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Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here! I've pretty much complete our community site! This is the official thread here talking about it and linking to it. Highly rated would be nice :)

Welcome to J.R.B. Online!
Greetings folks!Duke here, I made this site out of request, my first attempts were sloppy and lame, but I decided to put some more effort into it and this version is what I came up with! It did not take me too long and it was free. I enjoyed it to, so no biggy on my part.

Go ahead and use this for planning roleplays, making polls, archiving information, chatting live, sharing content, and having some longer term general conversations on this site's forums. You can now also create events! There are a couple more features planned for the future as well!

So lean back, grab a drink, go crazy or just chat! Because this is THE official community site for Joey Ray's Bar from the Blizzard forums! ENJOY!!!

Site Navigation and Tools
Use the classic tabs at the top to navigate the majority of the site. BUT, on the pages Roleplay, Events, and Forums, you must navigate via the links near the top left corner. Keep in mind that to link to things within those pages, you MUST use the permalink function near the top right corner. You can find links to multiple related things in the footer. ALSO, you will notice site's general chat in the lower right corner of the screen at all times.

Account Creation
When making an account for the Forums, Roleplay, or Events tabs, (they are connected, so you only need to make one) use your Starcraft II username.

When making an account for the chat boxes, (all chat boxes will use the account you make for them) make your username your Starcarft II username, then character code.

Both of these have super simple sign-ups and should be easy to find.

Here is the site.

Also, I need you to stop by here and provide me with some information for the site.

Also, could I get Zanon to put a lasting link to the site from Zanon's Bar from now on?

Use this thread for feedback, compliments, suggestions, and bud reporting.
Special thanks to MVP Leviathan for helping me bug scrub!
Special thanks to Aldrexus for making this thread a sticky and fixing links!
Quick Links

Private Box 1
Private Box 2
Private Box 3
Private Box 4

Patch Notes and Upcoming Features

Patch 0.8 - File sharing added, learn how to use it via this post.

Patch 0.9 - Search works, bugs and issues fixed.
and stickied :)
10/09/2013 10:13 AMPosted by Zanon

It looks amazing, but I am unable to register as for some strange reason I cannot match the CAPTCHA code thingy. Weird. I'll try again later, could be a temporary issue.

EDIT - can MVPs sticky things, or did a moderator do that?
10/09/2013 10:58 AMPosted by KnarledOne
It looks amazing, but I am unable to register as for some strange reason I cannot match the CAPTCHA code thingy. Weird. I'll try again later, could be a temporary issue.

You can try refreshing the CAPTCHA for a different one when you do it later. If that does not work, I'll see what I can do.

And thanks!

10/09/2013 10:58 AMPosted by KnarledOne
EDIT - can MVPs sticky things, or did a moderator do that?

If I told you I'd have to kill you.
(Not at the moment we can't. We use our connections... BUT our posts still have to be worth a sticky!)

Impressive. Most impressive. Google has taught you well.

I will be using this site. PERIOD.
Great work!

File sharing has been added.

You can share files in any post you make on the Forums, Roleplay, or Events tabs. Just click more on the text options and select upload file.
Hold off on making your account for now, I'm making it better and fixing some things.
Looks good, thanks for making this. I'll be sure to create my account as soon as you're done fixing whatever you're currently fixing.
Nice work so far man! Hit me up anytime for troubleshooting, testing, or all out breaking it!
Kudos on the site and the first ever JRB sticky.
Site version 0.9
The website is now nearly finished, the search bars are now functional, and I've fixed several issues and bugs. I still need that member information though.
This is the first post on this thread in more than 2 years, wow.

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