War Pigs: Origins, II

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I walk up to the guy chattering crazily and give him a slap hard enough to leave a red print of my hand on his cheek. "Calm down. Do I need to give you a tranquilizer?" I ask half joking but my face was serious as I look him right in the eye.
I look over towards the woman that had slapped the man.
"Hold on a minute... I know you don't I?"

I know, but four months is a lot of time to think. I think an honest person would understand their situation by then. Or, maybe not. Dont you love the pure creation of writing? :D


They surround the pigs, leading them to the small briefing room. The door opened and they were ushered in. Brock Tailor was sitting in a heap in the front row closest to the podium Vince had talked to them by four months ago. Brock wasn't at the previous meeting, of course. He was in the hospital.

Thanks to modern technology and a month of bed rest, Brock survived the physical torment the War Pigs endured. Brock got the worst of it. Out of all the people sent on that hellish mission, Brock got closest to the beasts. They pounced on him and threw him around like a rag-doll. They stalked him from the dark corners before pouncing on him, giving him an adrenaline rush that still coursed through his veins and nerves that never let up.

Brock turned his whole body rather than just his torso. His ribs still hurt if he turned just right or put enough pressure on them.

There they were. His comrades. Some looked better than others. All looked worse. It was obvious time took a toll on each of them. He understood each soldier walking into the room. He knew the look in their eyes. He had seen those same eyes in the mirror of his cell. At least he did before he punched the mirror in his room, shattering the glass. He couldn't bear to watch his sags and wrinkles grow or his bloodshot eyes become more glossy with each day.
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Rob flinches in both pain and complete surprise at the slap.

Nothing like stinging pain to bring someone out of their thoughts.

"Owwww yeah... yeah OK... My God do you slap hard miss... I mean you'd think after 4 months of prison, and the fact that we're probably going on a dangerous mission that, you know, we'd come together in some sort of pact of friendsh-..."

Rob cut himself off, suddenly taking a second to think.

"Hey actually, that tranquilizer doesn't sound half bad. I could do with an escape from this craziness. Hit me up... But not like before!" Rob quickly added raising his hand in defense of his face.
I giggle slightly. "Don't worry I usually don't bite." I give him a dose of the mildest tranquilizer I had so as to hopefully keep him awake before looking at the other guy. "Erm ... maybe ... I didn't really pay attention to faces ... in New Folsom." I say as we are escorted to the meeting room.
Natalie scoffed at Rob. She suddenly realized she used to like the man. He seemed too friendly to be a convict. Now she was worthy of the title than he was.

Ever since joining the War Pigs, Natalie had felt misplaced. She was completely innocent. She wasn't a hardened convict like the rest of the Pigs. She never really fit in. Now? Now she fit in better than some of the others. The thought didn't sit well with Natalie's conscience, but she didn't care. Just another thing she lost in that cell.

One too many nights alone with nothing but puddles of tears. One too many days where each blink haunted her to the point of fluctuated breathing. One too many evenings hugging her knees at the foot of her bed. They all robbed Natalie of something every human needed. What, exactly? Natalie couldn't tell you. Another thing she lost in that cell.

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"No... not from New Folsom...." I say thinking hard and ignoring Natalie.
"You where a medical student a few years back weren't you?"
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Rob couldn't believe his eyes.

"I... Brock!"

The man's whose guts had been hanging out of his body as he dragged him to safety. His commander that he was sure had died in some prison was alive and well, standing right before him.

"Damn! Medical science has gone far, but I didn't think they perfected bringing back the dead. You look good as new, mostly. Moral ramifications be damned, it's good to see you Captain!"

Rob offered his hand for a hand shake.
Carah never got a chance to answer James as they were ushered into the room too quickly.

A smile crossed Rob's face. It was good to see somebody was happy to see him. It seemed like those reactions to his presence became more rare as the years passed on. It felt good.

"Hey Robbie, how've you been?" The smile faded quicker than Brock liked, so he maintained it with force. He didn't bother answering the pleasantries.
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"Yes I was ... I uh ... still don't remember you ..." I say getting a look of concentration as I rack my brain because he did look somewhat familiar I just couldn't seem to remember him.

I lean against the wall right beside the door my eyes once more centered at the floor between my feet. I had a bone to pick with our 'handler' and I had a feeling so did at least a couple of the other pigs.
I sigh and shrug as I sit and lean in a chair. "So this in the War Pigs..." I say blandly almost as though it let a bad taste in my mouth.
@Morph oh dang I've been tranqed

The shot of tranquilizer was a delightful and much needed surprise.

Rob's words slurred together as he spoke to thank her.
"Oh uh.. thaaaankss.... I didn't know you would actually... tranq me... but it feels damn nice. Naaames... Rob. Thank you ummm..?"

Rob recovered from the attempted handshake, rotating his hand to make it look as if he was stretching out his wrists before opting to smooth back his hair with his open palm.

Damn, I played that off like a boss.

Rob was still woozy from the tranquilizer but still had the ability to respond.

"Oh yeah, well you know how it goes. I was in prison. Food's awful, not much to do but hey, you do you have your occasional shankings for some excitement so there's that."

Rob returned Brock's smile, but it was almost a formality. They both knew no pleasantry, no joke could hide New Folsom's true nature. The past four months had been brutal, it showed in his eyes.

"Say Cap, what's being dead like?" Rob added.
Taking a seat, Alison nods to Brock;
"Seems you patched up well. And I'm doubt we're here for a little social time. What sort of hellhole are we getting thrown into this time capt?"
She asks, casually leaning back in her chair.
Seeing the captain as I walked in helped to brighten my mode some, but only some. Looking over some of my team members, I realized that while I'd used to time to hate Makins and introspect, others had grown more...feral, for lack of a better description, especially Bianca. Glancing at her, I could tell she had a bone she wanted to pick, so instead of walking straight to the Captain, I walk over to her. "I know what you're thinking and right now, it's not worth it." Giving her a glare to seal the deal, I approach the Captain and rest a hand on his shoulder.

"Good to see you up and moving, Captain Brock. You had us all worried when we left that hell hole." I took another drag of my cig and glanced at the door, waiting for Makins to come in. Come on, you lying piece of scum sucking filth. We don't got all day. Taking a seat, I sigh. "They put us in New Folsom. You?"
OOC: BAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I forgot Rob offered his hand. Oh well, this outcome was waaay more humorous. I laughed out loud... Twice.


The Captain's plastic smile became real when Rob's brief description of his past four months sounded quite gingerly even though he was talking about hell. Well, the closest thing to hell fellow Terrans can inflict, anyways.

"I never died, Robbie." The captain's face wrinkled as he came to the conclusion Rob was on some sort of drug.

Brock turned to Alison. "Four months is a long time. Let's just say we all missed a lot. I'll let Makins tell you, I'm still processing."

"Hank!" Real emotion spurred in Brock as he greeted the man with a handshake. "Believe me, the flesh wounds were nothing compared to the mental scars that fateful mission left me with. I've spent most of my time in a hospital, the rest was a prison close by Tarsonis City. I needed to be close to Makins in case he needed me." A pause ensued. "Apparently he didn't, because I've been there ever since. Good to see you all again, though."

Natalie lingered in the back of the group and never approached Brock. Instead, she sat towards the back trying to process how to deal with seeing him alive and well. After all this time of wondering if he survived and how he was doing, to then see him right there... As if nothing ever happened... The emotions were sealed behind an expressionless face. Her eyes glossed over and she fell into a deep thoughtlessness.
Alison nods at Brock's statement, mentally noting Natalie's introversion;
"I see we weren't the only ones left out of the loop. I assume them that we're waiting on our dear friend Vince?"
I smile slightly as I take one last drag on the cig before dropping it and stomping it out. "It's good to see you too, Captain." Leaning back and sticking my legs out, I cross them and close my eyes, my hands clasped behind my head. Now it was just a game of waiting, one that only wore my patience with our PO that much thinner.
"Yes, good ol' Vince Makins will be our guest of honor soon enough." Brock turned to address all the War Pigs.

"Listen, I know you guys are pissed off. But you can't blow it now. No matter how much you hate this guy, he is our only chance at fresh air until we die. Ever. We're his greatest asset, I'm sure he would've gotten us out if he could. Can your anger... Take it out on your enemies."

Vince entered the room just in time to hear the end of Brock's little speech. The two armored guards waited outside the door. Makins approached the podium hastily.

"I know you'd rather see my head on a platter right now, but you hear me out." Reaching the podium, he looked down on the Pigs.

"There was nothing I could do. The senate overruled the War Pigs program. I was completely shut down. The only reason why you're here is because now he needs us."

"Feking little prick..." He finishes under his breath.
I open an eye and fix it on Makins, my look enough to wither a forest. "You're telling me we spent four months in Folsom because you couldn't convince the Senate we were useful? How'd you even get us out in the first place in that case." By this point, my patience was gone and I was acting, which wasn't working out very well. I was furious. He couldn't even do his job, and it was simple compared to what we had to do.

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