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Application form
Clearance: [Determines what level you can enter in the research facility, leave blank.]
*Psionic characters are not available in this RP.

Security Guard: A member of the security team. Security guards have the capacity to utilize the CMC series powersuits at any time but otherwise are equipped with light CMC combat armor in their day to day operations.

[insert here] A researcher, a biologist, an intern, an undercover reporter, etc., are some occupations you can play with.
Near the End of HoTS....

Traveling some half an hour from the colony ships docking bays, you have reached your destination: Kirmwell, an agricultural colony that has a sizable mining operation on the planet Myrax. The bus follows the road and you you gaze outside the windows as the bus stops on and off, noting the tractors, mid sized houses, a tavern, a school, other places of interest and finally, the true destination, research station A-32

There are a few others onboard and they exit the bus with their gear. You follow suit and a marine awaits near the entrance. He motions the group to follow him through the heavily enforced neosteel doors and some time later, he leads you to a door. A sign hangs over the door and printed clearly on the label is “Processing Center”.

The marine turns towards the group and yawns. He takes out a PDA and mutters to himself. Through the visor, the marine's eyes look quite bored. “Alright then newcomers, this is for clearance to make sure you can work here. We just gotta make sure you are who you are. Typical background checks. Regular stuff. You know the drill. Just make sure to look it in the eye."

The marine looks back at the PDA and barks, "Katherine Mann, through the door!”

[Everyone is waiting for their turn. They can attempt to make conversation/do something or simply wait until I DM the characters into the room.]
All sections below will be updated with relevant info as the RP progresses. The information below reflects what the RPers' character knows, for the most part
The facility A-32 is located Myrax, a temperate planet. The facility is located within a grassland biome where large, rolling terrain of grasses, flowers and herbs undulate for miles and spots of trees dot the horizon alongside hills and mountains.

Weather; Local time: 2100, 0 degrees celsius. Season: Spring, soon to be Winter

Star Station:
The major airport hub located several kilometers north of Kirmwell. It is fortified as a military airport should be.

    1. Bravo's Tavern: The only tavern in Kirmwell.
    2. Residential Area- Living quarters for the residents of Kirmwell. Some sixty odd houses are concentrated in the area
    3. Farmlands- Vast stretches of land has been cultivated to grow agricultural crops. With the aid of machinery, it is possible for 1 farmer to do the work that may require hundreds or even thousands in human numbers.
    4. Moore's Estuary- Named after the founder of Kirmwell, Gavin Moore. The local populace draws fresh water here for use.
    5. Other places a colony typically have.
    6. Mining Center- Located 458 meters SE of Kirmwell, access to the mining center is done using cars and it is a twenty minute trip to arrive at the mining center from Kirmwell.

Level One:
    Processing Center: ?

Player Characters:
Ryan Corinth: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/10262096151

Major NPCs:

Minor NPCs:
So you gave us the level of CMC they'll be using, what about weaponry?
Also, when does this take place in terms of the lore? (Confed, Brood Wars, Post WoL or HotS, etc)
Standard Dominion gear.

Near the end of HoTS
I believe I had a character in your other RP that looked exactly like this. If you don't mind digging that up for me? I'm not willing to put a few hours into an extremely good character just to see this die before it launches due to your disappearing. At the same time, I do want to participate. A mediocre character will have to suffice.

^The last RP I did was R2D. Do you remember anything about that RP that you are talking about?
It was almost exactly like this one. Something about zerg breaking out of a facility or something.
"...That RP was called Breakout. And it wasn't his last, his last true RP, which means not R2D, I believe was Fantasy, either that or one that died before it launched."
Name: Ryan Corinth

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Backstory: Ryan Corinth was born to a pair of middle class parents, Tim and Shauna Corinth, on Tarsonis at 12:59 am in a small, run down hospital in the year 2484. As he got older, he showed a profound talent for marksmanship and art. If he wasn't busy doodling away in a notebook, he would be out pegging cans with his sling shot when he was younger and at a shooting range shooting targets with his slugthrower his father got him when he was older. Shortly after his sixteenth birthday the news was alive with news of aliens invading Tarsonis and that all civilians were to load into APCs and evacuate to Osborne Port for transport off world.

As to be expected, Ryan's parents didn't hesitate to begin packing and were almost finished as a marine pounded on their door, yelling for them to open up. His father did just that, expecting to find a Confederate marine. Instead he was faced with the red armor of a Son of Korhal, who was trying to tell him that the Zerg had been spotted just outside the city and they needed to go. Tim, a Confederate patriot, refused to listen to a "rebel dog" and told his family to wait for the Confederacy. His mother, Shauna, on the other hand, was no fool and knew the Confederacy wasn't coming. Pulling Ryan aside, she placed his four year old sister, Vanessa, into his arms with their bags and pointed to the back door. Ryan shook his head no, but his mother forced them out. He waited until he heard his father slam the door in the marine's face to come around the corner of the house and approach him. After a short conversation, the marine escorted Ryan and his sister to the APCs. They reached the APCs as the first of the Zerg reached the suburbs. Ryan could swear up and down he could pick out the screams of his parents.

Two hours later they reached Osborne Port, his sister asleep in his arms through the whole ordeal and his face tear streaked as he thinks of his now dead parents. Following the crowd off of the APC he was on, he boarded the shuttle they were directed to and found a lonely corner to sit in, sleep the last thing on his mind as he kept his slugthrower in hand, daring someone to try something. After what seemed like eternity, the shuttle landed on the battlecruiser Thunder Child. Once all the shuttles were in the hangars, the cruiser left orbit over Tarsonis and deposited the refugees at Korhal, where Ryan and Vanessa disappeared for two years.

The next time Ryan and Vanessa were seen, the UED had been repelled and the Swarm had withdrawn to Char. Ryan enlisted into the Dominion Military, the Military allowing him to keep his sister with him as he was her only living relative. He spends most days on guard duty since his sister is still too young to be trusted by herself.

Personality: Ryan is a man of few words, preferring to learn all he can about a situation before deciding how to act. He also is very protective of anyone he can make friends with as well as his sister, Vanessa being all the family he has left. If you make him mad, don't run, he can still hit you square in the back of the head with a metal coffee mug from one hundred paces away, just ask Jenkins.

Equipment: Light CMC armor when indoors, CMC-400 on outdoors guard duty, C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle, Scythe Combat Pistol, Kbar combat knife

Occupation: Security Force


So, what you think?
10/15/2013 06:06 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
It was almost exactly like this one. Something about zerg breaking out of a facility or something.

That would be Breakout circa beginning of 2012 (wow has it really been that long?) and I am sure you were not part of it.

I'll look through my history but there's no guarantees.

I've check 6 months back. There wasn't anything that fits the description and it's unlikely there's anything else further back given that I wasn't all that active.

"Smylez, I will make a character sheet once I have found the time,currently I am watching The Big Bang Theory."
Dang it. In that case, I can't guarantee my participation. I might write a character if I find the time.
Hm... I'm torn between desire to join a Smylez RP and lack of desire to create a detailed character.

I want to just put out something mediocre, but then my app would look embarrassing next to Zarkun's.

I'll think about it.

Oh, and just in case: permission to use a Brotherhood char? Haven't used the Brotherhood in awhile.
Consider what information would be available to the Dominion files on your character if you're doing Brotherhood. A completely clandestine character is unlikely. Remember no Psionic characters.

Note that I have perhaps about an hour or two of free time everyday. Expect me to post perhaps 3-4 times a week within the available time I have.
Thanks a ton, smylez.

Hm... I feel inspired to try and figure out the relationship between the Dominion and the Brotherhood. Perhaps I should create a front organization? Perhaps a localized Brotherhood?

Do not worry, no psionics will be used and there will be files. I'm just not sure what they will be yet.
Holy Crap... Zarkun... 0_0

That looks like the best character you've ever written. I'm almost tempted to make a character just to interact with yours.

...Don't be silly, though, there's no way I'd do that... Pfft... No way... How stupid and childish would that be? Pftt.... Me? No... But.........
Screw it. Lets see just how rusty I am.

Name: Melody "Mecha Mel" Sercato

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Backstory: Melody was born on Cermia, a fringe mining colony. Born and raised the single daughter of a mining family, Melody's mother and father both doted on her. Though they were never wealthy by any standard, food always somehow made its way to the table. Her father would occasionally bring home pretty rocks that he found while working in the mines, gifts that Serene treasured.

Growing up on a mining colony meant that most everyone had to know something about machinery and the art of rapid repair. Tight-fisted and typically corrupt officials meant that tools were in short supply, spare parts a dream, and improvisation a valued skill. Melody was no exception, and demonstrated an exceptional talent with machinery of just about any kind that found its way into her hands, earning her the local nickname of "Mecha Mel". By the time she hit her teens, her father would often include her in discussions about whatever new mechanical problem plagued the mine that day, reporting back the results of her solutions the next. To Melody, mechanical problems were simple.

Human problems, however, were not so simple. Cermia, like many mining colonies, suffered from many different problems, illness being chief among them. Her mother died when she was barely 13, a loss that she did not take well. Melody retreated into her machinery, become almost something of a recluse. It was not until the Great War came to Cermia in the form of recruitment drives that she showed any interest in the outside world at all.

With the recruitment drives came stories of great and complex war machines, which instantly seized Melody's interest. Much to her father's sadness, she wasted no time signing up as an engineer, fueled by a need to escape the dreary stone world of her birth and driven by dreams of working on the greatest mechanical creations mankind could produce. Her mechanics skills and the fact that the Dominion Military was losing men faster than they could recruit them meant that she had little difficulty getting approved. Leaving with what little possessions she had, Melody departed Cermia and never looked back.

A year later, Cermia fell to the Zerg. There were no survivors.

Personality: Possessing a mechanically oriented mind, Melody is very matter-of-fact. Virtually obsessed with vehicles of any kind, it's been said that if one were to cut her open she'd bleed oil. Preferring to act rather than talk, it takes much effort to get much more than a few words out of her. Considerably introverted, Melody tends to shun non-work related contact, as she is very unsure of herself outside of her work. Mess with any of her machines or tools, or try to steal the crystal pendant she constantly keeps around her neck, however, and one will find that a mechanic is very talented at taking things apart, biological or otherwise.

Equipment: Basic omni-tool, tool belt containing various spare parts.

Occupations: Mechanic



May or may not often post, will do the best I can.
Name: Mikael Kincaid.

Gender: Male.

Age: 24

Backstory: Originally from Tarsonis. No recorded birthdate, but he says he was born in November.

I did some digging on this guy (as you requested) but my search has turned up disappointing little of interest. Whoever he really is, he's gone to lengths to make sure nobody knows for sure. Or at least, someone has gone to lengths.

I pulled down the official Doctrina bio on him. It's a little less interesting than most Doctrina stuff, probably because he's an employee. I pasted it below.

Mikael Kincaid.
Birthdate: 11/3/81.
Employee of Doctrina. Clearance level 3.
Born on Tarsonis. Joined rebel group affiliated with Sons of Korhal. Likely unregistered.
Severely wounded, battle of Antiga. Joined Doctrina at this time.
Please enter your credentials to access additional information.

You know how they are. I doubt Mengsk himself could get into Doctrina files. I don't know how they manage to be so arrogant when they're just a bunch of nonprofit librarians.

I knew you wouldn't be satisfied with that little half paragraph, so I did my homework. Turns out this guy definitely isn't listed as part of any record system kept by the Sons of Korhal. I tried to locate some indirect references, but found none. Not only is their no birth certificate, but I couldn't find any medical records either, not even recent ones. Seems Doctrina doesn't just provide insurance for employees, it provides off the record medical services. I did find some data on him elsewhere, though.

It looks like he's been a very active person. I used 34-B to help with my analysis, and she pulled up photographs of him taken in the weirdest places. There are also a few Dominion records showing him being stationed with infantry detachments. You know what I discovered, right before I got locked out of the system and my key suspended? We have a classification for Doctrina personnel. He was listed as a "Discipulus." You need to look into this. I think maybe Doctrina is connected fairly high up in the Dominion. Does the Emperor know about this? Does sec know about this? I'm getting curious.

I have some descriptive data that should be accurate. It appears that though Doctrina doesn't like to be noticed, they typically don't use conventional disguises.

He is 5'11" in height.
His weight is well below average. No criminal records, of course, but my assessment is that he did drugs at some point. He has that withered look, and his eyes are kind of messed up.
One blue eye, one green. Eyes are jaundiced - I figure he overdosed at some point.
Blond. He's not a bad looking guy. Has a jagged scar just above his left eye. That one has an official story: shrapnel.
He wears a strange ring everywhere he goes. Some officer tried to confiscate it once, and got word from higher-ups to back off. Dominion doesn't like people touching their weirdo friends, I guess. The ring is made of bluish crystal. Cheap piece probably, but he seems to value it.
Has martial arts training. I got that from a spot where Doctrina was sloppy, a martial arts organization that he briefly joined while staying on Mar Sara. He's fairly advanced, better than you but not as good as me.

That's all I could get on him. I hope you take my advice and look into this Doctrina thing.

Personality: He's been called eccentric. He likes to confuse people for sport, but overall is a friendly person. He still doesn't make friends easily, though, as he tends to drive people away before they get to know him well. He enjoys games of strategy. He fears insects, but not spiders. He loves to read. He reacts to aggression by being disinterested. He enjoys a good drink. He enjoys sitting by a fire and chatting more than anything else.

Equipment: Computer, PDA, crystal ring.

Occupation: Logistics/record keeping.

Name: Lily Diana Sherman
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Personality: Lily, despite her rather pleasant name, is an aggressive girl with a take charge nature, always trying to insert her dominance over others, giving her the label of a tom-girl during her schooling. Ms. Sherman will however, become quite attached to friends, feeling responsible for their well-being and being quite nice towards them, this portion of Lily's personality applies to her brother as well. She can be very sarcastic and sassy at times.
Equipment: CMC-300 PCS, CMC Light PCS, Heavy Gauss Rifle, Combat Knife, P-45 Scythe Pistol
Occupation: Security Guard
Backstory: (To be done later)

Name: Taylor Morgan Sherman
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Personality: Taylor is quite the unserious man, and not much for leading, but will question authority regularly. Social and caring about their wellbeing if they are in bad enough looking shape, Taylor will not attempt to keep a laugh at bay at a mistake of his friends. He however, is rather intolerant of idiocy.
Equipment: Computers, brains, and microscopes! Oh wait, and a white lab coat. Can't have him running around naked.
Occupation: Biologist/Researcher
Backstory: (To be done later)

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