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I don't know if it's been raised before but I'm such a big fan of SC and the franchise, I'd like to have a wishlist discussion.

I'm basically on my way to developing a continental scale TvZ campaign involving a cooperative hero game for 4~12 players (plus the potential of 4 to 8 more on top). The story behind it is the rise of Dominion against the UED and the plot adheres strongly to the SC storyline.

I could imagine scaling the campaign to require SCII: Wings of Liberty for the first two levels and SCII: Heart of the Swarm for the third level. On the fourth, I wish for a third installment in SCII, this time highlighting the Protoss and the third installment will be required for playing the fourth and final level of the campaign.

Each campaign level has several primary mission objectives that can be accomplished in 20~30 minutes (typical time to sit down on lunch hour) .

So besides a third installment of SCII, the ability to join a game in progress would be nice.
I wouldn't mind an entire game based around Abathur creating and manipulating genetic strands, and then using specially evolved Zerg to do sort of spec ops tasks, like the Hydralisks used in the short story "The Teacher".
I mean, minigames where you screwed with genes and came up with a different result each time, would be awesome, trying to figure out what does exactly what, and actually using LEGITIMATE science, to do different things!?
Like finding the gland in a zergling that pumps adrenaline into it's body, and evolving it, or choosing to strengthen specific muscles and such...
It'd just be amazing.

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