I want to change the language of my game

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I want to change the language of my game because the translation sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starcraft 2 has different regional versions, each with their own language. There are no options to change the language of the game, but you can install the client for a specific language.

I see you're in the US region so you can uninstall your current game client and then install the English version if you wish. To do that, set the regional setting of the website to "English US" in the bottom right corner of this webpage. Then click on the account option at the top of the page and log in. Once you select Starcraft 2, you should see an option for the English download.

JonD, But what if you bought Starcraft 2 in Latin America? I live in a Latin country and I bought this game here..I have the game in spanish and I want the game in english.. what can I do about that?
I have the US English Version, however I want to change it to Korean language, is that possible? I live in Canada
Any answer to this?
how is this possible, somehow my language has changed to Chinese, I don't know how this is possible, is this some sort of glitch?
Okay, im typing in Korean suddenly. I need to switch back, someone help.
For everyone who is accidentally typing Korean, restart and it should type in English.
I live in the US region but want a language change to german. is it possible to do this without changing regions???
is there a way to change it to korean on the US server?
Now you can download the game in any language .... but YOU WILL NOT BE AUTHORIZED to play the game... go figure!
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I live in the US region but want a language change to german. is it possible to do this without changing regions???

apparently you cant change your language... or maybe there is a langueage pack or something
You can change the language by modifying the game files, you just download the language pack and replace it. but it's against the ToS to modify files, so you make sure having the game in a language you don't speak is worth it.
wtf blizzard?
i have same question you got an answer?
ZeqeMayka, you can change these variables, and see if that helps.
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I Live in Latin America and cannot tolerate neither Spanish nor Portuguese for starcraft... i just sounds wrong listening to it. I do not even understand why the language settings are so restricted to areas... what is the problem if i want my whole game to be in English ?

so... Is there anyway to change language to English without hurting the ToS or changing Areas ?

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