Mar Sara Wastes -=- 7v7 Melee Map -=-

Map Showcase
Another bump!


    Changed bottom left base aesthetics
    Removed some misplaced doodads and effects
    Changed amount of gold minerals in base

If anybody ever plays this, I'd really like to know.
Its now an Arcade map!
I see it. No FFA option? :(
All right, now its not an Arcade map since 1.5 broke melee maps. sigh
Is there anybody that still plays this map? :D

(and super mega bump)
I still do play this map and i enjoy it quite a bit. (I love spacious maps)
Mega bump, not sure if the map is even still on the listings, it's been so long since I last played SC2.

Also, this should be in the Melee Map Showcase.

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