Savagery Among the Orderly (AoS RP)

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All the children saw was darkness, and all they felt was betrayal. They weren't shown the Aeon of Strife, but put into a world of darkness, the Preserver had lied to them!

Then they felt something. Their body was moving, their hands pushing themselves up and eyes starting to open, they hadn't commanded that. They weren't in control of their own bodies. They were resident in another Protoss' body. The children saw the lush green canopy around them, one full of life and beauty. It was a jungle, no... No it was the jungle, the jungle of Aiur. One at a time the Protoss were getting up and the children saw around them, corpses all over the place and the area covered in blue and purple blood, sunlight reflecting off of it, and as the bodies they were in looked at each they saw battered and bruised bodies standing and staring at the corpses.

The children weren't lied to, they were being shown the Aeon of Strife from the eyes of Protoss who lived through it. They heard the Preserver's presence in their minds, and their heads flood with knowledge and memories, straight from their host's own mind. Then, almost a small stinging pain appears and disappears as a one-way Psionic link is formed between each child and their host's mind, all information going towards the children. This link is completed after the group of Protoss had agreed that it would be best to return home.

Okay everyone, finally has started, you get to control your character now and engage conversations, if you guys don't want to do that I'll just skip you back to the village." The Pre-RP, so essentially sign up thread.
Orakin stands up, his muscles sore and arms bloodied. He glances around, taking in the view before checking his club to ensure it was not broken. Finding that it was still intact. he puts it away and walks over to the body of one of his comrades, kneeling down next to it, closing their eyes.
I am in darkness, yet there is light. I cannot see, but I can feel the touch of light upon my flesh, feel the flow of life, the energy it brings. I try to open my eyes, but cannot. I fear. Am I blind? Have I been blinded?

The scent of blood is strong, and memories of horror fresh in my mind. To live, to walk away from this place, is all I can think of. To die here, where so many others have, would be the worst of fates. Though I cannot see, I begin walking. If one, only one, survives this, then perhaps the scar upon history will be less.
Dusk was falling as the survivors approached their village. Looking upon their home they saw peace. Although many of houses were small and cramped, and all were made of simple furs and wood. However one building stood out from the rest. It was large and its roof was peaked. It was the house of the village's leader. It was in the center of the town, hiding away a very precious artifact. They could see in a distance the fire of forges dying out and children returning home to their parents. So many men had died there, in that small clearing. So many newly created bastards and widows.

Hopefully this can survive this time.

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