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OOC: Hey everyone, Drac is back for a final RP! This will bring the Poltergeist plot arc to a close, so if you had anything important to bring up, bring it up now. Also, for the love of all things, please try to stay in a group, so you can be kept track of. All Poltergeist characters will be in one of three fleets: the Assault fleet, which will attack Splitters head-on, the Evacuation Fleet, which will get orders based on who needs to be saved, and the Network Fleet, which will defend core areas.

Character sheet pt 1


Agent Shadow
Founder, Commander-in-chief
Psionic Assault, Technological development
Has sent the beacon call to all surviving students of his, as well as all major combatants from previous wars. Believes himself to be the most powerful psionic in existence (which was true until recently- the anomaly known as Game Lord outclasses him several thousand times over, in all respects)
All of them.

Agent Umbra
Psionic Assault, Psychological Warfare
A force to be reckoned with, even among the not-to-be-taken-lightly Poltergeist Mercenaries. A known cannibal. Has shown remarkable skill in Poltergeist's new PART program. Twin sister of Shadow.

Joan Rose Molina-Ravius; "Eon Butcher"
Psionic Assault, Anti-Armor
Despite formally unenlisting from direct service, Mrs. Molina-Ravius still actively patrols routes for the Mercenaries. Shadow's daughter.

Pyro Molina-Ravius; "Sun God" (Also used by Fury)
Assault, Psionic Assault, PART division
Famous for field actions both here in the Sector and in his grandfather's interdimensional exploits. Class-13 psionic, Class-15 pyrokinetic. Son of Joan Rose Molina-Ravius, Grandson of Agent Shadow.

Terra Molina-Ravius; "Earth Goddess" (Also used by Zark)
Assault, Psionic Assault, PART division
Exactly like her twin brother in almost every respect- however, instead of being pyrokinetic, she controls stone and metal objects. Twin sister of Pyro, Daughter of Joan, Granddaughter of Shadow.

SCAR-77 Sara Kiwi
Just Built
Loyalty: Shade, but ultimately Poltergeist
Combat Specialty: Damage Absorption
Ms. Kiwi was a loved ally of Shade (read Reckoning for more details), but sadly perished. An unknown party paid in full for Kiwi's reconstruction as a SCAR unit, and fully upgraded her, making her look exactly like the original, but armed with enough firepower to level a city block. Not used to being a machine yet, she repeatedly tries to test herself, and apparently fights with all her mental might to defy orders she dislikes. Being programmed into the SCAR body, however, prevents her from doing so.


Johnathan Flint Jr.
Commander of battle cruiser Illador
Mechanics, Psionic support/assault
One of three Flint triplets and take the most after his father. After the final events with the Collective Triad he has been searching the sector and some parts beyond for Flint Sr, who is currently missing and deemed KIA by most. He has recently returned to the sections after receiving word of what happened to the planet of Braxis. Outraged by the actions of the Splitters he is currently en-route to Braxis to confront the Game Lord.

Leah Flint "Seductress"
Information gathering, Chemical/Technical specialist, Diplomacy, Psionic support/Assault
Another of the Flint triplet who shares traits that both of her brothers have. Tends to go for the most recent tech that she can obtain as in her eyes newer is always better despite what her Jr. and Sr. said. She is not currently ranked in Poltergeist as she decide to go off on her own only stopping by to visit from time to time. However with the recent events with the Splitters she has returned to the Poltergeist headquarters to aid as she can.

Ivan Flint "Grey Eyes"
Lieutenant PART Division
Infiltration, Demolitions, Assassinations, Interrogation.
The last of the Flint triplets, Ivan does not posses the ability to alter his form like his sister and brother aside from multiplying his arms for dealing more strikes. He instead posses more of his mothers abilities, namely the feared detonator egg. He does have minor psionics that allow him to cloak himself and manipulate the surrounding shadows around him. He is the only one of the three that is in the new PART division. Also unlike the other two he is the only one that has some idea of what actually happened to their father due to inheriting his father's, and his father's old friend before that, personal AI Delta. On a final note all three of the Flint children share the same link that their father and others like him have.


Name: Korzis Ravius
Age: 74
Species: Hybrid (Protoss/Human)
Sub-group: Relations to Poltergeist, but for most part, none.
Rank: Ex-Commander
Military specialty: Assault
Relevant info: Is honorable in battle and fights with fury and Psionics. He is the child of Zaros and Bianca "Shade" Ravius. His Psionic capabilities are great, and he is plagued by the Void-like Psionic Entity dubbed the 'Demon'. Married to Joan Molina-Ravius.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: Reckoning (Fetus and baby), Z&Z 2, PKA Second Class, Techsuit, FOCC

Name: Kayla Ravius
Age: 23
Species: Hybrid (Protoss/Human)
Sub-group: None
Rank: Lacking
Military specialty: None
Relevant info: She holds an allegance to no one and has a rebellious streak. She is the youngest child of Joan Molina-Ravius and Korzis Ravius. She is the only child to have been plagued by the entity dubbed the 'Demon'. She has the odd capability to remove the Psionic capabilites around her when it is wished.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: None

Name: Zaros
Age: 85
Species: Hybrid (Human/???)
Sub-group: Himself
Military Ranking: Mercenary
Military Specialty: Psionic & Melee Combat
Relevant Info: Zaros is the father to Korzis Ravius and Cynthia Ravius. Shows ability to control the 'Demon' if it breaks out within him. He is an astounding swordsman and has gained relations with multiple groups, but is not loyal to any. His old supression of emotion has waned and he now shows it once more.
Previous RPs: PKA, Reckoning, PKA Second Class, FOCC
Character Sheet 2
Name/all accepted aliases: Stefan Alexander
Age: Looks about 25-30, actually about 100 years old.
Species: "Human" (Zerg DNA based super soldier)
Sub-group: Former PKA student, mercenary
Rank: (None) mercenary
Military specialty: Assault, support, demolitions, etc.
Relevant info: Godfather of Amanda Remington Reaver.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: PKASC

Name: Amanda Remington Reaver
Age: 42
Species: Human
Sub-group: N/A merc
Rank: N/A merc
Military specialty: Marksman, Assault, Infiltration, Tech expert
Relevant info: Daughter of Terance Reaver and Alicia Remington. Goddaughter of Stefan Alexander. Twin sister of Apollo James Reaver. A powerful empath who takes after her mother.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: None

Brood Mother
As Protoss and Terrans have come to dominate the Sector, the Swarm has been forced to adapt. The olden days of invasion and BLARGRARGARG have gone, and the new days have arrived, careful, quiet, and lethal. When the Queen of Blades departed to seek the ancient, godlike enemy of the Zerg, many broods remained behind, charged with the maintenance of the Swarm in the Koprulu Sector.
A new breed of Brood Mother arose, the Acquirer. These Zerg take their small but highly specialized broods from world to world, seeking powerful essence for the Swarm. Shal'thas has brought much essence to the swarm in her years as an Acquirer. Her quests for new strains have often brought her into conflict with Madness, Poltergeist, and even other broods. Now she seeks the ultimate prize: the essence of one of the ruling Splitter castes.

Who knows?
Invasion Force
THe Scourge have always been willing to question orders, and it is their unique perspective on rebellion that truly makes them so effective at the art of temptation. Melekor founded the Silvertongue subcaste of Scourge, and is a master at confusing enemies, causing them to question their masters, and even at convincing mortal foes to defect to the Splitters. As a result, he has a significant retinue, and its members are a rainbow of races. Melekor never kills an enemy if he thinks they can be turned, with two exceptions:
If they kill a valuable servant, he may forget himself in his anger.
If his life is threatened, his "peaceful, friendly nature" goes out the window.
Melekor does not hesitate to sacrifice expendable servants, particularly other Splitters, but only when he orders it. If he thinks he can save them, he will risk serious bodily harm to protect them. He is slow to fight, preferring "diplomacy," but when provoked is a terrible foe.

Name/all accepted aliases: Myra 'Huntress' Tyraz
Age: 20
Species: Mozan
Sub-group: Poltergeist
Rank: N/A, PART division
Military specialty: Hunter, Stealth, Ranged Support, Field Repair
Relevant info: Uses a high powered plasma Bow and twin combat knives. Myra is the first non-human (since hybrids apparently count as human) to become a member of the PART Division of Poltergeist. A group of Mozan and Poltergeist, specifically PART Division, scientists worked together on a special suit for Myra that would allow her to use the PART Division mechs. The suit is skin tight and shows off her body but provides unparalleled defense and better strength enhancement than most full sized power armor suits. It also houses a Mozan Infiltrator cloaking device powerful enough to hide her mech while she is using it (Hides scent and acts as normal cloak). (Not quite sure how to say the Suit works but perhaps that could be covered in the RP?)
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: None

Name/all accepted aliases: Jake Matsu
Age: 75 (looks to be in his twenties)
Species: 'Changeling' Hybrid
Sub-group: Merc
Rank: N/A
Military specialty: Infiltration, Assault, demolition
Relevant info:
Appearance: short messy black hair, 5'11", slight build, shining amber eyes, generally wears slightly loose clothes,

Name/all accepted aliases: Victoria Wolfe
Age: 53 (looks to be about 20)
Species: Terran/Protoss Hybrid
Sub-group: Poltergeist
Rank: (not sure what to put here)
Military specialty: Infiltration, Medic
Relevant info: Silver hair with Protoss psi-tendrils mixed in and generally hidden like her twin sister and mother. She and her twin sister also inherited their mother's eyes. She is the oldest in the group of triplets formed by herself, her sister Tina and her brother Daniel. Victoria uses twin warp katanas a Terrorwind silenced pistol and a KT-7 'Stormwind' Assault Rifle. She also inherited her fathers love for medicine and has trained extensively in the field of medicine as well as combat. Both wear a STLH-7 'Apparition' Hostile Environment Stealth Combat Suit.

Name/all accepted aliases: Sylvaria 'Sylv, Sylva, Sylvia' Wolfe
Age: 53 (Looks to be 20)
Species: Terran/Protoss Hybrid
Sub-group: Poltergeist
Rank: (not sure what to put)
Military specialty: Infiltration and Assault
Relevant info: Looks exactly like her twin sister Victoria. Sylvaria uses two khaydarin crystal imbued braclets that allow for a myriad of psionic/void energy melee weapons, a terrorwind silenced pistol and a MR-20 'Ripper' Assault Rifle(Equiped with Rip-field mines).
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: PKASC


Name: Scylla
Age: Unknown
Race: Zerg
Sub-group: Swarm Zerg
Specialty: Commanding forces.
Relevant Info: She was a simple Hydralisk until at ome point in her life as a lab specimen she was injected with some of the DNA of the Overmind. She grudgingly joined the Swarm to help fight Amon and has been in alliance ever since. This is mostly due to the fact if she tried to leave she would get killed and due to the fact that she often will provide and be provide with new Strains. She and her 2 Broods currently reside hidden from all but the Swarm on the cave ridden rock known as Tordias
Previous RPs: None


Name: Apollo James Reaver
Age: 42
Species: Human
Sub-group: Mercenary
Rank: N/A
Military Specialty: Rapid Assault, Blademaster, Urban Assault Specialist, Expert Hacker
Relevant Info: Son of Terance Reaver and Alicia Remington and twin to Amanda Remington Reaver. Godson to Stefan Alexander.

Name/all accepted aliases: Remus, Brood Master
Age (in standard years): Unknown
Species: Zerg
Sub-group): Zerg Swarm (By terms of alliance)
Rank: Brood Master
Military specialty: Assault, disguise, subversion, infiltration, sabotage
Relevant info: Albino Zergling combined with certain aspects of the Changeling strain, white coloration with red eyes, can change into the smaller strains of his brood.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein (PKA, Reckoning, Z & Z 2, PKASC, Techsuit, FOCC): None

Name/all accepted aliases: Cynthia, Keeper's Maid
Age (in standard years): Data is insignificant and out of date and is impossible to collect.
Species: None in theory, yet human in shape
Sub-group: Left all behind when she died(again).
Rank: Off the record
Military specialty: Infiltration, Saboteur, Witch
Relevant info: Is(Was) the daughter of Shade and Zaros, yet on one fateful day she died at he hands of an enemy worse than the ones that her mother and father had to face before she was born. She was then brought back by Zack... let's just say that he for her and thus entered the Void with Cynthia. He couldn't take no for an answer... even when all that was on Cynthia's mind was revenge, cold blooded murderous revenge! Anyway... once brought back she was now a Changeling but now she was no longer apart of anything it seemed... everything was gone to her... Then of course she would later regain it all back only to lose it again... willingly this time. Revenge was over... though no one really knows what she and Korzis did back there... what happened to the Twins? What did the Twins do to the Twins? Though it seemed that the entity was waiting... the one that gave her a second chance... no one else knew why it came after her right after the deed was done... joy, anger? All they know is that the Keeper could be seen by all the students that fought against the Consortium. Cynthia let him take her back... after enacting her revenge she found out she didn't want it... She has not been heard from again except by a few people that were given the privilege... but who?
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: PKA (In a sense) Reckoning, Z & Z 2, PKASC
Character Sheet 3

^Crymson Raven^
Name/all accepted aliases: Chaileen, Prophet
Age (in standard years): 15
Species: Human
Sub-group: None, though she has popped on the Poltergeist Radar a number of times... no one knows why or how. Yet there is something special about this girl.
Rank: Civilian
Military specialty: None
Relevant info: Chaileen isn't psionic in any way, shape, or form... but she can hear voices at night... during the day... in her dreams... haunting her! The scream and wails of terror and death! The sounds of love and family... Chaileen could hear one voice in particular... one that helped to keep her insanity from taking over and destroying both mind and body. This voice just dubbed itself as... the Keeper's Maid. Poltergeist in its own way... mostly Umbra if you think about it... was pretty devastated by Cynthia dying... again. And Cynthia was her redemption... without that redemption... what was she but a cannibal? *shivers* Enough about the cannibal part... let's talk about the really interesting $%^- man. Now this girl... this Chaileen was enough to warrent Poltergeists interest in a negative and positive way... plus there was no telling what Umbra would do to the poor girl if she found out... now to avoid speaking out against chain of command... I shall delete a section of this dossier while keeping the real copy safe.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: None

Digon Nashon, 8 Spades
Squad Captain, that is if the Splitters had a rank
Hit & Run, Sabotage
We live! We hunt! We kill! We shoot! We cut! We murder! We love! We hurt! WE ARE THE PACK!
Digon leads a pack of Berskers and Drones where he would never enlist the aid of a Scourge as they were always unpredictable. He is the Alpha Male! HE IS THE ONE THAT GETS TO LEAD! He leads from a customized frigate named the... wait, what was that? You tried to name a splitter ship? HOW COULD YOU DO THAT! THAT IS STUPID! To bad... this is we's ship! Okay... sorry about that... the name would surely be the Spade. Simple... elegant... serious. While he has two other customized ships under his command that hold some of his troops... mostly the drones as they are disgusting swill! Anyway, the ships are the Diamond and the Heart, less of a threat which is good! BLARGH!
The Spade had most of the Beserkers under his command while the others are on the other two corvettes to keep them in line. Digon enjoys in murder and death and blood! He'll tear off the skin of their flesh and tear off their finger nails and shove them in their eye balls! But he does have a notable weakness.. one which he shares with his stronger males... he indulges in his slaves... mostly female. Ah don't you even start!! Get your mind out of the gutter this instant! He found the females to have a elegant and graceful way of expressing their bodies... they move with such beauty that it quiets the beast within... pacifies this dangerous species of hate and violence.
Works of soft music... just like his entrance... soft and dangerous. He would rather save these lowly human slaves than his own race... sad... ain't it? But these slaves kept him alive by giving him another chance to rest and spill more blood! He even gave the ladies a show... one that brought moments of joy. The screams and the tears... he would torture prisoners in front of them as they performed with the blood spilling all over their bodies, the light gleaming off of blood and flesh... true beauty...

Tris Sharlon, Witch
27 years of age
Poltergeist [Dishonorably Discharged, Current Location: Brig]; was selected for PART’s Division for experiment
Stripped of all Rank
Biological Warfare, Search & Rescue, Search & Destroy
Was discharged and put to the brig for life for the killing of a superior officer and of her squad leader and squad. Has a tendency to explode in a flash of rage. She was also known to torture prisoners for information, even going to the extremes of killing them. Is not liked for her unorthodox methods and can be reasoned with, thus making her a dangerous threat. Keep a close eye on her.
Is not psionic yet she has a rare mutation that blocks out empaths or telepaths ability to read her emotions. Yet they are still able to read her mind.
Has no other history with Poltergeist.

Name/all accepted aliases: Adelric Ravius-Lierth.
Age: 53
Sex: Male
Species: Hybrid (Will explain in backstory)
Sub-group: Mercenary for the Government
Rank: None
Military specialty: Mercenary Leader, Vanguard, Assassin
Relevant info: The last name of Adelric is a mystery and is a mystery amongst Poltergeist Records as no information could be found on this individual. In fact, he doesn't exist in any known recorded records in the Koprulu Sector. Adelric has striking resemblances to two individuals recorded. Cynthia Ravius, and Mira Lierth.
Personal History: Was the embryo within Cynthia Ravius around fifty-three years ago though was removed surgically and inserted into the womb of one insane Mira Lierth. The procedure that happened during it though was through the use of the Purity Serum. A serum that when injected would make someone completely human instead of a hybrid like many of Poltergeist. The truth struck in that it did in fact work, on Cynthia. No information was brought around that it actually completely eradicated the Protoss DNA within this Adelric since the embryo was still growing. But in fact it hid certain genetic traits from the naked eye and did in fact eradicate certain genes; the Protoss genetics hid within the human genetics by successfully merging within them for survival. Thus the amount present is minuscule compared to Cynthia; the child still retained a few traits for example: Could live longer and looked long, higher focus on Psionics as well as more uses.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: PKASC as a fetus.


Name- Daniel Wolfe
Age- 53
Faction- Poltergeist
Previous rp – PKASC
Race- 2/3 human 1/3 Protoss
Skills- Mechanics, Electronics, hand to hand combat training, EMT training and Cooking
Appearance- About 5’11” shaved head with a long mustache and goatee. Hair is grayish sliver he is also very muscular with blue eyes. Looks early 20s
Weapons- Rocket pod (marauder weapon modified to fire rockets not grenades.) Flame throw built under the rocket pod.
.50 hunters pistol and hand to hand
Armor- MHF-3 armor an upgraded version of Marauder armor easier to put on and take off

Name: Ceas
Age: 99 standard years
Race: Protoss Automaton
Sub-group: Prototype Sentry
Relevant Info: Originally made to serve as an emissary between the Protoss and Terran, but repurposed to collect data from across the sector to add to the massive database known as the Protoss Archive. Was given an advanced Scout by Ceneris, a fellow archivist who mysteriously went missing while investigating a derelict Xel'Naga Worldship. Lost significant amounts of equipment after taking critical damage in a battle, but has since regained most it. More fragile than normal Sentry, but capable of sustained flight, and much faster and better armed.
Previous RPs: PanKoprulu Academy, PanKoprulu Academy: Second Class

I shake my head and stand up angrily, opening a doorway to my library. Turning on Amanda, my helmet drops and I meet her gaze levely. "You want to know what happens when you change? Go ask your parents. They were there when I changed Cynthia, made her one of us. You saw John Flint Sr. die. He was a near perfect hybrid, yet he was still capable of death. You still have things to live and die for Amanda, and changing into a Hybrid only causes you to loose them. Remember that." Stepping through the doorway, it snaps shut, the sizzle of the energy rebound loud in the silence left behind.
I sigh and shake my head;
"All I'm looking for is to live as long as you..."
I say softly to Leah and curl up against her.

Honestly, if the sub plot isn't done, it isn't done. There was ample opportunity given, and it's not everyone else's fault that it wasn't taken, nor is it CR's fault reality is more important than a damned roleplay. My two cents.

What talk you bout?

CR isn't even involved in that plot.
the attero device affects hyperdrive NOT warpdrives. I guess a device could be developed along the same lines for a warp drive but it would likely affect all warpdrives.

I sigh as my ship drops out of warp in orbit around an old terran world with a destroyed science facility on the surface. "Seems we are all both going back to our beginnings." I say for little to no reason as I set my ship on a course to land near the facility. I go back and sit beside Cynthia.
10/15/2013 07:30 AMPosted by TheLostMorph
the attero device affects hyperdrive NOT warpdrives.

There are no hyperdrives in SC. Warpdrives are the equivalent.

10/15/2013 07:30 AMPosted by TheLostMorph
I guess a device could be developed along the same lines for a warp drive but it would likely affect all warpdrives.

I agree. I don't understand: is this contesting something I said, or just an establishment of fact?

Honestly, if the sub plot isn't done, it isn't done. There was ample opportunity given, and it's not everyone else's fault that it wasn't taken, nor is it CR's fault reality is more important than a damned roleplay. My two cents.

What talk you bout?

CR isn't even involved in that plot.

I'm referring the subplot that Mecha bugged CR about in the Bar and here every day for two weeks.
Not every day you !@#.
I sigh slightly as I wrap my arms around Amanda.
"I guess if you did choose to do it then I couldn't really stop you..."
10/15/2013 02:01 PMPosted by FegelKitteh
Not every day you !@#.
You sure it wasn't everyday? Because every time I read either the bar or this, I saw you bugging CR. So yeah, every day.
Curling up, I snuggle closer;
"I'll talk to Stef about it when I get the chance... whatever was done to him obviously stopped his aging process, so there might be an option there..."
Hm.... I will design a breed using the Splitters' DNA, but for now, a fleet needs to be raised. Have you heard from the humans of the Poltergeist? The Cerebrate sends, a new breed already within its mind. Soon it would begin progress on spinning its essence into reality and birth it into the world.
"Maybe... " I say as I start to stroke her hair.
Ivan:The woman wailed "My baby is back in the city!" Terars were streaming from her eyes and she continued to cry. "We don't have time to go back, the Zerg most likely have infested the entire city so far!" Tony yelled angrily at her.\

Scylla: We already have twenty Leviathans and three Behemoths but you are right, the Terrans and Protoss are too strong for us to attack right now Our Infested Terrans have been monitoring their communications and currently the Poltergeist and some rogue Brood are in the middle of an assault on a Splitter fleet. Nyx chimed in with her shrill voice
I glare towards the man that yelled at the woman menacingly before turning back to her.
"I'm... I'm sorry for your loss mamme but I can't risk going back and the zerg were taking over the planet. Going back now would be a suicide mission. If there is anything else I can do let me know." Turning away from her I turn back to the man grabbing him by his arm dragging him away from the others.
"I don't know how long you have been a leader but I'll tell you right now that yelling at that woman like that wasn't your best move." I say quietly before pushing his arm back to him.
Actually, we fell back Mecha, or did you miss that part?
"I am her employer and while I don't know what you believe but on our moon we can treat our employees however we like and since I am still her employer I have the right to yell at my employees!" He snorts angrily at Ivan, his glare like high powered laser beams.

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