War Pigs: Origins, II

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I feel a time skip is needed for the sake of the medic and wounded.
OOC: Good news everyone, I can kind of eat solid foods now!

Taking a short second for a breather as he had just nearly died for around the fourth time that day, Rob walks into the infirmary.

"Hey uh, doc? Yeah I know you've got," Rob glances at over at the two other Pigs that lay injured "...More pressing problems right now but."

Rob holds up his left hand, missing a finger.

"Can I get this treated? Maybe a robotic replacement or something? When you have time, of course."
OOC: That's great, Sneak! Welcome back, too!

Sorry Zarkun, but we won't be able to time skip. We can, however, bend the fabrics of space and time by giving the medic a surgeon laser, making a quick heal but longer recovery. That way interaction is still possible, but it doesn't kill the moment.


It took Svenson a second to give Alison his weapon. Not that it would do any good if he actually tried something. He hadn't fired that thing since basic training.

Brock popped back in the medbay.

"Carah, how's it going? Makins outfitted the Silico with advanced life-support systems, both of those men should be up and walking within a quarter hour."

Captain Tailor then turns to Rob.

"That, however, might need more than a quarter hour to heal."
Rob smiles. It was good to see the Captain making jokes.

"Oh this? Nah Cap, it's nothing. I mean who even uses their pinkie? With the technology we have today, I can replace it with something so much more useful."

Rob makes a dramatic arcing motion with his left arm.

"Think of the possibilities! How cool would it be if I made it into a lighter. Or it could be an ace in the sleeve type thing, like a spare magnum bullet or a tiny explosive. Wait no.... laser pinky. That would be something."

He gives Brock a serious look.

"You'd think it's dumb... up until the point where we're captured, tied up back to back and about to be eaten alive by zerglings! Everything's looking hopeless... But nope, laser pinky. Cuts the ropes and the Silico flies in to save us."

He turns and begins to call to Carah.

"Caraaah! Carah. Yeah can we make it a laser pinky?"
I sigh and set down the cleaner and disinfectant that I had been using. "OUT!" I yell ushering the two out and closing the door behind them. "I so need to spend some more time in here to figure out everything that is in here ..." I grumble as I look around for a moment to find the medical laser and when I do getting them both back to relatively good condition.

I chuckle and stand up from leaning on the wall. "Let her work. I've pissed off a few doc's by pestering them too much." I say as I walk past Brock and Rob heading for the armory.
Taking the handgun from Steve, Alison punches in the passcode for the Armory and steps in. Putting the pistol away in the small arms section, she stores her own weapons and begins removing her armor.
I enter the armory and nod to Alison and the tank driver. "Hey ... thanks helping us out back there. And I'm honestly sorry about the deaths of those miners ... I've never been able to bring myself to follow that kind of order." I give Alison a quick glare before placing my and Hank's rifles away and stepping into one of the armor removal alcoves.
With her armor halfway off, Alison gives Bianca a look;
"Do you really think that's what I wanted to do? Shoot the miners?"
She asks, her voice eerily impassive.
Rob tries to speak as the door closes in his face.

"Wait no no but this actually needs atten- oookay."

Rob gives Brock a forlorn look before continuing to his locker in the armory where he he has his own disinfectant and bandages, and can finally take off his armor.
"You sure as hell didn't seem to be all that concerned ... and from what I could tell you were the one that actually started it."

I gently shake Hank to try and get him to wake up. "Hey! You OK? Come on wake up!"
Rolling her shoulders as she gets the upper half of her armor off Alison shrugs;
"The zerg were closing in and I couldn't risk them doing the stupid thing and shooting us in the back while we held out. Besides, unless we'd given them a lift, they'd have died anyway. The doors to the mine wouldn't have held the zerg back and it was too late for them to make a run for the SoK lines."

Alison sighs and shakes her head, her tone quiet and her face still emotionless;
"Was there a way out for us without killing those miners? Probably. As it is, nobody figured it out in time. One's hindsight may be perfect, but you can't plan for everything ahead of time."
Carah's shaking at first didn't work, my mind lost in a nightmare world filled with Ghosts, Hydralisks, bullets, and knives. First it seemed as if I fell forever through multiple mouths of Hydralisks, the jaws on each one snapping closed behind me as multiple personages of the Ghost I'd fought appeared, wielding rifles and knives and shooting and stabbing me, drawing screams of pain from me both in the night mare and under Carah's hands.

"No, stop it! Stop the pain! AHHHH!" Reaching down to my waist, I push Carah off and come up, a kukri knife in hand, just as my eyes shoot open. Blinded momentarily by the bright operating light, I'm forced to try and remember where I was. With a groan, I set the knife down in my lap and look around, recognizing the Silico's medbay after a couple moments.

"Mother of god..." Putting my face in my hands, I take a moment to steady myself before looking at the kukri, then up at Carah. "Oh sh!t, are you hurt?" Now I felt like a giant @ss on top of feeling like I'd just lost a crap ton of blood. Sheathing the knife, I swing my legs around to stand. "I swear, if I hurt you, I'm gonna kick my own @ss for weeks to come."
I get up rubbing my now sore rump as I glare at hank. "Stay!" I command. "You're not quite ready to be up and about. I've got no problem with you sitting up but you are NOT standing just yet." I check his injuries to make sure they weren't going to open back up. "And what's your name? I never really got a chance to ask before this mission." I also grab a syringe of pain killers and inject them into his neck.

"Right ..." I say conceedingly as I wait for the rest of my armor to be removed.
I sigh and nod, but remain where I am, ready to stand the moment she's not looking. "Hank. Hank Herald. One of the squad's snipers." I note James nearby and let out a small chuckle as I remember our casualty number last time was two. "Looks like we almost had a repeat of the last mission."

That's when I remembered. "Hey, did we get Mengsk? Were we successful?"
"No he wasn't there when we arrived." I walk over to the door and open it. I then grab a cup and fill it with some water before returning to Hank. "Here drink this but slowly. My name is Carah Krista." I hand Hank the cup.
Taking the cup, I stare at it a moment before nodding. "That's right, the new medic. Suppose that was a hell of a welcome, first fighting rebels, then the Zerg, then dealing with a delusional patient." Chuckling and shaking my head, I take a sip of the water and set the cup to the side. "So, who all did we pick up? I know we brought the tank driver."
"The whole squad made it ... barely in the case of you and James. No one else ... but I did see a bunch of dead miners where we had taken refuge." I say moving over to take care of James' leg.
I frown as I remembered the game plan from before the landing. "Dead from the Zerg, or..." I didn't want to finish the sentence. That was just...one thing I couldn't condone. I'd have to ask the captain when I finally got out of here. "Nevermind, forget it. What happened to James?"
"He seems to have taken an arrow to the knee." I say with a massive grin.

OOC: Sorry I just couldn't resist :P
I snort out a laugh as I'm taking another drink, barely keeping from shooting it out of my nose. "Not the best thing in the world, I'd imagine." Setting the cup down again, I slide forward some to put my feet on the floor and test my weight on my legs. They managed well enough, but I still didn't stand up. "But in all seriousness, what happened?"

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