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Katherine Mann looks incredulous at Ryan's words. Before she can say anything else, the intercoms calls out her name.

She glares at Ryan's back and decides against it, heading over to the reception desk.

Shortly after, Ryan hears his and his sister's name to head over to desk 24.
'Bout damn time. Standing up, I set Vanessa down and have her hold my hand while I pick up the bag and sling it over my shoulder while walking over to the desk, making note of miss Katherine Mann for personal reasons, mainly making sure she never got a chance to be alone with Vanessa. Sitting down and setting Vanessa in my lap, I smile slightly. "I'm Ryan Corinth. This is my sister, Vanessa."
I look around the room taking in the faces of the others around me. I was wearing a pair of black cargo pants, cargo belt and a desert camo jacket over a black t-shirt. I had my slugthrower strapped to my hip as I always did when not in my armor. A dull olive-green duffle bag sat at my feet. I would have been wearing my CMC light PCS but it along with my CMC-400 and C-14 rifle had been sent ahead. "The person doesn't seem to be here so move on." I intone to myself with a hushed grumble.
Apologies. I was... obviously not here.


Mikael steps through the door, remarking "Kin-CADE. Don't worry, I forget how to pronounce ti sometimes, too."

The name tag Mark is printed on the man's shirt. He fires away at the computer before turning his attention to the Corinths. He nods, acknowledging Ryan's words.

"Hello there. Sorry for the delay. I'm Mark. Let's get down to business. I'm sure you want to settle in as soon as possible. Here is your keycard. It is for you and only you to use. It's the most important thing you can have while staying here. The keycards all have a clearance level that grants access to the facility including your rooms. See those numbers on the bottom? It says A1. That's your clearance level. You can request access to restrict areas if there is a sufficient reason to do so but its unlikely you'll ever get it."

Mark rummages something under the desk.

"Alright, here's your handbook for all things pertaining to regulation, rules, codes of conduct and et cetera. Here is a map of the area. Here is your room assignment. It's located on the second level of the facility. You'll see a big sign when you take the elevators down to level two called "Dormitories." Just follow the arrow and you'll find your room."

He holds his hand up as he looks around his desk for something.

"Let me see if there's anything else that I've missed. You have to enroll Vanessa to school. She gets a keycard too. It's the lowest clearance of course. You have a job meeting 2 hours from now. Here are the directions to that meeting. Oh, and if you don't like your room, you can request a change either to another room here or outside."

He stops, still filled with breath.

"Any questions?"

Mikael finds a floating Greek letter Alpha floating in the center of the room.

“Greetings, Mr. Mikael Kincaid. I am Adjutant J1432. Welcome to A-32. Please standby as I retrieve your folder. Take several steps forward to the yellow line on the ground.”

"Folder retrieved. Processing files. Feel free to ask any questions in the meantime."
Mikael steps forward. "Approximately how many individuals are employed here currently?"
I think for a moment, Vanessa playing with the stuffed tiger, before shaking my head and picking up our cards and the manual, standing up. "None as of right now. If something comes to mind, I'll be sure to find the appropriate channel." Walking out of the exit with Vanessa in tow, I hit the button on the elevator and wait, watching the numbers change.

"Brother, when are we going to leave for someplace safe." I smile at Vanessa and playfully ruffle her hair again, earning another laugh that sounded like the tinkling of bells.

"For now, we are safe." She smiles and leaps into my arms as the elevator reaches our floor, snuggling into my shoulder.

"I love you, brother." I smile, a single tear falling from my left eye.

"I love you too."
Staring up at the building, Melody grunted as she adjusted her backpack. So. Here we are. Stepping through the door, she undid her ponytail and raked her fingers through her flaming hair. Been a while since I was last planet side. Not too bad.

Pulling a small wrench and some spare parts from her belt, she fiddled with them as she walked through the door. Glancing at the line-up, she grimaced. Great. Wonder how long this going to take. Turning, she plopped down into a chair, dropping her bag beside her. Taking a breath, she closed her eyes. Haven't really heard much about this place. Hardly surprising. Dominion's not exactly known for being forth coming.


Opening her eyes, she glanced at the man sitting next to her. "What?"

He grinned, flashing his teeth at her. "So, what brings you to this dump?"

Giving him a stony look, she turned back to the collection of spare parts in her hands. "Assignment."

He looked irritated for a moment, then turned his winning smile back on. "Uh, okay. Name's Nick. What's yours?"


"I'm planning on getting a job as one of the research assistants here. What about you?"


He grinned brightly. "Oh, so maybe we'll see each other around?"

"Probably not. Now can it, I'm busy."
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Mikael steps forward. "Approximately how many individuals are employed here currently?"

"There are approximately four fifty personnel employed here."

"Please step through the left door when you are already."

You notice the elevator has three floors going down. The elevator door opens and you are at level two.

[To all RPers, your rooms will have their own bathrooms, beds, and basic furniture. Your room is customizable to your liking. Living space is modest although its comfortable enough.]

The marine checks his PDA. A check appears by Mikael Kincaid. He squints his eyes as he silently sounds the next name several times.
"Ok now weird name number two, can we get Kisha Moto here? Kisha Moto? It's your turn to go in."

The marine flicks his cigarette on the ground and stomps it out. Speaking to no one in particular, he sighs, "They really should open up another processing center, it's not like the bloody thing is short on processing power..."

The Greek letter Alpha greets Melody inside.

"Greetings, Kisha Moto. I am Adjutant J1432. Welcome to A-32. Please standby as I retrieve your folder. Take several steps forward to the yellow line on the ground."

"Feel free to ask any questions in the meantime."

OOC: I'm going to process you at the same time but chronologically, you go in after TLM.

Th marine mutters something barely audible. "Still a bit to go, and here's to another interesting name. First name has something to do with music and last name is...exotic? Nah, sounds backwater. Maybe that's what makes it exotic? Bah, I must be seriously bored if I'm talking to myself how interesting names are."

"Melody!" the marine suddenly barks, "Melody Sercato! Get inside!"

The Greek letter Alpha greets Melody inside.

"Greetings, Melody Sercato. I am Adjutant J1432. Welcome to A-32. Please standby as I retrieve your folder. Take several steps forward to the yellow line on the ground."

"Feel free to ask any questions in the meantime."
I grab my gear and enter the room. Stepping up to the yellow line I do a quick check of my gear making sure I have everything. "What kind of entertainment is there around here?" I ask looking around.
The guy sitting beside her looked irritated, but Mel ignored him as she grabbed her bag. You want me, boy? Come and get me.

Slipping past the marine and through the door, she gazed at the holographic adjutant. Now there is a system that I could work on. "My name is Mel. Use it. And yeah, I've got a question. What sort of set up is this place? Command didn't exactly give much detail when I was given the assignment."
Stepping out of the elevator, I walk down the hall until I find our room and open the door, having Vanessa go in ahead of me while I watch the hallway. Paranoid? Maybe, but anything to keep Vaney safe. Stepping in behind her, I close and lock the door, looking over the room and chuckling lightly. "Well it's fairly small, only got a couple bedrooms and one bathroom, and a smallish kitchen, but it's good enough for home? That alright with you, Vaney?" Vanessa, after carefully inspecting each room and checking the bathroom and kitchen extensively in her eight year old way, she nods as she comes back into the living room.

"It's perfect." Smiling at her, I nod and the two of us get to work unpacking what few belongings we had, including my ammo loading gear and her instruments and the small practice pistol and tactical knife I'd gotten her on my last assignment.

OOC: I realized that I messed up on her age, so she's actually eight. I'd go back and mass edit but... that would be a pain.
Hmm..... Mad Doc Smylez, I have an idea for this, with your permission, though I wish to discuss it in private to make things interesting.
"There is no such thing as entertainment in this environment. You will do what you are told or face capital punishment," Adjutant says cheerfully.


"The set up of this facility is simple. As you know, there is an agricultural colony with mining operations just outside. As you are assigned here, for your purposes there are three levels accessible to you. Level one has two entrances. Level two is the spacious level as it contains the housing units. Level three houses some important facility functions. If you want further information, find a map of the area."

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"No bar, no holo-vid theater? nothing?" I sigh and shake my head as I wait for the adjutant to finish its work.
Mel grunted, rubbing her forehead. Of course. At least I'm not working in the mining area. "Right. Don't suppose I'm cleared to know what kind of 'facility' this is, am I."
You are free to roam level two:

Places of interest:
The bio domes are greenhouses. Crops are grown here in addition to other the planet's native plants for experimentation.

An auditorium with a 200 seat capacity and a spacious stage.

Living Quarters:
The living quarters are housing units made for the employees of A-32. The dorms come in a variety of sizes and shapes and its inhabitants have a large degree of freedom to customize their dorms to their liking. Some of the higher ranking personnel have their own rooms elsewhere within the facility.

The Mess Halls: Food and drinks are provided here. It's also the main storage area for food grown from
the bio domes.

Detention Center: Essentially disciplinary rooms. Most people who do end up in the Detention Center are for minor infractions anyway and they are released almost immediately the day after. However, the detention center is more than ready to accommodate wrongdoers.

Camera room:
The main security hub. Has access to cameras across the facility. A security level of four is required to enter. The A.I J-1432 is “watching 24/7” through these cameras although a group of techies also are stationed inside the camera room.


"My humor unit has failed to light up the mood. Yes, there are entertainment areas located throughout the facility and colony. Note that we have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol inside except on special occasions. There is a bar outside."


"Correct. Are there any other questions?"

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