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12/12/2013 09:07 PMPosted by FegelKitteh
Though frankly Destro n stopping his spying would be like Alicia losing her whorish traits in PKA.

On another note... I would like to remind you guys (and gals if we have any hiding in the audience) to be one your best behavior and to refrain from name calling and pointing out accusations.
12/12/2013 07:34 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Y'know, you really haven't shown yourself capable of being considered an equal to Zarku

12/12/2013 08:33 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Just because we see you as lesser, we don't see you as a brainless fool who is unworthy of our presence. No, we still see you as a part of Joeyrays, we just don't see you at par with our capabilities.


12/12/2013 08:33 PMPosted by ShadowFury
You didn't send anything about Ivan and Dilan. Or did they die?

Only one secret per person. Probably best not to narrow it down for people.
Kevin has been re-constructed with minimal alterations.

Character’s Name: Kevin Peters
Characteristics: Kevin has a medium build and isn't incredibly muscular, although has definition in his muscles. He has light brown hair combed forward that builds to a point and a goatee of the same color. Kevin's face is quite soft looking with no scars or noticeable blemishes. Kevin is witty, smart, thoughtful and caring. He also has a rogue feeling about him. Being a mercenary for five years has left him with a dark side. He has almost a split personality between being merciful, compassionate and kind to sinister, dark and ruthless. Kevin's true passion is flying and he loves interacting with those who share the passion. He describes flying as freedom in a metal box and almost loathes those who are ignorant of it's power. Kevin is used to being a pact leader and knows the chain of command well. Unfortunately, he is also rebellious and likes to do things his way. This is why he left the military. Kevin's love languages are physical touch and Words of Affirmation. Kevin is twenty-seven.
Role: Pilot
Attributes: None
Backstory: Kevin was born a colony kid to two parents, who were farmers. His uncle was a wraith pilot in the small militia guarding the colony. This inspired Kevin to fly. Kevin would often fly with his uncle and he enjoyed the experience. This is where Kevin learned what true freedom was.

Growing up on the colony with no future in mind, Kevin quickly became apt to be a pilot his whole life. He enlisted in the Confederate Air and Space force when he was twenty one. Though none of his family was exactly pro-Confederacy, they knew he would be generally safe doing what he loved to do. After two years of boring postings, Kevin received minor promotions and the like. His family back home was proud of him and his life was looking up.

Unexpectedly, the First Great War hit and Kevin was thrust into war. He fought in many bloody battles and lost numerous friends. When the conflict finally ended, Kevin and his squadron were reunited under the Dominion flag to continue the fight against the Zerg and Protoss and now, the UED.

During the Brood wars, his family's colony was burned and destroyed. By who, though?The UED? The Zerg? The Protoss? Nobody knew for sure and Kevin couldn't find answers. It was then when he realized he was a slave to the Dominion, who were the same as the Confederacy. He realized, even though flying gave him unlimited freedom, the Dominion enslaved him to their will. Him and his whole squadron began talking about deserting in private. When the Brood Wars ended, he and his squadron were already gone. They began a mercenary group, which preyed on several trade routes in the area. Their favorite targets? The newly erected Dominion - especially Confederacy troops who merged with the new tyrannical government.

Though Kevin had been a founding member, he wasn't a leader. It took five years for him to finally rise to be a ring leader. At this point, he had met Sasha, a recruit to the mercenary team. She was ex-UED and gave Kevin a new perspective on life. As their relationship grew, so did their love for each other. When Sasha was given the opportunity to return to her homeland - Earth - she was going to turn it down. Kevin could see how badly she truly wanted this and wasn't stupid. She wanted to stay because of him. He ended up dragging her onto the crew and joining himself.

2476 - Kevin is Born on Confed colony
2485 - Guild Wars break out. Kevin is 9.
2499 - First Great War (Contact War). Kevin is 23
2500 - Brood Wars. Kevin is 24
2502 - Viking begins being manufactured and pilots trained. Kevin is 26
2503 - UED remnents gather and head home.

Technically, there shouldn't be a single viking pilot on this expedition back to Earth unless they came from the Dominion. That means Hel's Angels is a complete no-go for me.
Sorry I didn't see the application process before hand so here is mine -

Character’s Name: Sam Roos

Characteristics: Black hair, average height and not very strong. The kind of person you would see once in a crowd and never remember. He has a European facial style and no facial hair. No scars or anything else notable. Never went to college after High School due to family needs. Personality is the kind of person who gets along with almost everyone and keeps no grudges. Great at using creativity and ingenuity to fix a problem. Age - 21

Role - Engineer, specializes in conventional engines and warp drive but can fix anything if need be

Attributes - Expert in ship engineering especially engines and drives.
Backstory(pre-interbellum - From San Francisco left because of family debts. The UED offered to erase all debts for his family if he or his father did 2 years of service. Sam volunteered and ended up here after the disaster of the brood wars.
Backstory(post-interbellum) - Working on Mar Sara for a living as a engineer making a living but hoping to return to Earth. Never found a lover so no problems there. When he heard a ship was leaving Sam decided to go all or nothing and see what is left of Earth. Years of work on Mar Sara has taught Sam how to repair pretty much everything on a ship or at least make it work.
Looks great. Welcome to the crew!
Well since we've been pretty calm for the last week I'm going to make a medical officer -

Name - Will Katz

Characteristics - Tall and of European decent. Red head and pretty much average besides it. Has a never say die spirit terran are known for and never calls a patient hopeless. Calm, nice person except when giving medical treatment. When that is going on you don't want to talk about going to the bar with him...

Role - Medical Officer
Attributes - Expert

Backstory (before) - Sailed with the fleet from Earth and was deployed to a field hospital on Korhal to help civilians while the fleet kept moving forward.

Backstory (after) - while the fleet engaged the swarm. He wasn't with the fleet when it got torn apart because of this. Decided to help with whatever he could on Korhal. When rumors appeared of a ship leaving he wanted to go back to Earth to see what had become of the planet.
Accepted. We definitely need one of those.

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