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Stranded on Krydon is a 4-player coop survival map. You are a survivor; a simple SCV. On the way to a colony on a distant planet, your transport ship was attacked by Zerg and crashed on the planet of Krydon.

Krydon housed a large Terran colony in the past; now, it's swarming with Zerg. You can still find remains of this colony and you'll definitely need to use them to stay alive. You'll need to find supplies, resources and other buildings in order to build up a proper defense against the constant waves of Zerg attacks.

Your goal is to be rescued. You'll need to find enough materials to build Rescue Beacons in order to send out a distress call. Just hope that the Zerg don't intercept your message first...


Everything in this map (except for the terrain) is generated procedurally. Enemies, resources, doodads, etc, are created when you start the map, so you can't always rely on the same strategy - you'll need to improvise every time you play.


This map is available on the US servers, and you can play with 1 to 4 players. It's possible to beat the map when playing by yourself, but it's easier with more players.

Basic tips:

-As a survivor, your gun is your best friend. Use your shoot skill to defend yourself.
-Explore the map. You'll need to find minerals, vespene gas, supplies and more to build up a base.
-The Zerg come out at night. When night falls, run back to your base and try to stay alive.

Advanced tips:

-If your survivor reaches 0 hp, you'll be incapacitated. While incapacitated, you can't move and you'll die after 60 seconds unless someone heals or repairs you.
-Most buildings can be salvaged for 75% of their resource cost. When you've mined out an area, don't be afraid to salvage your buildings and move somewhere else.
-Areas far away from your starting point hold more resources, but they also house more Zerg.

Go try it, then come back and give me some feedback!

Have fun!


Version 8.0

Major additions:

-Added a new tier of powerful buildings, available only if you find one of the rare Fusion Cores.
-Added a new way to win the game; You can escape Krydon on your own if you manage to build a transport ship.
-Added hidden Protoss Technology. Look for a protoss Obelisk!
-Protoss units are, in general, awesome. For instance, a probe will harvest minerals twice as fast as a MULE.
-reworked Terrain, added various doodads, Added water.
-The Zerg will now send in drop pods to attempt to take down your rescue beacons. The more rescue beacons you build, the more drop pods the Zerg will send.
-Rescue beacons will now attract large Zerg monsters.

-Transport now has "Restoration Field" ability, which slowly regens health and energy of all nearby units
-Bunkers can be weaponized for 80 minerals after finding a factory.
-Difficulty lowered when playing with 1-2 players.
-Added a wave of Roaches.
-You may now run into infestors, which will attempt to cast fungal growth on you.
-Missile batteries re-worked, now have auto-cast setting, no longer do friendly fire damage.
-You may occasionally run into Zerg "Nests". A nest is a single structure (spawning pool, roach warren, hydralisk den, etc) guarded by a large amount of units.
-Destroying a Zerg nest will give you a massive amount of resources.

-Added a new loading screen (thanks abu!)
-Added a new website, www.StrandedOnKrydon.com, where you can get the latest news on the map.

Balance changes:

-slightly more mineral patches will appear.
-rich mineral fields are now slightly less rich.
-mineral shard pickups now yield 50 minerals instead of 100. (gas pods still yield 100)
-Salvaging a Factory or Science Facility no longer yields bonus supply.
-Supply Depots can be salvaged. Doing so destroys the depot but allows you to keep 50% of its normal supply. When you salvage a depot, you lose only 4 supply instead losing 8 supply when it is destroyed. (this is useful when you don't want to defend a depot)
-Rescue Beacons now take up 4 supply.
-Perdition Turrets no longer require a Factory.
-Perdition Turrets now cost 40 minerals and 20 gas, changed from 80 minerals.
-Automated Siege Tanks now require a Factory.
-Cost of repairing with SCVs and Mules reduced by 60%
-The final wave is now beatable (in theory)
-creep tumors are now buried; you need a detector (scanner, missile turret, raven or other) in order to kill them.
-creep now recedes very, very fast once the creep source is destroyed
-zerg buildings without creep lose health very, very quickly
-The Mind Control ability now costs 200 energy (down from 400 energy)
-Psi disrupter cost changed to 25 minerals and 50 gas (was 75 minerals 25 gas)
-Psi Disrupter now deals damage over time to all units in range
-Healbot cost changed to 50 minerals and 100 gas (was 100 minerals 75 gas)
-Healbot starting energy and energy regen increased
-Healbot movement speed increased to match predator (updated the size to match the new speed)
-Healbots should no longer heal buildings under construction
-Warp Manipulator now has a powerful attack
-Warp Manipulator now requires protoss technology to build
-Resource stockpile now flies slightly faster
-Factories and Science Facilities will now be guarded by Roaches.
-Lowered the cast time on Survivor's shoot skill (try it out on the new overlords in the starting area!)
-Increased survivor's shoot damage from 25 to 26 (you kill overlords in 4 shots instead of 5)

Minor improvements/bugfixes:

-Added message when a survivor is saved from near death.
-Fixed bugs with rescuing abandoned buildings (building should no longer be de-selected or move when rescued)
-Mind controlled Zerg will no longer flee at sunrise.
-Messages like "The Sun Rises, the Zerg Retreat!" and "Night has fallen, the Zerg Approach!" will now disappear after 15 seconds.
-You can now build resource stockpiles close to rich mineral fields.
-survivors can now shoot from inside bunkers.
-Changed the bunker tooltip to "Strong wall" (bunkers are meant as a natural progression from barricades)
-adjusted the spawn zones of different objects (supply depots will spawn closer to the center, rich mineral fields farther, science facilities/factories further away.
-Zerg attacks will now be slightly more unpredictable.
-Zerg attacks will go after your buildings as well instead of going straight for the survivors.
-Zerg units should no longer mass up around downed survivors.
-Attempting to salvage a factory/science facility that is currently producing units will instead cancel the unit (this is my favorite patch note)
-Sunrise should be slightly less laggy on later waves
-retreating units will eventually disappear to free up computer resources. (I accidentally hit the limit on how many units can exist at once, whoops)
-banelings will now go after structures if no units are present. Yes, this makes banelings even more dangerous :)
-Fixed a bug where right clicking on the ship didn't return a survivor's cargo.
-If you start a game with less than 4 players, the starting units of missing players will be defaulted to the remaining players (example: if you play alone, you'll control all the starting barricades)
-Fixed a bug where Perdition Turrets would burrow when built and never unburrow even when attacked.
-Salvo ability renamed "Barrage", hotkey changed to B (S hotkey conflicted with stop)
-Changed perdition turret hotkey to D instead of T (conflict with Missile Turrets)
-Cleaned up some building actors (missing models, missing sounds, wrong models, etc)
-added range indicators to auto-turrets, restorers, siege tanks and missile batteries

You can always find the latest changelog at www.StrandedOnKrydon.com
Anyone try this?
guess not
Now, now... Do not give up hope, sir, and do not let the stupid Popularity system get the best of you! I'm willing to test your baby out later today, but, the truth is, I could use some more players to help me.
Hey, I just tried it alone: it's actually fun and addictive, if not a bit rough on the edge. Kinda reminds me of Left 2 Die, but more focused on salvaging and survival. I like it!

Now, if only I could get teammates: because alone, I get my ass handed by the third wave.

In any case, Nag, you now have at least one fan. :)
Will definitely try it with friends soon. Sounds like my sort of map.
This sounds kind of neat. Anyone who wants to try this out should add me and we can give it a try later. Is there a trick to finding this map on the list, or do I just need to keep scrolling down?
I usually just create a game and use the Search function. As it is now, "Join Game" is a pain to browse through.
Third run, still solo: this time, I didn't get past the Hydralisk wave. I gotta admit, it was a bit my fault, as by that time I had the opportunity to start building a rescue beacon, but chose not to. Guess I was too busy enjoying myself to care about rescue! :)

One problem I have currently with the map is how awkward the transition between night and day is. As sun is about to rise, they could be obliterating your base, then, all of a sudden, they would just spread out as if nothing happened for the last three minutes. While I do appreciate the respite, I kinda find that behavior utterly nonsensical.

The Outbreak avoided that issue by instantly killing off its attacking waves at sunrise. Perhaps you could come up with something similar?
Just tested it. I kind of hated the Shoot spell. In order to make it more user-friendly, you might want to consider to make it shoot in the direction you've aimed and just hit the first target it reaches?
If you need help to do that, I have a nice wiki for you, just ask. ;)
This sounds kind of neat. Anyone who wants to try this out should add me and we can give it a try later. Is there a trick to finding this map on the list, or do I just need to keep scrolling down?

We'll need your character's code as well.

Mine is 983.
This sounds kind of neat. Anyone who wants to try this out should add me and we can give it a try later. Is there a trick to finding this map on the list, or do I just need to keep scrolling down?

We'll need your character's code as well.

Mine is 983.

His is 808. ;)
And yours?
Played it with 3 friends. Definitely has potential, but needs a few things. We'll write you a wall of text soon.
Hello Nagnazul,
Three of my other friends and I just played your map a few times. We really liked the concept of a planet survival game against the Zerg, and I bet I know where you got the idea :-p. We had some suggestions for you if you are accepting feedback:

- First off, please allow us to be on one team within the lobby. Not sure if you realized this, but we cannot use the in-game voice chat across teams, so it was really hard trying to communicate. We eventually all just switched to vent since we disliked typing in a game with so many things happening in a timed manner.
- I would also personally suggest you make everything from the start shared control so that remodeling the base is a little easier. It was just a hassle for me to keep asking my teammates to salvage something for me so that I could close a gap or build something back at base, when they were taking care of their own stuff elsewhere. I eventually told them to give shared control manually.
- We liked the random mineral placement and there being small pockets of resources. We think it would be more interesting if you made the Resource Stockpiles require landing in order to drop off minerals, since it would add a little bit more danger, and it was a little too easy to harvest everything with the building just hovering around our worker.
- Also, this might be a bug or something you plan to fix later, but there were a lot of resources out of reach on cliffs. I thought maybe we had to pack up our SCVs into our command centers, but that ability was disabled. My friend actually got stranded in Zerg territory and died because he was trying to find a ramp up one of these resource-rich cliffs...maybe you could prevent the spawning of stuff up on those cliffs?
- We're not sure if the game was supposed to get harder with four players, but it felt a little too easy once we knew what we were doing. Maybe make the nights longer / days shorter with more players? Make the attacks more intense? Maybe you are saving this for a tuning phase later on.
- We also didn't think defending the "main" base felt all that important. My friends often just built small bastions of defense outside near Zerg territory. Maybe make it so that you lose the game if you lose your ship? Also, I thought it would be interesting if maybe there was a small "safer" zone around the ship, maybe due to some psi emitter the ship was carrying, so that larger Zerg were repelled by it in an area around the ship. This way you could have stronger Zerg attack random things outside that safe zone and prevent camping out elsewhere, and it would make defending the main base more important.
- We also felt a little lost once the reinforcements came :-p. We were all kind of like, "what now?" Maybe make a little back story during the loading screen. Just a paragraph with something like, "You and your fellow workers have crash landed on Krydon, a planet in the process of being infested by the Zerg. You were carrying a valuable weapon in the fight against the Zerg and need to salvage what you can around you to build rescue beacons to signal for reinforcements and wipe out the Zerg!"
- I was also not sure if this was intended, but I seemed to get 3 times as many units at the end since I built 3 rescue beacons :-p. I realize the game is supposed to be about surviving and holding out against the Zerg, but it seemed a little lackluster once we reached the end and just steamrolled through the Zerg to their hives. Not really sure of a good way to end this map otherwise, but getting some super awesome units to take out the Zerg is always fun :-D.

Overall, we thought it was very fun, but a little too easy. Maybe they will chime in later with their own comments, but those are the ones I think we all voiced while playing it through a few times. Hope that helps!
- Also, I think we all liked the idea of finding the abandoned structures to get access to better tech. Maybe make 1-2 more tiers of abandoned tech buildings deeper in Zerg territory? Getting everything unlocked with just one factory seemed a little too easy. Maybe make them slightly damaged (enough so that they are on fire visually, but don't lose life like all Terran buildings do) to get that abandoned structure feel.
- I'm actually not sure myself if the MULES were temporary, since I never built one, but I think they should be. They should last long enough for them to be useful and remake that 100 crystal cost, but it might be a little too easy in terms of harvesting if they were around the whole time.
- For the Rescue Beacons, I'm not sure how you have them calculate the rescue time, but I think it would be best to start with maybe a 30 minute timer, and have subsequent beacons shave off 5 minutes each off that timer? I think it started off at around an hour, and the next one I think took off a percentage of that time? Maybe something you are saving for a tuning phase once again.

Also, just for comparisons sake, I think we got to maybe one hydralisk attacking our base by the time we got the reinforcements? I think afterwards some Ultralisk and Roaches started coming, but I think that might have been triggered by the reinforcements, and not due to the regular night and day cycles. Hope this helps too!
Gotta agree with Laserwolf on everything but the difficulty: even the three of us, including a super efficient defense builder, got wiped out by combined hydralisk-mutalisk waves. With all the Overlords and Overseers drawing fire, it was crazy!

Otherwise, yeah, you need to make teamplay easier. It's impossible to share supplies, unless you find a supply depot, and you can't see your teammates' resources.
Do you have an estimated total play time, JohnnyZeWolf? We actually never got to the hydralisk or mutalisk, which is weird. Like I said in my description, I think at most we were being attacked by one hydra by the time we "finished" the game by getting the reinforcements. I think we may have simply built more beacons to shorten that timer by so much that we missed the hydras and mutas completely. Just to toss some numbers out here:

First game: 23:31, we got swarmed since we concentrated too much on collecting and not on building defenses
Second game: 12:20, this is where my friend got stranded in Zerg territory, died, and had another teammate also die trying to get to him....
Third game: 31:41, successful reinforcement along with destruction of the Zerg!

Not sure when each wave is supposed to upgrade to the next tier of Zerg units, but hopefully this will help with that.
Also, in response to JohnnyZeWolf's last comment, maybe make a small table listing everyone's resources? Or, even better, just make everyone share resources! You could even maybe give people the option of full shared control (both units and resources), or have it be more personal and let everyone kind of deal with their own resources (like the way you have it set now, probably better for gameplay with random people).

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