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Eh ... never mind then ...
Mind giving me something to do in LVH? Poor Joseph is floating in the horrendous void of space.
Just a heads up, I'll be DMing this RP primarily on thursday, friday, and saturday. Expect me to be on for an hour or two if I post something. I'm going to do a quick non detailed post.

Mikael looks up from his computer at the two women.

"Quarreling," he mutters. "Typical."

He resumes typing.

The camera focuses in on Mikael Kincaid. Two men, one an officer and the other controlling the camera feed watches the feed.

"Is this guy it?"

"Yes. That's the suspicious man."

"He seems normal enough. Harmless looking chap really.

"Well, you haven't read his file. It's out of the ordinary in some sense. Keep tabs on him. I want to know if he does something out of the ordinary."

"Shall we interrogate him?"

"No, that will tip him off. Just keep him on close watch for now."

"Yes sir."

You check your handbook and there is a handy dandy map of the first three levels. The shooting range is on the first level.
"Melody Secrato to desk 17 please."

"Kisha Moto to desk 10 please."

"Mikael Kincaid to desk 7 please."
I'll do you soon.

Taken care of. Sorry for the wait. I'll make it up to you with some hopefully non-fatal action here shortly.


Mikale sighs.

"Always, always, it's desk seven. My business life needs a little more variety."
Smiling in spite of myself, I call Vanessa over and show her the shooting range. "Up for some more practice? We're both a little off with that long flight here." She nods eagerly and grabs her pistol, holster and knife while I do the same, strapping the pistol to my right leg and the knife to my left. Letting her out first, I step out and close the door, locking it and smiling. This place will work for now. If we really need to, I'll request an outside home. Following Vanessa back to the elevator, I hit the call button and wait.

"So, how long are we stuck on this dust ball, Ryan?" I look at Vanessa and sigh. The two years we've spent moving from base to base have really served to mature her beyond her age and she can cuss with the best of them, least if I'd allow it.

"Six months, maybe longer. Command wasn't as clear cut on this one." Vanessa let's out an exasperated sigh and leans against the wall.

"When are they ever clear cut?" I let out a laugh and ruefully mess with her hair, which results in her trying to playfully tackle me. We roughhouse until the elevator reaches us then step on, taking it up a floor.
I shake Mel till she wakes up. "You were called to desk 17." I tell her before getting up and heading to desk 10
Mikael heads for desk seven.

OOC: Don't want to post any more than this cuz I don't know what your layout for the offices is, smylez.
Jerking awake, Mel glances at Kisha for a moment. "Was quick." Shrugging, she slipped her bag onto her shoulders and moved to the indicated desk. Gazing blandly at the man sitting behind it, she pulled her favorite omnitool from her belt.

"So, what kinda hole am I being crammed into this time?"
When you get to time, would you update the 'map' in the OP? Thanks.

The receptionist, a middle aged man with streaks of silver on his hair focuses his glasses on Mikael. “You're Mikael Kincaid?” asks the receptionist as he begins to gather things under his desk, “What's a guy with your background doing in logistics?”

The man turns his attention to Melody as she pulls her omnitool from her belt.

“So, what kinda hole am I being crammed into this time?”

The man's formerly soft expression harden. “Well, aren't you a bundle of joy,” replies the man dryly, “I'd watch that tone of yours if I were you.”

He takes a quick glance back at his computer.

“Melody...look at that luck...” he mutters, “Fringe world...mining colony.”

He turns back to Melody. “Let me tell you something girl. I don't know where you got that attitude of yours, maybe its something every backwater yolk has but where you're going, I won't be surprised if you are reassigned. Mr. Crammer has a special hatred for people like you.”

He gives her the keycard, the manual, and a folder.

“The manual has everything you need to know for yourself. The folder will have your assignments and meetings for the week. Your keycard's # has your room assignment.”

He turns back to his computer.

The elevators open. You find the signs leading to the shooting ranges.

“Hello there, Ms. Moto. Here are all of your things. If you have any questions, you can ask me.”

A hologram of the Greek letter Alpha appears in the middle of the room.

"Greetings Nathan Northwest. I am Adjudant J1432. Welcome to A-32. Please standby while I retrieve your folder. Take several steps to the yellow line on the ground.

"Feel free to ask any question in the meantime."

Vanessa and I look at each other after looking at the signs, my face falling into a frown. "Think they're serious?" She shrugs and we both move down the hall, following the signs.
Moving over to the yellow line, Nathan looks around a little nervously and scratches at the stubble on the side of his face;
"Ah... Yeah.. What e-exactly am I going to be doing here?... No-one ever gave me any of the details.."
Shrugging, Mel took a brief glance through her folder. "That's new. Normally they don give a frakk. At least if he hates me he'll probably keep his hands to himself." Pursing her lips as she walked, she flipped through the pages of the manual. "Hmm. Not bad set-up they got here." Sighing, she slipped both the folder and manual into her backpack, flipping her keycard in the air. "Time to check out the new digs."

[what exactly is in the folder?]
Mikael raises his eyebrows. "What background is that, precisely?"
"Just directions on where I'm supposed to go to find my room." I say standing and shoving my key card in my pocket and the rest of the stuff into my bag.

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