War Pigs: Origins, II

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"We're going through a Confederate blockade until we hit planetside, we should be safe. Our guns can take down any stragglers. Once Planetside, we'll be in Rebel territory, not Zerg."
Shaking my head, I stand up and unsling my Bosun, racking a round into the chamber and meeting Brock's eyes. "The Confederates know not to shoot, right?"
Scratching her chin, Alison thinks hard for a moment;
"What exactly is the situation that we're throwing ourselves into?..."
She asks oh-so very carefully.
"We should be safe from friendlies, yes." Brock then turned to Alison. "The Sons of Korhal are losing ground. We're going to sweep in and take out Mengsk while they're distracted."
Alison arches an eyebrow;
"They're loosing ground? I thought Vince said they'd been gaining quite a bit of support... Where'd you hear that from? A confederate news broadcast, or an actual, honest-to-god military battle report?"
"I heard it straight from Admiral GuTar who's in command of the blockade covering Sons of Korhal controlled hemispheres. They're preventing any retreats from taking place. The Sons of Korhal will be wiped off the planet by the end of the day.

"Unfortunately, the fleet can't cover the entire planet. They'd be spread too thin and the zerg are too powerful. Ships are still getting through. It doesn't matter though, we have a mission, let's get it done."

{Sir, approaching drop-zone.} Natalie came in over the ship-wide comm.

"Let's do this, people!"
"Into the Valley of Death they rode..." Heading out of the War Room, I run a quick check over all my gear, mindful of potential things I could forget. There's a time for realism and optimism, and this isn't the time for optimism... It was a sad and unfortunate truth. The Confederacy was sending us into the belly of the beast and. despite Makins's reassuring words I'm sure he said to Captain Brock, hoping we don't come out alive.

As bad as things were though, I'm sure we could still get out alive, cause I sure as hell didn't plan on dying down there. Then a thought occurs to me. "Hey Brock. Did Makins say what would happen if we failed?"
Brock fidgetted in his CMC armor. It had been awhile since he wore it and he forgot how uncomfortable they could be. The CMC-400 was proving to be the latest and least comfortable model. Still, maybe it would defend against those horrible beasts. Not like last time.

The Captain turned and followed Hank, who was muttering... Poetry? Hm. Doesn't seem like Hank.
Well... Maybe there is a sensitive man under there.

Hank's question took Brock off guard. "Um... No? I don't reccon he counts on us failing. Why else would he bother with all the politics? You know the crazy loop holes he had to jump through just to get us all our equipment."
I shake my head at Brock's response. "What if he only jumped those loopholes so that it would seem he wanted us to live and succeed. Brock, this whole thing's a potential suicide mission that we'll be lucky to walk away from."
I lumber up behind Hank and Brock.
"We pull this off I hope he can get me enough hab for a month." I state plainly as I ready the Gauss cannon.
Suiting up, Alison grunts;
"Let's figure out what we're going to ask for once we're actually back in one piece."
{Get ready boys, I drop you in thirty seconds.} Natalie had evaded stray missile fire and even shot down a Wraith from a few hundred meters without anyone realizing. They were now setting down in some plains nearby.

"Great. Should have pissed." The Captain says, shaking his head and approaching the loading ramp at the ready.
Sighing, I stand to the side of the ramp, my rifle aimed upwards until the ramp lowered. "I'll provide some cover fire while you all unload, then I'll be right behind. Sound like a plan?" I still didn't like the fact that Brock was acting on some kind of blind faith, but that could be dealt with at a later time. Now that we were setting down, there was a mission to do.

OOC: I hope you do these events justice, Thane. I know exactly where you got the gist of them.
I step forward to the ramp.
"Let's just get this over with."
As the Silico violently touched down, the ramp slowly opened revealing tall plains. Black smoke could be seen on the horizon as well as flares from explosions. The easily recognizable sound of continuous gunfire and artillery strikes could be heard from the western front.

The Captain led the team down the ramp and into the open. It looked clear. Brock continued running in his CMC and noted the grass reaching for his waist. He also noted the large AA tower in the distance, just over a rock wall. He swore under his breath. This was really the closest you could get us, Natalie?


I hope so too, Zarkun. I'm taking this straight from the comics, where did you think I was taking them from?
The comics.

IC: Following behind the group, I keep a steady sweep going side to side for any sign of movement, though I didn't think it would make a lot of difference at this point. Spotting the tower, I mark it on my HUD so I could make sure to find it if we got separated. "All clear so far. Don't think it'll stay that way though."
I quietly keep pace with Hank my weapon ready to fire.
Quickly moving out, Alison sizes up the situation in a glance;
{So.. Try for stealth in the grass or just make a run for it?}
She calmly asks over the comms.
Rob steps off the ramp, whistling as he sees the smoke in the distance.

{You know Alison, I'm no critic of taking it nice and slow, but damn we are far, far away from that objective}

Rob shrugs, taking a look around, and upon seeing the AA tower he flinches. Buildings like that brings back a couple of painful memories from his days as a Wraith pilot.
I stop and look at the tower again, this time good and hard. There was a good amount of distance between us, and the constant sound of gunfire near it didn't help my bad feeling any. {Whether we rush it or move in slowly, time is against us.} This just got better and better. First we moved into the rebel controlled area, something that isn't so bad when it's just rebels, but we did it while they were under attack. I'd swear up and down Makins wanted us dead.

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