Lottery Defense secret Fusions!

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anyone know any?

So far I only know tauren marine= warmonger +2 marauders
and dark immortal = 4 immortals
lurker (tier2) + 2 hydra = swarmhost
--Dark Immortal--
4x Immortal

--Tauren Spacemarine--
2x Marauder
1x Warmonger

3x Immotal
2x Tassadar

--Swarm Host--
1x (Primal) Lurker
2x Hydralisk

2x Alexei Stukov
3x Jim Raynor

--Tauren Toilet--
2x Tauren Spacemarine
1x Dark Immortal

--Widow mine--
12x Spider mine

2x Spectre
3x Hammer securities

4x Sparta Company
4x Hammer Securities

--HanWinneR's NUKE SYSTEM--
1x Garbage
1x Tauren Toilet

2x HybridDominator
3x Zeratul

2x Archon
1x Karas
1x Dark Stalker

--K5 Kerrigan--
1x Leviathan
1x Hybrid Reaver
2x Kerrigan

--Drakken Laser Drill--
2x A.R.E.S
3x Siege Breaker

1x Hyperion
3x Alexei Stukov

1x HybridDominator
4x Stone Zealot
*I couldn't get this working, please test it yourself and post you solution here, thanks!*

--Theory #1--
1x Nova
1x Hyperion
1x Void Seeker
1x Leviathan
is Lottery Defense an arcade game ?
Colossus works! Just gotta bundle up the unit and move around the station a bit.
I can confirm that the 4 unique units do not combine into anything, or at least I couldn't get them too.


1x Nova
1x Hyperion
1x Void Seeker
1x Leviathan

as far as I can tell will not produce a unit, but chances are if you got these 4 anyway you've probably already completed round 40 and are ready to move up in difficulty.
Its not the Difficulty its the Length you make it.

2 widow mines
1 arch angel
2 war hound

War hound
2 spartin company
1 norm seige tank in seige mode

2 swarm host burrowed
Ravasaur burrowed
Would like to add for artifact you get then first 3 from the first 3 lottos, the 4th from a hell combo, and the fifth from the one above that i.e. gorgon, k5 Kerrigan. It does 3000dmg/sec to all units.
thank you very much for all the combos

second time got to round 75 very easy mode
i have 2 motherships
2 gorgons
1 k5 kerrigan
1 raven
died with -83 life
manage to do better than before
I want more secret combos!!
I am pretty sure lvl 75 is not possible, ended with -264 lifes at this point they were spawning 12 at a time, and regen fully (100,000 hp, 100,000 shields) in 2 seconds. They got so numerous they stopped moving and starting spawning in the middle. BTW I had 2 k5 kerrigans 1 mothership and the artifact.
Is there any secret fusion involving voids seek?
finally passed round 75,
mode: very easy
but died at round 79

i have:
1 vile roach
1 tychus
1 colo
1 raven
1 void seeker
1 tempest
1 hyperion, rdy to upgrade to gorgon, but didn't have time
2 k5 kerrigans
3 draken drills(they are quite useful)

dead with -383 life lol
time: 3h 28m
i have better luck in korean region
does anyone know what advence on speciality do?
This colossus work!!!

what does the golden card specialty do?
Just ended up at round 79, with -170life.

2 x K5 kerrigan
2 x Hyperion
1 x Tychus
1 x Nova

plus some garbages make 0 damge.

I think if you have 3 K5 kerrigan, may beat round 80.
I got to round 84

I had:
1x Gorgon
1x K5
2x raven
1x leviathan
1x nuke system
3x draken laser drill
And the artifact

Both Zerg and mech fully upgraded

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