War Pigs: Origins, II

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Rob watches the door close.

"I don't think we'll ever agree on this issue. But you all know where my loyalties lie, and where my vote is."
"Vote nay as well." I say shifting in my seat. "I hate to say it but Hank is right. If we don't go now we won't be going ever. And there is one friendly port in Confederate space. Dead Man's Port. Or we can go to the Umojans. I know the Umojans hate the Confederacy so they may be willing to help us."
"You raise a fair point about the Umojans. I say we go to them. Convicted criminals we may be, the Umojans don't like the Confederacy to say the least. Anyone who wants out can stay with them. The rest of us can make up our minds from there."
"I think a few of my old drug contacts might know of some people that want some merc work done." I add.
Kroger I already set James down. Post 403 on previous page.
As the silence streches out, Alison turns to Brock;
"So how about it Capt? I say we head for Umoja and let off everyone who wants out. We can decide what to do from there... Are there any objections?"
Rob tugs at the cuffs of his jacket to preoccupy himself.

"None here, Alison. Can't say this verdict was surprising, I mean what was the final score, everyone to two?"

Rob gives a smile, though a bit more forced and worried than usual.

"Can't say I like the risk factor, but it doesn't matter. I'll go where the Pigs go like I said."

Rob gives an apologetic nod towards Brock before becoming occupied with his cuffs again.

"Sorry Captain, as much as I approve of your plan, I've lost respect for the chain of command a long time ago. Majority vote on the other hand..."

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"Military operations aren't run by democracy or majority votes!" The Captain roars. "Honestly, what do you think the Umojans want with us? How could we possibly help the Umojans? A bunch of Confederate criminals, we are.

"Worthless scum, don't you see that? The galaxy views us as worthless scum."

Brock heaved a sigh.

"Yet somehow going to them is a better idea than sending me alone to reason with Makins?"

Still, Rob was right. Nobody cared about the chain of command anymore. Now it was a free-for-all. No matter how brilliant of a plan Brock could come up with, if the crew was convinced that flying directly into the sun was a good idea, that's what they'd do. The rules had changed. "Captain Tailor" was now just "Brock."

Natalie locked eyes with the former captain. As much as she knew going to the Umojans probably wouldn't work, the alternative was sending Brock into peril. So she stayed quiet.
Alison shakes her head;
"I'm not saying we got to Umoja to stay. As of right now, we're still have yet to come to a decision and the trip will give us some more time to think. I also know that there's at least one person on this ship who wants a chance to start over."
She says, nodding to Steve.
"And I've heard that Umoja is the best place for anyone looking for a fresh start."
I listen to the other talking about where to go.
"Why Umoja? There is Deadman's Port you know." I sat rather loudly. "We can go there after gathering some additional funding. I know a few guys that went out that way for the drug trade business and they might have a few contacts with merc jobs."
Alison shrugs;
"I cannot in good conscious drop our... guest off at Dead Man's Port."
"Who says we drop him off. We could ransom him back to the SoK or find some other kind of use for him."
"Why would SoK waste their money to get back some random traitorous siege tank pilot? Besides, I'm not going to hold somebody against their will without a good reason."
Alison says, her voice going flat and abnormally calm.
"Hell if I'd know I was just putting it out there. For all I care he can sit in the brig." I say rather blatantly.
"Now where's the sense in that? All that does is give us another mouth to feed."
I let off a rather frustrated sigh. She was nitpicking at a time when everyone was already on edge and it was starting to really irk me.
"Since your so keen on making sure he gets off this ship I can drop him out the air lock if you would rather that." I reply dryly and in a way that would leave people uncertain of whether I was serious or not.

I lean back in my seat and shake my head. I was starting to feel a twitch in the back of my head for stims or hab and the situation we where in didn't make it better. If this kept up like this long enough I'd start going mad from the lack of stims and/or hab in my system and my wanting those things.
"Going to the Umojans was just an idea Capt ... but I lost faith in the Confederacy when they put us back in New Folsom when they promised not to. And I have a feeling would be willing to take in a bunch of Ex-Confeds that would love to watch it burn ..."
"No airlock will be necessary, I have a small apartment on Tyrador VIII. It's not very populated and the Confederates don't have an immediate presence in the city I'm in. We can go there, and you guys can bicker about what to do next."

Brock eyed the Siege Tank driver. The only security they would need to worry about was at the Starport.

"Natalie, will we have any trouble with security at the Starport?" Natalie shook her head.

"Makins couldn't have reconstructed our I.D. tags and he can't brandish our vessel as a pirate's one without consulting the admiralty board it belongs to. It's not his ship. We should be safe for the time being."

Brock nodded.

"Then adjust our course to Tyrador VIII. We can discuss further plans after we think about it, maybe even sleep on it." Brock looked over the crew still in the living room. "Any questions?"
"None here sir." I say in a forced calm voice. I was really starting to suffer from withdrawals again. Most notably the irritability was the start.
"If that is all sir I would like to get out of here. Not exactly feeling well.."

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