The Long Voyage Home.

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OOC: It was absolutely my mistake!

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Ian glances at him. "Stick with me, actually. I want you to help Dan and me. Dale," he says, turning to him. "I want you to head out with Jake. Try and keep him alive. James will be covering for you back here."

This part was... Incredibly confusing :P


"Uh.." James froze, paralyzed by confusion. "Wait..." His drunken haze returned for a moment before fleeing by sheer will. Or at least that's what James thought. "Sir." He fell back into a salute. There was no recovering from this misunderstanding, so he just took it. That's right. Take you're humiliation like a man!
"Yeah perhaps we will." I say looking at Tasha with a smile. I was oblivious to her envy but I offer my other hand to her.

I slow to a jog as I near bay 8 and start looking around for any dominion personnel.
Slowing down alongside the nose of the Viking, Kelly suppresses a grin from appearing on her face, but allows a small smile. She checks along the underside of the Viking, parked in Bay 5, her practiced eye checking for anything out of place or any bit of metal sticking out.

"At ease. I can't expect you to recover from three years of civilian life in five minutes," Ian replies, smiling despite himself. "But I can expect you to be recovered by tomorrow. Remember that," he says sternly.


Dale, slowing to keep pace with Jacob, glances at the other man. "If you're worried about Dominion, don't be. If there were any aboard we'd know it. Anyways," he says casually, "I was just down here a minute ago."
"Right ... better safe than sorry honestly." I stop and open the door to bay 8 an old light freighter sits on the deck. "Its an old hunk of junk but it works ... and its name sure fits since it is like a can of sardines." I say with a light chuckle as I start walking towards the ship.

I pause and look at Kelly's Viking a bit of envy flickering inside me. "Nice ... never been so close to a Viking except when I'm about to blow it to pieces ... " I say walking towards my Wraith.

Dale grins. "Nothing wrong with that. I spent the last two years of my life aboard a tin can."


"It's a beauty," says a rather dirty looking mechanic. "Must say I was tempted to take a closer look while you were gone, don'tcha know. New as most Vikings are, you still rarely see one in this good condition."
"So what kind of weaponry are we looking at?" I ask as I follow Ian.
"You mean, how's she armed? The ship boasts of everything a Behemoth class could want. Stan put everything he had into it. Hard to believe one man could field the cost for a bare-bones craft, but he was able to do that and more. Fifteen crew-serviced plasma batteries, missile pods, and Yamato capacity... though the specs say the Y-cannon is currently offline and requires minor maintenance.
"The problem is us. A Behemoth is designed to support six thousand individuals at full complement. We have just under a hundred. She has a lot of guns, but I don't realistically see us firing all of them at once."
"I wouldn't expect us to. What of our arsenal for our personal?"

I start running a few ideas through my head on how to optimally use the weapons with the people we have.
"Yeah ... except I'll hate to see her go she'll prove to be invaluable for spare parts I think." I say palming the door open and stepping into the craft. I wait for Dale to enter before closing the hatch, retracting the ramp and then finally turning to my left and heading for the small cockpit/bridge.
Kelly nods in agreement, and says "Thanks. I guess I have those on Abaddon to thank for that. They managed to get a hold of one despite how new they are." She gets up, facing the mechanic. "Hope the Dominion doesn't give you guys too much of a hassle." She turns to Stellara, and says "Don't shoot me down. Please." Kelly turns and begins climbing into the cockpit, grabbing her mask and putting it on.

OCC: SF has the other Engineer, and Naitsrich has one. No idea when SF will be posting, so should Mike just talk with Naitsrich's character or shall we just advance to them heading to a shuttle?
I grin evilly. "Don't worry. I know your mind well enough ... might as well swap IFF codes as well anyway." I say as I climb into the cockpit of my Wraith starting my waiting launch checklist and pull on my face mask.

"Minimal. Dale has more of the specifics on that down than I do, but I do know we have about enough to arm one squadron of Marines. That's about it. Fortunately, the ship has the facilities to manufacture more equipment, should we acquire materials along the way. And if we're going to make it back, we're going to need to do just that. I believe we only have the schematics for pretty basic stuff, but that's why we have Jacob Moore as our Weapons Master."


Dale straps himself into the copilot's seat (or equivalent) in the cockpit. "Sad, but true. Hopefully we won't have to resort to that, but reality is reality."


"Heh. I'm going with you! So if your wish comes true, you benefit too."

OOC: Keep in mind that Ian said we have "just under a hundred" personnel. Don't know 'bout ya'll, but the amount of characters we have looks like less than that. There will be several dozen NPCs aboard, so keep that in mind when assembling your groups. Most will serve as engineers, but there are a few pilots, Marines, and medical officers.
If really needed, I could pump out a Marine or two to help out. Maybe a pilot, though melee's always been my favorite. That aside, I can help best I can.
I'm always happy to have more characters, but I've known from the start that there's no way we'd have enough characters for even the most skeletal of crews. NPCs will be necessary.

Also, they provide a way for new minor chars to be introduced.
"Yeah. Well ... time to get moving I guess." I start up the old freighter and run the pre-flight checklist as I call the station for permission to leave. {This is the Sardine requesting permission to launch.}

{Flare requesting permission to launch.} I call over the com to the station tower strapping in and finishing my pre-flight checklist.
Well, note me on DA if you change your mind or post it here. It's a good read so far.
I'd be happy to have you throw in some Marines. We have too few (do we have any? I'm not sure).

Thanks for the praise. Everyone is doing great so far. I'm really pleased and impressed by the level of detail people are devoting to their posts.

{Sardine, you are cleared for launch. Follow flight path H1 for departure, sending now. Over.}

{You're good to go, Flare. Use path E1 for departure. I'll send that your way, over.}

Getting permission to leave seems unusually smooth. Evidently Ian's friends in Rim are aware of the need for speed.
I'll do some thinking on it overnight, get something posted in the morning possibly. It's hard for me to kill off a character in all honesty.
"Right then. Guess it will be good to have a C-10 back in my hands again. I'll have to check and see if my old ghost suit still works as well... Hopefully this doesn't turn into a ship-wreak before we even leave this sector..." I comment as I keep running through ideas of utilizing every defensive and offensive resource we had.

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