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thanks the second was a bit rushed ... might work on her bit more later ... maybe ...
I have two more characters (a total of five) and I should be done making characters :P

Also, KO, if you could crank out a reliable character sheet, that'd be awesome. I hate RP's without a character sheet... I like to know a little about the characters my characters are interacting with.

Especially since IC posts usually don't reveal much about the character... *Cough* *Cough*

On another note: I'd LOVE for another character to come sweep one of mine off their feet. So if you have the guts to dive into another character other than your own and expose yours a little, romantic sub-plots are always fun.
Character’s Name: Kevin Peters
Characteristics: Kevin has a medium build and isn't incredibly muscular, although has definition in his muscles. He has light brown hair combed forward that builds to a point and a goatee of the same color. Kevin's face is quite soft looking with no scars or noticeable blemishes. Kevin is witty, smart, thoughtful and caring. He also has a rogue feeling about him. Being a mercenary for five years has left him with a dark side. He has almost a split personality between being merciful, compassionate and kind to sinister, dark and ruthless. Kevin's true passion is flying and he loves interacting with those who share the passion. He describes flying as freedom in a metal box and almost loathes those who are ignorant of it's power. Kevin is used to being a pact leader in Hel's Angels and knows the chain of command well. Unfortunately, he is also rebellious and likes to do things his way. This is what got him discharged from the military. Kevin's love languages are physical touch and Words of Affirmation. Kevin is twenty-seven.
Role: Pilot
Attributes: None
Backstory: Kevin was born a colony kid to two parents, who were farmers. His uncle was a wraith pilot in the small militia guarding the colony. This inspired Kevin to fly. Kevin would often fly with his uncle and he enjoyed the experience. This is where Kevin learned what true freedom was.

When Kevin was still young, the brood wars hit. He was drafted into the military and thrusted into the cockpit. He left his home behind and everything he loved dear to fight multiple enemies on multiple fronts. Now he only had one love: Flying. He learned the art well and loved every second of the freedom he experienced.

During the Brood wars, his family's colony was burned and destroyed. By who, though? The Sons of Korhal? The UED? The Zerg? Nobody knew for sure and Kevin couldn't find answers. It was then when he realized he was a slave to the Confederacy. He realized, even though flying gave him unlimited freedom, the Confederacy enslaved him to their will. Him and his whole squadron began talking about deserting in private. When the confederacy fell, he and his squadron were already gone. They began a mercenary group, which preyed on several trade routes in the area. Their favorite targets? The newly erected Dominion - especially Confederacy troops who merged with the new tyrannical government.

Though Kevin had been a founding member, he wasn't a leader. It took five years for him to finally rise to be a ring leader. At this point, he had met Sasha, a recruit to the mercenary team. She was ex-UED and gave Kevin a new perspective on life. As their relationship grew, so did their love for each other. When Sasha was given the opportunity to return to her homeland - Earth - she was going to turn it down. Kevin could see how badly she truly wanted this and wasn't stupid. She wanted to stay because of him. He ended up dragging her onto the crew and joining himself.
That character... Deserves better. I'm not going to duplicate him. If you still want me to make the First Mate, I'll just create an original character.
It will be difficult to maintain a "reliable" character sheet, as even with all those extra posts I'm not sure I'll have enough room. I'll try, though.

And I'll keep the bit about character interaction in mind.
I was wondering if you could put the trip on hold until I get my characters in please. :P
I have been busy lately so I couldn't work on them. I could possibly flesh something out real quick and then work on their backstory later today.
That would be fine. 'Twill be good to have you.
Yep, I can't come up with a backstory, which means it could take days, weeks, or months.
Not that hard, CR :P

I'm not trying to be condescending or patronizing, but would you like some help? Maybe some insight on how I create backstories? From writer to writer? I'm sure you can teach me a few things in return :P
Markus, I can come up with a full list of ideas in my head yet I have a hard time as hell trying to bear fruit with it into writing.
Not that hard, CR :P

I'm not trying to be condescending or patronizing, but would you like some help? Maybe some insight on how I create backstories? From writer to writer? I'm sure you can teach me a few things in return :P

Its more difficult than that, believe me. I was over in chat trying to help him with a character for another site, and he has the ideas, but he doesn't have the..... what am I looking for.... He can't seem to take an idea and expand it, bring it to life.
10/13/2013 02:51 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Markus, I can come up with a full list of ideas in my head yet I have a hard time as hell trying to bear fruit with it into writing.

10/13/2013 02:53 PMPosted by Jester
I was over in chat trying to help him with a character for another site, and he has the ideas, but he doesn't have the..... what am I looking for.... He can't seem to take an idea and expand it, bring it to life.

That's what being a writer is... Putting ideas onto paper. I know CR pretty well by now. I know he has fantastic ideas and awesome character-plans. I was offering to exchange concepts and methods on how to do that with him - not just give him ideas for him to write.
Markus, it might be best if we talk somewhere else about concept and method sharing so we don't clog up this thread, eh? :P
Hahaha, yeah, we shouldn't probably do it here :P
Thane: if you still want to make the First Mate, that's fine. Just make it fast. I don't want to delay the ship leaving, because that exact same act of laziness on my part killed Templar.

CR: You too.
Character’s Name: Kiki Vena
Appearance - Rich dark brown hair that just touches her shoulders and has a curved groove scar in her nose from during the War. She has amber colored eyes and appears to be of Asian descent.
Personality – Sarcastic and can be incredibly cruel at times but she means well and cares for the precious lives of her friends.
Age - 37
Role: Medical Officer
Attributes: Expert
Backstory (pre-interbellum): Kiki is from the island of Japan and was a prestigious student that barely got in trouble for she believed that studies were more important than rebelling against her elders and in fact it was the truth of the matter. Not only did she complete her primary education, she got accepted into a college/university but lacked the funds to enter so she joined the military instead in order to gain said money to further her education.

It was several years later and she managed to get a degree or two with the main one being in Biotechnology. Once her education had been taken care of she then continued her military life as it suited her well and could provide her with the resources needed to conduct research and experiments that could better maintain humanity in the upcoming years.

The day arises when the UED creates the Expedition Fleet to head off towards the emptiness of space in order to liberate the Koprulu Sector and she was one of the Medical Officers that went with them into the abyss that would end up leading to their defeat which did happen.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Kiki destroyed all ties of her UED past after the defeat they suffered though she did keep a couple of contacts that she barely knew though they managed to keep in touch. After that was all settled she ended up serving a hospital as one of the doctors on staff. It was an interesting life and there didn’t seem to be much worry in the world and there were barely any Zerg siting’s if none at all!

Then she collected the call and just packed up shop and left.

Bleh, it wasn't what I hoped but it works.
It works just fine. Good to have ya.
So do I go ahead and head off towards the ship or am I already there?
Currently everyone is gathered in a mining station (Rim Station) cantina. The officers are meeting to discuss the journey, everyone else is goofing off and drinking. You should just do your char arriving at Rim.
I decided to give you yet another completely original character. You better give these guys admirable and heart-felt deaths if you absolutely have to kill them off.

Character's Name: James Watkins
Characteristics: James has jet black short hair along with a clean, short goatee. His brown eyes complement his intricately crafted face. James is a bit cold, only social when necessary, has dry humor, and has rather a dull outlook on life. James is perfectly social as long as he approves of those he's with. He can be a real @$$ if he doesn't like someone. At the same time, he can act strangely kind to those he does approve of. James enjoys some reading if it has to do with space-travel. James enjoys jazz music and oldies rock. Pretty much anything that's relaxing. James' love languages are Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service.
Role: First Mate
Attributes: None.
Backstory (pre-interbellum):James was born into a low-class family of four; his mother, father, sister and him. His father kept the family afloat with steady income as a dock worker in one of the many star stations covering Earth. When James was seven years old, his father was killed in an accident involving several crates that weren't strapped in properly. They shifted when the ship took off and poured onto the landing pad where his father was standing.

Obviously, this effected James' childhood and life thereafter. The family received compensations, which carried them until James could graduate. His sister, however, was not so lucky. She began mixing with the wrong crowds and ended up addicted to every imaginable nasty drug. When James was nineteen, his sister died of overdose. The remaining family members grieved and mourned.

James wanted to be a sailor in the military and work in space - but his mother forbid it. She couldn't bear to lose James, too. So, he joined a corporate shipping company fresh out of trade-school. This was a step up in the eyes of his mother, but still, she worried for him. He graduated and worked for several corporations as a simple monitor watcher or deck hand.

A few years later, James was drafted into the military for an expedition to the Korprulu sector. He received basic training, but passed that, he barely knows how to hold a gun.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Just before the fleet fell, James ordered his ship to turn the opposite direction and warp back to the Korprulu sector. He did this off gut feeling. He had learned enough about the zerg to know they wouldn't let them escape. He knew they were simply giving them a head start. Or at least he hoped he knew. The action caused mutiny when they got back to safety. It was only weeks later when the crew realized that James had saved their life.

Still, marooning him on Mar Sara turned out to be a blessing when the frigate was attacked and destroyed by a Dominion patrol only weeks later.

In the meantime, James lingered. He worked as a dock worker following in his father's footsteps. There, he met Michelle. The supervisor working at the docks. She always admired James for his knack for ships and technology as well as his work ethic and know-how. The two ended up falling in love after they continually bumped into each other at every turn. They discovered how much they had in common and a beautiful relationship began.

After a year into the relationship, James was looking for the right moment to propose. He decided to sneak into her house before she got home from and surprise her with flowers and a diamond ring. Instead, he found her in bed with another man. Completely and utterly destroyed, James left. Just upped and left. Started walking.

His long walk ended in a hotel on the other side of the city. The next day, James visited a bar for the first time with a friend of his. His friend convinced him to go with him to visit his brother in a desert colony in the !@#-end of nowhere. James then found himself at yet another bar when he arrived.

Listening to some patrons bicker out of the side of his head, James could hear comments about the old UED fleet. Turns out they were some survivors. They were talking about going home. Although it wasn't necessarily a better option than staying, his options were growing slim. He confronted them and ended up enlisting.

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