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I recently bought StarCraft II Wings of Liberty & the Expansion Set, Heart of the Swarm.

I installed Wings Of Liberty in "D:\Games\StarCraft II". I install all my games in the D: drive because that's my larger (2TB) storage drive. My C: drive is a smaller (128GB) SSD OS drive.

The game installed absolutely fine; no issues whatsoever.

Then I put in the disc for the expansion set and started to install Heart Of The Swarm. It picked up the "D:\Games\StarCraft II" as the folder where WoL was installed; however, after I click on "Agree", I get the following error:

Could not install.
Invalid installation options. Please try again.

... and it won't proceed with the installation!!

I don't get it!! It installed WoL absolutely fine in the same location; why can't it install HoTS? It's not telling me anything pertinent to help me resolve the issue.

I found a thread somewhere which had a similar error, but their issue was different - they had already played WoL and just wanted to install HoTS so they renamed their WoL folder and were able to install HoTS. I don't know if that's applicable to me because I have not played WoL yet -- so I still need that installed & working.

I have installed both these games in the past on a traditional "C:\Program Files\StarCraft II" structure and didn't have a problem. I Don't know why I'm having this issue now with HoTS.

Any advice?

Hello Damian, have you tried running StarCraft II? Once everything is patched up, you should have all you need to play, including Heart of the Swarm.
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I have the same problem and I updated the base game.

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