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Natalie remained silent. She didn't want to admit that sharing would be too awkward for her. She was already insecure about too many things, opening another, even to someone like Alison, was just too much.

But Alison was right. She looked like crap and she knew it. And she really did need a shower probably more than the average passenger.

Well... Natalie thought, maybe it wouldn't be that awkward after the first minute or two. Besides, she certainly doesn't care. And even if she did, you're not defined by a pyromaniac's opinion. Her eyes looked over Alison's body before her mind rebuked them.

"Uuh..." The words came out to assure Alison a response was forming in her head, "Yeah, sure. Sure, I don't mind." She then said assuringly.
Alison's eyebrow goes up a little bit further;
"Alight, if your sure."
She says, walking into the shower room. Heading over one of the watertight lockers, Alison pulls off her jacket and then her boots with a sigh of relief;
"Make sure to lock the door will you? I'd rather not have any unexpected guests."
Alison calls over her shoulder.
"Yeah... That would be... Awkward." Natalie admitted, locking the door and beginning to undress herself. Even more awkward, if that's possible.

Stripping off the last piece of clothing, Natalie approaches the shower head and turns on the water, stepping under the hot stream in silence.


This is even awkward to write! xD
Ugh... don't remind me of some of the !@#$ from PKA SC...

Stripping down and storing her clothes in the watertight locker, Alison gets under the water. Sinking to her knees with a sigh, Alison lets her head loll forward, the water rolling over her.

When Natalie takes a look over at Alison one thing becomes readily apparent; all of her scars. Numerous, random and more or less faded; they're everything from bullet wounds and knife cuts to random injuries. However, standing out in particular is what appears to be an extensive series of whip marks down her back.
There's a reason I avoided that RP like the plague. Even reading along was unbearable.

A shudder ran down Natalie's spine at the sight of the apparent horror one would have to sustain to bear scars like that. She quickly felt ashamed and looked away. The most prominent scar she bore was on her abdomen. It was obviously the result of a savage stabbing and churning of a large knife. It was well healed, however, and old.

Too bashful to say anything about Alison's extensive punishments, Natalie bathed in silence. She was a pilot most of her life, she didn't have extensive scars like Alison. Besides her obvious one from being in the secret service, but that was a long time ago. Natalie would be surprised if Alison even noticed the disfigured patch of flesh.
After a couple of minutes of just sitting there, Alison gets to her feet with a deep breath and a relaxed sigh;
"Damn that's better. Nothing like letting the water pour over you for a bit... Hey, What's u~... Oh, right. The scars. Sorry, guess I should have probably warned you about them before hand.."
She states, ruefully scratching the back of her head after noting Natalie's awkward shyness.

I still can't believe half the stuff I wrote in that RP...
"No, no, don't apologize." Natalie insisted in an off manner. "...Where did you get them?" She asked under her breath.

Natalie began soaping her hands and washing her body, trying to act as natural as possible.
"During my brutal youth in the slums of New Venice... I really don't remember where I got each and every single on of them, with the exception of my back. I remember that clear enough."
Alison says with a sigh, starting to wash.
Natalie figured her questioning eyes would be enough to get her to keep talking. She began to wash her hair while Alison spoke.

"I'll bet. That looks... Brutal..." The words just came out. Natalie didn't regret them, though, it would seem rude to not say anything.
Alison snorts, sounding disgusted;
"Brutal is an understatement. I can only remember about half of what happened, given that I was was knocked out and then knocked back into conscious multiple times. Took me two whole !@#$ing months to recover. We'd been fighting another gang and they dragged my @ss back to their place when we broke off the attack. From what I remember, they wanted our hideout's location and I said no. Given that I'd also killed somebody important to the guy with the whip, it's a small wonder that I survived."

Alison trails off for several seconds before speaking up again;
"Natalie, are you sure you want to talk about this?"
She asks.
She shook her head.

"No... But... I am curious, and it is kind of out there."

Finishing her final stages of washing off the layers of sweat, Natalie shut off the water and reached for a towel, instantly covering her single nasty scar. Of course, it looked like nothing compared to Alison's collection, but any opportunity to cover it she would take.
"Thanks. I'm sure there are better topics than my !@#$ed up youth... How about you? What was your childhood like?"
Alison asks plainly, continuing to shower.
"I had a fairly standard childhood. Born on Tarsonis. My parents got by, but nothing fancy. My dad was a hardworking man -- still is. He loved us dearly. My mom worked too. I went to school, survived that only because I wanted to go into law enforcement."

Natalie paused, reflecting on just how far she had come in her career after those hard years in school and training.

"A whole lot of boring !@#$, pretty much."

Normally Natalie usually had a clean mouth. Before, she didn't like using coarse language because it further identified her with the convicts she fought beside. She liked to think she was a step above the rest of them. She was actually a decent person. But being around Alison almost made Natalie feel alienated to not use foul language. So she found what she thought was a happy medium and replaced intelligible words with swear words occasionally.
Alison shakes her head, water droplets flying in all directions from her short mop of hair;
"I'd have much rather had all of that "boring !@#$" than the pathetic excuse for a "childhood" that I actually had. Believe me... Anyway, How'd you get from law enforcement to where you are now? Or is that the part of your past you don't want to talk about it?"

How old is Natalie? I don't ever remember you giving her an age...

Anyway, heading off to bed, don't wait up.

Natalie sighed to herself gently. She was done carrying the guilt alone. It was time she talked about it openly. Alison wouldn't judge her. She couldn't! She's a bloody pyromaniac, she won't think anything of your story.

"I got pretty high, working for ten years, having a clean background, good education, excellent work record and the like. I was promoted to bodyguard detail, actually. I had a small security task force and I was assigned to protect my target at all costs, you know."

Natalie took a staggered deep breath, but pushed on all the same.

"I was assigned Senator Elliot Porter. Maybe you've heard of him? Popular senator running has campaign on extinguishing the corruption in the Confederacy. I... He... Was young and..." Natalie again realized it was just Alison in the room. "He was... A dashing young man." She finally managed with a chuckle.


Wait, I thought Alison had a shaved head? 0_o

Natalie is Thirty-One. She was born in May 9th, 2468 and it's February 2500. Something about character's birthdays... I just love them. It really says a lot about a character how they feel about their birthdays, previous bad memories of ruined birthday parties, positive experiences with fun birthday surprises, etc. And since this RP is very date-oriented, I figured I'd give her a real birthday.

Yeah, sorry about that. I had several really long games... Never got to check back in time. Oh well, I'm not doing anything this whole weekend :P Thanks for warning me, though :P
Alison shakes her head, a slight smile on her face;
"Can't say that I have. Though from what you say he was trying to do, I like him already. What happened though?"

02/07/2014 12:31 AMPosted by SpacePirate
Wait, I thought Alison had a shaved head? 0_o

She does/did. It was a somewhere in between full shave and an inch or so of hair. However, since New Folsom, it's grown out another inch or so. Say, 'bout 2 inches of hair.

02/07/2014 12:31 AMPosted by SpacePirate
Yeah, sorry about that. I had several really long games... Never got to check back in time. Oh well, I'm not doing anything this whole weekend :P Thanks for warning me, though :P

Yeah, like I've NEVER done that...

No problem.
if it is February 2500 then Rebel yell is finishing up ... aka they're hitting Tarsonis RIGHT NOW. and whatever we just did would have had to happen at least one or two months earlier ...
"We... Got close." She explained slowly. "...Really close..." Natalie put emphasis on how close they were so there was no confusion in Alison's mind. They were really close.

"After roughly six months of getting emotionally attached, my skills were... Dulled. I began lacking the necessary professionalism to do my job well. Of course, my weakest point is exactly when some Korhallian @$$ hole pulls a gun and starts shooting during his campaign tour on Brontes. I was able to gun him down, but... I was slow.

"It finally became obvious I needed to get transferred. If I really cared about the Senator's safety -- which believe me, I did -- I would need someone who wasn't emotionally attached like I was." Natalie stopped. This is where the story went a little rocky. Tears already began forming in her eyes earlier than she expected. The silence dragged on.

"As perfect as this man was, he did have some serious anger issues." Natalie took a sharp inhale. The sniffle of mucus came from her nose. She pressed on as if she didn't notice. "That night, he took me wanting a transfer personally. He got so mad- I don't know if- I don't know..."

It took her another long pause to gather herself and finish the story. This one dragged on longer than the last. "I woke up that morning, and..." Her face began to wrinkle, "My face was bruised to hell. I had sores in various places."

"And the Senator?" Her eyes shifted and she remembered their hotel room perfectly. As if it was right in front of her, she still remembered his corpse laying on the bed. "My knife was lodged right into his heart."

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they're hitting Tarsonis RIGHT NOW.

... :)

I know what I'm doing. And no, what we just did would not have to be months ago. I'm sticking to the calender and fitting into the universe well.
Antiga prime was in late December of 2499 and then incinerated by the protoss after the zerg wiped out the confederacy and infested the planet.
... Your point? We just executed this mission on Atticus Minor. Really, morph, you can trust me on this, okay? I'm a starcraft lore junkie and I've studied the wiki like nothing else. Especially the timeline.

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