah changed on the inside, but her facade remained the same. She has kept all her fears, scars and emotions bottled up inside her, with no-one to turn to.

Backstory(post-interbellum): When the fleet was destroyed, Sarah (and Natasha's) unit was abandoned. It turned out to be a blessing, when they heard about the fleet's destruction later, but nonetheless, it was emotionally scarring. Being left behind in unknown lands taught Sarah a thing or two about being tough, though she continues to bottle it up inside -- refusing to admit her circumstances have changed her.

Sarah's unit survived on it's own as a small mercenary group working for a local town to keep the peace. Sarah put her CMC suit to the side and resumed being a nurse/medic/doctor, as she was the best the small colony had. Her experience in the field grew immensely during this time.

When Natasha and Sarah heard about the opportunity to go back, Natasha's attitude disheartened Sarah. Although Sarah was ecstatic, Tasha was just loathing the thought of going back to her family, who think's she's dead. Sarah dragged Tasha along and here they are.
Character's Name: Natasha "Tasha" Kale
Characteristics: Natasha has black hair reaching to the bottom of her neck and brown eyes. She likes to keep her hair in a ponytail while trying to keep focus. Natasha retains a sweet, smooth face. Tasha is blunt and can come across as rude. She's extremely sarcastically optimistic, complicated, and secretly just wants to be loved for who she is. She wants to be recognized as a sensitive girl, but continues to act like a tough roughian. Tasha is definitely introverted. But at the same time, she can't stand being lonely. She has found that being alone and occupied is the best way to pass the time. Cleaning her gun or equipment is usually what she resorts to. Tasha dislikes reading, music, and social gatherings. Her love languages are Touch and Words of Affirmation, not that anyone has ever cared to find out for themselves.

Role: Marine
Attribute: None.

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Natasha grew up in the city as an only child. Her father worked as a doctor and her mother worked as a secretary in a corporate building. As Natasha grew older, she was often bullied or pushed around. She was never really taught how to stand up for herself. As a result, she took a lot of slander from other kids all through school. She was "That weird kid"

When Natasha began growing older, she began sinking into depression. She felt like there was nothing good in this life to live for. She had little friends and her parents were always busy. To add insult to injury, her father was extremely disappointed that she wasn't excelling in school. Her dad really wanted her to be a doctor, but she couldn't do that if with her grades being as low as they were.

Natasha barely graduated high-school and refused to go to collage like her father kept pushing. To escape depression, her father, and really, her life, she joined the military to become a marine. No matter where she was stationed, she knew her parents would follow and try to communicate. To escape them, she made sure to enlist in a space program. The Korprulu sector expedition was perfect.

While in the marine corps, she often would get in fights with fellow marines. At this point in her life, she felt she was capable to punish anyone who made fun of her. Instead, she ended up in the infirmary for most of the expedition.

The heat of battle taught her to get over several old grudges. Watching people she used to loath get killed played a role in Tasha's attitude and aggressiveness.

One day, she was feeling down. Her depression was running strong and she was especially angry with a man in her unit who continued to call her a clown. This was sarcasm, obviously, as she carries the exact opposite traits as a clown. She snapped and the two ended up in a fight. Although Tasha fared well, she couldn't compete with the burly man. She ended up in the infirmary, once again, where she met Sarah, who was taking care of her.

The two hit it off and became close. Even though they have nearly nothing in common, Sarah continued to show Natasha love. Love that Tasha couldn't find anywhere else in her life. She was attracted to that, and the two became close friends.

Backstory(post-interbellum): When the fleet was destroyed, Natasha (and Sarah's) unit was abandoned. It turned out to be a blessing, when they heard about the fleet's destruction later. Tasha didn't mind being left behind. She was interested in a new home and what better way to do it then being on a different planet than her parents?

Natasha's unit survived on it's own as a small mercenary group working for a local town to keep the peace. Natasha enjoyed hunting down the scum of the colony. She enjoyed getting in brawls with fellow soldiers. Her experience as a soldier grew immensely during this time.

When Natasha and Sarah heard about the opportunity to go back, Natasha thought it was a joke. There was no way someone out there actually was trying to go back. Why would they want to anyways? Although Natasha didn't want to go back to Earth, she felt like she would sink back into depression if she didn't follow Sarah, so she did.
Tasha Yar, anyone?

Sarah looks excellent, Tasha looks promising.

Oh, but for the record, let's post chars in the discussion from now on.
That's going to really screw me up...

So is Sasha accepted? She's complete. Sarah is also finished :)

Edit- I had to look up who Tasha Yar was. Although humorous, you know that's not what I was going for. I'm not really a trekkie. Loved both movies though :P

Edit2- Hey KO, do you mind if I make the First Mate of the ship? I'll have the character follow any parameters or forced actions as you see fit.
Thane: your chars are in.

And as for Yar, had to make the comparison. Same name and everything.

You may make the first mate. I'm going to post an official sheet for the Captain soon.


Rim Station.

April 22, 2503.

5:37 AM, KST.

{Tower, this is 32-A requesting permission to dock, over.}

{We copy that, 32-A. Proceed to bay 2. Where the hell have you been? Over.}

{Had a minor incident with a "red asteroid," over.}

{Got it. Any damage? Over.}

{Negative, tower, I'm in perfect shape, over.}

{Well, get in here. Some of your people showed up, over.}

The mining sloop cruised slowly towards the station. Ian Aspen would have called Rim an ugly pile of junk, but as captain of the nameless ship referred to only as 32-A... that would have been the pot calling the kettle black. 32-A was fallible, cobbled-together, and downright untrustworthy. She was built for a crew of fifteen, but right now there were only three aboard. Ian Aspen was captain, comms officer, and navigator all rolled into one.

{Hal, we're moving in to dock. Can you give me anything for the lateral?}

{I'll give it a shot, but don't expect too much.}

Ian maneuvered the ship into the general area of bay 2.

{I got you 20%, cap. That'll have to do it.}

{I'll manage. Thanks.}

32-A was a terrible ship, but Ian knew her. She wanted to jump to the right as he pulled into dock, but he anticipated it, preventing ship and crew from meeting a nasty fate as an attachment of Rim Station.

I'll almost miss you, old girl, he thought affectionately.

A minute later, he met Hal Thorn and Dale Kerns in the bay. He turned and looked at Hal.

"Well. She's yours now. Take care of her."

Hal snorted. "She'll take care of herself. I'll try and keep her out of trouble."

Ian smiled and threw an arm around his friend. "I'll miss you, buddy. Are you sure you don't want to come with us?"

"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" Hal answered. He brushed at his eyes. "Better get out of here before I embarass m'self."

Riding the lift up to the public section, Dale voiced a concern. "You're sure we can trust all these people?"

"I know half of them, and you know the other half. There's no need for paranoia."

"Being paranoid is my job, Ian."

"Your hobby, more like." The door slid open. "Let's get to the cantina. That's where we're supposed to meet, I imagine the others are in there."


This is now officially starting. You can be in the cantina already, or you can arrive. Whichever you prefer.
Another ship soon appears on sensors. It had no IFF tags attached to it, but this wouldn't be important, as a few seconds later, the radio hissed to life, with a female voice talking over the radio.
{Tower, this is Viking Engard of Cronus Wing. Requesting docking permission.}
The Viking remains a safe and cautious distance away from the station, waiting.

The Chief Engineer was tinkering with a device, all of his tools laid out in front of him on his table. He gave no regard to everyone else, instead just working almost single-minded on his project. He was also muttering to himself, what he was muttering about was anyone's guess.

OCC: KO, you're still missing the Chief Engineer's name on his character sheet.
Normal- Rodrick
Bold- Chris
Underlined- Jamie

Chattering in the bar with a bottle of expensive rum being passed between them, Chris, Jamie, and Rodrick chatted loudly, excited over their new adventure, each of them grinning widely.

"Pffft. You wouldn't know the difference between a XR-50 and a TK-48."

"Hell yeah I can. Sitting in chair all day doesn't mean I can't tell what your giant hunks of metal are called."

"Hunks of metal? Those "hunks of metal" are beasts of beauty. They can easily outrun everything that you can imagine."

"How about my driving? It's not everyday you see something outrun me."

"The last time I checked, outrunning something didn't mean driving towards it."

"Oh, shut up you hippy. Mr. Cho wouldn't be happy with that remark. GRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

They laughed hard towards Rodrick's impersonation of the man from long in the past. Chris started flicking the tears out of his eyes while Jamie grabbed his sides. Rodrick smirked in triumph. It's been too long since he impersonated his old Chief Engineer. Chris patted his chin as he recalled someone else from the old days.

"You remember George Quince? The guy with short hair and huge glasses?"

"You mean the one that would out screech Cho like GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Their laughing continued as everyone looked in confusion. Most of these jokes were awful. The bartender placed another bottle down on the table to move their attention to something else. Then maybe their awful screeching would stop.

"Oooooooo. Another bottle!"

Chris filled the glasses once more. The brown liquid filled the cold glasses, swirling around in it. As Chris and Rodrick greedily drank it, Jamie simply stared at his newly filled glass as a thought came to mind.

"Are we finally going back home?"

The topic of home was a very delicate one. No one ever talked about it, mostly because they didn't want to remember how far away from it they were.

"I mean, are we actually going to-"

"Drop it. It's not a good thing for a sailor to start a voyage with bad memories. Especially the ones of home."

They quietly drank the rum, each of them brooding in their thoughts. Despite the dark atmosphere that clouded over them, it quickly cleared away as their ruckus started once more.

OOC: You forgot to put Chris Wamer on the list after I edited him, KO.
{We have you, Engard. Give us five minutes to finish up routine maintenance, and you can use the hangar. That's port 5, over.}

Ian walks up to Mike and watches for a moment.

"So. Long time no see, Mike. Glad to have you along."

OOC: Jester, disregard this thread's char sheet. I'm probably going to erase it and use it as a news spot. The char sheets on the other thread are the "important" ones.

Naits: got it. Will fix.

It's just I have limited time and there are a LOT of chars in this.
{Roger that, Tower.} The female voice replies, and the Engard approaches the station, drifting slowly toward the station, not attempting to dock with the station yet.

Mike grunts in response, but doesn't say anything else, still focused on the device.
The Bellers walked into the cantina, Nolan holding his arm over Kelly, keeping her close as they go through the door, and slowly they approach a table together, ignorant of the others that were sitting around them. They gave into conversation about what the trip would be like, in a quiet tone, but one still loud enough to be eavesdropped on.

Ivan sits in his corner seat, sighing and muttering about the Korpulan coming back with them. "She's one of the damned dogs we came to reclaim under our power, and he is bringing her back to our home? She knows nothing of the beauty of Earth and is but a b!tch of this miserable sector."

The Engineer hits his ship's hood with his wrench after it miraculously started back up after his 'repairs', happy with his work, but with the rap the wrench comes back with a thud to the side of his head. "GOD DAMM IT!" He roars as he throws the wrench on the ground and walks away, angry about the wrench hitting him in the head, and completely forgets to turn off his sh!tty ship.
I sit in a stool with my back to the bar a cheap whiskey in my hand as I watch the other patrons/matrons. I didn't really like that Nolan was bringing his wife but she deserved to see earth ... everyone deserves to see earth at least once. The place is our homeworld it was where ever human alive came from. "I hope this doesn't end horribly." I quietly say while looking at the amber liquid for a moment before taking a small swig.
Dale walks up to the table where the Bellers are sitting. He smiles.

"Nolan, Kelly! How have the two of you been? I haven't seen you in a year."

He glances around. Not everyone has arrived yet, and he's not sure how many of these people he trusts for sure. He's known Ian for quite a while, and trusts his judgement, but already is beginning to resent the stares Kelly is getting. He himself is a little uncomfortable about having a Koprulan along, but if she was Nolan's family she was a true Terran.

He lowers his voice slightly. "Mind if I sit down?"


{Sorry about the wait, Engard. We're finishing up, you can go ahead and cruise in, over.}


Ian grins. "What's that you're so wrapped up in?"

He glances momentarily at the rowdy trio. He shakes his head slightly. Good men all, just a little uncontrollable at times.
Mike lifts a gold device, its origins obviously of Protoss. He says "Trying to get it to work. It was part of their gauntlets, so I think it's how they focus energy into making the blades. I think I'm missing something important, so I'm trying to see if I can make it work without the crystal." He sets the device down, and adds "No luck."

{Roger that. Heading in.} The Viking's thrusters flare, rushing into the hanger and landing in the Hanger. The cockpit pops, and Kelly gets out, her mask still on. She takes it off, and puts it back into the ship before beginning her search for the cantina.
I walk into the cantina where everyone was meeting and head to the bar to get a drink while I wait. I quietly sit on a stool looking around for the people I was going to be meeting with hoping that I can find them soon.

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