The Long Voyage Home.

Joeyray's Bar
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"Are you with Ian Aspen? He just got here a little while ago. He's in the cantina. Take the lift up to public, go left, first door on your right. LIft's over there."

One of the mechanics finishing up the maintenance jerks his thumb towards the rear of the room.


"Tinkering with Protoss things?" Ian frowns. "Don't they power the blades with their minds? You'd need a psionic power source of some kind."

He notices the newcomer. Is that Dan Flint?
I sip at my drink and notice a man out of the corner of my eye looking towards recognizing him. I quietly walk over towards him calmly.
"Can I help you with something Ian?"
"You must be Dan Flint. I don't think we ever met."

Ian extends a hand.

"Ian Aspen, but I guess you already knew that."
My wraith drops out of warp just beyond the stations defense system range and uncloaks. {Station this is the Flare requesting permission to land.}

I enter the bar/cantina wearing a simple pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. I look around and give a smile happy to see the other UED personnel even if I didn't know most of them. I head to an empty table to wait and order a bottle of Scotty Bolger's and a glass.
Kelly nods and follows the directions to the cantina. Upon entering it, she looks around, giving some of the people a glare as she looks for someone in particular.

Mike shrugs and adds "I know that. I guess I was entertaining the thought that I could get it to work without that damn crystal. I guess I'll just have to rip it apart and find out what all is inside."
"Quite well, really. Lot's of anticipation for the trip, and I got a bunch of my little mini projects with me." Nolan replies.

"Yeah, you might want medical staff in the same room as him at all times, don't want him incapacitating himself without any help nearby." Kelly says with a fun-poking smile.

"Hey! With the proper equipment I won't end up killing myself!" Nolan exclaims in response, provoking Kelly into a little chuckle.
Ian looks back at Mike.

"Well, that's why we need you around. Someone has to rip everything apart and find out what it does, or this will never work. Hey, have you met Mr. Flint before?"


Dale laughs, then notices Kelly. He salutes her casually.


The bartend pours Kor a drink.
KO ... other half of my last post please ...
Oops, sorry.

{We copy, Flare. Permission granted, you can land in the main hangar. That's port 5, over.}
{Thank you.} I say a genuine note of happiness on my voice as I bring my ship in to dock.

"Thanks." I say to the bar tender as I sip my drink and look around some more.
"Didn't know your name till just a few minutes ago." I tap one finger on the side of my head.
"Let's just say I have a special gift that was recognized back home when I was much younger. Have you heard from a John Flint?"
I'm seriously going to give this RP my all. I gave it my best four characters ever to enter a RP and I'm going to give them a piece of me. I would really appreciate it if you guys at least read my posts, even if they are on the longer side.


Sarah Wood entered the cantina clutching her arm as it dangled from her tense shoulder. She had never been overpowered by such emotions since high school. The patrons looked at her with hostile and judgemental eyes. She awkwardly navigated through the crowd to find an empty booth. She slipped in and pulled a few stray hairs behind her ear with a nervous swallow, her eyes begging for something to focus on.

Taking a deep, controlled breath, she weaved her fingers and placed her arms on the table. At least she appeared normal, right? It wouldn't be so bad once Tasha arrived. She said she'd be a little late. Of course Tasha wanted to meet at the cantina... Sarah didn't know how long she could take the crowd, the tension, the stuffy air.

Surveying the group was nearly breath taking. All these people were from Earth? Just like her? The thought was astonishing. She thought she and her unit were the only ones who made it out. Of course, it seemed like a foolish thought now.

I decided to leave this rather open-ended. I'm hoping I don't end up RPing with my own characters :\
I take a seat at a nearby table as I wait for what ever these people had in mind to be revealed. As I sit I look around and take note of another person walking in. She seemed very nervous and like she was waiting for someone. Was she another in our group I wonder to myself.
Ian's smile fades. "Sorry," he says apologetically. "Not since the Defeat. He could be anywhere right now, even..." He trails off into silence.

Dale begins taking a headcount.

We need to get our officers together, but I'm not sure all of them are here yet.
I nod. "I thought he would have been one of the first to respond... Guess he didn't hear or wasn't able to go."
Sasha Wood walked down the hall with Kevin Peters on her left. The cantina was just passed the final door, roughly ten more feet. Sasha knew she wouldn't be there if it weren't for Kevin. She knew it was his influence alone that caused her to finally go through with it. Though the two walked in silence, Sasha had been looking for an opportune moment to thank him. The time was growing short. Half the crew would be in the cantina by now, not exactly a private location. It was now or never. Only a few paces separated them from the door.

"Kevin, I-" She stopped and turned towards him. Her emotions had finally bubbled over, forcing her to jump into this with both feet, now she didn't know where to go. "Kevin..." She dipped her head and embraced him. He returned the gesture and they stood a moment in silence.

"Thank you." She finally finished. She never was good with words, but Kevin seemed to understand. He rubbed her back and smiled to himself. Her emotions finally flushed out, Sasha pulled back and faced the door. Kevin's arm was still wrapped around her back. They faced the door arm in arm for ten seconds. Kevin wanted her to open the door to make sure she was ready.

Her head was still spinning. Was this really the best thing to do? With an exhale, she blew away all her doubt and opened the door. People and faces instantly flooded their minds. The two navigated through the fellow patrons and found a quiet booth to relax in.

"Whoa, look at all these people!" Sasha exclaimed. "I can't believe they're all from Earth!" Kevin observed in silence. He wondered if they would notice that he wasn't from Earth. That he was only going because of Sasha. Still, the thought of a new home beckoned Kevin from a distance.
Mike glances up at Ivan and Flint, and shakes his head. "Nope. though I've heard about your brother. He was Atlas Wing, if memory serves me right."

Kelly nods at Dale, and takes a seat away from everyone, ordering a drink of apple juice while she sits.
I nod. "He was one of the better Goliath pilots to be sure. He was often dropped in with a small force to help clear an area for setting up a base of operations."
"It was a fine unit. I personally had the pleasure of working with them on multiple occasions. The Hawaii provided the air support, and they provided... well, general destruction to everything not on our side. I believe it was Atlas that provided cover for a rescue operation when the Hawaii was destroyed, so I owe him my life, in a way."

Ian smiles grimly.

"Don't worry. I tried my best to find him, but he'll be fine on his own out here. In some ways, I think he fell in love with the Koprulu Sector, even before the Defeat."


Dale begins moving from table to table, rounding up the officers.

OOC: All officer characters (major roles) that have arrived need to get ready to meet with Ian.
I down the rest of my drink and get up following Dale.

I land my wraith in the hangar and get out, leaving my helmet in the cockpit. I was wearing the hostile environment stealth suit I'd been given by the UED before we had left for the Koprulu sector. I make sure I have a pistol on my hip and head up to the bar.

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